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Complete U.S.A Super Megaforce Ranger Key set

Up for sale is the complete roster for U.S.A. Super Megaforce Ranger Key Set. This does not include all convention keys, though some are included, but it is the complete roster.

Story: I really enjoyed collecting these and running to different Toys r us and trying to find the exclusives. My plan was to display them, but I never got around to it and don’t really have a good place to show them off, it’s a lot of keys. I’m hoping this set goes to someone who has the ability to display them properly.

What’s included: Complete Ranger roster of keys released in U.S.A. Full Megaforce team, full MMPR team, etc. This includes rare keys like Yellow Dino Ranger which was not released in a normal ranger key pack. Few things to note, there was no “normal” version of Titanium Ranger or Wolf Ranger so you are getting the translucent versions. There are two “normal” versions of MMPR Red, one with higher boots the other with longer gloves, you are getting both.
120 keys.

You are also getting a bunch of special keys like translucent & Opaque keys. This includes SDCC translucent MMPR Green. 44 keys

You also get three different morphers to plug the keys into, Normal, Gold and Silver Rangers. Also included is three demo keys that when used with the morphers and jiggled around will make it say different things. I got the morpher to say “Happy Birthday” once.

Last but not least is the SDCC Exclusive MMPR Metallic Key set. Very rare set, hard to come by.

What’s not included: Some of the convention exclusives, PMC Ranger Key Set, NYCC 2014 Tommy Set, Morphin Madness Winning Pack, single key releases & maybe other exclusives those are the ones I know off the top of my head. Obviously keys there were not released like Red Samurai Ranger (Female) are not included.

See pictures for more details. If you want a complete written list of all the keys or more pictures feel free to ask but it will take a while to put together.

Price $800 firm, Free Shipping, PayPal only!

I’m not splitting this set up so don’t ask. I’m giving RangerBoard first crack at this set after a while I will put it up on Ebay for a higher price.

The closest to a complete set I have seen sold is $700 and that didn’t include the convention exclusives, morphers and rare keys from the 20 pack. For RangerBoard, I will throw in a extra item!
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