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Lord Taichi
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Joined: Mar 2005
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I'm pretty disappointed with the recent Lightning Collection figures. The gold on Goldar, the Red Ranger/Gold Ranger 2-pack and the Green Ranger/Putty 2-pack reminds me a lot of that horrible Bandai Legacy cheesy gold plastic. It's also inconsistent with the fantastic White Ranger figure, which has great gold paint applications. I also feel the shade of grey on the putty is too light, should have been a darker grey.

Pretty sad as I really wanted to invest in that line. Hopefully, the gold on the final products won't appear as flat as on the latest pictures in real life.
I'll just say this. They can't physically paint the full figure gold. Metallic gold paint isn't cheap and it's a full coverage figure. So right out of the gate, expecting Goldar to be full painted gold was a dream.

That said. Hasbro does use a goldish plastic, which is cheaper, and is more in line with what Bandai Japan does with Sentai and Rider in terms of color and less like what Bandai America did to Gold Zeo. And sometimes it has a little flake/glitter in it to make it more "metallic" and also a little swirl effect in it. While maybe not ideal, it's the most cost effective. But I wouldn't worry about it appearing too cheesy.

In fact, the 2017 Target Exclusive Goldar is more in line with the gold Hasbro uses than the hideous Zeo Gold.

Photos too tend to blow colors out... so I'd definitely wait for in hands.
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