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Incentivizing Gashapon and Candy Toys

So w/ talks of toy sales and ratings affecting Sentai coming up once again I’ve been thinking a lot about things that could be done to improve sales (regardless of numbers, since I clearly don’t know how much each sub-category of toys pulls in)

That being acknowledged, I think one area that could be more incentivized are the Gashapon and Candy Toy releases. Now obviously, the main benefit of these is to make more affordable versions of the gimmick releases and sometimes expand the line by releasing otherwise unavailable gimmick items.

These two aspects are just fine, by me, and I would not change them. What I would change, if it were up to me, it that both sub lines are used for the same thing.

Some of you may recall back during Gaim, that Bandai released two GP keychains meant to replicate the Depowered Watermelon Lockseeds and the broken Sunflower Lockseed. Keep those in mind.

In my opinion this is a waste of time/effort/money and there are other ways to utilize these two lines to maximize sales. One way, could be to use the budget that normally goes to the chrome paint used on the rarer GP releases and using that to add some extra element to those that make them more desireable.

For example; (I’m using Rider here but I think you’ll get the idea) in Kamen Rider Build, the props of the full bottles don’t have translucent inner pieces, rather they’re solid metallic/chrome pieces that are still able to illuminate thanks for SFX.

So, for one of the two sub lines I’m discussing I think it would’ve been really smart to have one of them stay in the role that both lines occupied (still shakes, but has the closed cap so that you’re still encouraged to pickup the DX releases.

The other of the two could still have a closed cap, but sacrifice the shaking, in order to contain a “liquid” piece that is painted around the side but leaves the top and bottom unpainted so that possible shaking wouldn’t ruin the paint AND to still allow the them to light up with the toys that contain LEDs. The main difference being that the liquid piece would actually be compatible w/ the DX release, essentially turning what would normally simply be a lesser duplicate, into a drop-in mod that could improve aesthetics AND show accuracy.

I think fans would be far more interested in collecting the GP releases if they actually improved their display/collections. I personally feel like turning one of the two lines into a way to supplement and expand the DX line and the other continuing to be a cost effective way for kids to expand their collection would be a far better use of budget than creating inaccurate, chrome items, that people appear to have little interest in.

Sorry for the massive wall of text, I’m just spitballing and would love to hear what you guys think.
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