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Hi all new here....
Saw this tgread and had to comment.
I think the modern shows definitely bore me. My kids too to a certain extent, my eldest lad loves megazords, but not the show.
I used to love the struggle in mmpr/zyuranger, the megazord would take a good bashing before eventual victory, it was down to strategy. When dragonzord took on the megazord in green with evil, it was shocking and felt like real stakes to my young mind. I also liked seeing the individual zords take on the oversized villains, especially in the zyuranger footage. Its nice to have a difference in the battle rather than a lather rinse repeat.... but this is the same in most kids shows, especially 80s and 90s heman, thundercats etc. I think the adukt mind just picks up on it more.
The whole formula is repetitive> fight the monster> morph to fight monster> have him on the ropes/beat him> monster grows> summon zords (often cut scene to megazord without any zord action> beat monster.

I still love the show and as a parent of two lads who watch it, i get to see it anew through their eyes. I see some on here saying fast forward or skip the zord battles, but to me the mecha are the best part of the show... even with the repetition.
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