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Hyakuma Sentai Oniranger (Super Sentai 2013 Fanfic)

Thinking about the new rumors for the next Super Sentai team, I wanted to make next year's Super Sentai team. Presenting, Hyakuma Sentai Oniranger (100 Demon Squadron Oni Ranger)!

Demons, they are everywhere. They help build the bridge between the Human World (Ningen no Sekai) and the Oni World (Oni no Sekai). Now, the destructive Daemon Clan has unopened the Oni Portal and all of the world's onis are destroying the world and has destroyed the last clan of oni-hunters on Earth, the Demon Hunter Academy. Now, five students of the Demon Hunter Academy will fight against the Daemon Clan from taking over the world. These students will be the new oni hunters of the next generation! They are.........HYAKUMA SENTAI......ONIRANGER!!!!


The Core Rangers: Their team role call is "Clash with the Passion of Justice!
Hyakuma Squadron! Oni Ranger!"

Hayate Masuka/Fire Oni-Hunter OniRed: A hot headed, immature oni-hunter who dreams of becoming a normal person. Until one day his former mentor was killed off by the Daemon Clan and his school in shambles, he decides to become the new leader of the Demon Hunter Academy and the new leader of the Onirangers by bringing back the remaining oni back to the portal. His role call is "The Fiery Power! The Fire Oni-Hunter! Oni Red!"

Ikeda Teruhide /Thunder Oni-Hunter OniBlack: A calm, cool, but disgruntled oni-hunter/second-in-command who wishes to be the leader of the Onirangers. He despises Hayate and usually bashes heads with him almost all the time but he still knows that Hayate is still learning on being a better oni-hunter. He loves drinking green tea but hates drinking milk. His role call is "The Fast Will! The Thunder Oni-Hunter! Oni Black!"

Yuka Aoyama/Water Oni-Hunter OniBlue: The wise, but shy female oni-hunter whose vast wisdom is always helpful for the team. She never leaves her lucky penchant that her father gave her until his death from a car crash that left her father dead but her alive. She always remembers the trauma of the car crash and doesn't want her life to be cut short from the Daemon Clan. Her role call is "The Waving Mind! The Water Oni-Hunter! Oni Blue!"

Jiya Usegi/Earth Oni-Hunter OniYellow: A happy-go-lucky oni-hunter who always keeps a smile on his face. He was born on a farm by his parents and has always worked on his family's farm for a long time. He never wants his friends/teammates to suffer from the destruction of the Daemon Clan and always keep his teammates healthy and thriving with his cooking. His role call is "The Crushing Strength! The Earth Oni-Hunter! Oni Yellow!"

Yumiko Takatori/Wind Oni-Hunter OniPink: A former singer turned oni-hunter, she is the cheerful and narrow teammate of the team. She is very troublesome and wishes to be back in the lifestyle she wanted. But despite her personality, she also becomes the fighting spirit of the team and knows never to give up. Her role call is "The Ever-changing Heart! The Wind Oni-Hunter! Oni Pink!"

Arata Masuka/Light Oni Hunter Oni White: The older brother of Hayate, Arata is a seasoned Oni Hunter who surpasses everything the Onirangers have. Although both Hayate and Arata are brothers, they also have a sibling rivalry but still cares for him as much as his teammates. His role call is "The Shining Spirit! The Light Oni-Hunter! Oni White!"


Oni Changer: The phone-like inrō transformation device that becomes the device to capture the oni into the Oni Portal. When transforming into the Onirangers, they say "Hyakuma Henge! Oni Change!" and switches the phone mode to the inrō mode to release the power of the Onirangers.

OniKen: The common sidearm for the Onirangers whose changes into a sword mode and a gun mode.

Oni-Weapons: The personal weapons of the Onirangers.
Oni Saber: Oni Red's personal sword weapon. His final attack is the Red Fire Clash!
Oni Ton-fa: Oni Black's personal ton-fa weapons. His final attack is the Black Lightning Clash!
Oni Shot: Oni Blue's personal gun weapon. Her final attack is the Blue Hydro Clash!
Oni Hammer: Oni Yellow's personal hammer weapon. His final attack is the Yellow Crush Clash!
Oni Crossbow: Oni Pink's personal crossbow weapon. Her final attack is the Pink Windy Clash!

They combine each Oni-Weapon to become the Oni-Cannon. The final attack for the Oni-Cannon is the Oni Blast Clash!

HikariChanger: The brace-like Oni Changer that that becomes the device to capture the oni into the Oni Portal. When transforming into Oni White, he takes out the brace changer and say "Tenku Hyakuma Henge! Oni Change!" and switches the brace mode to the inrō mode to release the power of the Onirangers.

HikariMaru: Oni White's personal sword weapon. His final attack is the White Flash Clash!
Tenku Oni Cannon: The Oni Cannon with the power of the HikariMaru. The final attack for the Tenku Oni-Cannon is the Tenku Oni Blast Clash!

Armed Brace: A gauntlet-like changer that is inserted into the right hand of the Onirangers and place a specific Oni-like Disk each representing the five powers that the Onirangers use to become the Armored Onirangers. When saying the word, "Chou Hyakuma Henge! Sōkō Oni Change!" and spin the disk inside the Armed Brace. Each Armed Brace can summon the special weapon for the Armored Onirangers to use called the Oni Staff.

Each Armed Oniranger has a different role call different from their original one.

Armored OniRed: "The Extreme Fire Oni Hunter! Armored OniRed!"
Armored OniBlack: "The Extreme Thunder Oni Hunter! Armored OniBlack!
Armored OniBlue: "The Extreme Water Oni Hunter! Armored OniBlue!"
Armored OniYellow: "The Extreme Earth Oni Hunter! Armored OniYellow!"
Armored OniPink: "The Extreme Wind Oni Hunter! Armored OniPink!"
Group Role Call: "CLASH with the Flames of Justice! Armored Oniranger!"

Oni Yūzā: The special weapon used for the Armored Oniranger to use. Each staff has two forms (a staff mode and a cannon mode) and uses the powers of each elemental powers that the Armored Oniranger can use. The final attack for each one is the Armored Fire/Lightning/Hydro/Stone/Windy Oni Clash or the Armored Fire/Lightning/Hydro/Stone/Windy Oni Blast.

The Onizords! The Onizords are much like a mixture between the Ninja Megazords and the Shogunzords as well as Turbo's Rescuezords. They each have their own weapons and can even turn into their animal forms. When each onizord combines with each other, it becomes the Hyakuma Gattai DaiOniJin. Once assembled, the Onirangers say "DaiOniJin! United as one!"

OniSaru: A red ape-like Oni-zord that wields dual sabers. He also controls and creates fireballs with his hands. When combining with the other onizords, OniSaru becomes the chest, torso, and head of DaiOniJin.

OniOkami: A black wolf-like Oni-zord that wields dual ton-fas. He can run at a very fast rate and can shoot out lightning out of his fingertips. When combining with the other onizords, OniOkami becomes the left arm and hand of DaiOniJin.

OniIruka: A blue dolphin-like Oni-zord that wields a water-cannon. She can become water for a short amount of time and can shoot out water from her hands. When combining with the other onizords, OniIruka becomes the right arm and hand of DaiOniJin.

OniYagi: A yellow goat-like Oni-zord that wields a hammer. His hooves can create earthquakes and can kick boulders into the ground. When combining with the other onizords, OniYagi becomes the left leg and foot of DaiOniJin.

OniTsuru: A pink crane-like Oni-zord that wields a crossbow. She can create whirlwinds out of her palms. When combining with the other onizords, OniTsuru becomes the right leg and foot of DaiOniJin.

Hyakuma Gattai DaiOniJin: The combined megazord formation of the Onizords. It is armed with the HyakumaKen and can execute the Oni-Go-Giri, a five-way saber slash that uses the elements of each five elements of the Onirangers (Fire, Thunder, Water, Earth, and Wind).

Auxiliary Onizords:
Each Auxiliary Onizord becomes a type of weapon and battle armor much like the Gekiranger's Gekibeast and the Shinkenger's Origami. These Auxiliary Onizords are based on the elements of the Earth (Land, Sea, and Air).

OniKumo: A green-spider like Onizord that contains the powers of the land. The OniKumo can turn into a flail-like weapon and chest and helmet battle armor called the KumoDaiOniJin. Its final attack is the Kumo Flail Slam. It is controlled by either Oni Black and Oni Yellow.

OniAkaei: A indigo-stingray like Onizord that contains the powers of the sea. The OniAkaei can turn into a whip like weapon and battle and head armor called the AkaeiDaiOniJin. Its final attack is the Akaei Whiplash. It is controlled by Oni Blue.

OniWashi: A white/brown-bald eagle like Onizord that contains the powers of the air. The OniWashi can turn into a war fan and a jetpack, chest and helmet battle armor called the WashiDaiOniJin. Its final attack is the Washi Battle Blast. It is controlled either by Oni Red or Oni Pink.

Each Auxiliary Onizord can combine with each other to form into a battle-type Onizord called the San Oni Gattai OniDaiTori. When combined with the DaiOniJin, they become the Cho Oni Gattai ToriDaiOniJin. It's announcement call would be "ToriDaiOniJin! United as one!" Its final attack is the Oni San-Genso-Giri in which it is a variant of the DaiOniJin's Oni-Go-Giri finishing attack with the powers of the Auxiliary Onizords (Land, Sea, and Air)

OniTaka: A White hawk-like Onizord that wields dual war fans. He also controls and creates light beams with his fingertips and his chest. When combining with the OniSisi, OniTaka becomes the chest and head of OniLight.

OniSisi: A gold lion-like Onizord that controls the power of Light. When combined with OniTaka together, it becomes the body, arms, and legs of OniLight.

Tenku Hyakuma Gattai OniLight: The combined megazord of Oni White. It is armed with the Tenku KōKen Saber and can execute the Ten-Kō-Giri, a light based slash whose blinding light can stun the oni while the slash kills them.
When combined with DaiOniJin, it becomes Tenku Hyakuma Gattai Light DaiOniJin. It can execute its final attack the Oni-Rokū-Giri which it is the same as Oni-Gō-Giri but with its light-based power of Oni Light.

OniRyū: A red/black/blue/yellow/pink/silver dragon-like Onizord that can become the carrier for all the Onizords to use. When transformed, it becomes the Abare Hyakuma Gattai OniAba. Its finishing attack is the Abare-Oni-Giri. When combined with all of the Onizords are combined, it becomes the Zen Hyakuma Gattai OniHaoh in which its finishing attack is the Zen-Oni-Giri.

Allies: To be announced.
Villains: To be announced.
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