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#daddyissues #spacehamilton αρε υο∪ ρεα∂υ 100% victor & monty free assume nothing bandai becca big balls on big baller birthday justice cheeburger cuisine damnitfcc despacito destroyallchildren dont have a cow man drugs in the cookies eltarian silks eugene42181 finales mean nothing fiver full bottle full wallet gaymen rider gokaiger greatest golden love greatpowerofphaedos gridman hasbro ho! he hate me here we go again hy-pathetic-al if it doesn't it doesn't jared leto justice just read the comics jyb kamen rider x kelson is official! kiai da!!!!! legacy morper lightspeed rescue likeadamnfiddle liveman why have you? loooooooooooser.... loveskabuto madkingsera marvel mayor mick/hastings forever midoninger need money please help need younger writers nek is back ninja snore ninpo kinji no male pink for you painting patpinranger please no clones pop power rangers power rangers movie pressptopayresp pretty cure primos descent to madness princess bandai rep purple monkey dishwasher ranger week in review rbbargainfee redbone rpg sailor moon samurai beetle = ouch sean gunn shark the herald angels shoddy writing standards somnibot still horrible sudden brother super mega shipping temper your expectations thatboringguy the friendly axe theoptimalsentaithread there is no tiimeline the story of oj tigerzord titty twister tommy tsuburaya udder nonsense viconty chocolate love ware wa germa 66! whatisthis what you think? wheres mick and redbot? whoisheagain why isn't victor dead? youmaniacs zhane sucks zukyuun!

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