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i googled around picked out faces and tried to make a morpher pic

you know like this

I had brown in the right places and was settled on that twilight kids face you know the werewolf kid. I read he knows martial arts he has the look especially in his new movie out this month. I couldn't get the head right.

I still wanna know what Robbie was doing during the actual pr eps leading to this
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hi i'm new and just wanted too let you that it's my first PR ff and it's great so far.keep up the great work. look forward too more.
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FlashmanX wrote: View Post

i googled around picked out faces and tried to make a morpher pic

you know like this

I had brown in the right places and was settled on that twilight kids face you know the werewolf kid. I read he knows martial arts he has the look especially in his new movie out this month. I couldn't get the head right.

I still wanna know what Robbie was doing during the actual pr eps leading to this
Hahaha! I suppose you can imagine him at Taylor Lautner if you'd like, I'm pretty sure he's Hawaian though and not Hispanic. And my mind slipped on the pre continuation eps thing for Robbie. Episode two was by far the hardest thing I ever had to write and took me nearly a month. Episode three is flowing much more smoothly so you should expect it soon after.

And thanks Blaster83! Glad you like my story!
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Do to my Extreme! hatred for the stupid twilight movies im going to have to disagree with that taylor dude. I personally just picture an average Latino dude.
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Eh i was just thinking a morpher pic would be cool
Personally i won't read anymore till i know about past eps where hes been
I can't wrap my head around well hes just been there the whole time
ruins the story for me without proper intro but that is just me
You don't have to do anything to please just me so please don't think i'm demanding anything do as you will this is the last i'll bring it up
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No, it's not asking for much at all. In fact I should have thought of it before the series began. You'll definately get it after my next episode. It'll do me a favor as well as it'll help guide how I write Robbie's character.
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Hey readers! Just posting to let all you guys know I'm not dead nor have I given up on the series. I'm still very much writing and working on episode 3, as well as a Robbie history recap for those who requested it. Unfortunately, I just haven't had as much time since the school semesters started (full time/ 5 days) and got employed (part time/ 3-4 days.) I will do my best to work on it whenever free time comes up, but don't any of you guys worry. I have no intent in stopping.
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mmpr white ranger
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no problem brownrangerkev it's called real life. when it's ready just post.
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Fan Fiction Author
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Just an update, I am currently working on Episode three and am already over half finished. So expect that by the end of this week as well as the Robbie update. I'm really excited about this episode as I'm sure you guys will like it.
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Fan Fiction Author
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(Part 1 of Episode 3 was pulled by it's creator - will post full episode soon.)

Last edited by BrownRangerKev; November 14th, 2011 at 10:50 AM. Reason: posting full episode soon
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Forget Everything You Know About MMPR

This is Robbie Clemente's episode guide for a better sense of the Robbie universe. It's purpose is to explain what he was doing in each episode prior to the beginning of the story and helps him fit better into the shows continuity. It also shows a little bit of development itself and give you a sense of the character despite it not being necessary to read. It will help though and it highly reccomended.

1. Day of the Dumpster: Re-written in "Robbie Chronicles: Origins.

2. High Five: He mocks Trini for such a ridiculous fear when just last week she piloted a massive robot; doesn't do much else.

3. Teamwork: Re-written in "Robbie Chronicles: Origins.

4. A Pressing Engagement: StegaZord debuts along with rangers power crystals.

5. Different Drum: Is unaware that Kimberly’s friend is deaf and tries to hit on her, becoming angry when she ignores his advances.

6. Food Fight: Robbie runs a Caribbean food stand, filled with spicy foods. It's that very stand that the Pudgy Pig ignored that lead to its demise.

7. Big Sister: After the little girl Maria is mean to him, he calls her ugly and makes her cry; is unapologetic when Trini yells at him.

8. I, Eye Guy: Gets sent to detention for pointing out that most of these ‘inventions’ exist in the real world today. When he asks how he is getting detention for an event unrelated to school, Mr. Kaplan doubles his detention.

9. For Whom the Bell Trolls: In Trini’s dream just before she wakes up in a cold sweat, Robbie rips off his shirt.

10. Happy Birthday (Robbie): Re-written in "Robbie Chronicles: Origins.

11. No Clowning Around: Joins others in the carnival, despite an irrational fear of clowns. Stays to himself, but when trouble arrives, fears the clowns have already had there way with her. The others wonder what happened in his childhood.

12. Power Ranger Punks:
Laughs at the ‘punks’ when they try to intimidate him.

13. Peace, Love and Woe:
Appeared only briefly and encouraged Billy to 'put an end to the gay rumors.'

14: Foul Play in the Sky: Fights along side the others and struggles until Kimberly arrives.

15. Dark Warrior: Appears only to tell Trini that all of these focus episodes she’s getting won’t last.

16: Switching Places: Re-written in "Robbie Chronicles: Origins.

17-21: Green with Evil: Didn't trust the new kid from the start and his feeling was reinforced when the team found out it was Tommy who was in fact the green ranger. Tommy knew prior to becoming evil that Robbie didn't like him so he targeted him after trapping Jason in the dark dimension. This culminated in a battle between the Dragonzord and the StegaZord; a battle in which he was forced to retreat from after momentarily having the upperhand.

22: Trouble with Shellshock: Draws to himself while the others play basketball. Leaves before trouble starts and doesn’t fight.

23. Itsy Bitsy Spider: Mocks Zack’s fear of Spiders but panics when someone mentions clowns.

24. The Spit Flower: In a rare show of sympathy, Robbie feels sorry when Kim’s float was destroyed, calling it ‘unnecessary,’ and that Rita was being awfully ‘petty.’

25. Gung Ho: Asks Trini why she couldn’t just say ‘Work together’ instead of ‘Gung Ho,’ stating ‘we get it, you’re Asian.’

26. Life’s a Masquerade: Dresses like a dead Saddam Hussein to a poor response from the others.

27. Wheel of Misfortune:
Sent to detention when he calls Jason’s tights ‘gay.’

28. Island of Illusion (both parts): Re-written in "Robbie Chronicles: Origins.

30. The Rockstar: Re-written in "Robbie Chronicles: Origins.

31. Calamity Kimberly:
Makes fun of Kimberly’s ‘bad day’ and calls her melodramatic.

32. A Star is Born: Robbie is trapped with the others, leaving Tommy to save them.

33. The Green Candle: Works with the others to try and save Tommy’s powers.

35. Birds of a Feather: Seems disinterested in the script and sends himself to detention.

36. Clean up Club:
Re-written in "Robbie Chronicles: Origins.

37. A Bad Reflection on You: Dark Robbie is actually very nice and pleads with the others to not ruin the water fountain. When the real team is sent to detention, Robbie walks the others through the experience, not amused by Bulk and Skulls antics.

38. Doomsday: Fights with the others; StegaZord takes massive damage in the fight.

41. Rita’s seed of Evil:
Is visiting his niece and is not seen the whole episode.

42. A Pig Surprise: Instead of Bulk and Skull buying the pig, Robbie does, stating it reminds him of his father. When asked if his dad owned a farm, Robbie looks confused.

43. Something Fishy:
Wonders why a superhero whose defeated several giant monsters in the past if irrationally afraid of Kimberly’s tuna fish.

44. Lions and Blizzards: Wonders why Zack would waste his time with that ‘hack of an actress.’

45. Crystal of Nightmares:
Notes the homo-eroticism of the boys jumping on the bed, throwing pillows at one another. Other than that, he becomes afraid to fight when he has a bad dream that he would one day be relied upon to save the others and thus, the world, and that he would fail miserably.

46. To Flea or Not to Flea: Feels badly for Ernie with the rest.

47. Reign of the Jellyfish: Wonders why Rita doesn’t just bury her own capsule.

48. Plaque of the Mantis: Re-written in "Robbie Chronicles: Origins.

49. Return of an Old Friend: Re-written in "Robbie Chronicles: Origins.

51. Grumble Bee: Is sent to detention when Ms Appleby intercepts a drawing of a bee and Mr. Kaplan’s rectum that he was passing around.

52. Two Heads Are Better Than One:
“What’s a pamango fruit and why do we have a pamango tree at the park?”

53. Fowl Play:
Fights with the others and struggles until Zack arrives.

54. Trick or Treat: (On the Rapping Pumpkin) ‘Kurt Cobain will shoot himself after seeing this episode.’

55. Second Chance: Walks off set upon realizing that this episode features another bad child actor.

56. On Fins and Needles:
Wonders when Jason and Tommy will just have sex and get it over with.

57. Enter… the Lizzonator: Sighs heavily to himself upon seeing Kimberly’s little cousin; realizing what kind of episode he’s in for.

58. Football Season: Wonders why Billy is on the football team.

59. Mighty Morphin Mutants: Beats up mutant Tommy to the delight of the others. Incidentally, Robbie did not think he was beating up mutant Tommy.

60. An Oysters Stew: Gives Zack bad advice on how to ‘bag’ Angela; telling him all women want you to take her out to an expensive dinner and buy her jewelry, stating ‘If your credit cards still have a balance in them, you’re doing it wrong.’ Kimberly and Trini disagree with him, until he volunteers’ to buy them drinks.

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oh kickass time to give this my full attention on my nook color later tonight
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Fan Fiction Author
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Episode 63: BFF?

(We begin today’s episode on a sunny school day just outside Angel Grove high. It's no ordinary day however, as it's "Life Journey" week as posted on Ms. Appleby's chalkboard. Each classmate, including most of our heroes look forward to sharing with everybody stories from their lives to help explain just how they all became the people they are today.)

Trini: Hey Kim... how're you feeling? Know what you're gonna talk about?

Kimberly: (Fusses uncomfortably) I... I'm not so sure...

Trini: (sarcastically) what’s wrong? Didn't do enough homework on yourself?

Kimberly: No... It’s not that, I'm just... I'm just not quite sure my life is very exciting you know?

Trini: What do you mean?

Kimberly: I mean yeah, I'm a cheerleader... and a gymnast and I can sing and dance and play the guitar.

Trini: And you're a superhero that operates a giant fighting robot.

Kimberly: Yeah, I guess that too... but I mean besides all that, my upbringing wasn't very compelling, ya know? I don't have any compelling stories. I was just always the little rich girl who kinda just... coasted through life. And I've already heard some people talk about theirs and well... all of my ideas sound boring or shallow by comparison. It kinda feels like 'Bring your parent to school day' and my dad cleans up after pornos.

Trini: Gross...

(Kim hangs her head shamefully but her friend holds her arm reassuringly.)

Trini: Kim, don't worry. Nobodies looking for any crazy stories; this isn't a popularity contest...

Kimberly: (interrupts) I know but I just… I don’t find myself to be a very interesting person… maybe if my uncle touched me or something, but no…. he was just as boring as me.

Trini: Kim, first of all you’re an idiot for saying that. Second of all, you're an amazing, selfless, strong individual. All you need to tell them is what made you that way. And if they don't like it, who really cares? It's just a silly project; as long as you're happy with the way you are, that's all that matters.

(Kim pauses and stares off into space; allowing Trini’s message to sink in. After a while, her face brightens up a little; giving Trini an approving nod.)
Kimberly: You're right Trini, you always are. Thanks; you're the best!

Trini: (Smiles) No, you are.

(At the front of the class, Ms. Appleby called for the classes’ attention excitedly, as she was ready to begin.)

Ms. Appleby: Okay class, the first day of "Life Journey" week has officially begun. I can't wait to hear all my wonderful students’ stories...

(She beams with excitement as she looks around the classroom; although something doesn't seem right to her as she scrunches her face)

Ms. Appleby: Hmm. It seems we don't have a full class. Where’s Robbie?

(She looks toward the front at the other rangers who each shrug their shoulders back at her; staring at his empty desk.)

Ms. Appleby: Well, he's supposed to go up today... I hope he isn’t…

(Just on cue, the class turns their heads as they hear the door swings open. Robbie walks in nonchalantly with unkempt hair and a wrinkled shirt. He takes his seat and shows no urgency getting settled.)

Ms. Appleby: So nice of you to join us.

Robbie: (shrugs) Sorry… I'm late.

Ms. Appleby: I can see.

Bulk: Nice walk of shame; frat boy didn’t have a comb?

Robbie: ...


(Bulk smirks proudly as Robbie turns around to confront them.)

Robbie: My hairs only messy cause your mom kept pulling on it. But I gotta give it to your mom… in fact, both me and the frat boy did.

Random classmate: OH SNAP!!

Bulk: (clenches fist) ...why you...

Ms. Appleby: (sternly) Roberto, Bulkmier, stop it right now before I send you two to the principal.

Bulk: ...sorry.

Robbie: …sorry.

Ms. Appleby: Now, before we begin, does anyone have any questions?

Robbie: (Raises hand) I do...

Ms. Appleby: Yes?

Robbie: Can somebody please explain to me what any of this has to do with math?

Ms. Appleby: (enthusiastically) It's a chance to get to know your fellow classmates! It's a wonderful school wide event where we each come together through our differences. It's a wonderful bonding experience as you learn something about your friends, you'd perhaps never know otherwise. Anything other questions?

Robbie: That didn't really answer my first one...

Ms. Appleby: Wonderful! Now first up... (Picks up a piece of paper) is...
Kimberly! Come on up honey.

(The class applauds as she gives one last look at Trini who just smiles warmly and applauds. She manages to summon all her courage to get up to the front. The teacher steps aside and gives her the floor.)

Kimberly: (Nervously) Uhm... hi guys... I don't quite know where to start but I guess... I was born on... February 14th, in Seattle, Washington. And uhm...

(Her mind suddenly goes blank from stage fright as she starts playing with her fingers to buy time. Her eyes dart to Ms. Appleby who appears confused and unsure what to do.)

Appleby: Is everything alright dear?

Kimberly: Uhm..... I….

(Her heart races as she begins to hear random murmuring from a confused classroom. She breathes harder and contemplates just walking back to her desk as she’s already made a fool of herself when she glances back at Trini whose calm presence and encouraging nod made Kimberly take one big breath and dive in.)

Kimberly: Okay... so... my parents were both working in my dad's office. My dad as a well known Psychologist and public figure, and my mom as his assistant. My mother being that woman that she is, always stood by her man when things got tough. That passion and conviction is what my father fell in love with. And with my dad's intelligence and charm, as well as his stature in society and overall popularity is... well, my mom didn’t stand a chance.

(The class chuckles and the murmuring stops as Kim begins speaking more confidently.)

Kimberly: Growing up with two work hounds and a high profile figure wasn't always easy. For one thing, they were both strict perfectionists; pushing me constantly to improve myself and making me earn my place in life. I used to remember we'd each take an hour of everyday to read... my father didn't really like television. We'd also discuss current events at the dinner table and I’d be quizzed before I got desert. And by looking at my figure, you can tell I didn’t get many right.

(The class chuckles again.)

Kimberly: I even remember getting routinely destroyed by my father at Chess or Scrabble because according to my dad 'you'll never accept a hand out. You gotta earn what you get' Though, to be honest I didn't really like how strict they were, though I know now their hearts were in the right place.

Tommy: (Intrigued) Interesting...

Kimberly: Unfortunately though, a few years ago my parents got into some issues with one another and… they’re no longer together. And.... well, slowly the attention just kind of stopped. And it was really hard on me for a while. I mean, they didn't even really fight; they were just too busy going over legal stuff. Not to mention my mom and I had moved to Angel Grove and was out looking for a new career to support us. It made me appreciate what I had back home... and that's when I truly appreciated what they were always telling me. To push myself to be the very best me I can be. So I signed up for everything... dance classes, singing lessons, guitar lessons... I joined the cheerleading squad and took a very deep interest in gymnastics. I also study very hard... and surround myself with the best friends I can find.

(She nods at her ranger friends and smiles.)

Kimberly: So... I guess that's it. I am who I am because of my parents!

(The class applauds loudly as Kim excitedly skips back to her desk.)

Kimberly: Oh my God, I think that went pretty well.

Tommy: Kim, that was amazing! Explains a lot about you might I add.

Kimberly: (blushes) Why thank you!

Billy: Indeed a very intriguing and compelling description of your journey into young adulthood.

Kimberly: Uhm... huh?

Trini: He liked it.

Kimberly: Oh, thanks!

(She turns back to Trini.)

Kimberly: And thank you so much. I wouldn't have had the courage if you didn't believe in me.

Trini: No problem buddy!

(The two share warm smiles as Ms. Appleby returns to the front of the class.)

Ms. Appleby: That was a very good presentation Kimberly; an A for you!
Alright; anyone else presenting today want to go?

(Several classmates raise their hands, including some of the rangers in the front.)

Ms. Appleby: Okay uhm.... Zackary, you're next.

Zack: (pumps fist) Alright!

(Fade into a montage where several students both ranger and non-ranger go up and tell their life stories. From Zack, while holding his famous grandfather’s trumpet explaining how a love of music was shared through the generations, to Jason explaining that as an only child growing up, he had to keep himself entertained and took a big interest in Bruce Lee movies that lead to his involvement with martial arts from an early age. Stories ranged from serious to humorous; all of them informative and revealing. We finally fade out to see Billy holding a text book.)

Billy: ...and because of aforementioned influences growing up, I spend the majority of my spare time studying and expanding my knowledge in the field of subjects such quantum physics. I guess that's why I am who I am. Thank you.

(The classroom politely applauds as he makes his way back to his seat.)

Robbie: (mumbles restlessly) ...god, someone throw this kid into a locker.

Ms. Appleby: Very good Billy; an A for you. We have time for one final presentation today and it looks like.... it's Robbie turn to go up.

Robbie: (Surprised) Say what?!

(He stares back at her and freezes like a deer in the headlights; clutching his desk in resistance.)

Ms. Appleby: Come on up Robbie.

Robbie: Uhm... can I possibly go another time?

Ms. Appleby: Another time? Robbie, this isn't something you come unprepared for unless you have amnesia. Just come up here and share something about yourself.

Robbie: (pleads) I just... I'm not really ready. I just don't want to right now.

Ms. Appleby: You of all people don't want to talk about yourself? You would think a tailor made this assignment for you? Unfortunately if you were supposed to go up today, there are no second chances. Now you either come up or I'll have to fail you and give you detention for failing to present a mandatory school project.

(Robbie sighs heavily before sinking further into his chair.)

Robbie: Do what you have to do.

Jason: (disbelief) Dude, what are you doing? This isn't anything serious; just
go up there and talk for a couple minutes.

(By now though, he had already checked out and just sort of stared off into
the ground. Trini looks on with concern and raises her hand in order to divert attention away from him.)

Trini: Ms. Appleby, if he doesn't want to go, I don't mind going up for him.

Ms. Appleby: Huh? Oh, sure... come on up Trini.

(Ms. Appleby quickly wipes off the stern look on her face and feigns a smile while stepping aside as Trini takes the floor.)

Trini: Hi everybody... so... I spent a lot of time debating what my presentation should be about. I wanted to talk about something really important to me and Jason already stole a passion for karate. Billy stole just about every one of my academic influences and Tommy took listing the reasons why he’s so perfect. But after some thinking, I settled on telling you guys of how I came to America.

Kimberly: Ooh. This sounds interesting...

Robbie: (unenthused) Yeah...

Trini: Now, this won't be easy. This is actually the first I'm I've told anybody outside my family but the timing seems right. My family didn't just fly here and fill out papers like most immigrants. My family and I were freed prisoners in a detention center in Hong Kong as a result of the Vietnam War.

Jason: (gasp) ...?!
Zack: (gasp) ...?!
Billy: (gasp) ...?!
Kimberly: (gasp) ...?!
Tommy: (gasp) ...?!
Robbie: (Ears perk) ...what?!

(Suddenly, any doodling or small chatter that was going on in the classroom suddenly stopped. Gasps are all that could be heard as everyone looks on in shock.)

Trini: My father proudly served for South Vietnam and was tasked with defending our capitol against the communist north during the fall of Saigon. He fought proudly and has told me he would do it all over again with honor... but the south lost, leaving his life in danger during a hostile takeover.

Ms. Appleby: (gasp) ...oh my...

Trini: He tried to run home to save us all but at this point, our entire town was overrun by troops; my family and almost everyone my family grew up with were forced out of their homes or risked being brutally killed; I was only months old at the time. We were homeless and devastated with nothing to do and nowhere to go… so my mother felt her only option was to escape to America; who fought alongside us during the war. With no other options, she snuck us into a ship headed to Hong Kong where travel to America would be easier, but the ship carried passengers considered prisoners of war. Men, women and even small children considered 'delinquent' by the communist were to be sent to this detainment camp. But according to my mother, I almost didn't make the trip, being so young and my family so helpless and unable to care for me, I became very sick... and I almost died.

(You could hear a pin drop as everybody just stares in awe from a story fit for a movie script.)

Trini: I pulled though fortunately, and when my father learned of where we were, he petitioned the US government to let us out. And after nearly two years, he succeeded and we fled to the US. And it wasn't until I was about 6 or 7 years old, but our family reunited again in Texas where from there we moved to Angel Grove, because according to my dad 'Texans are equally as unbearable and ignorant as communist.' But it was when I moved here when I realized all the opportunity we weren't allowed back home. We weren't even allowed a home over our heads, but in America, with a little hard work and the right attitude, anything can be accomplished. I never forgot that message and the idea of the ‘American dream’ has always remained close to my heart and I constantly push myself to do my best. And knowing of all the atrocities that man is capable of has motivated me to do as much good as I can. I guess that's why I am the way that I am!

(The class bursts into a loud wave of applause; many even standing up like they'd just seen the final seen of a great movie. Trini just smiles meekly and waves in acknowledgement. The only person who wasn't clapping was Robbie, who just remained in his seat frozen, unable to articulate or express the thoughts racing in his mind. Trini continues speaking however.)

Trini: Thank you everybody... the reason I chose that story is because each year my family honors those who gave their lives and supporting those who survived both in the US and Vietnam by writing encouraging letters and sending gifts to the Vietnam Veteran Care Organization and the we're doing it again this week. I would absolutely love it if anybody can write any letters or bring any unneeded articles of clothing as many of these men and women are still homeless to this day due to the horrors of the war leaving many mentally and emotionally ill. I'll be dropping some stuff off today, but whenever you guys can give something, I’ll gladly take it.

Ms. Appleby: That's a very good idea Trini! I'll pass that along to Mr. Kaplan so he can make that into an announcement.

Trini: (appreciative) Wow! Really?

Ms. Appleby: Absolutely dear, that was a fascinating presentation. A+ for you!

Trini: (beams) Wow, thank you so much!

(Meanwhile, at Rita's castle, the wicked empress overlooks everything through her giant telescope appearing completely unimpressed.)

Rita: Pfft. Big deal. So the yellow ranger got kicked out of home and caught a cold on a ship and all of a sudden she's 'brave' and 'an inspiration.’ Boo hoo, cry me a river...

Squatt: (sniffs) ...that was the most beautiful story I've ever heard in my life!

Baboo: (cries) ...and she SOO humble!!!


Goldar: You're absolutely correct my empress. But don't worry, once we're through with her, she'll wish she didn't survive that boat ride!

Rita: AHA!

(We return to Angel Grove high in the early afternoon. Class is out and the kids are rushing the hallways, putting their stuff away so they can head home and enjoy their freedom. Through the hustle and bustle, Trini and Kim can be seen by their lockers quietly talking.)

Kimberly: Oh my God Trini, I know I said this like, a million times... but your
presentation was amazing... I was... I was just in awe. I mean, all of us were. We couldn't stop talking about it the whole day.

(Trini smiles modestly.)

Trini: Thanks. It's really nothing.

Kimberly: Nothing? No, it wasn't ‘nothing.’ Trini what you went through was... just a deplorable and shameful act of mankind. And the fact that you and your family overcame so much adversity, and are such wonderful, productive and kind hearted people today as a result... it's just inspiring.

Trini: I'm glad you feel that way. I didn't really want to just put that stuff out their though to gain sympathy. It was awkward for me, but I wanted to shed light on horrible war crimes and how low society will stoop when it has something to gain. I also wanted to gather support for those still feeling the effects of it.

Kimberly: Oh yeah, I totally understand why you did it. And if there’s anything I could do to help you, I'll be more than willing. Are you still sending cards and stuff after class? I can help you carry it all.

Trini: (eyes light up) That would actually be wonderful! My family and I have already gathered lots of stuff; I'd really appreciate your help.

Kimberly: Don't sweat it; after you saved my butt earlier, I owe you one, buddy!

Trini: (smiles) Awesome. I'm gonna go ask my counselor a question, before I head to the Juice Bar for a bit. Wanna meet up their whenever you're ready?

Kimberly: Sure, no problem. See you in a bit!

(Trini stuffs her big grey shoulder bag in her locker before shutting it and waving her friend goodbye. Kim waves back and pops her head back into her locker filled littered with pony stickers and pictures of her favorite boy bands. Just as she shuts it though, she turns around and is startled to see three of her old friends have suddenly appeared from behind.)

Kimberly: Oh! Oh hey Hannah, Lindsay, Hillary... what are you girls up to?

(The three girls approach Kimberly in an almost aggressive manner; each emphatically munching on gum or flicking their hair that reeks of product while sporting trendy clothes that most of Angel Grove high couldn't afford.)

Hannah: Oh hey...? Long time no talk. You didn't forget about your best girlfriends did you?

(Kim laughs as she mirrors the other girls in hair twirling.)

Kimberly: What? Of course not you silly skank! Like you've only been my best friends since the sixth grade.

Lindsay: Have we? Cause it really hasn't seemed like that at all lately...

(As Lindsay speaks; all three lean over and give a cold, judgmental stare at Trini.)

Kimberly: What do you mean?

Hannah: (condescendingly) well, us girls were talking, and we all think you've changed lately. The way you act, the way you talk... the people you hang out with.

Kimberly: You mean Trini? What's wrong with Trini?

Hannah: (smirks) Oh nothing; nothing at all. That is, if you like goody two shoes who spend their lives picking up trash and giving to charities because she didn’t like camp as a kid; waah.

Kimberly: (softly) That's not very nice...

Hannah: (scoffs) Not very nice!? My God Kim, you HAVE changed!

Kimberly: ...I just thi…

Hannah: (indignantly) And how is that SHE got the highest grade in the class? Why Hillary only get a B?

Kimberly: ...because, her inspiration… was the ‘New Kids on the Block.’ Trini basically poured her heart out.

Hannah: (Confrontationally) AND?! NKOTB’s music is VERY inspirational.

Hillary: SO inspirational!

(They each step back to roll their eyes and snicker at one another before Hannah lets out a big sigh and continues.)

Hillary: Face it; you're not exactly cheerleading captain anymore. And lately we’ve been wondering if you're even our friend.

Kimberly: I don't get it; I mean I'm only making some new friends. That shouldn't affect our history together. You're still my friends, right?

Hannah: Yeah... you would think.

Kimberly: What do you mean?

Hannah: It’s actually very complicated, but you see as popular girls, we can't exactly be seen with nerds or even people who associate with those… beneath us. Like for example a queen would never marry a peasant; it makes them look bad. I'm sorry sweetie, but rules are rules.

(Kim shakes her head in disbelief.)

Kimberly: Wait, so I’m a peasant now? Then I don't understand, what's the point of even coming here and telling me this?

Hannah: Because, we're trying to save you... honey we love you and we want to see you be happy and flourish. …just don’t tell anybody we said that.

Lindsay: Jacob Cullen's throwing a birthday party tonight and we wanted to know if you'd come with us; it might serve as pretty good damage control for you to mingle with some 'royalty' for a change. What do you say?

(Kim was taken aback by the insinuations that she 'needs to be saved' or that she somehow isn't happy because of such superficial things like the popularity of the friends she hangs out with. But she equally felt dejected as her own friends won't even associate with her. Part of her wanted to redeem herself to them, so despite the harsh words she went along.)

Kimberly: Sounds... good?

Hannah: Excellent. First we're gonna need to go the mall to pick out some cute outfits we've been eyeing. I even have one picked out for you... wanna come with?

Kimberly: OOh... I can't... I'm really sorry girls, but I JUST promised Trini I'd help her carry some stuff to charity.

(She just quietly sucks her teeth.)

Hillary: Oh no…We lost her.

Hannah: Forget it then, you're obviously unsalvageable. Enjoy saving the
rainforest... or bathing the homeless... or whatever that loser wants to push this week. Ciao.

(The girls dismissively turn their heads away from her and strut away;
leaving Kim feeling left out. Meanwhile, on the moon, Rita looks on and loves every minute of Kim’s humiliation.)

Rita: Oh no they di'int.... yes they did! HAHA! Take that you stupid little princess; that'll knock you down a peg!

Goldar: (laughs) Lord help me, I love good sass.

Rita: The best part about it is that it's all true; she's gone soft! She used to be a shallow little valley girl who only cared about clothes, boy and not getting helmet hair…

Goldar: Not to mention taking photos in that insufferable MySpace pose.

Rita: Lately though she's gotten all deep and boring; makes me sick to my stomach. What happened to her?

Squatt: Character development?

Rita: (scoffs) Nonsense! If she can develop then why are you and Baboo still idiots?

Baboo: …

Rita: Face it, it's a known fact: people never change. Kimberly may be acting like a sweet little angel, but deep down inside, she's still the self-absorbed little twit whose real command center was the mall. If only I had a way to bring that side of her back out her, I could have everyone at her throat by the second commercial break.

Baboo: And I have just the potion for that!

(Back in Angel Grove high, Trini reappears in a now mostly empty hallway as
everyone’s headed home. She heads for the stairs on her way to the Juice Bar; but half way up, she stops to realize she forgot something.)

Trini: My bag!

(She scurries back downstairs and rushes back to her locker to open it and grab the giant grey bag that barely fit inside of it, when she noticed something fall out of it and softly hit the floor.)

Trini: Huh; a letter?

(A small white envelope had been placed in her locker. Kneeling over to pick it up, she examines it curiously. It had only her name on it, nothing else. She opens it up, not knowing what to expect and reads the letter to herself; smiling eventually when she realized it was a letter for the Vietnam veterans.

Trini: Aww, how nice! Somebody left me a letter. There’s also a note with it too.

(She takes out the smaller flash card and reads it out loud.)

I hope I wasn’t too late in giving this to you, but your story was truly amazing and since you’re always so nice to me, it was the least I could do. In a school full of unbearable shallowness; where everyone’s only into how they dress, what the new fad is, or using their newly discovered parts, you step away from that to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in and what makes you happy while being undyingly kind to everyone you come across despite their differences or their ‘social standing.’ You’ll never be homecoming queen, but you’ve got my respect.
Never change.

(Her face beams lovingly at the heartwarming words as she searches up and down the note for a name, but doesn’t find one. Her eyes light up from the gesture, eyes even watering as she puts the note away in her bag before skipping away merrily to the Juice Bar. Meanwhile, back on the moon, Rita awaits impatiently for Baboo to finish up his next potion; peeking her head inside his small laboratory filled with beakers and magic potions. Smoke clouds the room as Baboo is hard at work, trying out different effects.)

Rita: Are you almost done Baboo? It’s starting to look like a meth lab in here!

Baboo: Almost my empress.

(He grabs the last vile and pours it carefully into his new concoction. It causes the beaker to turn pitch black and pour out smoke. He smiles approvingly before turning back to Rita.)

Baboo: Done!

Rita: Excellent! So how does it work?

Baboo: It’s quite simple, once she consumes this potion, Kimberly will lose control of her inhibitions and show her basic shallow self. She will act like an annoying, self-centered brat thus causing friction amongst the Power Rangers.

Rita: That sounds fine, but how will we get her to drink the potion?

Baboo: We just send down a putty to give free drinks to the entire group so she won’t expect anything. But before we hand them off, we slip the potion into her drink! She’ll never see it coming!

Rita: Ah, how sinister… in a… strange, date rape sort of way, but I like it. Safe to say I’ll be guarding my drinks around you from here on out… anyway, I’ll need a monster to go with it. FINSTER!

(She storms over to Finster’s workshop where he’s already working on his next monster.)

Finster: Yes my empress; I’m already ahead of you.

(He steps back to proudly introduce his latest creation.)

Finster: Meet Catty Cat; A feisty feline whose claws are as sharp as her words. The rangers don’t stand a chance once she unleashes razor like nails coupled with the snotty arrogance of a typical Starbucks patron. She just needs a few more touches and she’ll be ready to go.

Rita: (boastfully) Perfect! You guys have really out done yourselves!

(She heads back to the balcony, where she looks over planet Earth with an evil, determined scowl.)

Rita: You might be able to beat my monsters in a fight… but let’s see how you fare when the fighting in on the inside! HAHA!!

(We return to Angel Grove as most of the rangers have joined up at Ernie’s Juice Bar; relaxing after another long school day. They sit at their usual table casually shooting the breeze. That is, except for Trini; who is still staring intently at her letter; trying to figure out who wrote it.)

Jason: I’m sure glad that history midterm is over. I’ve been obsessing over our material all week; I even had a dream where I was visited by African slaves.

Zack: (Jokingly) Sure that was cause of the test?

Jason: Huh…?

Billy: Today truly was a grueling day. I mean, not only did we have to present our life journeys to the student body; we also had two rather difficult exams.

Tommy: Yeah, I don’t know how Ms. Applebee handles it all.

Zack: Yeah, she’s amazing. What do you think Trini?

Trini: Huh? …oh, yeah. She’s hot.

Kimberly: Is… everything alright Trini? You’ve been staring at that note since you got here.

Trini: Yeah, I’m good. I just, can’t figure out who wrote this. There’s not a name here or anything. It’s frustrating me. Kim, you were by my locker, did you happen to see anybody slip this in here?

Kimberly: No… did any of you guys write it?

(The whole team collectively shakes their heads.)

Trini: Well, somebody did. I could tell it wasn’t you Kim; your handwriting is much prettier. These are barely readable scratches; almost like they wrote it with their foot.

Kimberly: Do you think it might be a… secret admirer?

Kimberly: OOOOOHHHH!

Trini: Oh shut up… it’s just, I’ve never actually gotten that kind of attention, nor have I ever actually sought it. I guess, it’s just nice to see somebody cares. Their letter to the veterans was pretty awesome too.

(The rangers continue talking as a figure is seen behind them. A young, slender male can be seen from behind Ernie’s counter. He’s got on an apron as he diligently puts the finishing touches on a tray of drinks. He turns his head up briefly to look at the table of rangers, then smiles and brushes back his well-groomed bangs before picking up the tray and heading toward them.)

Jason: Well, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If this person did in fact like you, I doubt they’ll stop at a card; you’ll know eventually.
Kimberly: Yeah, and at the very least, you get to give that heartwarming letter to some war torn veteran; someone who lost everything and could use a morale boost. I mean, you and your family were there. You know how he must feel and how a simple, caring gesture can help.

Trini: Yeah, you’re absolutely right guys. That’s what’s most important. And as a matter of fact, I’m ready to head over to the donation center now and send this stuff. You ready Kim?

Kimberly: Totally; I’d love to be a part of something that’s so important to you.

(Trini smiles at her friend before getting up from her seat. She became startled however, as someone tapped her shoulder from behind.)

Strange Voice: Hey wait!

Trini: Huh?!!

(She jerks her head upwards to see the young man approach her with the tray of drinks. Kim can be seen checking him out ever so subtly.)

Clerk: By any chance is your name Trini?

Trini: Me? That depends… who are you?

Clerk: My name’s Jake; I work here.

(He extends his hand out for her to shake.)

Zack: Hey Jake, how come we’ve never seen you here before?

Jake: Oh…. We’ll Ernie just hired me; today’s my first day. And somebody came up to me today and made an order made out specifically to ‘Trini and her friends.’

(Trini looks shocked as her face turns bright red.)

Trini: What?! Really?

Jason: OOOOOHHHH!!!!
Kimberly: OOOOOHHHH!!!!
Trini: (Sheepishly) Guys, stop it!!!!

(She turns back to Jake.)

Trini: (eagerly) Did he say who it was from?

Jake: Unfortunately no. Do you still want it?

Trini: (unsure) I uh… well… normally I don’t feel comfortable accepting drinks from strangers….

Zack: Absolutely!

Tommy: Yeah, tell this guy Trini’s friends approve!

Trini: (sighs) Sure…

Jake: Wonderful! Well, here you go.

(Jake started grabbing drinks from his tray and began passing them out to the overeager rangers who quickly start gulping them down. He finally gets to Kim and flashes a bright, somewhat flirtatious smile at her as he hands it off to her.)

Jake: And this one’s for you.

Kimberly: (smiles) Thanks!

Tommy: Hmm….

Jake: Well uh… I hope you guys enjoy them; take care Trini, good luck finding out who he is.

Trini: You too; tell this guy I said thanks; ask for his name too.

(Jake nods and eagerly walks away.)

Jason: He seems nice.

Kimberly: Yeah. (lights up) Hey Trini, ask Jake if he goes to our school… maybe he’s your secret admirer and he’s just tricking us. He’s cute enough.

Tommy: (confrontational) Oh, Is he?

Kimberly: Well, I mean… not as cute as you are. …babe.

Tommy: …

Trini: I don’t know… I’m not sure how I feel about all this.

Kimberly: Aw, come on Trini, Some guy leaving you sweet cards, supporting your causes and buying you milkshakes? What’s not to love?

Hannah: (condescendingly) Aww, somebody got you milkshakes? Isn’t that precious?

Kimberly: Huh?

(The rangers turn around as Hannah and her crew strut toward them from the stool area.)

Hannah: (mockingly) Glad to see your little crush is making enough money to buy you a treat; I hear the Mickey Mouse club pays very well.

Trini: (Shakes head) …

Lindsey: Haha! Yeah, maybe he’ll save enough money to buy each other
purity rings; lord knows it’s the only action his fingers...

(Kim interrupts)

Kimberly: (Annoyed) What do you girls want?

Hannah: Nothing. We just know you like to stop by here with your new friends and decided to check it out for ourselves. Wanna know what we think?

Kimberly: Not r…

Hillary: It looks like a dump. I mean really? A Juice Bar combined with a gym? Who’s the idiot who came up with that idea? It’s like opening up a Church that also serves as a brothel.

Hannah: But just so you know Kimmy, the offer still stands. If you wanna come with us to Jacob’s party, we’ll be at the mall; until then, ciao.

Lindsey: Oh and Trini, if you have trouble finding out who this little crush is…. Just look in your nearest bathroom stall; my boyfriend will probably be giving him a swirly. Good luck.

Trini: Thanks…

(The girls strut off as Trini and the others give them all disgusted looks.)

Jason: Don’t listen to them Trini. They think they’re so hot, but they’re just full of hot air if you ask me.

Trini: Oh don’t worry, I’m not. I don’t have to act like them for validation; I’m fine the way I am. Let’s go Kim, they’re gonna close soon.

Kimberly: Alright… just let me take a chug of my free shake before I go; hate to let things go to waste.

(Kim takes a huge gulp of the shake before pulling her chair back. Suddenly though, she makes a weird, bitter-like facial expression. She pushes her drink away and puts her hand to her mouth as if to gag.)

Tommy: Is something wrong with your shake Kim?

Trini: Yeah, is everything alright?

Kimberly: Ugh….

(Suddenly, Kim convulses briefly and lets out a cough before her eyes shoot wide open straight ahead; eyes flashing a blood red color; a sign that a power ranger’s gone rouge. Unwittingly, Trini pats her friend on the back,
assuming she’s choking.)

Trini: (Concerned) Are… you okay?

Kimberly: (disgusted) Ugh… I’m fine; thank you.

(Kim coldly slaps her hand away and leans away from her; feigning disgust.)

Kimberly: That milkshake tastes like puke.

Zack: (Unwitting) I thought it was pretty good.

(Kim jumps out of a chair, knocking it over behind her.)

Jason: Whoa; what’s the matter?

Kimberly: I’ll tell you what the matter is; Jacob Cullen, the most popular boy in school and the captain of the Angel Grove Ware wolves is throwing a party tonight and I’m gonna miss it.

Trini: But I thought you didn’t care… you’re coming with me to drop off gifts… right?

Kimberly: Yeah, I think I’m gonna rain check with you on that. The girls kinda

have a point: If I miss this party, I’ll absolutely die. I mean, what will people think? And my popularity has already taken a hit.

Trini: (Confused) Popularity? What people think? Kim, you don’t care about that stuff… and you just said you were happy to do something that meant so much to me. Why are you cancelling all of a sudden?

Kimberly: Sweetie, I’m sorry…. But this is Jacob Cullen! Captain of the Ware wolves and step brother of Angel Grove High legend Justin B. Burr. If this were like… a baseball game or something, this party would be like the Super Bowl, or… whatever.

Tommy: …
Jason: …
Zack: …
Billy: …

Kimberly: And besides, last I checked, I’ve already done countless things
that matter for you. I had to pick up trash with my bare hands, help you petition to clean up that filthy industrial dump and I lobbied to save that stupid statue, which by the way…. turned out to be a monster. So in a way, you kinda still owe me.

(Trini can’t believe what she’s hearing, face pale looking absolutely mortified.)

Kimberly: Look, I’d invite you if I could, trust me but Trini you’re just….

Trini: (Scornfully) JUST WHAT!? Am I not ‘cool’ enough for you and your clique? Well, thanks but I don’t need your charity. So just go; I don’t need
you anyway! And don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do anything else that I believe in, God forbid I cause you to lose any more popularity points.

(Trini doesn’t even wait for her to respond, storming out of the Juice Bar emotionally. Meanwhile, Kim appeared taken aback by Trini’s outburst, almost shocked that she would react that way.)

Kimberly: Well excuse me, someone must’ve woken up from the wrong side of the bed this morning, am I right guys?

(Kim laughs to try and lighten the mood, but not one word is uttered by the others, nor did they even look at her. Each disgusted with her behavior, especially Billy after staring hesitantly at the door, gets up and chases after his friend. Tommy slowly stands up and faces Kim with a blank stare.)

Tommy: (sternly) Kim, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but that was
totally uncalled for and hurtful towards Trini. You need to apologize to her now.

Kimberly: Calm down dad, I don’t even know what I did wrong? Oh Tommy, b-t-w, you can come to the party. But, you may have to change out of that little karate get up you’ve got going on.

Tommy: Kim, are you list… wait, did you say I could come? Edward Cullen will let ME come to his party?!

Kimberly: (Looks at her own clothes) UGH, speaking of needing to change, these clothes have to go. Not to mention my hair needs to be done. Oh no, and the parties in just a few hours… I’m gonna run outside and see if I can catch the girls, tata!

(Kim gives everyone a short smile before taking a few quick paces towards the door, but stops briefly to turn around one last time.)

Kimberly: Oh, b-t-w, if Billy comes back, you can let him know he can drop the whole glasses and suspenders act. We get it, he’s a nerd.

(She turns back around and paces out the door, leaving her friends bemused and speechless.)

Zack: Wow…. What. Was. That?

Jason: (concerned) Man, I don’t know. But she just started acting crazy all of a sudden.

Zack: I know… I mean why would Billy stop wearing glasses and suspenders? How will we know he’s the smart one?

Tommy: Hmm… I’m gonna go talk to her.

(He runs after her hoping to bring her back to Earth. Meanwhile, back on the moon, Rita raves about the early results.)

Rita: AHA! This is working better than I thought! The rangers hate her shallow narrow butt already!. I must say Baboo; you’ve really out done yourself!

Baboo: (Bows proudly) Why thank you, thank you. She truly is obnoxious now, isn’t she?

Squatt: Yeah, she’s a tan and an accent away from getting her own reality show on MTV.

Rita: HAHA!

(She looks through her telescope and shifts through the Juice Bar until she reaches the hallways and spots the new clerk Jake walking by himself.)

Rita: Ah, and I couldn’t do it without you. A job well done, ‘Jake.’

(Jake searches through the hallways to make sure he’s alone before beginning to shift his body awkwardly from left to right. After a few seconds of this, a bright light flashes over his body to reveal the truth; Jake was a putty patroller in disguise. He had slipped Baboo’s potion into Kimberly’s drink. He doesn’t stick around for long, sensing somebodies presence nearby. He vanishes a split second before Tommy enters the shot, darting down the stairs.)

Rita: Arg, that stupid green ranger is going after Kimberly; he’s gonna ruin everything! Maybe a pack of putties will slow him down. And while I’m at it, time to send my monster down to attack poor Trini while she’s feeling bad about herself. HA! I love it when a plan falls to place.

(Back on Earth, Kimberly wanders through Angel Grove Park looking around for her old friends and before long, spots them and tries to get their attention.)

Kimberly: (waves arms) Girls! Yoo hoo girls, wait up!

(At first they pretend to not hear anything and continue walking, but once as Kim persisted, they each turned their heads half way and were puzzled to see Kim calling to them. )

Lindsey: What do you want?

Kimberly: I thought we were going to the mall? And I totally need to pick something out before the big party tonight!

Lindsey: Party?

Hannah: Weren’t you going with your new friend to go give to charity, or hug a tree or something pointless like that?

Kimberly: And miss the opportunity to lose my virginity in a strange bathroom then spend the rest of my life convincing myself it was totally consensual?!

Hillary: It totally was….

Kimberly: Huh?

Hannah: (Shakes head) Nothing…

Kimberly: ….uh…

Hannah: O-M-G, Kimmy, you’re back! Hey girlfriend, we’ve missed you!

Kimberly: I’ve missed you too!!

(The girls share a big group hug.)

Hannah: Perfect timing too, I’ve already got the perfect outfit picked out for you. C’mon girlfriend!

(Kim and Hannah lock their arms together as the four trot off merrily. Meanwhile, from a distance, Tommy can be seen catching his breath, trying to keep pace behind her.)

Tommy: (sigh) Great, she’s back with the gossip girls. Looks like I have my work cut out for me. KIMBERLY WAIT UP!

(He shouts her name out loud and waves his arm, trying to catch her attention. However, she either doesn’t hear him or completely ignores him as she continues walking with the other girls. He starts to sprint after her, but before he can get too far, he finds some old friends of his own.)

Tommy: (Startled) Putties!!!

(From the skies, a horde of putties appeared and quickly circled the green ranger. Left with no choice, his focus shifted, dropping his book bag and getting into fighting stance.)

Tommy: You guys couldn’t have come at a worse time. Looks like I’ll have to beat some sense into you guys before Kim….

(Tommy charges the horde with a brutal flying kick, knocking down at least three of them. He quickly gets up and before the others can grab him from behind and lands three lighting quick kicks to each of their abdomens. But while his back was turned, two of the other three got back up and landed back blows that put Tommy to his knees. One of them picked him back up to lock the resisting green ranger in a rear naked choke hold. The third got up and got in front of him, landing two hard punches to his abdomen. This offense wouldn’t last very long though, as Tommy would land a knock out kick as the minion kneeled over for a third punch, followed by him getting a firm grip on the putty choking him out and flipping it over his head. He finally does a backwards flip, sticking the landing behind the last Putty and before it could turn around, it nearly gets its head taken off by a neck snapping spinning heel kick. The impact was so hard; it flipped several times, likely dying twice before it even hit the floor. Tommy breathes a sigh of relief when they vanish in defeat.)

Tommy: (sigh) Man… something’s not right. Why would the putties just randomly attack me; seems like they were preventing me from something.

(He calls Zordon through his communicator to get some answers.)

Tommy: Zordon; you there?

Zordon: Yes Tommy.

Tommy: I just got ambushed by a pack of putties. Just kinda came out of nowhere, plus Kim’s been acting strange.

Zordon: I know Tommy. It is my understanding that Kimberly was placed under a spell of regression; she’s become shallow and materialistic; only concerned with herself, as she was once in her past. I will keep my eyes out and contact the others if something goes wrong. But for now, you must try and talk her out of it.

Tommy: Got it.

(He disconnects with Zordon and punches his palm angrily.)
Tommy: I should’ve known Rita was behind all this; she’d never hurt Trini like that. Man, I’m gonna make her pay for this!

(He picks up his back pack and now starts sprinting after Kimberly who is now out of sight. Meanwhile, by downtown Angel Grove, Trini can be seen pushing a small cart containing quilts, jackets and other donated clothing. Billy can be scurrying behind her, lugging a big clear bag of cards and envelopes. Trini still looked a little dejected from her encounter with Kim earlier.)

Billy: Wow, I’m amazed at how many letters are here. I’m glad our classmates could pitch in.

Trini: (listlessly) Yeah, most of them pitched in at least...

Billy: ….

Trini: (shakes head) But anyway Billy, thanks for helping out.

Billy: That’s what friends are for.

(She cracks him a half smile, but it was obvious to Billy that something was bothering her.)

Billy: Are… you alright?

Trini: Yeah, I’m fine.

Billy: Doesn’t look that way. I’m here for you if you want to talk about anything you know. I understand you and Kim aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye right now.

Trini: …I’m just surprised at her, you know.

Billy: I understand. I was shocked myself with her behavior earlier, but I’m sure she had her reasons; perhaps she just wanted to catch up with her old
friends? Although the manner in which she did it came off as vain and insensitive.

Trini: And I’m used to vain and insensitive. We go to a school where people feel the need to set up this silly hierarchy and in order to keep face they need to put down those they see as beneath them. That’s fine by me, because I don’t care about that kinda stuff and I tend to not make friends with those people… but Kimberly’s supposed to be different. She’s supposed to be my best friend. If she just wanted to catch up with her friends I would’ve understood; but this was the first time since we’ve gotten close that she’s made me feel less important than she is for being the way I am... it’s the first time I’ve ever let anybody make me feel that way.

Billy: Well I don’t know what got into her, but that wasn’t Kimberly… maybe in the first quarter of the season but not now. But if you want, we can head over to her house together later and talk it out?

Trini: I don’t know… I don’t know if something as simple as a talk will fix this… or if I even want to talk to her. She was really catty; one thing I can’t stand catty.

(Out of nowhere a blinding light flashes before them, scaring them as a sharp yet feminine voice calling to them.)

Voice: So, you don’t like cattiness?

(Ahead of them they spot the mysterious figure; a large black cat, sitting on its back legs, calmly licking the well groomed fur off one of its paws.)

Trini: Huh…?!

Billy: …?!

Catty Cat: What else do you expect… from a dog.

(It rises to its hind legs as it finishes grooming itself in no apparent rush.
However, once it does its ears suddenly drop as it swings its right arm outward; revealing razor sharp claws.)

Billy: What on Earth is that?!

Trini: (Sharply) Wait, what did that thing call me!? Oh no, it is so morphin’ time…!


"Saber-Toothed Tiger!"

(The rangers and this new monster circle one another, getting in fighting stance, but so far only exchanging stares.)

Catty Cat: What pretty costumes. Usually when you wanna slip into
spandex, you go to the store.

Trini: I’m warning you cat; I’m not in the mood today. I suggest you go back
to wherever you came from before we make kitty litter out of you.

Catty Cat: Tough talk for a goody two shoes. What’s wrong? Did some mean old loggers chop down your favorite tree?

Trini: (Infuriated) That’s it! I’ve had it!!

(A fuming Trini charges blindly at the Catty Cat. Swinging wildly with no regard for her own safety. The cat however, is way too quick for her; effortlessly dodging all of her blows while never even breaking from its cold, stoic stare.)

Trini: Stand still you stupid cat!!

(Trini keeps trying to land a blow to it, unable to touch it even once. Gradually she grows more and more tired as well as frustrated. The cat senses this and awaits the perfect opportunity to strike; connecting with lighting quick swipe that caught Trini off guard and brought her to a knee. It continues attacking her with quick jab like blows, hitting a left, then a right, then a left. It toys with her like as if she were a wounded mouse.)

Billy: Trini! I’m coming!

(Billy charges at the Catty Cat and dives toward it in an attempt to push it off his hurting friend , but the cat senses this and lunges away just in time. It gets back on its feet and lets out a menacing hiss before it cocks its shoulder back and raises its backside. Billy gets back up but is unsure of what it’s gonna do. And before he could process it, it lunges itself on top of him and starts viscously swiping at his head. Billy desperately tries to cover his face, but his head has become the cat’s personal ball of yarn. Trini slowly comes to and gets back on her feet to see Billy in danger. She pulls out her blade blaster and fires a mid-distance shot right in its back, finally managing to hit it. It flies right off but lands gracefully back on its feet and becomes agitated. It turns to her and positions itself for another attack. Trini forces herself back up and gets back in her fighting stance. The two lock eyes for a few seconds before lunging at one another once again. Meanwhile, at the command center Alpha and Zordon get notice of this attack.)

Alpha: Ay ya ya ya yai!!! Trini and Billy are under attack.

Zordon: Just as I expected. Rita is attempting to destroy the team by from within and is taking advantage of the teams arguing with another one of her monsters. Alpha, you must contact the others.

Alpha: But Tommy’s out finding Kimberly who’s under a spell. And Robbie’s in detention.

Zordon: That is unfortunate. Contact Jason and Zack in the meanwhile. If all else fails, we will need to call Robbie anyway.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

(Alpha leans over to the main control dashboard and presses the appropriate buttons to contact the rangers. Meanwhile, back at the Juice Bar, Jason and Zack remain seated in the same table, conversing amongst each other.)

Zack: You think Trini’s alright? Kim slammed her pretty hard.

Jason: I don’t know, I have no clue what crawled up Kim’s butt, but I think her little rant was a little unnecessary. Trini didn’t do anything to her to deserve to be put down like that. And even though she might be a little much with her causes, she has a big heart and still means well for everyone at the end of the day.

Zack: Yeah, I mean I gotta admit, I wasn’t jumping at the idea of picking up trash, but we’re friends, and I’ll support any of her causes. I’m shocked Kim of all people would put her down like that; after all they’ve been through. It’s strange though, she just exploded right after we got the drinks from Trini’s admirer. She was just fine before that.

Jason: I know, they weren’t bad shakes either; a little milky, but that Jake guy’s new so I didn’t mind.

Zack: Yeah, just wish we could cheer Trini up though… I know! Let’s go meet up with her and take her to a movie or something. She should be coming back from the donation center about now. We’ll even get her a pizza and shake.

Jason: Great idea! Yo Ernie!

(Jason waves his arms and calls the attention of the Juice Bars rotund owner.)

Ernie: Hey guys, what are ya havin?

Jason: Can we just get a slice of pizza and a shake to go please?

Ernie: Yea, no problem. It’ll be about five minutes.

Jason: Great.

Zack: Oh, by the way Ernie, we really like your new hire, that Jake guy. He seems really cool.

Jason: Oh yeah, we totally approve; good call. Shakes could use some work though, but no biggie.

Ernie: (dumbfounded) Huh? Jake? I have no idea what you guys are talking about; I didn’t hire anybody.

Zack: Huh? So… you mean, you have no idea who Jake is? You know, tall guy, thin, nice hair?

Jason: Gorgeous eyes and dynamite pecs?

Ernie: (Shakes head) No, not at all. You sure you guys aren’t imagining

(The two look at one another and exchange puzzled looks, trying to figure out why a strange kid would just give them free drinks. Suddenly, Jason’s communicator goes off and the two quickly put it all together. Ernie doesn’t even hear the communicator as he’s still wondering what the kids are talking about.)

Jason: (Urgently) Uh, Ernie… put a hold on that pizza. We’ll be right back.

Ernie: Huh? Oh, alright…

(The two rush over the empty hallway and look around to make sure the coast is clear before taking the call.)

Jason: We read you Zordon.

Zordon: Rangers, Billy and Trini have been attacked by Rita’s new monster
near downtown Angel Grove. The both of you must go down and help them.

Jason: But what about Kim and Tommy?

Zordon: Tommy is out looking for Kimberly who has been placed under a spell, causing her to act out and behave in a more selfish manner. She’s using this as a way to break the team up as well as to cause a diversion.

Zack: Man; that explains everything!

Jason: Alright, we’re on our way.

Zordon: Good luck rangers; and may the power protect you.




(We return downtown where the blue and yellow ranger find themselves with smoke rising several places out of their costume and barely able to stand; clearly outmatched by the Catty Cat who licks its paws nonchalantly, resting on its hind legs.)

Catty Cat: (yawns) You humans bore me. I’ve seen mice put up better fights than the two of you. Why don’t you just give up and join with me? Rita could always use new pets.

Trini: Never! I only fight for good and I don’t care what you, or anyone thinks; I’ll never change. And if you don’t like that, then I’ll do away with you too!

Billy: I think she was talking to me too…

Catty Cat: (sighs) Very well…

(The cat gives itself one last lick under its front arm as it calmly gets on all four. Its rear end rises and its ears drop in preparation of yet another pounce. Yet despite this beating they are receiving, they stand tall; refusing to back down.)

Catty Cat: (growls) Time to neuter you mutts….

Trini: (defiantly) Attack!!!!!

(The two pull out their power weapons and charge toward the beast who remains unfazed and stands perfectly still; plotting its next move in its head and just awaits the right time. But as the rangers draw closer, its fur starts to rise, its growl gets louder, it lowers its head more and more. Yet the whole entire time, it never breaks its cold, stoic stare. Finally, it strikes; leaping high into the air and exposes its claws, stopping the two in their tracks. Things look bleak for them, when out of nowhere…)


Billy: Zack!

(Zack swoops in the nick of time armed with his axe and takes the cat down with a single swipe, knocking it backwards and letting Billy and Trini breathe a big sigh of relief.)

Jason: Are you guys okay?

Trini: Jason… Zack… oh thank God. I don’t even know what attack we were going for there... I was just kinda hoping all the loud noise would scare it away.

Jason: Don’t worry guys, we’re here to even the odds… now let’s put this cat down!

Trini: (enthusiastically) Yeah, let’s spay this stray!

Billy: (enthusiastically) Yeah, let’s litter this kitty!

Zack: Yeah… let’s tear… this pu… you know what, never mind.

Catty Cat: (indignantly) Oh enough! I refuse to listen to any more of this
drivel and I resent being spoken about in such a manner. I am a mighty feline; an animal of dignity and grace, worshiped by ancient Egyptians yet insulted by mere peasants. I demand respect from you all right now before I turn you each into my color coded scratching posts!

Jason: (defiantly) I’d like to see you try!

Catty Cat: Very well then, you leave me no choice; Putties!

(With one flick of the wrist; a swarm of putties appear behind them and grab each of them from behind before even notice. They each resist and try to break free, but with a ratio of about three putties per ranger, they were simply outnumbered. The cat cracks a sly grin while it paces from left to right.)

Catty Cat: Hmm…. Now, what to do…? What does a cat do when it catches its rodent?

Trini: (angrily) Let us go!!!

Catty Cat: (Barks back) RODENT’S DO NOT MAKE ORDERS!

Trini: ….

Catty Cat: On one hand, it is the cat’s objective to get rid filthy infestations such as yourselves. But on the other hand I’m sooooo bored.

Jason: (struggles) AARG!!!

Catty Cat: Let’s see… what to do? What to do, what to do, what to do….?

(The cat ponders for a bit while the rangers continue to fight for freedom. She folds one arm and rests her head on the paw of another; mockingly tapping her cheek as if she were thinking really hard. …suddenly though, she pulls back and winces.)

Catty Cat: Ow! Man my nails...

(She rubs her cheek; realizing she cut herself with her long nails. And just then, her ears perk up as turn to the others. She gives them a sly grin.)

Catty Cat: Ah, speaking of color coded scratching posts; my nails are getting awfully sharp.

Billy: Trini, please tell me your mom does nails before she says what I think she’s going to say…

Trini: Nope, doctor.

Billy: Crap.

Catty Cat: Putties, ties these rangers up; it’s time for a little grooming.

Trini: NOO!
Billy: This is most unfortunate…
Zack: What?! What grooming?!?
Jason: (Defiantly) We’re gonna make you pay for this!!

(The rangers kick and scream as the putties round them up with each other their backs facing one another. One patroller grabs a rope and ties it tightly around the four of them.)

Catty Cat: Queen Rita will be proud; taking out over half the group in one swipe. …or more… you never know how many swipes it’ll take to trim these nails. Baha!!

(Meanwhile, down by the Midtown Mall a wide eyed Kimberly and her gal pals strut inside, looking as if they own the place, each either twirling their hair or munching on chewing gum.)

Lindsey: Oh my gawd, so I think my boyfriend’s getting me sick.

Kimberly: How so?

Lindsey: He was out partying with Justin B. Burr last weekend who was sick. And since then he’s been sick. Now I think I’m starting to get B. Burr’s fever myself.

Hannah: Oh no… Justin B. Burr’s sick? Poor baby!

Lindsey: …

Hillary: Oh my gawd! Did a Forever 21 just open up?!

Hannah: (Gasp) It did!!!

Kimberly: OH MY GAWD! Let’s go inside, I hear Zack F. Ron works here!

Hannah: (gasp) Zack F. Ron! Ooh, he’s so cute! Isn’t he the star quarterback of the football team?

Lindsey: Wait a minute, I thought Jacob Cullen was?

Hannah: Is it? You girls, aren’t we cheerleaders? We should know who plays where.

Hillary: Well, they’re all popular; doesn’t that mean they’re all the star quarterback?

Kimberly: Actually, I’m pretty sure Tommy’s the star quarterba…

Hannah: (Shoots back) Kimberly!! That episode was terrible; therefore, it
didn’t exist. Got it?!

Kimberly: (meekly) Got it…

Hannah: Good. Now let’s go inside.

(The girls head inside the Forever 21, soon after Tommy appears through the front entrance.)

Tommy: Man, I lost them…. They could be anywhere.

(He turns to the nearest security guard to ask for help.)

Tommy: Excuse me sir? Have you seen four teenage girls dressed in really trendy outfits, with way too much make up on for their age? Possibly talking about cute boys, a stupid party and other superficial nonsense? I need to speak with one of them.

(The security guard, a tall, scruffy black man, scratches his beard and takes a second to think before shaking his head.)

Security Guard: Why, I’ve never seen anybody like that around here ever.

Tommy: The mall?

Security Guard: Nope. But you can try that store over there. Just opened up so chances are, they’re checking it out.

(The man points to the Forever 21 with his nightstick. Tommy thanks him with a quick nod and runs inside the giant store with loud, blaring music. Inside, the girls sift through racks and racks of merchandise looking for an outfit they would like, carelessly tossing anything they don’t on the floor.)

Hannah: I need something eye popping ya know?

Lindsey: Revealing too! I want those seniors to snap their necks when they turn to look at me. Then maybe daddy will pay attention to me.

(Kim blissfully shifts through the clothes through a rack, but can’t seem to find anything she likes.)

Kimberly: Ugh, none of these clothes are any good. They’re either too tacky, or too little. They look like they were made for children.

Hannah: (raises eyebrow) Too little?

Kimberly: Yeah….

(She randomly picks out a tiny denim mini skirt from the racks and holds it up for them.)

Kimberly: I mean look at this skirt; I have belts bigger than this skirt. And honestly, it’s gonna be a little chilly tonight, I don’t know, I think I’m just gonna pick up a nice sweater.

(The girls all stop dead in their tracks and stare at Kim in disbelief.)

Hannah: (coldly) I own that skirt. And you’re holding the large size.

Kimberly: Oh… uh really? I don’t mean this skirt…

Hannah: (Cackles) Kim, you can’t be serious. You’re gonna wear a sweater?
Do you not respect yourself?

Lindsey: Yeah, why don’t you go pick up a burqua while you’re at it?

(Kim freezes for a moment, unsure how to respond. She herself didn’t like the skirt, nor does she typically like clothes that revealing. But felt trapped as her innocent faux pa was about to ostracize her from her friends. Feeling like she had no choice, she decided to just go along with her friends.)

Kimberly: …uhm, I was just kidding you guys! I love it! I’m totally picking this up.

(She feigns laughter as she continues sorting through clothes, trying to move away from her mistake. The girls each slowly follow suit without saying another word. But before this awkward silence can be broken, Tommy barges into the store.)

Tommy: Kimberly! Kimberly!! It’s me Tommy! Where are you!!?!

(Kim’s face turns bright red with embarrassment as she quickly hides her face in the racks, hoping he passes by her.)

Hannah: (giggles) I think someone’s looking for you.

Kimberly: Me? Nah… I doubt it.

Hannah: You sure? Isn’t that…

Tommy: Kimberly Ann Hart!!! Are you here? This is Tommy Oliver. Your boyfriend.

(Now not only are the girls all staring at him, but the entire store is. Completely mortified, she picks her head out from out of the racks and yanks his arm from behind.)

Kimberly: (Clenches teeth) What do you want Tommy? You are totally embarrassing me.

(She speaks with a forceful, yet low tone of voice as she tries to contain the problem without getting the whole world involved. Tommy, completely oblivious to this, continues.)

Tommy: Oh hey Kim.

Lindsey: So aren’t you gonna introduce us?

Kimberly: …

Hannah: Let me guess, this is TOMMY OLIVER!! YOU’RE BOYFRIEND!!

Kimberly: (mortified) Yes. This is Tommy Oliver. My boyfriend.

Tommy: Hey girls. Listen, do you mind if Kim and I talk for a couple minutes, it’s really important.

Hannah: Not at all… she’s all yours. (Under her breath) …hopefully, it’s about changing from those god awful track pants.

Kimberly: What do you want Tommy? Why’d you make such a scene?

Tommy: Look Kim, I’m sorry but we need to talk about earlier with Trini.

Kimberly: I don’t wanna talk about Trini right now; I have a party to get ready for.

Tommy: That’s what I needed to talk to you about. You blew off your best friends charity work for some stupid party with these air heads, Kim how could you? And on top of that, you made her feel terrible about it after she’s done nothing but support you for who you are. You’re not the same girl I met.

Kimberly: Then who am I? Newsflash Tommy; I’m popular. I was popular before you came along, and I was popular before I met Trini. I’m only doing what I should be doing and should’ve been doing the whole time.

Tommy: No, mean…

Kimberly: No, don’t interrupt me. And second, Trini is NOT my best friend. These girls are my best friend and they accept me for who I am: a girl who wants to have fun! I mean, what’s so fun about charity work? Face it, Trini’s boring. She doesn’t go out, ever. She just studies all day and practices karate...

Tommy: (forcefully) Kim, you’re under a spell.

Kimberly: Huh?

Tommy: Rita drugged your milkshake and it made you act like this unbearable
superficial snob. You need to snap out of it cause Trini and the others need your help.

Kimberly: They drugged me?

Tommy: Yeah. It was a spell of regression; it made you act like a spoiled brat like you were a while ago. It’s made you all closed minded.

Kimberly: It’s made me open minded you must mean. I don’t know why they did it, but they did me a favor. Now leave me alone Tommy; I’m shopping with my girlfriends.

(Tommy puts his hands on his hips and sighs impatiently. He puts one foot
towards the door, before saying one last thing.)

Tommy: Look Kim, I don’t have time for this. OUR friends need us, and if you’re too busy being a selfish, ungrateful little tart, then I’m better off without you. Oh, so is Trini. She’s a great girl and deserves way better than
you. Goodbye Kim.

(Tommy storms out the store without giving her a chance for a rebuttal. He leaves Kim standing there, unsure of what to do or feel. Eventually though, she shakes her head and walks back toward her friends)

Hillary: What was all that about? Is it his time of the month or something?

Kimberly: (fake laughs) Hehe… yeah, I guess so.

Hannah: Well good riddance to him, karate kids are such losers. We’re gonna find you a better man Kim.

Kimberly: Oh….?

Hannah: Yeah, one who plays football! And I don’t mean one who claims to play football after practicing for the first time the day before.

Kimberly: (softly) Bu-but… I kinda like Tommy.

Hannah: Please, he’s a total loner. A girl like you shouldn’t associate with someone like that. It’ll make you look bad. Now, I’ll try and find out if Justin B. Burr’s single, maybe I can rig a game of spin the bottle for you…

Kimberly: But…. Tommy’s so nice to me; they all are. And I don’t really care for Justin B. Burr; he looks like a chick.

Lindsey: (gasp) …
Hillary: (gasp) …
Hannah: (Coldly) Kim… what are you saying?

Kimberly: (bites her lip)…

(Outside of the mall, Tommy finds a nearby alley where he finds himself completely alone.)

Tommy: (sigh) Sorry Kim… but I have to do what’s best for those who care about me.

(Tommy takes a few seconds to think to himself, takes a deep breath and reaches for his morpher.)

Tommy: It’s morphi…!?

Kimberly: Tommy wait!!!!

(Tommy turns his head toward the streets to see Kim rushing in and leaping in his arms.)

Tommy: …???!!!

Kimberly: Tommy I’m so sorry I was such a fool. I appreciate all you’ve done for me; I appreciate all my friends have done for me… (gasp) Oh my god,

Trini…. Oh God, I can’t believe I actually said those horrible things to her…. Oh God she must hate my guts….

Tommy: Kim, relax. We’ll sort everything out later, but first we need to morph; the others are under attack.

Kimberly: Right.

Tommy: It’s good to have you back by the way.

Kimberly: (smiles) Thanks.

Tommy: It’s morphin time!



(Back in Downtown Angel Grove, the Catty Cat maintains the upper hand. With the rangers all tied up to one another, she’s slowly letting them stew as she approaches them with her nails out.)

Catty Cat: Hmm…. Let’s see… who do I trim my nails on first…?

Zack: Get away you stupid cat! Shoo!!
Jason: Don’t you even dare!
Billy: D-did I mention I own a cat? His names mittens!

Catty Cat: (points finger) How about…. You!?

Trini: Me?!

Catty Cat: Yes you, you’d be purrrfect. Hahaha!!

Trini: I swear… we’ll make you pay for this…

Catty Cat: Who’s we? You? Your friends? They’re all tied up? And you certainly can’t be talking about that pink ranger. Why doesn’t even think very highly of you, remember? Would probably rather get her own manicure than risk messing up a single hair on her pretty little head attempting to save you….

Trini: …

Catty Cat: (starkly) Why don’t we find out if she’ll attend your funeral!!!!!

Trini: (winces) …!!!

(The cat raises one of its claws high as Trini braces for the worst. The cat readies to slice right through the yellow ranger when from out of nowhere, a foreign objects smacks right across its face; taking the cat down.)

Catty Cat: W-what was that?

Trini: Huh What WAS that?

(She looks down to where the object landed and to her surprise, she found a pink arrow.)

Trini: An arrow?

Zack: Wait… that must mean…

(The rangers all turn around to see a bow wielding Kimberly soaring to the

Kimberly: (Boldly) You lay another paw on my friends, and my next shot will break it!

Jason: Kim, you’re… the spell?

Kimberly: Gone.

Trini: Wait, spell?

Kimberly: Trini… I…

Jason: We’ll explain everything later; right now just get us out of here.

Kimberly: Right.

Catty Cat: Oh no you don’t… putties, after her!!!

(The large horde of putties that made sure the rangers didn’t escape switch focus and surround Kimberly; immediately outnumbering her.)
Kimberly: Uh oh… there’s so many of em…. Tommy, where are you?

(And out of nowhere, Tommy soars into action heroically to the tune of ‘Go Green Ranger’ and lands right by Kimberly.)

Tommy: Don’t worry Kim, I got this. SYUUU-YAAAAA!!!!!

(Tommy flies head first into the pack and like hot knife on butter starts going right through them as they keep coming at him. With round house kick after round house kick, he takes out about half the group.)


(He flips unnecessarily behind two of them before leaping into the air and knocking both of them down with a double kick; knocking them into two other putties in the process. He turns around aggressively to face the remaining putties, but after they saw what just happened to their friends, they just figured they’d be better off throwing themselves on the floor as the green ranger strikes a heroic pose.)

Tommy: That’ll sell merchandise. (Turns to the others) You guys okay?

(Kim appears to have broken the rope thus freeing the others.)

Kimberly: (unimpressed) Yeah, good job. Don’t go lose your powers now saving us from this cheap rope Rita used.

Tommy: …

Catty Cat: (exasperated) You rangers are starting to rub me the wrong way!

Jason: Give it up cat; you’re the one who’s outnumbered now.

Catty Cat: Never!!

Jason: Alright guys; bring out your weapons and give this giant fur ball all you’ve got.

(Back to Rita’s castle; she leans against the edge of the balcony, refusing to accept defeat.)

Rita: Magic wand, make my monster… GRROOOOOWWW!!!!

(She hurls her wand through space, headed right for Earth. It lands perfectly in a deserted plain. And with a sudden quake, the Earth rumbles and starts to tear open right where the wand landed. A large cloud of smoke fills the sky as Rita’s monster begins to grow to the size of Angel Grove’s highest skyscrapers.)


Zack: (gasp) …!
Tommy: (gasp) …!
Trini: (gasp) …!
Billy: (gasp) …!
Kimberly: (gasp) …!


(With a huge blast and a and even bigger crater opening up than before, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames; roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. Next, in a far a way, icy tundra, where the Mastodon proudly rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. Elsewhere, in a desert during a wild sandstorm, created by the Triceratops cutting right through it... Next, we cut to the top of a hill where the ferocious Saber tooth Tiger leaps down onto a rainforest and races to the scene. Finally, nearby with another loud boom, a volcano erupts and through all the smoke and ash, the pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees the cavalry within sight and flies through the air to get into his Zord’s cockpit. Zack, Billy, Trini and Kimberly each follow.)

Trini: Trini here, ready to rock.

Zack: Zack here, all systems go.

Billy: Billy here, morphinominal.

Kimberly: Let’s declaw this kitty.

Jason: (boldly) Alright guys, power up your crystals!!!

(He pulls out the power crystal in his hand and emphatically slams it down the dashboard to become zord’s control stick; the others following suit.)

Zack: Two, one, power up!!
Trini: Two, one, power up!!
Billy: Two, one, power up!!
Kimberly: Two, one, power up!!

Jason: (Yanks down control stick) Let’s show em some Megazord power!!!

(The five mighty zords are seen running together, preparing to transform. First the Saber tooth tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. Next, the Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers enter the Megazord cockpit in their respective positions as the Megazord, now in tank mode rolls toward the monster like a freight train.)

Jason: Switching to Megazord battle mode!

(The two Mastodon arms fold out two giant fists on command.)

Megazord: Megazord sequence has been initiated

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty zord, creating the chest piece as it gets in fighting stance.)

Megazord: Megazord activated.

(Close by, Tommy appears at the top of a large skyscraper; dagger in hand.)

Tommy: Time to show of my pet!

(He plays a melody on his dragon dagger and within minutes, the water by the Angel Grove industrial district begins to rumble. With one large wave followed by a bigger wave followed by a huge splash as the mighty Dragonzord appears. It gives a high pitch roar as it makes its way to the surface to meet with the Megazord.)

Jason: Alright guys, before beat the crap out of this cat, does anyone have any more cat puns you wanna get out?

Trini: No.

Kimberly: Nu-uh.

Billy: Negative.

Zack: I’ve got one…. What does a cat eat on a hot day?

Jason: Where?

Zack: A mice cream cone!

Catty Cat: …

Jason: Nice. Alright gang, let’s do it!

(The Megazord marches towards the monster and lands a swift jab right in its face. The cat responds, slashing its long nails right through the Megazord’s chest, sending sparks everywhere. The Dragonzord intervenes as Tommy issues a command through his flute with a giant tail whip, the cat dodges; leaping backwards then springing forward with the strength of its hind legs and pouncing on the Dragonzord with a startling hiss. The Megazord grabs it by the head to lift it off Tommy’s Zord and tries to land another punch, but before it could even pick it up the cat bites the Zord’s hand with its quick reflexes, causing the Zord and clutch its hand in writhing pain.)

Zack: Man, this cat’s quick.

Jason: Tell me about it, I can’t lay a scratch on her…

Catty Cat: Imbeciles. You couldn’t beat me if I were licking myself; I’m too quick.

Trini: It may be right; we might have to think of another way….

(Before Jason could respond, the cat leaps into the air to take down the Megazord and begins to claw and gnaw at its face. Sparks fly inside the control room as the rangers start to panic.)

Catty Cat: Oh and by the way, your jokes are terrible.

Kimberly: Oh no, what are we gonna do…

Zack: Don’t worry Kim; I’ve got a million of them.

Kimberly: No, I mean we’re taking a hit...

Billy: Our powers down to about 60%. And we can’t recover if it’s just running circles around us.

(The cat’s turned around and started smacking the Zords face with its tail, simply to mock the rangers inabilities to harm it.)

Jason: Tommy; we could use a little help here!!

Tommy: I’m on it.

(Tommy plays an alternate melody to make his Zord get back to its feet. Once it does, it lets out a unflinching roar before firing missiles from its fingers; getting the cat off of ailing Megazord.)

Jason: Awesome!

Trini: Wait, I have an idea! Cats love chasing bird’s right?

Billy: Correct.

Trini: Well Kimberly, maybe if we disengage, you can pilot the pterodactyl
just over its reach and keep it distracted.

Kimberly: That’s a great idea. And maybe… you can pilot the Saber-Tooth tiger and match it in quickness to stun it when it doesn’t expect it.

Trini: Great idea!

Jason: Alright, let’s do that then. Megazord disengage!

(The Zord sits up and begins to disassemble; The Triceratops and Saber-Toothed Tiger reassemble from the Megazord’s legs, the Mastodon pulls away and reforms from its arms. And the Pterodactyl flies away from its chest piece.)

Kimberly: Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

(The cat’s ears perk up as its eyes follow the Pterodactyl that begins circling its head. It licks its lips. It gets on its hind legs in pounce position, then springs upwards, but just out of reach as Kim goes up just a little higher.)
Kimberly: Uh-uh… Gonna have to fight for your meal.

(The cat’s belly suddenly starts growling loudly.)

Catty Cat: Oooh…. I’m famished. Come closer you diseased ridden pigeon… the Pterodactyl as well.

(The cat continues leaping for Kim’s Zord, but always falling short. Trini just patiently lays in wait.)

Trini: It looks pretty caught up in Kim’s Zord; just goes to show you how stupid cat really are.

Billy: (Offended) Hey!!!

Trini: Except Mittens…

Billy: Oh…

Trini: Okay, I think I have a clear; I’m going in.

(The Saber-Toothed Tiger swoops in and while the monsters back is turned, takes a huge bite out of the cat’s tail; letting it drop to the ground.)
Catty Cat: YAHHHHHRG!! Oh god, my tail… is that… another cat?!?

Jason: That’s for waving your stupid tail at us.

Zack: Guess you’ll have to replace your tail where all cats go…

Jason: Where?

Zack: The retail store!

Jason: You’re on a roll Zack. You’re on a roll.

(The Zord lets out a deafening roar before jumping on a reeling Catty Cat and taking it down with its strength along. It climbs on top of it and starts clawing at its face, just as was done to the Megazord.)

Trini: You hungry? Well why don’t you EAT LASER!

(She emphatically pushes a button down, prompting the Saber-Toothed to open its jaws, revealing is cannon inside its mouth and blasting at in in point blank range.)


Kimberly: Awesome, I think that should do; great plan Trini.

Trini: It was our plan, buddy.

Jason: Alright, now it’s time to finish it off.

(The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord lets out a colossal roar and brings its head downward letting out a ground breaking spiral blast from its mouth; tearing through the floor and approaching a reeling Catty Cat that struggling to get up. It hits it dead on; exploding from underneath it. The blast was so big that by the time the smoke cleared it was no longer there.)

Jason: Yeah!!
Zack: Awesome!
Billy: Morphinominal!
Trini: We did it.
Kimberly: Time for your cat nap.

(The Tyrannosaurus lets out a big celebratory roar as the battles finally over. Meanwhile, at Rita’s castle all Hells broken loose.)


(Baboo cowers behind Squatt.)

Baboo: (Regretfully) Oh no… I-I knew I shouldn’t have volunteered for this….


Baboo: A-a-admittedly, it had some kinks to be worked out…

Rita: YOU THINK!??!

(She barges over to Finster’s workshop, where he doesn’t hide; he just takes a deep breath and braces himself.)

Rita: And YOU!! Don’t you have a monster that isn’t made of paper-mâché?

Finster: I’m really sorry your highness; I’ll try harder next time.

Rita: Oh grow a spine!

Finster: (sigh) Yes… your highness.

Goldar: You should’ve let me down there; I would’ve made sure they not only remained broken up, but broken apart.

Rita: (Storms out) Oh, cause you’re track record speaks for itself, huh? You’re ALL worthless! Ugh, I have a headache!

(We return to Angel grove high the next day, as ‘Life Story Week’ rolls on and the kids each sit in their respective seats, listening to Hannah’s presentation.)

Hannah: (twirls hair) …and I totally love to help other people. Yeah, it’s not
all parties and make up… I love to help the little guy. Like… just last week my friend Amber didn’t know what color to dye her hair, and I told her she should change it to auburn red. And guess who asked her out to the fall jam once she did? Nicky Carter!!! That’s right, THE Nicky Carter… star Quarterback of the Angel Grove Ware Wolves.

(The rangers all look bored and uninterested in her story; none even making eye contact with her. From out of focus, Zack can be seen yawning.)

Hannah: I’m such a good person the little guy. My girlfriends all say that if they rewrote the bible, I’d be the new Jesus Christ.

Robbie: (Under his breath) …or Mary Madgeline.

Hannah: (cheerful) So that’s it… That’s my life story! Hope you liked it!

(The class applauds as she skips back to her seat. The rangers lethargically clap as well while Kimberly and Trini lean toward one another.)

Kimberly: (Whispers) For the millionth time, I’m totally sorry for ditching you and acting like… that. It was all the spell and I’d never say anything demeaning to you ever; you’re like my sister.

Trini: Kim, stop apologizing. I totally understand.

Kimberly: You do?

Trini: Absolutely, I know you’re better than the average airhead and that’s exactly why we’re friends. You’ve been nothing but wonderful to me and
you’ve only grown more wise and mature as the days go by. I’m the one who should be apologizing for not giving you the benefit of the doubt; I should have known that wasn’t you and that something was wrong.

(Kim’s eyes begin to water and her face beams red with emotion at her friends loving words.)

Kimberly: Oh my god…. Trini, I love you!

Trini: (smiles) I love you too!

(The two girls beam at each other and hold each other’s arms affectionately.)

Trini: Although… to be honest, I AM a little disappointed that this was all a ruse from Rita.

Kimberly: What do you mean?

Trini: Well, the free shakes from the Jake guy turned out to be a trick to get me thinking someone had a crush on me, so I’m sure the sweet letter I got was just Rita setting me up.

(She holds up the card she received earlier.)

Kimberly: Oh, you mean the secret admirer? Wow…

(Robbie is seen leaning in next to Trini and shushes them aggressively; much
to their confusion.)

Robbie: (annoyed) The teachers about to speak!

Kimberly: (dumbfounded) Robbie? Diiiiid somebody put YOU under a spell?

(Robbie just gives her a mean scowl as the teacher returns to the front.)

Ms. Appleby: Okay class, so right now I’d like to make a very special exception for today only. One of our classmates, who didn’t go yesterday, came to me later in the day and after a very persuasive meeting I’ve decided to give that person another try.

Jason: Huh…? Is it….?

Ms. Appleby: So Robbie, come on up.

(Robbie gathers his stuff as the others look at him with astonishment.)

Tommy: Robbie, you convinced Ms. Appleby to give you another shot?

Robbie: Yep.

Zack: So you finally came to your senses?

Robbie: Sure.

Billy: I-If I may ask for future reference… what exactly did you do?

Robbie: Things you could never do.

Billy: …?

(Robbie makes his way to the front where Ms. Appleby makes way for him to take over the floor. The other rangers listen intently.)

Robbie: The other day I decided I wasn’t going up. Not because I wasn’t prepared, but because I just didn’t want to. When I heard most of my classmate’s stories, I thought this project was silly, pointless boasting about our own lives. Tommy furthered my point by bringing in a photo of his penis.

Tommy: Got me an A…

Robbie: And seeing as I don’t really have any of those types of stories to talk about, where I could just find one cute little story about myself and wrap a nice little bow around it and say its why I am who I am, I just decided I’d rather not participate. But later on that day I started to think. Not just about the project, but about why I’m like this; the bravado I put on. It took a friend showing that they’re not afraid to show who they are, even if it isn’t so great. So here it goes before I start rambling…

(He pauses momentarily to either collect his thoughts or swallow his fears. Meanwhile, no one in the class says a word.)

Robbie: (Stares at the floor) I guess… growing up I didn’t have, exactly… a normal family. My mother was very young when she had me and well… so was my father.

Zack: (intrigued) ….

Robbie: (Pauses uncomfortably) Uhm… I didn’t know him much growing up. Only saw him a few times. Guess he was so young; he wasn’t ready to handle being a father and decided to cling onto the remnants of his lost childhood… so he wasn’t very active in my life, or my mothers. I don’t know what he was doing when he should’ve been with us… but I recall thinking the mailman was my father for the first few years of my life. At least I saw him every day.

(He cracks a small smile and feigns laughter to break the mood. But it was clear from the long pause that followed that statement that he wasn’t joking. He clears his throat and tries to shake it off.)

Robbie: Well, last time I saw him was two years ago. He came by to ask my mother for some money. And at 14, I was finally old enough to see through his nonsense; I was also big enough to do something about it. So I told him off; called him a deadbeat, a failure at life… said I never wanted to see him again. …as well as a few other things I’ve already been sent to detention over saying. But I guess my words resonated with the old man; his own flesh and blood hates him and thinks he’s a failure. Guess it lit a fire under him. Problem was, wasn’t much a high school drop out who’s never held a decent job could do. That is, until he joined the military.

(He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled, wallet sized photo of a stoic, dark skinned man who resembled Robbie dressed in camouflage. A few people in the classroom gasped; none louder than Trini whom he was now tentatively looking at.)

Trini: (To Kimberly) He’s kind of handsome…

Kimberly: Yeah...

Robbie: (continues) But no, this isn’t a story about how he’s a hero and tried to save a country from Saddam all by himself. I know he’s in Iraq, but that’s all. He writes me sometimes, I haven’t responded to any yet; or even opened any. But before this gets more gushy than I’m comfortable with, my
fathers the reason I am who I am… cause well, I don’t speak much; when I do it’s almost never positive. I like to keep to myself most of the times so I don’t keep many friends. But those that I do have are real friends.

(He looks up more clearly and faces Jason and the others who smile right back at him.)

Robbie: I’ve become very selective of whom I get close to… and while I may not agree with them most of the time, I know they have my back; and they’ve proven it time and time again. They’re like the family I wish I always had.

Tommy: (smiles) …

Zack: (Whispers) …you think he’s talking about us?

Robbie: They may not be perfect, but they’re good people; and they’ve got my respect. And I hope they never change.

(The classroom bursts into loud applause from everyone from the teacher to the students, even Bulk and Skull gave him a respectable hand. His friends were giving the loudest applause having just receive rare praise from him, especially Trini, whose words and story touched her the most. Suddenly though, she slowed her applause, wondered just why she liked it so much before looking down at her note. The episode ends with her in a state of bewilderment.)

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Sorry for reading the latest chapter while tired.

I think your writing is very strong and I really like the character of Robbie.
He fits in beautifully with the rest of the cast.
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Internutt wrote: View Post

Sorry for reading the latest chapter while tired.

I think your writing is very strong and I really like the character of Robbie.
He fits in beautifully with the rest of the cast.
Thank you Internutt! Sorry for letting you read my story while I was still in the middle of adding/re-sizing photos. My goal with Robbie was to make a character who not only represented Hispanics, but was a contrast to the other rangers who are all goody two shoes. So far, he's complimented them well. I also feel reading about his back story makes him more likeable and sheds light as to why he is the way he is.
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Episode postponed due to writers block. New episode up soon!

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Next Time on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Billy scores remarkably high on a recent exam, attracting some unwanted attention from the school bully. And when Billy tries to do the right thing and report them, things only become worse. Meanwhile, Rita hatches her latest idea when she kidnaps the bully to target the already vulnerable blue ranger. Can Billy overcome his fear and stand up for himself? Find out next time on 'Revenge of the Nerd'

(To be posted in the next 3-4 days)

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Episode 64 - Revenge of the Nerd

(We begin todays episode at Angel Grove High, where as usual, the rangers sit in their usual places at the front of the class; eagerly awaiting the return of their history reports that each of them worked so hard on. They stare intently as Ms. Appleby walks to the front of the class with a stack of papers in her hands.)

Ms. Appleby: Okay class, I finally graded all of your papers and I’ve got to say, that most of you did very well. I’m very happy to know this class has a firm understanding of African history.

(The rangers breathe a sigh of relief; each flashing confident grins at one another.)

Ms. Appleby: Although like with any other report, not all of you did so great.

Bulk: (snickers) …I feel sorry for THOSE idiots.

Ms. Appleby: Now when I call your name, please come up and get your paper. Okay…. Hannah? …Bertha? ….Timothy…?

Jason: What did you think of the project guys?

Zack: Boring.

Tommy: Well, I think it was okay; not as bad as I’d thought it’d be.

Billy: Affirmative. And it’s always so thought-provoking to learn about such a rich culture and the hardships they endured in order to find equality in our modern society.

Zack: Huh?

Robbie: He said you don’t know your own history.

Zack: Oh…

Ms. Appleby: Roberto?

(Robbie gets up from his seat and grabs the paper from the teachers hands; examining it carefully with an almost expressionless look on his face.)

Kimberly: How’d you do?

Robbie: She just wrote ‘SEE ME AFTER CLASS!’

Billy: See me after class?

Robbie: I mean I always knew she had a thing for me, but this is completely unprofessional. I worked really hard on this paper and I want to know how I did!

Billy: I think that just means she wants to go into your paper in further detail and would rather talk to you about it in person.

Ms. Appleby: Billy?

Billy: Oh, excuse me.

(Billy gets up from his seat excitedly and reaches for his paper. Upon glancing over it briefly, his eyes brighten.)

Zack: How’d you do?

Billy: I-I…

Ms. Appleby: (proudly) …did wonderfully! In fact, it was best grade in the class with an A ++.

(Billy flips his paper over, revealing the impressively high grade; leaving many of his classmates in awe, including each of his ranger friends.)

Trini: Wow Billy, great job!

Zack: (whispers) Yeah, I knew it was a great idea to ask him for help.

Jason: On a paper about Africa?

Zack: (obliviously) Why what’s wrong with that?

(As Jason shakes his head disapprovingly and starts explaining his disappointment with him, somebody can be seen behind Zack listening in to what Zack just said. A husky looking woman with broad shoulders and a clean shaven buzz cut looks attentively at the others before looking up at a still beaming Billy. She scratches her chin and looks down at her own paper as if coming up with a plan. After class, Jason Billy and Robbie hang by their lockers discussing their papers; Robbie leaning miserably against his.)

Robbie: What is wrong with that stupid woman?! I swear to you, she has it out for me.

Jason: What’s wrong?

Robbie: (outraged) What’s wrong? I worked night and day for this stupid paper, because you know… I’m finally trying to care about my grades and all… Night and day at Trini’s place, dealing with her mom giving me dirty looks as if I’m about to steal from her shop, and you know how Appleby repays my efforts? Not only does she fail me, but I get detention!

Billy: Detention?

Robbie: DETENTION. All because she didn’t like my paper… have you ever heard of this nonsense?

Jason: What? That doesn’t sound right…

Billy: Yeah, I’ve never heard of anything like that before; it sounds pretty unfair.

Robbie: Thank you! I’m thinking of reporting her to the school board.

Billy: Well if you don’t mind my asking, what did she say was wrong with it?

Robbie: Oh I don’t know… something about spelling. She’s making me do it over.

Billy: Well perhaps I could take a look at it? Maybe I could help you a little bit?

Robbie: (sighs) Sure… whatever.

(He reaches into his old, run down back pack and pulls out his already crumpled up paper. Billy takes it from him and only needs a few seconds to read through it before he starts to wince.)

Billy: Uhm… Robbie?

Robbie: Yeah?

Billy: When Trini helped you with this, did she run a spell check?

Robbie: I don’t think so, why?

Billy: Because there is only one ‘G’ in the country Niger.

(He hands it back to Robbie who looks through his paper one more time, this time with a pale white, horrified look.)

Robbie: There is…?

Jason: Yeah, I think so…

Robbie: Oh…

Billy: Yeah.

Robbie: …guess I’ll see you guys after detention.

Jason: See you.

Billy: Buh-bye.

(Robbie quietly walks off, still looking at his paper. Billy and Jason share a quick laugh with one another before Jason pats Billy on the back and grabs his belongings.)

Jason: Well, I’m gonna hit the gym and train before a karate class. I’ll see you later man.

Billy: Yeah totally. Bye Jason.

(Jason walks off as well, leaving Billy to himself to organize his locker and take out the textbooks he’s going to need for that night when from behind he feels somebody approaching him.)

Billy: Need anything else Jason?

(But no one responds.)

Billy: Jason?

(While closing his locker door, he turns around to approach the person behind him but instantly runs into them upon doing so.)

Billy: Oof… Oh, hi… Bertha. What’s going on?

(He has to look up to speak to his lofty classmate, who says nothing; merely staring back at him without saying a word. She just munches on a toothpick and wipes off her paint stained flannel shirt which Billy ran into.)

Billy: (awkwardly) N-nice shirt. Where’d you get it?

Bertha: (munches on toothpick) Took it from my dad.

Billy: Oh… interesting. So anyway, I was just gonna head off to the library…

Bertha: You’re helping me with my paper.

Billy: Uh, I beg your pardon?

(Bertha leans forward and becomes a little more forceful.)

Bertha: You heard me, you’re gonna help me with my paper.

(Suddenly, Billy’s initial awkwardness turns into a feeling of uncertain tension.)

Billy: Oh… well sure, I’d love to help tutor you and help you rewrite it. When are you free?

(Bertha snickers as she removes the toothpick from her mouth. She leans
over and spits a huge wad landing right next to him.)

Billy: (unnerved) I-is that chewing tobacco??

Bertha: You got a hearing problem boy…? I said you’re gonna WRITE the paper for me.

Billy: Write it for you?

Bertha: (explosively) AM I STUTTERING?!

Billy: …!!

(Billy is now clearly aware of what’s going on and is suddenly breathing a lot harder. Bertha just closes in on him threateningly, forcing him up against the locker)

Billy: N-no… it’s just… I can’t do that.

Bertha: Why not; something wrong with your hands?

Billy: N-no… because that would be cheating and I can’t do that… you’ll never learn anything that way.

(Bertha just stops and shakes her head with disbelief before snickering to herself and starts to loudly crack her knuckles. Billy becomes more and more anxious; dropping his books to the floor but too afraid to even pick them up.)

Bertha: I won’t learn anything… Boy, when I’m done with you, you can write a report about what you’ve just learned.

Billy: (gulps) …?!

(She starts to growl at a Billy now paralyzed with fear. Thankfully though, he spots Mr. Kaplan strolling by from the corner of his eye and immediately tries to get his attention.)

Billy: Mr. Kaplan, come quick!

Bertha: Huh…?

(Kaplan turns his head to find Billy down the hall in an uncompromising position. He marches toward them with a stern look on his face.)

Mr. Kaplan: What’s going on? Is everything alright?

(Bertha quickly backs off and wraps her arm around Billy and puts on a big smile.)

Bertha: Everything’s just fine Mr. K. Billy and I were just playing, right Billy?

Billy: Uhm…

Mr. Kaplan: (skeptical) Is this true Billy?

Bertha: Tell em why don’t you?

Billy: (bursts out) No, it’s not! She’s trying to pressure me into doing her history project for her. She’s threatening to beat me up if I don’t!

Bertha: (mutters) Why you son of a…

Mr. Kaplan: (appalled) Pressuring a student to cheat for you? Why that is irreprehensible. Come with me young lady; you’re in a lot of trouble.

(Bertha just stops and stares at Kaplan before grunting and begrudgingly letting Billy go.)

Mr. Kaplan: (turns back around) Oh, and Billy, you did the right thing. You know, most students would be too afraid, or rather too embarrassed to admit that a girl just punked them out. Way to do what’s right, and not worry so much what your friends will think of you.

Billy: Well…

Mr. Kaplan: I might even make a school wide announcement to announce what you just did; perhaps inspiring others to do the same. Come Bertha, I’m gonna have a talk with your father.

(Billy sighs miserably as he looks down on his scattered books as if it were his pride on the floor. It had just dawned on him what had just happened. Meanwhile on the moon, Rita looks on.)

Rita: Ugh, I can’t believe he tattled! What a little chicken?!

Baboo: Hasn’t he ever heard the wise saying, “snitches get stitches?’

Squatt: Obviously he doesn’t listen to gangsta rap.

Baboo: Obviously not.

Goldar: I’ve never snitched once in my entire life! Even as I saw my father get brutally slayed and decapitated, I refused to talk to the police about it. I know daddy must be proud of me.

Rita: It only adds salt to the wound that it was a girl who completely emasculated him.

Squatt: (shocked) You mean that thing was a girl?

Rita: Looks like the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger isn’t feeling so ‘Mighty’ right now huh? Haha!

(The next day the rangers are all back in class in their usual seats in the same classroom, only this time, they are presenting a book report for their English class.)

Bulk: So in the end, the reader finds out that the reason the caterpillar was eating so much was so that he could become a beautiful butterfly. And that concludes my report on ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ Thank you.

(The classroom applauds half-heartedly as he makes his way back to his seat; none clapping louder than his biggest fan Skull.)

Ms. Appleby: Interesting choice Bulk… I’ll give you a check.

Bulk: Awesome!

Billy: Now, next up with his report is Billy. Everyone welcome him on up.

(The class applauds again as Billy grabs a sheet of paper and takes center stage.)

Billy: Thank you everybody. Today, my report will be on a book called ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy.

Ms. Appleby: Oh, interesting.

Bulk: Show off.

Billy: The story delves into the events that led up to the French invasion of Russia and is widely considered one of the greatest…

(Suddenly someone in class starts coughing loudly, causing Billy to stop and lose his train of thought. He waits for the coughing to stop before he continues.)

Billy: Uhm where was I?

Jason: War and Peace is one of the greatest…

Billy: Right. War and Peace is widely considered one of the greatest works of literature of all time. Now the story is over 1400 pages long, so in order to finish this book in the week before the project was due, I had to…

(The coughing starts up again, sounding much more deliberate this time. Billy now suspects somebody trying to mess with him. His ranger friends even start to notice as they look around to see who is doing it.)

Billy: …

Ms. Appleby: (oblivious) Is everything alright dear?

Billy: Everything’s fine. I just… lost my train of thought.

Jason: …

Billy: Uhm… so in order to finish this book in time I had to spend all my days and nights at the library doing nothing but reading this fascinating book. It is centered around these five aristocratic families who…

Voice in classroom: (coughs)QUEER!(coughs)

(Now it’s obvious to Billy that somebody was trying to hurt him and by his now upset expression, it seemed to be working. He glances over towards the middle of the classroom to find Bertha chuckling to herself. Billy becomes so insulted, yet finds himself too ashamed from yesterday to cause another scene that he simply loses all interest in his presentation.)

Billy: (shakes head) I-I’m sorry Ms. Appleby… I’m not feeling too well today, is it alright if I just hand my paper in? …just this once?

Ms. Appleby: Not feeling well? Do you need to see the nurse?

Billy: No, no… I just…

(Billy doesn’t even bother to finish his sentence and just quietly sits down to the bewilderment of everyone in the classroom.)

Trini: (worried) Billy, is everything okay? Do you want me to take you to the nurse?

Billy: No, no… it’s quite alright thanks. I’ll be fine.

Trini: …okay.

Ms. Appleby: Okay… uhm… I guess Jason, you’re up next.

Jason: Sure.

(The class applauds, but Jason takes a second to give long wary look to his friend before finally going up.)

Jason: Hey everyone, my paper is on a popular book called ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ by Ken Kesey. It’s about a guy who gets sent to a mental institution but who isn’t mentally challenged. He sees how horribly everyone gets treated in their by the head nurse, who pretty much bullies these poor inmates that couldn’t do a thing about for fear of worse treatment.

(Jason glances over at Billy who’s sulking to himself; playing with his fingers.)

Jason: This story really touched me because I don’t like seeing people get pushed around, and the way in which the nurse carried herself and manipulated the inmates if she didn’t get what she wanted was awful.

(He glances over again to see Billy slowly picking his head up to listen to Jason, only to be met with a spitball to the back of the head. Billy grimaces, but other than turning his face half way back, does nothing about it.)

Jason: (stares coldly) And if I were there, I’d teach that woman some respect.

Robbie: Jack Nicholson’s in that book right?

Trini: No. You’re thinking about the movie.

Robbie: You sure? I don’t think you read the book.

Trini: I don’t think you read the book.

Jason: …

(After school, Billy is seen exiting the school alone from the front entrance. He has his shoulders slightly slouched and his eyes lost in deep thought when he hears someone calling his name.)

Voice: Billy! Yo Billy, wait up!

Billy: Huh?

(He turns around to see Jason chase after him. He quickly shakes his head and forces the look off his face.)

Billy: Hey Jase, what’s going on?

Jason: I just wanted to talk.

Billy: Certainly. What would you like to talk about?

Jason: Are you feeling better?

Billy: Feeling better?

Jason: From earlier today; you weren’t feeling well during your report so you had to sit down.

Billy: Oh…? Oh! Yeah, much better; thanks for asking.

Jason: Okay… good.

(Billy sensed a shift in the conversation was coming that he really wasn’t in the mood to get into so he started to inch his body away from Jason.)

Billy: Great… so… anyway, I’ve gotta get home. My mom really needs help with something and I…

(Billy takes a step away from him, but Jason stops him before he could get any further.)

Jason: Hey man… I just want to talk to you.

Billy: About what? What’s there to talk about?

(He puts his arms around Billy and speaks quietly.)

Jason: Listen man, I saw what was happening.

Billy: W-what do you mean?

Jason: What do I mean? It was obvious; big Bertha was giving you trouble.

Billy: (laughs uncomfortably) What? Bertha? Nah… I didn’t notice her doing anything.

Jason: I saw her chucking spitballs at you. And I’m pretty sure she was the one who made all that noise during your presentation and even called you that name. Whatever’s going on between the two of you, that’s completely uncalled for. I’ve already asked Trini and Kimberly to have a talk with her tomorrow.

Billy: (Abruptly) You WHAT?! W-why would you tell them anything?! I’m telling you the truth Jason, nothing’s wrong.

Jason: Huh? Then what was all that I saw?

Billy: For all you know, she and I are good friends.

Jason: Really?

Billy: That’s just how we joke with one another. She calls me… ‘queer’ and I call her… stupid fat ugly cow. We’re good friends. So please don’t get involved; and if anything WERE wrong, I could handle it myself, okay? It’s called Billy’s problem, not Billy and Jason’s.

Jason: …okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Billy: Bye.

(Billy storms off leaving a still worried Jason behind. Meanwhile back on the moon, Rita and Goldar find some use in Billy’s dilemma.)

Goldar: Look at the blue power ranger; he’s so depressed about this bully he doesn’t even want to be around anybody.

Rita: Yes. Perhaps if we take that tank of a woman and turn her into a monster, Billy will be so afraid and embarrassed, that he won’t even ask for help as she destroys him and gets him out of the picture!

Goldar: Yes! And from the looks of it, turning her into a monster should be a piece of cake!


Goldar: AHAHAHA!!

Rita: Cause she’s ugly.

(A little later, Billy is seen hurriedly walking through Angel Grove Park on his way home. His eyes are locked to the ground; refusing to acknowledge anyone.)

Billy: (ashamed) Man… what is wrong with me? I’m a super hero for crying out loud. Why am I letting this girl get to me? I’ve beaten monsters twice her size… almost. (Sigh) I need to get a grip.

(Billy continues to storm through the park; lost in deep thought, until he begins to hear a pair of heavy footsteps creeping behind him. He slowly turns his head around to see who it is and finds none other than Bertha following him with a mischievous grin. Billy jerks his head forward and starts to walk even quicker after loudly sighing.)

Bertha: (mockingly) What’s wrong boy; you not happy to see me? Not surprising to see you would run away from a woman.

Billy: Just leave me alone. Please.

Bertha: Aww, but I was just gonna do something nice and return your testicles to you. You dropped them on the floor yesterday.

(Billy stops in his tracks, takes a deep breath and turns around in an effort to stop this.)

Billy: Look Bertha, I’m really sorry for telling on you. I didn’t mean to get you in trouble, I swear. I just kinda… freaked out.

Bertha: Do you know what you did when you told on me? Kaplan went and told my old man, who wasn’t very happy when I got home. He just got laid off that morning.

Billy: I’m really, truly sorry. Look, if it means anything, I’ll do your project for you no problem. I just, want to put an end to this.

Bertha: (menacingly) It’s too late for that now.

Billy: …

Bertha: (clenches teeth) You had your chance to end this peacefully… now I’m about to do to you, what pops did to me…

(Bertha approaches him with a perverse smile and cracks her knuckles once more. Billy just takes a deep breath and braces for the worst. However, just before she could raise a fist, she feels a firm tap on her shoulder.)

Bertha: Huh?

Jason: (Boldly) Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?

(She turns around to spot Jason right behind her with his arms crossed and a cold, angered stare, right at her.)

Bertha: (intimidatingly) You talking to me, muscles?

Jason: (stoically) Cut the big girl act, you don’t scare me. Now beat it; next time you mess with my friend, you gotta go through me.

(Bertha gives Jason a long scowl. Jason just looks right back at her completely unfazed. The two exchange tough looks, but before long, Bertha eventually blinks and steps back.)

Bertha: Whatever, I’m not gonna waste my time on you. I’ll be back…

(Bertha turns around and gives Billy one last look before slowly walking off. Jason doesn’t break eye contact with her until she’s completely out of view.)

Jason: ….and stay out.

(He turns around and walks toward Billy with a look of worry. He tries to put his hand on Billy’s shoulder to console him, but Billy furiously smacks it away.)

Billy: (annoyed) What are you doing here?!

Jason: What am I doing here? I was helping you out man… Some friend she is; it didn’t look like you guys were playing around at all.

Billy: I told you, I had it under control.

Jason: Yeah, well it didn’t look that way to me. Billy, I’M your friend, you have nothing to be ashamed of asking me for help.

Billy: Yeah?

Jason: Yeah.

Billy: Well then Just do me one more favor Jase, and don’t do me anymore favors!!!

Jason: But Billy…

(Before Jason could say another word, Billy stormed off irately. Jason decides to just stay behind, though he shakes his head disappointingly. Elsewhere in the park, Bertha can be seen walking alone with a mean scowl on her face; clearly unhappy she was shown up, looking to make Billy pay next time she sees him. When from out of nowhere, a blinding light flashes in front of her.)

Bertha: Ahh!!

Goldar: Gyahaha, you’re coming with me!

Bertha: Who the heck are you?

(In front of her stood a sword wielding Goldar and a pack of putty patrollers; Bertha didn’t know who they were or what was going on, but she wasn’t about to go down peacefully.)

Bertha: I ain’t going nowhere you stupid monkey!

Goldar: Ha! Some spunk in this one; she’ll be perfect. Putties, get her now!!

(The putties swarm around Bertha, and despite a minor struggle are able to outnumber her and hold her down.)

Bertha: What are you doing? Let go of me now!!

Goldar: Haha, I don’t think so…

Bertha: You’re… gonna…. PAAAAAYYYYY!!

(And with a flick of the wrist from Goldar, they each vanished into thin air and into Rita’s castle.)

Rita: Good work Goldar; now to cast the spell.

(The castle is now pitch black; being lit only by a row of candles surrounding the cold metal bed in which Bertha lies on. She’s been incapacitated, with a sheet covering her body. Rita appears before her and begins to summon the evil spirits from within her crystal ball.)

Rita: Call forth thee human, you shall fall under my spell! Yoo yaaam shoooo… Shabo!!

(Thunder claps right on cue.)

Squatt: (frightened) I’m scared!!

Baboo: (frightened) H-h-hold me….

Rita: You will become my newest monster. You will belong to me… humsha nooooo Shambo!!

(Her crystal ball, which is shaped into a skull lights up from the eyes, when suddenly the entire castle quakes from the core of the moon.)

Rita: You will use your Bull-like strength to seek out and destroy the blue ranger. Yoo yaaam shoooo… Shabo!!

(Lightning strikes the outside of the castle, sending an electrical current charge through the walls that travel to Bertha’s metal bed, causing her to quiver violently as the sheet falls to the floor. She’s awaken, only she wasn’t an average school girl anymore, as thick, shiny fur began to spread throughout her entire body. Her shoulders began to broaden and become more muscular Her neck receding into a thick stump. She lifts herself into a seated position as her back begins to rise into an arch. Finally, long horns pierce through her skull, all the while Rita looks on excitedly.)

Rita: Yes, yes perfect! Bertha the Bull lives! Aha!!

Bertha the Bull: YAAAARRRG!!! I’m gonna POUND that nerd!

Rita: HAHA!!!

(We return to Earth on the following day. Jason, Zack and Trini enter the Juice Bar looking to unwind after another long day of school; the boys wearing tank tops with boxing gear on while Trini has on spandex and a towel.)

Zack: Man, do I need to let off some steam.

Trini: Me too… this semester’s been beating me up worse than any monster Rita could ever make.

Jason: (Laughs) Yeah, I’d pick the Pudgy Pig any time before another one of those Science exams today.

Trini: Our curriculum IS unusually packed.

Zack: Yeah, still, anyone find it odd that Billy wasn’t in class today? I mean it’s not like him to miss class at all, much less miss an exam.

Trini: Yeah, I hope he’s okay. He must really be sick if he has to skip out on a test…

Jason: Yeah well… I asked Tommy and Kim to stop by his house to check up on him. Make sure he’s okay.

Zack: Good idea.

Trini: (points) Uuuh… I don’t think he’s home you guys.

Jason: What do you mean?

(Trini points toward the bar area where Billy is seen sulking to himself in the corner, nursing a milkshake.)

Jason: (shakes head) Billy…

Trini: (walks towards him) Billy! Billy, are you alright?

(Billy looks surprised to see them and quickly props himself up and wipes the frown off his face.)

Billy: Huh? Oh… hey guys. Yeah, I’m totally fine. Since when do you guys come here…?

Jason: The Juice Bar?

Billy: …

Zack: Man, what are you doing here? You’re sick; you should be in bed, not here drinking a milkshake.

Billy: (starts getting up) Oh… you’re right. Yeah, I should probably get…

Trini: I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with big Bertha picking on you.

Billy: …!!!

Zack: Wait, wait… Big Bertha’s picking on Billy?

Trini: Yeah that’s what Jason told me, Kim and I we’re going to talk to her today but she didn’t show up. Robbie said something about her getting a vasectomy, but I’m pretty sure he’s lying.

Jason: That’s enough Trini.

Billy: (furiously) I can’t believe you actually told!

(Billy snarls at Jason with clenched fists, shaking from the anger. But when Jason just looks at him sympathetically, he just exhales before long and starts to walk out of the Juice Bar.)

Trini: Billy…

(Trini starts going after him, but Jason stops her.)

Jason: Wait. I’m the reason he’s upset; I’ll go talk to him.

(Jason paces after Billy till they’re both outside of the Juice Bar.)

Jason: Billy man, wait up.

Billy: I can’t believe you actually told them! Do you have any idea how humiliated I am right now?

Jason: Look I was just trying to pro…

Billy: No, you look! Don’t you see that now I look like a pathetic wimp to them? I just totally lost their respect… just like I’ve lost my own.

Jason: You haven’t lost any one’s respect Billy. You’re still the nice, smart friend you were before she started picking on you so we don’t have any reason to be worried about what we think.

(Billy just sighs and hangs his head.)

Jason: Why’d you skip class today?

Billy: I just felt that… that if I went to class today… Bertha would just… I don’t know. She’d treat me worse for you stepping in. She’d think you were fighting my battles for me.

Jason: And how long were you planning on hiding for?

Billy: It’s not hiding…

Jason: It is hiding. People like her… they get off on exerting their dominance over others who won’t stand up for themselves because deep down they’re just as miserable as they want you to be. They’ll only stop when they realized you won’t stand for their nonsense. Billy you’ve got to do something. Either tell Mr. Kaplan… or your parents…

Billy: (helplessly) I already told Mr. Kaplan when she first started picking on me… and it’s only made things worse. And Mr. Kaplan can’t always be there, neither can my parents.

Jason: (Punches hand) Then I’ll take care of this myself.

Billy: Absolutely not! We’re not solving this with violence. The threat of violence is the problem, I’m not about to put out a flame by throwing gasoline on it. Besides, like you always say in your karate class, violence should be your very last resort.

Jason: Yeah, but it seems like this might just be your last resort. She’s just not getting it.

Billy: There has to be another way.

Jason: (looks up) Oh no! Speaking of bullies!

(From the skies, a pack of putties appear and immediately surround the rangers. Jason gets in fighting stance and charges at them while Billy seems almost hesitant, feeling almost inadequate.
Jason dives in leaning toward his first target with a stiff boot to the chest which sends the foot soldier flying and Jason going back in recoil. He swiftly turns around however and lands a roundhouse kick to the putty behind him. He strikes a pose with a battle cry of pure epicness before realizing that another putty is flying towards him from his right with a kick as is one on the left. Jason tries to think fast and does a back flip to move out of the way, allowing them to crash midair.

Billy on the other hand, was acting more evasive than ever. With three goons surrounding him, he did his best to jump out of the way of one’s ground kick and quickly ducking another’s overhand punch. The third gets him though with a strike to the mid-section sending him back toward the recycling bins. Afterwards, the putty runs toward him and lunges at him. Billy dives out of the way in the nick of time, causing the putty to land directly in a recycling bin and roll down a nearby hill.)

Billy: Should’ve dumped you in the trash bin.

(Clever quip aside, he was still in danger. More putties had joined to gang up on him and were beginning to move him away from Jason, making him feel uneasy. One tries to knock his head off with a heel kick but he ducks, narrowly avoiding getting hit. Out of desperation he backflips onto a nearby picnic table. However, his luck runs out as they circle him and grab him by the legs, forcing him off.)

Billy: (panicking) AHHH!!! Jason! Heeelp!

Jason: Billy you gotta fight back! I’ve got my hands full myself.

(The putty patrollers start tossing him around like a ragdoll before throwing him to the ground.)

Billy: Arrg… I’m getting sick of getting pushed around!

(And just on cue, a bright flash blinds a still floored Billy.)

Billy: Oh no… what now?

(The giant, intense looking bull appeared before Billy; drool down its mouth and snot spewing from its nostrils. It dragged its feet on the floor as Billy began to drag himself backwards.)

Bertha the Bull: (Derisively) Well then, why don’t you get your boyfriend to come protect you!? If he can get to you that is…

(The bull drags its feet on the floor some more as Billy struggles to get back on his feet. However the second he does, the Bull unleashes itself on full speed and it gores him sending him flying through the air and onto a pile of boxes.)

Jason: Billy! I’m coming!

(He elbows the putty trying to grapple him on the right and lands and uppercut while still crouched over to the one on the left. He then leaps through the air to aid his fallen friend.)

Jason: (extending hand) Billy, you alright man?

Billy: (gasping for air) I’m alright… but it looks like they’re all targeting me. This is a load of bull.

(Billy reaches out and grabs Jason’s hand to help bring him back up. The Bull now approaches the two of them.)

Bertha the Bull: Muscles, I knew you’d come get in the way. This is between me and the nerd! So why don’t you just get out of my way?! Make yourself useful by holding his purse as I crush him.




(The now morphed rangers get in fighting stance standing across from the giant bull, who for some reason can’t stop laughing at them.)

Jason: Huh?

Billy: …?

Bertha the Bull: (amused) Gyahahaha! If I didn’t think you were a sissy before…. spandex!?!?! Gyahaha!!! Please tell me they aren’t bottomless!!!!

Jason: What’s this monster going on about?

Billy: I don’t know… but she sounds strangely familiar.

Jason: Obviously Rita knows what’s going on and is trying to bully you. Just pound her like you would that lumberjack Bertha.

Bertha the Bull: (Brusquely) Hey!! You watch your mouth, muscles.

Jason: There it goes again calling me muscles…

Bertha the Bull: Putties, get this dumb jock out of my way. The blue one and I have a score to settle…

Jason: Huh? Wait a minute….

(Before Jason could react, a swarm of putties had grabbed Jason by both arms and pulled him away, tossing him from the scene.)

Billy: Jason no!

Bertha the Bull: Don’t worry blue boy, I promise I’ll make it quick… maybe not so much painless.

(The bull slowly approaches Billy who without Jason to help him now feels helpless.)

Billy: What did I ever do to you anyway? Why do you only want me?

Bertha the Bull: Oh? I think you know exactly why!

(On the word why, the bull stiffs Billy with a back hand, causing him to lose balance. The bull then quickly wraps her muscular arms around Billy’s neck and starts giving him a noogie.)

Bertha the Bull: You will pay for what you’ve done to me!


Bertha the Bull: Oh quit your crying, you’re wearing a helmet for God sakes.

(Out of desperation, Billy manages to stomp on the bull’s foot, causing a kneejerk reaction to let him go.)

Billy: Alright, Jason’s right… you leave me with no choice, I have to fight back!

(Billy lands a hard right to the jaw followed by and even harder left. Unfortunately, the bull barely budges.)

Billy: Uh-oh…

Bertha the Bull: (clenches teeth) Now you’ve done it…

(The bull rams into him, sending him flying again, this time though, he rolls down the nearby hill, onto a rocky canyon. Bertha just slowly walks down after him.)

Bertha the Bull: You dare lay you’re hands on me?

Billy: I barely phased it… I hit back and it only made it angrier.

Bertha the Bull: (explosively) YEAH YOU DID!!

(The bull kicks Billy as he was down, knocking him further down the hill to the very bottom. From the very top, Jason could be seen fighting off the last putty. He spots his friend in a jam and tries to help.)

Jason: Billy! Billy are you alright?

Billy: Honestly, I’ve felt better.

Jason: Billy you gotta fight back; show that thing who’s boss.

Billy: I just did… it didn’t work. It’s just beating me up even worse. It’s way stronger than me.

Jason: Oh man… alright then, let’s head back to the command center. Maybe Zordon can help us.

Billy: Right.

Bertha the Bull: Oh no you don’t!

(Bertha cocks back for another kick, but just before she could land it, Billy along with Jason teleport out of there to safety.)

Bertha the Bull: Noo!!! Where are you?! I’m not done teaching you your lesson!! ARRRG!!!!

(Back on the moon, Rita gloats the early success of her new monster.)

Rita: (triumphant) They’ve run away! HAHA!! My new monster is working wonders! Finster, who would’ve thought all your stupid monsters would pale in comparison to this teenager with attitude?

Finster: (mumbles) Well, none of my monsters have any warrants…

Rita: Ah, but I’ve been here before… usually the power rangers will come back stronger than ever; usually with some new weapon they’ve somehow built from scraps in Billy’s garage. I can’t allow that to happen! Goldar!!

Goldar: Yes my empress?

Rita: Go to downtown Angel Grove and wreak some havoc; I can’t allow the other rangers to get in the way of my plan, it’s going too well.

Goldar: Yes, right away!

Rita: You stupid rangers won’t outsmart me now… cause this time, I’ve got the bull by the horns!

(Meanwhile at the command center, the other five rangers have joined a now unmorphed Jason and Billy, who is leaning against the keyboard.)

Tommy: We got here as soon as we heard. Are you alright Billy?

Billy: (defensively) Yeah I’m fine. I wish people would stop asking me if I’m alright.

Tommy: …

Jason: Billy got beat up bad by Rita’s new monster. He couldn’t even leave a scratch.

Billy: …

Zordon: That is because it is no ordinary monster. Behold the viewing globe.

(The seven rangers each turn to face the viewing globe. They see an image of Bertha being kidnapped by Goldar and a pack of putties.)

Robbie: Wait…

Trini: Is that…

Kimberly: Big Bertha?

Zack: The baddest girl in school? What would Rita want with her?

Alpha: Rita captured her to turn her into her latest, most diabolical monster yet, Bertha the Bull.

(They see an image of Bertha, now as a giant bull, roaming the streets of Angel Grove; calling for Billy.)

Jason: Wait a second…

Billy: That’s Bertha?!

Kimberly: I’ve got to say, she actually looks a lot better now as a monster.

Robbie: Yeah, it looks like she’s at least she shaved now.

(The rangers see images of the bull beating Billy down and giving him a noogie.)

Robbie: But wait… why does it seem to only be targeting Billy?

Tommy: Yeah, and why Bertha of all people?

Billy: …….

Zordon: Perhaps, I am not the best person to address your concerns… Billy?

(Slowly, every starts turning to Billy; who’s once again leaning up against the keyboards with his hands in his pocket.)

Jason: Is there something you wanna tell us Billy?

Billy: …

Trini: Come on Billy, we’re your friends… you can talk to us.

(Billy takes a deep breath before beginning to speak.)

Billy: It all started a couple days ago. Bertha confronted me in the hallways and told me that if I didn’t do what she said and cheat for her, I’d get beaten up. Well, I told Mr. Kaplan because, well, at the time I thought it was the best thing to do. Only, since then, things got much, much worse. Now everywhere I went when I was at school, she was there. It got to the point that for the first time in my life today, I just… didn’t feel like going to class. I feel completely weak right now not to mention totally emasculated. And I assume Rita knows this and decided to kick me while I’m down… I’m sorry for not telling any of you guys. I’ve just been extremely ashamed of myself for getting picked on by a girl.

Jason: And you hear that silence Billy? That’s none of us judging you.
Zack: …
Trini: …
Kimberly: …
Tommy: …
Robbie: I’m doing it silently.

Trini: Billy, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. None of this is your fault; in fact, we respect you more for not stooping to her level. That takes integrity, not to mention lots of patience.

Tommy: Yeah Billy, you shouldn’t feel like any less of a person because somebody else isn’t happy with who they are. Just let us all know next time; you don’t have to fight back, but there is strength in numbers.

Zack: Well you know what? We’re all here now; I say we buck this bull right now.

Jason: Yeah!

(A now relieved Billy can’t help but smile with adoration of his supportive friends.)

Billy: You guys are the greatest. Man, I feel so much better. Yeah, let’s take her down.

(Just then, the alarm goes off, sending Alpha into a panic.)

Alpha: Oh no; we’ve got another problem! Ay ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, yai!! Goldar and a swarm of putties are attacking downtown Angel Grove.

Zordon: Rita must’ve foreseen the other rangers coming together so she’s using Goldar as a diversion.

Jason: That’s fine; we’ll just split up into teams of two.

Billy: No.

Jason: No?

Billy: No. This is my problem, I’m gonna resolve it my way. You guys can handle Goldar.

Jason: Are you sure?

Billy: (nods head) I’m sure.

(Billy puts his hand on Jason’s shoulder reassuringly.)

Jason: Okay, but if you need any help just call us.

Billy: You got it.

Tommy: But Zordon, what about my powers? They’re getting weak.

Robbie: Oh shut the Hell up; we don’t have time for that nonsense.

Zack: Yeah seriously, stop trying to hog the spotlight.

Tommy: …

Zordon: Very well then, and let the power protect you.







"Saber-Toothed Tiger!"


(Jason, Zack, Trini, Tommy, Kim and Robbie soar down to the top of a skyscraper in downtown Angel Grove where they meet Goldar; who with a flick of his wrists, he is joined by a swarm of putties who immediately charge at the rangers. They waste no time getting to work ridding themselves of this diversion. Robbie and Zack take on half the putties on the south side while the girls handle a pack of their own on the north. And while outnumbered both ways, hold their own. Like the incredibly agile Zack, who practically dances around the enemy; frustrating their every effort at landing a punch with Matrix-like ducks and dodges then coming back at them with spinning kicks of his own before they have even the slightest chance to recover. Even Robbie, who while significantly less refined is much more aggressive in fighting style; disregarding defense, but lunges at pairs of them with flying clotheslines. They leave everyone, including him on the floor, leaving him open to be grabbed by more putties but he recovers by kicking them in the groin and slamming their faces to the hard cement rooftop with a bulldog.)

Zack: Man, you’re all over the place. We need to hone your skills… try learning to dance.

Robbie: No thanks. Andre the Giant could teach me more about breaking skulls than ‘Dirty Dancing’ ever could.

Zack: Good movie though.

Robbie: Oh yeah, no doubt.

Zack: I honestly didn’t mind that the girl was only like, 16; I think the whole thing was very tastefully done. I found myself rooting for Patrick Swayze.

Robbie: Absolutely. Swayze is a phenomenal actor. The movie itself doesn’t offer much in terms of fighting intergalactic monsters; but yeah, I liked it.

(Meanwhile, the girls are trying to maintain as well, teaming up to take down their horde; Kim using her gymnast background using her evasive backflips; luring them toward Trini who uses her Kung Fu background to beat the living crap out of them. All the while, Jason and Tommy handle a sword wielding Goldar who is more than tough enough for the two black belts. He swings his sword over the ducking head of the red ranger who answers back with a kick to the abdomen. Tommy tries to capitalize with a diving lunge but is quickly neutralized with a swing of Goldar’s blade. Jason tries to run to the aid of the fallen green ranger but is shoved backwards with a big boot to the face. )

Goldar: Just give up now, you could save your blue friend a lot of trouble. And even more pain. Gyahaha.

Jason: (defiantly) Never! You may have us outnumbered, and that new monster may be physically stronger than Billy. But we all have something that you could never understand and that goes twice for Billy… heart.

Goldar: How very touching. I can’t wait to rip you open and see for myself.

(Just then, Tommy leaps onto the back of Goldar and quickly tries to restrain him.)

Goldar: What do you think you’re doing? Do you think you’re hurting me? I’ve worn backpacks heavier than you.

Tommy: Jason, shoot now!

(Jason pulls out his blade blaster and fires a shot directly at his chest, quickly taking him down. Meanwhile in a more calm setting on the outskirts of town, Comic-Con, a convention held annually for fans of comic books, popular super hero movies and all things science fiction is in full swing. Fans, young and old unite to meet their favorite stars or writers, meet others with their passion and most even dress up as their favorite characters for the occasion with homemade materials. It’s a joyous occasion for a certain demographic of young kids. Kids that from the outside are typically referred to as…)

Bertha the Bull: NEERRRDDDSSSS!!!!!

(Bertha the Bull managed to somehow stumble into the convention and due to everyone being in costume has gone undetected.)

Fat guy in Zelda suit: Wow, that’s a really good costume. I wonder who made it?

White girl as Chun Li: (With lisp) I don’t know… what is he supposed to be anyway?

(Bertha storms through each stand searching for any leads.)

Bertha the Bull: He’s got to be around here somewhere. Jeez this gonna be like finding a needle in a haystack. Maybe I should ask that fat Ironman over there. ….wait…. is that…?

(From the corner of her eye, she spots something that gets her attention.)

Bertha the Bull: HIM!!

(She bullets to the end of the room; knocking over several people in the process until she finally gets her hands around her targets scrawny neck.)

Bertha the Bull: (incensed) I KNEW you’d be here. I ain’t done with you, blue ranger. I will not be done until I make you pay for what you done to me.

(What she thinks is the blue ranger is in fact a much skinnier 12 year old boy in a loose fitted, obviously homemade blue ranger costume with sneakers on. He gasped for dear life as his friend, a balding older male in a Sailor Moon costume desperately tried to pry the monster off of him.)

Sailor Moon: Get off; you’re hurting him!!!

Bertha the Bull: GET OUT OF MY WAY!! This is between me and the dweeb.

Sailor Moon: Security!! Security, come quick!!

(He continued to pry as well as others jumping in to get involved. Yet, she continued the vise grip as the boy slowly began to slip away. A satisfying grin overtook the face of the monster who was taking joy in exerting dominance over a much weaker prey. The boy was just about to take his last desperate gasp for air when from out of nowhere the monster is knocked right to the ground with a shot from a laser.)

Bertha the Bull: (Stunned) W-what the???

Billy: You’ve harmed your last victim; now let my people go!

Bertha the Bull: You!! But I thought…

(Billy soars through the air, landing right by the bull, where he manages to catch Bertha by surprise and land a right hand followed by a kick that causes her to stumble backwards. He turns his attention momentarily to the innocent civilian harmed by the monster.)

Billy: Are you alright?

(The boy cannot speak, but he is able to give Billy the thumbs up.)

Billy: Good. Nice costume by the way. (Looks up) Guys, get him to safety. Batman, make sure no one else hurt him.

Batman: Right.

Bertha the Bull: Well aren’t you the nerd messiah? Too bad in the real world none of that actually matters and you’re still in the bottom of the totem pole.

Billy: Enough, I’m sick of your put downs. These people and I are no different than you or anybody else. They’re good people who wouldn’t harm a fly. But people like you know that, and you use that to put them down to make you feel better about yourself. Well no more.

Bertha the Bull: How dare you make those assumptions…? why I outta….

(Billy doesn’t let her finish her though, charging the beast with all he’s got. He attempts a bicycle kick, but is quickly deflected and knocked back to the table of a stand with a strong shoulder butt. )

Billy: Right… I forgot how strong she is.

Bertha the Bull: When I’m done with you, I’m gonna form a line out the bathroom door as I give these each of these geeks a swirly.

(Billy looks to see which stand he’s in and starts thinking on his feet. He grabs the nearest poster he could grab and unravels it, revealing autographed photos of Kagome from Inuyasha and notices as it sends Bertha into a rage. He starts to wave it by side like a bull fighter which causes her to charge full speed at him. Then, at the very last second he yanks the photo away causing Bertha to collide into the stand itself, causing the roof of the stand to collapse on top of her; sending photos, T-shirts and a bunch of other Inuyasha merchandise to fly all over the place. Billy looked around with confusion as to why people hadn’t yet evacuated the scene and are instead just standing there watching the fight.)

Billy: Man… I need to take this outside; this is gonna cause too much collateral damage. These people don’t seem to get the urgency of this situation.

Fat Zangief: Man, this comic-con is awesome!! They even have a live show; I’ve never seen that done before.

Virgin Captain Falcon: Yeah, such great costumes too.

Billy: C’mon Bertha! Catch me if you can.

(Billy runs out the front entrance, as does Bertha once get gets back up from the rubble. Unfortunately though, many other people still think it’s just a show and run outside with them.)

Billy: Oh no… they’re gonna get hurt. You guys have to get out of here!! It’s too dangerous!!

(Billy waves at the crowd, but either they don’t hear him or don’t listen as they only cheer back.)

Billy: (shakes head) Stupid nerds…

Bertha the Bull: You’re not running away this time!

Billy: I’m finished running. The only way to stop people like you is to stand up to them.

Bertha the Bull: Let’s see how that works out!!!

(Just then, Bertha charges Billy with everything she’s got and lands a brutal headbutt that sends Billy flying through the air, crash landing on top of the designated Segway parking; many of which start blowing up on impact.)

Fat Red Ranger: MY SEG!!!!

Bertha the Bull: Hahaha… this ain’t a movie. And all of your ‘stand up for the underdog’ crap don’t work in real life. Now, to finish you off… bwahahaha!!!

Billy: (writhing) …Uhh…..

(Meanwhile, back to downtown Angel Grove, the others are finishing off the putty patrollers. Zack hops around his last foot solider just as Robbie pile drivers his last. Trini smashes as Kim leads them off the edge of the building and before you know it, Goldar was suddenly the one outnumbered.)

Jason: The jigs up Goldar, give up now, or you can end up like those clay brains we just finished off.

Goldar: You rangers will not get in the way of my empresses plan, I will not allow it.

Robbie: Stop calling her an empress!!! You need an actual empire to be an empress. And theirs only like, four of you in that castle.

Jason: Have it your way Goldar. Alright guys take out your weapons and give em everything you’ve got.

Tommy: Right!
Zack: Right!
Trini: Right!
Kimberly: Right!
Robbie: Right!

(The rangers all pull out their respective weapons and aim them at Goldar. Realizing things aren’t going to end well; he decides to live to fight another day.)

Goldar: (begrudgingly) I guess you rangers might have won this time, but I promise you, I’ll be back!

(With a flick of the wrist, Goldar retreats; disappearing into thin air.)

Zack: He got away!

Robbie: Crap!

Trini: At least now we can go help Billy.

Jason: Trini’s right, now that the distraction is out of the way, we can shift our focus back to taming that bully. Zordon come in.

Zordon: Yes Jason.

Jason: Goldar just retreated. We’re on our way to help Billy. We just need to know where he is.

Zordon: Billy is on the outskirts of down on the boarder of Stone Canyon. He is at the comic book convention with Bertha the Bull.

Trini: (thrilled) Comic-con?! Today?!? Aw man I didn’t even get to finish my costume!

Robbie: What were you gonna go as?

Trini: The yellow ranger.

Robbie: I see.

Jason: Alright, let’s go guys.

(The rangers teleport off the building to try and save Billy, who is in great danger. Still incapacitated on top of the Segway’s with the giant bull closing in on him, he is history unless he acts fast.)

Bertha the Bull: What will it say on your death certificate when I’m done with you boy? Fractured skull? Asphyxiation? What about my favorite; death by wedgie?

Billy: I’d really prefer natural causes…

Bertha the Bull: NOT AN OPTION!

(Bertha cracks her knuckles one final time before grabbing Billy by the chest and pulling him up from the rubble.)

Bertha the Bull: Maybe I’ll just get creative? Hahaha…

(She clenches one of her fists and cocks it as far back as she could; salivating at the thought of finally cracking his head open. All the while, Billy just braces himself for the worst.)

Bertha the Bull: This is gonna be so sweet; wish I’d brought some extra panties….

Billy: W-why do you hate me so much, Bertha? I never meant to wrong you… honestly.

Bertha the Bull: (Menacingly) Never meant to wrong me, huh?

Billy: No. I swear I just, I just got scared when you pressed me like that. I didn’t mean to get you in trouble.

Bertha the Bull: (fuming) Didn’t mean to get me in trouble? Didn’t MEAN to get me in trouble? You little….what did you MEAN to happen when you ratted me out to Kaplan?

Billy: I…

Bertha: (continues) What did you MEAN when you made me look bad in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL? Did you have good intentions for me then? What about when Kaplan told my old man, who needed something to take his anger out on cause he just got laid off hours before; what did you intend to happen? Did you MEAN for him to do what he did to me…?

(Slowly, her eyes fill with a bitter rage as they start to wander off.)

Billy: What?! God, no… I didn’t mean for any of that! My God, what did he do to you?

Bertha the Bull: (shakes head) THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS BOY!!

Billy: It isn’t. But Bertha, whatever he did, it wasn’t your fault, just as much as it wasn’t mine.

Bertha the Bull: Don’t pull that psych crap on me; my therapist tried that crap on me and she still hasn’t woken up from her coma. Mistake or not, I’m gonna destroy you…

Billy: (sighs) …fine. Go ahead.

(She cocks her fist back one more time; only this time, Billy just accepts it hopelessly. Though despite her dismissive reply, Bertha still felt like she needed to set the record straight.)

Bertha the Bull: Oh, and just for the record, I know it’s not my fault! But that’s how things are since my mom died.

Billy: I’m… so sorry for your loss.

Bertha the Bull: Don’t be. She died years ago… though my old man still seems torn up about it. Fact is… he was never like this before. She just had this… calming effect on him. He’d get all wound up, and she seemed to know exactly what to say to wind him back down. But she’s not around no more.

Billy: She sounds like a lovely woman.

Bertha the Bull: She was; beautiful too… queen of the trailer park so to speak. Definitely didn’t belong in the slums, but lord blessed us I guess. But in the end, all she left behind were some old clothes, collectible Dale Ernheart plates and me… a ‘fat, stupid, ugly piece of trash no one likes and won’t ever be half the woman her mom was.’ I swear… no matter how many people I beat up or how many pigtails I pull, pops always knows how to bring me down right away. Fact is, I just want him to notice me for once…

Billy: Bertha… I-I never knew this….

Bertha the Bull: I never told anyone… I was always kinda… ashamed to look weak around people so I just shut them out. Even people who wanted to help me.

Billy: …trust me, I completely understand. But you don’t need to be ashamed of anything; none of this is your fault. Look, if I had known you were going through all this… I would’ve just helped you on that paper to begin with.

Bertha the Bull: You… would’ve?

Billy: It’s ethically sketchy, but… it looks like to me like you needed something positive to turn your luck around. And I would do anything to help those in need.

(Slowly, Bertha begins to come to her senses as she begins to lower Billy to his feet.)

Bertha the Bull: Man, what have I done? You’re… alright.

Billy: Thanks Bertha, so are you.

Bertha the Bull: You know… what really spoke to me was that Bulk kids book report.

Billy: The Very Hungry Caterpillar??

Bertha the Bull: Yeah… good book based on his report. I plan on picking the book up sometime.

Billy: You do know that’s a 1st grade level book right? And I’m pretty sure Bulk didn’t even read it all…

Bertha the Bull: (ignores him) A tale about a plain old caterpillar, that all it does is eat and eat and eat… Then one day, it wraps itself up in a cocoon before becoming this beautiful butterfly.

(Billy looks on awkwardly as Bertha takes a minute to compose herself; fighting a tear that’s squeezing out of her eye.)

Bertha the Bull: (hangs head) I want to be that butterfly one day.

Billy: You will be Bertha… you will be.

Bertha the Bull: You… really think so?

Billy: I know so.

(Billy gives her a reassuring nod when Bertha shakes her head and clears her throat in an attempt to recompose herself and casually pats him on the back.)

Bertha: Thanks bro.

Billy: No problem, pal.

(The two share an unusually warm moment for a ranger and a monster as attendees to the convention just looked on bewilderingly. It would appear that a new friendship was in the making.)

Jason: FIRE!!
Zack: FIRE!!
Trini: FIRE!!
Kimberly: FIRE!!
Tommy: FIRE!!
Robbie: FIRE!!

Bertha the Bull: What the…?

Billy: NOOOOO!!!!

(Without much time to react, Billy lunges out of the way of oncoming fire aimed directly at Bertha that takes her down instantly; exploding before hitting the floor leaving Billy was complexly horrified. All that could be heard after Bertha’s flames stopped were the applause of an amused crowd.)

Zelda: (applauding) Thank God! It was starting to get a little lame and preachy there for a second…

Billy: (mortified) …!!!!!!!!!!

Trini: Are alright Billy?

Jason: We got here as soon as we could.

Billy: Bu-but… w-why? How could you guys?

Tommy: What?

Billy: (distraught) I just talked Bertha down… I finally reached her non-violently and we… bonded. We just had a great talk… why…? She’s gone now!

(Billy emotionally crawls over the pile of ash where she once stood. The others uncomfortably remain silent; just giving bewildered looks at one another while Billy mourns.)

Billy: (sighs) …I can’t believe you guys…

Robbie: (Snickers) She thought she was gonna be a butterfly.

(Meanwhile back on the moon, Rita is livid at yet another defeat by the power rangers. However she’s in no mood to hear any excuses from her bumbling staff. This time, she just seethes to herself on her balcony, and groans.)

Rita: (Incensed) UUURG, I HATE YOU POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!

(We return back to Earth for our final scene, back at the Juice Bar; where the rangers sit in their usual seat, all crowding Billy who’s just gone through a roller coaster of a day.)

Jason: (remorsefully) So Billy man, I just wanted to apologize for what happened to Bertha. I guess we just sort of… jumped the gun a bit.

Billy: (Shakes head) It’s alright. Zordon said it himself that destroying the monster only meant the spell was broken. She’ll be back to herself with no recollection of what just happened. So in essence, you did me a favor sort of.

Zack: We sort of dodged a bullet there huh?

Robbie: Too bad she couldn’t.

Jason: I know what Zordon said Billy, but what I’m apologizing for is for… underestimating you. You told me all along you wanted to handle it alone and you wanted to handle it non-violently. I of course was the meathead who wanted to fight first ask questions later but I only succeeded in making things worse for you. I wanna say sorry.

Zack: Yeah and kudos for beating her without throwing a punch.

Trini: Yes Billy, I completely agree. She did nothing but harass you and make mindless insults about your manhood. But you kept calm, and in a rough situation where many would have cracked and resorted to using their fists, you did the right thing and talked it out with her; like a true man would.

Billy: (beams) Wow… well thanks for the kind words guys! And honestly Jason, I couldn’t have done it without knowing I had a great friend in you… in all of you, to support me and not judge me no matter what. Now… my only remaining issue is. If Bertha’s not gonna remember what happened, she’s still gonna hate my guts.

Tommy: Well don’t worry Billy. If you could handle the situation once, we have faith you can do it again.

Billy: Thanks!

Kimberly: Oh… and speaking of which, that opportunity might come a little sooner than you’d like.

(The rangers each turn around and to their discontent, see Bertha stumble in; clutching her head in intense pain.)

Kimberly: Oh no… looks like you’ve got some trouble your way Billy.

Billy: Yeah…

(Bertha passes by him without even noticing, but Billy turns around to get her attention.)

Billy: Hey Bertha?

Bertha: (shortly) Huh…? What do you want boy?

(She gives him a long threatening stare before spotting Jason. She was confused however, to see that none of them had any look of hostility in their eyes.)

Billy: I was just concerned cause it looks like you’re in pain. Do you wanna sit down?

Bertha: I don’t need no charity from you. Don’t you think I forgot all about you blabbing to Kaplan. And don’t you think I’m scared cause your boyfriend’s here. I’ll beat you up in front of him as he holds your purse.

Jason: You’ve already said that.

Bertha: Have I?

Jason: Yeah.

Billy: No charity. I just wanted to apologize for any trouble I might’ve caused you. I got to thinking, and I realized I was a little unfair and I want us to start over. You can still hate my guts, heck you can beat me up if you want. But if you’d like, I would love to help you with your project; and anything other projects if you’d like. Just ask if you need help.

Jason: …
Zack: …
Trini: …
Kimberly: …
Robbie: …
Tommy: …

(Bertha stands completely still and just eyes him up and down for a bit before stepping closer to him and lowering her head to meet him eye to eye.)
Bertha: Help? Boy, you know what I need?

Robbie: (mutters) Bigger seats on the bus?

Billy: (tensely) Uhm… what?

Jason: (to the other) Get ready in case she tries anything…

Bertha: (Smiles) More friends like you.

(Bertha leans back and extends her arm for a handshake as Billy breathes a sigh of relief.)

Billy: (jubilantly) Let’s get started on that paper then! First let’s grab some shakes, you want one?

Bertha: Sure!

Billy: Great! Shakes for everyone on me!

(Billy turns around carelessly, but winds up running into Bulk and Skull who were walking right behind them, holding milk shakes that wound up splattering all over their faces.)

Bulk: ….!!!
Skull: …!!!

Billy: …or on them rather.

Bulk: (punches palm) You little PUNK! You’re gonna pay for that…

Skull: (punches palm) Yeah, you’re gonna pay for that.

Billy: G-guys! I’m sorry. It was just an accident, I didn’t mean to…

Bulk: (threateningly) Oh no, you didn’t mean to…. just like I won’t mean to shove my fist down your throat.

(Quickly, the other rangers get up to aid Billy and stand behind him. Bulk just smirks to himself.)

Bulk: Aww looks like the other dweebs came to rescue you. Don’t worry; you guys can hold his purse while I pound him.

Jason: (fed up) Billy doesn’t own a purse you guys!

(Billy gets uncomfortable as Bulk leans in confrontationally. However, he doesn’t get much farther as Bertha steps in front of him.)

Bertha: You got a problem?

Bulk: (surprised) …Huh?

Bertha: I said, you got a problem, boy? Cause you mess with him, you gotta go through me first.

(Jason cracks an approving smile as Bulk and Skull are suddenly intimidated by Billy’s new friend. Who outsized even Bulk by a considerable amount.)

Bulk: (feign laughter) Uh-uh… no… of course not. We we’re just… playing.

Skull: Yeah… and leaving.

(Skull cautiously steps backwards, but unknowingly steps over the mess and takes a long comic slip on his back. Bulk doesn’t notice however and upon stepping backwards himself, slips over the same puddle and lands right on top of his smaller friend.)

Jason: (laughs) Welcome aboard Bertha!

Bertha: (Laughs) Thanks!

Robbie: (laughs) We’re never gonna see you again after today huh?

Bertha: (laughs) Probably not.

(Bertha and the rangers burst out laughing at Bulk and Skulls expense as the episode ends.)

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Photos up soon. I've been up all night finishing this ep and I'm TIRED. I hope you guys like it btw.
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That episode was really well written. The comic con stuff was hilarious and a very nice touch to the overall story.
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