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Best advice, go with the classic work flow

1) get together with Claymore and any others who want this and and get an idea of what you need the site to do and split it into needs and desireable features that can be added later. work out what you want the site to be called and your preferred domain name.
2) ask someone who is techy what the best way to set up such a site would be.
3) Get the same group to work out what you would like it to look like on the front end and then give it to the guy doing the techy stuff so he can tell you what you need on the backend to make it work
(Very important that last bit otherwise you end up looking like a client I had once who during a lunch break drew up an amazing looking site complete with buttons and asked why I was charging him to do it. My reply: Great work, so when I press this button here it links to the next page. Of course it didn't and wasn't even a link he'd just underlined the text.)
4) work with the techy guy to get what you need up and running. If you can find someone who can do design too great if not be prepared to get on photoshop or find a volunteer. If you're very lucky you might even find someone willing to give you hosting and arrangem the domain name
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Countdown... it's here
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Countdown... it's here
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TyrannoRanger wrote: View Post

Dude, you hit the nail on the head. I can sit here and list AMAZING fan facs from this site that will blow your fucking mind and I can only think of 1 that actually finished

Do you want the ultimate crossover between all rangers with proper character development and huge repercussions for the various teams? I got you


I would pay these guys to come back and finish these fics if I could. OP is right. Fanfic on this site has slowly died over the years. It was actually the reason I stayed on RangerBoard at first
Um, does that offer still stand, TyrannoRanger? Just kidding.

"Ahhhh, after a couple years, I'm here! It's time to get back to the writing!"

Fingers crossed.

To add to the discussion about getting reviews, I've found that reciprocity does work. Baaaaaack in the day (lol), between chapters I'd try and pick out a few pieces to read and comment on. In some cases, you get a thank you from the author, in other cases that author checks out your work.

Building a connection with the readership also helps to get feedback, I've found. At the end of each chapter, I'd give some behind-the-scenes info, answer some questions (kind of like a letters page in a comic book). The interaction might have helped me get some more substantial reviews, though I've had my share of 'Cool update, more plz!'
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