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"Teamwork" is pretty much completed, and will be released 8/18.

Let me know what you think so far. Feedback is always appreciated!
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Nicely done, with so much development it's easy to forget Robbie's humble beginnings
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Thanks! It's refreshing actually to go back to my roots and see how simple my chapters used to be and how simplistic Robbie as a character was. It also essentially reminds me that he a Trini have always been pretty much destined for one another.

But I may borrow from this style of writing and stick to the simpler chapters as I head into Zeo.
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It's up to you of course, but I much prefer the intricate storylines and character development, part of the reason why Season 3 of MMPR and Power Rangers in Space are my favourite seasons
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

It's up to you of course, but I much prefer the intricate storylines and character development, part of the reason why Season 3 of MMPR and Power Rangers in Space are my favourite seasons
Noted. Thanks for letting me know!
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I have to say I am really looking forward to Zedd, Rita and Vile's mass invasion. Your writing in Season 3 made Zedd seem so much more formidable
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That's good to hear. It's gonna be epic. The whole season 4 is gonna be be bananas if I can toot my own horn. The planned final battle at the end of the series is something I'm especially looking forward to.

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Wow, wow, and more wow!! Just wrapped some final exams so I found some time to catch up and as always you find a way to surprise and surpass my expectations! Lol The finale was awesome, but that epilogue had me out of my seat!! I'm excited to see what comes next, especially the fact that now Robbie is going to have to stand on his own.

I'm loving the chapter re-writes as well! Keep it up! :-D
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BamaPRFan07 wrote: View Post

Wow, wow, and more wow!! Just wrapped some final exams so I found some time to catch up and as always you find a way to surprise and surpass my expectations! Lol The finale was awesome, but that epilogue had me out of my seat!! I'm excited to see what comes next, especially the fact that now Robbie is going to have to stand on his own.

I'm loving the chapter re-writes as well! Keep it up! :-D
Hey Bama, always good to see you. Glad you enjoyed the finale/epilogue! I will try and make season 4 meet and exceed all of your expectations lol.

The prequel is actually made to enhance the plot points of season 4. So here's hoping you like that too!
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Prequel - Episode 3: Teamwork

Trini: Stop the pollution of our neighborhood!

Kimberly: Sign a petition, shut the dumpsite down.

(We begin today in the hallways of Angel Grove High. Trini and Kimberly have attracted a crowd with an impassioned speech about Trini’s latest environmental cause.)

Kimberly: Let them know that you care.

Trini: We can hardly stand the smell. Please sign up.

“Hello girls.”

(The school principal, a middle aged man with greying hair and a neat suit walks in.)

Trini: Oh, hi, Mr. Kaplan.

Ms. Kaplan: Now, this is wonderful, girls! It's dandy that you're getting involved so young in the political process and trying to clean up the environment. But, is the dumpsite as bad as you say?

Trini: You should see the place, Mr. Kaplan. It's an industrial waste disaster.

Kimberly: Who could stand to pollute like that? …I mean, I haven’t seen it myself. But I’m sure Trini’s description of it is spot on.

Trini: …

Mr. Kaplan: Hmm.

(Also attracting attention from out of this world, Rita looks on through her telescope.)

Rita: Ahaha. Using their own pollution against them is a stroke of genius. Just wait until those girls deliver those petitions.

Goldar: Those goody goods sense of righteousness will be their own undoing.

Rita: Aha!

(Back in Angel Grove High, the girls continue to push for more signatures.)

Kimberly: Sign a petition. Help clean up the dumpsite.

Trini We can live in a cleaner environment.

Kimberly: Come on, save our Earth!

Jason: Hey, ladies, what's up?

(Having apparently come from recess by the football in Jason’s hand, he, Zack and Billy appear.)

Kimberly: Hi, guys.

Zack: You're attracting a crowd.

Billy: You conducting a campaign?

Trini: Some manufacture just moved a toxic waste dump to the north end of Angel Grove Park.

Kimberly: Yeah it’s totally gross.

Trini: And you can smell it all over the park. Kids play near that waste.

Jason: Well it sounds like a noble cause to get behind.

Trini: We're delivering these petitions, today.

Jason: Cool.

Trini: Yeah, you guys want to sign?

Jason: Yeah.

Billy: Sure.

(The boys take the clipboard from Kim’s hand to add their signatures under dozens of other Angel Grove High students. They appear glad to help their friends however they can. That is until…)

Trini: Would you come with us, guys?

Jason: Uh…

Zack: Uhm…

(Then their enthusiasm suddenly evaporates…)

Kimberly: I mean… we might encounter some angry resistance. We could use some “big, strong men” to protect us.

Jason: I'd love to, but I have a karate class that I have to teach later and, I mean, it's a great cause but I can't bug out on my students. And my dad… you know times are rough…

Trini: I understand, Jason.

Jason: Thanks…

Zack: Uh, I'd love to ladies, but, Alpha he said he has something to talk to me about, right away. I promised to meet him, sorry!

Kimberly: It's okay.

Billy: (Shrugs) I'm President of the Science Fair Committee and today's our first meeting.

Trini: …Okay?

(Trini’s own enthusiasm seems to evaporate as she finds her close friends unsupportive of a subject she cares deeply about.)

Kimberly: That’s fine. We’ll go alone. But we’d look a lot stronger if we acted like a team.

Jason: Sorry, girls. We’ll catch you after?

Kimberly: Sure.

Zack: Take it easy. Call us if you run into trouble.

Trini: Okay.

Trini: I don’t think I buy what their selling.

Kimberly: What gives it away?

Trini: I’m the President of the Science Fair Committee.

(Just then though, Robbie happens to pass by. He’s wearing headphones and appears to be in another world. A bulb suddenly flashes over Trini’s head. She places a hand on his chest to stop him, feeling as though he will resist too, but curious as to the likelihood that he won’t.)

Trini: Hey, Robbie!

(He stops short, as if suddenly woken up. He slowly removes his earphones to turn to her.)

Robbie: Yes…?

Trini: What are you doing tonight?

Robbie: Why…?

Trini: Just answer.

Robbie: I’m going to Chili’s with my friends.

Trini: Oh yeah? What friends?

(He pauses briefly. Then sighs.)

Robbie: No one.

Trini: Can you do me a huge favor and help me deliver this petition to the Angel Grove dump? Pleeeeeeease?!

(She flashes him a big cheesy smile. He sighs ruefully to himself, but doesn’t resist.)

Robbie: Alright.

Trini: Yay!

Kimberly: So much for a “big strong man” helping us.

(Meanwhile, still looking on from the moon…)

Rita: Oh, this is sweet! Three of the rangers are about to walk into my trap.

Goldar: It’s perfect, my empress! They don't stand a chance.

Squatt: Serves them right for fighting for a cause.

Baboo: That’s why I don’t even vote.

Rita: Prepare the putties Finster. They've got work to do.

Finster: Yes my empress.

(We return to earth a little later in the day, the girls are seen walking through Angel Grove Park on their way to the toxic dump that was recently placed at the northern end of it. Robbie tags along as promised. But despite Trini’s initial delight, her mood has been brought down a bit as he’s complained every step of the way.)

Robbie: …I don’t know what you expect is gonna happen. Do you think these guys are gonna pack up and quit their jobs because a bunch of teenagers hurt their feelings? I mean this is a business, you know.

Trini: I don’t know Robbie. It’d be nice if they just cleaned up and followed state regulations.

Robbie: Because they’ll listen to you over the Republican they bribed to put a dump in the middle of a park in the first place.

Trini: Well thanks for coming with us anyway.

Robbie: I mean. I guess it’s nice what you’re trying to do. But this isn’t well thought out at all.

Kimberly: And you would be an expert on the subject?

Robbie: What was that?

Kimberly: Robbie, I think Trini wants you to stop talking.

Robbie: Oh… okay.

(Robbie takes the not so subtle hint and finally quiets down. Meanwhile at the Youth Center...)

Jason: One. And two. And one. And two.

(As stated, Jason is teaching his karate class to a group of students. Unlike Zack and Billy however, who from the corner of his eyes are seen clearly trying to attract crowds of their own and not where they told Trini they were going to be when they blew her off earlier.)

Zack: Hey pick up your mix tape today! My man Billy here is the hottest up and coming rapper. You should all check out his new album “MC Squared”.

Billy: Pick up my new album everyone. It’s so dope, it’s… stupid.

(Bemused, Billy turns to Zack.)

Billy: Are you sure I should be calling my album stupid? Wouldn’t that be counterproductive?

Zack: Yeah. See Billy, in the hood, calling something “stupid” is actually a good thing!

Billy: Oh! Okay. I get it. I get called stupid all the time by African Americans. I had no idea it was a compliment.

Zack: Yeah. …right.

(As they continue to push the album, Bulk and Skull walk in and march passed them.)

Zack: Hey you guys wait up. If you’re into good music, pick up Billy’s new album.

Bulk: Billy? He made an album?

Zack: Yep. A rap album. My boy “MC Squared” is gonna be the next big thing.

Bulk: MC Squared? More like MC Square.

Skull: Square. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Cause he’s a square.

Billy: …

Zack: Yeah you won’t be laughing when he gets signed by a record label and gets a full commercial release.

Bulk: If this dweeb actually made a mixtape, it won’t be released. It’ll escape.

Skull: Escape! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Cause it’s terrible.

Zack: …

Bulk: The only place his album is gonna drop, is in the garbage.

Skull: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You’re killing me.

Billy: (Shrugs) A-actually. I’m not so much interested in becoming achieving commercial success. Zack convinced me that this would improve my chances with the opposite sex.

Bulk: Zack? Giving love advice? That’s like taking weight loss advice from a fat person.


Zack: Yeah, you would know.

Bulk: …


Bulk: Quiet, numbskull.

(Elsewhere, back in the park by the northern end, Robbie and the girls continue their way to deliver Trini’s petition. She points at something up ahead.)

Trini: There it is. It doesn’t look too safe.

(In the near distance, the toxic dump is seen behind barbed wire fences. The front gate however is wide open, leaving an eerie chill down their spines.)

Kimberly: I’m scared.

Robbie: It’s fine. If anything pops off, I keep a pocket knife with me at all times.

Trini: Please tell me you’re kidding.

Kimberly: Obviously a guy like Robbie doesn’t kid about carrying weapons.

Trini: You brought that to school?! Are you crazy?!

Robbie: We’re power rangers now. We have to protect ourselves.

Trini: Yeah. We have powers for that! Actual powers. We don’t need to carry knives like common criminals.

Robbie: Geez. Calm down. You sound like my mom.

Trini: Please don’t ever say that to me again.

Kimberly: Now do you understand why I clutch my purse so hard around him?

(Trini just rolls her eyes in disgust as they walk inside to survey the area. In what is either neglect or deliberate sabotage, puddles of strange, discolored liquid surround barrels labeled as toxic haphazardly knocked over.)

Kimberly: This is gross.

Trini: What do you suppose that stuff is?

Kimberly: I don't think I want to know.

Trini: They’ve been here a week and already they trash the place?

Robbie: Talk about complete disregard.

Trini: Now do you see why I made this petition?

Robbie: …

Kimberly: Well, it doesn't look like there is anybody here to give these petitions to.

(Robbie points up a flight of stairs.)

Robbie: There’s an office up there. I think?

Trini: If there’s nobody here. Then why does it feel like we're being watched?

(And right on cue, putties appear from the skies.)

Robbie: We've got company!

(Surrounded in all corners, they spread out. Kimberly runs up the stairs but gets grabbed by a putty patroller. It takes a wild swing at her but she blocks it with her clipboard which breaks in two. Kim grabs the enemy by the arm and lands two kicks that sends it down the stairs.)

Kimberly: Hope you had a nice trip.

(Trini on the other hand stays planted in one position and chops two enemies as they come to her. A third catches her chop and she tries to recover with a kick to the rib but that gets caught too.)

Trini: Let me go!

(She gets tossed in the air and spun around but lands standing up. The putty that spun her throws a punch but misses and hits another enemy behind her. Trini recovers and takes them out with dual elbows to the ribs.)

Trini: Huy-yaa!

(Robbie charges bullishly toward a couple of hordes, hoping to knock them over like pins. He throws a few wild haymakers at a crowd, but gets grabbed from behind and his arms restrained. Robbie kicks his feet up to knock away those in front of him, then bends over as the putty on his back rolls over him to the ground. Robbie punches him in the chest to finish him off.)

Robbie: Hyaaa!

(But before he can so much as catch his breath, more appear. One even puts Robbie in a headlock.)

Robbie: Ugh. What is this, wrestling?

(Thinking on his feet, he drops to a knee and drives his forearm up between the putty’s legs for a low blow.)

Robbie: Cause I like wrestling.

(But before he can get back up, he is swarmed and thrown to the ground. Kim also can’t seem to make her way up the stairs without more coming toward her. She’s able to knock some over the railing and into the debris below, but even more show up as her stamina begins to fade. Trini plants herself again and chops an assembly line of putties, but with no end in sight she starts to wear out too. Back on the moon, Rita prepares at capitalize on this attack.)

Rita: Now, all we have to do is send a monster! With half the team distracted, they’ll go down twice as fast! Aha!

(Meanwhile, back the Youth Center…)

“And when we come back, a new medical breakthrough provides a local elderly woman with two more years on inconveniencing her family.”

(Jennie the waitress, is working at the Juice Bar by the television set, cleaning down the blenders. Zack eyes her and takes a break from selling records and approaches with a slick smile and a tape in his hand.)

Zack: Hey Jennie. How’s it going?

Jennie: It’s going.

(Jennie answers nonchalantly, without even bothering to turn around and face him.)

Zack: Have you heard about Billy’s new album? I can give you a free copy if you want.

Jennie: No thank you. My ears are pierced enough.

Zack: Oh… that’s cool.

(Having stalled, Zack tries gracelessly to keep up the conversation.)

Zack: Say uh… you wanna gets some shakes sometime?

(Jennie turns her head toward him briefly, away from the very blenders she was busy wiping down that makes said shakes.)

Jennie: No.

Zack: Come on Jennie. Why won’t you give me the time of day? Just sit down and have a chat with me. I promise, once you go Zack, you never go back.

Jennie: A chat sounds lovely. Except I actually have a job. So I don’t have time to deal with deadbeats who don’t tip.

Zack: Oh I get it. I’m a deadbeat cause I’m black.

Jennie: No. You’re a deadbeat cause you don’t tip. Loser.

(He quickly reaches into his pocket and pulls something out.)

Zack: Well, would a loser have two tickets to WWF Monday Night Raw, airing from the Angel Grove Sports Center?

Jennie: Yes?

Zack: Oh…

Jennie: Look leave me alone, okay? I have work to do.

Zack: Uh… okay. Nice talk.

(Jennie takes a tray with her and walks off. Zack then gets a not so subtle tap on the shoulder from Jason.)

Zack: Huh? Oh hey.

Jason: What are you doing here?

Zack: What?

Jason: What happened to “Alpha’s emergency?”

Zack: Oh? That? Man, that was just an excuse to get out of Trini’s petition mess. You know how she is. She always has some cause to fight for. I mean she’s my home girl and everything but who has time for that?

Jason: You clearly had time for it. And what about Billy’s Science Fair Committee?

Zack: That’s just the name of our record label.

Jason: …

Zack: Billy named it.

Jason: …

Zack: Man, stop looking at me like that. I don’t see you out there.

Jason: My excuse was actually true. What happens if they get into trouble?

Zack: Don’t sweat it. Robbie’s with them I heard. I’m sure things will be alright.

(Just then, Jason’s communicator rings.)

Zack: (Sighs) …

(Trying to hide his annoyance, Jason covers his communicator and signals for Zack to head to the hallways. He passes by Billy and catches his attention as well. They wait till the coast is clear to answer the call.)

Jason: We read you.

Zordon: Jason, the girls and Robbie are in trouble. The Putties have them outnumbered.

Jason: Alright. Where are they?

(At that moment, on the moon…)

Rita: Finster, it's time! Is the monster ready?

(She storms into Finster’s workshop as he puts the finishing touches on his newest creation.)

Finster: Yes, the Minotaur is nearly complete. There, done.

(Without hesitation he throws the clay figure into the monster-o-matic and pulls the lever. Back at the Youth Center…)

Zordon: Get to the dumpsite immediately and… Wait, Rita has sent down a monster by the rocky hills. You'd better deal with him first.

Alpha: It's the most menacing Minotaur!

(Jason sighs again out of frustration before responding.)

Jason: You got it. It's Morphin Time!




“Power Rangers!”

(The boys teleport to the rocky hills, faced across from the Minotaur. Simultaneously, Jason and Zack leap to the air for a double dropkick but meet with the monster’s shield and bounce back to the hard gravel floor. Billy runs and upholsters his weapon.)

Jason: This guy is tough.

Billy: It’s time to pop some caps on this fool.

(He fires three shots, but each get deflected and bounce back to hit the rangers even harder.)


Minotaur: Who shot ya? Gyahaha.

(Meanwhile back at the dump, the girls have just finished the seemingly endless horde and finally take a breath. Robbie rushes over.)

Robbie: Are you all right?

Kimberly: I hurt my ankle. I think it’s broken.

Robbie: I meant Trini.

Trini: Yeah. I’m fine. Did we get them all?

Robbie: Uh-oh.

Kimberly: Oh no. Look.

(Just as they thought they were in the clear, two more putties appear.)

Kimberly: I can’t move. I’m hurt.

Trini: What are we gonna do?

Robbie: Stay with her. (Turns to Putties) Come on, clay boys, come and get me!

(Robbie rushes in to handle them. Meanwhile back at the command center, the alarm rings yet again with more bad news.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai! More trouble on the way, Zordon!

(An image of Goldar appears on the viewing globe marching ominously through the park with a pack of putty patrollers as people scatter for their lives around them.)

Zordon: This is a dangerous turn of events, Alpha. Contact Robbie and the girls. Tell them to morph and hook up with the others after fending off Goldar. Working together as a team is their only hope.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

(Alpha frantically tries to reach out to them. Finally, Trini answers the call as Robbie finishes the remaining two in the dump.)

Alpha: Trini, Trini come in.

Trini: I read you.

Alpha: Goldar is on your tail. Head southward of the park to ward him off.

Trini: We’re on it. It’s morphin time.



“Sabre-toothed Tiger!”

(Before long, Robbie and the girls rush downward and Robbie and the girls rush downward to stop Golar in his tracks.)

Trini: Look there they are!

Robbie: Let’s go!

Goldar: Get them.

(The putties leap over Goldar and rush at them.)

Kimberly: Oh no. Will these clay brains ever leave us alone?

Trini: Wouldn’t count on it.

Robbie: Attack!

(The two sides charge and collide in the middle. Trini ducks a kick and responds with a leg sweep. Kim however hobbles around gingerly on her bad leg. She struggles to use her better one to ward off enemies and can’t seem to land any effective blows.)

Kimberly: Ugh. I’m surrounded. I’m a lame duck!

(Kim finds herself swarmed by a horde of enemies and is defenseless to fight them off. Suddenly some of fall like pins, at the hands of Robbie’s blade blaster.)

Robbie: Lame is correct.

Kimberly: Thanks I guess?

Robbie: You have a gun, genius. You don’t have to kick.

Kimberly: Right.

(Having not thought of it before, Kim pulls her blade blaster out and begins mowing enemies down with much greater ease. Trini however remains in the middle of the mayhem as she faces off with Goldar.)

Goldar: You’re mine, power rangers.

Trini: You've got to catch us first.

(She backflips to get in better position to attack. However the space between them is instantly filled in by putty patrollers.)

Trini: Oh no. Look out!

(With Trini now occupied, Goldar shifts his attention to Kimberly, taking her down with a single swipe of his sword.)

Kimberly: Ugh!

Trini: Kimberly!

(Trini has to leapfrog again over everyone to grab a hold of Goldar to prevent him from more damage.)

Goldar: Grrrrr….

Trini: Robbie, help Kim.

Robbie: (Sighs) Why do I even bother?

(He runs over to cover her.)

Trini: Call the others. Get help.

Robbie: Right.

(Back at the command center Alpha and Zordon continue to look on. The situation has grown direr as from the rocky hills, the Minotaur has grown to epic proportions.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! The Power Rangers have their hands full! This is the toughest situation they have faced.

Zordon: Perhaps the time has come to reveal the ancient secrets of the power weapons.

(Back in the rocky hills, the Minotaur hovers over the helpless rangers as they try to avoid being stepped on.)

Jason: Look out!

Minotaur: You're finished!

(The Minotaur stomps his foot down, creating an earth shattering quake. The boys barely rolls out trouble, but know they’ll need help.)

Billy: Whoa!

Zack: You've had it, now!

(Jason communicator rings.)

Robbie: Jason, come in. We need help!

Jason: We've got our hands full over here ourselves! Call up your Zords and help us put this dude down!

Robbie: We're on our way!

Jason: Alright guys, WE NEED DINOSAUR POWER, NOW!!

(With a huge blast and a and even bigger crater opening up than before, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames; roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. We then cut to a far away, icy tundra, where the Mastodon proudly rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. Then we cut to a desert during a wild sandstorm, created by the Triceratops racing right through it, creating dust behind it and wherever it goes. Next, we cut to a the top of a hill where the ferocious Saber tooth jumps down to a vine filled rainforest, ripping through anything in sight, with a roar that could frighten ever the scariest predator. Finally, nearby with another loud boom, a volcano erupts and through all the smoke and ash, the pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozords within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit.)

Jason: Log on.

Trini: Alright guys let’s keep it together.

Billy: I’m on it. Power hooks locked on.

(The Triceratops fires its horn hooks and wrap around the enemy to try and restrict his movement. However Minotaur is able to easily resist.)

Billy: They're not holding! Increasing power!

(The Tyrannosaurus tries to approach but Minotaur rips through the chains with brute strength alone.)

Billy: What?! He just broke free.

Zack: He can't be defeated!

Trini: We're too close! We gotta hang in there.

Jason: Power Rangers, bring them together!


Alpha: Zordon, he's coming no matter what they do! The Zords will have no effect on him. They don't stand a chance.

Zordon: You're right, Alpha.

(Zordon gets in contact with Jason.)

Zordon: Power Rangers return to the Command Center for new instructions.

Jason: Right. Never mind you guys. Retreat to the command center.


(The team teleports mid battle, leaving Rita ecstatic.)

Rita: They're running away! Now, the world will be ours for the taking!

(Back on earth, the rangers make it back to the command center.)

Jason: Hey, Zordon. What’s up?

Zack: Yeah, we had him on the ropes.

Robbie: Were you watching the same fight I was watching?

Billy: Yeah. That studio gangsta was all talk, but couldn’t scrap a lick with OG’s like us.

Kimberly: What did he say?

Trini: He said… I’m not sure.

Billy: Me neither.

Jason: Zordon, what happened to our Zords? We just left them there.

Zordon: Your Zords are in their hiding places and are safe. I will now reveal new powers and weapons.

Kimberly: Weapons?

Zordon: Yes Kimberly. Now please, all of you, hold out your hands.

(The rangers dutifully oblige. And like magic, weapons appear in each of their hands.)

“Behold Billy, this is your Power Lance-- a weapon of great power and range.”

“Kimberly, behold your Power Bow-- accurate and strong.”

“Jason, this is your Power Sword-- key to all the weapons power.”

“Zackery, behold the Power Axe-- lightning quick and hard as diamond.”

“Trini, your Power Daggers are feather-light and true.”

“Robbie, this is your Power Pocket Knife-- It is a pocket knife.”

Robbie: What? This looks like my pocket knife.

(He pats around his pants area.)

Robbie: This is my pocket knife! What’s the deal?!

Alpha: Your weapons match your personalities.

Kimberly: And you did say you loved carrying a pocket knife.

Robbie: Yeah, I don’t see you holding birth control.

Kimberly: …

Zack: Man this is awesome.

Billy: A splendid new addition to our arsenal. That sucka MC is doesn’t stand a chance.

Zordon: Each of your weapons contain great power individually. However when together as a team, they create an unstoppable force.

Trini: You here that guys? We’re stronger together.

Zack: I hear that.

Jason: That Minotaur is history!

Kimberly: Let’s show them what we’re made of.

Jason: Alright. Back to action!

(They teleport back to the rocky hills to face off again with Minotaur, who for some reason is now human sized again.)

Jason: All right, Minotaur, you're going down!

Zack: You got that right!

Billy: You're yesterday's news!

Trini: Face it, Minotaur, you're finished!

Kimberly: Why don't you go back where you came from?

Robbie: Before you get hurt!

“Power Rangers!”

(Minotaur appears unfazed by their new arsenal. That is until Trini and Kim take the lead and leap into the air. They throw their daggers and an arrow at him respectively. Without hesitation, Zack, Robbie and Billy follow with their axe, knife and bow. Finally Jason takes to the air with a mightly downward swing from his power sword. Minotaur is thrown several yards back and appears badly hurt -- Pouring with smoke from his injuries.)

Zack: Now that did it.

Jason: He’s down, but not out.

(Zordon’s voice appears from Jason’s communicator.)

Zordon: The time is right to bring these weapons together.

Jason: Alright. Let's do it!

(The rangers meet together and start to put their weapons together.)

“Power Ax!”

“Power Bow!”

“Power Daggers!”

“Power Pocket Knife!”

“Power Lance!”

“Power Sword!”

“Power Rangers!”

(One by one they throw their weapons in the air; connecting midair to create one large cannon. The tips of each weapon locked onto Minotaur, whose 30 minute life is flashing before its eyes. Finally, Jason takes his power sword, leaps into the air to complete the transformation before coming down and joining the others.)

Minotaur: Arg… Do your worst!

Jason: We plan to.


(Each weapon unleashes its own devastating beam, combining into one large blast that hits its target dead on; killing it before it hits the floor and explodes. It leaves only a ball of flame behind before vanishing into nothingness.)

Zack: Yeah!

Trini: Alright!

Billy: We iced that fool!

(Back on the moon, Rita laments her latest defeat…)

Rita: Oh, I can't believe it! We were this close to beating the Power Geeks! If it wasn't for your monster, we'd have done it!

Finster: B-but your majesty. Goldar was supposed to be a backup. Where was he?

Goldar: I had to wait for the cable company. They gave me a very broad time fame and you know this!

Squatt: Well if it makes you feel better the smoke from that blast should be bad for the environment.

Rita: Quiet.

(We rejoin the team the next day on earth. It’s the end of another school day as the final bell rings. Trini, Billy, Zack and Robbie pack their bags to head home. Trini receiving a little more help than usual.)

Trini: (Drops something) Oops.

Zack: Here let me get that for you.

Trini: Thanks Zack.

Zack: Don’t mention it. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Trini: (Smiles) No it’s fine.

Billy: Here let me get that door for you.

(Billy rushes forward and holds open the already opened door.)

Trini: Thank you… Billy. Is everything alright with you guys?

Zack: I just feel… I definitely owe you an apology, Trini.

Billy: (Shrugs) As do I.

Trini: Do you?

Zack: Yeah. We sort of blew you off earlier to go do our own things. I feel terrible about it now.

Billy: Indubitably so. Especially since my album turned out to be a commercial and critical failure. Never mind MC Hammer’s pending lawsuit regarding my single “Please Touch This.”

Trini: …

Billy: Suffice it to say the whole ordeal was a mistake overall.

Trini: You guys don’t need to apologize. No one could’ve guessed that the whole thing was a set up. I also know I can be a handful sometimes when I put my mind into a cause.

Zack: Yeah. You can become like a runaway train when you become passionate about something.

Trini: (Laughs) And I guess I can’t exactly expect you guys to help me all the time.

Billy: Well I’ll accept this experience as a ham fisted lesson about the consequences of not working together as a team.

Trini: Which is important. Since you know, we’re a team.

Zack: Come on. Let’s meet up with Jason and Kim. I’m buying shakes.

Trini: Sounds good!

(Zack and Billy head out the door. Trini heads out, but notices Robbie has barely moved from his desk, though he’s looking right at her. She feels somewhat obligated to respond.)

Trini: Detention again?

Robbie: Not today. Though who knows what could happen between now and my walking out of the school.

Trini: Is something wrong with you?

Robbie: For future reference it’s safe to assume that there is.

Trini: Huh.

Robbie: I just… I also feel like I owe you an apology.

Trini: What?

(Not expecting anything more from him, Trini has prepared to write him off in her head as the two dimensional hoodlum everyone said he was. That’s why she’s thrown off by his attempt at an apology he’s clearly struggling through.)

Robbie: I was kinda saying some stupid stuff back there on our way to the toxic dump. I say stupid stuff without thinking sometimes. I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m sorry.

(Stunned that he has even the presence of mind to realize what he had said might have bothered her, much less that he’s actually apologetic about it, Trini quickly accepts his apology.)

Trini: That’s okay Robbie. Don’t worry about it.

(Robbie doesn’t reply, but she does sense a look of genuine concern in his eyes. At least that is what she projects onto him as he suddenly becomes a decent person again to her.)

Trini: I appreciate you coming out at least. You did more than any other of my so called guy friends did today.

Robbie: (Laughs) Yeah. And it’s not like I don’t agree with you on the dump. It’s awful what they did. It was just…

(He shakes his head, thinking better of whatever he was about to say.)

Robbie: It’s not important.

Trini: So… Do you always apologize to people you insult?

Robbie: Nope. But I guess there’s a first for everything.

Trini: I see.

(Feeling thoroughly awkward with the situation, Robbie finally takes his bag and gets up to leave the classroom. Trini stops him just outside as she has another burning question to ask him, feeling the urge to dig a little deeper.)

Trini: So. What made you agree to come out with us anyway?

Robbie: (Sighs) Well… how could I say no to that cheesy smile you gave me?

(He playfully, though clumsily, punches her cheek. He gets a giggle out of Trini though. He exhales, then continues.)

Robbie: Actually, I really appreciated how you’ve stood up for me since back when we got our powers. Back when everyone was ganging up on me. I… feel like I owed it to you.

Trini: …you don’t owe me anything.

Robbie: But I do. If this power ranger thing works out for me, I’ll have you to thank.

(Trini doesn’t respond, but she’s completely dropped her brief, day long protest against him. She finds this unexplained queasy feeling she gets whenever around him returning. Not necessarily a bad feeling, but not one she’s really prepared to discover the meaning of.)

Robbie: Do you know when we start getting paid by the way? It’s been like a month and so far nothing.

Trini: (Smiles) I’m not sure, Robbie.

Robbie: I guess I’ll speak to Zordon at some point. Anyway I should get going.

(Robbie turns back and starts walking the other direction.)

Trini: You’re not coming with us?

Robbie: I rebooked with Chili’s and my reservation is about to pass soon. I’ll catch you around.

Trini: Okay. Would… you like some actual friends to go with you?

Robbie: Haha. Very funny. Way to rub it in. I’ll see you.

(He points to her as he walks off. Leaving Trini feeling a little unsatisfied. Seeing him turn the corner and disappear for the back exit, she quietly waves at him as the episode ends.)

Trini: …bye Robbie.

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Prequel - Episode 10: Happy Birthday Robbie

(We start today at the Youth Center. It’s late in the day with only a handful of people left. One of whom is Trini. She is off practicing Tai Chi on her own. Robbie is also present, but doesn’t appear to notice her at all as he listens to music on his Walkman and appears to be writing something in a corner table.)

Trini: …

(She takes a few passing glances at Robbie throughout her practice but it appears he barely even knows she’s there. Eventually she stops for the day and gathers her belongings. She starts toward the exit without thinking to acknowledge Robbie.)

Robbie: Bye Trini.

Trini: Oh… bye Robbie. I didn’t see you there.

Robbie: I’m sure.

(Slightly embarrassed by essentially being called out, she just stands their awkwardly looking to make small talk with him. She slowly finds herself inching near him as he casually moves his hand over the letter he’s writing.)

Trini: I just mean… you seem to always be lost in another world when you’re listening to music.

Robbie: Sometimes it’s better to be in another world.

Trini: Why’s that?

Robbie: If you have to ask, you won’t understand.

Trini: There’s so much beauty in the world out there. So many people to meet and things to see.

Robbie: You lost me at “meeting people.”

Trini: Well I think you’re missing out. Why are you here so late, by the way?

Robbie: I could ask you the same.

Trini: Oh well, I just got done with some volunteer work with the others. I worked on an assignment with Billy and drafted a letter I’m gonna send to the Mayor about her proposed cuts to the education system. I mean, one teacher per school? That’s ridiculous.

Robbie: …

Trini: Then I decided to come here and do my Tai chi.

Robbie: Do you have an off button on you?

Trini: (Laughs) Well… this is my off button. I find Tai chi very relaxing and therapeutic.

Robbie: Why don’t you just do something with the others?

Trini: I don’t know. (Shrugs) Sometimes I like to be alone and recharge without my friends.

Robbie: I feel the same way.

Trini: Don’t you actually need friends in order to recharge without them.

(She laughs at her own joke as Robbie grins at her.)

Robbie: Et tu, Trini?

Trini: Sorry! I couldn’t help it.

(She then finds herself pulling up a seat and sitting next to him, without having the intention to initially. She even puts a foot up on the chair and gets comfortable. Robbie doesn’t appear to outwardly object and instead further engages her.)

Robbie: You remind me of a song I like.

Trini: Yeah? It’s not some filthy, degrading rap song is it?

Robbie: No. I mean I have those here and they remind me other females on the team.

Trini: …

Robbie: But this one’s a Nirvana song.

(He removes the earphones from his head and places it softly over her ears.)

Trini: …

Robbie: Cobain was dumped by his ex because she thought he wasn’t doing anything with his life. She was a busy girl and had a very busy life. The line that reminds me of you the most is, “She likes to stand, she can’t afford to sit.”

Trini: Hmm.

(Intrigued by the fact that he even thinks of her enough for her face to come to mind in a song, she welcomes the contradiction to the notion that he is aloof and uncaring.)

Trini: I’m guessing you’ve been Cobain in this situation?

Robbie: Well you’re definitely his ex.

(She smiles at him. Suddenly though, Robbie reaches for his things.)

Robbie: I guess I’ll get going. It’s getting late.

Trini: Okay? I’ll see you Monday?

(He shakes his head.)

Trini: Are you skipping class?

Robbie: It’s not skipping on your birthday.

Trini: (Gasps) It’s your birthday on Monday?! Why haven’t I heard this before?

Robbie: Cause I haven’t told anyone.

Trini: Why not?

Robbie: Why would I? I haven’t had a real birthday party since I was about five and my mom started going off the deep end. There was an attempted party like four years ago, but no one showed up.

Trini: Ouch. That must’ve hurt.

Robbie: I haven’t bothered since. It’s just a day to me now. I’m just another year closer to death. Which is nice I guess.

(He starts to get up and waves at her, though Trini is lost in a deep thought.)

Trini: You should come to school on Monday.

Robbie: Why?

Trini: Just do it.

Robbie: I don’t want any gifts or anything. Please don’t do anything.

Trini: You can’t stop me.

(He pauses for a minute, then comes to accept her kind gesture. In an attempt to save face, he feigns an annoyed sigh, then relents.)

Robbie: I… really, just some acknowledgement would be nice. Maybe not being treated like the teams afterthought for a day wouldn’t hurt either.

Trini: That’s a low bar I can definitely meet. Just… come.

Robbie: …

Trini: For me.

(He feigns another sigh.)

Robbie: Okay. I’ll come. I can always skip Tuesday anyway.

Trini: That’s… the spirit.

Robbie: I guess… I’ll catch you later, Trini.

Trini: Oh wait! You forgot your Walkman!

(He turns back and looks at it for a brief second.)

Robbie: …you can hold onto it. I think I’ll try this “enjoying the world” thing you talk about. I don’t know how it’ll work out though.

Trini: (Smiles) …I’m sure you’ll like it.

Robbie: I’m warning you though, there’s not much more in that Walkman in terms of meaningful songs. I’m frustratingly one dimensional.

(She laughs again, as she seems to do with everything he says.)

Trini: Okay Robbie. See you Monday.

Robbie: Take care.

(He leaves as she examines his Walkman a bit more. Meanwhile, on the moon…)

Rita: Ahaha. A birthday? We must make a present.

Squatt: Yes!

Baboo: Goody, I love birthdays!

Rita: I have just the present in mind for good old Robbie.

Squatt: A Bob Marley lighter?

Rita: No… I'm going to make a monster that will wipe him out for good!

(The next night at the Youth Center, Trini has assembled the others to work on decorations for what appears to be a surprise party. Everyone has a specific task, though Billy appears to be preoccupied listening to Robbie’s Walkman that Trini was lent.)

Billy: The performers assembled to create this harmonious tune transcend all predecessors to this genre of music.

Zack: Translation, please?

Trini: He likes Robbie’s taste in music.

Billy: This is fantastic. I was woefully unaware that so many colorful adjectives existed to refer to women.

Trini: Yeah I don’t appreciate those songs, Billy. Don’t listen to those.

(By the Juice Bar, Ernie appears to be struggling with a microwave-like machine.)

Ernie: Billy! You got to help me! Billy! Billy! I need you! Billy.

Billy: …

“Billy! Billy! Billy! Billy! Billy!”

(Trini rushes over to Billy removes the headphones from his ears.)

Billy: Huh?

Trini: Glad you like the music, but I think Ernie's having a problem.

Billy: Uh-oh.

(He rushes over and deactivates a machine that was spitting out a pink goo all over Ernie and the floor. Not before Ernie slips and hits the floor, being covered entirely in the pink goo.)

Billy: (Shrugs) I guess I still got to work the kinks out of my cake maker.

Ernie: I hate machines.

(On cue, goo plops on top of his head. Billy takes a brief look into the hard wiring as the others continue.)

Billy: I fail to ascertain why this appliance isn't working. I mean, the molecular mix re-arranger's still intact.

Kimberly: What’s going on?

Jason: The cake-o-matic that Billy built for Robbie's surprise party went on the warpath.

(Ernie picks himself up and examines the mess.)

Ernie: It nearly drowned me in cake mix!

Trini: Sorry Ernie.

Ernie: It’s okay. Not your fault. I’ll go get a mop.

Trini: Okay. I also wanted to thank you for keeping the place open late tonight so we could decorate for Robbie's surprise birthday party.

Ernie: Don’t mention it. So are you like, his mentor in a treatment program or like involved in a Big Brother/Big Sister sort of thing? Is that why you’re doing this for him?

Trini: No…?

(Still confused, Ernie just shrugs then steps away.)

Zack: So you said he’s never had a birthday party before?

Trini: That’s what he said. Something about his mom going off the deep end.

Kimberly: If I had to raise him, I’d probably lose it too.

Trini: He said he never really had any friends growing up. I kinda feel bad for him.

Zack: He doesn’t really have friends now.

Jason: Well I’m sure he’ll love this. Even if he never shows any emotion.

Kimberly: Unless sarcasm is an emotion.

Ernie: Boy, is he gonna be surprised.

(Ernie returns with a towel over his shoulders and a mop in his hands.)

Ernie: And speaking of surprises. You guys will never guess what I found out about the Power Rangers.

Jason: The Power who? The superheroes with the large Dinozords? The ones with the colored costume.

Ernie: That's them. (Scratches head) Don’t you… don’t you guys ever go outside? They’re everywhere. They do for Angel Grove what Batman has done for Gotham City.

(Zack leans toward Kimberly to whisper.)

Zack: Does he think Batman is real?

Kimberly: You mean the crazy old man covered in cake batter?

Zack: Fair point.

Jason: I think I’ve seen them on TV, Ernie.

Ernie: What have you heard? I've heard they're regular humans, just like you and me.

Jason: Well, you know, I heard they were space aliens from a distant planet.

Ernie: Aliens?

Jason: You know, we should keep this space alien stuff under our hats. We wouldn't want to panic anybody.

Ernie: Aliens Whoa, this is big.

(After mopping the mess he shakes his head and wander off in disbelief…)

Ernie: Aliens…

Jason: …

Kimberly: …

Ernie: Aliens…

(Meanwhile, on the moon…)

Rita: Finster! Finster! You know that monster you were talking about, Finster? The birthday present. I think we should pick out a particularly nasty one this time!

Squatt: What's it going to be this time, your Putridness? A giant fruit fly that spits candy canes? A booger with an attitude?

Rita: Shut up, crater face. I need a special beast. This time it's no more Miss Nice Guy.

Baboo: Where was I for Miss Nice Guy?

Rita: What was that?!

Baboo: Bah…

(Finster goes through a book and picks something to his liking.)

Finster: Ahhh! I see one! It's the one we used on Tarnac 3. It made space dust out of their finest stock footage.

Rita: I want it, Finster.

Finster: I'm already working on it, my Queen.

Rita: Get to it, then.

(Meanwhile, back at the Youth Center, the teens hover over Trini as she appear to be painting something.)

Billy: Her proficiency with complex illustrated characterizations is quite impressive, isn't it?

Kimberly: What did he say?

Jason: Don't look at me. I don't speak Billy.

Trini: He said I draw a good cartoon. Thanks, Billy.

Kimberly: You’re really going all out for Robbie, aren’t you? Does he have like, compromising photos of you or something?

Trini: No. I just want him to feel like he’s one of us.

Kimberly: So you want to lie to him?

Trini: …

Zack: We've got all the balloons blown up, the banners are made. What else is there left to do? I think we're about done.

Billy: All we have left to accomplish now is just to make sure that Robbie doesn't find out about the planned festivities prematurely.

“Well, well, well.”

(Just then, Bulk and Skull walk in.)

Bulk: Aah! If it isn't the nerd patrol from Angel Grove High.

Billy: This place is closed, fellas.

Bulk: Yeah, to nerds like you.

Skull: Hey, Bulky, look at what we have here.

Kimberly: We would have invited you, but animals aren't allowed.

Bulk: Har-har-har.

(Spitefully, Bulk walks over and blows his nose on the banner Trini is painting.)

Trini: Hey!

Bulk: Party's over, kids.

Trini: I worked a long time on that.

Bulk: Hey, I'll tell you what, babe. What do you say I help you paint another one after we've done having a little fun?

(Bulk leans in for an unwanted kiss though Trini obviously resists. A balloon hits him in the face, though he grabs it and deflates it with his hands.)

Jason: Someone ought to let the air out of you.

(Infuriated, Bulk cracks his knuckles and charges Jason. Jason ducks last minute, letting Bulk bang his face into the steel pole behind him. Dazed, Bulk falls into a box of balloons.)

Kimberly: My balloons!

Bulk: …

Kimberly: I hate party crashers.

(Meanwhile, back on the moon, outside of the palace, Finster, Squatt and Baboo appear to be working diligently, hammering on a black sword, near an open flame.)

Squatt: Faster! Faster! Come on, you guys. If we don't finish soon, Rita's going to get real mad. Come on! Come on!

Baboo: Why don't you stop your babbling and help make this sword! This isn't easy work, you know.

Squatt: But I like to babble.

Baboo: What kind of sword is it anyway?

Finster: A very special one. It can cut through any material in the universe and holds great magical powers.

Baboo: There. Almost.

Finster: A little more work and it's done. I'll just heat it up again.

(Finster holds it to the fire to let it heat up a little more.)

Finster: Oh, it's turning out to be a particularly nasty sword, my Queen if I do say so myself. There we go. Start the spell, your Badness. We're nearly through.

(From the palace, Rita looks on approvingly.)

Rita: Very well, Finster. It better be good.

(She turns to a table with a magic skull and a crystal ball on it to start her incantation.)

Rita: Moon of Ivory, start of old, candlelight that's spun of gold, sky of fire, wind of fright, bring to me a Knasty Knight! Ahahahaha!

(Suddenly, as if out of the darkness, a large, looming figure appears. The next day at Angel Grove High however begins innocently enough. Kimberly and Billy are seen talking by the lockers. Robbie is seen coming down the stairways, dressed relatively nice by his standards. He walks up to them almost excitedly.)

Robbie: Hey guys.

Billy: (Gasps) Oh my!

Kimberly: You scared us.

Robbie: Sorry. I have that effect on a lot of people.

Billy: Wh-whats going on?

Robbie: Nothing. So um… do I look any older to you today?

Kimberly: Older? No.

Robbie: …

Billy: (Shrugs) I mean the ongoing negative stereotype against most people of color is that they appear older than their stated age. Thus giving authority figures an excuse to exert more than the appropriate amount of force to subdue them during routine stops.

Robbie: …

Billy: If that’s what you mean, then yes. You do appear older.

(Kimberly suddenly gasps.)

Kimberly: Oh, my gosh! You just remembered something, right? Yeah, and I feel really terrible about it!

Robbie: Don't sweat it. People forget stuff all the time.

Kimberly: I know, but this was really important to somebody that I really care about.

Robbie: I didn’t know we were that close Kim. But thank you.

Kimberly: It's… my dogs birthday.

Robbie: I don’t really like that as a term of endearment, but okay, dog.

Kimberly: No… I mean my poodle.

Robbie: Your poodle?

Kimberly: I forgot to buy her a birthday present.

Billy: Why? What did you think she was talking about?

(Disappointed, he rolls his eyes and waves her off.)

Robbie: Forget it.

Kimberly: Thanks for reminding me about my poodle.

Robbie: Whatever.

(Trini, Jason and Zack pass by him as he appears to head back toward the stairs.)

Trini: Hey, Robbie.

Jason: What's up?

(He just blows past them. Confused, they walks up to Billy and Kimberly who appear guilty.)

Trini: What's wrong with him?

Kimberly: He thinks we don’t know it’s his birthday.

Jason: He'll be okay.

Kimberly: You guys, he seemed really bummed. I almost feel bad for him.

Trini: Do you think the surprise party's a good idea?

Billy: Of course, I mean his feeling of disappoint right now will only serve as his enjoyment later on.

Trini: Yeah. I hope. I don’t know I feel like I miscalculated.

Zack: I mean, it’s not Robbie’s an impulsive guy or anything. He’ll be fine until later.

(They pause momentarily.)

Jason: We should probably go tell him.

Trini: Right.

(They follow after him but he is long gone. Moments later, Robbie is seen where he typically goes when he does not want to see anyone, the rocky hills on the outskirts of town.)

Robbie: I wasted my time. I can’t believe I actually ironed my clothes today too.

(He wanders aimlessly, skipping rocks against the ground. He eventually takes a seat by a rock.)

Robbie: Trini knew it was my birthday. So they knew it was my birthday. Whatever. I guess I’m not important to them.

(Memories of four years ago come to mind. The devastating disappointment of knowing nobody cared about him and his supposed special day. A moment he’s never truly been able to get over resurfaces and manifests as bitterness toward his colleagues.)

Robbie: I should have just stayed in bed today.

“Happy birthday! We’re throwing you a party.”

(Robbie looks up and finds Rita staring back at him from atop the mountains.)

Robbie: What?

Rita: We're even taping it for you!

(She points at Squatt and Baboo, the latter holding a video camera.)

Robbie: (Sighs) Come on.

Rita: That's right! Oh, and we brought you a present. Meet the Knasty Knight!

(The monster, a tall, powerful looking knight in all-black, leaps from the air with his blade out. Robbie quickly reaches for his morpher…)


(Now morphed, the brown ranger leaps out of harm’s way and pulls out his power pocket knife. He leaps to the air and tries to get on the offensive, but gets sliced in mid-air and sent over the Knasty Knight’s head and onto the hard ground.)

Baboo: The Knasty Knight puts the Power Ranger down to his knees! Oh, man.

Robbie: …

(The Knight runs toward him while he’s down, but Robbie gets back to his feet. The two trade blows from their weapons, though it’s clear Robbie is outmatched. After a few clean hits, the Knasty Knight boots him in the chest, as if discarding him. He flies through the air and drags through the gravel as smoke rises from his chest.)

Robbie: Ugh. This is not the kinda high I wanted to be for my birthday.

Rita: Bad is so beautiful.

(Meanwhile, at the command center, the alarms suddenly sound.)

Zordon: I sense a disturbance in the morphing grid. Alpha, activate the viewing globe and see if you can find out what it is!

(Alpha presses some buttons until he comes up with an image.)

Alpha: Aya-ya-ya-ya-yai! Looks like quite a battle raging.

Zordon: It's Robbie. Alone against one of Rita's diabolical henchmen.

Alpha: I'll contact the Rangers.

Zordon: Prepare to teleport them to Robbie's location!

Alpha: That Rita Repulsa really fries my circuit boards.

(The rangers appear on the viewing globe running through the park in search for Robbie.)

Jason: What's up, Zordon?

Zordon: Robbie is in trouble. Rita sent one of her creatures to attack him. He is by the rocky hills. He needs help fast.

Trini: Oh no. This is my fault.

Zack: No it isn’t. Don’t blame yourself.

Jason: We're on our way. Come on, guys, it's morphin time!




“Sabre-toothed Tiger!”


(Now morphed, the team teleports to the rocky hills and find Robbie wounded on the ground. They immediately circle him, forming a shield around him.)

Jason: You all right?

Robbie: Am I ever?

Knasty Knight: More of you!!

(The Knight charges the rangers, who surround him. They each pull out their power weapons and try to work him over, but he finds himself able to swipe aside each one of them easily. Jason gives him his biggest fight, matching him swipe for swipe in a sword duel, but the second he gets an opening, the Knight takes him down with a dig to the chest.)

Jason: Arg.

(The others rush to his aide, including Robbie.)

Zack: Jason!

Robbie: Are you alright?

Jason: I am, but check out the sword!

(Getting up to one knee, Jason takes a look at his sword, which looks all burned up and fried.)

Billy: He ruined it!

Trini: This is not good.

Zack: What do we do now?

Knasty Knight: Ahahaha. Your little toys are no match for me.

Jason: Rangers! Blade Blaster up!

(He pulls out blade blaster. They stand atop one another.)

Jason: Let's bring them together.


(The rangers unleash a pyramid of plasma, which hits the Knsaty Knight dead on. The attack knocks him down, but not out. Not wanting to waver any further, Rita wastes no time escalating.)

Rita: Ha! Take that, wise guys!

(She chucks her wand to the ground, landing next to the Knasty Knight. With a rip in the ground, a magic steam engulfs Rita’s monster and before long he grows to the size of a giant, towering over the mountainous region.)

Knasty Knight: AHAHAHAHA!

(Even the rangers are taken aback, but spring right to action to try and take him down.)

Jason: Alright guys, WE NEED DINOSAUR POWER, NOW!!

(With a huge blast and a and even bigger crater opening up than before, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames, roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. We then cut to a far away, icy tundra, where the Mastodon proudly rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. Then we cut to a desert during a wild sandstorm, created by the Triceratops racing right through it, creating dust behind it and wherever it goes. Next, we cut to a the top of a hill where the ferocious Saber-toothed Tiger jumps down to a vine filled rainforest, ripping through anything in sight, with a roar that could frighten ever the scariest predator. Finally, nearby with another loud boom, a volcano erupts and through all the smoke and ash, the pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by his team…)

Jason: Log on.

Zack: Zack here, let’s do this thing!

Billy: This is Billy. All systems go.

Trini: Trini here, ready to rock!

Kimberly: Let’s give him a knight to remember.

Jason: Megazord, power on!

(The five mighty Zords are seen running together, getting ready to become one. First the Saber tooth tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. Next, the Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers now all appear in a larger cockpit Trini on the far left. Billy is to the left of Jason, who is in the middle next to Zack. Kimberly is on the far right. On the ground, Robbie continues to fight off the putties. He looks up to the sky and is in awe.)

Zack: Let's send this guy back where he came from.

Jason: All right, guys, power it up. Activating Megazord Battle Mode.

“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

“Megazord activated.”

(On the ground, Robbie calls for the StegaZord…)

Robbie: My turn. I call upon the power of the Stegosaurus!

(In a faraway tropical forest, there is a sudden violent tremble. The birds scatter away for cover as the ground below starts to rise. Suddenly and with a deafening roar the prehistoric beast bursts through and starts climbing out to march into battle. Robbie spots it from a distance as it roars into Angel Grove and flies into the Zord’s cockpit.)

Robbie: Alright. Let’s do it.

(The Zord stops dead in its tracks, leaving a trail of dust behind it as a crank like sound can be heard from within. The Zord begins to rise all the way to its hind legs. Its front paws sticks out before flip inside of itself, revealing clenched fists from the other side. Finally its long, plated tail stiffens and starts to rise up connecting plate side out against its back with the tip resting on top of its head.)

Robbie: StegaZord, combat ready!

(But before the StegaZord can so much as strike a pose, the Knasty Knight makes a run at the Megazord, chopping it with two brutal slices. The rangers try and shimmy to the other side but get caught with a third strike. Before matters get out of hand, Jason calls for back up.)

Jason: Zordon! We need Power Sword, now!

(Sword appears from the sky and is caught. The rangers get a brief second wind, engaging in a duel with the Knasty Knight. Even still though, the black beast is able to get the upper hand and with an upward slash of his blade, turns the power sword into a blackened crisp.)

Jason: Oh, man! He fried the Power Sword!

Knasty Knight: Gyahaha.

(Before the rangers can catch their bearing the Knight Knight lands another blow that takes them down. He lands a boot to the chest for good measure.)

Rita: Great footwork, and also quite nasty! Now finish them like this.

(She mimics a chopping motion in the air.)

Rita: Understand?

Knasty Knight: Yes my empress. A knight serves his queen.

(The Knight picks up his sword, but feels a light tap on his shoulder. He turns his head and gets clocked by the StegaZord, who’s been waiting the whole time. The Knight tumbles backward and drops his sword to the ground.)

Kimberly: Nice of you to join us.

Robbie: Hey. I could leave if you want.

Kimberly: Nah, I’m good.

Jason: Good going, Rob.

Robbie: Thanks. I just figured out why ugly’s beating us! Any energy we throw at him, he just reflects back at us! That's why our weapons all burned out!

Jason: So what do we do about it?!

Robbie: We blow him up!

Billy: Morphenomenal, Robbie.

Trini: Brilliant strategy!

Robbie: Let me have the honor of zapping sir buckethead.

Knasty Knight: What did you call me?!

(The Knight tries to reach for his sword and get back up, but Robbie stomps it in half as he lifts it from the ground at an angle.)

Knasty Knight: Noooo! My sword!

Rita: Focus you idiot. Destroy him!

Knasty Knight: I'm trying! Uh-oh!

Rita: Wait a second!

(The StegaZord tail detaches and become a blade that forms in the hands of Robbie’s Zord. Now extremely vulnerable, the Knasty Knight helplessly eats several blows unable to respond.)

Jason: Alright, Robbie!

Robbie: Now let’s end this before the writers take this kill away from me. StegaZord, finish him off.

(With one final roar, the StegaZord cocks its blade back, then jabs it forward through the Knasty Knight’s abdomen. He eats all of it, with the blade expanding a hole through his stomach the further it digs. The Knight bursts into flames at the end of the blade, leaving Robbie, and the rangers victorious.)

Rita: Great galaxy gas! I'm going up, but I'll be back!

(Immediately after the fight, Rita chews out her staff on the moon…)

Rita: You worthless bunch of misfits! Can't you dweebs do anything right?

(She turns to Goldar.)

Rita: You! Next time I ask you to get the Power Rangers, get them!

Goldar: I apologize my empress. My doctor arrived late to my 10 o'clock. Otherwise those rangers would have been mine!

(She turns to Finster.)

Rita: You! Your monsters are worthless!

Finster: (Cowers) You're absolutely right, I'm sorry.

(She turns to Squatt and Baboo.)

Rita: As for you two, you're nothing but a couple of empty heads!

Baboo: Oh thank goodness.

Squatt: She went easy on us!

(Furious, she storms out.)

Rita: What am I going to do with these nitwits?

(Back on earth after the smoke has settle, Robbie is taken by the others to the Youth Center.)

Robbie: I still don't know why we had to come by here.

(He notices as he’s being pushed through the hallway that it’s completely dark.)

Robbie: Wait, why is it so dark in here? Where's Ernie? We robbing him?

“Surprise! Happy birthday, Robbie!”

(As the lights turn on, dozens of students in Angel Grove High spring out of nowhere to celebrate Robbie’s big day. The ranger teens pile on top of him.)

Trini: Happy birthday!

Robbie: Aw, man.

Jason: Happy birthday, man.

Billy: Happy birthday, Roberto.

Trini: You thought I forgot, didn’t you?

Robbie: Nah. I was cool.

(Though absolutely no one buys it. Eventually even Robbie can’t hold it in.)

Robbie: Man this is so cool! I wasn’t expecting this. You really didn’t need to do this.

Zack: We wanted to.

Jason: Here. This is from us.

(Jason reaches into his pocket and hands him a new mix tape.)

Jason: In case you wanted a break from all that angry music you listen to.

Trini: So…

(Trini jumps in.)

Trini: For the sake of this party, I tried to make a playlist outta your old mix tape. But some of your songs offended me.

Robbie: (Nods in acceptance) …

Zack: So instead, we decided to call an audible and we made a track of songs we think you might like instead.


(The stereotypically Hispanic song blares from the stereos as Robbie breaks into laughter. All the teens in the Youth Center, including most of the ranger teens rush out to dance. Trini however stays behind with Robbie.)

Trini: I hope you like what we did for you.

Robbie: I like what you did for me.

Trini: …

Robbie: Thanks Trini. No one has ever actually put this much thought into anything for me.

Trini: Well get used to it.

(She playfully pokes him in the arm. Robbie, not knowing how to respond, pauses briefly before responding…)

Robbie: C’mon. Let’s dance.

Trini: Wha-- But I don’t know how to!

(He yanks her onto the dance floor, and starts dancing -- poorly.)

Trini: Neither do you! Haha.

Robbie: Who cares?! It’s a party!

(They continue to dance around the floor merrily with everyone else as the episode comes to an end.)

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Prequel - Episode 16: Switching Places

Squatt: Now let's see. That power source for Billy's new invention has got to be around here somewhere.

(We begin in the middle of the night just outside Billy’s garage. Squatt is seen lurking around like a thief in the night, with the likely to intent cause trouble.)

Squatt: Hmm. Aha! Just what I was looking for.

(Squatt comes across a giant machine in the center of the room. He looks to the side of it where several exposed wires are seen and starts switching them around indiscriminately.)

Squatt: I'll just attach this to that and that to this, and bingo! Hehehe. When Billy tests his new gizmo, their heads will be scrambled like an omelet. Those Power Brats will be so confused they won't pay attention to what Rita's doing!

(Looking on from the moon, Rita and her crew waste no time looking to capitalize.)

Goldar: Now you can send down a monster.

Rita: Yeah, you're right. And that monster will be the Genie.

Goldar: An excellent choice your majesty, as usual.

Baboo: Give it a rest Goldar, geez.

(Fading into the next morning, an unsuspecting Billy walks into his garage with Kimberly, who’s carrying a bright pink purse, twirling her hair and munching loudly on chewing gum.)

Kimberly: Like, what is this new project you wanted to show me?

Billy: I've been working on this new system to facilitate direct thought transfer.

Kimberly: You have a way for me to read your mind?

Billy: Affirmative. I'm still experimenting but I'm sure it will work.

Kimberly: I hope there’s nothing sick or pervy in that head of yours

Billy: I… offer no guarantees. However…


(Before Billy can finish, Robbie enters. As usual with earphones blasting on his head.)

Billy: You’ll be a subject in this experiment with Robbie, not me.

Kimberly: What?

Billy: Robbie is my lab partner in this project. And well, since I essentially built everything, Robbie agreed to participate as a subject.

Kimberly: So he graduated from rat to guinea pig I see.

(Robbie doesn’t appear to be listening, which only annoys her further.)

Kimberly: Um. Can you tell Mr. Moody to take his earphones off?

Robbie: (Removing earphones) Only if you tell your mom to stop calling me.

Kimberly: I’ll tell my mom she’s barking up the wrong tree.

Billy: Guys, focus please. Can we work together for the sake of scientific achievement?

Robbie: …

Billy: So how this works is, you two will lean into position here. (Pointing) And this machine will scan your brain activity and send the information to the person on the receiving end.

Kimberly: That might be hard with someone who lacks any brain activity.

Robbie: I agree. So why bring Kim here?

Billy: You guys, the sooner we can conduct this experiment the sooner we can all go home and be away from one another.

(Through gritted teeth, Robbie and Kim agree to get it over with. They then lean into position on the machine as Billy hooks them up. Meanwhile, peeking from the bushes, two voices can be heard.)

Bulk: …did you hear that?

Skull: Yeah. Sounded like a dog.

Bulk: No, numbskull. That geek Billy invented a machine that can read people's minds. Imagine the possibilities.

Skull: (Worried) Hey… Bulky.

Bulk: Shh!

Billy: Are you ready?

Robbie: Let’s just get this over with so I can pass this class.

Billy: Let me make one more adjustment.

Skull: (Scared) Bulk!

Bulk: What do you wan- Oh…

(Right next to the boys is an angry looking German Shepard, bearing its teeth.)


Skull: He-he looks like one of them police dogs. Bulky, what do you have on you?

Bulk: Some coke.

Skull: What?!

Bulk: And a half eaten bagel.

Skull: Oh… well um… I think he’s hungry!!

“Bark! Bark!”

(Skull barely gets his sentence out before he and Bulk are sent running for their lives as the dog give chase. Meanwhile, Billy flips the switch to his mind reading device. Though it becomes instantly apparent that something is off. The machine rocks violently and both Robbie and Kimberly begin to convulse.)

Billy: Oh no…

Robbie: (Gurgling) Uggggggh.

Kimberly: AHHHHH!!!

Billy: Oh my. This isn’t what I anticipated.

(Appearing as if they’re being electrocuted, Billy flies into an absolute panic as he tries to save his friends. Smoke starts to pour out of the back as Billy finally runs over and flips the switch off. He quickly unties his teammates who both nearly collapse to the floor.)

Billy: You guys… I’m terribly sorry. I don’t know what went wrong. Are you guys okay?

(The two manage to shake it off after a brief stagger. Surprisingly, they appear to be unharmed.)

Robbie: Like, I think so.

Kimberly: Man. My head feels cloudy. And not in the good way.

Robbie: Where is that annoying barking coming from? It’s giving me a headache.

Kimberly: Sounds like your mom is calling you.

Robbie: Very funny.

(Robbie eyes Kim strangely.)

Kimberly: What are you doing with that?

(She aggressively yanks the earphones away from Robbie’s head. Likewise, Robbie snatches the purse from Kim’s shoulder and puts it around his own.)

Billy: Kimberly? Robbie?

Robbie: Like, what happened? Why do I feel so sweaty and sticky all of a sudden?

Kimberly: And why do I feel so cheap and used?

(A worried Billy throws his hands over his head as he thinks he knows what is going on.)

Billy: The, uh, generator appears to have experienced diathermic overload.

Kimberly: What?

Billy: You may have undergone spatial personality displacement.

Robbie: Will you please speak English?

Billy: Your brain's in her body and hers is in yours.

(That’s when it hits the two that they’re staring at themselves, from the other person’s point of view…)


(Meanwhile, on the moon…)

Goldar: Now that we have the magic lamp from Canine Four of the Wolf Head’s galaxy, those Power Rangers will be taken care of finally.

Rita: Have you got it?

(Baboo and Squatt turn the corner, holding a genie’s lamp.)

Baboo: Yep! We just came back.

Squatt: Lovely place by the way. Highly recommended for a staff trip.

Baboo: Pack your own lunch though. Food is awful.

Squatt: It’s like dog food.

Baboo: I dunno wh--

Rita: (Abruptly) Quit wasting time and Rub the lamp.

Baboo: (Startled) Yaa... Rub it? Of course!

(Baboo starts rubbing it from the side until a puff of smoke discharges from the lamps. It fills the entire room within seconds.)

Baboo: Whoa!

Squatt: (Coughs) Watch it!

(As the fog begins to settle, a giant, blue dog-like humanoid in a yellow vest and baggy pants appears that wasn’t there before. He crosses his arms and puts on a stoic expression as Rita approaches him.)

Rita: You. Are you a Genie?

Genie: (Nods) At your service.

Baboo: Well, what do you know? It worked!

Squatt: Quick, wish for a thousand wishes!

Rita: Genie, you are going to be sent down to earth and there you will attack the Power Rangers and destroy them. Is that understood?

Genie: Your wish is my command.

(Moments later back in Billy’s garage, after the teens have cleared the area. Bulk and Skull have returned after shaking off the dog and are snooping around.)

Bulk: I saw how he did it. It's a piece of cake. Come on. Get in there.

Skull: Well, what do you want me to do?

Bulk: When I flip the switch, think of something and I'm going to try and read your mind.

Skull: Hey, Bulk-- can I think of Kimberly?

Bulk: Don't tell me, you dimwit. I'll try and read your mind.

Skull: Okay. Think. Think.

Bulk: (Sighs) If you have a mind to read. Oh well.

(Bulk gets into position once Skull is. He then reaches out with his left and flips the switch. Immediately, the duo convulse violently as Kim and Robbie did earlier. Bulk immediately rues his decision as he feels he is about to burst. Skull suddenly reaches for the lever on his left but can’t seem to reach it. He smacks Bulk’s arm for him to finally shut it off.)

Bulk: Ugh.

Skull: Uhhhh…

(The two break free and stumble forward. Looking at one another briefly, Skull’s first reaction is to rip Bulks hat off his head and puts it on his own. Once they get their bearings, he then takes a closer look and finds something a little off…)


(We fade to the next day at Angel Grove High. It appears to be an uneventful morning for the most part as the students prepare for their first classes. That is, until Robbie makes “his” entrance.)

Robbie: Hey girls.


Robbie: Hey. How’s it going?


Robbie: I love that dress.

(As he passes by baffled classmates, the uncharacteristically early, and uncharacteristically friendly brown ranger draws some snickers and murmurs. Most puzzling is his attire: a pair of black dress pants that appears to be two sizes too small and an equally tight brown button down shirt with. His hair is moussed up and surprisingly well groomed. He passes by a trio of popular girls whose attention he catches.)

“Oh my gosh.”

“Look at him, Lindsay.”

“Did he just jump off the boat or something?”

“He looks like he’s gonna break out in dance at any moment.”

“He looks like he’s gonna break out of those pants at any moment.”

“Oh my gosh, can you imagine, Hillary?”

Robbie: (Waves enthusiastically) Hi girls!

“Um… hi?”


“Shh! Shh!”

(“Robbie” stops at his locker, double checking to make sure it’s the right one. He then tries to open it but struggles to figure out the combination. As he reaches into a feminine looking bag to pull out a sheet of paper holding the combination, a smirking Jason approaches him.)

Jason: Hey Rob. Looking… good?

Robbie: Thanks!

Jason: You know picture days not today, right?

Robbie: Yeah? Like, what’s your point?

(He turns to Jason with a raised eyebrow. Befuddled, Jason notices Robbie loudly chewing on bubble gum and attempting to twirl hair that isn’t there.)

Jason: So… what’s with the get up? Wait, do you have a date today?

Robbie: (Snickers) As if.

Jason: What? As… if…?

(Just then, Billy walks in.)

Billy: Hi guys.

Jason: Hey Billy. Check out Robbie.

Billy: Oh. Fascinating.

Robbie: …

(Billy however, seems less amused than Jason.)

Jason: I’ll say. He looks like… uh…

(Before Jason can finish his thought, Zack creeps up behind Jason and pulls his attention away briefly. That gives Billy a brief window as he leans in with an aggressive whisper.)

Billy: Might I ask what you think you’re doing?

Robbie: (Munching on gum) What?

Billy: We agreed to not to anything out of the ordinary as to not alarm the others.

Robbie: Well you expect me to dress up like some dirty burn out?

Billy: Yes! At least until the problem is fixed.

Robbie: Please. I have a reputation to uphold.

Billy: You have a reputation to uphold. Robbie doesn’t. Now spit out the gum.

(Like a teacher, Billy has his hand out to take “Robbie’s” gum, who reluctantly obliges.)

“Hey guys.”

(Over “Robbie’s” shoulder, “Kimberly” walks in. To Billy’s relief she looks somewhat normal if not for the slightly undone hair and the headphones over her ears.)

Kimberly: What’s up?

Billy: (Sighs) Hi… Kim. So glad to see you.

(Then out of nowhere, Kim reaches for her backside and starts picking at her underwear at it for an obvious amount of time, even sticking out her tongue, much to Billy’s dismay.)

Billy: Oh no.

Robbie: Oh. My. God. What are you doing?

Kimberly: I have an itch?

Robbie: You don’t do that.

Kimberly: Well I’m not gonna rub myself against the carpet. I am a lady after all.

Billy: (Exhales) Well. At least Robbie looks the part. For the most part. Just play your roles and I promise I’ll get the machines fixed when I get home.

Robbie: You’d better.

(Zack and Jason then rejoin the conversation.)

Zack: Rob man, you looking good man.

Robbie: (Shrugs) Pfft. whatever man. I don’t care about anything or anyone.

Kimberly: …

Zack: (Confused) Right. Well you do say that a lot.

(Zack turns to Kim.)

Zack: What’s up Kim? How’s it going?

Kimberly: Pretty good. I’m a little gassy though.

Zack: Uh…

Robbie: (Face palms) …

Jason: Huh…

Zack: Okay? (Awkward laughs) I uh… like to pretend girls don’t do that.

Kimberly: Well then you’re in for a surprise in math class.

Robbie: (Shakes head) …

Zack: Great?

(Billy jumps in and tries to intervene.)

Billy: Uh… change of subject. Did… any of you guys do anything of interest last night?

Jason: Nah. I don’t do fun anymore. I just taught a couple classes, then took my mom to a doctor’s appointment. She’s been coughing something fierce lately so we took a few tests.

Billy: Oh well, I hope everything’s alright.

Jason: Yeah me too. You Billy?

Billy: Well, Robbie and I were working on our science project last night. It uh… still has some kinks to work out.

Robbie: …

Kimberly: …

Zack: Well it sounds like an awesome invention.

Jason: Let us know when it’s finished. I’d love to try it out.

Billy: Thanks…

Jason: What about you Kim? You do anything?

Kimberly: Oh nothing much. I just went home, I did my homework, sat down for a nice dinner, and then I came out to my parents.

Robbie: What?!

Jason: I’m sorry?

Kimberly: Boy were they shocked. Oddly homophobic. Really disappointed in them.

(Thankfully, the bell rings before he can go any further.)

Jason: We’ll… talk about this later. This is… a lot to unpack.

Zack: Yeah…

(Confused, Jason and walk away to their next class. Billy, Kim and Robbie however, remain.)

Robbie: I hate you.

Kimberly: Wow Robbie. You too? That’s really ignorant of you.

Robbie: I can’t believe you. Why would you do that?!

Kimberly: Why would you dress me like Fabio? Those pants are from the 8th grade.

Robbie: They’re the only ones without blood on them.

Kimberly: That’s called being grunge.

Robbie: That’s called not washing.

Kimberly: Oh I wash. In fact that’s all I did last night.

Robbie: You’re disgusting. I swear on everything I love, I’m gonna make you pa--

“Is everything okay?”

(Over Robbie’s shoulder, Trini appears, appearing on her way to her next class but with a look of concern on her face.)

Kimberly: Uh, hi Trini.

(Billy jumps back in.)

Billy: Uh… Everything’s okay Trini. Nothing to see here.

Trini: Okay…

(She turns to Robbie before walking off.)

Trini: Hi Robbie! You look really nice today.

Kimberly: …

Robbie: Thank you?

Trini: I’ll talk to you later.

Kimberly: (Sighs) …crap. Alright, let’s just be cool okay? Let’s try and play our parts and not alarm the others.

Robbie: What? Why the sudden change of heart?

Kimberly: Because someone actually thinks I’m a decent human being. And I’d rather not disappoint them so soon.

Robbie: Huh.

Kimberly: You win. I give up. I’ll go fix my hair and throw on a bra. Just… don’t do anything stupid okay?

Robbie: I thought I was supposed to act like you.

Kimberly: …

Robbie: But okay. Deal.

(“Kimberly” extends her hand and they shake. Meanwhile, on the moon…)

Squatt: I got only one question. Can he beat the Power Rangers?

Genie: I shall destroy them.

Rita: I like this guy!

Baboo: I have a question too. Do you make jokes and sing songs like Robin Williams?

Genie: Eh…

Rita: Never mind that. It’s time to send you down to earth. Now, get inside the lamp so Zordon can't detect your arrival. Once he does, it will be too late.

Genie: (Nods) Right.

(Back on earth, Robbie and Kim do their best in class to keep up appearances. Robbie does his best to be the hyper feminine, mainstream girl that Kimberly is, without being a self-parody, and Kimberly tries to remain low key and aloof, without being abrasive. “Walk a Mile in my Shoes” by Joe South and the Believers plays in the background, cuing a montage.)

Ms. Appleby: Does anyone know the answer?

Robbie: …

Ms. Appleby: Robbie?

Robbie: …Huh? Um…

(Kimberly knows the question, but “Robbie” doesn’t.)

Robbie: 43?

Ms. Appleby: 43? America was founded in 43?

Robbie: …

(He coyly shrugs as the rest of the classroom laughs.)

Ms. Appleby: Let’s see how funny you think you are after a week of detention.

Robbie: What?! I get a question wrong and I get detention? That’s ridiculous.

Ms. Appleby: Two weeks.

Robbie: That’s not fair!

Ms. Appleby: Three.

Robbie: …


“So I was like “open relationship? How about you open that door and get out of my house?”

(For the real Robbie, playing his role means sitting with Kim’s other valley girl friends without punching himself in the face.)

“You tell him, Hannah.”

“He’s out of his mind.”

Kimberly: …

(Elsewhere, as “Robbie” uses one of the bathroom stalls in a particularly filthy men’s room, he spots some questionable graffiti on the stall.)

Robbie: ‘For a good time call, 555-678…’ That’s my number!

(He bursts out of the bathroom stall, finding Zack staring in the mirror.)

Robbie: Zack, Zack! Someone wrote my*I mean Kim’s number on the bathroom stall!

Zack: That was you, bro.

Robbie: …

(Things start looking up for “Kimberly” however who seems to have embraced the new role.)

Kimberly: (Giddily) And so I told Jason, the only way you’re getting into these pants is if you wash them, plebian.

“Oh my god.”

“No you didn’t.”

Kimberly: I did!


(Right next to her classroom, Kim stops and waves goodbye to the others.)

Kimberly: I’m right here girls, I’ll see you later.


(Right across from her however is the entrance to the women’s changing room. Thinking up a sinister idea, she starts to sneak inside, but feels a grab on the neck before she can enter...)

Kimberly: (Gasps) …!

Robbie: Oh, no you don’t. You have a lot of explaining to do.


Robbie: What*What are you doing?


“Put her down!!”

Robbie: Wait, no… I can explain!!!

(Instantly, security arrive around the corner and make a beeline for Robbie. Frozen scared he let’s go as he gets slammed against the lockers. The montage ends with a defeated looking Robbie with his tray of food at the center of a crowded cafeteria, sitting alone at a table.)

Robbie: (Exhales) …

“This seat taken?”

Robbie: Huh?

(Out of nowhere, Trini appears and cheerfully sits across from him with her tray full of food.)

Trini: Why the long face?

Robbie: Bad genetics.

Trini: Funny. You had a long day?

Robbie: I had a long upbringing apparently.

Trini: Wanna talk about it?

(Genuinely confused by her warmness, Kimberly wants to ask a burning question, though the others join them before she can get it out.)

Billy: Hi guys!

Zack: Hey Trini.

Jason: How’s it hanging?

Kimberly: Hey girl!

Trini: Hey guys. How’s everything?

Jason: (Sighs) Not so--

Kimberly: Great!

Jason: …

Kimberly: Everyone is being super nice to me.

Trini: That’s good.

Kimberly: Totally. I highly recommend “attractive white girl” as your next life, Trini. You know, cause you’re Buddhist.

Trini: …okay?

Robbie: Glad you’re happy.

Kimberly: Me too! So, how’s being an intercity youth in an all-white town?

Robbie: Terrible.

Kimberly: You don’t say?

Robbie: Everyone avoids me. Kaplan keeps eyeballing me. Teachers are quick to punish me. And on top of that, I got detention today for no reason.

Jason: Don’t you… always get detention?

Zack: Yeah, isn’t that like your thing?

Jason: Bulk falls into cakes, Trini translates Billy’s techno-babble, and you get detention.

Robbie: (Sighs) …I guess.

(He slumps his head dejectedly as he waits for this nightmare to be over.)

Trini: Oh! While I have all of you here, I’m doing some charity work for the homeless today. I’m collecting money door to door to help feed them at the shelter.

Zack: Oh, that’s noble of you. I'll see what I have to give.

Trini: Yeah. (Turns to Robbie) Are you still gonna come with?

Kimberly: …

Robbie: Uh, sorry. I can’t. I have detention.

Trini: It’s no problem. I can wait for you.

Kimberly: Yeah. She can wait for you. I mean you saved a jar of spare change for this. Might as well do it.

(Zeroing in on an opportunity to get even, “Robbie” attacks.)

Robbie: (Shrugs) Nah. I don’t feel like it.

Trini: Oh…

Kimberly: What? Why not?

Robbie: I don’t really care for the homeless. They’ll just use that money for drugs.

Kimberly: So what will you do with that money?

Robbie: I need that money for drugs.

Kimberly: …

Trini: …okay. Never mind then.

(As Robbie and Kimberly start fuming at each other, a seemingly deflated looking Trini just looks away and quietly drops the subject. Suddenly, Kim slams her hands on table and gets up.)

Kimberly: I’m just so gassy right now!

Robbie: Yeah? I bet it smells like my breath right now!

Billy: …
Kimberly: I’m vapid. And empty. And superficial. And easy.

Billy: You guys…

Robbie: I’m a no good thug. No one likes me but I pretend I’m the one who doesn’t like them.

Kimberly: I’m a two dimensional copycat of every teen girl in every movie I’ve ever seen. I have no thoughts of my own so I just talk about the mall and boys.

Billy: Please stop it.

Robbie: My dad bailing on me has made me the man I am – not one at all!

Kimberly: I’m pregnant.

Robbie: What?!

Kimberly: (Points at Billy) With his baby.

Robbie: What?!?!

Billy: That’s it. You two. Outside.

(Billy furiously gets up and yanks both Kim and Robbie into the hallway, leaving everyone else completely dumbfounded and out of the loop.)

Jason: Will… someone tell me what is going on?

Zack: I don’t know. This is like some odd dream though.

Trini: This day can’t get any weirder.

(Right on cue Bulk and Skull appear, taking Robbie and Kim’s seats.)

Trini: Uh… hello?

Skull: It’s scarfing time!

(Skull starts to work on the mountain of food on his plate. Bulk oddly with considerably less to eat.)

Jason: …

Bulk: Yeah, scarfing time.

Zack: …

Skull: You're breathing on my food.

Bulk: Oops sorry.

(Meanwhile, back on the moon...)

Goldar: The Putties are ready, your highness!

Rita: Good. Those insolent little brats are going to get exactly what they deserve. Take the monster down to earth hidden in the lamp and not even Zordon will know he's there. Now go!

Squatt: Yes, my Queen.

Baboo: Yikes!

(Squatt and Baboo deionized and head for earth. They later reappear, landing somewhere in Angel Grove Park.)

Baboo: Go ahead.

Squatt: Here goes.

(Squatt reaches into his bag and pulls out the lamp. He rubs it aggressively, causing Baboo to get nervous.)

Baboo: Careful. You'll drop it!

(Sure enough he does, causing it to appear to malfunction.)

Squatt: Oops!

Baboo: Can't you do anything right? What are we going to do now?

Squatt: Ruuuuuuun!

(Squatt and Baboo run for their lives as smoke pours out of the lamp. Meanwhile back in Angel Grove High, the fighting between Kim and Robbie spills out into the hallway as Billy is unable to contain the situation much longer.)

Kimberly: How dare you.

Robbie: How dare you?!

Kimberly: What you said was out of line.

Robbie: You told people I’m pregnant! You told my parents I was gay. You’re ruining my life.

Kimberly: You love drama. I was just doing you a favor.

Robbie: Oh you were doing me a favor? Just wait till I reach the people you care about.

Kimberly: …well that’s too bad for you. I have none.

Robbie: Is that so? So then why did I find all these letters from some girl in Scotland?

(“Robbie” pulls out a stack of latter from his back pocket, getting an instant reaction “Kim” who tries to yank them back unsuccessfully.)

Kimberly: Give those back.

Robbie: (Mocking)“Oh, I wish you were here. Oh, you’re so sweet. Oh, we have so much in common I think you’re my soulmate.”

Kimberly: Those are none of your business!

Robbie: Can’t make friends in real life so you need a pen pal, huh?

Kimberly: Give them to me. Now.

Robbie: I’m sure she’ll love the photo I sent with the next letter.

Kimberly: (Storms off) That’s it, I’m taking a shower.

Robbie: Hey! Get back here. Ugh.

(Just then, the communicators ring.)

Kimberly: …

Robbie: Ugh. Not now.

(They hunch back together as Billy answers the call.)

Billy: We read you Zordon.

Zordon: Rangers. Report to the command center, immediately. We have a situation unfolding.

Billy: Right, Zordon. We’ll inform the others.

(Moments later they rendezvous at the command center, where Alpha studies the magic lamp from the viewing globe.)

Alpha: I don’t understand Zordon, you said this was an emergency but it's just an antique oil lamp.

Trini: What's so dangerous about it?

Zordon: What is dangerous is the Genie who was once inside it. Rita has sent him to destroy the Power Rangers. Unfortunately I do not detect any significant energy surges from the lamp.

Jason: Meaning he’s free.

(Just, the alarms blare.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai! Goldar is attacking the Angel Grove railroads.

Zordon: It is likely that the Genie is lost and so Goldar was sent as a plan B.

Zack: Then we take him just as seriously.

Jason: Let’s move. It’s morphin time.





“Sabre-toothed Tiger!”


(They rush to the railroads where the team takes on the putty patrollers. Goldar faces off with Jason, who takes two swings at the red ranger with his sword. Jason ducks and rolls out of both of them. From the corner of his eye however, he spots Squatt and Baboo inching toward the other rangers.)

Squatt: Teeheeheehee.

Baboo: We’ve got a front row seat.

Jason: Look out!

(The brief distraction gives Goldar the opening, who connects with two brutal swings that knock Jason off his feet. The others rush to his aide.)

Jason: Ugh.

Billy: You okay?

Trini: Jason!

(As the rangers continue their struggle with Goldar, we head to midtown where inside of a dark, crowded movie theater, a familiar song plays to a captivated audience.)

“You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend. You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend.”

Bulk: …

Skull: …

“You ain't never had a friend like me. You ain't never had a friend like me, hah!”

(Someone abruptly bursts through the doors.)

Genie: Arg!


Genie: Who is this imposter?!?!?!

(The Genie appears, accompanied by his own pack of putty patrollers. A panic breaks out inside the movie theater. Everyone, including Bulk and Skull scramble from their seats through the emergency exits. Skull however, seems to have some difficulties juggling the mountain of snacks on his lap.)

Bulk: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Let’s get out of here!!

Skull: Hold on, I can’t run with all this.

(Finding no other solution, Skull quickly begins shoving fistfuls popcorn in his mouth to lessen his load. Before long though his snacks get swiped away by a putty patroller, knocking everything to the floor.)

Bulk: (Gasps) …!

Skull: Th-th-thank you! YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

(They turn and run for their lives. Meanwhile at the command center…)

Zordon: Alpha, I have located the Genie’s whereabouts. Teleport the rangers to the Midtown Movie theater.

Alpha: Right.

(Alpha presses on the control panel, ripping the rangers from their fight with Goldar. They soar through the sky until they find themselves rematerialized inside the Cineplex lobby.)

Zack: Huh?

Jason: Where are we?

Trini: Look! That must be the Genie!

(With civilians pouring out of one of the theaters, the swinging door briefly reveals the Genie blasting at the screen.)

Jason: Let’s get him!

(The rangers rush inside and get to work. Jason starts punching any putty patroller in the aisle that gets in his way. He blocks a blow from the right and knocks them right back into the seats. He ducks a punch in front of him and returns the favor with a spinning heel kick. Trini gets rushed from each side inside of a row of seats. She stomps one in the gut who slips over spilled nachos, then swiftly turns to drive her palms into the ribcage of the other. Meters away from her, she spots Rita and her minions casually enjoying the matinee flick, paying no mind to the action.)

Rita: Bah. What a crock. Agrabah isn’t even a real place.

(The fight spills back out into the lobby as Billy gets shoved out by Goldar.)

Goldar: Where is your ticket, blue ranger?

Billy: Whoa.

Goldar: Security!

Billy: I beg your pardon?

(He looks right behind him and finds putty patrollers dressed in red vests running toward him.)

Billy: Oh no!

(Billy ducks as the swing flashlights at his head. They stumble forward and run into Zack, who greets one with a bicycle kick. The enemy one drops, as Zack saves a roundhouse kick for the other. That one stumbles backwards, crashing into the popcorn maker at the concessions. Popcorns spills all over the putty as he lies dazed on the ground.)

Billy: Thanks Zack.

Zack: Don’t mention it. C’mon I think the others need us.

Billy: Right.

(The two rush back inside and help the others. Meanwhile…)

Kimberly: Hang on! Just quiet down, will you?

(“Kimberly” stands at the back of the aisle, holding a video camera to the movie screen.)

Kimberly: I can sell this thing for a bundle in the streets-- Oh no!

(Something catches “Kim’s” eye as she spots “Robbie” struggling to keep up with the Genie. Easily outclassed, he gets thrown aside with a stiff swipe to the face. Kimberly drops the camera and rushes to his aide.)

Robbie: UGH!!!

Kimberly: You okay?

Robbie: (Holding cheek) Yeah… I think so. Thanks.

Kimberly: You gotta protect that face. That’s my money right there.

Robbie: Aren’t you poor?

Kimberly: …yeah.

(Suddenly though, Kim is grabbed by a mob of putty patrollers.)

Kimberly: Ugh!

Genie: Get her!

Robbie: Hey! Let go of her!

(Robbie tries to help Kimberly break free but she gets pulled back out of his reach as he remains grounded. Luckily, Jason and the others leap to Kim’s rescue, having already cleared the area. Their power weapons are drawn and they quickly dispatch of what is left.)

Kimberly: Thanks guys.

Trini: Don’t mention it, Robbie.

Kimberly: What?

(Before she can elaborate, the rest of the team lines up before a now outnumbered Genie.)

Jason: Alright you ugly mutt. Just give up before we put you down.

Genie: You’ll never defeat me.

Jason: Wanna bet?

Genie: Huh?

Jason: Alright guys. Let's bring them together.

“Power Ax!”

“Power Bow!”

“Power Daggers!”

“Power Pocket Knife!”

“Power Lance!”

“Power Sword!”

(One by one they throw their weapons in the air; connecting midair to create one large cannon. The tips of each weapon locked onto the Genie. Jason takes his power sword, leaps into the air to complete the transformation before coming down and joining the others.)

“Power Rangers!”

Jason: You’re wasting your breath. There’s only one way to truly stop me. Otherwise I’ll just keep coming back.

(Just then, while still watching the movie…)

Squatt: “I wish for genie to be free?”

Baboo: Lame. What a stupid ending!

Genie: Your wish is my command.

(The Genie turns and nods to Squatt, who in a puff of smoke, changes out of his outfit and into a Hawaiian shirt while holding a briefcase.)

Genie: (Waves) Goodbye!

(In another puff of smoke he vanishes altogether, leaving the ranger pointing their power blaster at nothing.)

Jason: What?

Rita: What?!

Kimberly: He’s gone!!

Billy: Just like that.

Squatt: Wha--?

Rita: Squatt, what did you do?!

Squatt: Uhm…

Trini: That leaves Rita and her goons.

Rita: Uh…

Zack: Let’s get her.

(They turn their blaster at Rita, who quickly fades away with her crew.)

Rita: Well, look at the time. Gotta go!

(Not long after returning to the moon, Rita chews out her entire crew…)

Rita: Looks like switching out brains doesn’t matter when your own crew lacks any brains whatsoever!

Squatt: My doctor said I’m a medical marvel!

Rita: And what do you have to say for yourself, Goldar?!

Goldar: My apologies, empress. I swear as soon as my insurance kicks in I will go full throttle until those rangers are finished!

Rita: Ugh. I have such a headache!

(Finally, after a debriefing from Zordon, Billy returns to his garage to work on his invention. He’s shortly followed by “Robbie” who’s dragging “Kimberly” with him.)

Billy: Hi guys.

Kimberly: Hey.

Robbie: So did you fix it?

Billy: Negative.

Kimberly: What?

(Billy nervously twittles his thumb as he attempts to explain.)

Billy: Well as it turns out… and you’ll laugh at this. I hope. While the device did malfunction. It malfunctioned in a way that if we had just flipped the switch again, the spatial personality displacement would have reversed itself. Thus eliminating the disturbance to your respective lives.

Kimberly: I don’t get it. Where’s the joke?

Robbie: What I think he said, and I hope I’m wrong… is that Billy just had to “do it again” and all of this would have been fixed.

Billy: (Shrugs) Quite an oversight in retrospection.

Robbie: …………

Kimberly: …Ah, I get it now. Funny.

Billy: Well would you guys like to strap in and go back to normal?

Robbie: Yes. God yes.

(The two get back in position as Billy preps them to bring everything back to normal. Billy flips the switch one last time. The machine predictably rocks and spews out smoke, but this time Billy doesn’t panic, though he looks on carefully. Robbie and Kimberly quake and groan, but Billy eyes his watch. After a few more seconds he turns his machine off and allows them to stagger back out.)

Robbie: Uhhhh….

Kimberly: Ugh…

Billy: How are you two feeling? Is everything back to normal?

Robbie: I think so.

Kimberly: I don’t know.

Billy: I uh… hear there’s a cool sale going on. Men’s pants half off.

Robbie: You mean in Kim’s bedroom?

Kimberly: Bite me.

Robbie: You kiss your clients with that mouth?

Kimberly: (Gasps) Oh my gosh. I’m me again!

Robbie: Me too!

(The two rejoice excitedly. Caught up in the emotion they hug briefly, but quickly back away. Just then, Jason, Zack and Trini walk in, holding onto both Bulk and Skull by the collar.)

Billy: Hey guys, what are you doing here?

Trini: Got room for two more?

Billy: What? You mean…?

Jason: We know about the machine. Bulk and Skull told us… or is it… Skull and Bulk.

Bulk: Ahahahahahaha. Skull and Bulk… Because we’re… because you’re…

Skull: Quiet numbskull.

Billy: So… you guys broke into my garage and messed with my stuff. Now you want me to fix your problem?

Skull: You’re asking for it if you leave your garage door open all day.

Robbie: He’s got you there Billy.

Billy: …

Zack: What I don’t get it, why wouldn’t you want us to know about the problem Billy? We could’ve helped.

Billy: (Shrugs) I suppose I value being seen as the smart one. I don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize your opinions of me.

Trini: You don’t need to worry that Billy. You’re doing things the world’s greatest inventors couldn’t do. You’re by far the smartest of our group.

Zack: That’s right. I’d say Trini’s a distant silver medal.

Trini: Gee thanks Zack.

Robbie: And I’m a participation trophy.

(Everyone eyes him blankly.)

Robbie: Crap. I’m… not Kim anymore.

(The teens share a laugh at Robbie’s expense as the episode draws to a close.)

Skull: So… that’s on no on helping us?

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Hi guys. I hope you're all enjoying the season one prequel so far.

I should be posting Island of Illusions either Monday or Tuesday. It's more or less completely re-written as an original plot so it has taken a bit more time than normal. I'm still hoping to be completely done by October-early November.
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Prequel - Episode 28: Island of Illusions

“One. And Two. One. And two. One. And two. Five sets. One. And two.”

(We begin today at the Youth Center as Jason is in the middle of one of his karate classes. It’s not a particularly hectic day today as most of the ranger team aren’t even there. Billy is there however and is seated in the middle of the dining room area. He’s intently reading a book, titled “How to be a Hero.” A sharply dressed Zack enters holding a bouquet of flowers.)

Zack: Billy, my main brain. What’s happening?

Billy: Oh. Hi… not much. Yourself? Fine attire. You have a date lined up?

Zack: I hope so. I’m planning on finally making my move on Jennie the waitress.

(Billy raises an eyebrow.)

Billy: Don’t you… always make a move on her?

Zack: But not like this. See I’ve studied all of my mistakes and now I know exactly where I went wrong. This time I’ve finally got a foolproof plan.

Billy: You’re gonna be yourself?

Zack: Bingo.

Billy: Hmm…

Zack: It just hit me. Girls like Jennie, they don’t like that swagger. They don’t care about money or tickets or anything like that. They want to feel like someone being real with them. Like someone is being sincere with them and not trying too hard to impress them.

Billy: Trini spoke to you, didn’t she?

Zack: Yeah.

Billy: Sounds as much.

Zack: Speaking of Trini, have you seen her?

Billy: (Shrugs) Negative. She’s at home I believe. She’s said to be working on some sort of project but won’t tell me what.

(Meanwhile in midtown Angel Grove, inside a modestly sized garage, a lab coat and goggle clad Trini is works diligently on a device before her that looks like a laser beam crossed with a satellite dish.)

Trini: Okay. I’m almost done with the hardware. Where are you in terms of synchronizing the software so that I can tap into alternate dimensions?

(She turns to her left, where Robbie is staring blankly at a computer screen.)

Robbie: I’m… playing solitaire.

Trini: (Grins) I guess I knew you weren’t a technological expert.

Robbie: Yeah. That I’m definitely not.

Trini: Don’t worry about it. I’ll get around to it.

Robbie: Why couldn’t you get Billy to help you with this?

Trini: Oh no. No, no, no. I can’t ask Billy for help. He’d totally take over. I want this project to be my own thing. You know, do something myself.

Robbie: What does this do anyway?

Trini: Well, it’s supposed to be an interdimensional teleporter. You see, there are many different dimensions outside of this one. Most of whom are inhabited.

Robbie: Uh… citation needed?

Trini: It’s true. And I figured, if we can send one of Rita’s monsters there, or Rita herself. Then we’ll have won the war with evil without breaking a sweat.

Robbie: I see, you’re looking for a shortcut then?

Trini: I’m looking to have my own inventions that I can be proud of. Billy has his flying car and a mind reader…

Robbie: …and you have a toy gun taped to an old satellite dish.

Trini: (Smiles) I knew I picked you to help me for a reason.

Robbie: (Laughs) I’m sorry. This is awesome, really. But you definitely picked the wrong help. Literally anyone else but me would be beneficial for you.

Trini: Well then, I guess I’ll just keep you around to tell me how amazing I am.

(Robbie grins, then pulls his body away from the computer screen to face her.)

Robbie: I think I can manage that.

(After smiling back at Robbie she returns to the task at hand. It isn’t long though before she begins reflecting on how lately she has found herself wanting to spend more and more time with Robbie. And how she’s been doing a worse and worse job of hiding it. Today is just a single example of her seeking his company via some flimsy reason. Possibly the most confusing to her is why she feels she should be ashamed of this. Is Robbie really the pariah some of her friends make him out to be?)

Robbie: How do you like being a ranger?

(The randomness of his question, breaks her out of deep thought.)

Trini: What?

Robbie: How do you like it so far? We’ve been rangers for a couple months. You must have an opinion.

Trini: I don’t know. I like it.

Robbie: You just like it? You save the world, get super powers, become totally famous and get to wear just one outfit the rest of your life and you just like it?

Trini: Fine. I love it!

Robbie: There you go.

(She can’t help but laugh at their banter.)

Robbie: What do you like about it?

Trini: Everything you just listed is a good start. Plus I just love doing anything that benefits humanity. You?

Robbie: I hate it.

Trini: (Laughs) What. No you don’t!

Robbie: The hours are long, the pay stinks, we’re non-union....

Trini: Don’t be silly.

Robbie: But… I do like the people that I work with.

Trini: …

(Robbie’s seemingly pointed comment give Trini the answer she was looking for: No, he isn’t as bad as people make him out to be. Still...)

Trini: We should really get back to work.

(She wanted to be careful. Meanwhile on the moon, Rita looks on through a telescope.)

Rita: Everyone seems busy, eh? Perfect. Lokar will have no trouble getting their attentions.

Squatt: Oh no…

Baboo: Lokar!

Squatt: I remember the last time she called on him he nearly killed us.

Goldar: Would, coulda, shoulda, amirite?

Baboo: Please. Not Lokar! Anyone but Lokar!

(Frightened for their lives, Baboo and Squatt run over to Rita and grab her by the arm to hold her back.)

Baboo: Please, let us think of something else. We’ll do anything, anything!

Squatt: I’ll go down there and fight them myself.

Baboo: I’ll pay them off.

Squatt: I’ll run for Mayor and ban primary colors.

Rita: Let go of me, you bubbleheads! We're going to do this my way!

Goldar: Of course, your evilness. Your plan is brilliant.

Squatt: Oh put a sock in it.

(Rita breaks free of her minions and sits herself at a table with a crystal ball and a single skull.)

Rita: I summon the power of Lokar the terrible! Come now and destroy all the earth.

(Although Lokar doesn’t appear, the effects are felt immediately from the command center as the alarms blare.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! What is going on?!

Zordon: There's a destabilization of the tropospheric pressure zone.

Alpha: It's got to be Rita! I hate when this happens.

Zordon: Monitor the situation and contact the rangers if necessary.

Alpha: Right Zordon.

(Alpha dutifully obliges and continues to monitor. The rangers are not informed right now as there is no imminent threat. Back at the Youth Center, Jason is seen continuing his karate lesson, ignorant of the possible danger ahead.)

Jason: One. And Two.


Jason: One. And Two.


Jason: Good Curtis. Nice form.

(Back at the table where Billy was stationed, Zack is seen impatiently darting his eyes between his watch and the juice bar.)

Zack: Jennie’s gotta be in here somewhere. Her shift usually starts at 4.

(Trying to keep his mind busy as he begins rehearsing a spiel in his head, he turns away from the juice bar and glances at the book Billy’s reading.)

Zack: What have you got there?

Billy: Oh this? It’s… a book on being a hero. More like a “how to,” so to speak.

Zack: Um Billy, I don’t know if you know this. But you are a super hero.

Billy: Technically yes. By name I am. But being “heroic” is a state of mind. Which I don’t feel I have. (Shrugs) I still find myself getting scared. Or freezing up in tense situations.

Zack: Billy, that’s all of us. You don’t think we get scared. Do you see this flop sweat right now? And I’m just asking a girl out.

(Unconvinced by Zack’s rebuttal, he passes a glance at Jason.)

Billy: He doesn’t get scared.

Zack: Of course he does. We all do. But being heroic means facing those fears regardless. Which you do.

Billy: Well… it couldn’t hurt to get a refresher.

Zack: Whatever helps you sleep I guess.

Jason: One. And Two. One. And Two.

(From the juice bar counter, Jason eyes Ernie on the phone waving him over.)

Jason: Keep going class. I’ll be right back.

(He excuses himself and heads toward the juice bar.)

Ernie: You got a phone call. It’s from your dad.

Jason: My dad?

(He takes the phone and answers the call. Meanwhile, Kimberly and a detached, disheveled looking Tommy enter through the front.)

Kimberly: So are you gonna talk at all today? You’re like, in another world.

Tommy: Huh? Oh… yeah.

Kimberly: You look rough. How’d you sleep last night?

Tommy: Like a baby.

Kimberly: You were up crying every hour?

Tommy: Yeah.

Kimberly: Tommy, what’s wrong? You can talk to me.

Tommy: I just… I don’t know how to say this to you.

Kimberly: Just shoot. That’s what I’m here for.

Tommy: It’s just that… lately I’ve been having these dreams… Where, I’m the green ranger. And Rita… she’s been talking to me while we’re in the middle of a battle. She’s been convincing me to come back to her.

Kimberly: Oh…

Tommy: Yeah. And sometimes I can resist her. Sometimes though…

Kimberly: You don’t.

Tommy: And I’m afraid of what they might mean.

Kimberly: (Bites lip) Have you spoken to anyone about it?

Tommy: (Shakes head) I’m afraid of what they might think. I’ve got a hard enough time feeling like an outsider in your group.

Kimberly: It’s you’re group too, Tommy.

Tommy: I know. But you guys were around before me. And some of you… have made it clear that I’m not exactly welcomed.

Kimberly: Don’t listen to a word Robbie says. He just likes to hear himself talk.

Tommy: I know… It’s just… I mean he’s not wrong. I was just trying to kill you guys and then out of nowhere I’m on your team? I wouldn’t trust me either.

Kimberly: You were under a spell, Tommy. We know where your heart is.

Tommy: Do you?

(She doesn’t reply right away, as if allowing the uncertainty sink in.)

Kimberly: I… hope so. No. I know so. But if you feel this is a problem, we should talk to Jason about this. See what he thinks.

(Back by the counter however, Jason hangs up the phone, looking disturbed.)

Jason: I-I gotta go. Tell my class I’m sorry.

Ernie: Sure thing. Everything alright?

Jason: No.

(He rushes out of the Youth Center, forgetting to grab his gym bag and passing through Kimberly and Tommy without an acknowledgement.)

Zack: He okay?

Billy: Doesn’t look like it.

(Zack gets up and walks toward Ernie as Tommy and Kimberly join Billy.)

Billy: Hey guys.

Kimberly: Hey. Do you know what happened to Jason just now?

Billy: No. He seemed troubled.

Kimberly: It’s not like him to just walk out on a class.

(Zack walks back, now looking equally distraught.)

Tommy: Zack is everything okay?

Zack: No…

Kimberly: What’s wrong?

Zack: Jennie quit.

(Meanwhile back in the garage and completely unaware of the developments concerning the rest of the team, Trini and Robbie have found themselves completely engaged in small talk with one another. Dropping any pretense of work they intended to get done.)

Trini: You like the Master Batters? I love the Angel Grove Master Batters! They’re the best AA baseball team in the world. I thought I was the only one of us who liked them though.

Robbie: “The only team so good, they don’t lose: They beat themselves.”

Trini: Haha. They’re great!

(They pass the time speaking about everything. From sports, to lighthearted stories from Trini’s past…)

Trini: I had a distant uncle who had trouble with the KKK.

Robbie: Because he was Asian?

Trini: No he was Irish. He had trouble joining it.

(To the less than lighthearted stories from Robbie past.)

Robbie: I’ve moved several times in my childhood. Maybe five or six times in five years cause of my mom. I went from Brooklyn to Detroit, to Chicago, to Oakland. Finally to Angel Grove.

Trini: Wow. And what did your mom do in all of those places?

Robbie: Heroin.

Trini: Oh. Well that must’ve been rough.

Robbie: At first. Then I don’t know. I started to like it. It allowed me to not have to get close to anyone. I don’t know how to explain it.

Trini: …try to.

Robbie: …

(Like a book she’s been dying to read, Trini finds herself captivated by everything Robbie says. Most importantly though, she’s assured that he’s not really this two dimensional hoodlum he’s been characterized as. He is actually a kind, honest and charming soul, who needs someone to give him a chance to open up. That is where Trini’s overpowering instinct to help those in need has taken over her thought process, as she feels, or rather fells compelled that she can be that person.)

Robbie: (Moments later…) So I’ve never found myself really motivated in school like you are. The most successful guys on my blocks were drug dealers. Not that it was something I wanted to do with my life, but the whole school thing didn’t seem like it applied to me.

Trini: That’s really interesting when you put it that way. But you know it’s not true. It definitely can apply to you.

Robbie: Well, I’m nothing like you guys at least. You guys are… great at everything. Mind you I’m a failed assignment away from being left back while you guys are superheroes with part time jobs on the side and aren’t even breaking a sweat. Kinda feel like I don’t belong.

Trini: I see. Do I make you feel that way?

Robbie: …Well, you don’t.

(Robbie’s uncharacteristic emotional candor was followed by silence. Trini also realizes that she too is heading into uncharted territory and doesn’t follow up. Finally, Robbie breaks the silence by changing the subject.)
Robbie: You uh… wanna get something to drink? You look like you deserve a break.

(She turns to her inter-dimensional device, which hasn’t been touched in a while.)

Trini: Uh… I mean I haven’t really gotten much work done today to deserve a break.

Robbie: You work yourself to death each day. I think you’ve earned some coffee.

(She smiles at an acknowledgement of her work.)

Trini: I think I’d like that. There’s a nice place uptown I really like. But I think they close soon.

Robbie: Don’t worry about it. You leave that to me.

(Fast forward just a few minutes later, Robbie and Trini sit atop the StegaZord in full combat mode. They sip on Charbucks coffee, facing a picturesque Angel Grove skyline in the orange glow of the sunset. Meanwhile, back on the moon, Rita continues her chanting…)

Rita: Wicked winds and evil dance, heed my chants! Blow!

Squatt: Lokar hasn’t come yet…

Baboo: Good.

Squatt: It won’t be so good if Rita calls our bluff and sends us in his place.

(Thinking on his feet, Finster appears from the corner.)

Finster: Shall I keep the ranger occupied with my Putty Patrollers, my queen?

Goldar: I have found a substitute, your evilness.

(Goldar appears, accompanying a hideous looking, inside out monster with an exoskeleton ribcage and exposed skull.)

Goldar: Mutitus is his name.

Mutitus: At your service.

Rita: (Sighs) I’ll take what I can get at this point. Mutitus, now go and eliminate the Power Rangers!

(The next morning, the teens head to class. However for each of their reasons, find it especially difficult to remain focused today.)

Ms. Appleby: Okay class, now with Midterms coming up, I’ve decided to make it a group project.

(The class collectively groans at the thought of a group project, but with Jason being absent today, Zack remains quietly fixed on his friend’s conspicuously empty chair.)

Zack: …

(Billy on the other hand, keeps making glances at the book on bravery he picked up as he haphazardly pretends to listen.)

Billy: …

Ms. Appleby: This won’t be the kind of project where you can sit back and let the “stronger” member carry it. You will each be responsible for one another’s success.

(Tommy on the other hand seems simply exhausted. Likely from another sleepless night.)

Ms. Appleby: So I want you all to buddy up and find a partner. This ought to test not only your collective knowledge on the subject, but it should test your abilities to trust one another as members of a team.

Tommy: (Yawns) …

(Trini on the other hand, appears to be grinning widely from the back of the class, which is in direct contrast to the rest of the team. She is distracted though, turning around and discreetly passing a note to Robbie, who slowly opens it up and read it.)


(As Ms. Appleby continue to explain the project in more detail, Robbie scribbles something in a sheet of paper of his own and passes it back to her.)

“Ha. Sounds good.”

(As Trini excitedly writes back, she catches the attention of Bulk and Skull however, who wink and nudge to one another suggestively. Robbie unfolds her next note.)

“I had a blast yesterday. Thank you so much for spending time with me while I worked on my invention. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I just hope Zordon doesn’t get upset about us misusing the Zords. You think he’ll be mad…?

(Without much hesitation, Robbie take another sheet of paper and writes back to her.)

“He’ll live. Sometimes rules need to be broken. Besides, you needed the break. So as far as I’m concerned, I was fulfilling my ranger duties.”

(His note brings a smile to her face. Before the class ends, she sends him one last note.)

“You’re awesome.

(The bell rings, signaling the end of class. Slowly the teens make their way into the hallway two at a time.)

Kimberly: Hey Tommy.

Tommy: Hey…

Kimberly: Another dream?

(He nods.)

Tommy: This time I rejoined her, then in an alternate dimension where carbon copies of you all existed, I destroyed the world and enslaved mankind.

Kimberly: Sounds like something from some stupid comic book.

Tommy: I dunno, I really wish Jason were here to talk to. He always knows what to say.

Kimberly: Yeah. (Bites her lip) Maybe we can catch him at home?

Tommy: Yeah. Maybe.

Kimberly: Let’s go.

(They walk ahead of everybody else as Zack and Billy come out.)

Zack: Man. It’s not like Jason to just miss class. He’d have to be darn near dead to not show up.

Billy: Perhaps this may have something to do with what triggered him walking out on his karate class.

Zack: I doubt it’s just a coincidence.

Billy: A drop in visit might be appropriate, if not beneficial given the circumstance.

Zack: Yeah. If anything I can give him my notes from class.

Billy: I could also use his input on some self-doubts I’ve been having.

(As Billy and Zack vanish into the crowd, Robbie and Trini walk out.)

Trini: Hi.

Robbie: Hi.

(Oblivious to everything going on around her, Trini beams at him like a school girl with a now plainly obvious crush.)

Robbie: Thanks for being my partner. I’ll try not to let you down.

Trini: I know you won’t. See you the Youth Center at 4?

Robbie: Wouldn’t miss it.

(As they too vanish into the crowd, Rita prepares to spring into action.)

Rita: We attack at nightfall.

Goldar: Yes! A battle in the dark.

Baboo: Goody! That means we’re gonna win!

Rita: Nightfall is when the Megazord’s solar reserves begin to deplete. The perfect time for Mutitus to begin his assault. And just right when we have them on the ropes…

Goldar: We give them a little surprise!

Rita: Aha!

(A little later in the day, as the sun begins to set, Zack walks up the steps of outside a modest looking home. He knocks on the door. Before long, Jason’s dad pokes his head out.)

Mr. Scott: Sorry, I don’t have any money.

Zack: Uh… I uh… I’m Jason’s friend, Zack. Is Jason in?

Mr. Scott: …

(He pulls his head back in and shuts the door, locking it back up from the inside.)

Zack: …okay?

(A few moments later, he hears the door unlocking again. A downtrodden Jason comes out.)

Zack: Jase man, what’s up?

Jason: Hey. Can you uh… stop by another time? Now’s not a good time.

Zack: What’s going on? You’ve been MIA since yesterday.

Jason: I don’t know. It’s not something I really want to talk about right now.

Zack: You sure? Cause you look like you’ve been crying.

(Noting the wreck he must look like and figuring not telling Zack would only bring more unwanted attention, Jason sighs, then steps out to the porch.)

Jason: It’s my mom.

Zack: Did she hit you?

Jason: No. She’s been sick lately. Recently I took her to the doctor to get some tests done, and they just came back today…

(He takes a deep breath before finishing his sentence.)

Jason: …my mom has lung cancer.

Zack: Lung cancer?

Jason: Lung cancer.

Zack: What? How? Has she ever even smoked?

(Jason can’t help but laugh out of frustration.)

Jason: No. Not at all. She’s never touched the stuff in her life. She’s done nothing. To no one. She’s worked hard all her life, she goes to church every Sunday, rain or shine, took on side jobs to support my struggling father. She volunteers at shelters. She’s a freaking angel. She’s my rock. …and she has cancer.

(He’s visibly getting shaken as he speaks. Barely able to get through it without his voice cracking.)

Zack: … Jase man. I’m really sorry.

Jason: I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with myself. I wanna… (Exhales) I wanna punch something. Or scream. And the worst part is… I can’t be there for her. Like at all. I’m still working non-stop to try and fill the gap, which is now gonna be even wider. Never mind the hospital bills because of course, we can’t afford insurance.

Zack: …

Jason: I’m still an honor roll student and expected to put school first, and restore the “Scott honor.” Whatever that means… and I’m still the red ranger. And I’m supposed to be your rock when I don’t even have my rock to lean on.

Zack: It is a lot to ask someone.

Jason: And I feel like I can’t even complain, you know? I feel selfish even thinking about anyone but my mom right now.

Zack: I get that…

(Jason then pauses, wondering whether he should say what’s on his mind. After a brief deliberation, he continues.)

Jason: Lately I’ve been thinking… and I mean it was just a passing thought. But now with my mom…

Zack: …

Jason: Maybe asking Zordon… to let me leave the team.

Zack: What?!

Jason: For just a bit. Until things settle down… or… not. I don’t know.

Zack: …this sounds serious if you’re actually considering that.

Jason: It’s just… I mean you can fill in as leader for a bit. We got Tommy now. You guys are okay.

Zack: Have you told this to anyone else?

Jason: God, no. And you won’t either. I’m supposed to be strong. I’m supposed to be the one to help you guys and be your protectors and all that. How will it look if they see me falling apart like this?

Zack: …I guess I get it. But I really think you should sleep on this a little more before you do something you might regret.

Jason: (Nods) Yeah.

Zack: And besides, Zordon ain’t making a black man red ranger any time soon.

(Jason grins for the first time in what feels to be a very long time.)

Jason: Yeah. So, what’s up? You need help with anything?

(While Zack does have his own problems, and while Jason is normally the one he talks to about them, he feels awfully stupid bringing whatever miniscule girl problems he’s having to a friend who may soon lose his mother.)

Zack: Nah man. Just checking in.

Jason: Thanks man.

Zack: Be strong Jase. You guys are strong. You’ve gotten through worse.

Jason: Yeah…

Zack: I’ll keep the others away for a bit. Just… to give you a break. I’ll tell them you came down with something.

Jason: Thanks bro.

Zack: You got it. Tell your mom I hope she gets well soon.

Jason: I will.

Zack: And tell your dad not every black man he encounters is looking for money.

Jason: Noted.

(He slaps Jason five as he retreats back into his home. Zack takes a deep, reflective sigh, then walks away. However mere moments later, Tommy and Kimberly rush up his porch and start banging on his door.)

Tommy: Jason!!! Jason are you there?!?

(As a bewildered Jason sticks his head back outside, we fade to the inside of the Youth Center. Trini is seated in the middle of the Youth Center with books sprawled out, two smoothies in front of her and waiting in anticipation for Robbie’s arrival. Feeling liberated, Trini fully embraces the butterflies forming in her stomach. It’s a happy anxiety, one she’s never felt before in her life. She’s so lost in deep thought, she barely registers that Robbie is running late. Or that Bulk and Skull are slowly approaching her, with the former grabbing a sip of Robbie’s drink from over her shoulder.)

Bulk: Thanks babe.

Trini: Hey! That wasn’t for you, Bulk.

(She turns around and notices that Bulk is dressed in an old, wrinkled brown flannel shirt with ripped jeans.)

Trini: What’s wrong with you? Why do you look so… so…

Bulk: Filthy? I thought you liked that, seeing your taste in men and all.

(Quickly embarrassed that someone picked up on her once guarded emotions, her walks come up in a hurry.)

Trini: What I do with my life is none of your business.

Bulk: Of course babe. Of course…

Skull: Just don’t come crying to us when your new boyfriend skips out on alimony or you two wind up on the latest episode of Cops.

Bulk: I’m just asking for a chance, Trini. I’m just a poor, brooding bad boy stereotype looking for a pretty girl to change my ways.

Trini: …

Bulk: I may act like I hate everyone, but really, I just want someone to make me happy. I’ve wanted this ever since I was a little… stoned in my bedroom last night.

Trini: Please just go away.

(Bulk begins to get annoyed by her rejection. He slams the table, startling her.)

Bulk: What’s wrong? Am I not good enough for you? But that no good punk is? Face it, Trini. He’s a loser. A looooooser.

Trini: …

Bulk: (Flexes) He’ll never be half the man I am.

Robbie: And you’ll never be half the man your mother is.

(Robbie walks in, just in time.)

Bulk: What did you say about my mother?

Robbie: I think it’s time you two left. The adults are here.

(After a brief stare down, Bulk turns back to Skull and gestures for them to leave.)

Bulk: Hmm. Suit yourself. Let us know how the wedding goes.

(After they finally leave, Robbie takes his seat next to Trini.)

Trini: Hi Robbie. Thanks for swooping in once again and saving me from those two.

Robbie: No worries. What were they talking about by the way?

Trini: It’s nothing. Really.

Robbie: Oh.

(She checks her watch.)

Trini: Why were you so late by the way? We were supposed to meet thirty minutes ago.

Robbie: That’s the thing. I met with someone. And I think I found a way for us both to ace our project.

Trini: What?

(Excitedly, he reaches into his bag and pulls something out.)

Trini: What is that?

Robbie: It’s the exact same project from last year. One of the juniors gave it to me from Mr. Rodriguez’ class.

Trini: What… are you planning on doing with that?

Robbie: We can pass it off as our own work. They even got an A+ on this and everything!

Trini: Robbie… that’s…

Robbie: Brilliant?

Trini: Cheating.

Robbie: What? But we’re guaranteed to pass. Don’t you want to do better than Billy?

Trini: Not like this.

Robbie: What happened to “some rules were meant to be broken?”

Trini: You said that. Not me.

Robbie: You didn’t seem to mind while I took you on a joyride.

Trini: Which… I shouldn’t have let you take me on. I’m sorry I did.

(Robbie seems genuinely confused. He throws his shoulders up and continues.)

Robbie: I don’t get you. What does it matter? It’s a win-win. I get to move on with you guys. I thought you wanted to help me fit in better.

Trini: This is not how you do it, Robbie. None of us would do something like this. This is dishonest. And if you get caught, you could get expelled.

Robbie: There you go sounding like my mom again.

Trini: Do not call me that. I actually care about your future.

Robbie: Wow Trini. That’s low.

(In the matter of mere moments, Trini’s vision of Robbie and her blossoming feelings for him wilt. Everything she’s ever heard about him gets confirmed in her head and she instantly scratches him off just like everybody else has. This is not someone she feels she can justify to her friends, and especially not her strict, conservative family. Not someone willing to deceive and get by dishonorably. And though her walls shoot right back up, she continues to voice her displeasure.)

Trini: Why… I can’t believe you would even consider this. I thought you were better than this.

Robbie: What?

Trini: The guy I thought I knew would rather fail honestly than pass deceptively.

Robbie: What person did you make up in your head? You don’t actually know me, Trini.

Trini: Clearly I don’t.

(She gets up and starts to leave. But turns around and comes back.)

Trini: And the person I thought I knew was obviously better than the real thing.

(And just as easily, Robbie’s walls shoot right back up as well.)

Robbie: Whatever. Go tattle to Kaplan. Go do whatever you want. I don’t care anymore.

Trini: Neither do I.

(Trini storms out, leaving Robbie seething. He smacks away the empty cup left on the desk with fury. Bulk and Skulls approach.)

Skull: What’s wrong?

Bulk: Trouble in paradise?

Robbie: …

(Moments later, back at Jason’s…)

Jason: …

Billy: So in conclusion, I’ve grown rather fearful as of late that my courageousness will one day be tested during a high pressure situation and I won’t be able to overcome my perceived shortcomings.

Jason: Uh-huh.

(Jason has his whole body inside his home with only his head sticking out. He has half his team on his porch though figuratively pulling him out.)

Billy: Do you possibly have any words of encouragement?

Tommy: (Jumps in) What about my dreams? Aren’t you afraid I might try to kill you?

Jason: I could only hope so.

Tommy: What?

Jason: Guys. It’s 9 at night. Can’t this wait another time? I have a lot going on right now. I-I can’t always be there for you guys to hold your hands and give you the feel goods. At some point you’re gonna have to deal with your own problems.

Tommy: But why? I need you now.

Billy: …I believe my issue is of more pressing concern.

Kimberly: Wait, hold the phone…

Jason: …

Kimberly: Is everything okay Jason? What do you mean you have a lot going on?

Jason: (Sighs) Well…

“I can’t believe I was so stupid.”

(Right on cue, Trini barges in.)

Trini: What was I thinking? I’m so disgusted with myself. I had every red flag in the world right in front of me, but no. I thought I was special. I’m so stupid. I’m done watching stupid Molly Ringwald movies.

Jason: (Sighs) What now?

Trini: What?

(Finally bursting out of her bubble, she looks around at the crowded porch.)

Trini: Why is everyone else here?

(Just then however, Jason’s communicator goes off. An exasperated smirk comes over his face.)

Jason: I can’t believe it.

(He quietly steps outside and closes the door behind him before answering the call.)

Jason: We read you.

Zordon: Jason, report to the command center immediately. This matter is urgent.

Jason: (Exhales) Of course it is. We’re on our way.

(He disconnects before looking to the others. Having to be forced to switch gears, Jason struggles to put on his game face as they teleport to the command center where the alarms continue to blare. Zack and Robbie are already there. The latter of which sticks to the back of the group.)

Alpha: Aye-ya-ya-ya-yai.

Billy: What is it Alpha?

Alpha: Look at the viewing globe.

(They turn and witness the hideous looking enemy, already grown, hovering eagerly over Angel Grove like a kid in a toy store. Zordon elaborates.)

Zordon: Rita has summoned Mutitus. A powerful enemy.

Zack: (Checks watch) It’s 9 o’clock at night. When does Rita attack so late?

Kimberly: Yeah, I assume she’s already in bed by now.

Billy: There’s gotta be something more to this.

Zordon: Your suspicions may be valid, Billy. I fear Rita might have something up her sleeve. She could be trying to run out the solar energy that fuels the Zords.

Trini: And then who knows what she’ll spring out with.

(Jason looks on blankly. With everything else weighing on his mind, he understands the fate of Angel Grove is at stake in this potentially high stakes battle. He forces his other stressors out of mind for now and puts on his “leader” face.)

Jason: Then we’re gonna have to attack hard, and fast. Give Mutitus everything we’ve got. Before Rita can has a chance to get to phase two.

Tommy: Whatever that is.

(Zack leans toward Jason and whispers in his ear.)

Zack: You okay Jase?

Jason: I have to be.

(Despite not having full context, the exchange manages to raise a few eyebrows.)

Zordon: Practice caution rangers, and may the power protect you.

Jason: It’s morphin time.






“Saber Toothed Tiger”


(Wasting no time, the rangers are off and teleport to the nearest tall building. They eye the sun setting in the distance and get right to work.)

Jason: Alright guys, we don’t have much time. We need Dinozord power, now!

(With a huge blast, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames, roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. From an icy tundra, the Mastodon rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. From the desert during a wild sandstorm, the Triceratops races right through it. From the top of a hill the ferocious Saber-toothed Tiger jumps down to a rainforest and rips through anything in sight. And erupting through a volcano, pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by his team…)

Jason: Log on.

(The five mighty Zords run together, preparing to become one. The Saber-toothed tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. The Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers now all appear in a larger cockpit, ready to complete transformation.)

Jason: Activating Megazord Battle Mode.


“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

“Megazord activated.”

(On the ground, Robbie calls for the StegaZord…)

Robbie: I call upon the power of the Stegosaurus!

(In a faraway tropical forest, the prehistoric beast bursts through and climbs out to march into battle. From the Zord’s cockpit, Robbie readies it for combat mode. The Zord stops dead in its tracks, and begins to rise all the way to its hind legs. Its front paws sticks out before flip inside of itself, revealing clenched fists from the other side. Its long, plated tail stiffens and starts to rise up connecting plate side out against its back with the tip resting on top of its head. The Zord lets out one final roar as it gets in fighting stance.)

Robbie: StegaZord, combat ready!

(And from the top of the skyscraper, Tommy plays a familiar tune on his Dragon flute, summoning the Dragonzord from Angel Grove harbor. It rises in a Godzilla-like manner and quickly joins the rest of the team as they prepare for combat.)

Kimberly: Oh man, he’s even uglier up close.

Jason: Just give up, ham head. You’re outnumbered three on one.

Mutitus: Yeah? Well I like those odds.

(Mutitus runs into the crowd swinging wildly. He connects with the Megazord, but gets blindsided by the StegaZord. Mutitus turns around to drill Robbie, but likewise is stopped by the others. The monster quickly loses momentum as he gets bopped around between the two. Tommy jumps in, commanding the Dragonzord to take him down with a tail whip that connects)

Mutitus: Ugh.

Billy: Sun is setting in about five minutes. After that our energy reserves will start to deplete.

Robbie: Yeah, you may want to wrap it up unless you want a two parter on your hands.

Jason: I need the power sword!

(The mighty power sword falls from the sky and lands facing down. The Megazord pulls it from the ground and readies for its final attack.)

Jason: Let’s finish him!

(The Megazord winds up for the final slash, twirling its arm around ominously. Mutitus gets up, but without room to breathe the rangers unleash a devastating cut across the abdomen.)

Mutitus: Ugh! That stings…

(Mutitus tumbles backwards, but does not blow up into a ball of flame. Instead, he gets right back up.)

Jason: He’s still standing!

Billy: We’re at 90% energy reserves.

Jason: (Sighs) Great. Perfect time for Rita to send a heavy hitter.

Billy: 89%.

Robbie: Let’s bring them together. We need the StegaMegazord.

(The StegaZord disassembles from both the shoulder up with spinal plates and the knee cap down as it begins transformation. The Megazord leaps into the air and disassembles from the kneecap down and lands into the StegaZord’s feet. The former’s shoulders and back plates land over the Megazord as the head folds in, creating a shield. Finally the StegaZord’s tail disconnects, stiffening up and acting as a plated sword as the StegaMegaZord completed transformation. Robbie joins the others in the cockpit.)

Robbie: Robbie here.

Trini: (Mumbles) …joy.

Jason: Alright, let’s give it to him.


(All 6 rangers lift their right hand in the air in unison before miming a chopping motion straight downward. The Zord follows suit; lifting the StegaBlade over its shoulder with both hands before emphatically swinging it downward, hitting dead on. The monster tumbles forward, but it seems…)

Jason: What?!

Mutitus: Haha. Try again, rangers.

(He is still alive. Atop a skyscraper, Tommy readies to help.)

Tommy: Now it’s my turn.

“Why hello Tommy.”

Tommy: Huh?

(Behind him however, he hears a chillingly familiar voice. Rita joins him from atop the tower with her, and formerly his, entire crew.)

Rita: Long time no see, huh?

Tommy: …

Rita: Or maybe not. As I hear, I’ve been running all over your mind. Ahahaha.

(Clearly unnerved, Tommy can’t help but breathe heavily as his heart pounds through his armor. From inside the cockpits, the rest of the team takes notice.)

Trini: Look!

Kimberly: It’s Rita.

Zack: Oh man. That’s not a good sign.

Kimberly: Tommy! Get out of there now.

(But it appears he is frozen in place.)

Rita: Having some buyer’s remorse, eh? Don’t feel too bad. You’re welcomed back at any time, with open arms.

Tommy: No! That’ll never happen!

(Almost defensively, Tommy leaps away from the building and lands atop the Dragonzord. He hops aboard the cockpit where he feels safer.)

Kimberly: Face it Rita. He’s with us now.

Rita: Oh phooey. That wasn’t even why I was here anyway.

Jason: What?

Rita: Believe this, power punks Mutitus is nothing compared to the monster I have installed for you next. Beware the terror of Lokar!

(Finally answering her summons, thunder claps in the now nighttime sky and the clouds form together. Lokar, a giant, mysterious spiky head… something, for lack of a better word, appears.)

Jason: What's that?

Robbie: It’s a trap!

Zack: Rita's learned some new tricks.

Rita: Prepare to meet your destiny, Rangers. What Lokar's breath of doom does to my monsters and it'll blow you away. Aha!

(On command, Lokar blows a hurricane like wind at the three Zords, blowing them away like paper. They crash against a mountain, falling through it and landing on top of one another.)

Billy: We’re taking damage!

Kimberly: How do we beat that thing?

Zack: It’s just a giant head.

Billy: We’re down to 50% reserves! Whatever we do we need to do it fast.

Rita: O Great Lokar, bend to my will. May your breath make Mutitus more horrible still.

(On her command, Mutitus grows more powerful, and even uglier, by Lokar merely willing it to happen. While still grounded, the rangers see the grim developments.)

Zack: This is not good at all.

Jason: Man. Talk about having a lousy day.

Billy: What do we do Jason? We’re bleeding energy.

Jason: I… I don’t know…

(Mutitus then proceeds to wreck the rangers, swinging his mace at both Zord’s and easily blocking any offense. After a lightning fast turnaround, it is the rangers who are now reeling.)

Trini: We’re taking damage!

Jason: I know!

Billy: 35%....

Jason: You don’t need to give me running commentary, Billy!

Billy: …

Zack: We’re hurt badly. We don’t stand a chance.

Tommy: We need to get rid of them quick, before they get rid of us.

Kimberly: I wish there were some easy trick to get rid of them.

Trini: Wait, I think I’ve got it!

Jason: What?

(Seemingly out of thin air, Trini reaches behind her and pulls out the device she was working on earlier.)

Kimberly: What is that?

Trini: A new device I cooked up. An inter-dimensional transporter. We can get rid of Mutitus and Lokar with one trigger pull.

Kimberly: Since when do you built things?

Zack: Is that thing even safe?

Billy: Have you tested it?

Jason: Doesn’t matter. It may be our only hope.

(Billy eyes the energy reserves at 20% and concedes to Jason’s judgment.)

Jason: Go for it, Trini.

Trini: Right.

(Nervously, she points the device forward like a hug and hugs the trigger.)

Trini: Hope you’ve packed your bags. You’re in for a long trip.

(She fires a single show. However instead of shooting forward, the device blows outward. Instantly, the cockpit is engulfed in an electric wall that short circuits the controls and sets off several flames.)


Jason: What’s happening?!

Zack: My skin! It’s on fire!!

Robbie: Oh no!

Tommy: You guys!

(Instinctively, the Dragonzord reachs out to save the Megazord, but the effects on the Megazord spread to Tommy upon contact.)


Finster: Oh my.

Goldar: What’s happening my empress?

Rita: I don’t know, but I love it!

Jason: Brace yourself!

(The just like that, the rangers, and the Zords, disappear. This sets off a major panic at the command center…)

Alpha: Aye-ya-ya-ya-yai! What just happened?! Where are they?

Zordon: I do not know Alpha.

Alpha: What has Rita done now?

Zordon: This was not Rita, Alpha. I’m afraid I do not know who is responsible for this.

Alpha: I have to find them, Zordon. I just have to.

Zordon: Please do. For in the interim, both Angel Grove and the rest of the world are completely defenseless against Rita and her magic.

Alpha: Aye-ya-yai.

(Alpha continues to scramble nervously, however his greatest fears appear to have become reality. The rangers are nowhere to be found…)


(Coughs) …Ugh.

Ah man…

(Later, after an undiscernible amount of time, the now unmorphed rangers begin to wake up to the sound of a brisk wind and the feeling of sand brushing on their faces. Completely opposite of downtown Angel Grove, they start to rise.)

Robbie: Ugh.

Zack: Are you okay?

Kimberly: I think so?

(Coming to, they find themselves in the middle of what appears to be a desert island. Trees as high as the mountains they crashed through earlier. Still wounded from battle the rangers struggle to get back to their feet. Robbie walks over to try and aide Trini, though she gets up on her own without so much as an acknowledgement.)

Kimberly: What… just happened?

Jason: I-I don’t know. I just… I just panicked. I froze.

Kimberly: No I mean… Where are we? Trini… that device you just used… what’d it do?

Trini: I don’t know. It was supposed to teleport Rita’s monsters to a different dimension. But… I mean. I must’ve miscalculated.

Zack: That would seem to be an understatement.

Robbie: It must’ve backfired. It sent us instead.

Kimberly: Are we even in Angel Grove?

Robbie: I doubt we’re even on earth. At least as we know it.

Kimberly: Can we get back?

Trini: We should be able to. I just need to…

(Her eyes wander just ahead of her. To her horror she finds the device on the floor, broken in two.)

Trini: Oh no… what did I do…?

(She rushes over and falls to her knees to examine it. Meanwhile Jason, who appears shell shocked, remains on the ground.)

Jason: What did I do? I could’ve gotten us out of that. I just… I locked up.

Zack: Don’t beat yourself up man, you’re human. Just help us find out where we are and how we can get back to Angel Grove.

(Zack tries to console his best friend and helps Jason back up.)

Kimberly: Can you let Billy look at it? He might be able to fix it.

Trini: …

Robbie: Say, speaking of which, where is Billy?

Zack: …Billy?

Jason: Billy?!

(Meanwhile, not too far away, Billy wakes up on his own. He looks around and is overcome with the feeling of isolation.)

Billy: Hello? You guys?

(He dusts himself off and gets up.)

Billy: Where am I?

(Fear creeps over him being all alone in a foreign place, with no clue how to get back or even where he is. He walks backwards to take it all in, but he feels a bump behind him.)

Billy: Huh?

“Welcome, Blue ranger.”

(He runs into Rita, backed by an army of Putty patrollers.)

Billy: Rita! Wh-where am I?

Rita: Your worst nightmare, ahaha.

(Instinctively he reaches for his morpher, which isn’t there.)

Rita: Forget it, you’re totally powerless here.

Billy: Where are my friends? What have you done with them?

Rita: They’ve all been captured. Their powers stolen from them.

(He looks around and finds the Putty patrollers, each of them wearing Black militia costumes and what appears to be helmets styled after the Mastodon dino-helmet.)

Rita: All but one. Welcome back, a very dear friend.

Billy: …

(The evil green ranger appears through the crowd. Billy instantly feels outmatched.)

Billy: (gasps) Tommy!

Tommy: The Tommy you know is no more. I have given into my greater impulses and have re-joined with my empress. Together, we will unite the world under one rule.

Billy: …

Tommy: Now, the last thing in my way between total domination is you, blue ranger?

Billy: Me?

Tommy: Save your breath and concede victory to me. The superior fighter.

Billy: …

(Worried about the fate resting on his shoulders he doesn’t realize he’s beginning to fade into transparency from the bottom up.)

Trini: Billy!!!

Tommy: What’s happening?!

Kimberly: Billy!!!

(He doesn’t appear to see the ranger’s right next to him and unharmed, including Tommy, pleading with him to come to his senses. He continues to panic until he vanishes entirely, and is no more.)

Trini: NOOOOOO!!!!

To Be Continued.

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I love how, like me, you use actual screencaps from the show!
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Glad you like it, Angie.

Any thoughts on the chapter?
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...Well that was intense.

Great stuff here, as usual. Interested to read more.
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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

Glad you like it, Angie.

Any thoughts on the chapter?
You did a great job! =D Alpha seems very determined to save his friends.

Alpha: Aye-ya-ya-ya-yai! What just happened?! Where are they?

Zordon: I do not know Alpha.

Alpha: What has Rita done now?

Zordon: This was not Rita, Alpha. I’m afraid I do not know who is responsible for this.

Alpha: I have to find them, Zordon. I just have to.

Zordon: Please do. For in the interim, both Angel Grove and the rest of the world are completely defenseless against Rita and her magic.

Alpha: Aye-ya-yai.
Tommy: The Tommy you know is no more. I have given into my greater impulses and have re-joined with my empress. Together, we will unite the world under one rule.
Ohm it's ON now! =D

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Fan Fiction Author
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GreenMystechRanger wrote: View Post

...Well that was intense.

Great stuff here, as usual. Interested to read more.
Thanks! Glad to see you back.

AngieYaz wrote: View Post

You did a great job! =D Alpha seems very determined to save his friends.

Ohm it's ON now! =D
Haha. Yes it is.
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Haha. Yes it is.
Now the Rangers have to get rid of him.
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