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Fan Fiction Author
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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers/Power Rangers Zeo - The Robbie Chronicles

I do not make any profit from this series at all, and I expect no profit from it. However if you love my work and wish to make any donatation of any kind, then feel free to leave it in my Paypal account: Brokeboyzinc89@gmail.com. Thanks! <3

ATTENTION!! All episodes have been put together and converted into pdf format to create my very own e-books, for the very low price of free!!! Wanna catch up on my story but don't have the time to sit in front of a computer? Download here and you can read from your ipad, iphone, Android, Nook or any other tablet whenever you want.

Origins (Prequel)

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

I am also now on Fan Fiction.net, Archive of Our Own and Wattpad! Feel free to go in there, leave a review and support my series! I'll give you candy if you do.

Follow me on Fanfiction.net!

Follow me on Wattpad!

Follow me on Ao3!

Now that all that plugging is out of the way, come read one of RangerBoard's longest running fan fictions! Both readers and fic writers alike give it glowing reviews such as:

"Brilliantly written! The character interaction and story flow are seriously spot on."
- internutt

"Congrats to you. this is the first script format fic I'm going to read." - FlashmanX

"Wow this is some good shit, man!" - Tedivanx

"That was totally epic and thorough I cant wait to read more!" - DRGREENRANGERpat91

"Unfortunately, I just only discovered this fanfic and damn, while I get turned off when it's written in script format, you Mr. BrownRangerKev somehow manage to make me read your stories from start till finish in 2 days." - xaviera

"By the love of God and all other deities, sucks I was without internet for so long, thankfully I was able to catch up....DAMN that was awesome! FREAKING AWESOME!" - Ultimateranger

And my personal favorite...

"WTF?!!?!? I'm sorry but... what!?" - Bobby ShadowBorg

Alrighty! This is my pseudo parody of the classic series but I'm writing real morals, keeping mostly the same plots and story archs and keeping all the charm about the old series and its characters relatively unscathed. I have only two main differences from the original main story.

1. A slightly more adult theme:

Don't get me wrong, their won't be anything NSFW or any of that tacky stuff, but I will write something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Most of my stories will be written in the style and formula of the original show, so it will feel as if you're watching an episode of MMPR. Except like many popular kids shows that are also liked by teens and adults, there will be lines and dialogue as well as innuendo that older fans will love. Which also leads me to number 2...

2. A NEW ranger.

Yep, I've added a 7th ranger. Seeing as the original team lacked Hispanic representation, I've added just that with my new 'brown' power ranger. This one will be a little unusual, as he won't be introduced as a new character, but treated as if he's always been there. He will be treated like the rarely used outsider (think Tommy, but in a bad way) he's crude, makes snide remarks and treats everything with universal indifference.

I also wrote a prequel, in anticipation for my final season. This further fleshes out Robbie's role during the initial 60 episodes of the real first season and better explains his relationships and dynamics to the crew...

Season 1: Origins

Synopsis: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe, re-tolled with a seventh, Hispanic ranger (the BROWN ranger). He's a loner who keeps to himself, is often disinterested in what the others do and builds huge walls made up of snide remarks and universal indifference. He has trouble relating to his teammates, who in his eyes, are perfect, but knows he'd have nothing without them. Prequel of the Robbie Chronicles, positioned to be chronologically first. Written to further establish Robbie's role in the actual first season and his relationships to his teammates.

Episode 1 - Day of the Dumpster

Episode 3 - Teamwork

Episode 10 - Happy Birthday Robbie

Episode 16 - Switching Places

Episode 28 - Island of Illusions

Episode 29 - Island of Illusions Part 2

Episode 30 - The Rockstar

Episode 37 - Clean-up Club

Episode 48 - Plague of the Mantis

Episode 49 - Return of an Old Friend

Episode 50 - Return of an Old Friend Part 2 (Season Finale)

Season 1

Synopsis: Meant to be a chronological continuation of the first season. Robbie's struggle fitting in with the rest of the team continues and does himself no favors in the process. One of his teammates however sees the good in him and tries to help bring out the leader Robbie never thought was in him. Meanwhile, Zack deals with relationship troubles, Tommy's powers start to fail and Jason continues to try and uphold the "Scott honor."

Episode 61 - Making the Grade

Episode 62 - Zacks Baby Drama

Episode 63 - BFF?

Episode 64 - Revenge of the Nerd

Episode 65 - The Great Debate

Episode 66 - The Great Debate: Part 2

Episode 67 - Send in the Clown

Episode 68 - The Ugly Duckling

Episode 69 - The Last Dance

Episode 70 - The Last Dance: Part 2

Episode 71 - The Last Dance: Part 3

Episode 72 - The Last Dance: Part 4 (Season Finale)

Season 2 (2012-2014)

Synopsis: Robbie is back for an all new adventure! Finding his place on the team is only the beginning as he faces new obstacles with his new relationships and struggles with the idea that they may one day leave him.

Episode 1 - The Mutiny (Co-Written by Internutt)

Episode 2 - The Mutiny: Part 2 (Co-Written by Internutt)

Episode 3 - The Mutiny: Part 3 (Co-Written by Internutt)

Episode 4 - A House is Not a Home

Episode 5 - Empire State of Mind

Episode 6 - Zack's so Called Life

Episode 7 - An Inconvenient Truth

Episode 8 - Ahead of His Time

Episode 9 - Hack to the Future

Episode 10 - Attack of the Killer Tomato

Episode 11 - Welcome to Venus Island

Episode 12 - Green No More

Episode 13 - Green No More: Part 2

Episode 14 - Missing Green

Episode 15 - White Light

Episode 16 - White Light: Part 2

Episode 17 - When the Unsinkable Happens

Episode 18 - The Power Transfer

Episode 19 - The Power Transfer Part 2 (Season Finale)

Season 3

Synopsis: With his closest allies gone post power transfer, Robbie adjusts to not only his new role on the team, but to the realization that he must now stand on his own.

Episode Listing in Conjunction With the Original Season 3

Episode 1 - The Wedding

Episode 2 - The Wedding Part 2

Episode 3 - The Wedding Part 3

Episode 4 - Ninja Quest

Episode 5 - Ninja Quest Part 2

Episode 6 - Ninja Quest Part 3

Episode 7 - Ninja Quest Part 4

Episode 8 - The Rocky Road

Episode 9 - Toying with Trust

Episode 10 - Family Matters

Episode 11 - Driving Ms. Crazy

Episode 12 - Return of an Old "Friend"

Episode 13 - Smells Like Team Spirit

Episode 14 - Adam's Apple

Episode 15 - Not Another SAT Episode

Episode 16 - "United" We Stand

Episode 17 - "Divided" We Fall

Episode 18 - For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls

Episode 19 - Save the Last Dance

Episode 20 - A Different Shade of Pink

Episode 21 - A Different Shade of Pink Part 2

Episode 22 - A Different Shade of Pink Part 3 (Season Finale)

Epilogue - Home Away From Home

Season 4 - The Final Season

Synopsis: In the final installment of the brown ranger's saga, Robbie must now adjust to life with no major ties to anyone on the team, a non-ranger girlfriend who pulls him further and further away from the thing that once gave his life meaning, a personal life in disarray and the return of a few notable friends. Will Robbie end his story as the leader he always wished to be, or will the lack of a moderating influence lead to his ultimate demise?

Episode 1 - Mother Like Mine

Episode 2 - Home Away From Home

Episode 3 - The Mutiny Part 4; Leaving Angel Grove

Episode 4 - The Mutiny Part 5; The Overlord

Episode 5 - The Mutiny Part 6; An End, Once and For All

Episode 6 - A Zeo Beginning

BONUS: Character List for Power Rangers Zeo

BONUS: Interlude Between Acts

Episode 7 - When They Go Low

Episode 8 - A Ship Without an Anchor

Episode 9 - Graduation Blues

Episode 10 - I Don't Care if I Never Get Back

Episode 11 - A Golden Homecoming

Episode 12 - Late Series Gimmick

Episode 13 - Crossroads to Nowhere

Episode 14 - Crossroads to Nowhere Part 2

Episode 15 - You Deserve Better

Episode 16 - Valentine's Day Massacre

Episode 17 - Till the Next Goodbye

Episode 18 - As the Bridge Burns

Episode 19 - Good as Gold

Episode 20 - Hell Hath No Fury

Episode 21 - Hell Hath No Fury Part 2 (Series Finale)

Epilogue - Shift Into Turbo

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congrats to you. this is the first script format fic I'm going to read. bookmarking to my nook color right now.
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Fan Fiction Author
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Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 621

Episode 61 - Making the Grade

(We begin today's episode in Angel Grove High inside Ms. Appleby's Math Class. She’s busy organizing a stack of papers in her hand as the students await anxiously for her to hand them out; especially the Power Rangers, who are conveniently seated together.)

Trini: Ooh you guys, this wait is killing me! I hope I passed that math exam.

Zack: She’s totally torturing us on purpose. And that test was no joke either.

Jason: Well, it IS mid terms guy, this pretty much decides our grades for the semester. The very direction of our high school careers… our entire lives for that matter…. rest in those stubby little fingers.

Kim: I never had to study so hard in my life. I was seeing equations in my sleep. You guys, I can’t do this… I don’t even wanna know what I got anymore. I should just go.

Tommy: (reassuringly) Don’t be so hard on yourself Kim, I’m sure you did great.

Kim: (smiles) Thanks, Tommy.

Billy: (Turns over to Robbie) Do you think you passed?

Robbie: (zoned out) Huh?

Billy: Ms. Appleby’s exam, do you think you scored well?

Robbie: I don’t know… do you think you did well?

(Billy shrugs)

Billy: Well I studied day and night for the exam; passing on several of our usual social gatherings in order to memorize the arithmetic by heart. So I could say pretty confidently that I did well.

(Robbie looks at Billy with a reassured smile.)

Robbie: Then so can I!

Billy: I beg your pardon?

Robbie: (dismissively) …nothing.

(Robbie averts the looks and goes back to doodling boobs in his note book. Just then, Ms. Appleby gets the classes attention.)

Ms. Appleby: Class, may I have your attention please? I have here your test results. I must say I am very happy with most of you.

(The rangers as well as the rest of the class turn to each other with a cautious sense of relief. Zack slaps Jason a high five. Robbie pats a still confused Billyon the back.)

Ms. Appleby: I made my test fool proof. Only those who studied hard and took my mid term serious would pass.

(Robbie smiles triumphantly)

Ms. Appleby: I even secretly made two versions of the exam to prevent any cheating.

(His heart drops)

Robbie: …you did WHAT!?!?!
Billy: …?
Jason: …?
Zack: …?
Trini: …?
Kimberly: …?
Tommy: …?

Ms. Appleby: Roberto, is their something you’d like to say?

(Robbie’s smile vanishes, replaced with dejection as he sinks into his seat.)

Robbie: (monotone) No… No Ms. Appleby…

Ms. Appleby: Actually Robbie, there is something I’d like to say to you. Do you mind seeing me after class?

(He groans dreadfully)

Billy: …did you do something wrong?

Robbie: Shut up.

(He sinks into his folded arms, setting off Bulk and Skull who are seated in the back. Bulk reclined with a leg up on an empty chair.)


Bulk: Aww whats a matter? Dweeb wasn’t enough of a dweeb to keep up with the other… dweebs?

Skull: AHAHAHAHA!!! I like it when you said ‘dweeb!’ AHAHAHA!!!!

Bulk: …

Zack: Please, as if you guys did any better…

Bulk: (snickers) Actually… I’m pretty sure Skull and I passed with flying colors. Isn’t that right…? Billy boy?

Billy: Pardon?

Bulk: …nothing.

Ms. Appleby: ACTUALLY, I’d like to see the both of you after class as well.

Bulk: What!? W-w-why?

Skull: Relax Bulky. She’s probably got a prize for us cause we did so well.

Bulk: (annoyed) Quiet, numbskull.

Skull: …..???

(Meanwhile, on the moon. Rita watches everything unfold through her giant telescope.)

Rita: Ahh, it seems the poor brown ranger’s bad at math, huh?

(She turns away from her telescope to face the others.)

Rita: Hahaha!! Looks like the power twerps aren’t so perfect after all! I had exceptional grades in witchery!

Squatt: Congratulations my queen. I didn't need to go to school; I'm super smart anyway. S-M-R-T. Smart!

Baboo: Who needs school? I've gotten by just fine on my sex appeal. What about you, Finster?

(Finster sighs miserably)

Finster: …I wanted to be a lawyer.

Rita: (scoffs) Nonsense! You’re doing enough evil in the world here with me!

(She turns back around to her balcony and the view of the Earth.)

Rita: Though, apparently it doesn’t take a genius to beat one of YOUR monsters… (eyes open wide) …but wait, maybe it does!

(Meanwhile back in Ms Applebys class, math has ended and Robbie is standing in front of his teacher’s desk like a little boy who knows he’s in trouble; slouched and hands in his pocket. He’s joined by a nonchalant Bulk and Skull.)

Ms. Appleby: I am very disappointed in the three of you.

Bulk and Skull: (nonchalantly) …sorry Ms. Appleby.

Ms. Appleby: And especially you, Robbie.

Robbie: Ms. Appleby, if you just let me explain… I swear, it’s not what it se…

Appleby: (sternly) Enough!

Robbie: …

Appleby: Young man, I expect so much better than this. How is it that you couldn’t get a single right answer?

(Robbie appears stunned by the discovery that he scored a “gentlemen’s” zero. However, he’s more surprised that that’s all Ms. Appleby was accusing him of.)

Robbie: Huh? Well… I guess I just didn’t study hard enough.

Ms. Appleby: That would be an understatement. With how much your friends are excelling, I would expect some of their work ethic would’ve rubbed off on you.

Robbie: …ouch.

Ms. Appleby: This exam determines the course of your semester, which in turn determines your entire academic career. There is a make up exam tomorrow on the same material. I expect the three of you to take this exam seriously and pass. You should be thankful I’m being so generous; I could just have to have you guys held back a semester. How would you like to go to class next year with today's freshmen?

Robbie: God no… not…
Bulk: F-f-f-freshmen!!!
Skull: F-f-f-freshmen!!!

Robbie: Ms. Appleby, I thank you for this second opportunity. You truly are a beacon of light to a bleak and underfunded educational system. I mean, your dedication transcends any class subject as you already teach them all it seems.

Ms. Appleby: Get to the point.

Robbie: I just can’t repeat this semester. My idiot friends won’t let me live it down. They’ll be out doing fun stuff like picking up trash and… saving statues, while I’ll be here with freshmen? I’ll do anything.

Ms. Appleby: All you have to do is bear down and study.

Robbie: Uhm. Anything else…? I’ll do anything else.

Ms. Appleby: Robbie. I’ll let you in on a secret… you are smarter than you give yourself credit for. You’re a bright kid; just extremely lazy. I’ve seen burn outs before…

(Cuts to Bulk and Skull not paying attention.)

Ms. Appleby: However, smart kids who choose to follow the pack instead of using their brain just hurt me. You could’ve passed this test. You could’ve passed any of my tests. However, you choose cut my class, and when you’re here, Mr. Clemente, you’re doodling in your notebook and fighting to stay awake.

Skull: AHAHAHA… ‘Doodle.’

Ms. Appleby: And you have wonderful, smart and supportive group of friends.

Robbie: They suck.

Ms. Appleby: (sternly) I suggest you use them for this make up test tomorrow Robbie. You don’t really have a choice here but to pass.

(She emphatically slams an open textbook shut before gathering her stuff.)

Ms. Appleby: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a history class to teach.

Robbie: See you in history.
Bulk: See you in history.
Skull: See you in history.

Robbie: I suppose I’ve got to get serious now…

Bulk: (To Skull) Wanna bet money that he’s just gonna go home and… ‘doodle’ himself?


(Robbie sighs but doesn't respond. He throws his bag over his shoulder and storm out. Outside, his six ranger friends are waiting for him by the lockers; although he doesn’t appear to be in the mood to talk to them as he just walks on by them.)

Jason: So I assume she wasn’t handing out gifts for doing so well?

Robbie: (Coldly) No.

Zack: And I assume she chewed you out pretty badly huh?

Robbie: mhm.

Billy: And I assume this means you’ve learned your lesson about the importance of high marks and how they will affect your life in the long term and how studying and working hard now will help you achieve success in the future?

Robbie: …no.

Jason: …?
Zack: …?
Trini: …?
Kimberly: …?
Tommy: …?
Billy: I-I beg your pardon?

(Robbie turns around with a confrontational scowl and a clenched jaw.)

Robbie: You heard me, nerd!

(Trini quickly steps in to defuse any situation.)

Trini: Robbie, calm down. Billy isn’t trying to offend you.

Robbie: You don’t get it, huh? I’m not like you perfect little angels. I’m not as smart as you guys. And I don’t do good for the environment or any of that stuff. And yet I’m always around you guys so I’m compared to you guys constantly. Zordon thinks less of me than the rest of you. Ms. Appleby just gave me the “Why can’t you be like your sister?” treatment. So just forget it, I’ll just stop showing up to this class altogether. Why bother?

(The rangers look at each other taken back by his passionate and emotional rant.)

Kimberly: Robbie, I can’t believe you actually think that? I mean, we’re all far from perfect.

Robbie: Says the pretty and popular cheerleader/gymnast. You guys may think you’re not perfect. But you fail to see yourselves from someone else’s point of view. Your flaws are minor compared to everyone else that I know. I have friends who think they’re absolutely perfect, sitting in jail. You guys do so much good, teach SO many classes. You guys are spotless. I don’t belong near you guys.

Kimberly: ...you think I'm pretty?

(Robbie ignores her and turns up the stairs. A sympathetic Trini holds him back.)

Trini: Robbie stop. Don’t be foolish. You’re one of us and you need to stop putting yourself down. You’re no less or more important than the rest of us. Zordon picked you for a reason.

Robbie: Cause I'm the only “teenager with attitude?”

Trini: No. You are smart, funny, creative and when it comes down to it, dependable. None of us are perfect, we just work extremely hard to be were we’re at and we’ve fallen on our faces as many times as you have.

Robbie: …

Trini: You just seem to be so concerned with failing, you don’t even try. Then you try to uphold the image that you don't care when deep down I know you do. Just let us help you.

Robbie: …thanks. I see what you’re trying to do. Still, I don’t see how I can possibly pass her make up exam tomorrow when I completely tanked it today.

Trini: We can study together after school.

Robbie: Please. Don't you have some rally to go to, or some cause to fight for? Why waste your time on me?

Trini: Helping a friend is never a waste of my time.

(He raises an eyebrow.)

Trini: You can say… I want you give you a chance to be… “More like your sister.”

(She laughs awkwardly and fiddles with her fingers while Robbie tries his hardest to not seem touched by the offer.)

Robbie: Uhm… sure. Whatever. If you want.

Trini: Then I’ll see you at my place after school.

(He gives a half smile to her and then to the rest of the group before waving and heading off into his next class. Meanwhile back at Rita’s castle. A wide eyed empress approaches Finster in his clay workshop.)

Rita: FINSTER! Make me a monster that will take advantage of brown ranger’s weakness.

(Finster appears confused by the command.)

Finster: Hmm. You’d like me to make a monster that exploits his academic weakness?


Finster: (frightened) N-n-no… it’ll be rather difficult, but I’m on it.

Rita: This monster will be invincible! He won’t be beaten because Robbie is too dumb to beat him. That plan is so perfect it’s stupid!

(Later in the day after school has ended, Trini's room has been cleaned and set up for some serious studying. The room is very clean and very organized and looks more like study room more than a teenage girls bedroom. Books alphabetized neatly on a shelf, violin rests nicely in the corner. Even her doll collection and Buddhist symbols seemed carefully placed. Then Trini walks in, in more casual clothing, with a cup of hot chocolate in each hand. Her hair in a bun and her reading glasses on; she plops herself on her giant bed and begins flipping through her text book. After a few seconds, there is a knock by her door)

Trini: Come in.

Robbie: (sheepishly) Hey… sorry I’m late.

Trini: I was beginning to think you weren’t showing up at all.

Robbie: I thought about it.

Trini: Why?

Robbie: I don’t know. I just felt odd. Like. I know you’re just doing this because you feel sorry for me. I don’t really like the idea of that. I don’t want any charity. I don’t want you to feel obligated to “rescue me.”

Trini: But you’re here, aren’t you?

Robbie: You offered?

Trini: Robbie, I am offering my help, not because I feel sorry for you; but because you’re my friend. And friends help one another when they’re down. Like I know you would for me.

Robbie: (laughs) I don’t think I could ever help you in math. I mean… no offense, but you are the most, stereotypical Asian I have ever met!

Trini: I-I’m sorry?

(She seems slightly taken aback by that comment as he continues to make it worse.)

Robbie: You preach “Gung-Ho” when two rangers argue, you go on about honor and fighting fairly, you’re a black belt at kung fu.

Trini: …

(He points across the room.)

Robbie: You have a violin for god's sake!! And maybe it was just me, but I could’ve sworn your fathers kicked me out of his convenience store before.

(Robbie then realizes that Trini appears really hurt by what he’s saying. He rushes over to her bed, sits by her and tries to save face.)

Robbie: BUT… you’re doing a very sweet thing. And I appreciate you being there for me.

Trini: Do you?

Robbie: Yeah. And of course, math isn’t my strong suit. But if you need help in anything else... like if you asked for a 20, but you think you’re dealers cheating you…

Trini: (cuts him off) I don’t think that’ll be necessary (laughs) But, thank you Robbie, that’s very kind. It’s always nice to see the more serious side of you. You know, more than just cracking jokes and acting like you don't care.

Robbie: Yeah… don’t get used to it.

Trini: Well I like it, Robbie. I’m sure the other guys feel the same.

(Robbie’s unsure how to react, so he just smiles awkwardly.)

Robbie: Cool… hey, let’s get some work done.

Trini: Of course.

(Back at Rita’s castle she’s looking through her telescope as rest of the rangers play basket ball at the park.)

Rita: Ahhh! The rangers are separated! Now’s the perfect time to send down the monster… before they know what hit em!

Finster: I-I’m not quite done yet, my empress. I was stuck looking for… math spells. You should send down the putties in the meanwhile.


Finster: (Cowers in fear) N-n-no… I would absolutely never do such a thing!!

Rita: I thought so.

Finster: …

Rita: Now send down the putties!

Finster (sigh) …

(Camera cuts to Angel Grove Park where Jason, Tommy, Zack and Billy are playing a good natured game of two on two basket ball as Kimberly sits by the benches, cheering on indiscriminately.)

Kimberly: Woooo!! Go guys!!!

(Zack has the basketball and is being guarded by Jason. He’s smiling confidently while doing some fancy dribbling.)

Zack: Hey Jase…

Jason: What’s that Zack?

Zack: Want me to let you in on a little secret?

Jason: (jokingly) That you can’t play ball? I’m pretty sure the whole park knows.

Zack: Ha… you’re funny. Nah… it’s that you might be our field leader…..

(Zack dribbles twice between his legs before shooting up and back for a fade away shot that Jason can’t block. It swishes perfectly; getting nothing but net. Zack looks back at Jason before flashing a wink at him.)

Zack: But I’M the king of the court. Haha.

Kimberly: Woooo!!!!

Jason: Nice shot, “King Zack.”. Bet you can’t do it again

Zack: Bet you the role of leader I can!

(Suddenly, from the skies, putties appear and surround the court. One appears by the bench Kimberly was sitting at, scaring her off. She runs to the other rangers who get in fighting position.)

Jason: Man, these clay brains again… what do we do?

Zack: I don’t know you’re the leader!

Jason: We fight!
Zack: Right!
Tommy: Right!
Billy: Right!
Kimberly: Right!

(Rangers disperse and go off into different directions. Jason cuts through the middle like a hot knife through butter; lethal punches and kicks that take down the putties in front of him, while still possessing the quickness to avoid any attacks in his way. Two putties grab him by each arm while one stands in the middle, in position to attack him. Yet, with brute strength alone, he knocks the two at his side together while taking down the third with a flying kick.

Zack, more nimble on his feet, dances around the hordes rushing at him. His hands, quicker than their eyes. He shows as much by flipping onto a table, allowing two putties charging toward him to collide clumsily. Two more join him on opposite ends of the table in an attempted double team. He manages to dodge a punch from the right smoothly, who accidentally hits the putty on the left. The left responds with a punch of his own, but Zack dodges that one as it hits the putty on the right. Zack mockingly shouts “Missed me!” as he counters with a split kick which knocks them both off the table.)

Zack: I told you, this is MY court!

Kimberly: Oh be quiet Zack!

(Kim shoots at Zack as she tries to avoid her own group using only her experience as a gymnast to go on. She gracefully pulls of back flip after back flip to separate herself from the rest. Stops, ducks, and punches the first putty in the groin. Cartwheels herself by a trash can. Another one of Rita’s minions tries to get to her, but she hides behind it, while holding it in her hand. It shuffles left to no avail, then right…. Finally it gets so frustrated, it charges right at Kimberly who shoots back whilst still holding the bin and allows the putty to fall right into it.)

Kimberly: Mom was wrong. I do like to take out the trash!

(She emphatically slams the lid over the can on the word slam, and then poses.

Then the camera cuts to Billy, with no true fighting style of his own, he runs around clumsily trying to avoid getting hurt. He sees the basketball lying idly on the floor and decides to run over and use it. He picks it up and uses it to absorb the blow from one of the putty’s punches who runs off in pain. Then turns around and puts the ball to his hips to absorb another kick. He then throws it at the third, charges at him and while his hands are protecting his head the whole time, he does a spinning leg sweep to knock it down.

That leaves Tommy, who like Jason is extremely skilled at martial arts. Except his feet posses a lighting quickness that can kill a putty three times before he hits the ground. He eyes his next target, dodging anything else in his path, and like a shark smelling blood attacks with three quick high kicks. He sets both feet to the floor, lifts the next leg up and chops another right through the chest before planting him on the floor with the heel of his foot. All the while shouting “Syu-ahhhh!!!” a billion times. He looks up sharply at the last putty that’s seen what he’s done to his friends and decides to simply throw himself on the floor and pretend to be wounded.)

Tommy: Thought so.

(The putties disappear. A sigh of relief overcomes the team as they meet back at the basketball court.)

Kimberly: What was all that about?

Jason: I don’t know. But is everyone alright?

Tommy: Yeah.
Kimberly: Yeah.
Billy: Affirmative.
Zack: …I’m the king of this court.

(Back at Rita’s castle)

Rita: Those stupid putties can’t do anything right. Finster, put the monster through your little easy bake oven and send him down!

(He sighs to himself)

Finster: I should have gone to law school like mum wanted...

(Back at the park, a large quake overtakes the park. The rangers struggle to keep on their feet when a bolt of lighting hits a tree near by.)

Kimberly: (startled) What was that!?

Tommy: By that tree!

(Rangers scurry over to investigate and are puzzled by what they see.)

Zack: Huh?

Tommy: Is that…

Kimberly: What I think it is?

Jason: Looks like…

Billy: A math equation?

(Billy was right. The lightning that struck the tree somehow left an imprint of the math equation. “25 = x/5 – 10”)

Zack: Man, either graffiti’s becoming more and more intelligent, or that wasn’t no ordinary lighting.

(The rangers aren’t given enough time to process what’s going on as another blast goes off right near them, sending them all to the ground.)

Jason: AHHH!
Tommy: AHHH!
Zack: AHHH!
Billy: AHHH!
Kimberly! AHHH!

"Mwahahaha!! Gold star for you, black ranger!"

Jason: Who are you!! Show yourself!

(The rangers all fall to one knee and turn around to see a creature forming through a cloud of smoke; a humanoid in blue, wizard-like attire. Large, pointy nose covered in warts. Unkempt, white hair and long, sharp nails. He wields a large pointing stick with an electrical charge at the very end. Rangers eye him in disbelief as well as disgust.)

Kimberly: Looks like the teacher from Hell.

Monstermatician: Precisely, my dear! I am a “monster” of a professor! The leech who can teach! Yet, NOBODY gets out of my class alive… for I am the Monstermatician!! HAHAHA!!

Tommy: Let’s teach this guy a lesson; before he spews another corny joke.

Jason: Right, IT’S MORPHIN TIME!

Tommy: Dragonzord!

Zack: Mastodon!

Kimberly: Pterodactyl!

Billy: Triceratops!

Jason: Tyrannosaurus [/CENTER]

(Rangers stand opposite of him in their respective poses. However, the monster of the week doesn’t seem too impressed.)

Monstermatician: Neat trick. However you’re all dunces if you think you can defeat me with brute strength alone. You see…

(He points his stick toward the rangers, and from the end, 5 electrical ropes hits them in the chest. It does hurt them though.)

Monstermatician: 5 rangers, times 0 equals…?

Billy: Zero…?

(And just then, the Monstermatician pulls the wand away from him, causing an electrical charge that sends the rangers flying.)

Jason: AHHH!
Tommy: AHHH!
Zack: AHHH!
Billy: AHHH!
Kimberly! AHHH!
Monstermatician: Correct!!

(Smoke rises from their chests as they hit the floor. Kimberly is the first to rise to her feet as she leaps in the air whist pulling out her power bow. Fires a couple of arrows at the monster who easily bats them aside with his stick, then responds while she’s still in mid air with a laser beam that knocks her off balance and to the floor. Tommy runs to check up on her.)

Tommy: Kim! Are you alright?

Monstermatician: Silly pink ranger. It’ll take more than your little weapons to pass this exam!

Kimberly: (Breathing heavily) Tommy… man, I think I’m through crushing on teachers…

(Jason and Zack pull out their respective power weapons and charge toward the monster. He pulls out two giant erasers and claps them together, creating a cloud of smoke. Just as Jason swings his sword at the Monstermatician’s head, he vanishes into thin air.)

Jason: (coughs) Huh…? Where’d he go?

(He suddenly reappears above the red ranger’s head and takes him down; driving his teaching pointer down his back. Jason writhes in pain as Zack comes over to help his fallen friend. He swings his axe at the monster, but as with Jason, he disappears in a cloud of his eraser smoke.)

Zack: (coughs) Arg… man, stop hiding!

Monstermatician: If you want me to come out, I’ll give you a clue. What’s one black ranger divided by two?

Billy: Wait, I've got this one!!

Zack: (annoyed) Last thing I need while fighting one of Rita’s monsters is a pop quiz! Just show yourself!

Monstermatician: WRONG ANSWER!!!

(He reappears in front of Zack, pointer in hand. He slices it down Zack’s chest before the black ranger can react. Sparks fly from his chest as he hits the floor.

(Cut to the command center. Alpha 5 is looking on from the viewing globe in amazement. He’s never seen a monster so unique. So complex… so…..)

Alpha: …stupid.

(Alpha can’t keep his eyes off the globe and off Rita’s new monster. He does manage to turn back to the computer to run some more analysis on it.)

Alpha: This monster’s just plain stupid. I mean, Monstermatician? Aye ya yai! What an awful pun! And yet it’s strange… it seems as if the Power Rangers can’t get a beat on this guy. For some reason, it seems impervious to all of their attacks.

Zordon: That is correct, Alpha. It’s so dumb, it’s genius.

Alpha: (in a panic) Ay ya yai, I was afraid this day might come!

Zordon: Run some more analysis and pin point a weakness. I’ll contact the rangers; there attacks won’t do any good.

(Cuts back to the park where the rangers are getting their asses handed to them. Monstermatician just finished sending Billy flying through the air.)

Billy: I-I don’t understand. We’ve tried just about everything on this monster and we’ve barely made a dent on this guy.

Monstermatician: For the smart guy in this group, you sure are stupid. My puns aren’t hitting the spot clearly, so I’ll just spell it out for you. YOU CAN’T DESTROY ME WITH MUSCLES AND WEAPONS. BRAINS MUST BE USED INSTEAD!

Jason: Screw that! Blade blaster!!!

(Jason stubbornly pulls out his blade blaster and fires a few shots which bounce right off and hit Jason.)

Jason: AHHHH!!!

Monstermatician: Pathetic. Is this what Angel Groves honor roll has to offer me? Then my fight with the one who draws wieners on textbooks should be a piece of cake.

(The rangers gather around Jason)

Tommy: Are you alright?

Jason: I’m fine.

Billy: What’s he talking about?

Jason: I don’t know… but I’m starting to feel like our weapons won’t do us any good in this battle.

(Just then, Jason’s communicator goes off.)

Jason: I read you.

Zordon: Rangers, you must come to the command center and regroup. Alpha has some information on this monster you must hear.

Jason: Right.

Monstermatician: Where are you headed? Running away so soon?

Tommy: We’re gonna go do our home work. We’ll be back. More prepared for the final exam!

Jason: Let’s go guys.

Zack: (to Tommy) That was terrible…

(The rangers’ teleport out of the park; leaving the Monstermatician alone. Meanwhile back at Trini’s house where despite her best efforts, Robbie is still struggling somewhat to embrace the subject. He is making slow progress however.)

Trini: …so once you get X which is a squared number, you have to find the square root. After that, we finally get to solve for F by…

Robbie: Holy crap, does this question ever end?!

Trini: I know, it’s a lot to take in, but once you get it down, you should be fine. We’re short on time though…

Robbie: I’m sorry; I just don’t really get this. And as much as I try, I just can’t get myself to care.

Trini: But you have to…

Robbie: (interrupts) I know I have to. I just can’t force myself into it. I seem to keep fading off the more you explain. I’m getting some of it sure, but this feels like such a daunting task.

Trini: You've got this Robbie, just take it one step at a time. Take this one for example.

(We cut outside on her front lawn where the Monstermatician is joined by a pack of putties. The mere sight of them scares away any passing by civilians.)

Monstermatician: Brown ranger, the bell has rung and it is time for your FINAL exam! Show yourself!

(Oblivious to whats going on outside, Robbie seems to have gotten an answer right; getting a positive response from Trini.)

Trini: Very good!

Robbie: Well… I guess I’m more than just a pretty face, huh?

Trini: Uhm… right!

(Robbie smiles gleefully before getting up from her bed. He decides to walk to her window and face the outside world with a newfound confidence.)

Robbie: Alright, I’m feeling pretty good!

Trini: So, if you just keep thinking that way, you think you’ll pass the test.

(Robbie’s eyes widen as he just caught sight of the scene developing outside her house.)

Robbie: NO!!!

Trini: Still?

Robbie: No!! L-look outside, a monsters outside your house!

(Trini shoots up and joins him by the window.)

Trini: Oh no… what’s Rita up to now? Man, if he’s here to hurt my family I’ll…

Robbie: Don’t worry. Go tell them to lock the doors and stay inside. I’ll go out there and take care of them. You can join me afterwards.

Trini: Good idea…

(Trini shoots out of her bedroom to go tend to her family. Robbie takes one last look out the window before…)

Robbie: It’s morphin time!


(He shoots outside and lands a flying punch to the Monstermatician and takes him down briefly. He gets up with a twisted smile on his face.)

Monstermatician: Hahaha! Shouldn’t you be studying?!

Robbie: What makes you think one of Rita’s monsters is gonna get me to study? Who are you, my parent?

Monstermatician: (laughs evilly) Let’s just say, if you don’t daddy’s gonna give you a spanking!

(Robbie pulls out his blade blaster)

Robbie: Well the jokes on you ugly, cause I don’t even know my daddy!

(He leaps through the air and fires a couple of shots. The Monstermatician dodges those shots and blocks and attempted kick by the brown ranger when he came down. He returns the favor with a kick of his own that sends him stumbling backwards.)

Monstermatician: This should be a piece of cake. The only smart thing about you appears to be your mouth. I promise, I’ll make this quick. Putties, ATTACK!!

(The putties hoard around him, grabbing him by both arms. Robbie, who isn’t a martial artist, nor possesses great physical strength, relies on resilience, wit and years of watching action movies and professional wrestling. The putties try to flip him over by his arms; however he flips all the way around and lands on his feet. She shoves the putties forward and charges at them and delivers a double clothesline, taking them all down.

More approach him from the front and the back, but he pulls out his blade blaster and quickly takes down the ones in front of him. And dodges the attacks of the ones behind him and delivers a roundhouse kick to the face. A morphed Trini quickly joins him.)

Trini: You doing alright?

Robbie: (breathing heavily) Yeah… but I’ve really got to quit smoking.

Trini: More are coming toward us, you take the left horde, and I’ll take the right.

Robbie: Right!

(The two separate and fight the rest of the putties while the Monstermatician simply looks on. Trini, the more experienced martial artist goes through her side with quick, sharp kicks and chops. Not really needed or believing in using her weapon unnecessarily, she is able to fly gracefully around the putties on her side to avoid getting hit, while soundly taking them down. Robbie is on his end, swinging more wildly, as if he were a part of a street fight; still effective, just much less graceful as the putties go down, one by one.)

Monstermatician: Enough! I’m bored with the practice questions; time for the real thing!

(With a wave of a wand, the putties are summoned away. The two rangers join together.)

Trini: Ew. What is this thing supposed to be?

Robbie: I don’t know. But I think he made a pass at me and said he wants to spank me.

Trini: Gross.

Monstermatician: Silence!! You will show respect to you professor or I’ll have you two expelled!!

(On the word expelled, he points his weapon at them, sending an electrical charge so powerful that they each go flying in separate direction. Robbie goes back first into a tree, while Trini meets her houses outer wall.)

Robbie: (in pain) Awww….
Trini: (in pain) Awww…

Robbie: This guy and his stupid puns are getting on my nerve!

Trini: Relax, Robbie, this guys bound to have a weak spot. (Pulls out power dagger) And no time like the present to look for it!

(She forces herself up, still in pain. Yet, she manages to charge at him, weapon in hand. Robbie follows suit.)

Robbie: Yeah, (pulls out weapon) POWER POCKET KNIFE!!

(We cut to the command center, where the rest of the team has retreated to. They are all helmetless and still feeling the effects of the last battle.)

Jason: Man, what was up with that guy? I couldn’t make a scratch on him!

Tommy: Yeah, just trying to keep up with him made my powers weak.

Billy: This is not like any of Rita’s other monsters…

Zordon: You are correct Billy…. this is the Monstermatician.

Kimberly: The what?

Alpha: The Monstermatician. A monster based on all the evils of math.

Zack: That’s a great lesson to teach the kids.

Billy: So how do we beat him?

Alpha: Unfortunately, weapons do no damage to him. He is completely impervious to brute strength. His weakness is unknown, however he keeps hinting at needing to be outsmarted. I’m running analysis as we speak to try and find a base to that.

Zordon: It appears he also seems to be after Robbie for some reason; behold the viewing globe.

(The rangers turn around to the viewing globe to see his attack on Trini’s block. He is seen calling for “the brown ranger” and keeps making bad puns about a “final exam.”)

Kimberly: Why is he after him? Why him of all people?

Alpha: I am looking for a link but do not know just yet.

(The image on the viewing globe switches to both Robbie and Trini getting beaten down; stubbornly attacking him with weapons and the monster brushing them off without breaking a sweat. All while laughing maniacally.)

Tommy: They aren’t doing so well. Zordon, we’ve got to go down there and help them.

Zordon: No, going down there would only further put you all in harms way and put a strain on your weakening powers Tommy. That is what Rita wants.

Tommy: …

Zordon: I will contact them and have them retreat. Until we find out his weakness, that fight will only end in their doom.

(Cut back to Trini and Robbie’s fight with the Monstermatician. Smoke fuming from their suits; both very low on energy.)

Robbie: We can’t give up…

Trini: We can’t hurt him. I’ve got to contact the others…

Monstermatician: My beefs not with you, yellow ranger. It’s not with the rest of them either. I’m here to destroy the brown one.

Robbie: (barks) That’s racist!!

Monstermatician: I-I mean… your color!!! Not your skin color…. I mean… I-I don’t care what your sk-skin color is. I have brown friends!!!

(Trini’s communicator gets beeped.)

Trini: Yes Zordon?

Zordon: Trini, you and Robbie must retreat back to the command center for a briefing. It is urgent.

Trini: Right. Robbie, to the command center, now!

Robbie: Nah, I ain’t going nowhere!! You heard what this ignorant fool just said? Just let me call three of my boys and we’ll do some long division and divide this racist in half…

Monstermatician: Oh Jesus…

Robbie: Nah, nah, nah… Wanna talk about using your head…? I’ll use your head… to smash your mother fff…

Trini: ROBBIE!!!

Robbie: (sighs) …right.

(Begrudgingly, the two retreat to the command center. They join the others and quickly remove their helmets.)

Jason: You guys okay?

Trini: I’m fine.

Robbie: (Belligerently) I WANT him to come to my block and say something like that…

Alpha: Ay ya yai, Robbie calm down.

Trini: Zordon, that guy was tough. I don’t know if all of us combined could stop him.

Zack: I know what you mean. The idea for this guy must be as ridiculous as the pudgy pig… but man, he sure ain’t no pudgy pig

Kimberly: Alpha what have you found?

Alpha: I may be on to something but I’m not sure.

Billy: He seems to require being outsmarted. But whenever we asked a question and got it right, he shocked us.

Zordon: That is what I initially thought. However, I think “outsmarting” him goes beyond answering his questions.

Billy: Well, it seems like whatever it is… it’s going to involve Robbie in some way.

Jason: Speaking of which, Robbie, how’s your studying going?

Robbie: It’s alright.

Jason: Do you think you’ll be able to pass Ms. Appleby's exam tomorrow?

Robbie: I’m not sure, but I’ll try my best.

Jason: That’s great. Well listen, I believe in you man.

Robbie: Really?

Jason: Yeah, you’re a smart guy. I have the utmost faith in you. We all do.

Robbie: (smiles) Wow, thank man. I really appreciate it.

(Jason pats Robbie on the back reassuringly.)

Jason: No problem man.

(Just then, analysis reports appear in front of Alpha. He shakes his head at what appears to be bleak news.)

Alpha: Aye ya yai… the reports have come back and it doesn’t look good.

Zordon: I does indeed appear to be worse than expected. Rangers, brace yourself.

Jason: …
Zack: …
Trini: …
Billy: …
Kim: …
Robbie: …
Tommy: …

Zordon: According to Alpha’s calculations, the only way for the Monstermatician to be defeated… is for Robbie to complete his homework.

Robbie: (Gasp) …!!!
Zack: (Gasp) …
Trini: (Gasp) …
Billy: (Gasp) …
Kim: (Gasp) …
Tommy: (Gasp) …

Jason: Oh man, we’re doomed!!

Alpha: Ay ya, ya, ya yai!!! Rita’s done it! Rita’s destroyed the Power Rangers!!

Billy: How is that even possible? How can a monster be linked to some bodies homework?

Zordon: It is very simple. He cannot be hurt by physical attacks, unless Robbie completes his math assignment. Rita wasn’t expecting us to find this monsters weakness so quickly. She was looking for an occurrence so rare, that there would be next to no chance of it happening.

Zack: Man… we’d have better luck getting struck by lighting.

Robbie: Guys… I’m standing right here.

(Robbie appears hurt by the extremely low expectations everyone seems to have placed on him. And yet, everyone continues talking.)

Tommy: There’s got to be another way… there just has to be.

Robbie: Guys…

Zordon: I didn’t want to tell you all so soon, but it seems we have no other choice. Alpha and I have created new zords, using the power of thunder to fight even the most impossible odds! Please, follow Alpha outside the command center…

(Alpha begins walking slowly toward the viewing globe and is headed out the command center with the other rangers following him. Robbie get’s aggravated and shouts…)

Robbie: GUYS!!!

Zordon: …?

Robbie: None of that is necessary. I’ve got this.

Alpha: What??

Jason: You mean…

Robbie: Yes. I’m going to do my homework; for the good of the future… for the good of MY future.

(The rangers look back at him in astonishment.)

Billy: A-are you sure? Can you handle such a difficult task?

Robbie: I’m sure.

Billy: Zordon, let me come with him, I’ll help.

Robbie: (sarcastically) Yeah, that’s done me well before…

Billy: Huh?

Robbie: Nothing. I can handle it alone. Besides, you all need to keep him at bay. Keep him away from me while I work.

Zordon: Robbie’s correct. If he must work, he must do it alone. The 6 of you will need to keep Monstermatician from stopping Robbie.

Robbie: (confidently) I think I can do this. I’m smarter than I give myself credit for…

(He turns his head to face Trini who is smiling encouragingly back at him.)

Robbie: I just need to work harder.

Zordon: Very well. Robbie, I have the utmost faith in you. Go now, and may the power protect you.

(He nods his head before teleporting back to Trini’s house. Suddenly, we cut back to Rita’s castle. She is seen at the edge of the balcony with her wand in hand.)

Rita: Magic wand, make my monster… GRROOOOOWWW!!!!

(She hurls her wand through space, headed right for Earth and Angel Grove. It lands perfectly in a deserted plain. And with a sudden quake, the Earth starts to tear open right where the wand landed. A large cloud of smoke fills the sky as Rita’s monster begins to grow to epic proportions.)

Monstermatician: MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

(The distress signal goes off at the command center, setting the Rangers off in a worry.)

Kimberly: Oh no… please tell me things haven’t gotten worse.

Zordon: I’m afraid they have, Kimberly. Rita’s monster has grown.

Zack: Oh man… if he was unstoppable before….

Jason: How are we gonna beat this thing? He’s invincible, right?

Zordon: The best you can do at this point is to stall him. Call the Megazord, and attempt to hold him off for as long as possible. As Robbie progresses with his homework, the Monstermatician should begin to weaken until he is no longer impervious to physical attacks. Then you must call the Ultrazord and finish him off. Tommy, I’m afraid your powers are too weak for this fight. For your own safety, I’m going to have to ask you to stay behind.

Tommy: No way!! Man, I don’t care if my powers waste, this guys bad news. I don’t know how long Robbie will take with his homework, but we need all the power we can get to hold him off.

Zordon: Are you sure of this?

Tommy: I’m positive.

Zordon: …very well then. However, if your powers get too weak, I will have to pull you from battle.

(Tommy stares at the ground for a second before taking a deep breath.)

Tommy: That’s fine.

Kimberly: (worried) Tommy, be careful. This guys gonna be tough.

Tommy: I will.

Jason: Alright guys let’s do it.

(The rangers’ line up behind Jason in their usual spots; each with their helmets by their side.)


(Cuts to downtown Angel Grove, where the Monstermatician begins his assault; he points his stick at a nearby building, sending an electrical charge that sets the building up in flames.)

Monstermatician: Mwahahaha!! You dunces don’t stand a chance! I’m putting Angel Grove on permanent time out!!

(With one back hand, he knocks down a building behind him; sending a pile of rubble crashing down the streets which are being evacuated by panicking Angel Grove residents. Cars crushed, flames everywhere, helpless people running for their lives. Just then, the rangers in full uniform are seen running through a nearby alley and stop short at the sight of the monster.)

Tommy: There he is!

Kimberly: He’s even uglier than before.

Jason: Remember guys, all we have to do is stall. So use our power conservatively; especially you Tommy.

Tommy: I know.

(The Monstermatician seems to have spotted the rangers, spits out a generic pun about school and smashes a nearby building toppling over more rubble in the rangers’ vicinity. They narrowly escape being crushed before getting back together.)

Jason: Alright guys, WE NEED DINOSAUR POWER, NOW!!

(With a huge blast and a and even bigger crater opening up than before, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames; roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. We then cut to a far a way, icy tundra, where the Mastodon proudly rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. Then we cut to a desert during a wild sandstorm, created by the Triceratops racing right through it, creating dust behind it and wherever it goes. Next, we cut to a the top of a hill where the ferocious Saber tooth jumps down to a vine filled rainforest, ripping through anything in sight, with a roar that could frighten ever the scariest predator. Finally, nearby with another loud boom, a volcano erupts and through all the smoke and ash, the pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason see’s his dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by Zack, Billy, Trini and Kimberly. With a voice oozing with machismo, he barks instructions to the rest of the team.)

Jason: Alright, power up all systems!!
Zack: Zack here, let’s ace this test.
Billy: Billy here, all systems go.
Trini: Trini here, let’s do it!
Kimberly: I’ve got an apple for this teacher…
Jason: Alright guys, power up all crystals!!!

(He pulls out the power crystal in his hand and emphatically slams it down the dashboard to act as the zord’s control stick. The rangers are seen all together, following suit.)

Zack: Two, one, power up!!
Trini: Two, one, power up!!
Billy: Two, one, power up!!
Kimberly: Two, one, power up!!

Jason: (Yanks down control stick) Let’s show him some Megazord power!!!

(The five mighty zords are seen running together, getting ready to become one. First the Saber tooth tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. Next, the Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers now all appear in a larger cockpit Trini on the far left. Billy is to the left of Jason, who is in the middle next to Zack. Kimberly is on the far right.)

Jason: Remember rangers, we’re just gonna buy time!
Zack: Right!
Trini: Right!
Billy: Right!
Kimberly: Right!

(The Megazord, which is in tank mode rolls toward the beast, but stops a good distance away.)

Jason: Switching to battle mode now!

(The two Mastodon arms fold out two giant fists on command.)

Megazord: Megazord sequence has been initiated

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the zord speaks…)

Megazord: Megazord activated.

(Close by, Tommy appears at the top of a large skyscraper; dagger in hand.)

Tommy: I need Dragonzord power!!

(He plays the Dragonzord melody on the dagger, which doubles as a flute. And almost instantly, the water by the Angel Grove industrial district begins to rumble. With one large wave, after another, it culminates with a huge splash in which the mighty Dragonzord appears out of. Arms spread out as it lets out a deafening roar and walks towards the surface to meet with the Megazord.)

Trini: We need to be careful and not exert too much energy.

Jason: Screw that, ATTACK!!!

(We cut back to Trini’s house, where an unmorphed Robbie rushes back to her bed and scatters through a pile of unorganized papers to find the sheet he was working on.)

Robbie: C’mon… c’mon…

(After a few seconds, he finds it. And tries to find where he left off.)

Robbie: Alright, I was supposed to answer questions 1 thru 20 on page 246. Trini was showing me how do some of them… so how far did I actually get? Hmm. I signed my name… then started drawing boobs.

(He crumples the paper in anger with himself.)

Robbie: Pathetic! Alright, I’ve got to get serious. The world depends on me.

(He picks up a pen and paper, signs his name, the date… then pauses for a few seconds.)

Robbie: Maybe I should take a nap first. Yeah, I’ll definitely save the world better after a refreshing nap.

(He pushes all of his math work to the other end of Trini’s bed and starts to get comfortable before realizing how stupid that idea is.)

Robbie: …no…. No! I can’t. The others are risking their lives to buy time for me. I can’t let them down.

(He sits back up and puts all of the papers on his lap. He opens up the textbook to the appropriate page. However, in a few seconds, he wanders off again and closes the book.)

Robbie: I should get a snack though, maybe some coffee. I wonder if Charbucks is open.

(Cuts back to downtown Angel Grove; the Megazord charges the Monstermatician with a punch, but the giant teacher disappears before he can land it. The Zord looks around for it, seeming confused, but he reappears right behind it and is able to lift the giant zord over his head. Inside, the rangers are screaming bloody mercy as he spins them around, almost like a rag doll before doing an overhand throw right into a building. Sparks go off inside the cockpit as this rocks the zord and takes a heavy amount of the zords energy.)

Billy: The Zords taking damage, controls are locked.

Jason: Get systems back online and get the Zord back on its feet. We have to keep fighting.

(Cuts to the Dragonzord that steps in, swings its tail at the Monstermatician, he ducks then tries to retaliate with a right hook but his fist is caught by the Dragonzord’s left. He manages to push the Monstermatician back with a right of his own, though he doesn’t look terribly hurt by it. Cut to Tommy, who is still on top of the building.)

Tommy: How’s this for some math? What’s one monster divided by ten missiles?

(He plays another melody on his flute. This time, the Dragonzord lets out a roar before positioning its claws in front of him finger first. Suddenly, missiles appear and several small blasts go off around the Monstermatician. He manages however, to dance out of the way of the shots and rolls to the right. He quickly gets back on his feet and charges the Dragonzord with his pointer.)

Monstermatician: (while charging) your arithmetic is grade school level; you can't teach the teacher!!

Dragonzord tries to dodge a striking blow, but can't dodge a second shot to the chest. The Zord screams in agony.

Monstermatician: Now GO sit in the corner and think about what you've done!!!

(He lands a devastating side kick that knocks the Dragonzord off it's feet and crashing to the floor.)

Tommy: Man... c'mon buddy. Don't give up yet.

(Camera cuts to a shot of both zords down with smoke rising from both of them. The Dragonzord melody is heard out of desperation, but it doesn't work. The Megazord struggles to get to its feet.)

Billy: We're regaining some of our power. But we still aren't gonna last much longer at this rate.

Jason: Man, I just hope Robbie's almost finished.

(Cuts back to Trini's house where Robbie is seen on Trini's bed, texting and completely ignoring his homework.)

Robbie: Hahahaha!!! Shelly SO wants me...

(He gets a text.)

Robbie: (reading) "What r u doing?" Hmm. (Texts) "Im doin homewrk... ZZZZZ" (Reads) "LOL!"

(His wrist communicator goes off and it startled him back to reality.)

Robbie: Yo?

Jason: Robbie, how far along are you?

Robbie: Uhm... I'm like almost... I'm almost done.

(He stares down at a blank piece of paper.)

Jason: (In urgency) Hurry up man; I don't think the Megazord can take much mor...

(A loud explosion is heard in the background; all the rangers are heard shouting.)

Robbie: ....!!!!!!

(He taps his communicator, a look of horror in his face.)

Robbie: Jason?? You're breaking up! Jason??

(The communicator disconnects...)

Robbie: Holy crap... I've got to finish my homework!!

(He picks up his phone one last time.)

Robbie: (Texts) "BRB..."

(Cuts back to downtown Angel Grove, where both Zords are taking tremendous damage. The Monstermatician remains unharmed and spewing school related puns.)

Monstermatian: When I'm trough with the both of you; I'm gonna give you two giant "Fs!!" I've barely broken a sweat! Bahahaha!!

Billy: If Robbie doesn't hurry, we're through... I mean, how's it gonna look that six honor roll students got defeated by a giant math teacher?

Zack: Man, I can't believe the one time we're counting on him, he's gonna let us down... I bet you he's texting right now.

Jason: Billy, I think I'm gonna send you down to Trini's place to help him out. We can't stall much longer.

Billy: Got it.

Trini: No wait!

Jason: What's wrong Trini?

Trini: Look, I know he's not the strongest, or the fastest, or even the smartest... but I know he can do this! I saw him making progress back there and it's important for him to do this on his own. I believe in him guys... you should all to. He's one of us.

Jason: ...
Zack: ...
Billy: ...
Kimberly: I agree. This is HIS moment. We can stand to hold off for a little longer. Let's give him a chance.

(Jason takes a deep breath before finally nodding slowly.)

Jason: Alright. ...a little while longer. I'll give him 5 more minutes. After that, we won't have a choice.

Trini: Thank you Jason.

Monstermatician: One last question before class is dismissed... If Angel Grove is Y, what is Y when two Zords are taken away by one devilishly handsome professor?

Jason: I'm getting sick of this... I need the power sword!!

(Piercing through the sky and landing point first into the ground, the power sword appears. The Megazord pulls it from the earth and prepares for it's final attack.)

Monstermatician: (unimpressed) Haha! You're gonna attack me with that silly thing? Don't you know that the pen is mightier than the sword?

Zack: Hey teacher! State budget just came in, I'm afraid you're gonna have to be laid off!!!

Monstermatician: That's not funny!

Jason: Let's hit this guy so hard, he goes to special ed!

(All 5 rangers make a chopping hand gesture simultaneously.)

Zack: Ha-yaa!!
Trini: Ha-yaa!!
Billy: Ha-yaa!!
Kimberly: Ha-yaa!!
Jason: Ha-yaa!!

(The Zord lifts the power sword over it's head and makes a slow 360 degree rotation of the arm holding it to the adrenaline pumping tune of "Go, Go Power Rangers!")

Monstermatician: Do your worst!

Jason: NOW!!!!

(In one drastic and sudden motion, the Megazord swings the sword in an uppercut motion. And to the rangers’ surprise, the Monstermatician fell backwards.)

Billy: Wait a minute...

Kimberly: That hurt him?

Monstermatician: AHHH!!!

(Quit cut to Rita's palace where she takes her eyes off her telescope with a look of shock on her face.)

Rita: ...uh oh...

(Back to the fight where the monster can't believe he was taken down, nor can the rangers.)

Jason: He wasn't destroyed... but he isn't invincible anymore it seems. That can only mean...

Trini: (in excitement) Robbie's almost done with his homework!!!

Tommy: Alright! Go Robbie! Now we switch to attack mode!

(He plays his dagger once more. The Dragonzord responds with a hard hitting tail whip that throws the Monstermatician back on the ground. He struggles to get to his feet, but he's determined to carry out Rita's evil deed to destroy Angel Grove.)

Monstermatician: This is impossible! You rangers can't beat me!!

(The Megazord lands a stiff right that sends the monster tumbling toward the Dragonzord who returns with another right back to the Megazord who lands another. Back and forth the monster goes until he's finally knocked away from them. However while trying to get away, he lands into a third fist and it takes him down.)

Robbie: Oh I believe we have.

(The Stegazord in Combat Mode was seen, right fist extended as the monster goes down.)

Trini: Robbie!! Thank goodness! You finished your homework?

Robbie: That's right, it was easy. I mean, I had to write "I don't know" on a couple of the questions... but it's amazing how a little hard work pays off!

Jason: You're the man, Robbie. I always believed in you.

Robbie: Shove it, jock.

Monstermatician: What a feel good story... now time to die!!!

Jason: I call on Titanus and the power of the Ultrazord!!!

From out of nowhere, a massive, robotic Brachiosaurus appears. It give an intimidating roar as it marches into battle.)

Robbie: Oh, it's on now.

Monstermatician: No fair!!

(Suddenly, the Dragonzord torso disconnects from the rest of its body, it's chest splits in half and goes in opposite directions to form shoulder pieces and the bottom jaw folds back. It's slowly lowers itself onto a still Megazord to form the Mega Dragonzord. It then leaps into the air and slowly descends onto the back of Titanus, creating the Ultrazord.)

Monstermatician: No! N-no please!!! I'll give all you guys extra credit, just please let me be!!!

Jason: I don't think so!

(The Ultrazord starts to slowly move toward it's target, all weapons pointed at him.)

Jason: Ultrazord, lock on and fire all weapons!!

(While now picking up speed, every single cannon and beam in the combined Zord's arsenal, as well as the Titanus's own guns began firing simultaneously in an attack that proved too much for the Monstermatician. Failing his arms in desperation was all he could before hitting the ground; exploding on impact.

Jason: Yeah!!
Zack: Alright!!
Trini: Way to go, guys!!
Billy: Morphinominal!!
Kimberly: Awesome!!

(Cut to Tommy pumping his fist on a rooftop.)

Tommy: Job well done guys!

(The Ultrazord let's out a triumphant roar. The Stegazord gives an approving thumb up. But back at Rita's castle, one person is less than approving. In fact, she is downright furious.)

Rita: NOOOO!!!!! How can this be?! This was supposed to be the end of the Power twerps; but we were outsmarted by the dumbest guy in the group!

(She angrily turns around and aims all her frustration at Finster.)

Rita: Finster! You said, this monster was gonna be unstoppable!

Finster: Actually, I thought the idea for this monster was quite stupid.

Rita: (Barks) WHAT?!

Finster: (Cowers) I-I mean.... this is all Goldar's fault!

Goldar: We may have lost this time my empress, but I promise you they won't be so lucky next time.

Rita: SHUT UP!! You're all to blame for this!

Baboo: (Cowers) B-b-but... what did WE do?

Squatt: Maybe we would've won if we had gone to school.

(Rita goes back to her spot at the balcony; staring miserably at the planet Earth. She clutches her head in pain.)

Rita: Uhh... I have a headache.

(Back at the command center, all seven rangers stand unmorphed and victorious. They await a debriefing from Zordon.)

Zordon: Rangers, you faced a surprisingly difficult monster today, one that could not be defeated with brute strength alone. However, you showed not only your resiliency today, but an ability to adjust when all else fails.

Jason: Aww, it was just another day at the office.

Zordon: If only that were so, however Robbie, I must congratulate you for coming out of your shell today.

Robbie: Thank you Zordon. I appreciate the kind words, but no need to overstate it. I did my homework. Let's just enjoy another defeated monster and just let things go back to normal.

Zordon: I would not be overstating anything, Robbie. You see, Alpha and I were beginning to question your dedication to the Power Rangers, and your ability to perform when the time came.

Robbie: ...I see.

Zordon: I understand now you simply operate differently and your loyalty should never have been put to question. Today you stepped up and saved the world and I apologize for ever doubting you.

(Robbie looks as if he cannot believe what he's hearing; completely taken back.)

Robbie: Wow... is this real life?

Jason: I gotta hand it to you, you came through.

(He pats him on the back.)

Zack: Yeah man you really helped us out in the nick of time. Another minute or two, we would've been toast.

Robbie: Wow. I have no clue how to react to this, I'm so not used to this. B-but thank you.

(He turns to Trini.)

Robbie: And thank you.

Trini: (smiling) Remember, that's what friends are for.

(Robbie just nods. He takes a moment to soak everything in, then looks up at Zordon and speaks once more.)

Robbie: Now if you'll excuse me, I've got an exam tomorrow morning. I've got to rest up.

(Camera fades away and fades into the Juice Bar the next day. Generic hip hop music blasting as the teenage hotspot was packed as usual. The rangers sans Robbie are seen at there usual table. Ernie approaches them with shakes in hand.)

Ernie: Alright, I've got 7 banana shakes. Come and get em.

(The rangers all reach out and grab their own shake in cups conveniently matching their color. However the brown cup remains on Ernie's serving dish.)

Ernie: That's strange. Did I make too many?

Trini: No Ernie, I'll hold onto that one. It's for Robbie in celebration of a hopefully passing math score!

Ernie: Oh great. Tell him I said congratulations.

Trini: Will do.

(Ernie walks off as the Rangers begin gulping down their shakes.)

Tommy: Wow Trini, you sure seem excited for him.

Trini: I am. I guess Robbie just seemed like he just needed to know someone was there for him so I decided to open up. I think he might be turning a corner.

Billy: That's great.

(Kim, who is facing the front entrance, perks up.)

Kimberly: Well, he's on his way!

(Camera cuts to the front entrance where Robbie casually appears from with headphones on. He calmly walks over and takes the only empty seat between Zack and Trini. He starts fidgeting with his Walkman completely oblivious that everyone is looking at him.)

Robbie: .........
Trini: ...
Jason: ...
Zack: ...
Billy: ...
Kimberly: ...
Tommy: ...

(He looks up and notices everyone.)

Robbie: Hey?

Trini: So, how'd it go?

Robbie: How'd what go?

Trini: You know!

Robbie: No....

Trini: Stop playing with us Robbie, you know the exam. Tell us how awesome you did.

(Suddenly, Robbie's face becomes completely expressionless.)

Robbie: ...

Trini: Robbie?

(Suddenly, he's processed what's going on and his expression switches that of absolute shock.)


(The rangers all sigh and suck their teeth in disappointment. Except Trini, whose face is completely frozen, yet becoming bright red.)

Trini: You're... kidding? Please tell me you're kidding.

(But Robbie completely ignores her as he's lost in his own misery.)

Robbie: Aw man... I can't believe it. My friends wanted to chill after school and... I guess I just forgot.

Ernie: Oh hey Robbie. I'm not sure if the others said anything, but congrats on your math exam.

Robbie: ...

(Ernie obliviously walks off as the brown ranger slumps his shoulders and leans his head on his hand dejectedly. He then sees turns and sees the banana shake Trini had bought for him and without second thought, switches gears and starts drinking it merrily. Trini on the other hand is livid and in a rage, smacks the shake out of his hands and onto the floor, startling the other rangers.)

Jason: Whoa, Trini relax.

Robbie: Whoa... what's your deal? It was only one exam; calm down, babe.

Trini: (Seething) BABE?! Don't you dare babe me!! I saw you down on your luck and decided to waste MY valuable time to help you. If I would have known you wouldn't change...

Robbie: Whoa, whoa, whoa... Trini, try to relax. Look, I get it, I missed an exam. It's bad, I know. I'll try and talk to Ms. Appleby tomorrow, but even if that doesn't do anything, it's not the end of the world. I mean, the woman has an exam every single week. One stinker won't kill me. What's important is I'm at least taking class more serious now. And it's thanks to you.

(Trini tries to compose herself, though still upset at him. She takes a few deep breaths before speaking.)

Trini: ...oh really? So this isn't gonna happen again?

Robbie: I'll try. Hopefully Rita will invent another monster that will kill you guys unless I pass the next exam.

Zack: Don't say that, I'm too young to die.

(Trini cracks a giggle and seems to be getting over it when Bulk and Skull appear from the front entrance completely overjoyed. Their signature music plays.)

Bulk: YES!! YES!!!! YYEAHHH!!!!!!!!

Skull: We did it!! We actually did it!!!

Kimberly: What are you two clowns up to?

Bulk: What are we up to? Only heading our way to Mensa, that's what!

Skull: Yeah... (scratches head) Hey Bulkie, what's a "Mensa?"

(Bulk looks annoyingly at Skull as the rangers try to put the pieces together.)

Tommy: Wait, does that mean....?

Zack: impossible!

Bulk: Oh it's possible! Just a little hard studying and...

(Bulk and Skull proudly flash their papers at the same time.)

Billy: Two D's?

Trini: Well... congrats Bulk and Skull. That's very... Impressive?

(The two are proudly grinning ear to ear.)

Robbie: Congrats guys, those are the only double D's either of you guys will ever see, so embrace it!

(Bulks smile turns to that of anger.)

Bulk: Look who's talking, Mr. Too good to bother showing up. At least we didn't smoke our study notes like somebody we know.

Skull: Ahahahaha... "smoke his study notes..." hahahaha!!!

Robbie: ...

Bulk: Come one Skull, let's not waste our time with these clowns. Let's get some celebratory milkshakes!

Skull: Yeah!

(The two walk off to the front counter.)

Trini: Don't listen to them. We have higher expectations for you than barely passing.

Robbie: Thanks, though I don't really care what expectations are put on me by others. I'm not like any of you guys, I know this, saving the day today wont change that. But I have my own expectations, my own standard. Time I start meeting them.... THAT being said... Im heading to the library after this to pick up some books on Ancient China. I've got a report due next week and I thought my new Chinese buddy could help?

(The other rangers look at Robbie awkwardly unbeknownst to him.)

Trini: I'm Vietnamese.

Zack: Swing and a miss.

Robbie: Ahh...

Trini: (laughs) But sure, I've got nothing to do today, I'll help you. What are friends for?

(Robbie let's out a relieved smile and the rangers all share a laugh at his faux-pas. The camera cuts the Bulk and Skull, shakes in hand, heading toward the exit.)

Bulk: Come on Skull, we're headed to the library!

Skull: Huh? Oh! You mean the libery? ...are we gonna study some more?

Bulk: No, we're not gonna study...

Skull: Then why are we going?

Bulk: We're going, because library girls... LOVE smart guys!

(Skull takes a moment to process what Bulk just said before Bulk pulls out his test score, gives him a suggestive smile and points at the big D. Skull finally follows and give him a sly smirk.)

Skull: Ahhh... smart guys like us you mean?

Bulk: Exactly! ...uhm, I mean... "affirmative!"

Billy: ....

Bulk: Let's go!

(The two walk toward the exit, yet, don't look where they're walking and slip right over the puddle of banana shake that Trini had spilt. Bulk hits the floor first with an Earth shaking thud, followed by Skull who crashes on top of him. The rangers can't help but burst out laughing.)


Skull: ....

(He throws his sidekick off of him and gets up angrily before storming out.)

Bulk: You can't do anything right!

Skull: Bulkie, you can't talk to me that way. I'm not a numbskull, I'm going to Mensa remember? Whatever that is.

(Skull follows him out the door and the episode ends with the rangers laughing.)

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... ... ... ... very interesting. I'm gonna have to see how this turns out. Love the use of pics. Adds something to the story IMO
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I still need to get around to reading ep 1. I have a few thoughts on Robbie after reading these bios

I get you want to tie loose ends. Robbie doesn't make much sense to me. Him being there since day 1 would totally change things in story arcs.(ex His stand alone zord vs dragon ceaser epic fight in green with evil) After 60 eps he is still just there on the team still not really a fighter despite fighting for 60 eps.
Besides the fact that if this is only 20 ep fic then you need to write him out by the end because hes not there when Zedd comes. He would have to be killed off because 2 rangers losing there powers is a bit much. If hes not there after Zedd comes why don't they replace him when hes gone.

If you do use him the way to make him make sense would to be either go back ep by ep and give a brief run down of what he was doing through each encounter. But that still wouldn't make sense for him to be just an outsider still by 60 eps. Not to mention because of that it makes the rest of the rangers seem like complete assholes and extremely out of character for them to have him be just and extra guy on the team. Or 20 eps is enough to intro him get the point across that hes diff from the rest because hes not perfect like them and have him come to be a part of the team.
the biggest problem I see would be if you end this at 80 eps and season 2 with zedds intro is what comes next then explaining why hes not there past season 1. Via losing powers, killing him off, or peace confrencing him out would still beg the question why don't they replace him.
unless you love writing this so much you rewrite season 2 with him in it.
Either way I think you should forget the he was always there thing and intro him in ep 61 as a new ranger.

Somehow I think you need to rethink alittle about all this before you just say he was just there all this time. Especially if your purpose is to tie up loose ends because just having him in there is a major loose end.
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FlashmanX wrote: View Post

I still need to get around to reading ep 1. I have a few thoughts on Robbie after reading these bios

I get you want to tie loose ends. Robbie doesn't make much sense to me. Him being there since day 1 would totally change things in story arcs.(ex His stand alone zord vs dragon ceaser epic fight in green with evil) After 60 eps he is still just there on the team still not really a fighter despite fighting for 60 eps.
Besides the fact that if this is only 20 ep fic then you need to write him out by the end because hes not there when Zedd comes. He would have to be killed off because 2 rangers losing there powers is a bit much. If hes not there after Zedd comes why don't they replace him when hes gone.

If you do use him the way to make him make sense would to be either go back ep by ep and give a brief run down of what he was doing through each encounter. But that still wouldn't make sense for him to be just an outsider still by 60 eps. Not to mention because of that it makes the rest of the rangers seem like complete assholes and extremely out of character for them to have him be just and extra guy on the team. Or 20 eps is enough to intro him get the point across that hes diff from the rest because hes not perfect like them and have him come to be a part of the team.
the biggest problem I see would be if you end this at 80 eps and season 2 with zedds intro is what comes next then explaining why hes not there past season 1. Via losing powers, killing him off, or peace confrencing him out would still beg the question why don't they replace him.
unless you love writing this so much you rewrite season 2 with him in it.
Either way I think you should forget the he was always there thing and intro him in ep 61 as a new ranger.

Somehow I think you need to rethink a little about all this before you just say he was just there all this time. Especially if your purpose is to tie up loose ends because just having him in there is a major loose end.
Very interesting and valid points. My plan was to finish up season 1 and then should my heart tell me so, write a continuation for season 2 where loose ends for that season are tied up as well as allowing Robbie to interact further and develop. I've already thought of that and I was thinking instead of 20 episodes tacked on at the very end, I'd maybe have 20 episodes divided between pre and post Power Transfer. By then he'd have major developments in both his character and his relationships with Jason, Trini and Zack. I'll most likely do this for as many seasons as I decide to keep him on. A few years ago during my original fan fic, my long term plan was to have him stick around all the way to Turbo, then lose his powers. I probably would have had Divatox destroy his ranger powers link to the morphin grid or something like that in order to explain why he wasn't replaced.

And as far as explaining his development up to that point in order so it doesn't just seem like the rangers are assholes. I thought of that as well, and I gave serious consideration to rewriting some already existing episodes and change things enough so that he's featured in it. (I was considering for example taking the episode "switching places" and have Billy test it out on Kimberly and Robbie instead of himself.) However, I decided not to as while I wanted to give him and his development focus, I didn't want to make it ALL about him. My justification for his lack of development would probably be that other characters haven't fully developed yet. Trini (Who I'm making a point to develop) was no personality whatsoever and was rarely focused on. She was still very much a stereotype by the end of season 1. Zack as well wasn't really focused on save for his episodes with Angela and was still a dancing, charismatic black guy. Billy developed some confidence and towards the end, showed some fighting ability, but didn't get nearly as much focus as he got in season 2 after the originals left. I can say his character suffered the same fate; being there, but not really effecting the plots and just taking a subordinate role. Though your idea of a brief episode by episode rundown sounds excellent. I should have thought of this before. I'll pause the story I'm writing to do just that; it would really help describe his place on the team.
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Finster: (sigh) …I wanted to be a lawyer.
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That pic is made of win.
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update me homy hows it coming
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That was totally epic and thorough I cant wait to read more!
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My apologize for the dissapearance. I'm still very much working on episode two but a case a writers block slowed me down and then I came down with a bacterial infection called MRSA thats a type of staff infection and required surgery on my leg. I just now got my laptop back so I'll resume writing from the hospital. Except the episode by the end of the week.
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Isn't Trini Vietnamese?
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Thuy Trang is Vietnamese. Trini Kwan is Korean.
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So episode two is near completion, I'm just working on the final scene. I'm such a perfectionist, that's why its taken so long. But by later tonight or early tomorrow it should be out.
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Episode 62 - Zack’s Baby Drama

(We begin today's episode in the bustling hallways of Angel Grove high. It's an early Friday morning and before class begins, students are hanging by their lockers with friends sharing notes, gossiping or just looking to make plans that night. Kimberly and Trini are seen walking toward their lockers doing the latter.)

Trini: ...so I've got a ton of work to do. I'm probably just gonna catch up on some reading and start on my English paper. What have you got planned this weekend Kim?

(Kimberly closes her locker door, and turns to her friend with a joyful look in her eyes as if she couldn’t wait to be asked.)

Kimberly: Well... Tommy asked me out to the movies tonight! I'm totally psyched!

Trini: Oh my goodness, that's great Kimberly! I’m so excited. So, does he make you think of the “R word?”

Kimberly: Uhm… that’s strangely rude. I mean I know he’s not perfect, but he’s very sma…

Trini: No! I mean relationship! Have you thought of making it official?

Kimberly: Oh… OH… I’m not sure; I wouldn’t mind that though. I mean I know he’s not perfect. He’s forgetful; he’s late a bunch of times…

Trini: …and he’s tried to kill us all before.

Kimberly: Huh?

Trini: (shakes her head) I'm sorry… Robbie and I have been studying together the past few days and his snide remarks are beginning to rub off.

Kimberly: Whatever, that's all in the past, right? He’s sweet, always so helpful to me when he’s down… and GOD is he hot!

(Trini giggles before giving an agreeing nod.)

Trini: Well, I’m happy for you guys!

Kimberly: Thanks...

(Kim hesitates momentarily to bite her lip.)

Kimberly: M-my only issue is... well, Tommy knew that Zack’s been having some girl troubles lately, so he asked him and Angela to come along for a double date which I think is sweet. And I don’t mind so much that I won’t get one on one time with Tommy but…

Trini: …

(She scrunches her face awkwardly and looks both ways before continuing. )

Kimberly: Uhm... is it just me, or does Angela not rub you the right way? I mean... I guess she's nice and all and I'm glad Zack's happy with her, but she’s always come off to me a little standoffish; maybe a shallow too. I mean, Zack was chasing her for what, about a year? He jumped through flaming hoops for her and she just always just blew him off. He had to take her to this fancy French restaurant for her to pay him any attention. I guess I've always thought Zack deserved better. I always thought he was wasting his time with that stuck up princess.

(Kimberly makes a face and expects a scornful, judging look from her near pius best frind. But instead, Trini just looks down and slowly nods.)

Trini: Hm. I think I know what you mean. Maybe not in such colorful language, but I’ve always though Zack kinda put her on some pedestal she had no business belonging on. But we have to remember. she's with Zack now and he really likes her; let's give her a chance.

Kimberly: Yeah, you're right.

(The girls finish collecting their things and begin walking towards their next class when from out of nowhere Angela struts in from around the corner.)

Trini: Uh oh, speak of the devil...

(She passes right through the girls without acknowledging them with a self assured look and her head held high a self assured strut that some might see as aloof. Her bag swung around her shoulder and stops at her locker. Zack can be seen walking briskly $behind her like a member of the paparazzi.)

Zack: So Angela, do you want me to pick you up for the movies tonight or should we just meet there?

(She opens her locker and retrieves her stuff. And without even making eye contact with him, she responds in a very blasé tone of voice.)

Angela: It doesn't matter to me, we can just meet there.

Zack: Really? Cause I was hoping to pick you up.... But you know, that's cool; I could, I-I mean we could just meet up there.

Kimberly: ...
Trini: ...

(The girls look on with concern in their eyes. Zack's spent the better part of a year idealizing her as the unattainable prize. And finally managing to get her didn't change that mentality. He leans against the locker like he’s been leaning on her, all while trying to contain his inner panic.)

Zack: So Angela... do you know what today is?

Angela: (disinterested) Friday?

Zack: No... I mean, yeah its Friday... but it's also been two whole weeks we've been together.

Angela: Is that so?

Zack: Yeah.

(Angela cracks an amused grin, but nothing else. Zack waits a moment but soon realizes she isn’t going to continue the conversation. However, she closes her locker door and turns to him.)

Angela: Well, we can meet after class at the Juice Bar then. We should talk a little before then.

Zack: (Fake laughs) Great! I love a talk... I can't wait.

Angela: I'll see you later.

(She walks off to her first class, leaving Zack hanging; not noticing he was waving goodbye.)

Zack: ...happy anniversary.

(Cut to Rita's castle where she’s watching everything unfold through her giant telescope.)

Rita: Aw, it seems the poor black ranger is having girl troubles.

(She turns around to address her minions.)

Rita: Ha! Love... how overrated. I never even had a boyfriend in school and I turned out fine. The boys were all stupid and icky anyway.

Goldar: That is why you rein supreme, my empress! Love is a distraction for the weak and vulnerable. Those who aren’t focused due to the idiocities of the opposite sex will rule all…. Uh… just don’t repeat what I said to Scorpina.

Rita: Aha! I'll just have you know, I'm only waiting for "the one;" one handsome and horrible beast that will sweep me off my broom. I wouldn’t settle for less!

Baboo: Well, I'm sure you'll find him someday.

Squatt: Really? You would think after 14,000 years you'd call it a day and...

(Baboo smacks the oblivious Squatt over his head.)

Baboo: SHHHH!!! Are you nuts?!

Squatt: Oh... n-nevermind.

Goldar: No seriously, promise me you won’t tell Scorpina.

(Cut back to the hallways where a dejected Zack leans against the lockers, thinking of what just happened. The girls approach him to try and cheer him up.)

Trini: You alright, Zacky?

Zack: Yeah...

Trini: Are you sure?

Kimberly: Wanna talk about it?

Zack: (sighs) It's just... it feels like since Angela and I got together, I've cared about our relationship more than she has. It's like, she knows she's better than me and the harder I try to get her to like me, the farther it seems to drive her away. I feel like I can’t do anything right.

Trini: Well, you're wrong Zack. She's not better than you at all. You're a great guy and a wonderful catch.

Zack: Am I...?

Kimberly: Totally, you're sweet, funny, smart, you can dance... (Leans in to whisper) plus, you're the black Power Ranger and last I checked... chicks totally dig spandex!

(Being reminded of his good qualities, Zack seemed to cheer up a little bit. He slowly gets up from his slouched position and cracks a smile.)

Zack: Yeah... I guess you're right. But, what am I gonna do about Angela?

Trini: The same thing you did to get her: just be yourself. You're a fun, confident guy. Chicks dig confidence; and if that's not good enough for her, than she's not good enough for you. You'll find somebody who'll like you for who you really are.

Kimberly: Just talk to her after class and see where her mind is. See if you guys can work things out and maybe start fresh.

(Just then a familiar, yet not so pleasant voice comes out of nowhere.)

Bulk: I have a suggestion... why don't you just give up?

(The three turn around to see Bulk and Skull strolling towards them; eavesdropping on their entire conversation.)

Bulk: (mockingly) Isn’t it obvious? Angela isn't into same sex relationships.

Skull: Ahahahahahahaha!!! Same sex relationships!! Ahahaha!!! Cause he's a girl! Ahahaha!!! I get it!!!

Zack: ...........

Kimberly: Bulk, mind your own business.

Trini: Yeah, like anybody would ever date you two clowns; at least Zack has a girlfriend.

Zack: Yeah, but speaking of same sex relationships... I could really use both of your input. You guys have been together longer than Bert and Ernie.

(Bulk makes a funny face at Zack while Skull drifts off into space.)

Bulk: I'll have you geeks know that Skull and I are two of the biggest ladies men in Angel Grove. We have the ladies screaming our names. Know why? Cause chick dig bad boys!

Skull: Yeah!

(Zack gets tired of their nonsense and steps towards them defiantly.)

Zack: Face it you, I've yet to see either of you guys with a girl around your shoulders. I may be going through a rough patch right now with Angela, but we’ll get through this. Talk to me when you actually have girlfriends.

(Bulk and Skull were taken back by his rebuttal. Yet, the prideful Bulk somehow viewed it as a challenge. So with a clenched jaw, he steps even closer to Zack and pointed his finger at the black ranger's face who doesn’t back down.)

Bulk: You just watch, twerp! I'll show you how much the ladies love me!

Skull: B-Bulky... what about me? The ladies love me too, right?

Bulk: I betcha a round of pizza that by the end of the day I'll nab me a hot broad!

Zack: (confidently) You're on.

(He puts his finger down and takes a few steps away from them before stopping mid hallway to think.)

Bulk: Hmmm.... Now where can I find me a hot babe?

Skull: Uhm, yeah! Where are... you gonna find... US a hot... babe?

Bulk: (annoyed) Come on nitwit!

(A determined Bulk marches away with a bumbling Skull trailing behind him. The three rangers share a laugh as Kimberly wave’s goodbye at them. The three then walk off to their next class as we fade to the end of the school day and into their favorite teen hot spot, the Juice Bar; a mellower environment, with most of the gang occupying their usual table. Jason on the right, Billy and Trini going over some notes with Robbie on the left and Kimberly is in the middle, sparkling in a short denim skirt, a jean jacket and a pink t shirt underneath. Her hair is in pigtails and her face beaming with anticipation and… and some subtle blush.)

Billy: (Robbie) So essentially, checking said type of questions is merely performing the question in reverse to verify that all of your calculations are correct.

(Robbie blankly stares at his notes with an overwhelmed look on his face.)

Robbie: Huh?!

Trini: He said all you have to do…

Robbie: (interrupts) I know what he said; I don’t need the whole translating shtick. I just think it’s dumb and unnecessary. How am I gonna answer 30 of these in a 45 minute test?

Billy: Once you know how to do it, you can blow through them pretty easily.

Trini: I’m just glad you’re putting an effort now. I promise you the progress will show.

Robbie: Well, I didn’t want you to feel like you wasted your time.

Trini: (smiles) I know I didn’t. I’m just happy to know you’re smarter than you let on.

Robbie: Come again?

Trini: I mean… you didn’t even need me to translate Billy’s speech.

Robbie: (laughs) Uh no… you’re not trying unveil the “thug with a heart of gold” are you? I REALLY wouldn’t want you to waste your time here. You should know by now, I am an aggravatingly one dimensional character!

(Trini just laughs and shake her head before returning to her work.)

Robbie: How about you Billy? Wanna flirt with me too?

Billy: Pardon?

(The three share a quiet laugh as the conversation shifts to Kim and Jason.)

Kimberly: Jason I can't wait for tonight! Tommy told me he's on his way; he should be here shortly.

Jason: That’s great; I'm really happy for you guys. You two really do make a cute couple.

(She flashes her pearly whites proudly.)

Kimberly: Thanks!!! I feel like Tommy and I are finally taking the next step. I've been waiting for this moment my whole life. I mean... since I've met him of course.

Robbie: You DO know the guy tried to kill you right?

Trini: Yeah, we covered that.

Kimberly: Robbie, he was under a spell; he didn't know any better.

Robbie: "He didn't know better?" That's what you say about your dog when he poops on the rug. Geez, I hope the next time the cops bust me and search my bags, they’ll buy that I was under a spell.”

Kimberly: ...Uh, I....

Trini: And their goes my compliment.

Jason: Robbie, stop being a jerk!

(He pulls away and pouts to himself.)

Robbie: Whatever. I'm bored...

(Just then Zack darts in nervously from the front entrance; sporting a pair of beige dress pants and a sharp black blazer while holding a bushel of flowers wrecked in a run to the Juice Bar. His head shifts from left to right before he spots the Rangers table and heads toward them.)

Zack: Hey guys, is Angela here yet?

Kimberly: No, not yet.

Billy: Why the heavy perspiration Zack? You've taken her out on dates before.

Kimberly: Yeah, granted it ended with her dumping popcorn on your head and storming out. But that’s no reason to believe tonight will go badly.

Zack: I'm just a little nervous. I really want to have the talk with Angela before this date. Man, she means a lot to me. She's the first girl I've ever felt so strongly about; I just want her to know that. And I want to tell her I'm willing to do anything to help make it work.

Trini: Wow Zack...

Robbie: But you've been together two weeks!! Don't you think you're jumping the gun a little?

Zack: You guys keep telling me to follow my heart and be myself. Well, this is who I am and this is how I feel.

Jason: ...
Trini: ...
Billy: ...
Kimberly: ...
Robbie: ...

(Zack reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little black box. The rangers all react in shock like he pulled out a gun.)

Zack: Look, I got her something.

Jason: Dude!
Robbie: You’re nuts!
Kimberly: No...
Trini: Zack!
Billy: You're not thinking of....

Zack: No, guys relax; Of course not. But when I got home today I asked my dad for some advice and he went to the attic and gave me this...

(He opens the little black box to reveal a shiny silver ring with an eye catching opal stone right in the middle. Tiny diamonds on the side of the stone, shining bright enough to blind his fellow rangers.)

Zack: You like it?

Kimberly: Zack that's...

Billy: That's...

Trini: Gorgeous!

Jason: I see you're pulling a Hail Mary huh?

Robbie: (Knudges Kim) Wow... Tommy's got a tough act to follow it seems? He better be packin'.

(Zack's smiles at the reassuring comments, then looks down sentimentally at the ring.)

Zack: My dad gave it to my mom when they were high school sweethearts; and he got it from my grandpa. He said when he first laid eyes on my mom; he just knew... he knew what he felt was real. He knew he respected and loved her and wanted to be around her for the rest of his life.

(The comment seemed to strike a chord with Kimberly.)

Zack: Just like me right now.

(Despite their conflicted feelings about the situation and their feelings about Angela herself, they all just try to be supportive.

Trini: That's... beautiful Zack...

Kimberly: Well Zack... I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure she'll love it.

Jason: Yeah, may the power protect you, man.

Zack: Thanks! And the opal in the middle is a good luck charm symbolizing love and commitment. But he told me to make sure Angela and I are for real; as bad luck is brought to those who break that commitment.

Robbie: So you're gonna blackmail her? Not a bad idea.

(Just then, Angela walks in slowly and puts her hands in front of her. She was scanning the Juice Bar for Zack apparently. Though, something was off.)

Jason: Hey, there she is now...

Zack: (turns around) Oh...

Billy: And she... appears to still be in the same apparel that she was in school.

Zack: Huh? I-I'll go talk to her.

(Zack slowly approaches his girlfriend and hesitantly places his hand on her shoulder.)

Zack: Hey Angela, how are you? How was school?

Angela: Fine I guess.

Zack: So uh... why aren't you dressed up?

Angela: ...listen, can we talk Zack? Let's go somewhere private.

Zack: Sure... That's fine.

(Zack leads her to the front counter where no one is seated around; the black box still clenched in Zack's hand. The rangers pretend to not be paying attention, but it's obvious they are.)

Billy: So how do you think she'll take it?

Kimberly: I don't know... Zack really seems to like her. I’m not sure she really feels the same. I just wish him the best

Robbie: Yeah, just something about her just makes dislike her.

Trini: I’m pretty sure we all know where that conversations heading. All we can do at this point is be supportive either way.

Jason: Trini’s right. We couldn’t stop him if we tried.

(The two start talking and almost immediately Zack looks to be waiting for the right moment to hand her the ring, taking multiple quick glances at it. Eventually though he eagerly pulls it out and hands I to a surprised Angela before quickly slipping it on her. She gives an extended look at the ring and continues to speak. Moments pass and no one can make out what they're saying, but it doesn't appear at this point that Zack's doing much talking. Eventually though, Angela slowly steps away from him with pseudo guilt in her eyes before walking out quickly. Zack just looked disoriented as he walked back to the table slowly.)

Jason: So... how'd it go?

Zack: ...she broke up with me. This stinks.

Robbie: So, she's single?

(Meanwhile at Rita's castle, she continues to spy on the rangers.)

Rita: Ahahaha! This is spicier than my soap operas! All that’s left is Zack walking in on her and his brother!

(She follows Zack briefly as he walks away before focusing on the ring.)

Rita: (pouts) …no ones ever given ME a ring!

(She focuses on it a little more.)

Rita: Finster! What can you tell me about the powers of that ring?

Finster: My knowledge of regular Earth items is limited my queen. However what I DO know of this ring is that it brings bad luck whenever the integrity of its intended relationship is broken.

Rita: Hmm… I think I have an idea.

(We fade to Angel Grove Park, on a day that’s becoming more and more grey and overcast. Zack walks slowly by himself with his hands in his pocket, head down and his shoulders slouched.)

Zack: Dang... I wish I been a better boyfriend. Wish I could’ve done more for her… or at at least wasn’t so insecure.

(He continues to pace slowly until he finds finding a nearby bench to sit on and reflect with a listless stare to the sky.)

Zack: ...she said she wasn’t looking to be with anyone right now. Yeah, that’s a load. She shouldn’t have gotten with me in the first place. She just wanted to mess with my head… women. I feel so embarrassed I sang for her when we got together. I’m so disgusted with myself for even bothering….

(He leans over to pick up a random rock to toss before hearing a faint, yet familiar voice.)

Zack: Maybe if I sing to her again…..

Angela: Zack...?

Zack: Huh...? (Coughs) Oh! Hey Angela...

Angela: W-what are you doing here?

Zack: Well, I had plans tonight, but I'm just chillin here, getting some fresh air.

(Thunder claps)

Angela: I see...

(The two look pretty unsettled with each others presence; especially Angela, who's nervously biting her lip.)

Zack: So, what are you doing here?

Angela: Uh... I'm just meeting someone.

(Zack raises and eyebrow and leans forward.)

Zack: You're meeting someone? Who?

Angela: A friend....

(Her aversions only raise Zack’s suspicions. He repeats his question with a little more bass in his voice this time.)

Zack: What. Friend?

Angela: ...look, Zack... I...

(Just then, another voice interrupts.)

Voice: (mockingly) Well, well... looks like somebody owes me pizza.

Zack: Huh??

Angela: Oh... hey Bulk.

(Bulk strolls in from behind Zack's bench with a smug look on his face as he extends his arm for Angela to grab. Zack looks absolutely mortified.)

Angela: Zack... you know Bulk, right?

Zack: BULK!?

Bulk: (gloats) Looks like my mantra holds true: chicks dig bad boys! You know why? Cause we display traits of masculinity. Confidence, strength and alpha male tendencies; this has held true dating back to the cavemen.

Zack: ...

Angela: Zack... I'm really sorry. Bulk and I started talking during recess and, and… I don’t know. I just kinda wanna give this a try now. It really isn’t anything you did Zack; you were a great guy; we just didn’t click as I’d have hoped.

(Zack’s mouth nearly hits the floor in utter shock, even though… he can't seem to find a retort. He’s angry, hurt, sad, confused all at once and words to express those feelings have failed him; all he could do was sit there.)

Angela: But I hope we can be friends.

Zack: Friends…?

Bulk: (To Angela) Now come on sweetie, we're gonna be late for that movie.

(Bulk extends his arm for his new girlfriend, then the two begin to walk away. After a few steps though, Zack finally speaks up.)

Zack: Wait… recess?

Angela: …?

Bulk: …?

Zack: You two got together during recess…? So that means you two got together while you and I was still together…?

Angela: uhh…

(Angela opens her mouth to try and defend herself, but can’t think of anything that could possibly excuse herself of wrong doing.)

Zack: And you wanna stand their and say you wanna be my friend?

Bulk: Aww, is poor Zacky gonna cry…?

Zack: (Barks) Shut up!!! You stay out of this; you’ve done enough.

(He turns back to his ex girlfriend.)

Zack: (shortly) Give me back my fathers ring.

Angela: Wha..?

Zack: Give me back, my fathers ring… now.

(Angela forgot she even left with it when she had it on, it didn’t mean much to her. However, she knew Zack wasn’t going to allow her to leave with it. She took off the ring, walked a couple steps and carefully handed it to him before heading back with Bulk and lightly pulling him away to prevent anything else breaks down. Zack said nothing further and just stood their breathing heavily and clenching the ring. Cut to Rita's castle where she keeps an eye on her plan unfolding perfectly as she goes over everything else with her henchmen.)

Rita: Everything appears to be going according to plan. Goldar, go down there right now with a pack of putties and take that ring from the black ranger!

Goldar: Yes, my empress!

Rita: Finster, I need one of your monsters right now!

Finster: Right away my queen; as a matter of fact, I am already working on a good one.

Rita: (pleased) Good!

(She storms back toward her balcony and emphatically points her finger towards the Earth.)

Rita: You’re feeling miserable right now, black ranger… but not a problem, after I’m through with you, you AND the girl who scorned you won’t feel anything at all! (Snickers) I LOVE being evil….

(Back to the park, Zack storms in the opposite direction with innumerable feelings and thoughts racing through his head. Both fists tightly clenched; including the one with the ring in his hand.)

Zack: I can’t believe she ever did this to me… man, she’s gonna pay. I promise you, her and Bulk. Man… I can’t believe how she left me for Chef Boyardee… this day can’t get any worse.

(And on cue; rain starts pouring from the skies heavily on Zack’s head. He isn’t wearing a jacket and is instantly drenched. Already downtrodden, he just looks up and throws up his hands.)

Zack: (sighs) I can’t catch a break huh? Man… forget it, I already feel like an ant right now; I’m just gonna go home.

(He hangs his head as if he’s giving up and just puts his hands back in his pocket and starts walking off. However, his awful day has just begun.)

Voice behind Zack: Poor black ranger... if you don't already feel like you’ve been stabbed in the back, I don’t mind doing it for you. Gyahahaha!!!

(Zack turns around to be greeted by a sword wielding Goldar and an army of Putties.)

Zack: (sighs) Goldar! Come on, why you gotta kick a brotha when he’s down? Can’t you just pester me some other time?

Goldar: I’d love to, but my weekends looking pretty bad; you know how girlfriends are. Putties, attack!!!

(The putties charge at Zack who reluctantly gets in fighting stance. The first putty takes a wild swing at him that catches only air as Zack leans backwards. He tries again and gets air and Zack responds by taking two steps back and landing a bicycle kick to take him down. Another comes in to throw a left that's caught and a third throws a right that's caught. They do manage to however grab both his arms and start yanking him left to right. He reverses this though by doing a forward flip while they're still holding onto him, thus twisting their arms and then knocking them both in different directions with a double leg kick. A fourth approaches him with a recycling bin in hand. He throws it at Zack but it's caught. He kicks the putty in the gut, then puts the bin over its head and kicks it down a nearby hill. The incompetence of these foot soldiers is testing Goldars patience.)

Goldar: (irritated) Arh, I suppose if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

(He approaches the black ranger who tries to ward him off with a kick, but Goldar easily pushes it off. Zack throws a punch, but is blocked before Goldar lands a punch of his own that pushes Zack backwards and then a devastating kick that takes him down.)

Zack: (In pain) Ugh…

(He quickly realizes something is off.)

Zack: Oh no… where’s my dad’s ring?

(The ring knocked out of his hand and fell to the floor in front of him. He spots it and tries to scurry over and retrieve it, but a Putty leaps onto it and grabs it just before he does.)

Goldar: (derisively) Aww, you shouldn’t have!

(He leaps back to his feet in urgency.)

Zack: Give it back!

Goldar: Not likely; but don't worry, I promise you'll see it again soon!

(And with a flick of the wrist, Goldar and the remaining putty patrollers vanish into thin air just as Zack charges at them. In complete frustration he punches the air.)

Zack: Come on!! What is up with this day?! And what would Rita want with that ring? (sighs) I guess now I have to tell Zordon.

(Back at Rita's castle.)

Rita: Excellent work for once Goldar! And now, phase two.

(She makes her way to Finsters workshop to see him putting the finishing touches on his next creation.)

Rita: Finster, are you almost done?

Finster: Just about; and I must say, I'm especially proud of this monster, "the Crazy Cupid." He’s the anti-cupid; for while he’s still a big flying baby, his arrows don’t make those fall in love, but have the power to punish those who have broken it. The opal ring will serve as a chamber for the damned. And best of all, they cannot escape unless the monster is destroyed.

Rita: What’s so special about that?

Finster: When the monster is destroyed, those trapped with be destroyed also. It is a lose, lose situation.

Rita: Ahh, that’s perfect! Force the black ranger to choose between destroying his scornful girlfriend and the bumbling idiot who stole her and destroying Angel Grove, home of his friends and family. That decision is obvious for him!

Finster: But not for the others. This will surely tear them apart. Now, all that is missing is the ring.

Rita: It's right here.

(She hands the ring to him and he buries it in the cupid's chest.)

Finster: Now, to mark the destruction of those wretched rangers.

(He places it in his Monster-O-Matic and pulls the switch to begin the process. It goes into the giant fume pouring machine. After some violent shaking, the monster is shot out at the other end. The smoke finally clears and the Cupid is seen seated, its head tucked between his thighs and arms wrapped around its shin. Slowly though, a pair of black wings sprout from behind it and extend, its head lifts as his body follows. It was a real conundrum: hideous yet eerily cute. Full, rosy cheeks, yet was missing its pupils. Its head pulsating like any newborn yet it possessed sharp fang like teeth and was missing both of its ring fingers. Most noticeably however, a huge opal stone was popping out of his chest.)

Rita: Aw, look at my little angel…

(The giant baby speaks with an unexpectedly cute voice.)

Crazy Cupid: (giggles) Would you say, it's "love at first sight?"

Rita: (rolls eyes) Ugh, Finster, can you make ONE monster who wont make awful puns? He was just born and he’s already irritating me.

Finster: Well, at least he isn’t a rapping pumpkin. I promise you however, he is one bad baby.

Rita: He better be!

(Turns back to the Crazy Cupid)

Rita: Now, I want you to go down to Angel Grove park and kidnap those two humans the black ranger just finished talking to. Once that's done, we can begin phase 3! Are you sure you can handle that?

Crazy Cupid: (giggles) About as sure that I pooped myself.

Rita: That wasn't a very clever pun.

Crazy Cupid: It wasn't a pun.

(Rita's eyes shoot wide open with a look of disgust before storming away furiously.)

Rita: FINSTER!!!

(Cuts back to the Juice Bar after a significant passage of time, it's beginning to really look dreadful outside as the rangers remain inside the Juice Bar for cover. Except now, Kimberly is impatiently staring a hole at the front entrance. Tommy still hasn't arrived yet; the butterflies and the feeling of anticipation long gone and coming in was a feeling of scorn.)

Robbie: Maybe he's dead?

Kimberly: (Stares at the entrance)...

Robbie: Or maybe Rita got to him and he's evil again!!! Ooooh.

Kimberly: (Stares at the entrance)...

Robbie: Or maybe he just forgot his tampon?

Kimberly: (Stares at the entrance)...

(Ernie walks by their table to bus their drinks.)

Ernie: Is everything alright fellas? Kim, weren't you supposed to be on a date; where's Tommy?

(Kim clenches her teeth as keeps her eyes by the entrance as she responds.)

Kimberly: I don't know, Ernie.

Ernie: You think he's hurt?

(She looks up to him and gives a fake smile.)

Kimberly: If he's not, he will be soon.

Ernie: Well, I hope he’s okay. I hear weathers gonna get worse.

(Ernie shakes his head in concern before walking off.)

Trini: Maybe Ernie's right; you think something might've happened to Tommy?

Kimberly: I really hope not Trini; but if he's just standing me up, I'm gonna really be upset.

Robbie: Has anyone tried to reach him by communicator.

Jason: That's a good idea; I'm gonna step out and try to get a hold of him.

(Jason pushes his chair back before getting up and walking out. Just as he steps out of the front door, Skull walks right in. Alone.)

Billy: Is that Skull? Why does he appear so listless and upset?

Trini: Yeah, something doesn’t seem right... where's Bulk?

(Unlike every other day, where he strolls right over with Bulk to annoy the other rangers, he just quietly finds a nearby table and sits down; staring off into space and twiddling his thumbs.)

Billy: Perhaps the absence of Bulk is the reason for his sadness.

Trini: Aw, I kinda feel sorry for him now.

(She turns her chair around to get his attention.)

Trini: Is everything okay Skull?

(Skull just barely turns his face to them.)

Skull: Yeah.

Billy: Where’s Bulk?

Skull: Hanging out with his new girlfriend...

Trini: WHAT?!
Billy: WHAT?!
Kimberly: WHAT?!
Robbie: WHAT?!

Skull: Yeah. He went to the movies. He's watching the same movie we were gonna watch together this weekend.

Robbie: You mean that movie 'War Hero' with Van-Dame?

Skull: No, Julia Roberts.

Billy: Awkward.

Skull: We used do everything together. I was the Robin to his Batman, the David Spade to his Chris Farley. Now he's just sort of tossed me aside without a care; so much for bros before girls.

Trini: I'm sorry Skull. I'm sure he still values your friendship. Maybe he just wants to... get to know this new girl of his a little more… whoever this... lucky… lady is.

Billy: Yeah, think of this as an opportunity to branch out and make new friends. A wider social circle never hurt anybody.

(Skull thinks for a second before nodding excitedly and smiling.)

Skull: Yeah, you're right! I'm gonna make some new friends!

Kimberly: Atta boy, Skull.

(He gets up emphatically.)

Skull: Yeah, who needs Bulk? I'm gunna find someone better. Cooler.

Kimberly: Cooler than Bulk? That shouldn't be too hard.

Skull: Funnier.

Robbie: And none of that slapstick crap.

Skull: Smarter!

Billy: Who can encourage you to do better in school.

Skull: And you know what? Nicer!!

Trini: Everyone deserves the best.

Skull: Yeah! I'm gonna do it! So... does this mean I can start hanging out with you guys?

Trini: NO!
Billy: NO!
Kimberly: NO!
Robbie: NO!

Skull: ...

Robbie: Uhm... why don't you try to look for some friends... on the Internet?

(Skull nods quietly to himself.)

Skull: Yeah... I'll try the Internet.

(Skull pushes in his chair and walks out of the Juice Bar. Jason walks back in and back to his seat with a serious look on his face.)

Kimberly: Any luck Jason?

Jason: None. He isn't answering his communicator; I don't know what's up?

Kimberly: Alright, now I'm worried. Guys, what if Rita did something to him?

Jason: I'm sure Zordon would tell us if something's wrong; try not to worry.

Kimberly: You're right.

(Kim takes a deep, self assuring breath to try to calm her nerves. However, almost on cue, Jason's communicator goes off and Kim almost instantly felt her heart sink.)

Kimberly: ...oh no...

Billy: ....speak of the devil...

Jason: Let's go guys.

(The five of them get up and try to find a secluded area by the lockers before Jason answers his communicator.)

Jason: We read you Zordon.

Zordon: Rangers, Alpha and I must speak to you at the command center; Zack is already with us. This could be serious.

Jason: We're on our way.

(Jason gives Kim a concerning look before looking around for any one passing by. Once he sees that the coast is clear, he leads them in teleportation to the command center where they are joined by the black ranger.)

Jason: What's going on Zordon?

Kimberly: Yeah, is Tommy okay? I’m really worried about him.

Zack: Man, this ain’t about Tommy! Tommy ain’t the center of the universe, so hands off the main plot!

Robbie: Thank you!!!

(He then regretfully shakes his head and back tracks.)

Zack: I’m sorry. I’m sorry…. I’ve just had a long day.

Kimberly: It’s alright.

Zordon: Tommy’s communicator appears to be offline and I cannot get a lock on his coordinates. However, Alpha and I will keep you informed if something comes up.

Kimberly: (bites lip)…

Zordon: And to answer your question Jason, nothing is wrong at the moment, however due to an attack on Zack by Goldar and a swarm of putties, trouble may be on the horizon.

Zack: Yeah, and he took my dad’s ring.

Jason: He what?

Zack: Goldar took the ring I gave to Angela. Just leave it to Rita to rub it in. Now my dad’s gonna kill me on top of everything else.

Trini: What on Earth would she want with that ring? She’s really beginning to get petty.

Alpha: We think it may have something to do with the stone. It’s a long shot but it's the only possible lead as to why Rita would want it.

Zordon: Legend has it that the opal stone symbolizes the bond and strength of a couples lasting love. However, it isn’t all good as it also symbolizes bad luck to those who break the bond.

Zack: Yeah, I know all that Zordon. But it still doesn’t make sense to me.

Zordon: Our only lead would suggest that Rita is attempting to use the stones power to her advantage. She may try to use it to get you out of the way Zack, thus weakening the team as a whole. I advise you all to be on high alert. I will also advise you to keep an eye on your ex girlfriend Angela; she is as much at risk as you are.

(Meanwhile, back at Angel Grove Park, Bulk is seen proudly escorting his new girlfriend to the movies while holding an umbrella for both of them.)

Bulk: Looking forward to our date?

Angela: I'm pretty excited. I love Julia Roberts! I’m sorry in advance if I start tearing up. Oh, and I'm also sorry you had to blow off Skull for this, it sounds like he really wanted to watch this film too.

Bulk: Yeah, well.... I only have so many shoulders to cry on. And mine are reserved for my Angiepoo!

Angela: (smiles) Oh Bulk, you're so charming. I already feel... right in your arms, you know what I mean? I feel so secure and comfortable and excited and... Well, things I was never sure of with Zack. I mean, Zack was sweet, but I started to see him as more of a little brother than anything. But I know at the end of the day, you'll be there to protect me

Bulk: Oh of course I will, babe, you see this? And this?

(He starts to flex and pat his belly.)

Bully: I’ve actually been pulled over for these guns!

Angela: Really?

Bully: Oh yeah. And don't be fooled by this gut, it's only keeping the six pack underneath warm.

Angela: Hubba, hubba!

Bulk: Thats right, as long as I'm around nobody will ever lay a hand on you, ever.

Angela: Well, I believe you.

(All seems to be going smooth for the new couple as she tightens her embrace on his contrarily mushy biceps. But just before they could enjoy their first date, Rita’s latest monster appears in front of them with a blinding flash. And before the disorientation even passes he lunges towards Angela, wasting no time in grabbing her by the arm and inciting a terrified shriek.)

Angela: Ahhhhhh!!! Who are you!? What do you want!? Bulky helllp!!

(She desperately claws onto Bulks arms, but when he shakes his head and comes to; he finds himself unwillingly in a game of tug-o-war with an atrociously giant baby and gives an equally terrified shriek.)

Bulk: YAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Cupid: Let go tubs, it’s the girl that I want!

Angela: Me?

Bulk: Her? Sweet, you can have her.

Angela: BULK!

(Bulk pries her hands off his arms so that he may free himself and essentially offer her to the cupid in exchange for his own life.)

Bulk: Well…. It’s getting late, but I had fun… call me!

(He gives a quick two fingered sailors salute and power walks the other way before breaking down into a full on sprint; dropping his umbrella along the way.)


Angela: Bulk, how dare you!!!!

(Feeling betrayed by the selfish show of cowardice by her new boyfriend, Angela almost forgets the deep amount of danger she’s in.)

Crazy Cupid: You’ve broken the opal stones bond with your infidelity, now Queen Rita has decided that you must pay!

(The cupid giggles as he makes hand gestures at her, and with a flick of the wrist, she vanishes into the giant stone inside the Cupids chest, causing the big baby to clap in triumph of a job well done. But phase two wasn’t done, Rita’s voice popped into his head to give him more directions.)

Rita: Good job, but you’re not done yet. Take the fat one as well, he’s partially responsible too. Zack and the others won’t know what to do!

Crazy Cupid: You got it!

(The cupid reaches behind him and pulls out a giant black bow and an arrow with a broken, black heart at the tip. He loads it up and aims it at Bulk who hasn’t gotten very far, stopping to catch his breath twice while also stopping at a nearby hotdog cart. The shot was a no brainer. The experienced fencer hits him right in the back and in a flash, just like Angela, he was gone. The monster jumps up and down, its wings flapping with excitement. Meanwhile the alarms are blaring back at the command center as it appears Zordon spoke too soon.)

Kimberly: Oh no… what now?

Zordon: It seems we are too late. Rita has sent her monster down and has abducted Angela.

(The team turns back to the viewing globe to see what just transpired. They look on with distress to see Angela screaming desperately. Well, everyone except Zack, who just kinda snickers. Then Bulk appears with her and his snickering turns into a more shocked expression, similar to that of a homosexual being outed. He knew questions would follow.)

Robbie: Hmm. What is Angela doing with Bulk?

Jason: And why is the monster abducting him as well, he’s got nothing to do with this right?

Kimberly: Yeah… he was just out on a date with his new… girl…

(And before Kim could finish her sentence, the entire team put the math together. The ‘lucky lady’ Bulk ditched Skull for… was Angela.)

Robbie: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Trini: Robbie, shut up!!!

Zack: No, you see, this is what I didn’t want. You know what? Forget this, forget Angela; she’s getting what she deserves anyway. I’m going home.

Jason: Wait, what?

Billy: You’re leaving?

Robbie: (Trying not to laugh) No, no, no…. dude… wait, I’m not laughing at you man, I swear; don’t leave. Come on man!

Jason: Dude, you’re leaving us? You can’t leave man, Angel Grove is in trouble; your job as a power ranger is to stop them. I know where your head must be man, but you can’t ditch us like she ditched you.

Zack: If Angel Grove needs help, tell them to call the cops. I’m apparently not man enough for her, but the dude that just fed her to a monster so he can get away is.

Zordon: But this exactly what Rita wants; division within the team. She does not think you will be able to rescue them and will therefore allow the monster to wreak havoc. She is playing mind games with you Zack; you must resist falling for them.

(Zack pauses to think for a few seconds before responding remorsefully.)

Zack: Nah forget it man… I can’t forgive her for what she did to me… I’m really sorry guys…

(He reaches for his communicator to teleport out of there, but Jason grabs his shoulder and tries to talk some sense into his best friend.)

Jason: Zack. I want you to think long and hard before you do what I think you’re about to do. You’ve fought with us over countless battles, through thick and thin; helping us whenever we needed help.

Kimberly: You’ve helped us on and off the field too; whenever any of us were down, you were there, making jokes and being your usual, upbeat self.

Billy: Yeah, you normally don’t leave until we cheer up.

Trini: And most of all, you’re there to help us, even if we’ve upset you. Because you’re such a great friend, you will look past any pettiness when it really matters. That’s true integrity and it’s something Angela will never get out of Bulk.

Robbie: And we can really use your help here man, what do you say?

(Zack seems overwhelmed to have such a warm and supportive group of friend who make him feel as special as he has made them feel time after time. That of course, only makes his decision more difficult.)

Zack: You guys are the best… but no.

(The rangers all look at him with shock and bemusement.)

Zack: I love all of you guys and it’s gonna break my heart… but I just…

(He takes a deep breath before hanging his head on the floor.)

Zack: I just don’t feel like I’d be of much use to you guys anyway…. I’m sorry.

(Before anyone can react he quickly teleports out of the command center mid crisis. The remaining rangers all look at one another with shock still in their eyes at something almost unheard of. And before long, the feeling of shock turned into that of abandonment, just like Zack felt like after Angela dumped him.)

Trini: What do we do now?

Kimberly: I can’t believe… he just left. It’s like… who does he think he is?

Billy: This is so not like him; to just abdicate his duties like that.

Robbie: (coldly) I hope he likes Switzerland.

Jason: Guys, relax. I’m sure Zack just needs time to think. I know him; he wouldn’t just ditch us.

Robbie: Well, he needs to think fast…. Goldar’s attacking downtown Angel Grove.

(The rangers turn their heads with Robbie back at the viewing globe to see just that, Rita has sent down Goldar and a swarm of putties to act as a diversion to the Crazy Cupid.)

Alpha: Ay ya yai, as if things weren’t bad enough already.

Zordon: You will just have to go without him; Alpha, keep trying to reach Tommy. Trini, Billy, Kimberly and Robbie, head down town to keep Goldar at bay. Jason, I’m afraid that leaves you to fight the Crazy Cupid alone until help arrives.

Jason: That’s fine Zordon, I can handle it.

Alpha: You must rescue Angela and Bulk before destroying the monster, this is crucial. Find a way to get in the opal stone and break it open, setting them free. Failing to do so may risk their lives.

(Jason simply nods his head.)

Zordon: Go now, and may the power protect you.


Kimberly: Pterodactyl!

Billy: Triceratops!

Robbie: Stegosaurus!

Trini: Saber-Toothed Tiger!

Jason: Tyrannosaurs!

(Trini, Billy, Kim and Robbie soar down to the top of a building, where they are met by Goldar.)

(He throws his arms up and he is joined by a pack of putties who immediately charge at the rangers. The rangers try to hold their own while clearly outnumbered. Like Billy who has about four of Rita’s foot soldiers surrounding him at each corner, bullying him as they shove him around like a school yard hazing. He manages to break free of the one to his left with an elbow to the face just as he’s pushed to him. The one to his left is now in front of him and runs towards him, but quickly, he takes a knee and lands a straight jab to its mid section, causing it to stumble backwards. He gets up, runs toward the last two and leans to the left to land an elbow to ones chest and a kick to the mid section of the other. However, just when he thinks the coast is clear, four more surround him yet again.

Kimberly and Trini are trying to maintain as well. Kim is fighting on a higher part of the roof and Trini’s right beneath her, ducking the rights and left of a single putty until it tires itself out. Once it does, she lands two chops to its chest and lands a brutal uppercut kick to its face, throwing it backwards and through the roof door, tumbling down the stairs. Meanwhile, Kim is on a roof, tangoing with two of them, she avoids their blows with flips and eventually flips herself all the way to the edge, guarded by a rail.)

Kimberly: Uh oh… looks like I’m out of room.

(This looks like a perfect spot for the putties to corner her; the first one charges at her, all she could do in a split second was… split. It leaps foolishly at her and falls over the railing and hits the floor.)

Kimberly: Looks like Zack’s not the only one falling hard around here…

(She gets back on her feet but notices the other one is charging at her as well. This time, she leap onto the railing and leaps just as the other putty patroller jumps in an attempt to tackle her. He flails his arms before hitting the ground so hard; he breaks into several clay pieces.)

Kimberly: Hate to break up.

(However, she looks down to see a swarm headed toward Trini, who is still looking down the stairs at the putty she just knocked down their.)

Kimberly: Trini, look out!

(But she couldn’t hear her. So all Kim could do was pull out her power bow and one by one, take out all three of them with three well aimed head shots. She leaps down to meet her friend. But it seems the more they took care of, the more came back. About a dozen more circled the girls, including two more coming through the roofed door.)

Kimberly: Oh man, I’m getting sick of these.

Trini: I know what you mean; it’s like a never ending whack-a-mole.

(But perhaps it was the brown ranger with the biggest problems of all; he seemed to have drawn the short straw and is up against Goldar and is being manhandled. Goldar takes two mighty swings at him with his sword, luckily Robbie reacts quickly enough to jerk his head backwards in time; avoiding decapitation. He retreats a few steps back, allowing him the distance to pull out his blade blaster and fire a shot at him, but it is effortlessly brushed away by his sword. Out of desperation, he pulls off a bicycle kick but Rita’s right hand man saw it coming and moved to the right of it; retaliating with a blow to the chest with his sword, knocking him so far back; Robbie nearly falls off the skyscraper and has to hold on tightly to the railing at the very edge. Goldar doesn’t even give him a chance to breath, grabbing him by the back of the neck and tries to push his head over the edge.)

Goldar: Hahaha… face it brown ranger… you’re no karate kid. Why don’t you go sign up for one of those fruity little tournaments your friends are always in?

Robbie: (struggling) I would…. But I’m too busy…. watching wrestling!!!!

(Just then, he lets his knees buckle so he can drop down and face Goldar’s mid section, where he lands a surprise low blow to his groin area. Goldar immediately jumps up and down with sheer agony, grabbing the area with both hands.)


Robbie: Oh nuts...

(Writing in pain, he sends in more putties to surround the brown ranger. More than he can handle. Meanwhile, in a far away and deserted rocky area, Jason is seen approaching the giant cupid. He just found the monster and the two square off and begin to circle each other like bulls getting ready to lock horns.)

Jason: I thought I smelled something foul over here; didn’t Rita think to change you before she sent you down?

Crazy Cupid: (giggles) That’s very funny, but it’s not me… the fat one soiled himself when I got there; the smell must’ve just rubbed off.

Jason: Man, what does she see in him?

Crazy Cupid: (giggles) I don’t know… but it won’t matter cause you’ll never see either of them again.

Jason: (defiantly) That’s where you’re wrong!!

(Jason charges at the dark cupid and land s a flying kick, sending it back. It responds with a few uncoordinated punches and kicks that Jason is able to easily swipe away. He lands a few sharp kicks to its side and a flip kick that takes it down. So far, the red ranger remains to be impressed with the monsters fighting ability.)

Jason: Is that all you’ve got? Maybe you should wait till you develop motor skills before you try and take over the world.

Crazy Cupid: (sarcastically) Teehee! Oh no!! The red ranger is beating me up! It’d be a shame if he destroys me… isn’t that right, Bulk and Angela?

(He looks down to the giant stone on his chest; shining so brightly, Jason could see his reflection through it.)

Jason: Aw man… that’s right. Bulk and Angela are in there. If I destroy this oversized dumpster baby, they might not make it.

(He shakes his head.)

Jason: Man, Rita really out did herself this time.

(The Cupid squeals excitedly before spreading its wings and flapping them as it tries to take flight.)

Jason: How am I gonna beat something I can’t even hurt?

Crazy Cupid: That’s for me to know and you to find out!

(With a gust of wind from the flapping of its wings, the Crazy Cupid finds itself slowly elevating high in the air. It pulls out its bow and arrow, causing Jason to run around unsure of whether to attack or run. But he isn’t given the chance to figure it out however, as the cupid fires 3 shots at him sending the red ranger flying. It then cocks back and with its fist extended, leans over and aims directly at Jason. He leaps out of the way of all three arrows but is hit dead on with a right hook, sending him spinning to the floor.)

Crazy Cupid: Love hurts, doesn't it!?

( He soars back up to the air and just looks down for a few moments; getting a kick out of watching Jason squirm. He loads up another arrow; but Jason decides this time to defend himself this time and pulls out his blade blaster.)

Jason: That’s it! I can't save them from down here; I have to at least weaken it.

(He fires a shot to the right of the cupid; aiming for its wings, but it manages to shift out of the way. He fires another to the left, but its whole body leans downward and right, firing an arrow in the process.)

Jason: AHHH!

(The arrow hits his target as Jason goes down clutching his chest. All the while the Cupid just laughs maniacally.)

Crazy Cupid: Ahahaha!!! You are right about one thing mister. Rita out did herself this time! Ahahaha!!

(Back at the castle, Rita gloats to herself about a job well done thus far.)

Rita: AHA! You hear that? I HAVE truly out done myself this time; that poor red ranger has no idea what to do!

(She looks through her binoculars to double check what she had already suspected.)

Rita: And what’s that I see? No black ranger! I can't believe it; He actually ditched his friends and put the world in danger to cry over a stupid girl. How pathetic.

Baboo: Women... they’ll make you do crazy things.

Rita: His over matched ranger friends don't stand a chance against my aggressive attacks... pretty soon; the world will be mine for the taking!

(Meanwhile at the Juice Bar, Zack is doing just what Rita said he is, as he sits quietly in the booth section in the same end Angela dumped him by earlier. He leans on his hands and drifts off, dwelling on this terrible day. He's eventually joined by Ernie, who is fixing up the counter from the other side.)

Ernie: (concerned) Hey Zack, is everything okay? You don't look so good.

Zack: (sighs) ...I'm not.

Ernie: Where are your friends? I thought I saw all of you guys together today.

Zack: ...I sort of just left them so that I can think; I've had a pretty awful day.

Ernie: Oh yeah? Wanna talk about it? It's always good to get stuff off your chest.

Zack: It-it's girl troubles Ernie; you wouldn't understand.

(Ernie laughs quietly to himself before shaking his head and continuing.)

Ernie: I know I'm just an old fart, but I'll try my best.

Zack: It's just... Well, I was... well, I have this friend.

Ernie: Yeah?

Zack: Yeah... and my friend was dating this girl. He really, really liked this girl. And still sort of does to be honest... but she did something terrible to him.

Ernie: Really?

Zack: She left him for another guy and now I feel worthless, like I'm not worth the love I give.

Ernie: Hmm. Well, you know what I've been there.

Zack: You have?

Ernie: Absolutely. And those times can be tough, so trust me, I know what your friend is feeling. But you know what got me through those tough times?

Zack: What?

Ernie: I had great friends to lean on and help pick me up when I had fallen down. They were really supportive of me and reminded me how important I was in times when I felt completely worthless. Made me realize that girls, come and go, but friends... and I mean real friends, is the true bond. And I'm sure this friend of yours is a great kid who's got a wonderful group of friends; and the love he gives, is the love he gets back.

(Ernie's message really resonated with Zack who stared back at him some time allowing it to sink in. Ernie just gave him a reassuring pat on the back before getting back to his work.)

Ernie: Anything else I can do for you?

Zack: No... Thanks Ernie. Your advice made a lot of sense.

Ernie: No problem kid, it's what I'm here for.

(He smiles before continuing to reorganize. Zack however, went back to leaning on his head after a while, almost disregarding.)

Zack: ...too bad they all probably hate me by now; All because of a girl...

(Elsewhere, in a strange, bright white room, we discover Angela completely unconscious, laying on the cold hard floor. Nothing can be heard but mild rumblings from the outside; but even those sounds are muffled through the heavy stone walls. The room shakes a little every few seconds but not strong enough to wake her. After a few seconds though her eyes start to flutter open themselves. Still completely disoriented, her eyes appear glazed over. One large, sudden quake however and she was up. She has no clue where she but after few a moments though, she looks down and realizes that Bulk was knocked out right on top of her facing down and fast asleep. She gives a disgusted look at him and starts hitting him in the back with her free arm. )

Angela: (sternly) Bulk, get up.

Bulk: (groans)....

Angela: (sternly) Get up!

Bulk: (groans) Noo mommy.... I'm not feeling too good today, can I please just stay home today...? Thank you.

Angela: GET OFF!

(She summons all her strength to shove him off of her and letting him hit the floor face first; waking instantly.)

Bulk: Hey-wha, wait.... what.... why'd you do that for? What did I do to you?

(She sits up with her back turned to him; wrapping her arms around her legs.)

Angela: Enough.

Bulk: (rubs his face) What do you mean enough? Oh, are you talking about what happened at the park?

Angela: You mean when the same person who just finished bragging about how big and powerful he was threw me in harms way so he could run away?

Bulk: God, when are you gonna let that stuff go, you always do this.


Bulk: For your information, I was running away so that I could find something to hit the monster with; I was trying to save you. And I LET the monster suck me in so that I could rescue you from the inside. Did you ever think of that? Huh? Or are you just too busy thinking of yourself?

Angela: ...

(He shakes his head, feigning dissapointment.)

Bulk: I always have your best interests at heart Angiepoo... it just hurts me that you never give me a chance.

Angela: What are you talking about? You and I have barely spoken before today. And you know something? I should have kept it that way; I actually had it good before you came along. Now I'm trapped in... Who knows where... with no doors, no windows, no way to escape. It's bad enough I'm here, but I'm stuck with the coward who put me here.

(Bulk keels over with his mouth wide open in disbelief.)

Bulk: (Offended) ...you know what? I can't take this anymore. I can't be with you when you get like this. You know what, if you're gonna act this way then maybe we shouldn’t be together. I'm breaking up with you.

Angela: Pfft.

(She continues to keep her back to him, barely acknowledging anything Bulk just said. He pouts and turns his head the other way with his arms crossed. Angela eventually gets up however to inspect the place she's been held captive in. She places her hand on the walls which instantly sends a shiver down her spine. She turns to Bulk to bark an order.)

Angela: Look, can you just make yourself useful and help us find a way out of this place?

(Bulk throws his arms up like a boy throwing a tantrum, but doesn't test her and gets up. He looks around briefly and sees that theirs no way out and no one else inside but he and Angela. He stops and grins though as he has an idea. He fixes his eyebrows and begins walking seductively toward a clueless Angela whose ears are against the wall.)

Angela: I hear something outside; sounds like a war is going on or something.

Bulk: (voice deepens) I know what we can do...

Angela: You do?

(He leans against the wall right by her.)

Bulk: Yeah... Why don't I show you how much of a 'big strong man' I really am.

(He gives her a playful wink and puckers his lips. However he is instantly startled by a violent quake accompanied by a loud crash.)

Bulk: YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

(Outside, a sword weilding Jason watches the cupid as it clutches its chest in pain. Regardless, he has no clue how to save the two inside and the Crazy Cupid knows this.)

Crazy Cupid: Just give up! Theres no way you're gonna destroy me without any little collateral damage. But if you just surrender, no one will get hurt; pinky promise.

Jason: Never! If it's one thing the Power Rangers never do, its surrender!

(He begins to charge, causing the cupid to pace backwards fearfully. Out matched in hand to hand combat, it does the only thing it could by firing a beam from its chest thats hits dead on that sends him flying forward and hitting the rocky ground hard.)

Crazy Cupid: Are you sure about that? Cause it doesn't look like your black ranger friends got that memo! Teeheehee...

Jason: (sigh) ...Zack...

(Jason struggles to get to one knee and uses his sword for support but the giant baby sees an opportunity to capitalize and takes a few uncoordinated steps towards him .)

Crazy Cupid: But you know who never gives up? My friends! The putties!

(In a flash, a horde appears both to his left and to his right. They charge towards him relentlessly.)

Jason: C'mon man...

(He calls Zordon once more from his communicator.)

Jason: I could use some help!

(Meanwhile back at the Juice Bar, Zack continues to sit around in deep thought. However, at the front entrance, help finally arrives.)

Tommy: (checks his watch) I hope Kim's not too mad at me.

(Tommy enters wearing a dark green button down and black dress pants. He tries to straighten his collar while looking around for the others, most importantly Kimberly. He doesn't see anyone and quickly he becomes worried.)

Tommy: (sighs) Oh man... I really hope they didn't leave without me. It's only been an hour... man, Kim's gonna kill me.

(He scans around once more and becomes relieved when at the very corner he spots Zack. He runs over to greet him.)

Tommy: Zack! Man, what’s up? Where is everybody?

Zack: Tommy? Man, where have you been?! You show up now? I mean, I know about the whole Sentai footage thing, but this is insane; what happened?

Tommy: (shakes his head) I'll explain later... where's Angela?

Zack: (Shakes his head) ...I'll explain later.

Tommy: I hope Kim isn't upset.

Zack: Furious.

Tommy: (sighs) Great....

Zack: Dude, it serves you right; you just totally ditched her.

Tommy: I know, I know.... but...

Zack: No buts... she cares about you. She's a great girl, an excellent friend and she was counting on you to come through and you let her down. Now she feels like garbage because she feels like her emotions don't matter because she had the nerve to invest her emotions and let herself be vulnerable with another human being and was down badly. Now she doesn't know if she can trust another person again... even if they've done nothing to lose her trust.

(Zack stops and stares off in a trance like state as his words hit him like a swift punch in the face; suddenly reaching a point of realization in the middle of a speech that by the end was no longer even about Kimberly. The whole epiphany flies over Tommy’s head however, as he just innocently shrugs his shoulders.)

Tommy: ...I was only an hour late.

Zack: ...man... I've been a terrible friend.

Tommy: Huh?

(Before Zack had the chance to respond, Tommy’s communicator goes off as Zordon and Alpha are finally able to reach him. Zack just looks back at Tommy with a look of both concern and guilt in his eyes and both head off into the deserted hallways of the Juice Bar to answer the call.)

Tommy: I read you Zordon.

Zordon: Tommy, the rangers are in trouble and need your help right away.

Tommy: What's going on?

Zordon: Kimberly, Trini, Billy and Robbie are being outnumbered by Goldar and a pack of putties on top of a skyscraper in downtown Angel Grove.

Tommy: I'm on my way.

Zordon: No. For now they can manage. Your first priority is down by the mountains where Jason is all alone fighting Rita's latest monster: The Crazy Cupid. It is holding Angela and Bulk hostage inside of the stone placed on its chest and it just called its own group of putties.

Tommy: Say no more.

(Zack intervenes)

Zack: Zordon, this is Zack. I'm with Tommy and I'm on my way to help right now.

Zordon: (casually) Oh, hey Zack. How's everything?

Zack: Zordon I feel terrible; I left my friends hanging which is no better than what Angela did to me. But I'm ready to make up for it right now.

Zordon: Oh that's cool; totally not too late or anything. Just be careful when fighting the cupid, any attack you deal to it, will be dealt to the hostages; you must free them before destroying the monster. Good luck and may the power protect you.


Tommy: Dragonzord!!

Zack: Mastodon!!

(Back to the mountains; where a fresh group of putty patrollers charge toward a red ranger who can barely keep himself up. He has to gather all of his strength just to keep his fists up.)

Jason: (breathing hard) ...do your worst!

(A courageous Jason takes a couple steps towards this unrelenting assault, hoping to keep it together when from over his head; relief comes flying in to the familiar tune of 'Go Green Ranger.')

Jason: Huh?

Tommy: I may be an hour late for my own date, but looks like I'm just in time for this one!

(He leaps again and forward flips himself into the middle of the horde, where he begins to viciously attack them right from the heart with several lighting kicks to the face which take many down before they even realize they're being attacked. Those that do attack him, are unable to touch him as the triple black belt is able to avert any swings at him and quickly turn them into attacks of his own before they can even regain balance from swinging at nothing. That's when the remaining foot solders try to gang up on him at once. Tommy counters though with a hand stand that turns into a devastating spinning wheel kick that takes out the rest of the putties in the vicinity. Jason can only stand there and watch as Tommy single handedly saves the day yet again. Zack casually walks in after him.)

Jason: Oh, hey Zack.

Zack: What’s up man; you okay?

Jason: Yeah I'm cool.

Zack: Cool.

Jason: So you're over Angela?

Zack: Not really; it still kinda hurts what she did, but I wouldn't be any better if I screwed you guys over. Plus, like you said, I still care for her despite all that, I was gonna save her whether I was angry at her or not.

Jason: (laughs) I can read you like a book.

(Tommy triumphantly skips back to join his friends as the Crazy Cupid lowers itself down to ground level and prepares to launch another attack.)

Crazy Cupid: (giggles) Yay! More friends to play with!

(Zack steps forward and points at the beast.)

Zack: Play times over, you dumpster child! Time to put you down for a nap!

Crazy Cupid: (Stamps feet) NO!!!! I'm not tired; I wanna keep playing! At least one more game; it's my favorite!

(He pulls out a bow and arrow and swiftly loads it.)

Crazy Cupid: Cowboys and Indians!

(He fires a shot at Zack's head that he quickly averts but the force of it hitting the floor nearby is strong enough to send the three rangers flying.)

Jason: Ahhh!!
Zack: Ahhh!!
Tommy: Ahhh!!

(They roll off in different directions, but Zack recovers quickly and rolls to his knees first. He leaps in the air and pulls out his power axe; aiming to chop the monster in half. However, the cupid reacts quickly enough to respond with an arrow directly at his chest sending him flying forward through the air and hitting the floor back first. He quickly tries to get back on his feet, but the relentless Cupid knocks him back down with a tackle. Jason and Tommy both intervene as they grab each of its arms, though it retries to kick itself free like a child being put on time out.)

Crazy Cupid: Let go!!! Leave me alone!!!

(He eventually lets his body go limp till the rangers lose grip on him. Fortunately though, they bought enough time for Zack to recover and hit a big chop to it's chest, sending sparks flying everywhere and the cupid to the floor.)

Jason: Good job man.

Zack: Thanks!

(The cupid angrily stumbles about; trying to get to its feet.)

Crazy Cupid: Fools! You can destroy me, but you'll only kill your friends in the process.

Zack: Man... He’s right. What are we gonna do?

Crazy Cupid: But correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what you want, black ranger?

Zack: Huh?

Crazy Cupid: Didn't she hurt you? You knew what the stone stood for and you knew very well what would happen if the bond was broken. Queen Rita is doing you a favor.

Zack: ...

(Zack hunches over and stares off into the ground; lost in deep thought.)

Tommy: Don't listen to that thing, Zack. Rita's only out to do herself any favors. This thing is just trying to mess with your head.

(He then shakes his head, as if to shake whatever thought he had away.)

Zack: Yeah... that's right. Rita doesn't care about me, but I still care about Angela. She might've hurt me, but she and I are friends. And whenever a friend needs me, I'll be there.

Crazy Cupid: Suit yourself!

(The cupid reaches to its chest and then lets out a big beam of energy. The rangers see it coming though and avoid the blast; Tommy and Zack leap to the left and right respectively; while Jason more aggressively leaps forward and attack the monster. Tommy follows suit but Zack stays behind to think to himself some more.)

Zack: Hmm..... she's paying for what the ring stands for... I got it! Angela, Bulk... don't worry guys, I'm busting you out!

(Meanwhile inside the cursed stone, Bulk and Angela feel the rumble of the war going on outside. Angela just sits with her legs crossed trying to maintain her composure, though it's slowly unraveling due to Bulks effeminate cries for his mother. She tries to be the rock of the two, but is secretly starting to fear the room collapsing or some other life threatening travesty. Seeing Bulk laying in fetal position at the very corner; shrieking with every last boom is riding her very last nerve.)

Bulk: Mommy..... -sniffs- oh God, I just wanna live.... please!!!

Angela: Bulk... for the love of all that is good, please show some self respect.

Bulk: (ignores her) Please God.... I'm way too young to die. If you could just find it in your heart to save me... I promise I'll be good. I promise!

(Angela just rolls her eyes in disgust as the self proclaimed 'big strong man' pathetically. Meanwhile, a battle is still being waged back on the skyscraper as the rest of the rangers continue their push to defend Angel Grove from Goldar. This time though, they maintain a sense of control as they've nearly taken out the putty patrollers. Kim and Trini are now effectively double teaming the remainder by the door and Billy and Robbie are together as they try to ward off Goldar.)

Goldar: Double teaming me is futile! None of you stand a chance against me; no matter how many you there are.

Robbie: Oh yeah?!

(Robbie kneels down on one knee and Billy almost instinctively runs toward him and leaps onto his shoulders to springboards through the air; pulling out his blade blaster as well as Robbie. They both fire two shots at him from two ends taking Rita's main henchman down; his sword flying several feet away from him.)

Goldar: My sword!!

Billy: His sword!

Robbie: Get it!

(Goldar tries to crawl over quickly to retrieve it. But the rangers try to intervene, but right as he reaches for it, the yellow ranger stomps down on his hand.)

Goldar: AHH!!

Trini: Looking for this?

(Goldar can only watch now and Trini picks up his sword and tosses it over the edge of the building; effectively declawing the beast.)

Goldar: NOOOO!!!! Why would you throw my sword off the top of a building!? That's extremely dangerous!

Trini: This is the end of the line for you Goldar; just give up and make it easy for yourself.

(The four unite against a disarmed and thus significantly weaker Goldar who is left with no choice but to retreat.)

Goldar: Never! You rangers may have won this battle; but I promise you this war is far from over!

(He vanishes with the flick of his wrist just as they charge at him.)

Kimberly: (frustrated) He got away! We almost had him!

Trini: Don't worry about Goldar; he was just a diversion anyway. I just hope Jason's alright.

(She puts her communicator to her face.)

Trini: Zordon, we took care of Goldar.

Zordon: Good. Jason has been joined by Tommy and Zack; go down by the mountains and help finish off the Crazy Cupid.

Trini: We're on our way.

Billy: So it looks like Zack came around after all; that's morphinominal news!

Kimberly: Hmm. And it looks like Tommy's alive after all... which means he just blew me off. I can't wait till I get my hands on him, I'll...

Robbie: Calm down, subplot. Angel Grove is still in trouble.

Kimberly: ...

Trini: He's right, we gotta stay focused. Let's go.

(The four teleport off the building and within seconds are in the mountainous area about a football field away from the others.)

Billy: There they are!

(They charge toward the Crazy Cupid who is barely managing to fight off any offense from Jason, Tommy and Zack. It swats away any punches and kicks defensively, while adding very little of its own offense. Desperation starts kicking in eventually and in a last ditch effort, shoves them all together and loads a last arrow.)

Crazy Cupid: No fair!!! I'm getting sick of this game... so I'll give you one last choice.... what's it gonna be? You surrender to me right now and no one get's hurt, or destroy me and say goodbye to your friends forever)

Zack: Stop! No more...

(Zack waves him off with both arms before stepping forward.)

Zack: I can't take this on my conscience any more... I have to make a confession.

Crazy Cupid: A... what?

(The other four rangers finally reach the others but don't attack; wondering where Zack is going with this.)

Zack: A confession. You're right, I gave the ring to Angela... and I knew about the bad luck it brings. ...but Angela's innocent.

Crazy Cupid: Whaa.... innocent?

Zack: Yeah... I broke up with her, not the other way around.

Trini: What? But that can't be....

Kimberly: You what?

(Confused, Jason whispers in his ear.)

Jason: Zack.... what are you going on about?

Zack: (whispers) Just go with it.

Crazy Cupid: So let me get this straight... you broke the sacred bond; not Angela.

Zack: That's right. And I wanted to frame her but, I wouldn't be able to live with myself... take me instead. Free them both; they've done nothing wrong.

(The cupid takes a moment to think to itself; guard still very clearly up as the bow an arrow is still locked and aimed right at Zack. But slowly it begins to inch down.)

Crazy Cupid: Hmm. You're not messing with me, right?

Zack: No.

Crazy Cupid: Then I have no choice, but to set them free; it is you I want!

(The cupid extends its left arm at Zack and entraps him in a beam that is slowly pulling him in. His friends still don't get his logic.)

Jason: Zack, what are you doing!? You don't have to martyr yourself; we'll find another way! We'll get them free!

Zack: Don't worry man; I got this.... uuurrrrg..... just.... get.... them somewhere... safe.....

(He slowly begins to disintegrate until he is totally dematerialized and sucked into the cupids cursed stone. Seconds later, it spits free Bulk and Angela who both hit the floor. They're both stunned that they've suddenly been let free and need to pinch themselves to actually believe it.)

Angela: Oh my goodness!!! Wher-where are we?! Are we... are we....?


(He hugs the Earth beneath him before taking a clump of dirt and kissing it repeatedly. His head jerks up to see the power rangers standing in front of him.)

Bulk: The p-p-power rangers!? It was you?!

Angela: Thank you so much!

Bulk: It was you all along?! Oh great, so I don't have to be nice after all!!

(He get's off his knees to clutch on to the red ranger helmet and forces kisses on his cheek.)

Bulk: Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jason: (awkwardly) Uhm... t-thanks... you can stop... really.

Billy: What do we do with these two?

Jason: (Turns to Tommy) I need you to get them somewhere safe; far away from here.

Tommy: You got it. Let's go you two; hold on to me.

(Tommy steps forward and as the two grab on to opposite ends of his sheild as he teleports them away. Meanwhile, just as they leave the cursed stone, Zack enters it and immediately looks around for a way out.)

Zack: Alright... there’s got to be a weak spot somewhere.

(He continues to look around though; only seeing stone.)

Zack: Hmm. Air tight, I guess I'll have to bust right through then.

(He pulls out his blade blaster and begins to fire right through the wall. Outside, the rangers each pull out there power weapons and have the monster surrounded.)

Jason: Alright, release our friend and we might go easy on you.

Crazy Cupid: (defiantly) No way; I have one of your own now. You destroy me and your little ranger team falls apart! So why don't YOU give up!? Hahaha!!

Robbie: I don't think he's gonna listen... time to beat the black out of him!

(The rangers each take a step toward the monster but each stop when they notice him suddenly clutching his midsection in discomfort.)

Kimberly: Huh? What's wrong with it?

Crazy Cupid: Ooooh... I don't feel so good....

Trini: Are you... okay?

Crazy Cupid: UUUUURRRG.... I have a tummy ache!!

Robbie: Uhm... okay.

Crazy Cupid: Ahhhhhhh!!!

(Inside Zack keeps his blaster on the same spot, slowly breaking a hole through the wall that is becoming bigger by the second and more noticeable from the outside; going from a tiny crack to a hole emitting fumes. The Cupid writhes in agony, trying to cover the hole with its hand, unfortunately for him there isn't much he could do.)


Kimberly: Eww. I think one of us is gonna need to change it...

(But a sudden blast brings all the rangers back as its chest blows up; leaving pieces of the stone to fall to the floor. A beam a light follows out of its large hole and out comes a gun wielding black ranger. Cut to the moon; where Rita looks through her telescope with a worried look.)

Rita: Uh oh.... I feel a headache coming on.

Zack: (laughs) You guys thought I'd just leave you hanging, huh?

Kimberly: Us? No, never! We'd knew you'd come through.

Crazy Cupid: NOO!!! It's not over yet...

Jason: Alright guys, no more holding back; let's bring our weapons together and finish it off!

Zack: Right!
Trini: Right!
Billy: Right!
Kimberly: Right!
Robbie: Right!

(The rangers meet together and start to put their weapons together.)

Zack: Power axe!

Kimberly: Power bow!

Trini: Power daggers!

Robbie: Power pocket knife!

Billy: Power lance!

Jason: Power sword!

(One by one they throw their weapons in the air; connecting mid air to create one large cannon. The tips of each weapon locked onto the cupid who's 30 minute life is flashing before it;s eyes. Finally, Jason takes his power sword, leaps into the air to complete the transformation before coming down and joining the others.)

Jason: Power rangers!
Zack: Power rangers!
Trini: Power rangers!
Billy: Power rangers!
Kimberly: Power rangers!
Robbie: Power rangers!

Crazy Cupid: Do your worst!

(With their weakened target in sight, the rangers each extend their arms in unison; unleashing a final blow.)

Jason: FIRE!
Zack: FIRE!
Trini: FIRE!
Billy: FIRE!
Kimberly: FIRE!
Robbie: FIRE!

(Each weapon unleashes its own devastating beam, combining into one large blast that hits its target dead on; killing it before it hits the floor and explodes. It leaves only a ball of flame behind; that and a tiny ring.)

Zack: I believe that belongs to me.

(Back at Rita's castle, the dejected witch storms about seething as yet another plan backfired on her and failed.)


(She threateningly approaches her minions; wand in her hand like a master about to whip its slave.)

Rita: Why can't you idiots do anything right!?

Baboo: U-us?!

Squatt: I-It was Goldar who ran away! Go hit him!

Goldar: I've failed you today my empress, but I promise you, this isn't over yet!

(Rita sharply turns to him and just gives him a sly grin.)

Rita: Oh no, it isn't over... not by a long shot.

Goldar: Huh?

(From the corner of his eyes, he sees Scorpina enter the room in a bath robe and hair curls still, with scowl on her face directed right at him.)

Scorpina: Goldar.

Goldar: Yes dear?

Scorpina: (sharply) Don't you dare 'yes dear' me!! 'Love is a distraction for the weak' huh? 'Those who aren’t focused due to the idiocities of the opposite sex will rule all?' Oh, is THAT your excuse now, Mr. middle management henchman for 10,000 years but ain't never gonna be the boss of nobody!

Squatt: Oh snap!

Goldar: (shakes head) Oh no... Sweetie, I-I can explain...

Scorpina: (derisively) Since your so strong, where’s your castle, sweetie? Or am I holding you back with all that annoying love and support?

Goldar: Look, I was just trying to go along with the conversation... and for the last time, theres very little room for growth but I'm holding a very steady position, that others would kill to have. You think Squatt can impress a gorgeous woman like you with his job? I don't even know what he does around here...

Squatt: Hey... I bring charisma...

Goldar: But I promise if you'll give me a chance, I'll have our own castle in no time. I'll have my own king sized throne... and a king sized bed.

Scorpina: Yeah? Well until that happens, you're gonna be sleeping on the king sized couch.

(She storms off with an emasculated Goldar chasing after her.)

Goldar: But baby.... why you gotta be like that?

(Back at the Juice Bar, Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, Billy and Robbie are seated by the stools, finally being able to unwind after a long grueling day when a nearby television set switches to a special announcement.)

News Reporter: We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to report that our beloved heroes, the mighty morphin power rangers have saved our fair city yet again from an attack from Rita Repulsa and her endless horde of monsters.

Kimberly: Guys look!

News Reporter: This time she sent down two monsters; one by the mountains and one right here in down town Angel Grove, but like always, they were no match for the forces of good. I don't know who these men and women are... but thank you. In other news, freak tragedy struck when an innocent bystander was killed after a sword fell from the sky. We'll have more on that at eleven.

(The rangers give each other assuring smiles, as Zack reaches into the pocket of his blazer and pulls out his fathers ring.)

Zack: I guess I'll be giving this back to my dad; at least in the hands of a more experienced couple.

Jason: (laughs) Well don't worry bro, you're young. Don't worry so much about love and all that sappiness. Just enjoy your life.

Trini: Yeah, and one day, you'll find a special lady whom you'll wanna give that ring to Zack. Someone who knows what an amazing person you are and deserves you.

Zack: (smiles) You guys are awesome; I don't even need to date anybody with friends like you. I just... should've never done what I did; I was just in a bad place. But I'm glad I came to my senses whether it’s you guys, or Angela... or even Bulk. My conscience won't let my own problems get in the way of a friend in need.

Billy: That's called integrity; putting your morals before anything else.

Jason: And you don't need to keep apologizing Zack; you've done more than enough for us.

(Zack smiles appreciatively before putting the ring away.)

Robbie: Speaking of Angela and Bulk... how's that relationship working out?

(Then right on cue, a dejected looking Bulk drags himself into the Juice Bar.)

Trini: I... don't think it's going very well.

(He lugs himself over by the front counter and plops himself down nearby.)

Bulk: Ernie... give me an ice cold shake. I need something to drown my sorrows.

Ernie: You sure? You smell like you've already had a few...

Bulk: (sharply) What are you, a cop?! I ordered a shake so I want my shake!!

(Ernie just shakes his head and walks off to get his drink as Bulk sinks his head into his arms.)

Billy: Is... everything okay?

Bulk: No...

Kimberly: Where's Angela?

Bulk: (sniffs) She broke up with me...

Jason: She did?

(The rangers all feign shock.)

Bulk: Yeah... she said I wasn't who I said I was, threw in some colorful adjectives and said she never wanted to see me again.

Zack: (shakes head)....

Trini: Well Bulk... I hate to say this but... it serves you right. I mean, you were out to spite Zack and hurt him. And in turn you got a taste of your own medicine.

Jason: Yeah, I can't really say we feel too sorry for you.

Bulk: Oh whatever... like I care what you numbskulls think.

(Ernie comes over with his milk shake, Bulk wastes no time chugging the entire thing; spilling much of it all over the side of his face. He then slams the class on the table and has to cover his mouth for a burp.)

Bulk: In fact... the worst part about it wasn't even losing Angela. She wasn't all that pretty anyway...

Bulk: But what makes me feel the worst is that I ditched my best buddy for her. Skull did nothing wrong, but I blew him off. And now I'm sure I lost a close friend that I took for granted.
I wish... I just wish I could take it all back and be a better friend.

(Then the rangers actually appear sympathetic for him; even Zack. Bulk continues to slouch over and just stares off into the counter when a head pops up from behind him.)

Skulk: Bulky?

(Bulks head shoots up almost sheepishly and he turns around to see Skull seated in a nearby table.)

Bulk: Skull...? Did you...?

(He nods emotionally and opens his arms up.)

Skull: I heard the whole thing! Come here big guy; of course I forgive you.

(Skull jumps over the railing and leaps into Bulks arms; and it takes Bulk a while, but he eventually reciprocates with a tight hug of his own.)

Bulk: Skull... I'm sorry. I've been terrible. You're my best buddy, I won't ever do anything like that again.

Skull: It's alright... I just want you to take me.

(Bulks eyes Skull, wondering what he meant by that statement as he lets him off of him.)

Bulk: W-w-what do you mean?

Skull: To the Julia Roberts film?

Bulk: Oh yeah! We still have time to catch the late show, let's go!

Skull: No!! Wait, I forgot.... I was supposed to meet someone here today. A new girlfriend.

Bulk: What?! You, got a new girlfriend?!

Skull: Yeah... I met her in a chat room. I don't know what she looks like but she says she's hot.

Bulk: Oh... well, good luck then.

Skull: ...aww.... forget her! Girls come and go, right? Let's get out of here!

Bulk: Yeah!

(Skull pats his friend on the back as they merrily stroll out of the Juice Bar. On the way out, they wave at their principal, Mr. Kaplan, who's comes in with a bouquet of flowers and a six pack. He scans the room for a bit before checking his watch and sighing.)

Jason: Well, at least everyone has had a happy ending today.

Kimberly: (bites lips) Not everyone...

Trini: Oh right.... Tommy.

Robbie: Didn't you two speak during the fight?

(She just shakes her head.)

Kimberly: And he just took off afterwards before I could even say anything. It's like he just changed his mind about me...

Robbie: Way to be subtle...

Zack: Don't worry Kim, Tommy seemed like he had a reason to be late when I saw him earlier. I'm sure it's something important.

Tommy: It was...

(The rangers all turn their heads to see that Tommy's quietly walked in behind them. He's rubbing his hands and sighing apologetically.)

Kimberly: Tommy...

Tommy: Kim... I'm really sorry about tonight. I really wanted tonight to be perfect... I just... I really wanted to get you something... but they kind of took forever with it and I got caught up.

Kimberly: Tommy... you didn't need to get me anything. I just wanted to spend time with you.

Tommy: I know, I know... but it was important to me. So... maybe it's too late to catch a movie tonight....

(He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a tiny black box.)

Tommy: But I think... I know you should have this.

(Kim is left absolutely shocked as he lays the box in the palm of her hand. She doesn't break eye contact with him until she slowly opens it to reveal a shiny silver ring with a giant opal stone in the middle.)

Tommy: Kim, I really like you. I have ever since I've laid eyes on you. And we mesh so well, we finish each other sentences... I just never get bored of being around you. And I just... wanted you to feel as special as you make me feel. So I went to the jewlery store and told them just how I felt and asked for a ring that describes all that; and they suggested this.

Kimberly: (Shocked)....!

Tommy: The stone represents our bond; strong and everlasting. That is... if you're not still angry at me...

Kimberly: (smiling like a little school girl) ...!!!

(Kim leaps into his arms with a tight embrace.)

Kimberly: Mad about what?! Tommy, you're amazing! Of course I forgive you... What would I be without you?!

Robbie: Unemployed.

(The two share a passionate hug as the rest look on happily.)

Jason: (to the others) Well, like I was saying... looks like everyone has a happy ending.

(As everyone looks on, Mr. Kaplan toes over and stands by Robbie.)

Mr. Kaplan: Roberto.

Robbbie: Kaplan.

(He awkwardly leans in.)

Mr. Kaplan: ...are you... 'SeXyPuNk69.'

Robbie: Huh?

Mr. Kaplan: (dismissively) Nothing. Carry on.

(He walks off and the episode ends with Tommy and Kimberly still locked in a tight embrace.)

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ah new ep
do you have a pic of robbie?
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Wow man great episode. I love how Robbie is a smartass i was cracking up on all of his one liners. I hope the episodes continue to get better and better!
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Good two episodes. Robbie's snide comments about Billy and Tommy had my stomach in knots it was funny. I like the fact that you put an orginal character in it. zack saying that angela left him for chef boyardee was funny. Good stuff. Peace God Bless
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Thanks for all the great feedback guys! I'll be working on episode three shortly. I left Robbie's unmorphed appearance in the air so that the reader can imagine whomever they'd like as him. But would you prefer I give him a set appearance?
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Personally i like it how u left Robbie to our imagination but its really up to u if you want to give him a distinct face.
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