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Power Ranger
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Power Rangers Pirates

Yes, another Gokaiger adaptation, but it's more of a overall summery of the season if I were Saban. It also includes Ranger Key Usage and footage used from Gokaiger. There is also a summary for a theatrical movie (Sentai 199) and a 3 part reunion special. Here are two things though.

1: There is MegaForce in here. I was working on this before they announced the casting call change for the possible Goseiger adaptation.
2: This is my own work. I would like it if you wouldn't steal plot points from it and make it your own. (Not that any of you would do that, but just to make sure.)

Without further to do, here's my fanfic-"POWER RANGERS PIRATES!:

Power Rangers
(Fan Fiction)

Adapted from "Gokaiger" by Toei Company Ltd

Pirate Rangers
*Brandon The Red Ranger-Leader of the Pirate Rangers and is from the planet Zakandra. He is a strong leader and tends to have a short temper.
*Joe The Blue Ranger-Tech wizard and smartest of the group along with Brandon. He is also a experienced swordsman.
*Ty The Green Ranger-Known to be funny, but he's also serious. He's the one to turn to when the others are feeling down.
*Anna The Yellow Ranger-Charming but very quiet. She's always eager to help out anyone. She also has a crush on Brandon.
*Bree The Pink Ranger-Loves shopping and fashion, but takes her Ranger position very seriously. She has a thing for Ty.
*Harry The Silver Ranger-Originally evil, he tends to help people in need. He doesn't hang out with the others much, but helps them when their in a jam.
*Glitch-Brandon's robot parrot and assistant.
The Space Empire Zangyack
*Master Jagoda-Leader of the empire, his plan is to follow Brandon and destroy him like he did with his father.
*Jadara-The weapons wizard of the empire. Her enemy is Brandon since his father destroyed her husband years ago.
*Borgdatron-Jagoda's henchman and tends to mess up a lot. However he does have some impressive fighting skills.
*General Hozard-Another one of Jagoda's henchmen who's out to take over the empire.
*Graybots/Bluebots-The empire's army of warriors.
*Marv-An old ememy of Brandon who betrayed him and always wants to have a one on one battle with him. He also has a monster form.
*Phantominus-An evil warrior who's "loyal" to Master Jagoda. He traps the Rangers, Marv and Jadara into another dimention. He has his own Pirate Megazord, except it's evil. When the Rangers and the two villians return to their demention, he and his ship are destroyed by Master Jagoda.
*Pirate Morpher-The 5 Rangers morpher
*Ranger Keys-Used to transform into Rangers
*Key Saber-Sidearm
*Key Blaster-Sidearm
*Key Belt-Used to store Ranger Keys
*Silver Scanner Morpher-Silver Ranger's morpher
*Siver Staff-Silver Ranger's weapon
*Silver Blaster-Silver Staff's second mode
*Gallion Cannon-A weapon that needs all 5 Main Ranger keys to power it
*Red Legend Armor-Armor given to Brandon by all of the Red Ranger spirits
*Pirate Zord 1: Gallion: Red's zord
*Pirate Zord 2: Jet: Blue's zord
*Pirate Zord 3: Racer: Green's zord
*Pirate Zord 4: Trailer: Yellow's zord
*Pirate Zord 5: Submarine: Pink's Zord
*Pirate Megazord: All 5 zords combined
*Mystic Force Dragon: Given to the Rangers by Nick
*Mystic Fore Pirate Megazord: Combo of Pirate Megazord and Mystic Force Dragon
*SPD Delta Runner 1: Given to the Rangers by Jack
*SPD Pirate Megazord: Combo of Pirate Megazord and SPD Delta Runner 1
*Wild Force Red Lion: Given to the Rangers by Cole
*Wild Force Pirate Megazord: 1st Combo between Pirate Megazord and Lion
*Samurai Pirate Megazord: 2nd Combo between Pirate Megazord and Lion
*Piratesarus: SIlver Ranger's zord powered by the MM Green Key
*Piratesarus Drill: Piratesarus' weapon mode powered by the TF Quantum Key
*Silversarus Megazord: Siver Ranger's Megazord powered by the DT White Key
*Ninja Storm Warrior: Given to the Rangers by Shane
*Ninja Storm Pirate Megazord: Combo of Pirate Megazord and Ninja Storm Warrior
*RPM Racer: Given to the Rangers by Scott
*RPM Pirate Megazord: Combo of Pirate Megazord and RPM Racer
All of the Power Rangers teams over the years went into a big battle with The Space Emire Zangyack. However they lost their powers. Somehow they were transfered into keys and given to a boy named Brandon who's planet was taken over by the empire and escpaes to Earth and finds 4 others to help him with his mission. Together, the 5 are known to the city as "Power Rangers Pirates"! With the power of the Ranger Keys, they can morph into any of the previous 17 teams to save to universe. But there are mysteries to be solved as well. Who is this Red Ranger that Brandon keeps dreaming about and who is this Silver Ranger and where did he come from? With these 5 Rangers, nothing's impossible! [CENTER]
Ranger Keys Used
Episode 1: Red Mighty Morphin
Red Space
Red Time Force
Red Samurai
Episode 2: Mighty Morphin
Mystic Force
Episode 3: Lightspeed Rescue
Operation Overdrive
Episode 4: SPD
Ninja Storm
Red Ranger Combination:
Red: Red Samurai
Blue: Red Wild Force
Green: Red Mega Force
Yellow: Red Mystic Force
Pink: Red Jungle Fury
Episode 5: Blue: Dino Thunder Black
Jungle Fury White
Yellow: Allien Black
Allien White
Pink: RPM Black
Wild Force White
Mystic Force
Episode 6: Red: Red Jungle Fury
Green: Purple Jungle Fury
Green SPD
Yellow: Yellow Jungle Fury
Yellow SPD
Pink: White Jungle Fury
Pink SPD
Blue's Sword Strike:
Blue Samurai
Blue Mystic Force
Blue Mega Force
Blue Ninja Storm
Blue Lost Galaxy
Episode 7: Blue: RPM Blue
Turbo Blue
Green: RPM Green
Turbo Green
Yellow: RPM Yellow
Turbo Yellow
Pink: RPM Black
Turbo Pink
Episode 8: Yellow: Jungle Fury Yellow
Operation Overdrive Yellow
Lightspeed Rescue Yellow
Turbo Yellow
Episode 9: RPM
Mystic Force
Wild Force
Episode 10: Red: Red Mighty Morphin
Red Lightspeed Rescue
Blue: Blue Space
Blue Time Force
Green: Green Galaxy
Black Wild Force
Yellow: SPD Yellow
Mystic Force Yellow
Pink: Pink Samurai
Pink Mega Force
Episode 11: Mighty Morphin
Lost Galaxy
Red: Red Allien
Red Operation Overdrive
Red Ninja Storm
Green: Green SPD
Green Zeo
Green Mystic Force
Yellow: Yellow Spirit
Yellow Space
Yellow Dino Thunder
Pink: Pink Galaxy
Pink Turbo
Pink Time Force
Episode 12: Sixth Ranger Summon:
Time Force Quantum
Zeo Gold
Mighty Morphin Green
Ninja Storm Green
SPD Omega
Episode 13: Sixth Ranger Summon:
Time Force Quantum
Zeo Gold
Mighty Morphin Green
Ninja Storm Green
SPD Omega
Mighty Morphin White
Turbo Phantom
Silver Space
Galaxy Magna Defender
Lightspeed Titanium
Silver Wild Force
White Dino Thunder
Mystic Force Solaris Knight
Mercury Overdrive
RPM Gold
RPM Silver
Samurai Gold
Legendary Mega Force
Episode 14: Operation Overdrive
Time Force
In Space
Lightspeed Rescue
Mighty Morphin
Episode 15: Jungle Fury
Mystic Force
Dino Thunder
Mighty Morphin
Episode 16: SPD
Time Force
Episode 17: Mighty Morphin
Time Force
Wild Force
Episode 18: Sixth Ranger Combination:
Red: Time Force Quantum
Blue: Mystic Force Solaris Knight
Green: Mighty Morphin Green
Yellow: Space Silver
Pink: Dino Thunder White
Episode 19: Samurai
Sixth Ranger Combination:
Red: Mercury Overdrive
Biue: Legendary Mega Force
Green: Silver Wild Force
Yellow: Space Silver
Pink: RPM Silver
Episode 20: Lost Galaxy
Episode 21: Blue: Alien Blue
Green: Alien Black
Pink: Alien White
Silver: Green Ninja Storm
Operation Overdrive
Episode 22: Time Force
In Space
Lost Galaxy
Episode 23: Special Ranger Summon:
Turbo Blue Sentirion
SPD Shadow
Mystic Force Korragg
Mystic Force White
Overdrive Sentinal Knight
Jungle Fury Shark Sprit
Jungle Fury Bat Spirit
Jungle Fury Elephant Spirit
Jungle Fury Di Shi
Jungle Fury Meile
Samurai Female Red
Red: Mystic Force Red
Overdrive Red
Blue: Turbo Blue
Jungle Fury Blue
Green: SPD Green
Violet Jungle Fury
Yellow: SPD Yellow
Mystic Force Yellow
Pink: Jungle Fury White
Samurai Pink
Silver: Lost Galaxy Magna Defender
Wild Force Lunar Wolf
Episode 24: Special Ranger Summon:
Turbo Blue Sentirion
SPD Shadow
Mystic Force Korragg
Mystic Force White
Overdrive Sentinal Knight
Jungle Fury Shark Sprit
Jungle Fury Bat Spirit
Jungle Fury Elephant Spirit
Jungle Fury Di Shi
Jungle Fury Meile
Samurai Female Red
Red: Red Wild Force
Red Galaxy
Blue: Blue Ninja Storm
Blue Mystic Force
Green: Black Mighty Morphin
Black Operation Overdrive
Yellow: Dino Thunder Yellow
Mega Force Yellow
Pink: Navy Ninja Storm
RPM Black
Silver: Turbo Phantom
Lightspeed Titanium
Episode 25: Time Force
In Space
Mighty Morphin
Episode 26: Red: Red Mighty Morphin
Blue: Blue In Space
Green: Green Time Force
Yellow: Yellow Galaxy
Pink: Pink Overdrive
Silver: Gold Zeo
Episode 27: Samurai
Lightspeed Rescue
Episode 28: Mighty Morphin
Episode 29: Red: Red Ninja Storm
Blue: Blue Dino Thunder
Green: Green SPD
Yellow: Yellow Mystic Force
Pink: Pink Overdrive
Silver: RPM Gold
Episode 30: Yellow: Zeo Yellow
Mystic Force Yellow
Pink: Zeo Pink
Mystic Force Pink
Lightspeed Rescue
Episode 31: Red: Red Dino Thunder
Red Jungle Fury
Blue: Blue Dino Thunder
Blue RPM
Blue Jungle Fury
Yellow: Yellow Dino Thunder
Yellow RPM
Yellow Jungle Fury
Ninja Storm
Episode 32: Ninja Storm
Time Force
In Space
Episode 33: Zeo
Episode 34: In Space
Episode 35: RPM
Episode 36: Alien Rangers
Jungle Fury
Episode 37: Mighty Morphin
Lost Galaxy
Episode 38: Alien Rangers
Episode 39: Red: Mystic Force Korragg
Green: Turbo Blue Senturion
Yellow: Overdrive Sentinal Knight
Pink: SPD Kat
Silver: Lost Galaxy Magna Defender
Episode 40: In Space
Time Force
Episode 41: Lost Galaxy
Episode 42: Zeo
Mighty Morphin
Episode 43: N/A
Episode 44: N/A
Episode 45: N/A
Theatrical Movie: N/A
3 Part Reunion Special: N/A

1: From Out Of This World Part 1
*4 friends discover that there are Red Rangers from the past are defending the city from crime. Soon the 4 are being attacked a few times by the Space Empire Zangyack. Meanwhile, a mysterious man watches them. Later on, they are saved by a mysterious Red Ranger.
2: From Out Of This World Part 2
*The Red Ranger is revaled to be a boy named Brandon and brings them to his Pirate Mansion. He explains his mission to the 4 and recruits them as Pirate Power Rangers. They all agree to be on the team.
3: Red All Over
*Brandon has a dream about being given the Ranger Keys on his planet long ago by a mysterious Red Ranger. He then has trouble with his team when his team gets blasted a monster. He then tries to destroy it himself, but learns he needs his team. The Pirate Megazord is introduced.
4: Ranger Key Rampage
*Brandon is creating a Red Ranger key combination and Ty goes a little bit overboard when he steals the Samurai Red Ranger Key. A Red Ranger combination is introduced.
5: The Mystic Warrior Returns
*Nick, the former Red Mystic Force Ranger comes to aid Brandon and Ty into releasing a new Zord. The Mystic Force Dragon is introduced.
6: The Swordman's Blues
*Joe doesn't feel confident that he is ready to be the Blue Ranger after he injures Bree in a battle. He must learn to trust himself and uses a Blue Sword Strike.
7: Good Cop, Bad Cop
*Brandon gets arrested for a crime he didn't do by Jack, the fomer Red SPD Ranger. The other Rangers to prove him inosent. The SPD Delta Runner 1 is introduced.
8: Ranger Goes Yellow
*Anna has a problem with a girl at school who bullies her every day. She does it so much that Anna wants to fight her. But when she's caught in a fire, Anna must rescue her.
9: The Lion's Roar
*The Rangers locate the Animarium and find Cole, the former Red Wild Force Ranger taking care of his Zord. The Rangers work the protect the island and keep it safe. Ty and Bree talk to Cole of how animals have feelings as well. The Wild Force Red Lion is intoduced.
10: The Rest Is History
*The 4 Rangers find a video diary of Brandon about the History of Power Rangers. The Empire wants it and sends down Jadara to get it. She tells Brandon to "give her the key".
11: Way Of The Samurai
*Jayden, the former Red Samurai Ranger comes to help Joe with his swordsman skills. He is worried about them because Brandon is also a good swordsman. He must learn not to have envy and he and Brandon work together to defeat a monster sent by Borgdatron. The Samurai Pirate Megazord is introduced.
12: Return Of The Sixth Rangers Part 1
*An old enemy of Brandon named Marv returns to have revenge on him and destroy him and the other Rangers by summoning 5 former Sixth Rangers. Meanwhile, Glitch senses another Ranger around the area.
13: Return Of The Sixth Rangers Part 2
*The Rangers are surrounded by the 5 Sixth Rangers and have a tough time fighting them. Soon, more appear and the first 5 capture the Rangers except Brandon. He then goes into battle with Marv and the other Rangers. Meanwhile, a mysterious Ranger figure watches nearby.
14: The Silver Ranger's Arrival
*Brandon is working on a new zord called the Piratesarus. Meanwhile, an evil Silver Pirate Ranger arrives and starts to cause havoic. He's out to destroy the Rangers and the Empire. The Rangers return to the Mansion to find the Piratesarus and the Sixth Ranger keys gone.
15: Rise Of The Piratesarus
*The Silver Ranger makes another attack on the Rangers. Soon, Rocky & Tommy, the former Mighty Morphin Red and Green Rangers and Conner and Trent, the former Dino Thunder Red and White Rangers arrive to help them. Soon, the 4 use their own Ranger Keys to fight off the Silver Ranger. He then unleashes his new Piratesarus zord which transforms the Silversarus Megazord which damages the other Rangers' zords. He also starts to have power surges.
16: A Price To Pay
*The Silver Ranger breaks out another attack and the former Red Time Force Ranger and the former Quantum Time Force Ranger Eric arrive to stop the attack help the other Rangers with the attack. The Piratesarus is equiped with Drill mode. He then retreats during battle when he starts to have power surges. While walking that night, Brandon sees him demorph into a man who looks very familiar.
17: The Silver's Redemption
*The Silver Ranger turns out to be an old friend of Brandon named Harry. He tries to break free of the curse but he can't. He attacks both the Empire and the Rangers. Brandon and him have a one on one battle and Brandon breaks the curse. Harry leaves and gives the others the Sixth Ranger keys. Meanwhile, Marv watches near by.
18: The New Addition
*Harry romes around the city thinking about his past actions. He runs into Jadara who has a one on one battle with him. Meanwhile, the other Rangers are having trouble with a monster. Harry morphs into the Silver Ranger and defeats the monster. The others except him into the team.
19: Silver Linings
*During an attack by General Hozard and a monster , Marv arrives and uses his Key Blaster to send a power surge to Harry's morpher, the Silver Scanner. Everytime he morphs, he's one step closer to being destroyed. During a battle between Harry and Marv, Marv on accident destroys the power surge. The Piratesarus returns and defeats the monster. Marv is kicked out of the ship and destroys one of it's engines.
20: The Galactic Warriors Return
*Glitch senses some Ranger legends in the forest. Learning of this, Marv goes to the forest with a monster to attack them. They are later saved by Leo, the former Red Galaxy Ranger and Mike, the former Magna Defender. Marv steals the Magna Defender key and turns Mike against his allies Meanwhile, Marv brings out 3 Special Ranger Keys that the Rangers go into battle with.
21: Return Of The Overdrive
*The Rangers are in battle with Jadara when an old monster returns. Mack, the former Red Operation Overdrive Ranger arrives and helps them with this old enemy of his. Marv on the other hand starts devising a plan.
22: The Power Sucker
*Jadara builds a device to drain the Rangers of their powers. Luckly, T.J., the former Red Turbo Ranger arrives and helps them dismantle the machine. He then how ever runs into an old enemy of his. The one and only General Havioc! Marv in the meantime has come up with a plan to get rid of the Rangers for good!
23: Unexcpected Returns Part 1
*Jadara leaves the empire's ship to help Marv with his plan. He has all 12 Special Ranger Keys and plans to use them against the Rangers. The Rangers come to confront Jadara and Marv, but are interspected by the 12 Rangers. The 12 Rangers suck the power out of the 6 heroes and turn them into clones. The special 12, Marv and Jadara flee leaving the Rangers powerless.
24: Unexpected Returns Part 2
*The powerless Rangers come up with a plan to defeat the 12 special Rangers and get their powers back. They get their powers back and defeat the 12 Rangers and take them for their own needs. However, a mysterious ship appers over the city.
25: Abandon Ship
*The mysterious ship starts to attack the city. The Rangers do everything that they can to dismantle the ship, but to no avail. Marv and The Empire also get into the action. The pilot of the ship also brings down an army of past evil armies that past Ranger teams fought. The Rangers, Marv and Jadara are teleported to another dimension.
26: Ghost Of A City
*The Rangers wander around the demention that looks like a ghost town at night. They then meet Phantominus, the warrior that teleported them to the dimension. It's also revealed that he has his own evil Pirate Megazord. The Silversarus Megazord has a battle with the evil robot, but gets damaged. To make matters worse, Harry's morpher is damaged and this causes him to morph and demorph repeatly.
27: Secrets Revealed
*Brandon and Anna wanders off to a river and talk about "stuff". They run into Jadara and Marv. Jadara and Brandon get into a fight and Jadara asks about "the key" again. Brandon reveals to Anna that his father destroyed Jadara's husband by accident years ago and Jadara wants revenge on Brandon and wants to destory his father's key and morpher (which holds the source of all the past Rangers' powers). It's also revealed that the Red Ranger used to work for Zordon. They are found by Phantominus who starts blasting at them and all 4 escape and get trapped in a cave. They talk to each other and reveal secrets. They are all rescued by the other Rangers, but Jadara and Marv teleport away. The Rangers fight off an army of Phantominus' warriors, the Shadeoids.(Dairanger's warriors) The Rangers then start to come up with a plan to escape the dimension and restore Harry's powers.
28: The Megazord Brawl
*Harry's powers start to come back, but not at full force yet. Phantominus' Evil Pirate Megazord comes out and wants to have a battle with the Rangers' own Megazord. They do manage to destroy the Megazord, but their Megazord is damaged as well. Marv and Jadara witness the battle and are caught by Harry who has a battle with them. A blast from Jadara and Marv restores his powers fully. Brandon then says the only way to get back home is to defeat Phantominus. He says however, it will be a challange.
29: The Great Escape
*The Rangers, Marv and Jadara locate Phantominus' ship and Phantominus' brings out a final army of the Shadeoids and past armies. Brandon also rades Phantominus' ship and has a one on one battle. The ship opens up a portal back to the Milky Way Galaxy and The Rangers and the two villians escape on their Megazords. They return home safe and sound destroying the portal. Phantominus' ship has made it through also, but is destroyed by the Empire's ship. Jadara leaves the Emipire and goes to Earth to work with Marv.
30: The Daring Rescuers
*After an attack by a monster, Carter the former Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger arrives to assist the Rangers. The two girls in the meantime hang around Carter because they think he's handsome. The other 4 Rangers how ever get attacked by Marv and Jadara.
31: Pirates And Ninjas
*Vexacus and Shimazu return to have revenge on Earth for being imprisoned in the Abyss of Evil. Shane, the former Red Ninja Storm Ranger arrives to assist the Rangers and defeat the two former foes. The Ninja Storm Warrior is introduced.
32: Regain Of The Physcos
*Marv has the 5 Physco Ranger keys and plans to use them against the Rangers. Andros, the former Red Space Ranger comes to help the Rangers defeat the Physcos and outsmart them. Meanwhile, Brandon looks on his Universe Map and finds something very mysterious.
33: Good Things Come In Small Ships
*Brandon finds a picture of his dad with a weapon that helped him defeat the empire a long time ago. He says it was stolen by Marv a long time ago. When a monster attacks, Tommy returns to help them out. Brandon and Tommy go together and try to chase to monster when they run into Marv and Jadara who have the lost weapon called The Gallon Cannon. The two get it back and the rest of the Rangers use it to defeat the monster.
34: Yellow With Envy
*Brandon meets this girl named "Jessica" and starts to have an thing with her. Soon the two start dating. Anna starts to become jealous and starts to spy on them when they have dates. Soon she finds out that Jessica is actully Jadara in disguise and the Rangers defeat her and the monster of the day. Meanwhile the thing on the Universe Map has grown 3 times bigger and it seems that the empire is interested.
35: Rise Of The RPM Racer
*Scott, the former RPM Red Ranger comes along and helps the Rangers a very strange monster from the past. The Rangers are also given a new zord, the RPM Racer. Marv in the meantime decides to face Brandon, once and for all.
36: Feel The Jungle Fury
*An old enmy returns and Casey, the former Jungle Fury Red Ranger arrives to help the Rangers defeat this awkward monster. Meanwhile, Jadara decides that Marv has gone to far with his battle preperations and decides to leave him and aid the Rangers by facing him and the empire. Marv prepares to have his battle with Brandon and transforms into his monster form.
37: The Spirit Of The Armor
*Marv calls up Brandon and tells him that it's time for the battle. Brandon decides not to tell his team mates about it and goes of by himself. Jadara stops him however and tells him it's a bad idea, but Brandon decides to go anyway. When he arives, Marv and him have a pretty interesting brawl, but eventully, Brandon gets knocked down. Marv brings out the Physco Rangers to finish him off, but they the spirit of all the past Red Ranger powers come and give him a key that gives him his battlizer, The Red Legend Armor. (Gokai Silver's Gold Mode) and he uses it to destroy the Physco Ranger keys and defeat Marv and turn him back to normal. Before Marv leaves, he tells Brandon that the empire is planning an attack for that big mysterious portal up in the sky. It's revealed to be a portal to the Shadow World. What's even worse is that it's grown 10 times it's size.
38: The Aliens Return
*Aurico returns to Earth to look for a substance that can destroy a planet. Brandon and the others help him, but Hazord gets in the way and tries to get it himself. He's unsucessful and Aurico gets it first. He returns to Aquitar and destroys it. Meanwhile, Hazord has plans for the Rangers.
39: The Empire's New Zord
*Borgdatron reveals that he has made his own Zord that can be used to track down Jadara and destroy the Rangers. General Hazord goes down to Earth and makes final modifications to the Zord and controls it, damaging the Rangers' Zords. Meanwhile, the Shadow World Portal starts making it's way towards Earth.
40: The Zord's Last Stand
*The Rangers and Jadara must think of a way to defeat Borgdatron's Zord and stop General Hazord. Brandon is out tracking The Shadow World Portal and finds out that it will reach Earth in a few days, realizing that they don't have much time. The Rangers find out that there is a secret program in the RPM Racer Zord that can combine it with the Pirate Megazord and the Siver Piratesarus. General Hazord wants to face the Rangers in battle himself. He does so, but gets defeated by the Rangers. Borgdatron decides to control the Zord himself. The Rangers combine the RPM Racer and the 2 Megazords to combine the Racer Attack Megazord. The Megazord destroys the Zord as well as Borgdatron. However, Master Jagoda finds his body and decides to make small modifications to him. General Hazord also manages to survive the attack and decides to hunt down the Rangers and Jadara himself.
41: A Change Of Heart
*General Hazord makes it to the Pirate Mansion, but he feels that invading a planet is wrong and decides to join the Rangers in fighting the Empire, when they go to face the Empire, they find out that Borgdatron has been updated, making him stronger as more powerful. However, Hazord is outraged with the Empire so much, he destorys Borgdatron turning him into scrap metal. He and the others go into battle with the army of Greybots and Bluebots, but they runout of energy and they're down. Hazord takes a blast that was ment for the Rangers and is destroyed. Master Jagoda sends a monster to destroy them, but the Rangers win the day. Master Jagoda takes him away and makes little modifications to him so that he can be ultimately loyal to him. The Rangers then set up a plan to defend the city from The Shadow World portal. Jadara leaves and doesn't explain why.
42: Jadara's Final Fight
*Brandon catches up to Jadara in the forest and asks her why she's leaving them. Jadara explains that she was in love with Hazord and she's outraged with Master Jagoda for destroying him. She says she'll finish off the empire for the Rangers. Jadara goes to the city plaza and finds Master Jagoda and demands for him to reveal what he did to Hazord. He does so and tells Hazord to destory Jadara. The Rangers arrive to help her, but she tells them that it's her fight, not their's. Hazord then is told to destory the Rangers. He puts up a fight with them, but the Rangers refuse to destory them. Hazord is told to destroy them instead. He steals The Gallon Cannon and fires it at them, but Jadara blocks it and is severly injured. She gives Brandon a special Ranger key that can be used to destroy the Empire, she's reduced to particles as the Rangers are outraged and try to destory Hazord, but it's no use. The Empire leaves as their ship and army head for the city and plan on destroying it as well as the world.
43: The Legendary War Part 1
*The Empire makes it to Earth and blasts down on the city, destorying it. The Rangers go in and attack the army of Greybots and Bluebots, but they get overwelmed. Even The Red Legend Armor gets destroyed. They use both Megazords and try to destroy the portal before it opens. However, their unsucessful and both Megazords are damaged. Hazord then steals the Piratesarus and uses it to increase the portal's power. Master Jagoda decides to fight the Rangers himself and he does so. He knocks them out one by one injuring them badly as they demorph. Brandon decides to use his father's key and morpher to stop him. He morphs into the Legendary Red Ranger. He fights Jagoda and seems to destroy him, but he tricks him and destorys him and his father's powers. This also destorys the Rangers' own powers and the past Ranger Keys as well. This leaves the Rangers hopeless and the city undefeated. The sky starts to turn dark.
44: The Legendary War Part 2
*Hazord commands an army of Greybots and Bluebots to destroy the city. The Rangers decide to take on the army even with out their powers. They put up a good battle, but are outnumberd. They are about to be destoryed when Marv arrives and helps them take out the crowd. They escape and Marv explains that he returned to help because he wanted to redeem himself and become friends with Brandon again. Brandon accepts his gradditude and all return to the Pirate Mansion to hatch a plan to save the city. While their discussing their plan, Hazord finds the Mansion and sends Graybots to destory it. They are sucessful, but the Rangers and Marv get out just in time. They realize that they are screwed and need to save the city with only their swords, blasters and bare hands. Meanwhile, the Piratesarus Megazord is tearing the city apart. The Rangers and Marv come into the city and are ready to charge the army of Greybots and Bluebots.
45: The Legendary War Part 3
*The Rangers charge the Greybots and Bluebots using only their weapons and bare hands. They put up a very good fight, but it's too overwelming and it's painful as well. The Rangers and Marv then take a powerful stand and tell the army to go ahead and destroy them. Before the army can do so though, the spirit of the Legendary Red Ranger appears and tells his son that he's proud of him for fighting even though their powers are gone. He then uses his energy to restore their powers................and brings in all of the past Power Rangers to join them in their last battle. (With Marv being the Legendary Red Ranger.) All 126 Power Rangers go into battle with the army and kick butt as they go. Brandon decides to go up and fight Master Jagoda himself. The two have an epic battle, with Brandon winning. He's about to destory the portal, but Hazord finds him and fights him. Brandon tries to convince him of his kindness but because of the cybernetic changes, Hazord doesn't listen. Brandon decides to destory the portal himself. he tells the other 125 Rangers to use their powers to power up his sword. They do so and he destroys the portal which lets off a blast that destorys the Piratesarus, Hazord and the Greybots and Bluebots. The Empire has been defeated. This also destroys the Rangers' powers and the Past Rangers army. Brandon does survive and tells them that it's all over, smiling with joy. Hazord and Jadara seem to arrive and turn into two humans which turn out to be Brandon's old partners Harold and Jessie. Brandon, Marv and the other 2 board their ship which will take them back to their homeplanet. Brandon says goodbye to the 5 other Rangers.They are all sad that he's leaving, Anna in particular. She reveals that she's in love with him and he says the same. The ship heads for the planet as the 5 Rangers look on. Somehow, they have a feeling that they will see each other again.

THEATRICAL MOVIE: Power Rangers Pirates: The Movie
*It's been 2 months since the defeat of the Zangyack Empire and a mysterious planet is calm........until a new villian shows up and start causing havoic. Two mysterious figures arrive and ask him who he is. He says he is Dangeroid (Akudosu Gill), the last of the Zangyack Empire. The two figures fight against him, but he hurts them badly. He then decides to go to Earth and destory it. The two figures decide to go and track him down. Meanwhile on Earth, The 5 former Pirate Rangers are having lunch together and talking about what they're doing now that they aren't Rangers anymore. Anna is still a little sad that Brandon left Earth to take charge of his planet. Dangeroid arrives with an army of Greybots and the 5 get to work. They beat the Greybots, but Dangeroid knocks them down. Just then, the two mysterious figures arrive and reveal themselfs to be Brandon, the Red Pirate Ranger and [Insert Name Here], the Red Mega Force Ranger. Dangeroid leaves and Brandon has his little reunion while [Insert Name Here] introduces himself. Brandon explains that when their powers were destroyed, the keys returned to his homeplanet. He also says that he and [Insert Name Here] have been tracking Dangeroid down for about a month. Later on, they then meet the other Mega Force Rangers and they decide to join forces and stop Dangeroid. Dangeroid then arrives and has the Greybots capture them. He then steals the Ranger Key Chest and teleports the Rangers to another dimension. In the dimension, the Rangers get seperated from each other and run into some past villians and have to fight them. The two Red Rangers in the mean time have found the location of the dimension break between Earth and the dimension. While trying to destory it, a villian named Scaredatron (the villian with the pointy teeth from Goseiger The Movie) arrives and stops them in their tracks. The other Rangers arrive and distract him enough just in time for the Rangers to return to their regular dimension. When they arrive, Dangeroid and Scaredatron meet them and activates all of the other Ranger Keys and orders them to fight against the two teams of Rangers. They put up a very good fight and eventually get the Ranger Keys back. They also defeat Dangeroid and Scaredatron, so they think. They merge together and turn into a big worm like monster. Brandon and [Intsert Name Here] have restored their indivisual Zords and activate them to form all 4 Megazords. The monster is too powerful and knocks both the Legendary Megazord and Piratesarus Megazord down, ejecting the two Rangers and both power down. The Rangers seem hopeless. Brandon's father comes in as a spirit and gives the Rangers 5 keys just like their's, except their metallic and can activate all of the past Rangers' teams Megazords (Minus the Sixth Ranger one of course.) The monster summon some past villians and all the Megazords have a huge massive battle and also destory the worm monster. The Pirate Rangers and The Mega Force Rangers win the fight. The Rangers all complement each other and thank one another for their help. The Mega Force Rangers want a tour of the city and the Pirate Rangers decide to go ahead and give it to them. The Rangers walk away towards the city. Without knowing, 3 Rangers watch over them. The colors are Red, Blue and Yellow. They ask the Red Ranger if this city needs them. He says, "No. Most cities have a team of Rangers, our city needs us." They turn around to the camera and reveal themselves to be the next team of Rangers. They are "Power Rangers Relic Hunters". (Gobusters)

3 PART REUNION SPECIAL: A Reunion Of Rangers
*After defeating the last of the Zangyak Empire, Brandon is commanding his home planet security headquarters when a villian arrives. He sends his army of soldgers to attack, but they get injured. Brandon soon learns that it was Scorpina, the villian who used to be in Rita Repulsa's army. She also has her own army of warriors called the Hatridoids (Kakuranger's army). She heads towards Earth and Brandon follows her. He then meets up with the other 5 Rangers and tells them about the situation. He also revealed that he has called together 18 Ranger alumnis to help them with the situation. They all go to the location of where Scorpina is preparing her attack. They all try to go at her at once, however she blasts them all and they vanish. They all end up is 6 different dimensions based on their color. (Red Rangers in Red Colored Dimension, Blue Rangers in Blue Colored Dimention, etc.) They also find out that past villians from each of the 18 Rangers' team lie here and they need to fight them. Meanwhile, Marv arrives on Earth and decides to fight Scorpina alone. Eventually, the Rangers find the dimentional break and escape it. However, it seems that they forgot to turn the 18 Ranger keys into the Rangers' morphers. They do so and all go to the location where Scorpina is. Marv steps aside and all 24 Rangers team up to defeat Scorpina and her army. Scorpina is about to escape but before she can, The Red Rangers activate their Battlizers and injure her. The Rangers all activate their indivisual weapons and destory Scorpina. However, she grows into a giant monster and Brandon calls the Pirate Rangers' Zords, but Scorpina is too powerful. The other Rangers decide to use their power and call upon their own indivisual Zords to destory her. They do so, but their powers are turned back into their keys. The Rangers say goodbye and move on with their lives. The 18 Rangers are as follows:
Tommy: Mighty Morphin Green
Jason: Mighty Morphin White
Pink: Zeo Pink
Justin: Turbo Blue
Ashley: In Space Yellow
Leo: Lost Galaxy Red
Chad: Lightspeed Rescue Blue
Jen: Time Force Pink
Taylor: Wild Force Yellow
Shane: Ninja Storm Red
Trent: Dino Thunder White
Bridge: SPD Green
Via: Mystic Force Pink
Ronny: Operation Overdrive Yellow
Dominic: Jungle Fury White
Flynn: RPM Blue
Mike: Samurai Green
Unknown: Red Mega Force

Team-Up Groups
Unknown (Mega Force Red)






[CENTER]Gokaiger Footage Used[CENTER]
Episode 1: Original Footage
Episode 2: Gokaiger #1: The Space Pirates Appear
Episode 3: Gokaiger #1: The Space Pirates Appear
Episode 4: Gokaiger #2: This Planet's Worth
Episode 5: Gokaiger #3: Changing Course Into Magic
Episode 6: Gokaiger #4: What Are Friends For?
Episode 7: Gokaiger #5: Judgement Pirates
Episode 8: Gokaiger #6: The Most Important Thing
Episode 9: Gokaiger #9: The Lion Runs
Episode 10: Original Footage
Episode 11: Gokaiger #11: The Serious Rebllion
Gokaiger #12: The Guaranteed Showy Samurai
Episode 12: Gokaiger #15: A Privateer Appers
Episode 13: Gokaiger #16: Clash! Sentai VS Sentai
Episode 14: Original Footage
Episode 15: Original Footage
Episode 16: Original Footage
Episode 17: Original Footage
Episode 18: Gokaiger #17: The Awesome Silver Man
Episode 19: Gokaiger #18: The Big Abare With The Dinosaur Robot Drill
Episode 20: Gokaiger #20: The Lost Forest
Episode 21: Gokaiger #21: The Heart Of An Adventurer
Episode 22: Original Footage
Episode 23: Original Footage
Episode 24: Original Footage
Episode 25: Original Footage
Episode 26: Gokaiger The Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship
Episode 27: Original Footage
Episode 28: Gokaiger The Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship
Episode 29: Original Footage
Episode 30: Gokaiger #23: Peoples' Lifes Are The Future Of The World
Episode 31: Gokaiger #25: Pirates And Ninjas
Gokaiger #26: Shushuuto THE SPECIAL
Episode 32: Original Footage
Episode 33: Original Footage
Episode 34: Gokaiger #34: A Wish Come True
Episode 35: Gokaiger #35: The Other Dimension
Gokaiger #36: Pirate Partners
Episode 36: Original Footage
Episode 37: Original Footage
Episode 38: Original Footage
Episode 39: Gokaiger #37: The Strongest War Machine
Episode 40: Gokaiger #38: The Power To Sieze Dreams
Episode 41: Original Footage
Episode 42: Original Footage
Episode 43: Original Footage
Episode 44: Original Footage
Episode 45: Original Footage

Theatrical Movie: Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Great Hero Battle
Reunion Special: Original Footage


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Good concept
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Originally Posted by Tedivanx View Post
Good concept
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When will this season come out?
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Really? Another Gokaiger adaptation?
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Originally Posted by anw-rev View Post
Really? Another Gokaiger adaptation?
My thoughts exactly; I've yet to find a fanfic version I've liked. (I don't count this one, as it's not really a story as much a collection of ideas)
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Originally Posted by TobyMobias View Post
My thoughts exactly; I've yet to find a fanfic version I've liked. (I don't count this one, as it's not really a story as much a collection of ideas)
This is supposed to be a collection of ideas. I don't count it as a fan fiction, i just thought this area was a good place for it. Can you at least tell me something positive?
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pretty cool
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I like everything except the name Brandon is not as cool as Captain Marvelous.

If I were Saban I would leave at least that name or another synonym of "Marvel"
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Originally Posted by PegasusTenma View Post
I like everything except the name Brandon is not as cool as Captain Marvelous.

If I were Saban I would leave at least that name or another synonym of "Marvel"
Jack Sparrow XD
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Very nice. (:
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Originally Posted by WillowsNight View Post
Very nice. (:
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