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The Hexagon: A Power Rangers Movie

Hey guys, I'm the writer of the Power Rangers Resurrection and the spin off Power Rangers Grand Legacy fanfiction
GrandLegacy(www.stylishknockouts.com/Prr.htm http://www.stylishknockouts.com/GrandLegacy.htm

I'm announcing a new project I'm working on that is my version of The Hexagon idea. Here is the basic background:

The Hexagon is a group of six past Rangers who are Earth's last line of defense now that no other power source exists and all others aside from the Hexagon have been destroyed. The Hexagon gains vital information that a new force of evil are on the rise and plan to attack Earth. The Hexagon sends one of it's own to travel to their base to find out more of the plan. This "movie" will serve more of a end to the Power Rangers story instead of a link from one series to another.

I hope to have a promotional video up shortly. Eventually I would like to have an audio "movie" done. It will have original writing so obviously I can't piece together voices of the real actors. This is my idea for the story of the Hexagon. If by any chance of similarities with anyone else's ideas it's purely coincidence due to the fact that I don't read others fanfics. I hope you guys enjoy
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