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Coming August 1, from the author of Forever Red: The Novel, a story 15 years in the making (at least for me)...

Powerless: A Tommy Oliver Novel


Laughter echoed throughout…wherever this place was. Based on the starry look of the walls around them, it actually could have been the remains of the old Command Center. That would have been fitting, all things considered.

Tommy watched them from a distance, atop one of the strange rock formations. They were clumped together in a group. Chatting, giving words of encouragement, offering farewells. Adam, Katherine, Tanya, Justin, the Alphas, and the new team. The Power Rangers.

Tommy rubbed his left wrist, which felt naked without the wrist communicator. He’d used the same one all these years. Various different colored wrist bands, of course. But the same device. TJ had it now. Tommy had handed it to him quickly.
Reality was starting to sink in, so he needed a moment to himself. It was over. It was really and truly over.

Electricity crackled behind him, and he looked to see a large but familiar face looking down at him. Until recently, Zordon had existed solely in a time warp. Now he was free to wander as an interdimensional being comprised largely of morphological energy. Tommy felt like he could make out a little more definition in Zordon’s face now. Then again, maybe he was just imagining things.

“So this really was your idea, then?” Tommy asked.

“Yes,” he replied in his booming baritone of a voice. “From the beginning.”

Tommy nodded. It was consistent with some of Zordon’s previous decisions. He’d let Jason and the others go. He’d let Aisha go. He’d let Rocky go. Now it was their time.

“With few exceptions, the power isn’t meant to be held by one individual for such a prolonged period of time,” Zordon continued. “It is meant to be passed on. The responsibility shared. We can only ask so much of you.”

Tommy understood it. Even respected it. But that didn’t make it easy.

“I can only ask so much,” Zordon added.

Tommy had been a Power Ranger for more than four years. At just 14 years of age, he’d gotten a front-row seat to the world being irrevocably changing forever. He’d seen things that defied the laws of human nature. Things modern science hadn’t even touched. Things too spectacular, too horrific, and even too ridiculous to be true. Alien life. The Morphing Grid. Sorcery. Mind control. Giant war machines. A centuries-old wizard caught in a time warp.

And that was just day one.

But Tommy loved it. He hadn’t wanted to. He hadn’t meant to. But he did. He certainly didn’t love the danger, the destruction, and certainly not the secrets involved. But somehow it all just fit. He was good at it. He took to it naturally. Like he’d found something he was meant to do from the start.

“Y’know, after all this time, I’ve never said thank you.”

“For what?” Zordon asked.

He’d meant to say this to Zordon months ago, before he’d been freed from the time warp and journeyed back to Eltar. But Zordon had to leave so quickly that the moment never came.

“For trusting me,” Tommy replied, gesturing out to the Power Chamber and everything around them. “With all of this. After everything that happened at the beginning. I almost tore it all down. But you brought me on without hesitating. Then you made me the leader. You didn’t have to do that.”

Zordon wasn’t usually emotionally expressive, per se. There wasn’t necessarily time to be, as he was constantly forced to endure the conflicts and hardships of the war he’d taken on. But when he was, it was a sign that something special was taking place. Tommy had a fond memory of him chuckling when he returned as the White Ranger.

So when a smile spread across Zordon’s face, Tommy felt a strong tug at his heartstrings.

“You were given only what you had earned,” Zordon assured him. “ As I said once before, you are a strong and courageous fighter, Tommy. And an honorable man. I am very proud of you. Of all of you.”

Tommy felt his eyes well up. “I’ve been a Ranger for so long, Zordon. It’s felt like my calling. So where do I go from here?”

“That is a question only you can answer,” Zordon replied. “But I very much look forward to finding out.”

***End Exerpt***

Powerless: A Tommy Oliver Novel

Chapters Start Going up on August 1.
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Power Rangers in Space X-Over

Consider this a special preview. Franchises included: Lilo and Stitch, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, Jackie Chan Adventures, and Ben 10. This excpert takes place during Chase into Space

Power Rangers: In Space


Smoking rubble littered the ground around the villains as they rifled through the ruins of the once proud Power Chamber. The plan worked perfectly. One massive boom and no more heroes. All that was left to do was to make sure it worked. Too many times had they assumed they won only to find those blasted heroes alive and kicking, wrecking their perfectly worked out plans with an infuriating cocky grin or a quip.

"Where are they?!" Shego grunted, frustrated.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Elgar shouted, stupidly.

"It shouldn't be that hard to find the bones of mere children!" Vlad said. "Unless Daniel turned them intangible."

Little did Vlad know was that Danny was back in his human form, bruised and cut, hiding close by with Sam, Tucker, and Danielle under a piece of rubble big enough for all four of them. Danny took a big risk with turning his old and new friends intangible so that they wouldn't be dead along with the Power Chamber. Both Danielle and Sam were showing signs of fear, but Danny put a finger on his lips. They nodded.

"This is worthless!" Drago said, throwing a piece of rubble in frustration, not too far from where Jackie and Jade were hiding. He then held in his bruised shoulder in pain. That Jackie had a hard kick. "I should have the Chan family heads by now!"

Jade looked at Ben and Gwen who were hiding close by. Ben gave a shy smile, letting Jade know it's OK. Jade smiled back.

"The little earth girl's remains must be here, somewhere…" Gantu said, almost close to where Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley were hiding. He growled in frustration.

"This is hopeless!" Drakken yelled. "We been at it for hours and we haven't found anything! Not one lifeless body!"

"Elgar, are you positive they were all inside the chamber when it blew up?!" Divatox asked.

"I'm not sure." Elgar stammered.

"What do you mean, 'you're not sure'?" Shego said, half mocking half serious. "Either they've been killed...OR THEY'RE ALIVE!"

"It was smoky. I couldn't see a thing." Elgar said, nervously.

Divatox growled. "Let's just wrap this up and go home. We got big plans to accomplish."

"Good point. World domination will not start without us." Drakken said with a smile.

Kim then peeked behind a corner where she saw the villains start to leave. She too was cut and bruised, but nothing major. "OK. When they're all gone, we move out. But wait till the coast is clear. Got it?" Kim asked Ron, who was sitting next to her.

"Got it." Ron whispered when a piece of debris fell on him. "OW!" Ron gasped as he realized he just gave their positions away.

All the villains then turned their heads to see who made that sound. Shego gave a nasty grin as her hands glowed. "I think we have survivors. I'll take care of them." Shego said as she walked towards where the sound was heard. "Kimmie, Kimmie, Kimmie...Let me come in."

Everybody grew nervous as they knew they and the Power Rangers were close to being found and killed.

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin, she says." Shego smirked.

Kim knew what she had to do. As Shego's hands glowed brighter, she took a deep breath and prepared to face her.

"Uh, Shego?" Drakken called out when he saw something in the sky.

"Not now. I found her." Shego shot back. "Then I'll huff...And I'll puff..."

"Shego!" Drakken yelled.

"What is it?!" Shego growled as Drakken pointed to the sky and saw a flame streak through the sky and form a humanoid face.

"Who are you?" Divatox asked.

"I am the messenger of the Cimmerian Planet. I deliver news that Zordon has been captured." the head said.

Ben and Gwen were shocked when they heard it. That message clearly meant that their grandfather has failed to keep Eltar safe. Divatox, however, was only mildly surprised by the news.

"You Divatox, the queen of all evil, will leave at once for Cimmerian Planet. Your associates are welcome." the messenger said.

Divatox, Drakken, Drago, Vlad, and Gantu all just laughed at that. "Leave for space?" Drakken said, giggling.

"Sorry big fire head. Been there, done that." Shego smirked.

"I'm already banned anyway." Gantu said with a smile.

"Not really liking space ever since I was stuck on an asteroid." Vlad said.

"No thanks dude. I'm staying here." Drago simply said.

"Listen, please give our thanks to whoever captured Zordon, but we just captured the Earth! We're not going anywhere!" Divatox said with a smile.

"Very well then. But remember, Vilgax will not be happy." the messenger said.

Divatox then screeched and the other villains gasped at the mention of that name as Ben and Gwen became sad as they knew that Vilgax has accomplished his plan. "I'm sorry, did you just say, 'Vilgax'?" Divatox asked.

"As in the Vilgax?" Drakken asked, fearfully.

"The most vile being in the whole universe?" Drago asked, shocked.

"The one who's been after the Omintrix?" Gantu asked, surprised.

"And now he's wanting us to leave to go to the Cimmerian Planet?" Vlad asked.

"Yes. And he's now known as the 'Grand Monarch of All Evil'." The messenger said.

The villains all laughed nervously as Elgar and Rygog came up to them. "Load it up. We're all going to the Cimmerian Planet." Divatox whispered the Elgar before turning back to the messenger. "You know, on second thought, I think a vacation is in order for our victory."

"Yes. After all, nothing says winning like a nice celebration. A little RR." Drakken said, nervously.

"So, tell Vilgax we'll be on our way." Divatox said as the messenger vanished away. She then growled before declaring, "Don't you all worry! We'll be back!"

"And when we do come back...you're all dead!" Drakken said with a smile.

"Viva La Diva!" Divatox yelled before she and the rest of the villains disappeared.

As soon as they were gone, Kim checked on Ron. "Are you OK?" Kim asked, concerned about her boyfriend.

"I'm fine. Sorry I almost blew cover." Ron said. "I'm such a doofus."

"You're not a doofus. It's cool." Kim said with a sad smile, knowing that she and her friends have just lost a major battle. She then gave Ron a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, you OK?" Ben asked Gwen.

"I think so. Thank goodness for that messenger. We were almost seconds from being history." Gwen said, hugging Ben. They had tears in their clothes and soot on their faces.

"Well, the good news: We made it out alive. The bad news: We just lost a major fight." Ben said as they came out of their hiding spots and surveyed the damage.

As Danny got up, he leaned over with massive pain, as his attempt to turn his friends intangible left him totally wiped out. Sam was able to support him, wrapping her arm around his shoulder. "Easy Danny. You saved us." Sam said as Tucker and Dannielle walked to find the others.

"Yeah. I did. It took a lot of power though." Danny said, trying to catch his breath.

TJ crawls out of his hiding spot, rushing down the rubbled hill that used to be the Power Chamber. He's still wearing his Red Ranger outfit, tears and rips are all over it, along with soot from the fire on his face. "We good?" TJ called out to Kim.

"We're clear." Kim said, popping out of her hiding place with Ron.

Ashley Carlos also pop up from behind some debris right next to Jackie and Jade. "Ben!" Jade called out.

Ben saw Jade and came running up to her. "You OK?" Ben asked.

"You OK?" Jade asked in a similar manner back when she asked him if he was scared.

"Not really." Ben said with a slight frown.

"Me neither." Jade replied. Gwen came walking up to them.

"You alright, Mr. Chan?" Gwen asked Jackie, who also appeared bruised.

"I will be. Now." Jackie said, smiling at Jade, knowing that she was now safe.

"Hey!" Justin called out from his hiding place between loose scraps. "Lilo! Stitch! Where are you?"

"Justin!" Stitch called out waving his arms as Lilo, Jumba, and Pleakley came out of their hiding place.

"We're fine!" Lilo said as she walked up to Stitch. She then hugged her friend tightly.

Cassie was the last to emerge from her hiding place as the others gathered around TJ. "Everyone alright?" TJ asked.

"We're all fine." Sam said, still dragging Danny, stopping to see a Diva-flag blowing in the wind. She grabs it angrily and throws it away, taking a long look at the demolition site her boyfriend and their friends failed to protect.

They all reached a clearing in the center of the debris. Danny finally collapsed with exhaustion, falling from Sam's arms. "Danny!" Danielle cried as Danny fell.

"Danny!" Carlos said, reaching his side. "Are you OK?"

"It's fine. It's all fine Carlos. I just need to rest." Danny said, almost ready to pass out.

"You saved us." TJ said. "You did good Danny."

Danny shot one more smile before he closed his eyes in exhaustion. Danielle grew worried over her cousin. "Don't worry Danielle. He'll be fine." Sam assured.

"Guys! Your colors!" Lilo said as she noticed that the Rangers suits started glowing their appropriate colors. In a flash the teens are demorphed into their normal clothing, every rip and tear that was on their Ranger uniforms appears in exactly the same locations on their civilian clothes.

"Our powers. They're gone." Cassie said, trying not to cry.

"Someone please tell me that I'm just having a Diablo Sauce dream and that this isn't really happening." Ron said. Rufus whined with agreement.

"I'm afraid not this time." Jade said, sadly. "We actually lost."

"Alpha!" Justin called out, spotting the robot. The five powerless Ranger teens and their friends rush over and pull Alpha from the wreckage.

"It's OK Alpha. We got you." Tucker said as he moved the last piece of debris from Alpha, freeing him. Alpha then takes a look around the destruction.

"Oh no. The Power Chamber. What a complete catastrostroke. This was my home." Alpha said, distraught.

"It's alright Alpha. We'll get out of this." Lilo said, trying to put a positive spin on things, although there wasn't much she could do to cheer everybody up.

"How could this have happened? Dimitria and the Blue Senturion have gone, the Megazords are both destroyed, and now the Power Chamber." Alpha said, sadly listing everything that's happened over the course of one day.

"I'm afraid it's only gonna get more worse." Gwen said. "Zordon's been captured."

Everyone gasped as they knew that their efforts have been in vain. "This is really not good." Kim said, sadly.

"Zordon's been captured?!" Alpha asked, shocked. "What do we do now?"

"It's obvious. We have to go to the Cimmerian Planet and rescue Zordon." Ben said.

"We promised Dimitria we stay and protect the Earth." Cassie reminded Ben.

"Protect it from who?!" Ben asked with incredulity in his voice. "Divatox and everyone else are gone now."

"And when they come back, you guys will be sitting ducks." Jade added.

"It's better if we take the fight into space before they bring a bigger fight that we can't win on Earth." Kim said, gaining interest in the idea.

"You guys are right." TJ said, with confidence growing in his voice. "We got to stop them before they all come back."

"But without the Power Chamber, without our powers, how do we expect to chase them anyway?" Cassie asked.

"Actually, there might be a way out of this." Gwen said, pulling out the black box she managed to salvage from the Power Chamber before the villains blew it up.

"Goodness me! Gwen! How did you find that?" Alpha asked.

"I was able to disconnect it from the central hub before they broke in and tied us up. I figured it might be important." Gwen said, studying the black box more carefully.

"That box holds a Power Decoder." Alpha said, excited that hope might not be lost after all.

"What does it do?" Danielle asked.

"It has tons of secret codes we'll be needing." Alpha explained.

"If I could get access to the Power Codes and bypass the Morphing Grid, I should be able to restore your powers. But Ben's right. We need to go into space and rescue Zordon." Gwen said.

"Alright. We need to find a way to go after Divatox and everyone else." Carlos said.

"I don't suppose Stitch has a spaceship in his mouth, does he?" Ashley asked.

"I'm afraid not. The only way we could get into space is to ride a high tech space shuttle." Lilo said, sadly.

Suddenly, Justin got an idea. "Wait! It's a long shot! But there might be a way! We'll need to go to Middleton." Justin said.

"Middleton?" TJ asked confused.

Kim gasped and smiled as she knew what Justin was talking about. "Dad!" Kim said before reaching for her Kimmunicator. "Wade, I need a ride."

****End Excerpt****

Chapters going up in Fall 2018
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Promo for the written series of project "Power Ranger Power Ranger" (Name Pending and will subject to change)
In a galaxy called the "Freedom Way Galaxy," on the planet "Planet Freedom" in the "Delta Freedom Solar System" there lives the "Legend Rangers," a group of brothers and sisters who have every Super Sentai and Power Ranger they know in the form of Power Coins. Using their "Legendary Legend Bucklers" they transform into the "Legend Rangers." They have a lot of bravery and fighting skill but not so much brain power...

But they are the super fighting rangers who will fight against the forces of evil. Which forces you ask? A Bumbling General by the name of "General Redd" (the Planet's equivalent of Lord Zedd) is trying his darnedest to conquer Planet Freedom with his "Black Ribbon Army."

Although they don't have the means to make the monsters grow, the Black Ribbon Soldiers can transform into many a monster of the pictures (Monster of the Week) with the lower class "Grunts" attempting to wear our heroes down.

Along the way, the "Legend Rangers" will come across many a interesting character who will show them techniques such as throwing "Fireballs," performing "Dragon Uppers," unleashing "Variable Custom" Moves and Abilities among many other moves for our heroes to learn and eventually master.

Throughout their journeys they must overcome many challenges, face off against many threats and ultimately (If they can) defeat the bad guys that shows up in the pictures.

Although General Redd and his army is a common antagonist in these pictures, there are numerous threats that will stop at nothing to destroy our heroes and the world that they love. The Legacy Rangers have their work cut out for them as they must fight onward to defend Planet Freedom from total destruction.

Eclipse Lights & Magic will present to you "Mighty Morphin Legend Rangers."

Mainly based off of the Super Sentai series "Kaizou Sentai Gokaiger" by Toei Corporation, Shout Factory, Hasbro Corporation, and Ishimori Productions, and the "Dragon Ball series" by Akira Toriyama.
(Yeah, this is just me putting my foot in the door in case you haven't noticed. I will write in a Fan fiction Topic made for the written series but I have studies to do and lots of props to buy. in the meantime)
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Right, so I'm currently working on an "alternative" finale to MMPR's third season. It was originally going to be ten episodes just like Alien Rangers, but I realised just how little time I have for something that big, so I scaled it down to about five episodes. I'm still taking notes and rewatching episodes, and I can't guarantee an "airdate" at the moment, but just wanted to let it be known this is coming soon.

The story focuses on the burning question of what if the Rangers had never been turned to kids in "Rangers In Reverse", but the rest of the world was?
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Cameron Samurai
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First two episodes of the five-part mini-series have been completed, they're already uploaded to FF.net but I'll wait until I've finished every episode before posting them here in either daily or weekly instalments.

Episode Titles:

1. Rangers In Retreat
2. Gracepoint
3. Crash of the Coins
4. Zeo Hour Part One
5. Zeo Hour Part Two
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Kim Possible and Power Rangers: SPD: A Sitch in Time

Kim Possible and Power Rangers: SPD: A Sitch in Time

Summary: My own version of the Kim Possible TV movie, rewritten and reworked to include the Power Rangers SPD. In the year 2025, Gruumm's forces are overwhelmed by the Supreme One, who has already taken control of the city, destroyed Sam, the Omega Ranger, and gravely injured Sky, SPD Blue Ranger, and Z, SPD Yellow Ranger. With Jack, Syd, and Bridge the only hope left for the future of Earth, Commander Anubis Kruger shows them how the Supreme One managed to change the future, by showing the events of A Sitch in Time: Part 1. The Red, Pink, and Green SPD Rangers get to know about Kim Possible, her sidekick and best friend Ron Stoppable, and their adventures together.

After knowing how the Supreme One got ahold of the timeline and changed the future, Commander Kruger sends Jack, Syd, and Bridge to the year 2004 to team up with Kim Possible to help them save the future, by giving her Z's morpher, allowing her the powers of the Yellow Ranger. After getting her new friends adjusted to her present year, Kim and the Rangers go back in time to stop Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, and Gruumm from changing the timeline and destroying the future.

While trying to defend SPD head quarters in the future, Commander Kruger watches his recruits and Kim Possible battle the teamed up forces of Drakken and Gruumm. He then goes into the present year to recruit Ron Stoppable to take the place of the Blue SPD Ranger.

Together, the forces of Team Possible and Space Patrol Delta must stop the Surpreme One and reset the timeline to erase the doomed future.

Sample: In the year 2025, in the recesses of space, not far from Earth, Emperor Gruumm, leader of the Troobian Empire, just slept peacefully in his throne room on his Terror Spacecraft, trying to figure out a way to conquer Earth, and destroy his enemies: the Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta. (SPD) It's been awhile since he's cooked up a monster big enough to destroy everything in its path. Now, he just rested, clearly not wanting to be disturbed. But recently, something has happened that caused the Troobian Empire many losses that causes him to awaken.

"Something has happened," Gruumm said to himself, his eyes glowing with rage. He knew that it was horrible for him and the whole empire. He called for his most trustful ally. "Broodwing! In here, now!" Broodwing then entered the throne room. He was Gruumm's most trustful ally, despite ranging heft prices for his services, which Gruum actually liked to do. "I sense a disturbance. Have we launched an full scale invasion onto Earth?"

"No my sire. Why do you ask that?" Broodwing asked curiously. "Are finally winning the battle for once? If we are, this calls for a celebration." Gruum muttered to himself, but Broodwing heard it, giving him a clear picture that something was terribly wrong.

"As much great as that would sound, I sensed that every single one of our Krybots have been eliminated, down to the last one." Gruumm said. Broodwing froze with terror as he thought that it had to be the Power Rangers, about to tightened their victory onto Gruumm and the whole empire. "And it's not because of the Power Rangers." Broodwing became confused when his employer said that. "There's another presence. A much more evil presence..."

"Why that's just plain foolish, sire. Who in the whole entire galaxy could be more evil than you? After all, you're the only one who pays me more than what my prices are worth." Broodwing said, causing Gruumm to growl at him. "Sorry about that. I didn't mean to insult your intelligence. I believe you. Truly, sire." Then, Mora, Gruumm's child assistant, came into the room, having been awoken from a nap.

"What's with all the yelling and growling?" Mora asked as she rubbed her eyes. "I'm trying to sleep! I know we're villains wanting to conquer the Earth, but can a little alien girl get some rest around here?!"

"Well we're very sorry we awoke you from your nap, Mora," Gruumm said sarcastically, making Mora growl back at him. "But as you can see, almost all of our Empire has been destroyed by a force more powerful than the Power Rangers." Mora smiled as she thought somebody has actually destroyed the Power Rangers.

"You mean they're actually dead?" Mora asked gleefully. Gruumm growled at her, basically meaning no. "OK. They're not dead. But, who would want to wipe out our entire army of Krybots? We're the only villains in this galaxy who wants the stupid Earth. After all, it's puny." Gruumm and Broodwing looked at each other. Mora could be a handful sometimes, but they needed her services as they were useful to their mission to conquer the Earth.

"Would you like me to help you search for the one responsible for the deaths of our troops? It'll cost you though." Broodwing said, before Gruumm senses another disturbance heading towards Earth.

"We'll figure that out later. You two must make more troops this instant!" Gruumm yelled, shooing Broodwing and Mora out of his throne room. "I sense the presence that plans to challenge me is heading towards Earth, about to conquer the entire city and Space Patrol Delta. Well then, if their leader wants a fight, he already has it. I will never accept defeat! NEVER!" Gruumm laughed evilly to himself, feeling confident in his plans, not knowing what was really happening.

Coming in late September
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Fractured; A Hexagon Story.


Based on the original pitch by Amit Bhaumik, Fractured finally asks the question; What defines a Power Ranger? Is it the suit? Or the Ranger underneath? Each faction would have different motives; Security (Hexagon), Freedom (Zordon Institute) and Vengeance (Renegades).


Set in an alternate timeline, our planet is recovering from an alien invasion unlike any seen before. In this difficult time, the Ranger Community bands together to form a united front against future threats. Becoming the Hexagon.

However, some still hold reservations against the idea. Defecting in secret, these Rangers form the Zordon Institute.

But in the shadows, a mysterious individual grants disaffected youths the chance to do what the Hexagon can't. By taking matters into their own hands, these Renegades seek to challenge the status quo.

(It's a work-in-progress so far, but you get the idea.)
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KP/JCA/PR:WF:Reinforcments from the Future

KP/JCA/PR:WF: Reinforcements from the Future

Excerpt: The other Rangers and Princess Shayla sat quietly, trying to figure out how to help the depressed Ron, who was still feeling guilty for his actions earlier. "Guys," Cole said in a serious voice. "we need to talk to Ron about Kim. He's taking it so hard right now. And right now he thinks because of his encounter with Kim earlier, it's his fault that Taylor got injured by Monkey Fist. We him to understand that it's not and we're all here for him."

Max and Eric were unsure about Cole's ideas until Alyssa stepped forward. "Cole's right," Alyssa said. "Maybe after we get him to open himself up to us, we can show him the video of Kim, so that way he knows that she still cares about him."

They all looked at Princess Shayla for an answer. She offered a friendly smile. "Go to him." Shayla simply said. With that, the Rangers made their way to find Ron. Princess Shayla then sat down sadly, concerned for Taylor.

At the Turtle Cove Hospital, Kim made her way inside Taylor's room, with questions on her mind. More importantly, she needed to find where Ron is. Taylor slowly awoken and noticed Kim. "Hey," Kim said with a friendly smile. "I'm Kim Possible."

"I know." Taylor said, returning the smile. "I heard so much about you. You're truly one of the best female heroes by far." Kim blushed lightly at that. "And what you did to help the Power Rangers today was incredible."

"Speaking of which, when the Black Ranger helped me, I recognized his voice. I think he's someone I know. Someone I've been searching for." Taylor froze at that. "Listen, I understand your concerns. You have nothing to worry about. I won't tell anyone that you're a Power Ranger. But that Black Ranger is my boyfriend, Ron. He ran away just two weeks ago over me getting tweaked at him. I was way too harsh on him." Kim noticed the way Taylor wasn't talking to her. "And you about know it, too. Do you?"

"Listen," Taylor whispered, leaning closer to Kim. "Me and my friends have already lost one Ranger, and he won't be able to fight with them for awhile. Now that I'm out of the picture temporarily too, they're gonna need all the help they can get fighting Monkey Fist. I know what you're really here for, and I'll give you a way to find Ron, but will you at least consider helping him and the other Power Rangers?"

Kim thought about it for awhile. Me? A Power Ranger? I don't know about that. Kim thought to herself. I do owe them for helping me with Monkey Fist though. Maybe I could repay the favor by trying to see if I could help them figure out what he's up to. "OK. I'll think about it. Tell me how to find Ron first." Kim said.

Taylor then handed her Animal Crystal to Kim. "Here," Taylor said. "It's my Eagle Zord. It'll help you travel to the Animarium. If you decide to take my place for awhile, you'll be the Yellow Wild Force Ranger." Kim prepared to leave the room before Taylor grabbed her arm. "Make sure he knows how much you love him." Kim smiled at that before leaving the room and heading outside. She then stared curiously at Taylor's crystal.

"It's almost as Ron would make this whole sad thing up as to get me to play superheroes with him," Kim said. The Animal Crystal then glowed as Taylor's Eagle Zord descended from the Animarium, on it's way to Turtle Cove. Kim was startled when the Eagle Zord touched down and landed just inches from her. "Hi. Can you take me to the Animarium?" The Eagle just responded by a screech. "I'll take that as a yes." Kim then hopped onto the Zord's back. Then, the Eagle started to fly back to the Animarium, with a nervous Kim Possible holding on tight.

Cole, Eric, Alyssa, and Max found Ron in his room laying down with Rufus, still feeling guilty over what happened. "Hey Ron man," Max said with a smile, trying to cheer him up. "How's it hanging buddy?" Ron just stared at them with a sad look.

"Guys, the whole thing is my fault." Ron said. "If Kim wasn't there and I hadn't got distracted, Taylor would still be with us, unharmed and not hurt. I don't deserve to be a Power Ranger!"

"Ron, that's not true." Cole said, placing a hand on his shoulder and Rufus nodded in agreement. "We couldn't have picked a better replacement for Danny. Right now, you're just taking this problem with you and Kim too hard."

Ron was confused, wondering how they knew about Kim being made at him. "Look, we know you don't want to talk about it. But running away from your problems never solves anything. You just made her, and everyone else you cared about worried." Alyssa said.

"We're here for you." Max simply said. Ron then looked at his new friends and sighed.

"OK. Here's what happened. It all started when my school principal and and Smarty Mart co worker Mr. Barkin assigned me to do inventory." Ron explained.

Kim could feel the wind rush through her hair as she rode the Eagle Zord high in the sky. "I've never really traveled like this." Kim said, feeling a mix of both nervousness and excitement. "It feels so great!" Her mouth then dropped as she saw the Animarium for the first time ever. "I don't believe it. It's a floating island." The Eagle then made its descent onto the island and landed. Kim then got off and petted the Zord. "Thanks for your help." She then slowly walked around the Animarium. "It's like something out of a fairy tale. It's beautiful."

Princess Shayla then appeared, nearly startling Kim. "Welcome Kim Possible," Shayla said with a smile. "I am Princess Shayla."

"How do you know my name?" Kim asked, curiously.

"Ron has told me and the other Rangers so much about you." Shayla said. Kim smiled when she heard Ron's name. "And you were excellent in helping them fight off Monkey Fist and his army of monkey ninjas. That's why we would like you to take Taylor's place as the Yellow Eagle Ranger. If you want."

Kim frowned a bit before sighing. "I need to see him. He's here, right?" Kim said, with tears forming in her eyes.

"Of course. He's with the others just over there." Shayla said, pointing Kim to the right direction. Kim smiled as she made her way to where Ron and the other Rangers were. She then leaned down behind a huge rock so she wouldn't be seen as she listened in as Ron finished telling the other Rangers whole story of how he mistaken Kim for Camille Leon.

"Man, that was quite the story." Max commented.

"It was." Ron groaned. The other Rangers stared at him sympathetically.

"I can't believe just because Kim was angry at you for two whole days that you would decide to run away like that." Alyssa said. "I mean, I totally understand her frustrations because I'm a girl, but still."

"I know Kim's been mad at me bunches of times, but thanks to the whole Camille Leon sitch, ding ding ding! We have a new winner!" Ron said before turning sad again. "When she didn't talk to be after two days, I decided it was best that she never see me again. I don't know. It was just so conflicting."

"Look, why don't you try placing yourself in her shoes for once? See how she thinks when she gets mad. Was there ever a time when Kim ever got you tweaked?" Cole asked.

Ron, when did I ever tweaked you? Kim thought to herself. Ron thought of the times Kim made him upset.

"Well, she did lock me in a supply closet by accident during the school dance," Ron said. "That was when we were friends. But for some strange reason, I never got mad at her for that."

"I would if she done that to me." Max commented. "You didn't even get to show off your bon diggity dance move, bro!"

"Anything else?" Alyssa asked.

"Yes. There was Halloween. Kim lied to me and her parents to go to a party with some boy that she had a crush on instead of trick or treating with me." Ron said. "I was so mad at her for that. Even though I forgave her for her actions, I still firmly believed that she deserved getting grounded for a month."

Kim and the other Rangers eyes went wide at that. "Whoa! Hold the phone! Kim got grounded for one month just for lying? My mother would usually settle for two weeks at best if I done that." Max commented.

"Max, it was more than that." Ron said. "She put me and her family in danger. That's the first time her actions had put anyone in danger."

Oh Ron, I'm still so sorry for what happened that Halloween night. Kim thought to herself as tears began to well up again.

"I bet you didn't get to hit that many houses that night because of what happened." Cole said. "She must have messed up your plans for that Halloween."

"Nah it wasn't that bad." Ron said. "I got to go trick or treating with Kim's then boyfriend whose name is one vowel away from monkey." The other Rangers laughed at that with Ron. Kim smiled a little at that. "He and I had an awesome time. Even though we weren't really close friends, he and I hung out temporarily while Kim was grounded."

"Man," Max commented. "I don't think I could blame you for getting tweaked over that."

"Yeah. But you know the biggest time Kim got me tweaked?" Ron asked. "Well, I wasn't really tweaked. I was hurt."

"Hurt?" Eric asked, confused.

"It was in May when..." Ron started.

"...when Dr. Drakken used a synthodrone to manipulate Kim's feelings to launch those Diablo Bots." Alyssa finished.

"That's it." Ron said. "I felt like I was losing everything I cared about, despite..." Ron then arched an eye brow at Alyssa. "How do you know about the other Eric?"

"Oh. It was in the magazines the day after the whole fiasco." Alyssa answered. "People couldn't help but gossip over it. Kim almost kissing a robot." Alyssa giggled over it, earning glares from the other Rangers. "Sorry. I know it's not funny."

Ron then turned sad again. "I had no one to talk to while Kim was dating that thing." Ron said.

"Not even your own parents?" Cole asked.

"I didn't want to talk to them about the whole Eric sitch. Figured I work things out on my own. Like the kids do on Degrassi or 91210." Ron said.

Tears finally spilled from Kim's eyes as she listened. I'm so sorry Ron, and I still regret ever dating that thing. I had no idea how you really felt before it was almost too late.

he other Rangers also spilled tears from their eyes as they listened to Ron. "You know, after running away from home, being recruited by you guys to stop Monkey Fist, and just hanging here on this island with all the Wild Zords, I have realized something very important." Ron said. "That I'm nothing but a total and complete loser that not only has no chance at being a Power Ranger and fighting alongside you guys, but am also not worthy of being Kim's boyfriend. I think she might as well trade up like her rival suggested. She deserves someone better than me. If she didn't lock braces with Walter Nelson, had she asked out Bobby Johnson, had she stayed with Josh Mankey, or if Eric was real and not working for Drakken, I think KP could have lived a better love life."

The Rangers hearts all broke as Ron said that, as they couldn't help but sob sympathetic tears for their new friend. Rufus sobbed the loudest as he hugged his master. Oh Ron...Kim thought to herself as more tears came out of her eyes. How could you even think and say such things like that? You are not a loser, you deserve to help the Power Rangers, and I would never trade you up or lived a better love life with anyone other than you. I was way too mad at you, and I gave you the wrong message when I didn't talk to you for those two whole days. What have I done? Then, throwing caution overboard, Kim began to cry loudly.

"Someone's here." Eric said as he and the other Rangers heard the crying sound from nearby. Ron recognized it.

"KP?" Ron asked.

"Kim Possible's here?" Cole asked excitedly as Ron ran over to the source of the crying and saw Kim, still crying while in a fetal position.

"KP?" Ron asked. Kim looked up and saw Ron. She then got up and embraced him in a big hug.

"Ron, I'm so sorry." Kim said, still crying. "I'm so sorry for the ways I mistreated you, especially recently. It's all my fault that you ran away. I should have just talked to you after the Camille Leon sitch instead of shutting you out for two whole days!"

"Wait, you've been eavesdropping on me and the other Rangers?" Ron asked.

Kim nodded while tears still spilled from her eyes. "I wish I could take back all the times I tossed you aside or have gotten mad at you for almost every minor mishap you've made. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else other than you. You are not a loser. You have done so much good with the Power Rangers. You deserve to help them. I just want you to please forgive me and come back home when this is all over. I don't wanna live life without you. And I'm never gonna dump you over that incident. I love you so much. Please..." Kim continued to cry loudly as Ron embraced her.

Ron couldn't help but feel more touched by Kim's words than he had ever been before and starting crying himself. "I love you too, Kim." Ron whispered. The other Rangers now cried tears of happiness over the show of love between the two teens.

"So romantic!" Max sobbed loudly while crying on Alyssa's shoulder. Kim stopped crying, wiped her tears and smiled when she saw the other Rangers over Ron's shoulder.

"Ronnie, aren't you gonna introduce me to your new friends?" Kim asked. Ron nodded as he stopped crying and Rufus climbed ontop of his master's shoulder. The Rangers smiled as Ron started to introduce each other.

"Everyone, as you all pretty much know, this is the one and only Kim Possible, the best girlfriend ever." Ron said, making Kim blush under her smile. "KP, this is Alyssa, the White Tiger Ranger. Max, the Blue Shark Ranger. Eric, the Silver Wolf Ranger. And Cole, the Red Lion Ranger."

"It's an honor for all of us to meet you." Cole said, holding his hand out. Kim smiled as she shook it. "Ron has done a brilliant job as Danny's replacement the Black Bison Ranger these past week. But now with our friend Taylor injured, we're gonna need more help until they both recover. You and Ron have excellent experience fighting Monkey Fist. He's after something in Turtle Cove. We don't know what, but maybe you could help us."

Kim smiled at that, fishing into her pocket for something. "You talked to the right girl, Cole." Kim said, pulling out Taylor's Eagle Crystal, shocking the other Rangers and Ron.

"KP, you got Taylor's crystal!" Ron said with a smile. "How did you-"

"Taylor gave it to me when I visited her in the hospital at Turtle Grove. She thought I would be perfect to replace her." Kim said. "And she's right. I'll be more than happy to help you figure out what Monkey Fist is up to." The Rangers and Ron all smiled at that, as they knew they had a new Yellow Eagle Ranger. Then, Kim pulled Ron into another big hug. Ron was confused at that, but instead just returned the loving embrace.

"Just to be clear, does this mean you will forgive me?" Ron asked, still unsure.

"Ron," Kim said, breaking the hug for a second. "already have." Her face then got serious. "But as for the Camille Leon sitch, that will never be brought up again."

"I agree with you, KP." Ron said with a nod.

"That's my Black Power Ranger." Kim said with a smile as they continued the hug, with the other Ranger just smiling as they watch on.

End of Excerpt.
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Next time segment: Power Rangers Sky Guard

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