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Gekisou Sentai Carranger - DX Giga Formula

Hello again peeps, I am here again to review another Sentai toy that has a BOA counterpart. May I introduce to you the Turbo RAM.....I mean the DX Giga Formula.

The Giga Formula was introduced in Gekisou Sentai Carranger Episode 2 when Dappu used some of his Kurumagic Power to make a little Car that is formed by a set of weapons. The weapons are then later combined into a Cannon finisher (used until episode 26 because they later used Giga Booster) called the Formula Nova.

This is how the box looks like:

It shows the actual product inside the box and a big round patch at the top left says (Lights and Sounds). Owners of the Deluxe Turbo RAM will be wondering, WHAT? The BOJ one has electronics? (I'll get to that later)

The contents of the box is pretty standard:

There are a pair each of the Muffler Guns (Hand Blasters) and the Side Knuckles (Star Chargers), a Fender Sword (Lightning Sword), a Bumper Bow (Wind Fire), an Engine Cannon (Thunder Cannon) and the car's main body which is named as "Charge" for some reason (Hope I read the name correctly).

There's also a manual and a big sticker sheet for you to peel and apply. Of course, I won't.

Here's something from episode 2. The Giga Formula actually had a coloured manual when it first debuted. Dappu was too lazy to explain to the Carrangers on what the Formula can do that he just gave them a packaged manual. (LOL)

On to the pieces. These are what the pieces look like when they are removed from the box. If you notice (and have the Deluxe Turbo RAM), they are actually pretty small.

Here are some videos of what each individual weapon can do. Note that Bumper Bow doesn't do anything and is just a piece of static plastic.

The Fender Penknife errr...I mean Fender Sword can be extended manually.

The Muffler Guns' barrels can be pushed and locked inwards and a spring mechanism at the triggers can be pressed to extend them back out.

The Engine Cannon has the electronic lights and sounds. The Sound is also the same in Nova mode.

Side Knuckles can be pressed inwards and have a spring mechanism that pops back out.

I won't be showing the tedious process of how I assembled this thing to the Giga Formula but the completed Giga Formula minus the seals looks like this:

I had to say that this thing relies heavily on stickers and seals and this thing looks plain without them.

Let's get to the core sound in Formula mode.
As per the box mentioned, this is the Engine Startup / Revving sound. This somewhat resembles the sound from the show, YES IT DOES, to Carranger.

After you're done with the Formula, you can detach the Fender Sword, the Bumper Bow and the 2 Muffler Guns and form the Formula Nova. Why didn't I mention removing the Knuckles and the Cannon? Well, they are still in the same position in Formula Nova so they are not an issue.

A combined Formula Nova is not that big. I would say it's roughly around 20cm tall.

This is the second sound of the toy (and it is actually similar to the sound when you play with Engine Cannon separately but is actually the sound of the Formula Nova from the Carranger show.

Alright, now for some extras. The BOA version as per what I have seen on Youtube does not have electronics. This is where the BOJ one excels.

For information's sake, one side has the battery compartment and holds 2 AA sized batteries.
The other side holds the On/Off Switch but it doesn't give out any startup sound. However, I would strongly wish that the revving sound was done at On/Off.
The 2 different sounds are actually made from triggering 2 different buttons. YES, one button for one sound and both buttons are actually hidden at the foldable handle of the Engine Cannon. When the handle is folded upwards, 2 small buttons at the black top portion of the Engine Cannon can access to those buttons and thus, make the sounds.

All in all, this is a very detailed and nice item. Something yet again, that has electronics that the BOA one doesn't makes it a better toy. However, the one down side of this item would be the retail price of it. The retail price for this at that time was 5980 yen. It's nearly the price of a mecha (or probably more) but if you can find one at what I paid for, 1000 yen, then go for it. It's worth the buy.

I am giving this a 3.7 of 5 for overall playability and value.
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