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The Power Rangers Saga: The Rising Storm


Written by Patrick Nelson Smith

The Power Rangers Saga: The Rising Storm contains strong violence.

*Disclaimer- Power Rangers and all related properties are copyright of Saban Brands, 2017. All original properties are copyright of Patrick Nelson Smith, 2017. Reproduction and/or use of these original properties without the author's consent is prohibited. No content may be reproduced without the express consent of the author.*

When a world that has cursed its greatest heroes . . .

Cries out for a champion . . .

Who will answer the call?

About the Author

The Power Rangers Saga Database



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Chapter One

Ebony clouds of dirt and dancing blades of verdant grass spun into the air, forming a graceful, spiraling tower of gravel and smoke as the Gregoletto Jetfire Corsair sport tire chewed through the overgrown shoulder as the two bikes bore down on the sharp curve of the highway. After teasing death in a maneuver that would have overwhelmed a less experienced rider, Jason Scott straightened up the bike's course, finishing with a quick lean into the wind and twist of the bike's accelerator.

As Jason throttled the accelerator of the red Suzuki Maeda, the digital speedometer read his speed at one hundred and twenty miles an hour, keeping the bikes intercooler system working at their limit. Modified for racing, the Maeda bore chrome-tipped dual exhaust and even a set of nitrous oxide tanks, although Jason had agreed not to use them. While most racers could not have resisted engaging the Maeda's sophisticated booster systems, the temptation never crossed the mind of the bike's current rider.

It had been nearly three years since Jason had fought the sentient machine, Cyclopsis, in the culmination of the Rangers' war against Lord Zedd and he still felt the throes of battle deep in his bones. All around the city, he saw the ghosts of the struggle against the Immortal Vast, even as the reconstruction processes of the war-torn areas were coming to an end. At times, the battles plagued his dreams with glancing recollections of war and near death experiences.

Today, however, was all about fun. He grinned beneath the dark visor of his black racing helmet as Tommy Oliver pulled up alongside him. The nephew and foster son of a prolific Californian racer, Tommy had easy access to the fastest motorcycles money could buy, but remained loyal to his sixteenth birthday gift, his black and gold Kawasaki Izumi.

Tommy smiled at Jason and throttled down on the bike, its own speedometer climbing to one hundred and thirty five miles an hour, as the two teens aggressively tried to overtake the other. The engines of the two bikes screamed into the expanses of the countryside as the Red and Green Rangers continued to tear up the long stretch of asphalt that spanned the distance between Angel Grove City and the Stone Canyon Reservoir.

"Let's see what ya got," Tommy sneered playfully at Jason, although the closed helmets, the speed of the bikes, and the roar of the engines confined the harmless banter of the riders to themselves. It had taken Tommy a long time to let go of his past as Lord Zedd's Dragon Ranger and only in the past month or so he had become comfortable enough to engaging in some good natured competition with the Red Ranger. The resiliency of the teenage humans, despite all of what they had experienced, had surprised even the puissant Eltarian they knew as Zordon.

Tommy gunned down on the throttle and lurched forward, riding a wheelie for a few seconds. He laughed and caught a glimpse of Jason leaning into the wind, as the bike screamed past him. Tommy continued to chuckle and knew that his bike, without any modifications or alterations to its performance system, would never keep up with the Maeda.

"Hang back rookie, let me show you how it's done," Jason joked to himself, once he had eased back beside Tommy. He shifted his weight to the front of the bike, easing the brakes, as the bike came up on its front tire. He held one hand out to the side, balancing himself on the narrow tire.

Through the rumble of the engines, the high-pitched tone of their communicators split the air. Jason nimbly sat the bike back down on its back tire, the two motorcycles easing to a stop. He held his breath long enough to hear the tone of the device sound again and slid the visor of his helmet back, engaging the communicator.

"This is Jason," he offered. A few moments of warbling static heralded the electronic voice of the Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan.

"Where are you guys?" the voice echoed over the comms. Jason glanced at the time display on the communicator. He groaned, realizing that he had accidentally forgotten their scheduled afternoon activities.

"Chi-Quan," he reminded Tommy, referring to the Korean Martial Art style that Trini's uncle Howard had been teaching the Rangers. Tommy grimaced in remorse. Jason had insisted that the Rangers keep their skills sharpened during the three-year lull and found that the Chi-Quan style Howard Kaku had created was diverse and challenging enough, even to an experienced martial artist like himself.

"We're on our way," Jason lied, wiping the sweat out of his eyes.

"Yeah right, just hurry up!" Trini shouted over the communicator.

"Let's go," Tommy stated, starting his bike's engine.

* * *

The Angel Grove Youth Center sat in the shadow of the Memorial Hospital, a group of well kept tennis and basketball courts separating it from the manicured grassy fields of Joseph Hahn State Park. Divided down the middle into two functioning areas, one being a juice bar and the other a fully-functional gym, the Youth Center had opened following the reconstruction of most of the city affected by the Rangers' war with Lord Zedd a few years before. Within, Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor, Adam Park, and Trini Kwan sat at opposite ends of the gym, stretching their muscles on their personal mats.

Linhau 'Howard' Kaku walked around the gym, instructing each of his students as they prepared for their lesson. Dressed in a dark crimson silk shirt, complete with traditional frog closures and a mandarin collar and matching pants, Kaku studied the movements of his students with great interest, occasionally glancing towards the door, anticipating the arrival of two of his more promising, although sometimes distracted, students. While the session certainly wasn't private, the usual patrons of the gym respected the fact that the lesson was held there out of necessity for room instead of generosity to the public. Suddenly, the muffled rumbling of the bikes belonging to the Green and Red Rangers reverberated into the open gym.

"Remember, the strength of Chi-Quan comes not from the body, but from the mind. The true state of Chi comes when you are able to let go of your physical state and allow your mind and body to become one," Master Kaku explained as Jason and Tommy quietly entered through the dressing room doors, having traded their normal clothes for their personal do-boks.

"Zuo," Master Kaku ordered, facing Jason and Tommy. The two teens quickly made their way to their individual stations and sat as instructed.

"While Jason and Tommy begin their stretches, I want the rest of you to begin your Chan-si-jing exercises," Master Kaku continued, popping his neck as he continued to circle the room.

* * *

The coast of Whangarei, New Zealand . . .

The sleek, beveled edges of the black-armored EAGLE tactical dive boat sat atop the foamy waters of Matauri Bay as its five divers forward-rolled effortlessly into the water, off the boat's transom. Beams of light strobed out from their dive harnesses and pierced the dark waters as they continued to descend into the depths. The ocean floor, once settled and dormant for centuries, had been unsettled and reformed following the impact of the Prometheus comet nearly three years earlier.

There had been rumors and speculation as to what was uncovered by the comet's crashing into the seabed . . . and the mission of the special ops team was to distinguish reality from fantasy and truth from rumor. The shifting of the seabed following the comet's impact had already given up unprecedented treasures such as lost manuscripts of the Renaissance inventor and painter, Leonardo Da Vinci, as well as countless other archeological discoveries.

Sergeant Christopher Connon eyed the murky depths with only a small measure of trepidation, a fact that he hid with great care nonetheless. Having entered the United States Army at the tender age of eighteen, Sgt. Connon had barely begun his career as an Army Ranger when he found his unit deployed to North Korea to assist in battling the terrorist organization known as the Black Cross. While serving in Korea, Sgt. Connon disobeyed a direct order from his superiors which ultimately lead to a federal investigation into his unit. It was during this time that Sgt. Connon had been offered immunity and a position in the American block of the Earth Guard League.

"We're approaching the threshold depth . . . switch to your DPV units . . ." Sergeant Connon said, his voice carried to his teammates by means of their communication devices held within the rebreather units.

"Copy that," Corporal Gabriel Lincoln replied. At forty-two years old, Cpl. Lincoln was easily the oldest of the group, evident by streaks of gray that had begun to invade the shorter hairs of his 'high and tight' military cut. A thick 'salt and pepper' mustache completed the look, accentuated by scars earned by his various tours of duty. While most of the team had been hand picked for the mission, Cpl. Lincoln had been the only volunteer, a move he considered to be his duty, as he had been a near twenty year veteran of the Navy before accepting an offer to join EAGLE. Even while he accepted Sgt. Connon's leadership, the others shared an unspoken understanding that Cpl. Lincoln was in charge on this particular mission.

The dive lights of their tactical harnesses switched off as the DPVs came online, flooding the water with wide columns of brilliance, their rebreathers switching over to their Heliox reserves. The GPS guided propulsion units pulled their riders through the water, towards the desired coordinates that had been relayed by satellites orbiting the Earth. The tactical team watched as schools of exotic fish parted and escaped through festoons of bright coral, the DPV units cutting through the water with ease.

"Our target is up ahead . . . over this ridge," Sgt. Connon reported, watching the heads-up display within his super-sophisticated goggle mask. The team watched the ocean floor fall below them, as they soared over a steep ridge of rock and sand. In the distance, the lights of the DPVs shone off massive colonnades that had been overtaken by coral.

"It's beautiful . . ." Corporal Rebecca Gaines said, as the cameras installed in the DPVs came online, the mechanical sounds of the zoom-lens shutters filling their ears. Cpl. Gaines had served as a member of the Illinois State Police before taking an offer to be a part of EAGLE, not long after the attacks in Angel Grove. She smiled as a lone octopus forsook his warm home along the hydrothermal vents that were scattered near the edge of a massive set of steps flanked by coral-consumed columns.

"This ain't a sight-seeing trip, kiddies," Cpl. Lincoln reminded. "We're here to document and report." Officer Robert Dunn laughed at the Corporal's strict no-nonsense growl. A black man in his early thirties, 'Bobby' Dunn had been a Lieutenant at Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary in St. Francisville, Louisiana before retiring after suffering a nearly broken back while attempting to prevent the murder of a fellow officer at the hands of rioting inmates during a blackout caused by Hurricane Nestor. While serving in the Earth Guard League hadn't been his ideal career move, his starting salary was more than enough to pay his hospital bills and relocate his family to California.

"Lighten up, you old fossil. It's not every day that you get to see the lost city of Atlantis," Officer Dunn replied. The very mention of the name of the legendary sunken city caught the attention of Officer Katy Bates. Katy had been a tenured student in archeology at Cornell before joining the Earth Guard League and as a result of her vast knowledge in the field, was hand selected for the mission by Col. Macluran.

"You know, by all accounts, Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean . . ." Officer Bates corrected.

"Quiet, all of you . . . we've got work to do here," Sgt. Connon reminded sharply. The DPVs continued to reveal ornate carvings and mosaics somewhat overcome by the ever present coral. Cpl. Bates watched as the light of her unit shone on the primitive painting of a tribal warrior, holding a curved saber in his right hand. She traced the outline of the image with her gloved hands, the heads-up instantly translating the markings surrounding it.

"Tygrin . . . the Ranger of Ausaria," she read aloud from her goggle mask. Sgt. Connon checked the forward display of his DPV and followed the readings through a series of arches, which lead through the stone gates of the city. He slowed the acceleration of his DPV and read the markings that encircled a massive onyx dais at the top of a short flight of steps.

"This is Ausaria, the grand city of all of the Daos," he read through his mask.

"What exactly are we looking for again?" Cpl. Gaines asked. Sgt. Connon glanced back at the display screen of his DPV.

"We're not looking for anything . . . we're strictly here to document,"Cpl. Lincoln reminded. Officer Dunn chuckled deeply.

"You may not be looking for anything, but I didn't come halfway across the world to come home empty-handed," he explained, as he eyed precious jewels and metals that were set into the walls of the entrance courtyard. He produced a knife from a sheath on his wet suit and worked to pry loose a ruby orb from the stone wall.

"Come to papa," he grunted, as the orb came loose. No sooner than Dunn had the crystalline orb in his hand, towers of sediment and debris shot up from cracks in the stone path. A great groan bellowed out across the stone courtyard as tendrils of crimson energy snared Dunn's DPV. He fought with the controls, the motors whining in protest, as the ground beneath him vanished in a cloud of dirt. He watched as his black and chrome DPV unit was pulled down into the dark maw that had opened up beneath him. The vacuum of the expanding crevice created a riptide that sucked him down into the murky depths.

"Bobby!" Cpl. Gaines cried, watching her teammate vanish before her eyes. She watched as cracks began to split the stone beneath the rest of the team as more wisps of evil, blood red light burst forward, trapping the DPVs in an electromagnetic deadlock. Cpl. Gaines quickly let go of her DPV unit and watched it vanish into the dark below. She steadied her breathing and felt a red-hot tendril wrap across her back. From the heads-up display, she watched the connection to her Heliox tank fail. The screams of her teammates echoed into her comms as the lines to her communication systems were severed, the cries for help now merely echoes of terror in her ears.

Her years of experience told her that she still had enough air in her backup tank to get to the surface- but her ascent would be tricky after being at her current depth for a considerable amount of time. Before she could ditch the cumbersome tactical harness and begin her ascent, another crimson tendril snaked its way up from the very mouth of the watery abyss and pulled her down into the whirlpool. Cpl. Gaines screamed like hell, although the confines of the super-sophisticated dive suit muted her cries. Like a nest of ruby vipers, the snaking bolts continued to pull the team down into the depths until the archaic stone passage ways settled once more, the sea showing no concern for the lives of the EAGLE soldiers.

* * *

"Excellent, Kimberly . . . remember, the focus of Ho-oh-Quan is to have control over yourself. You must first bring forth your temper - only then can you learn to control it and use it positively," Master Kaku said, after leading Kimberly through her unique kata. Kaku Lin glanced around the room and moved to Adam Park, who finished his kata with a strong, driving fist. He ki-yapped and bowed.

"Adam, you are one of my brightest students . . . Nian-Quan is one of the most difficult forms of the Chi-Quan. Consider this interpretation of the Nian-Quan mantra- 'the best defense is a strong offense.' Keep it up," Kaku explained to the Blue Ranger.

Zack struggled to recall the exact positions of his Luduan-Quan kata. He spun on his heel and nearly fell.

"Zack, what's wrong?" Master Kaku asked, helping the Black Ranger gain his balance.

"I don't know, Master Kaku . . . I just . . ."

"Clear your mind, Zack . . . focus on the harmony of your mind and body . . . Luduan-Quan is based on the Bau-Jong Kung Fu style . . . the principles of fluidity, speed, and devastating stopping power. You have the strength and the speed, but you must gain the patience." Zack nodded in acceptance at the critique as Kaku circled around to his niece. He stood in proud awe at the beautiful woman, who finished the Zui-Quan kata.

"Uncle Howard, I'm still not sure if I've got the stances down . . ." she admitted, once she noticed Master Kaku staring at her.

"Trini, the way of the 'Drunken Fist' is not for everyone . . . however, you seem to excel at every form and style you attempt. You are the only person I know who possesses the balance and coordination to master the Zui-Quan form. Remember, you must create the illusion of being defenseless," he replied. As Kaku moved towards the back of the room, he watched as Jason flawlessly executed the final moves of his Luong-Quan kata.

"Excellent, Jason, excellent . . . Master Corbett is very lucky to have a student of your skill in his dojo," Kaku complemented.

"Thank you, Si-fu," Jason returned, bowing.

"Your body's conditioning is at its peak . . . so let me challenge your mind . . . what is the discipline of the 'Dragon Fist'?" Jason allowed a deep breath before answering Master Kaku.

"Control yourself, let others do what they will. This does not mean you are weak. Control your heart, obey the principles of life. This does not mean others are stronger"

"Very good. You learned that very quickly," Kaku stated.

"Jut-si-kiyah!" The cry came from Tommy Oliver, who finished his kata in the Bai-Hu-Quan form.

"Remember, Tommy, your Fa-jing is the 'howling fist', but your footwork is your single greatest strength in the Bai-Hu-Quan form. Keep it up," Master Kaku said, placing a hand on Tommy's shoulder.

"Thank you, Master Kaku," Tommy replied, as the Chi-Quan Master continued to study the movements of his students.

* * *

The once-abandoned Harmson Air Force base sat just ten miles north of San Angeles, its neglected run ways stretching into the distance. The United States Air Force had donated the facilities to the United Nation's Earth Guard League, who transformed it into their Californian base of operations.

EAGLE Colonel Scott Macluran stood at the top of the main floor of the transformed air force base's main complex, watching images of a retrieval crew searching for survivors from the group's expedition to New Zealand. He sighed, rubbing his temples and running his hand over his short, military hair cut. The cool air from the numerous vents cut through the heat generated by the abundance of computer systems that were scattered throughout the main floor.

"Alright, alright . . . enough. We've got a dead Sergeant, two dead Corporals, and two dead officers. Total mission failure," Col. Macluran said, mostly to himself.

"Not total failure,"a voice spoke up from behind. Dr. Greg Aronowitz held a dark blue keydrive in his right hand as he climbed the steps up to the main floor. He inserted the key into a slot at the main station panel, the suspended monitors revealing the images captured from the team's DPVs.

"The dive units managed to transmit some interesting images before they quit transmitting," Dr. Aronowitz added. He worked the controls and brought up a disturbing image of the crimson wisps of energy that snaked up from the depths of the submerged city.

"This is the last image we received, shortly before the communication systems failed."

"What is it?" Col. Macluran asked, stroking his beard in bewilderment.

"We don't know. We know it's not natural phenomenon . . ."

"Well, no crap," Col. Macluran snapped, before nudging Aronowitz out of the way. His fingers tapped against the keys of the control panel and zoomed in on one of the earlier images. The computer recognized the archaic markings carved against the black stone and instantly translated it.

"This is Ausaria, the grand city of all of the Daos," he read aloud, "What do you make of it?" Dr. Aronowitz straightened up his lab coat and approached the panel, disgust playing on his face.

"The Daos . . . never heard of it . . . the earliest recorded civilization from this region is the Maori . . ." he replied. Col. Macluran studied the markings and the symbols from the image and came to a conclusion.

"Prep the team. Their mission begins at oh-two-hundred," he said, before taking the keydrive from the slot and descending the stairs. He knew that two members of his team were scheduled to report to Ellenwood, Georgia in three days for a specific training program, which would conclude with a full team training op at a later time. However, this latest incident proved too consequential to send only half a team to investigate. He hoped it was the right decision.

* * *

The six Power Rangers sat around a table at the Youth Center's Juice Bar, enjoying bottles of water after their Chi-Quan exercise. Billy Cranston, their human link to the command center of Zordon of Eltar, had just joined them following their class.

"So how are your Chi-Quan lessons going?" Jason asked, finishing his bottle of spring water. Billy grinned nervously and pushed his glasses back up the ridge of his nose.

"I don't know, I'm not sure I'm strong enough for the Chang-Quan style," he returned. Kimberly nodded, her muscles aching from the extensive exertion they had experienced.

"Come on Billy, you don't have to be strong for martial arts. It's all a state of mind," Trini explained. The Rangers' attention was suddenly drawn to the web cafe area of the Youth Center, where a series of flatscreens were suspended over the bar.

"What's all the excitement about?" Tommy asked, as the center's patrons rushed to get a better view of the broadcast. As if in response, a male news reporter appeared on the screen, standing before a large stone memorial, in the shape of an obelisk.

"Today marks the opening of the long awaited Blackstone Memorial, erected here on the outskirts of Angel Grove City, near Highway 101. However, today is more than just the public opening of the Memorial . . . it also marks the third anniversary of the extraterrestrial attack that would prove to be the first strike in the war between the alien forces that settled on our moon and the alien taskforce that's come to be known as the Power Rangers.

Here, in the Blackstone Valley community, emotions are running high as the families of the victims claimed in that horrific attack come to celebrate the lives of those lost that tragic day. California Governor Collin Agular is set to make a public address in just a few minutes
," the reporter concluded. Jason looked stunned. For the first time in a long time, he felt the weight of his actions bearing down on him.

"I thought you knew," Trini explained, noticing Jason's blank stare.

"No . . ." he replied. Swallowing hard, he began to gather his things. "We should be there."

* * *

Blackstone Valley . . .

The crowd that stood assembled outside of the sparse Blackstone Valley community numbered nearly over five hundred. The memorial obelisk stood nearly sixty feet tall, topped with an angelic figure, sculpted in flight, leaving a festooning trail that spiraled down the height of the towering concrete column. Jason led the Rangers through the crowd, to the front of the memorial, where the words 'Ascend above the Ashes' were carved at the top of the obelisk's base.

In his mid fifties, Governor Agular stood tall, nearly six foot five, his suit clinging tight to his massive form. His chiseled, dark features were capped off by a receding hair line and a strongly defined brow.

"Good afternoon. Exactly three years ago this morning, the United States of America, more specifically, the City of Angel Grove was suddenly and deliberately attacked by a force unlike anything we have ever seen. One hour after the alien force landed here, in Blackstone Valley, this threat was met by what would seem to be a heroic force in the form of the Power Rangers. It will be recorded that this first strike against our sovereignty was fought back by this renegade team, even if the costs of their war proved too much for us to bear.

Always, will we remember the character of the onslaught against us. No matter how long it may take to overcome this tragedy, the American people in their righteous might will remember the sacrifices made to secure freedom for all mankind. Therefore, on this third anniversary of the unprovoked and diabolical attack on the free peoples of this world, I hereby declare June Thirtieth 'Blackstone Memorial Day'," the Governor declared. The crowd erupted into cheers as an American flag was raised above the platform.

With that, the sharp trilling of their communicators filled the air. Jason cupped his hand over his communicator and gestured to the back of the crowd. The Red Ranger led his team towards the makeshift parking area.

"This is Jason, I read you,"he spoke, engaging his comm.

"Zordon needs you all to report to the command center at once," the electronic voice of ALPHA 5 robbed even further of its artificial humanity by the small speaker of the device.

"Right, we're on our way."

* * *

Security at the Tryforian-designed command center of Zordon of Eltar was of a level unknown anywhere else on Earth. In addition to radar, motion sensors, security cameras, and hidden listening stations throughout the valley, the base had highly advanced Tryforian security measures. The early-warning net extended outwards in a ten mile radius and up to six-hundred-and-ninety kilometers above. The valley was lined with seismic sensors capable of picking up the slightest tremor, or the vibrations of underground excavation. Infrared motion-sensitive beams crisscrossed the dunes. In short, a coyote couldn't jump without the sensors knowing about it. However, the security systems of this magnificent fortress weren't its most impressive.

The high, vaulted ceiling of the Power Chamber contained the matrix systems for the teleporting operation systems, built to receive and reconfigure the signals of the Power Rangers. Those systems came to life as the individual beams of energy belonging to the Rangers passed through their threshold, their bodies landing upright, on the dais below. After a moment of displacement sickness, the Rangers turned to regard the ion tube that held the visage of Zordon of Eltar.

"Rangers, there is very little time. Observe the viewing screen," Zordon began, as the holographic display system spun to life in a radiant sparkle of sapphire energy. The light took on the shape of a tribal warrior, leading a group of similarly dressed warriors into battle.

"Behold the Gorma tribe . . . long ago, before the Great Morphing Wars, the Gorma lived alongside the Maori, a tribe native to the island of Aotearoa, and the Ausaria, Eltarian refugees fleeing the bloodshed of the Dairakun Knights. Together, the tribes were known as the Daos, the great light of civilization.

However, the Gorma, who had been the military of the Daos, soon turned against those who had united them under the banner of sovereignty. Their insurrection was short lived as a legendary Eltarian warrior, battling with the might of the tiger, defeated them, imprisoning the tribe in a state of suspended life within seven crystalline orbs," Zordon explained.

"Okay, what does this have to do with us?" Zack asked.

"Rangers, even though you have never encountered the Gorma tribe, they are your mortal enemies. I am afraid that the nexus in which the Eltarian warrior imprisoned them in was damaged in the Prometheus comet's collision with the ocean floor," Zordon explained, as ALPHA 5 floated up from the back of the chamber.

"Nearly forty-five minutes ago, our satellite system alerted us to a tactical group, off the coast of New Zealand, who discovered the ruins of the grand city of the Ausaria, where the Gorma lie dormant," ALPHA added.

"Those look like EAGLE soldiers," Trini Kwan noted. Billy sighed and walked up to the main panel.

"Yeah, I noticed that," he said, drawn in by the crimson eagle bearing the world insignia of the Earth Guard League that had been painted on the team's DPVs.

"You are correct, Rangers. Irregardless of the Earth Guard League's involvement, you must go to New Zealand and investigate the newest readings of the unknown energy source that is now active in the depths of the city," Zordon instructed.

"EAGLE must have got the same readings," Kimberly Hart deducted. Adam Park nodded.

"But why would troops from the United States block be in New Zealand? New Zealand would fall under the jurisdiction of the Australian block," he commented, recognizing the US flag on the tactical boat displayed on the view screen. Zordon considered the situation for a moment.

"There is a shroud of darkness falling over the Morphing Grid . . . this is no doubt the result of the discovery of the holding place of the Gorma. Please, use extreme caution, Power Rangers . . . the city is also home to a great power, forged from crystalline energy sources, and is heavily guarded," Zordon explained. Jason made a determined fist and stepped up.

"We understand, Zordon," he replied. Zack Taylor quickly spoke up.

"I'm not so sure, Jason . . . the last thing we want to do is get on those guys' radar. After all, they were founded with the explicit purpose of eliminating all alien activity on the Earth . . . after the Dekaran . . ." Zack began before Jason cut him off.

"No, this is our responsibility. Pack your bags, guys . . . we're moving out," The Red Ranger ordered. Zack suppressed his argument and accepted the order from his leader.


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Chapter Two

Angel Grove . . .

The six Power Rangers stood gathered in Jason Scott's driveway, each holding a small bag of clothing and personal belongings, packed for their trip to New Zealand. The cold of the early morning pierced the layers of their clothing. Trini stood off to the side with Adam, both leaning against the stone wall that separated Jason's yard from his neighbors. The Yellow and Blue Rangers stretched their cold muscles and executed brief runs through their most recent Chi-Quan exercises.

"Alright Billy, we're all here," Jason said into his communicator. Billy, who had arrived at the command center before daylight to prepare for the trip, swung around in his control chair to face the teleporting system control panel.

"The coordinates to your destination are programmed into your communicators . . . you should arrive undetected. You'll arrive in Whangarei, where you'll be staying at the Hastings Hotel," Billy explained.

"You guys ready?" Jason asked, looking around at the Rangers. Adam and Tommy looked like they were half-asleep, both blinking through sleep-filled eyes and yawning every few breaths. Kimberly glared at Jason with complete and utter disinterest in being up so early during the holiday break, a look capped off by her over-sized cup of mochacinno. Zack, who had voiced his concerns over the mission, stood off to the side of the group, fidgeting with the contents of his duffle bag, anxious to get the trip over with. Trini rustled in her purse and retrieved the print out of the reservations Billy had given her the night before.

"We're ready, Billy," the Red Ranger feigned. Trini smiled at the lie and shook Tommy and Adam out of their daze.

"Right. It is now Wednesday, six-fifteen AM, Pacific Standard Time . . . you'll arrive in New Zealand, after a temporal displacement period of roughly five minutes, where it will be Thursday . . . and arrive at approximately three-twenty AM. Check into the hotel and use the couple of hours until daylight to try and shake the temporal disorientation sickness and don't neglect the anti-nausea capsules I gave you, should the sickness last more than a few minutes," Billy explained. Adam remembered Billy's speech the night before about the disorientation sickness, which would be worse than jet lag and motion sickness combined. The only thing Adam could look forward to was the few minutes of normalcy once they arrived before the sickness would take effect.

"Prepare for displacement," Billy warned, pulling up a display screen of the Rangers' health monitors. He quickly screened them before activating the teleporting matrix systems. The quick flash of the teleporting systems burst out around the Rangers, who shielded their eyes from the energy display, feeling the charge of the energy tingling across their skin. The nearly painful sensation continued to sweep them, before the feeling of weightlessness took over. The crackling of the energy echoed in their ears, drowning the whooshing sounds of the wind as their energized forms burned through the early morning clouds.

Nearly seventy miles east of Angel Grove, newly installed computer banks spun to life, beneath the foundation of Harmson Air Force Base, relaying information to monitors suspended from the ceiling of the main floor. A series of screens came to life, revealing a detailed image of six streaks of energy rising into the atmosphere. Individual markers on the screen revealed the velocity and headings of the crimson, sapphire, canary, onyx, carnation, and emerald beams of light.

* * *

Dr. Greg Aronowitz lay sound asleep within his quarters at Harmson, until the trilling sound of an alarm cut the silence of the morning. The head of Search Guard Systems, or SGS, Aronowitz had become seasoned to sleeping in cramped quarters. Normally, Aronowitz would have found himself up and about before day break, but after spending the twilight of the morning running tests on the Accellular tracking devices, he had crashed a mere hour before the alarms woke him. He grabbed a shirt that had been draped over a control chair near his bed area and pulled it on, grabbing his glasses and the prototype tracker, which he had used as a remote display controller for the base's computer systems.

"Computer, display destination," Dr. Aronowitz ordered, as he rounded the corridor which lead into the main room. The system recognized the voice command and calculated the destination of the objects. Waiting for the results, he watched the beams of light from the display screen on his tracker device.

"Energy displacement destination is Whangarei, New Zealand," the system responded. Aronowitz made a fist and cursed. He swung the face of the tracker open, revealing a keypad. He keyed in specific commands and after a corresponding tone acknowledged that the commands had been accepted, he angled the face of the tracker open and locked it in place. He keyed in a series of numbers and raised the device to his ear.

"Colonel . . . it looks like the Hunters are going to have company," he reported.

* * *

The Pacific Ocean . . .

Sergeant William Hayes sat at the front of the Ziktor Aerospace Varidreen-Class Air Knight, its pressurized cabin drowning out the noise of the tandem rotors. His black and crimson-fringed EAGLE battle-dress uniform was designed for combat, but sat pressed and starched against his muscular form, his gold chevrons peering out from epaulets on his shoulders. In his early twenties, the African-American field commander and Red Hunter of the SGS Hunters had been recruited by EAGLE right out of high school. He fidgeted with his Accelluar tracker before sighing and returning the device to its holster on his left arm.

Corporal Matthew Kichi sat at the back of the cabin, alongside Caitlin Robinson and Samuel Atkins. Kichi, a Vietnamese-American male, like the rest of the team, had been recruited by EAGLE nearly three years before. He wore a similar BDU as Sgt. Hayes; however, his was distinguished by chevrons stating his rank as Corporal and the gold color of his principle rank piping on the uniform. While EAGLE required its male soldiers to maintain a certain hair length, the Yellow Hunter had bargained to keep his long, jet black hair, which was pulled back into a pony tail for the mission.

"How much longer?" Corporal Robinson groaned, playfully leaning on her fellow ranking officer, her long blonde hair sweeping the shoulders of the Yellow Hunter's uniform. Her uniform was similar, although modified to fit her feminine physique, and bore light blue piping and gold chevrons, indicating her position as the Blue Hunter.

"A normal flight would be twelve hours, from AGX to Auckland . . . it's a distance of about fifty-six thousand nautical miles," Matt, the apparent brains of the operation, replied. If Cpl. Kichi were the 'brains' of the SGS Hunters, one could surmise that Officer Samuel Atkins was the 'muscle.'

A native of Kansas with blonde hair, blue eyes, and the build of a NFL linebacker, Officer Atkins wiped the crumbs of his bag of chips from his BDU with gray piping. He had been recruited by EAGLE after a nearly flawless season as a Sooner at the University of Oklahoma. It was there that he met the beautiful Molly McCool at the city's annual Midsummer's Night Fair.

Of course, Sam soon learned the truth that Molly had been an active recruit agent with Eagle, by the name of Laura Miles. Agent Miles soon found her career with the Guard League to be short-lived, after allowing herself to get a little too close to the one she had aptly called her 'handsome new recruit.' While Agent Miles had been released for her violation of several standard policies, Officer Atkins accepted the group's offer and joined EAGLE nonetheless.

"Good thing we've got the Varidreen . . ." Sam, the Black Hunter, added, referring to the jet/helicopter hybrid employed by the Guard league. In the corner, the Pink Hunter, Officer Rose Navarro, sat, lost in the music that spilled out of her earphones. She flashed a look of disinterest that Sergeant Hayes seemed to share. The oldest of the team, Navarro had grown up in foster homes before joining the Navy. Her time spent on the USS Valiant C-57D battleship had all but jaded her to the idea of 'teamwork' and 'comradery.' Instead, her interest in serving in the Earth Guard League was seated in a warm bed and, sometimes, hot food without having to procure such at charity . . . that and her love of piloting machines that were several generations ahead of anything in the US military's skunkworks programs.

"You've got a message from SGS command," one of the pilots said, tuning back to the Red Hunter. Sgt. Hayes stepped to the front of the cabin and took the print out. He glanced down at the text and turned back to face the rest of the team.

"Alright guys, it would appear that the ETF (Extraterrestrial Task Force) from Angel Grove is going to be in Whangarei within the next couple of minutes. Our orders are to rendezvous with Commander Kenpachi and the Goranger squadron from the Japanese block at their Bouken Base, on Satoru Island in the South Pacific," Sgt. Hayes explained. The Hunter team composed themselves as Will returned to the front of the vessel.

"Increase our speed. Let's see if this Varidreen can live up to all the hype we've heard the last few months," he instructed to the pilots. The two young pilots grinned at each other and looked back at the Red Hunter.

"Strap in."

* * *

Whangarei, New Zealand . . .

The sprawling Hastings Hotel sat in the morning dusk, directly across from the Kingsgate Marina. The six Power Rangers sat at a table within the Portobello Restaurant, enjoying a brief breakfast. The robust scent of coffee and the distinct smell of various meats and dishes cooking filled the dining area, as the hotel's patrons began filing in for their morning meals.

"Those capsules Billy made really worked," Adam said, munching down on a patty of pan fried sausage. He reached for a glass of milk and drained it. Tommy managed a slight chuckle.

"I can see the displacement sickness didn't affect your appetite," he said, shunning his plate of cold eggs with a weak push. While Zack, Adam, and Jason had recovered from the sickness as Billy had predicted, Tommy had been unable to shake his symptoms. Kimberly, drinking a new cup of mochacinno, gave Tommy a comforting kiss on his cheek.

"That's enough to make anybody sick," Zack groaned. Kimberly shot the Black Ranger a spiteful glare.

"I got some MREs packed if you get hungry later, bro," Jason offered. The Green Ranger smiled gratefully before turning his gaze to the sun that rose over the Marina. The low sun cast brilliant sparkles off the waters of the Marina, its luminance broken up by the forms of the ships that occupied its harbor.

"So what now?" Trini asked bluntly, after sipping her coffee. The Red Ranger peered out from the steam of his own cup of coffee.

"We'll play it cool . . . we don't want to draw any attention while we're here . . . its just seven now . . . we'll head out around eight and get a ride to Matauri Bay . . . there, we'll do a bit of sight-seeing, check out the Rainbow Warrior memorial, visit the Cavalli Islands, and then we'll do our thing," Jason explained.

"We'll need to rent some scuba gear . . ." Adam added. Trini reached into her purse and retrieved a folded piece of paper, with directions to a scuba rental center.

"Got it," she said, indicating the paper. Jason nodded in satisfaction.

"Good. Lets take a break, see if Tommy can get his bearings," he instructed. Tommy gratefully left the smell of the breakfast food and debated on using the hour long break to scour for some Dramamine tablets. Kimberly, who could no longer contain her concern, hugged the Green Ranger.

"You okay?" she asked, although she knew he wasn't. Tommy kissed the top of her head and draped his arm over her shoulder.

"I'll be okay . . . I never did too good with motion sickness. I think I might try and work on my Chi-Quan," he replied softly. He walked with the Pink Ranger to her room, the cool morning air helping to alleviate his symptoms.

* * *

His blood-shot eyes revealing his body's protest of his lack of sleep, Billy Cranston fought to monitor the Rangers' vitals throughout the morning and had paid close attention to the monitor screen fixed on the vitals of one Tommy Oliver. As indicated by his blood pressure and blood sugar levels, the disorientation of the prolonged displacement had taken a far worse toll on the Green Ranger's body than those of the other Rangers. He debated on contacting Tommy through the communicators, but decided against it, as he did not want to draw any unnecessary attention to the Rangers' presence in New Zealand.

* * *

Satoru Island, the South Pacific . . .

The massive island, belonging to the Japanese Block of EAGLE, was the largest in a chain of islands left after the impact of the Prometheus comet. While the sea had devoured the Hawaiian Islands, the resulting shift in the seabed created entirely new islands. The sickle-shaped island had been then consumed by concrete and steel, as Commander Edogawa Kenpachi had overseen the conversion of the island into the super-sophisticated base of operations for his own EAGLE super squadron, the Gorangers.

The Varidreen Air Knight sat down atop the flat heliport at the zenith of the Island's main ridge. The five SGS Hunters filed out of the vessel and were greeted by a cool breeze that swept in off the raging sea that crashed to the island's rocky shores. The team saluted Commander Kenpachi, who stood beside Colonel Macluran as the whine of the turbines continued to fall until the deck was once again silent.

"Welcome to Bouken Base," Cdr. Kenpachi greeted. A man in his late forties, Kenpachi peered out from stark, angular framed glasses that split a round face, smiling through teeth overtaken by malocclusion.

"At ease," Col. Macluran added, leading the Hunters down a stairwell at the end of the landing pad. The four flights of stairs led to a main floor, similar to the converted main floor of the Harmson Air Force base. A short woman, wearing her black hair in a short bob and dressed in a white lab coat, met the team as they descended upon the platform.

"My assistant, Ms. Youko," Cdr. Kenpachi said, indicating the woman. Ms. Youko smiled and bowed.

"Konichiwa," she greeted in Japanese. Various men of Japanese ethnicity moved about, studying massive flat-screen panels set into the wall. In the center of the room, a Japanese man dressed in plain clothing recognized Cdr. Kenpachi and moved to greet the team.

"Ah, our head technician, Dr. Morio Makino. Dr. Makino is responsible for the development of the Varidreen vessel that brought you to this compound," Cdr. Kenpachi explained. Dr. Makino extended his arm and shook hands with the Hunters. Cpl. Kichi could do very little to contain his joy in meeting the world renowned scientist. His black hair in tufts that seemed to relay a lack of sleep or disinterest in grooming, he bore a three day old stubble that lined a hard jaw line that was cut with pits of scars, the evidence of acne that had long since faded, before leaving their mark on his otherwise pleasant visage.

"I understand you'll be piloting one of my newest creations, the Marine Diver," Dr. Makino said. Rose stepped up from the back of the group.

"Actually, I'm going to be piloting the sub," she stated. Her bluntness took Dr. Makino and the others by surprise. Embarrassed, Col. Macluran stepped forward, nudging the Pink Hunter back.

"Forgive her, she's just excited to get to pilot something other than a simulator," he snapped, glaring back at his female officer. Cdr. Kenpachi smiled and patted the Pink Hunter on the back.

"Its okay, Colonel . . . my team was equally excited to get to pilot the Variblade . . . and who wouldn't be, to have the power of Makino's Neo-Parallel Engines at their fingertips," the Commander said with a laugh. The mention of the highly classified engine system made Matt salivate. He had read enough about the engines to know they were based on designs taken from once-lost manuscripts of the famous Renaissance scientist, Leonardo da Vinci.

"Sir," Sgt. Hayes began, approaching Col. Macluran. "Is there any word on the status of the ETF?"

"I imagine they'll be travelling as civilians . . . no doubt, they're interested in the ruins of Ausaria as well. Your orders are to travel to Matauri Bay . . . the SGS Diver will be waiting for you. Use your trackers to equip your tector suits if you encounter the ETF. Board the Diver and pilot it to the ruins. Find the source of the energy reading and report back. That is your mission,"Col. Macluran explained, ending with a salute.

"Sir, yessir!" the Hunters clamored, saluting back.

* * *

As the Rangers gathered in the parking lot of the hotel, Tommy watched as Trini and Kimberly came out of the Portobello Restaurant, the Pink Ranger holding a large cup in her hand. The lapping of the waters of the nearby Marina filled the air as the Rangers enjoyed the warm beams of sunlight that peeked through the trees in large pools of luminance.

"The chef made you some ginger root tea . . . it should help," Kimberly said, giving Tommy the cup. The aroma of the hot tea filled Tommy's nostrils with the distinct smell of lemons, with a subtle hint of honey. Much to his chagrin, he drank the contents of the cup, the warm liquid spilling across his lips. After consuming the beverage, Tommy groaned at the bitter aftertaste and tossed the styrofoam cup into a receptacle on the curb. Jason stood quietly hesitant, unsure of Tommy's physical state.

"You sure you're okay to go?" he spoke up, squeezing Tommy's shoulder. The Green Ranger forced a confident, determined grin.

"Yeah . . ." Tommy lied. Jason knew that Tommy's dishonesty stemmed more from his devotion to the team than any flaw in his character. The Red Ranger, against his better judgement, let Tommy's resolution stand.

"Alright," Jason agreed, as the teens watched a silver shuttle van, bearing a logo that read Magasiva Taxi and Tours in stylized lettering, pulled into the parking lot. The Rangers loaded into the modestly sized van, the distinct stale stench of cigarettes greeting them as they climbed onto faded and uncomfortable seats. The forty-five minute drive to Matauri Bay cut through the heart of Whangarei and up through the country side. The Rangers peered out the tinted windows of the van, awed at the rolling hills and exotic plants that comprised the scenery.

Tommy, who had actually begun to feel a bit better, had opted for a window seat, where he opened the door window, allowing a breeze of fresh air to fill the cramped quarters of the shuttle van. The vehicle turned down the Matauri Bay Road, its hills and low lying plains filled sparsely with livestock closed in by rustic fences and barbed wire. The winding road came to a 'T'at a tourist center for the sunken Greenpeace vessel, the Rainbow Warrior. Trini paid the driver as the Rangers stretched, inhaling the distinct smell of the ocean.

"Alright, the memorial statue should be up this trail, at the top of the cliff. From there, we can hike down to the beach . . . the scuba rental center should be at the base of the cliff," Trini explained, checking her papers. Adam and Zack groaned loudly.

"Oh come on, what's wrong? You afraid you'll end up having some fun?" Trini asked. Kimberly laughed and bounced past the Blue and Black Rangers, with a reluctant Tommy in tow. Jason corralled the two bored teens and led them up the steep path. Near the top of the cliff, a wooden sign sat in the tall, swaying grass, bearing directional signs that indicated the locations of Paris, France, the Hau atoll in the French Polynesian Islands, and the Mururoa Atoll, both infamous for their usage as French nuclear testing sites. The Rangers briefly regarded the sign and continued to hike to the summit, where the nearly twenty foot tall memorial statue stood, overlooking the bay.

"Wow . . ." Kimberly said, walking up to the statue. The arching stone 'rainbow' of the monument was centered at a solid stone column, which held a smaller column of the stacked stones that ended in a figure eight. The front of the stone column held the actual propeller from the bombed trawler which had found its final resting place as a dive wreck and fish sanctuary in the Cavalli Islands.

"So what happened to it?" Adam asked, referring to the ship. Trini suddenly found herself wishing that Billy had come along for the trip, who would have saved her from having to spill her knowledge of the trawler and its history.

"Back in the early nineteen-eighties, the French army had been testing nuclear weapons in the Polynesian Islands. The Rainbow Warrior was then being used as a campaign vessel against the testing, acquired by Greenpeace the decade before. The mission of the vessel was to monitor the testing in the south Pacific.

However, French intelligence operatives sabotaged the ship with two bombs, which successfully sunk it. Following a political scandal, the French minister of defense resigned from his office. France ended up paying a hefty compensation to the Greenpeace organization and after it was deemed un-salvageable, the ship was moved here, to Matauri Bay. It's been here for some forty years," the Yellow Ranger explained. Zack stretched and loosed an exasperated yawn.

"That's why you're taking World History for a second time," Kimberly whispered towards the Black Ranger. Zack laughed incredulously. Jason glanced at the time display on his communicator and moved to the front of the team.

"Alright guys, its time to do this," he said, staring down at the royal blue waters of the bay. He clenched a fist around his wrist and looked back at the Rangers. The Rangers nodded and accepted the orders of their leader. As Tommy walked past him, Jason reached out and stopped the Green Ranger.

"You sure you're okay?" he asked, concerned with the health of his friend.

"Yeah . . . I think the worse has passed," Tommy answered with a genuine smile. Jason still couldn't shake his concern for the Green Ranger's well being. Finally accepting Tommy's answer, he did his best to ignore the dreadful chill that set deep into the pit of his stomach. Facing the beach below and the dark blue waters just beyond, everything seemed okay. But . . . something had caught his attention, a trait that Zordon had explained would increase as he became more attuned to the natural flow of the Morphing Grid and every subtle movement there of. Still, a nagging shade in the mystical energy field had set his combat senses into full ready mode, without any specification.

Finally resolving to follow his team down the cliff, he was painfully oblivious to the black Jeep, bearing the insignia of the Earth Guard League, that left the main Matauri Bay Road and followed a sloping trail that would ultimately lead to the beach.

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Cool start, can't wait for the future chapters.
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Teeny grammar things caught my attention. Mostly, they were issues of consistency of numbers and things like that, but I think I saw a lack of an apostrophe somewhere.

Nevertheless, I think that this'll turn out to be pretty good once it gets rolling and the morphing starts taking place.
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My betas must have missed those errors. The inconsistency may have to with dates, which I purposely pushed back, as the stories are set in an undefined point in the near future.

Yeah, I wanted to start with at least two chapters and then post a chapter once a month. That's my plan right now ... let me know what you guys think, if that's too long or too short to wait.

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That was an excellent start, BattleRanger. Expect a more detailed review in the future. Two things I would like to point out, though:
As much as I love Sentai references, to many in a row can be disrupting. This was the sentence that stuck out like a sore thumb:

Our orders are to rendezvous with Commander Kenpachi and the Goranger squadron from the Japanese block at their Bouken Base, on Satoru Island in the South Pacific

If you took out the Bouken Base part, it would be fine, but ... I dunno, something seemed off about the amount of references jammed in. But to someone who didn't know, that was fine.

As for posting schedule, it depends on how many chapters you have. For 20, one every weeks. I dunno ... I guess I feel it should be half a year if you want to post it. A full year seems a bit long of a wait, but it depends how many chapters you have.

Keep up the good work.
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If you love Sentai references, you oughta enjoy this story ... but I challenge anyone to find the references in the first four paragraphs of Chapter One ... there are two specific ones that are intentional ...

As far as the posting schedule goes, I want to give myself ample time to finish the story ... it will be worth the wait. Thanks for your input.
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Since Chapter Two was pretty short and I want everyone to get the idea of what's going on, I'm going to go ahead and post Chapter Three as well ... which will give us all a taste of the action that The Rising Storm holds.
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Chapter Three

Rose Navarro sat at the helm of the Varidreen, the shadows of the cockpit broken up by the lights of sophisticated instrumentation. Matt Kichi sat behind her, alongside Caitlin Robinson. The three SGS Hunters watched as the expanse of the Bouken Base's hangar retreated from the viewports. Officer Navarro flipped a switch and pushed down on a lever as the Varidreen climbed into the sky. With the initial crew of the Varidreen catching a later flight from Bouken Base, Rose had the expressed pleasure of piloting the Air Knight, which was set to replace the VH-71 Kestrel transport helicopter in the US Marine Corps. Her bliss was quickly shattered by the excited banter of the Yellow and Blue Hunters.

"I still can't believe that the designs for the engines on our babies are over five-hundred years old," Caitlin exclaimed. Matt, who shared her enthusiasm, grinned.

"It just goes to show you the brilliance of Da Vinci," he added. He watched the map display and the coordinates of Matauri Bay.

"What if the Rangers are in civilian clothes? How will we ever find them? It's not like they're gonna be wearing their Ranger colors," Caitlin asked. Rose, uninterested in discussing the intelligence of a near-forgotten Renaissance inventor and pondering the status of the ETF, finally spoke up.

"It's a good thing the Colonel already has his own troops scouting the area for any leads . . . I don't think you guys give him enough credit," she miffed.

* * *

Jason Scott investigated the desolate scuba vendor, its aged and neglected wooden doors locked and chained up. Jason was intelligent enough to know that the bleak condition of the shack had more to do with an interest in pride at the years of service the vendor had provided to the water's guests than a disinterest in proper maintenance. He pulled against the chains and let them fall, crashing against the decaying wood of the door.

"I hope Billy has a backup plan," he said, wiping the rust left by the chains across his knee.

"As if there's any doubt," Trini answered, reaching for her communicator. Before she could trigger the device, a man, barely older than any of them, wearing black military fatigues, approached them from the trail that led down from the cliff. His hardened face was locked in a grimacing stare that would have been more amusing if not for the assault rifle he carried in his right hand.

"What do you guys think you're doing?" he asked bluntly. Stupefied, the Rangers could only stand silent. Zack noticed the EAGLE patch on his left shoulder and cringed.

"We're here to dive," Trini replied, stepping forward.

"You're in direct violation of the mandated curfew . . ." the soldier explained, as more soldiers descended the sloping trail.

"What curfew?" Jason asked, visibly upset at being hassled by the troops. The man laughed incredulously.

"When you checked your passports, assuming you do have them, you weren't informed of the curfew?"

Trini thought quickly. "We forgot to set our watches . . . we're still on Pacific-Standard Time." The soldier stood quiet for a minute.

"Let me see your passports," he finally spoke. Zack fidgeted in his pocket and passed his passport up to Jason, along with the others. The Red Ranger gave the six passports to the soldier. He flipped through the pages before waving another soldier over to him. The two men looked over the passports before handing them back to Jason.

"Are we free to go?" Jason asked. The two men looked at each other.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you all to come with us," he said. Zack felt his blood boil and stepped up.

"We don't have time for this!" he shouted. Jason cut him a hard glance.

"Zack, back down. It's okay," he stated. The Black Ranger stood defiant against his leader.

"No, Jason . . . we've got a mission . . . I don't know about you, but I think its time," he stated. Adam and Kimberly watched in horror as the Black Ranger produced his Morpher from a burst of blinding light.

"No!" Trini shouted.

"Mastodon!" he shouted, pushing the device forward. The soldiers quickly readied their assault rifles as the Rangers had no choice but to defend themselves. In a storm of energy, the Power Rangers stood fully morphed against the squadron of EAGLE soldiers.

* * *

Zordon of Eltar milled about in the ethereal plane of the Morphing Grid, watching the Rangers' encounter with the EAGLE troops. He then felt a cold touch that could only be described as pain cut through his being, as Zack revealed his identity as the Black Power Ranger, betraying the very code by which he and the other Rangers had sworn themselves to. Slipping back into his ion tube, he heard Billy Cranston curse loudly, watching Zack's transformation on the viewing screen.

* * *

The Varidreen Air Knight carrying the SGS Hunters sat down nimbly at the Royal New Zealand Air Force Base at Waitemata Harbor, its landing gear touching the asphalt of the heliport. The Hunters spilled out of the vessel, as a flight crew rushed to tend to the Knight. A small group of EAGLE troops met the Hunters at the end of the runway.

"The forward team has engaged the ETF . . . Sgt. Landors claims he has vital information concerning the civilian identities of the ETF," the soldier explained. Sgt. Hayes considered the weight of the information before instructing the Hunters.

"Alright, we've got the ETF cornered on the coast . . . let's go hunting!" he ordered.

"Yessir!" the Hunters exclaimed in unison.

* * *

The six Power Rangers faced the sixteen EAGLE soldiers, who had brandished their assault rifles and taken offensive positions against them. Jason cursed at Zack inwardly as he instructed his team to call their Power Weapons. As soon as the Rangers had called and received their weapons, the distinct rumble of high-powered engines filled the air. A small air-shuttle passed over the beach, its main bay opening as five forms descended repelling ropes that fell to the sand below. The newly arrived SGS Hunters eyed their supposed extraterrestrial counterparts with interest as they stepped before the EAGLE soldiers.

"Great, who are they?" Kimberly asked. Jason had no answers as he stared off with the Red Hunter.

"Dissolve your weapons," Sgt. Hayes commanded, arming himself with his Survibuster sidearm. Zack gripped the handle of his axe tighter as the Hunters drew their weapons against them.

"Look, I'm sure you haven't noticed, but we're on your side," Trini explained. Remaining unarmed, Sgt. Hayes continued to stare down the Rangers as Sgt. Landors walked up and presented him with a printout.

"Positive identifications, matching six humans from Angel Grove, California," Landors explained. Sgt. Hayes stared down at the paper and looked back at the Rangers.

"Jason Scott . . . Trini Kwan . . . Adam Park . . . Kimberly Hart . . . Zack Taylor . . . Thomas Oliver . . . you're under arrest for negligent criminal damage, negligent criminal homicide, and terrorism. The Miranda rights do not apply, nor do any civil rights you feel privileged to. I order you to cease and desist or we will use deadly force," Hayes explained at length. Jason took a deep breath and lowered his weapon.

"I understand you have your orders . . . but so do we," the Red Ranger stated. Sgt. Hayes ignored the comment and took another step towards the Rangers.

"This is your last chance . . . power down . . . or face the consequences," the Red Hunter replied. Zack felt his blood boil and stepped out, towards the Hunters.

"Let me explain this to you . . . we're the Power Rangers . . . and we don't take threats lightly," the Black Ranger declared, twirling his axe.

"Stand down, Zack!" Jason ordered, placing the blade of the Power Sword across the Black Ranger's chest.

"Oh, you're gonna fight me now?" Zack asked, turning towards the Red Ranger. Before Jason could answer, the Hunters flowed forward, armed with their Survibusters, which had been shifted into Drive Blade sword mode. Samuel Atkins acted on what brief team exercise training he had participated in at Harmson as he engaged the Black Power Ranger. The long blade of the Drive Blade met the sharp edge of the Power Axe, as Atkins produced his Accellular tracker. Fighting to hold back the Black Ranger with his left hand, he set the tracker at the top of the Ranger's shoulder pad, using the texture of the armor to activate the motivator wheel.

"Activate!" Atkins cried. In a festoon of blinding light, the tracker came online, shifting the Black Hunter's tector armor out from its pocket dimension and onto his body. While he had been present at Dr. Aronowitz's presentation on the trackers and what to expect from the activation of his bio hardware systems, nothing could have prepared Atkins for the sensation the transformation had afforded. All at once, his sight was overcome by a blinding light that gave way to the tinted scope of his tactical helmet. Dumbfounded by the soldier's transformation, Zack side kicked the Black Hunter and quickly put space between himself and Atkins.

Officer Rose Navarro, like Atkins, had been promoted to active duty before she had a chance to attend the EAGLE military training facility in Ellenwood, Georgia. Instead, her training under the New Mexico Air National Guard and the United States Navy had been sufficient enough for her to pose a formidable threat against the ETF she now faced, alongside her fellow Hunters.

She struck the Pink Power Ranger with the hilt of her transformed Drive Blade, driving the air out of Kimberly Hart's lungs. The Pink Ranger tumbled and rolled to safety, before coming up on her feet. She quickly caught the blade of the SGS Hunter sidearm with the bow of her Power Weapon and watched as the Pink Hunter presented the motivator wheel of her Accellular device at the lower limb of the Power Bow.

"Activate!"she commanded, grimacing as the energy produced by the tracker consumed her body, clothing her in the armor of the Pink Hunter. With the effects of the transformation slowly fading, the Pink Hunter controlled the line of profanities that stood on her tongue. Fully transformed and empowered, she slammed her elbow into the helmet of the Pink Ranger. Kimberly tasted blood in her mouth as she drew arrows of energy from the Morphing Grid.

Caitlin Robinson rushed the Yellow Power Ranger, working over time to control the Ranger's daggers with her singular Drive Blade. With each strike from her blade, the Yellow Ranger's armor would spill sparks and smoke into the air. She spun the Drive Blade and delivered a stiff side kick before manifesting her Accellular device. Setting the motivator at her shoulder, she shoved the device down the length of her left arm.

"Activate!" the Blue Hunter ordered, closing her eyes in anticipation of the resulting surge of energy. The storm of crackling bolts consumed her body, searing the tector suit of the Blue Hunter onto her electrified skin. Feeling the currents of energy sweeping her body, she tightened her grip on the Drive Blade and met the blades of the Yellow Ranger's daggers in a burst of sparks.

Matt Kichi cursed the awkward design of the Drive Blade, as he had been accustomed to the grace and form of the shinai. An eighth-Dan in the Kendo arts, Corporal Kichi had studied the art of traditional sword fighting since he was an adolescent. Battling the Blue Ranger, Adam Park, he was becoming increasingly aware that his opponent had received similar training. Their weapons locked like the antlers of two stags, the Yellow Hunter set the motivator wheel of his Accellular tracker on his shoulder and pulled the device down his uniform, invoking the transformation that would convert him into the fully armored Yellow SGS Hunter.

"Activate!" he clamored, the blinding light of the transformation overtaking his sight. A bit jarring at first, the energy finally subsided and he felt the armored suit tight against his skin. He pushed off of the Blue Ranger and watched as the Red Hunter, un-armed, moved to intercept the Red Power Ranger.

The Sergeant of the SGS Hunter team, Will Hayes charged the Red Ranger with blinding determination in his eyes and his tracker device in his right hand. Jason quickly moved to strike with the Power Sword, but found his momentum halted by the brute force of the Red Hunter. Smiling, Sergeant Hayes set the tracker's motivator wheel at the hilt of the Red Ranger's weapon, daring Jason with the device's presence and the sheer audacity of his actions.

"Activate!" he demanded, sliding the tracker down the length of the sword's blunt side. Sparks flew from the motivator as energy burst forward, consuming Hayes in the armored uniform of the Red Hunter. Jason burned with insult as he freed his sword from the Hunter's grip and slammed it against the blade of the standard issue Hunter sidearm, the Drive Blade.

Tommy Oliver fought off the storm of EAGLE soldiers that flowed like waves against him, catching occasional glances of the Rangers as they battled the SGS Hunters. He utilized his Flash-Stun ability to avoid seriously injuring the human soldiers, fighting back memories of his time as Lord Zedd's Dragon Ranger.

"Tommy!" Kimberly cried, overcome by the might of the Pink Hunter. The Green Ranger watched helplessly as Officer Navarro mercilessly struck the Pink Ranger across the chest with the adamant edge of the Drive Blade. With a quick spin, he incapacitated the next wave of soldiers with Zyusoken, no longer pulling his punches. Rushing to the Pink Ranger's side, he delivered a leaping spin kick that connected with the helmet of the Pink Hunter. Rose felt the impact of the kick rattle her head inside the tactical helmet and crashed to the ground, her heads-up display momentarily disrupted.

Watching the Green Ranger attack his fellow teammate, Matt Kichi, the Yellow SGS Hunter, rushed to Officer Navarro's side, striking out with the Drive Blade. The edge of the weapon met the blade of Zyusoken as the Green Ranger strained to gain the advantage.

"Defender Shield!" Kichi called, inducing a storm of energy across his chest. In a flash of crimson energy, a domed breastplate appeared on the Yellow Hunter. He spun around and caught the still-materializing SGS Tri-Laser rifle in his hands. He shifted the weapon around on its pivot and aimed the split-Y end at the Green Ranger.

"Fire!" he ordered, the Defender Vest stablizing him as the weapon belched a spiraling 'V' of destructive energy at the Green Ranger. Tommy quickly grabbed Kimberly's hand and placed it over the diamond of the Lagan shield, transferring it to her form. Before the blast could connect, Tommy stretched out his arms and took the full force of the blast's impact. The energy exploded against Tommy's chest, cracking his sternum and burning through the adamantine fibers of his armor. Flames and smoke poured out of the cavity burned in his armor as he fell to his knees. Kimberly cried out and rushed to the Green Ranger's side.

"Tommy!" Jason shouted above the arcing of the blast, delivering a strong backhand strike to the Red Hunter. Sgt. Hayes shook off the blow and delivered his own, which doubled the Red Ranger over.

* * *

Appalled at the explosion that concealed the form of the fallen Green Ranger, Billy stood frozen in shock. Zordon's rumbling words barely registered in his ears as the scene played out in slow motion.

"Billy!" the voice of the Eltarian sage finally broke through. Billy glanced up at Zordon, terror still playing on his face.

"Get them out of there!" Zordon commanded. Billy worked across the control panel, overriding the teleportation systems and encasing the Rangers in static energy as he initiated the Power Morphers' fallback systems.

* * *

Will Hayes cursed as columns of protective electrostatic energy encased the six Power Rangers before they were consumed by bursts of teleporting energy. The ground still smoking from the display of power, he assembled the fully armored Hunters and addressed them.

"Excellent work . . . thanks to Sgt. Landors and his squadron, we have learned the civilian identities of the ETF. I guess it's safe to assume that we're not dealing with an ETF, as we had originally thought, but with humans . . . not so different from me and you. We have to get this information to Colonel Macluran, before we move in on the Ausarian ruins," Hayes instructed. The Hunters nodded and followed SGS protocol.

"Power down," the Red Hunter ordered. In thunderous bursts of energy, the tector suits returned to their dimensional pocket, leaving the hairs still standing on edge on the bodies of the five Hunters.

* * *

Harmson Air Force Base . . .

Dr. Greg Aronowitz watched satellite footage of the battle between his Hunters and the Power Rangers. He had been especially proud of his Defender Shield and Tri-Laser weapon, but had been more proud that the Hunters had stood their ground and dealt the rouge vigilantes a serious blow. He watched as the Rangers dematerialized and rose into the sky in a formation of rainbow-colored energy vapors.

"This evacuation technique must be addressed," he noted to himself. The suspension screen before him displayed the schematics of the Neo-Parallel Engine powered Defender vehicles. As he returned his focus to the screen, a loud trilling sounded from his Accellular tracker.

"Hello?" he said, raising the opened device to his ear. As he listened, he began keying in commands into the main control panel. Instantly, the image of the Defender vehicles was replaced by six individual screens, showing database files on the civilian identities of the six Power Rangers.

"Yessir . . . I'll contact Lt. Stone right away," he concluded, clicking the line off. In an instant, he had pulled up the Lieutenant's cellphone number and dialed it.

"Lt. Stone? This is Dr. Greg Aronowitz with Search Guard Systems . . . Colonel Macluran asked me to contact you . . . we have positive civilian identifications on the six Power Rangers."


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Nice to see this is posted. Well, parts of it, so far. I haven't gotten a chance to read any of it yet, but hopefully I will soon.
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These were some awesome chapters BattleRanger, the rangers battle against the SGS Hunters was very well written. Can't wait to see how this plays out now that EAGLE knows who the rangers are, but please don't end this storyline with them making a deal with the devil.

P.S. 'Adventure' Base...
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Akumaranger wrote: View Post

These were some awesome chapters BattleRanger, the rangers battle against the SGS Hunters was very well written. Can't wait to see how this plays out now that EAGLE knows who the rangers are, but please don't end this storyline with them making a deal with the devil.

P.S. 'Adventure' Base...
I know the English adaptation of Bouken is Adventure, but Adventure Base sounds like something out of of a bad Spy Kids movie ... (which is a bit redundant, they were all pretty terrible! lol) ...

As with most second acts of sagas, this story will end a bit unresolved ... but the drama is still unfolding. Trust me, you'll be satisfied to see where this goes.
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Story is amazing. Finally it's up! Can't wait for you to post more! It's epic!
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Thanks Deka ...
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As the world is stunned by the shocking revelation of the identity of the Power Rangers ...

"Colonel Macluran, I understand you have positively identified the fugitives known better as the Power Rangers?" Ms. Cornell asked, holding the microphone towards the aged veteran.

"That's right Ms. Cornell . . . we have learned their civilian identities and are currently preparing a strike force to detain these terrorists. Anyone harboring these fugitives will face criminal prosecution as well," The Colonel answered.
The bonds of friendship are broken ...

Jason sighed and shook his head. He came to the heartbreaking conclusion that his long time friend was apparently no longer fit to serve by his side and protect the Earth from the forces of evil.

"Give me your morpher." The words rang out like a shotgun blast in the Power Chamber.
As an ancient evil rises from the depths ...

The Hunters watched as a storm of vortexes cut through the water, rising all the way to the surface. Colonel Macluran watched in horror as the vortexes rose into the air, the ocean rising like a nest of serpents. The spiraling walls of water touched the sky as nickel-sized hail fell to the deck of the command vessel. The skies above the Cavalli Islands opened up, the clouds burning with a supernatural fire that spit bolts of lightning at the waters below.



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Hey, Old Friend, I know I don't haunt this forum like I used to but this is shaping up to be one hell of a series. I basically pictured the fight scene from CH. 3 in my mind as a crazy versus match between MMPR and Operation Overdrive. I can't wait for the rangers to get their new Thunder/Dai Powers...Keep it comming
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Good to hear from ya ... glad you like it thus far ...
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My apologies to all ... as now, I have 30 days to relocate from the house we were renting ... the main issue is we can't rent or buy anywhere else until we know where my wife is going to be working at when school starts ... without anything gauranteed, we have to wait for her to hear something, so that will definitely put a delay on this story continuation ... just remember, as I keep trying to tell myself ... the best is yet to come.
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Yo BR as always a great story man, my DSL line was having some Problems, so i just read everything today. If you need another beta reader hit me up. but as always you do a good job with the sheer imagery that allows one to picture exactly what is going on. Keep up the good work BRUH.

Sad to hear hope things get settled down for you . things are getting harder for teachers all around the country. in my county the superintendent isn't even filling the 43 positions that we have open, is cutting everyone's pay, and increasing class sizes.
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