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Power Rangers Galactic Defenders [Ep 1 up]

Galactic Defenders is about a group of 5 friends -who all have super powers- who are transported to a space station owned by a Commander Zatos . The are told of a great evil threatning their home planet of Earth . The are giving intergalactic Technology which transform them into the POWER RANGERS GALACTIC DEFENDERS !

Rangers .

Name : Del
Power : Telekinesis
Gear : Cosmic Morpher , Crystal , Defender Blade
Zords : Pyro rescue 1 , Commander cosmic zord

Name : Nathan McKenzie
Power : Flight
Gear : Cosmic Morpher , Crystal , Defender Blade
Zords : Hydro rescue 2 , attacker cosmic zord

Name : Peter McKenzie
Power : Electrical Manipulation
Gear : Cosmic Morpher , Crystal , Defender Blade
Zords : Aero rescue 3 , defender cosmic zord

Name : Claire Sampson
Power : Regeneration
Gear : Cosmic Morpher , Crystal , Defender Blade
Zords : haz rescue 4 , interceptor cosmic zord

Name : Meredith 'M' Gordon
Power : Pyrokenesis
Gear : Cosmic Morpher , Crystal , Defender Blade
Zords : med rescue 5 , voyager cosmic zord
Power Ranger Galactic Defenders
Episode 1
"Defender Up"

Our story begins with five teenagers being transported to a space station hovering rounder planet earth .

The five teens Kieran , Nathan , Peter , Claire and Meredith have no idea why they are there , except it might have to do with the one thing the all have in common . They all have super powers.
Just then a man walks in, he is about 5”8' and has long brown hair with a fringe that covers one eye and a grey stripe through the side of his hair.

“Ah I see you made it hear safely” he says .
“Who are you ? What do you want with all of us ?” says Peter
“How rude of me . My name is Commander Zatos , I own this space station.”
“But what does that have to do with us ?” says Claire
“Recently an evil space pirate knows as Cracous has escaped from an intergalactic prison where he was kept and is now threatening to destroy the planet you call earth.”
“But how can the five of us stop an evil space pirate ?”
“I was hoping you would ask “ says Zatos while turning round and putting his palm against a wall opening up some sort of secret safe.
Zatos pulled out what looked like an ordinary brief case and turned back around to the teens.
“With these of course” Zatos Replied opening the brief case and displaying five wrist mounted objects and five vibrant coloured gems, one red , one blue , one green , one pink and one white
“and what are these ?” said Peter
“These are your cosmic crystals and cosmic morphers. By combining the two and speaking the words 'energise , cosmic crystal defender up' you will be instantly transformed into the Power Rangers Galactic Defenders. But only if you wish , you are welcome to leave at any time.”
“Well if its for saving the greater good I'll do it” said Kieran as he is always the first to answer.
“Me too” said Peter “I'll do anything for saving innocent people”
“Me three” “Me four” said both of the girls stepping forward and taking morphers from the case.
But Nathan was still unsure, he knew it was for the planet but didn't know if he was cut out.
“Go on bro” Peter said while putting his hand across his back “Try it , if you don't want to you can stop. OK ?”
“Fine” Nathan said Wearily
“Kieran” said Commander Zatos with a bold voice “You will be the Red Galactic defender the leader of the group. Nathan, you shall be the blue galactic defender, Peter you shall be the green galactic defender. Claire You shall be the white galactic defender and Meredith”
“Its 'M'” Meredith interrupted “ Just M”
“OK, M you shall be the pink galactic defender. Now put these on” said Zatos handing the rangers uniforms to wear . These will give you access to all the station.

The teens had been rangers for just under one hour when the met Dana Mitchell. The commander had said that Dana was the brains behind all of the rangers tech. But all of a sudden alarms started ringing and lights flashing, the rangers ran to the bridge where Zatos was .
“Rangers its Cracous, Go!” The rangers were almost out of the bridge when Zatos interrupted “Oh and rangers , Good luck”
The rangers ran to the cosmic cruiser , a 4x4 small Jeep which took the rangers anywhere.

On earth People where just having lunch when small pirate looking aliens started attacking them .
“Hahahaha , Destroy them all my minions!” Said this big looking alien Presumed to be Cracous .
Just then two laser beams hit Cracous.
“Who dares try to inflict damage to me Cracous lord of the skis.”
“We do” Responded the rangers as the pulled up along the road.
“ You think you can defeat me, you are but minor civilians. Not much you can do”
“That's where your wrong” said Kieran
“Looks like its time guys”
“Ready ?”
“Ready !” responded all the other rangers .
“Energise , Cosmic Crystal , Defender Up”

Instantly the teens are transformed into Power rangers.
“Defender up , Ruby red”
“Defender up , Sapphire blue”
“Defender up , Emerald green”
“Defender up , Diamond White”
“Defender up , Pearl pink”
The rangers said , while smoke of their colour explodes behind them , followed by a larger explosion.
“ha-ha brightly coloured suits will not help you. Space minions get them!”

To be continued


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PR Aggie
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Nice story, but it needs a little work. Make sure you reread your stories before posting them, so that you work out the grammatical and puncuation errors. Nothing big, just a few commas missing, and a lot of "the" when it should be "they". It will help the story flow a lot better.

However, I think you also need to work on originality. The concept seems very familiar, and with no backstory to go on, I just see a Lightspeed Rescue redo. Plus, having Dana create the group just screams unoriginal.

Give the episodes more length. go into more character development and give us some backstory. How long have the Rangers been friends? Why were they the ones chosen? I'm sure some of these questions will be answered later, but it is best to give us something in the pilot episode.

Also, although it doesn't matter, cause a name is a name, but Claire Butler? Maybe at least change the name, unless this is truly the Hero played by Hayden P!?!

But all in all, I am interested in reading more into Power Rangers with super powers. It is a great concept that can be really interesting if done right! Oh, and a random question, but do you have actors/actresses that you would see playing your characters? Just wondering.
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Old July 12th, 2008, 12:48 PM   #3
Just call me GDR
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Yay ma first comment . Ok first about the backstory and detail into rangers . i was gonna go into that in later eps . and I didn't realise The name Clair Butler . I'll change it . Emm No no actors No far anyway
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Old July 12th, 2008, 01:22 PM   #4
PR Aggie
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Ok, well I am interested to hear some of the backstory, so I will awaiting new episodes.

And no biggie on the actors, it was just a question. If you do decide on any later in the season, please let me know.
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Old July 12th, 2008, 01:59 PM   #5
Just call me GDR
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Ok . Will do
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