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Zord Repro and Upgrade Parts we need

The sheer number of Zords we've had over the years adds up to a lot of potential missing parts. As well as cases where things could be improved with some aftermarket upgrade parts.. So I thought it'd be good to put together a list of needed repro and upgrade parts, with help from people here. And if you know of an instance where such and such a part is covered, feel free to link it or at least state who does it.

Here's what I know we could use, organized by season:

MMPR Season 1/Zyuranger
  • Dragonzord codpiece
  • Dragonzord tailtip
  • Dragonzord battery cover
  • Power Staff base
  • Power Staff haft
  • Power Staff handle
  • Upgrade head crest for Dragonzord that tucks in better and can detach
  • 3D symbols for Dragonzord
  • Hand fillers for Dragonzord
  • Replacement hands for Dragonzord that either have articulated fingers or slide-out missile tips.
  • For the advasnced class: Replacement electronics for the Dragonzord's chest that can change between Zyuranger & MMPR sounds.
  • Tyrannosaurus tailtip
  • Fillers for the Tyrannosaurus' soles
  • Pteroactyl Cannons (covered by Starlight Studios, and FusionCat on Shapeways)
  • Filler pieces for Pterodactyl cannons
  • Pterodactyl wings (covered by primeone here, poss. Starlight Studios)
  • Pterodactyl wings with grooves on both sides
  • Replacement back frame for Pterodactyl in case of tab breakage
  • Triceratops guns piece
  • Fillers for the Triceratops cannons
  • Triceratops horns (covered by Starlight Studios)
  • Fillers for Triceratops horns
  • Mastodon head/shield
  • Mastodon tusks, trunk (covered by Starlight Studios)
  • Fillers for Mastodon tusks & trunk
  • Leg fillers for Saber-tooth Tiger
  • Fillers for Tyrannosaurus tailtip
  • Megazord's Power Sword
  • Power Sword with somewhat fatter hilt so it fits in the hands more snugly
  • Titanus rein plugs (chain can be bought from jewelry-making supplies places)
  • Titanus sleds
  • Filers for Titanus' cannons because HOLY CRAP are they gappy
  • Titanus cannons (large parts, I know)
  • Titanus paw gauntlets (again, I realize they're large parts)
  • Titanus head
  • Titanus chestplate

MMPR Season 2/Dairanger
  • Repro Mini Dairanger figures
  • Repro Mini MMPR Red Ranger
  • Mini MMPR Yellow, Blue, Pink, & Black Rangers w/correct helmets & skirt on pink
  • Repro Mini Kibaranger/White Ranger
  • Red Dragon Thunderzord head
  • Red Dragon Thunderzord tailtip
  • Red Dragon Thunderzord staff pieces
  • Lion Thunderzord rump./helmet
  • Thunder Megazord helmet jewel
  • Lion Thunderzord tail/helmet plume
  • Tail/Plume jewels
  • Lion Thunderzord paws/Thunder Megazord arms
  • Replacement Thunder Megazord forearms with hands that open and close and can actually grip the sword properly
  • Lion Thunderzord back jewel/Megazord cockpit
  • Thunder Saber
  • Thunder Saber jewels
  • Thunder Saber scabbard
  • Firebird Thunderzord wingtips
  • Firebird Thunderzord tailtip
  • Firebird Thunderzord perch
  • Firebird perch top
  • Reinforcing filler for Firebird perch top
  • Better Assault Team Sled base that actually grips the Zords
  • Tor Horn (covered by primeone here)
  • Tor cannon and shell ornaments
  • Tor forehead jewel
  • Tor arms/cannons (Again, I realize these are large parts but people nonmetheless lose the darn things)
  • Tor back feet (Ditto)
  • Lighting kit for Tor's cannons.
  • Toyhax to add Tor's smegging engine decal already
  • For the advanced class: Replacement electronics for Tor that can switch between Dairanger & MMPR sounds
  • Tigerzord sword/tail, possibly with a thicker hilt to better hold it
  • Tigerzord sword guard
  • Tigerzord sword jewels - possibly the most important jewels, since I think they help anchor it in tiger mode.
  • Tigerzord orbs - optionally with the stamped kanji from the BoJ version (even if the Fire kanji was the only one used in-show)
  • Possibly replacement hands that can hold the sword better
  • Mega Tigerzord crown
  • Mega Tigerzord crown jewel
  • Legs and base for the Firebird Thunderzord, ideally that anchor better to the Tigerzord arms (maybe involving a replacement paw the base tabs into)
  • Tigerzord battery cover
  • For the advanced class: Replacement electronics for the Tigerzord that can switch between Dairanger & MMPR sounds
  • Serpentera Antlers
  • Mini Red Dragun Thunderzord, Assault Team, and Tor scaled to Serpentera

MMPR Season 3/Kakuranger
  • Shogun Megazord Helmet. Dear Zordon, the Shogun Megazord helmet is perhaps one of the most desperately-needed repro parts of all. I will happily disassemble and lend mine for 3D scanning to make this happen!
  • The Crane Ninjazord. Yes, an entire Zord. But it's equally desperately needed. And again, I will gladly disassemble and lend mine.
  • Shogunzord weapons
  • Replacement arms for the Red, Yellow, and Black Shogunzords.The hinges these are on are a weak point, vulnerable to getting popped out (despite the pin) or broken off.
  • Working bow for the Black Shogunzord, just for fun
  • Fire Saber (Covered by Starlight Studios, but die-cast isn't for everyone)
  • Filler for the Fire Saber hilt guard
  • Acurate chestplate for Shogun Megazord (covered by Starlight Studios but only as a bundle with the Fire Saber)
  • Ape Ninjazord swords
  • Ape Ninjazord fist cover
  • Wolf Ninjazord fist cover
  • Wolf Ninjazord leg fillers
  • Bear Ninjazord scroll
  • Falconzord tail
  • Tsubasamaru battery cover (the BoA Falconzord's chest is screwed on)
  • For the advanced class: Electronics kit for BoA Falconzord
  • Ninjor sword
  • Ninjor scabbard
  • Battle Borg weapons
  • Small Kakuranger/Aquitian Ranger figures that came with the Jusho Fighters (BoJ Battle Borgs)

  • Zeozord 1 and 2 tow-line plugs
  • Zeozord 1 helmet
  • Zeozord 1 helmet gunbarrel
  • Zeozord 2 helmet
  • Zeozord 2 helmet guns
  • Zeozord 3 paws
  • Zeozord 3 paldrons
  • Zeozord 3 helmet
  • Zeozord 4 helmet
  • Zeozord 4 horns
  • Zeozord 5 helmet
  • Zeo Megazord Saber
  • Zeo Megazord Saber hilt guard
  • Red Battlezord head/helmet
  • Pyramidas cap frame
  • Pyramidas carrier mode flaps
  • Pyramidas head crest
  • Pyramidas head (I think it can come off)
  • Pyramidas arms (yes, another large part that people lose)
  • Super Zeo Megazord Sabers
  • Super Zeozord Power Weapons
  • Super Zeozord blasters
  • Auric sword
  • Auric key
  • Mini Quadrafighters and Machine Empire battleships in scale with the Deluxe Zords

  • Turbo Megazord Saber
  • Turbo Megazord Saber guard
  • Turbo Megazord shield
  • Fillers for Lightning Fire Tamer's cannons
  • Rescue Megazord blasters
  • Fillers for Rescue Megazord blasters
  • Rescue Megazord foot braces
  • Artillatron arms
  • Artillatron covers
  • Robo Racer visor
  • Robo Racer blaster
  • Robo Racer knives
  • Robo Racer cuff
  • Robo Racer shield
  • Signalman whistle that came with Sirender (BoJ Robo Racer)

Skipping ahead a ways due to lack of familiarity with the toys of intervening series. And as it is the Go-Onger list has some oversights

Engine Sentai Go-Onger
  • New hannds for Engine-Oh to better grip the Go-on Sword
  • Go-On Sword
  • V-shield
  • Replica Engine Souls, especially Bus-On, Bear-Rv, T-Line, and K-Line
  • Gunpherd rear wheels/scope
  • GunBir-Oh head
  • Toripter tailfeathers
  • Toripter rotors
  • Jetras wings
  • Jetras missile
  • Jumbowhale pods
  • Jumbowhale head
  • Kishammoth trunk
  • Kishammoth tusks
  • Retsutaka crest
  • Shishi-no-Shin mustache
  • Engine-Ken
  • Tsuki-no-wa shield
  • Blank Engine Soul cartridge
  • Miniature Bandohma in scale with the Engines

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • DaiShinken
  • Filler for DaiShinken
  • Hiden Shield base
  • Hiden Shield disc
  • Shinken-Oh Helmet
  • Kame Origami Flippers
  • Kabuto Origami legs
  • Kabuto Origami upper horn
  • Kabuto Origami lower horn (the management asks that Futurama fans kindly restrain themselves) halves
  • Kabuto disc
  • Kajiki Origami head
  • Kajiki Origami torpedoes
  • Kajiki Origami tail
  • Kajiki disc
  • Pieces for Daishinken "Naginata" mode (Two shortened blades, one that plugs into the fist and one that connects to it via a clip that goes arount the front edge of the fist)
  • For the advanced class: Kit to replace Kajiki Origami's pressure launchers with spring-loaded ones.
  • Tora Origami head
  • Tora Origami tail
  • Tora Origami legs/drills
  • Tora disc
  • Ika Origami lower tentacles
  • Ika Origami upper tentacles
  • Ika Origami head section handle(?)
  • Ika disc
  • For the advanced class: A kit with a jig to cut a hole in the top of Tora Origami, and a crank system for the Ika Origami's head fin driven by a smal rubber cog that slips into that hole. This is to allow the Ika Origami's headfin to actually pump in and out when it's part of the Ika-Tenku Buster, like in the show.
  • Daikai-Oh swords
  • Fillers for Daikai-Oh swords
  • Daikai-Oh fan/tail
  • Daikai-Oh fan/tail with slide-out bottom handle
  • Mogyu Dai-Oh gatling gun
  • Origami Jyu disc
  • Zen Samurai Gattai disc
  • Replacement forearms for Mogyu Dai-Oh with wrist swivels and gearing to turn the Tora Origami drills.
  • Replacement for one of DaiGoyo's arms with a handle to let Shinken DaiGoyo actually hold the jitte
  • Downsized Kyoryu Origami that Shinken-Oh can actually wield.
  • Blank Hiden Disc

Power Rangers Samurai
Well, this is a fine mess. At the time that Bandai America started production on the Samurai toyline, it was looking like there wouldn't be a show. So not only did the toys get simplified and downsized like RPM (and moreso than RPM due to the presumed absence of show support), two of the armament Zords also had their gimmicks tweaked to make them seem more appealing to kids on their own (in the marketers' eyes). All five were tweaked to accommodate a 4" Ranger figure standing on them, with a static one included to make them more eyecatching in stores. This came at the cost of the armament Zords being downsized more than the main Zords (just compare their "disc" areas to the disc on the Spin Sword roleplay toy or the the Bull Megazord and Claw Battlezord), which was a bad thing for all but the Shark Zord, for whom being undersize was a benefit (because it means the Samurai Megazord can actually wield the darn thing, unlike Shinken-Oh and the Kyoryu Origami). Worse still, the wings on the Beetlezord and the Swordfish Zord were chopped down to half length, which hurts the Battlewing Megazord and Gigazord combos. There was also an obvious lack of planning ahead for the possibility of doing the Clawzord - the Octozord can't be wielded as a spear like its supposed to be, the extra downsizing combined with the Tiger Zord's simplification (and the Lion Foldingzord giving the Megazord long upper legs) makes it so that the Samurai Battle Cannon sits way too low for the Claw Armor Megazord, and the Claw Armor Megazord's appearance is itself hurt by the Ape Foldingzord's lack of an emblem mode.The Bull Megazord isn't too bad, although it could have used some tweaks (a clip to hold the tab on the back of the Octozord's pseudodisc, and some pegholes to attach the Octozord's upper tendrils in a better place) and there was some weirdness with the sculpted cart detailing ending up on the wrong sides of the legs.
Because of all that, I'm going to be doing this differently. I'll start with a list of replacements & quick-fix upgrades. I was also going to do a list of craftsman upgrade kits and the necessary parts therein for those willing to do the heavy surgery on the Zords required to bring them as close to Shinkenger functionality as possible (even if the armament Zords are impossible to fully correct), but that will have to wait. I'm a bit drained from this post as it is.
Replacements & quick-fix parts
  • Turtle Foldingzord flippers
  • Lion Foldingzord shoulder pegs that are set at the proper angle
  • Samurai Megazord helmet
  • Samurai Megazord katana
  • Shield base & disk for Samurai Megazord
  • Replacement Swordfish helmet that actually opens up to hold the sword
  • Replacement Swordfish tail that has an opening dorsal, and a tailfin that clamps to the Tigerzord somehow
  • Back-mount harness for Swordfish Zord to accurately connect it to the Lion
  • Double-blade for Swordfish Fencer Megazord (see "Naginata" as described under Shinkenger above)
  • Full-length legs for Beetlezord, ideally that can connect to the Turtle and Ape in arm mode
  • Wing extensions for Swordfish and Beetle Zords
  • Articulated tail/crest for Tiger Zord
  • Some sort of imitation of Tora Origami's black connector piece, even if all it does is boost the height of the Samurai Battle Cannon a bit.
  • Replacement handle for Octozord's lower tentacles that actually has a perpendicular tab on it so it can be held properly
  • Replacement pseudodisk for the Octozord that has hinged side pieces and a fold-out handle for the Clawzord to hold.
  • Clawzord swords/head halves
  • Fillers for Clawzord swords
  • Clawzord tail/fan
  • Clawzord shoulder pegs that are set at the proper angle (might require some cutting and gluing? It's been a while)

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could also use replacement tires for the Turbo zords
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