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Dark storm
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Digivolving Digimon parts/figures

Just got a bunch of digivolving figures in with a few more on the way I'm looking to complete. Below is the list of parts for figures I am looking for. Keep checking back too, as I may put up some parts for trade later on, just don't know if/when I'll get around to it, but I'll definitely have a few extra parts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Season 1
Greymon-Metalgreymon- Metalgreymon’s claw
Patamon-Angemon- Angemon’s right leg, head, and staff, Patamon’s right ear
Birdramon-Garudamon- Garudamon’s left leg, feather for left shoulder
Black Agumon-Blackwargreymon- Agumon’s left side face, right side tail piece, one leg guard
Gabumon-Metalgarurumon- back right leg, tail blade in the horn, Gabumon's chest
Garurumon-Weregarurumon- Garurumon's front legs

Season 2
Flamedramon- Left arm (with tight ball joint socket)
Raidramon- Shoulder pads
Shurimon- Shuriken for hand
Halsemon- Left wing
Digmon- Arm covers x4, both wings, and a left wing (got two different versions, but these parts are the same)
Gatomon/Aquilamon-Silphymon- Gatomon’s tail
Paildramon- wings, waist cannons, chest plates (w/ connector on right side)
Imperialdramon- blaster, and white dragon head piece (not the horn, it covers the red part of the head)

Season 3
Impmon-Beelzemon- Impmon’s head, ears, tail, Beelzemon’s leg covers and both blasters
Leomon-Saberleomon- Leomon’s fists/wrists and Saberleomon’s paws, blade and scabbard
Growlmon-Wargrowlmon- Middle claws, metal tail strip, gray hair piece
Cyberdramon-Justimon- Cyberdramon's lower right wing, Justimon's arms

Figures-complete/near complete as possible
Guardromon to Andromon
Terriermon to Megagargomon
Renamon to Sakuyamon
Might be interested in Geogreymon or Gaogamon

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