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Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger Toy Thread

Posted by Moderation Staff

A few ground rules.

- Please don't requote images when they're on the same page.
- Please remember to keep images at 800 pixels in width.
- Please don't ask when "such and such" item is coming out, if we know it'll be posted and you can search for it.
- Please use the Search Function before posting.
- Please keep this thread on Kyoryuger as much as possible.

Q: Where would I go about ordering all this stuff?

A: AmiAmi,Hobby Search,HLJ,CSToys etc etc.

First post will be uploaded with high quality toy catalog pictures when they become available.

Prices and releases subject to change.

The specific dino's on the JuuDenChi are also subject to change incase they are incorrect

1st Quarter toy catalog

Kyoryuger transforms using the GabRevolver, by inserting the Beast Batteries on it, and shouting “KyoryuChange!” It can be used as a machine gun that rapid fires, or as a shotgun that shoots powerful blasts!

Five starting core dinosaurs

-Gabutyra, Stegotchi,Dricera,Zactor and Parasagan.

When you insert a beast battery into Gabutyra's mouth he'll say some phrases

The team's main robo is the Kamitsuki Gattai Kyoryujin, a combination of three individual dinosaur mecha or JudenRyu — Gabutyra (Red), Stegotchi (Blue) and Tricera (Pink).

The other two mechas, the Zactor (Green) and Parasagan (Black), when combined to Gabutyra, it will form Kyoryujin Western.

If Ankydon replaces Stegotchi in the main formation, it will become Kyoryujin Macho.

DX Kyoryujin

Releases- February
Price- 7300 yen

Come with three JuuDenchi: Gabutyra (Number 1), Stegochi (#3), and Tricera (# 5)

DX Zactor
Releases- March
Price- 2600 yen

DX Parasagan
Releases- March
Price- 2600 yen

DX Ankydon
Releases- March
Price- 2600 yen

DX GabuRevolver
Releases- February
Price- 4500 yen

The finisher with one battery causes the gun to say, “Bamora”, with two batteries it says, “Bamuramucho”. Different JuuDenChi cause different sounds when inserted in the GabuRevolver.

Gabutyra makes a “Gabuunn”, Stegocchi says “Gotchaan”, and Dorikera says “Dodoriinn”.

Come with the 1 and 14 JuuDenChi, GabuTyra and Styracosaurus

DX GaburiCalibur
Releases- February
Price-3990 Yen

Come with #15 JuuDenChi

DX GaburiCannon set
Releases- February
Price-8300 Yen

Both weapons sold together. Comes with the batteries available with the individual weapons.

JuuDenChi focus

when you press the button on the top, the image of a dinosaur on the side of each JuuDenChi fills with colour to represent the battery ‘charging’.

JuuDenChi Set 1

Releases- February
Price-900 yen

Contains JuuDenChi 17, 18, and 19.

JuuDenChi Set 2

Releases- February
Price-900 yen

Contains JuuDenChi 20,21 and 22

Bottom of page has release schedule of toys

JuuDen MoBuckle

Price- 2600 Yen

Kyoryuger’s combo communicator and Battery Holder. Pressing the

button rotates the buckle and opens a door revealing space to

store 3 JuuDenRyu. The buckle can then be detached so you can

phone all your friends. The MoBuckle come with JuuDenChi 16 .

Inflatable Bag
Price-2300 Yen

Kyoryuger Roleplay Set

Price-3500 Yen

Contains mini-versions of the GabuRevolver, GaburiCalibur and a

sword called the Kentros Spiker.

DinoChaser and KyoryuRed Set
Releases- March
Prices- 3800 yen

Comes with JuuDenChi #10

Sentai Hero Series
Releases- March
Prices- 800 yen for each Kyoryugers

Sofubi Gabutyra
Releases- March
Prices- 800 yen

Gashapon figures

2nd Quarter Toy Catalogue

Gaburi Changer
Releases- May
Prices- 4500 yen

Zandar Thunder
Releases- May
Prices- 3800 yen

ZyuDen Mobuckle KyoryuGold ver
Releases- May
Prices- 2600 yen

Sofubi KyoryGold
Releases- April
Prices- 800 yen

Releases- April
Prices- 6000 yen

Pteragodon that can transform into Pteraiden-Oh. It can combine with Parasagun and Zactor to form Pteraiden-Oh Western, and with KyoryuZin to form Raiden KyoryuZin.

Releases- June
Prices- 2600 yen

DX FangShot Set: Gabutyra Fang
Releases- March
Prices- 4200 yen

DX ShieldLanSlasher Set: Parasa Shot (Black), Stego Shield (Blue), Zactor Slasher (Green), and Dricera Lance (Pink).

Releases- March
Prices- 3100 yen

Red Buster, GokaiRed and GoseiRed Zyudenchi

Releases- June
Prices- 900 yen

Can be used in the Dice-Oh arcade game.

Zyudenchi AbaRed dino battery among other batteries

3rd Quarter toy catalog

DX Zyudenryu Plesio

Releases- July
Price- 7500 yen

Can transform into robot mode Plesoh and rocket ship mode

Contains #9 Beast Battery.

Combines with Bunpachy to form the Pleson Bunpachy, adding Gabutyra will form the Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin

Zyudenryu 00 Tobaspino

Releases- August
Price- 6800 yen

Summer movie mecha. It replace Gabutrya.

Combines with Ankydon and Bunpachy to form the SpinoDaioh

Gabutyra DeCarnival

Release- August
Price- 6800 yen

Allows KyoryuRed to power up to KyoryuRed Carnival. Combines with KyoryuRed's Gaburevolver.

KyoryuRed Carnival can also use arm attachments like Kyoryjin(Western,Macho and Kungfu)

Sentai Hero Series 07 KyoryuRed Carnival

Release- August
Price- 900 yen.

Zyuden Brave Box

Release- July
Price- 3900 yen

Briefcase to carry 18 dino batteries

Super Sentai Zyudenchi Set 02 comes with three batteries:

Shinkenger, Go-Onger and Gekiranger.

Release- August
Price- 900

Super Sentai Zyudenchi Set 03 comes with three batteries:

Dekaranger, Hurricaneger and Gaoranger

Release- August
Price- 900

4th Quarter Toy Catalogue

DX Bragiga

Release- October
Price- N/A

Can combine with Gabutrya, Dricera, Stegotachi, Zachtor and Parasagun to form Gigant Kyoryujin

All the various combinations that can be made

Giga Gabru Revolver.

Release- October
Price- 4200 yen

Gabutyra DeCarnival Zyudenchi

Release- October
Price- 700 yen

Black Kyoryujin

Release- November
Price- 8500 yen

Metallic Zudenchi Set

Release- November
Price- 9500 yen

Kyoryuger Ranger key set

Release- December
Price- 16200 yen

The secrets of the Gaburevolver

SUNGEL wrote: View Post


PS : This is not my channel but it is I who cracked the toy.

Beast Battery List:
credit to:

Deluxe Batteries


DJS Gabutyra (Tyrannosaurus) (Gaburevolver, Kyoryuzin)
DJS Parasagun (Parasaurolophus) (Parasagun)
DJS Stegotchi (Stegosaurus) (Kyoryuzin, Kyoryuger Narakiri Roleplay Set)
DJS Zakutor (Velociraptor) (Zakutor)
DJS Dricera (Triceratops) (Kyoryuzin)
DJS Pteragordon (Pteranodon) (PteraidenOh, GaburiChanger)
DJS Ankydon (Ankylosaurus) (Ankydon)
Bunpacchy (Pachycephalosaurus) (Bunpacchy) – coming 6/13
Pleson (Plesiosaurus) (PlesOh) – coming 7/13
Bragigas (Brachiosaurus) ()
DJS Deinochaser (Deinonychus) (Deinochaser & Kyoryu Red Set)
JS Deinosgrander (Deinosuchus) (Zyuden MoBuckle Kyoryu Gold Ver.)
J Kentrospiker (Kentrosaurus) (Shield Lancelasher Set)
DJS Stymero (Styracosaurus) (Gaburevolver)
DJS Allomerus (Allosaurus) (Gabucaliber)
DJS Beyonsmo (Apatosaurus) (Zyuden MoBuckle)
DJS Ovirappoo (Oviraptor) (Zyudenchi Set 01)
DJS Igeranodon (Iguanodon) (Zyudenchi Set 01)
DJS Tuperanda (Tapejara) (Zyudenchi Set 01)
DJS Gurumonite (Ammonite) (Zyudenchi Set 02)
DJS Archenolon (Archelon) (Zyudenchi Set 02)
DJS Pukuputor (Fukuiraptor) (Zyudenchi Set 02)
DJS Futabain (Futabasaurus) (Zandar Thunder)
Tobaspino (Spinosaurus) (Tobaspino) – coming 8/13
Candy Battery sets

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Battery Comparison

jocon1 wrote: View Post

Front Veiws:
Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Side:

Shiny Dinosaur Side:

Back View:

Comparing the front views they are all almost identical, they all glow in the dark as well.
Few differences:
*Gashapon version has a bit darker shade of gray instead of the shinier silver plastic the dx/candy versions have.
*Candy version has a brighter shade of red compared to the Dx/Gashapon versions.
*Also realized the Yellow eye is brighter on the Dx version.

Back views, this is where the noticeable differences come into play.
*First noticeable difference is where the Dino's name is, The Dx has Gabutyra written in the middle only, The Candy has Gabutyra with small numbers 2204096written under it and the Gashapon version also has Gabutyra but with the numbers 2203803 under it.

*Next difference is the top Copyright info across the top, All have the same info on them, it says the "copyright symbol 2013 T-T-T". Differences are Dx is Molded on in the plastic color, The Candy is typed on in Black ink and Gashapon has it printed in Silver ink.

*The third difference is along the bottom, They all have molded on Bandai, but different things follow. Dx has "BANDAI 2012 THAILAND", Candy has "BANDAI 2013 CHINA C" and the Gashapon has "BANDAI 2012 CHINA V".

*Lastly I'm not sure what to call the little circle between the 2 screws, but I'll call it a clock thing. Each has it with the following around the circle "123456789xyz" and an arrow in the middle with "1" on one side and "3" on the other. On the Dx the aroow is pointing at the 2 and the Candy/Gashapon is pointing at the 1.

Only Other thing I would point out is the Candy has much more defined Molding work for the different symbols, like the + and - on the ends, than even the Dx has.

I did the Comparisons between the Dx, Candy and Gashapon Versions on all 3 main Jyudenchi Gabutyra, Stegochi and Dricera, with No other differences noticed.

I also looked at Dx, Candy, and Gashapon versions of the Jyudenchi packs, all share same similarities and differences like the others except the Dx has silver Copyright Symbols T-T-T on them instead of being molded on. Also the Dino's names have small numbers under them just like Candy/Gashapon versions do.

I could not compare the Dx vs Candy/Gashapon for #'s 14(gash), 15(candy) and 16(gash), as my Gaburevolver has not arrived yet and I do not plan on getting the buckle or Gabucalibur.

Lastly even the Dino Chaser #11 differs from the others as it does not have the "copyright symbol T-T-T" across the back in any way.

Any more info or pics needed just ask, I'll be happy to get them if I can.

Amazon.JP Photos

SUNGEL wrote: View Post


Sentai Hero Kyoryu Gold
Mobuckle Gold Version

Kyoryuger Toy Exhibit

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That mecha is rather ridiculous and cartoony looking. Not too sure how I feel about it yet... Shame there's no picture of the changer yet. But it seems that the collectible gimmick this year will be... batteries.

But nice, these pictures give clearer pictures of the Rangers themselves! Awesomeee!
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Old December 7th, 2012, 02:22 PM   #3
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Looks kinda cool, reminds me a lot of Dino Thunder.
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I don't understand, why are there two stegosaurus?
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Hmmm. I like it. It looks unique! It kind of reminds of Abaren Oh. But, the zigzag pattern on the chest reminds me of MMPR megazord or Daizuyjin. One thing that I dont like is the T-rex's eyes, it looks wierd. Cant wait to see it in action.
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KamenRiderKnight wrote: View Post

I don't understand, why are there two stegosaurus?
It's not. The hammer is an ankylosaurus (sp)

And andr0s, I hope you plan on keeping up to date with this thread for the year.
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Ratonhnhaké:ton wrote: View Post

And andr0s, I hope you plan on keeping up to date with this thread for the year.

Kind of volunteered himself didn't he?

Not sure how I feel about the main zord yet. I was hoping that it would be a 5 zord combination. The t-rex's head looks out of place on the shoulder, but honestly I am just excited to have a dino theme again so it doesn't really matter what it looks like.
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O_o;;;; Those are very....unique? I'm not really quite sure how I feel about them yet. I really don't like how only three form the primary mecha. It makes the remaining two mecha just seem redundant, like they should have just started with three rangers like Abaranger.
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The DX Mecha has definite possibilities.

Still hoping the train rumor has some truth to it...
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Have we still not seen the henshin device or am I missing something?
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Ratonhnhaké:ton wrote: View Post

And andr0s, I hope you plan on keeping up to date with this thread for the year.
He won't. He's too much of a slacker

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The light blue one isn't Stegocchi, that's the dark blue stegosaurus. It's Ankydon, apparently (an ankylosaurus).
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Kyoryujin has a cape?
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In the words of one Philip J. Fry, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!

Each one of them is a definite purchase from me. I love the look, bright, colorful, retro, and yet nice new touches of science like the feathery integuments on Tyrannosaurus
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Lord Zedd08 wrote: View Post

He won't. He's too much of a slacker

I will stab you before this year is out, lol!

I'm getting the pics uploaded now to put in the first post
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The mecha look kind of blocky and cartoonish, but they have an appeal to them.
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I am excited about the New Mecha and Cannot wait to see some more pics, Loving the Pink Triceratops
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if the dino partners can talk, i cant wait for the voice cast for all 5.
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the zords look like dollar store knock offs
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Not sure how I like the mecha, but the Go-buster mecha looked off too. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.
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