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Power Rangers Time Enforcer Episode 2: Travel Through Time, Part 2

Jase arrived in the year three thousand and four. He slammed on the ground after he was thrown out of the portal. He was uncounsious for a while. A young teenagers girl walked up towards him. She had long brown hair and green eyes and stood the height of five foot and nine inches. She was known as Emily Cahill. Her hair length was down to her shoulders and black area. She wore her hair up in a ponytail. She was a white caucasian female. She wore a yellow shirt, with light blue jeans.

" Are you ok?" Emily asked, trying to wake him up. Finally she succeeded in waking him up. He raised up quickly looking around. " Where is he?" Jase asked loudly. " Who? Emily asked. " Nobody you know," Jase answered.

Jase raised up from the ground and dusted himself off then began to walk away. " Hey, who are you? " I'm Jase Gordon, I'm from the year two thousand and five. I came here on a mission to capture a creature known as Futristic." He continued to walk, while Emily walked behind him.

" A creature, you're kidding me right?" No I'm not kidding anyone, it's all true. If you don't believe, then go along and do what you was doing. "Suddenly Jase turned around and glared at her. " Alright, prove it!" She exclaimed. " Ok, I will. Follow me." Jase commanded.

She then followed him, while he led her with him to find Futristic. He then pressed a green button on his morpher that activated a compass and a locater system. " This will lead us to the creature I was talk about." Jase explained. Emily shook her head. " We'll see." Emily murmured.

In the other parts of the city of the year three thousand and four. Futristic walked inside of a base that held a collection of monsters, mutants, robots, and more creatures. " Yes, now I'll have my own alliance to defeat that Red Time Enforcer Ranger, conquer and use the humans as slaves. Futristic laughed while he looked through the collection.

" First I must find a group of alliance to help me with my plan, I need minions to help me." Futristic spoke while he picked up three glass containers and place the three glass containers inside a special machine that resizes the villians into human size and unfrozen.

After the machine stopped. The door opened. First a robot walked out of the machine. " Thank you for reviving me, how shall I repay you, " The golden black robot spoke. The robot had green eyes and a horn on his head. He had blades for fingers and was buildt in great shape.

" We'll decide later, I have a mission for you and the others." Futristic began to explain. Then a female walked out of the machine she was a human in a pink, white and purple armor. " I'm free, "She spoke. Then the last villian that was a blue and gray and gold creature walked out of the machine. " I'm free to! the creature exlaimed. The creature looked like a mutant shark.

Futristic, I like you to meet my companions," The robot spoke. " The female is known as Venoma and the creature is known as Taxation and I am Robicatron.." Robicatron explained. " I'm honored to meet you, now I've got a mission for you, I need to you to help conquer time and make all humans slaves for what they did to us and as well kill the warrior know as Jase Gordon, the Red Time Enforcer Ranger." Futristic explained.

" As you wish, we'll help you." Taxation answered. " Let the Red Ranger feel the pain of my new alliance!" Futristic laughed. Futristic was unaware of Jase's present. Jase was outside and has finally found out his location.

" Look inside of this base and tell me what you see." Jase murmured. Emily looked inside of the base's cracks and saw the creatures and a female and a robot. " I thought you was only kidding, how can I help?" Emily asked. " You stay here, while I go inside." Jase walked away from Emily and carefully walked inside.

He opened the door and shut it easy where it couldn't be heared. " Well, well. Is is Futristic and his new minions." Jase said while he smiled. " Red Ranger!" Futristic exclaimed, while he charged towards Jase. Jase yelled out. " Time Morph, Enforcer Form!" Jase exclaimed while he pressed the morphin button that transformed him into the Red Time Enforcer Ranger.

He then charged towards Futristic and crouched down and did a side kick and raised up and done a spinning kick and slashed Futristic with his Time Saber. Futristic almost fell backwards, but Robicatron caught him and then balanced him. Robicatron summons his army that was known as Zyuries, that were black robots with silver armor and gray helmets for heads with a square visor.

Zyuries began to attack Jase. Jase done a back flip and then done a spinning kick knocking all the Zyuries on the ground and then crouched down once again and side kicked the Zyuries legs and caused them to fall. He then finished all the rest with his Time Saber, by using his special ability of speed and slashes them quickly.

Those army of whatever you call them should be called Whimpius." " You'll regret the words you spoke of Red Ranger!" Taxation exclaimed while he attacked Jase. Jase took his saber and slashed Taxation, causing him to fall on the ground. " You pick the most worthless alliance, when will you ever learn Futristic?" Then Venomax charged towards Jase and slashed Jase. Jase fell on the ground.

Outside three other teenagers were walking towards the warehouse. They here a loud sound and saw Emily and thought they would see what they can help with. " Hey, you need any help." A teenagers asked. Emily looked at the three teenagers, but turned away. " I don't know your name, but whoever you are, look inside of my backpack, you'll find four gadgets the same as mine." Jase explained.

Emily nodded her head and searched through the bag. She found the four gadgets. " Find anybody you can find and ask them to help, but don't you dare place the morpher on your wrist!" Jase exclaimed. " Emily didn't follow his orders, she place one of the morphers on her wrist and turned to the other three teenagers and yelled out. " Hey I do need help, please help." Who ever you fine, tell them to shout out Time Morpher, Enforcer Form and press the morphin activation buttons after you call out the phrase.

The three other teenagers rushed over to Emily. One teenagers was a japanese male with short black hair, brown eyes and stood the same height as Jase. He wore a black shirt with matching shorts. He was known as Ken Asami. The other teenagers was a black african american male with a shaved head, with black eyes and stood the same height as Jase and Ken. He was known as Marcus Sanders and he wore a blue shirt and black pants.

The last teenager was a white caucasian female and had long brown hair with blonde hightlights in her hair and had blue eyes and stood the same height as Emily. She had on a pink blouse and black jeans. She was known as Daisy Lawrence.

" Sure, we'll help." Daisy spoke, while herself and the other two teenagers rushed over to Emily. " Don't think I'm crazy, look inside of the warehouse and you'll see that all of this is true." Emily commanded. The three teenagers glanced inside of the warehouse and saw the group of evil villians, including Jase battling them in his ranger form.

" Ok, we see what you're talking about, but how are we going to help, we're ordinary teenagers, thats it. " Ken asked, with a confused face. " This is how." Emily said, while she showed all three teenagers the three other gadgets. " Place these on your wrist. and shout out, Time Morpher, Enforcer Form and you'll see thats this is all true. " Emily explained.

The three teenagers glanced at the morphers and then decided and grabbed the morphers and placed them on their wrist and then Emily and the other three teenagers yelled out. " Time Morph, Enforcer Form!" Then Emily transformed into the Yellow Time Enforcer Ranger. A yellow skirt and suit appeared on her, including boots and gloves and then a special designed yellow helmet appeared on her head and a belt around her waist with a special buckle and symbol attached to the belt.

Daisy transformed into the Pink Time Enforcer Ranger. A pink skirt and suit appeared on her, including boots and gloves and then a special designed pink helmet appeared on her head and a belt around her waist with a special buckle and symbol attached to the belt.

Then Ken transformed into the Black Time Enforcer Ranger. A black suit appeared on him, including boots and gloves and then a special designed black helmet appeared on his head and a belt around his waist with a special buckle and symbol attached to the belt.

Then finally, Marcus transformed into the Blue Time Enforcer Ranger. A blue suit appeared on him, including boots and gloves and then a special designed blue helmet appeared on his head and a belt around his waist with a special buckle and symbol attached to the belt.

Marcus, Daisy, Emily and Ken was totally amazed of their new powers. They rushed into the building to help Jase. " We're here!" Emily exclaimed, while herself and the others prepared to fight. Jase shook his head and just continued to battle. " Call your Time Sabers, they'll insist you in battle." Jase explained while he was battling.

All four teenagers nodded their heads and yelled out. " Time Sabers!" then Time Sabers appeared in their hands. They started battling the Zyuries. The Zyuries attacked as well. Emily done a back flip in the air and then slashed the two Zyuries with her Time Saber.

Marcus raised his Time Saber and slashed three Zyuries with his Time Saber. Ken done a couple of front flips and then kicked four Zyuries and then slashed them. Daisy jumped from a high place on the large metal crates and kicked the Zyuries and threw a couple of punches at them and then slashed them.

" No, he's finally found the rest of his team!" Futristic yelled. He grabbed a container and enlarged a new monster. " Go destroy all five!" He commanded. Then the monster nodded his head and charged at the rangers.

" Call your Futuristic Weapons now!" Jase exclaimed. Jase and the others rangers shouted at the exact time and then weapons appeared in their hands. Daisy received a bow, Marcus received daggers, while Ken received a staff. Emily received a baton and Jase received a blade.

" These our your Futuristic weapons, they'll combine to form the Futuristic Laser. " Jase explained. Then all five rangers combined their weapons to form the Futuristic Laser. They held it in their hands, while Jase held the back and then pressed the trigger and yelled." Fire!" Then a be laser beam shot out and blasted the monster, causing him to fall on the ground.

Futristic glared at the rangers. " This isn't the last time, we'll meet rangers!" Then he disappeared. " Thank you all for your help. I'm going to give you a decision, you may give me the morphers back and go on with your livesm, while I find new rangers, or continue to help me battle Futristic and his alliance, the choice is yours and yours only, I'll understand whatever you choose."

Emily spoke. " I'll be honered to help you." The rest of the teenagers nodded their heads. " Ok, thanks for your decision, but if it becomes to dangerous, I can't let you continue, we'll see whats happens though." Jase signed. Jase turned around and left. " We can contact each others with our morphers, remember that." Jase spoke once again and continued to walk away.

Emily frowned. " I hope he'll be ok, until our next battle." She thought.
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not bad
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