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That @iNicoNation Guy
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Legacy line aside, they should - at the very least - finish out the series: Lion Armor Yellow, the rest of the training mode figures, Odius/Spinferno in their own packaging, the remaining Armored Ranger figures... There's a decent amount left to be released and, if Bandai's just going to wash their hands of things and let the line rot, that's not the best note to leave loyal customers of 25 years on.

As far as a post-SNS world is concerned, I fully expect a huge PR clearance sale around Christmas to clear the shelves out, then for PR to go away from store shelves with their post-Christmas resets. Let the show basically fall out of public consciousness, then relaunch things over the Summer, with the show coming out in August to finally be on a decent schedule with few breaks in the action.
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Red Dino Ranger
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I highly doubt Odius is getting a stand-alone release. She's likely to have Poisandra's faith.
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