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PopCultureLover06 wrote: View Post

I spoke to a PMC staff member, this sounds like it could be a factor as to why that is, he said its because PMC is fan-friendly, other cons tell you what to do before meeting a guest, PMC doesn't, PMC only takes action if a guest reports they are being bothered, harassed or uncomfortable.

So what it sounds like, at PMC, fans are allowed to socialize, interact with the PR actors/actresses for more minutes, overall, just longer than if the fan was to meet them at a regular con, other type of convention. As in, at other cons, once that fan has finished getting their autograph/pic, they are expected to leave the booth, table right away, but that's not the case with PMC, am I right?
It really depends on the con and the crowd. I've worked with PR actors at multiple cons in different states since 2012 and it's always different. Also, depends on the actors themselves. I'm usually with Paulie/Narvy and they will always spend time chatting with people as long as there aren't too many waiting. Some actors/agents/managers will only really let you talk to them in any meaningful way if you're spending money. Course, if you're being weird/creepy, yeah you're going to get moved on fairly quickly, regardless.
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