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Fanfic Forum Rules & Info: Read before posting please! Updated: March 2019

This is a re-post/refresh on our Fanfic section rules. The information can be found below, but keep in mind that the Global Board Rules does in fact take effect here as well while it may not specifically be listed below.

This especially includes; No Religious Discussion.

Mythology is allowed, including the use of terms such as Angels, Demons, and Gods.

However, direct focus of a specific religion and/or references from a collection of religious texts (the Bible, Qur'an, etc) is not allowed.


Fanfic Rules:
  • Do not post fanfics containing adult content here. This forum is accessible by users of all ages and fanfics should be suitable for younger readers to view.
  • Do not bump your own threads asking for feedback. Your thread will be closed if you do so.
  • Use the sticky threads provided for posting teasers, promos and character lists/artwork.
  • Promos and information about stories you have not yet posted should go in the promo thread, nowhere else. Do not open your own thread for an advertisement.
  • Do not create new threads for each chapter of a fic. Please do not create a new thread for character/zord/mentor/villain/etc information.
  • Do not use multiple colors in your story/posting. The board has multiple themes, while you may think the different colors helps the readers, consider the fact that the colors may conflict with existing & future themes.
  • You must credit the artwork that you modeled your work after. Failure to comply will result with your images being removed, and possible infraction.

In addition please keep the following in mind:
  • Please consider the people reading when posting here. It does not take long to run a spell/grammar check. A lack of punctuation and the use of capital letters in the right places can make a good fic look bad. Check the spelling of character names from the show before posting.
  • If you want to leave feedback for a story you do not like, please be constructive.
  • If you 'borrow' something eg; a character name or description from somebody else, give them credit.
  • Please be realistic. There is nothing worse than somebody starting 6 series, posting a single short chapter for each one and then creating another series. Keep the number of series you have on the go to a reasonable level.
  • A server task automatically closes threads that are untouched for approximately 2 years. If you require your thread to be reopened, please submit a request under Member Support.

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