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Bring It On~
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Bring It On~
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Just finished it. I was a little confused with the finale until the last 4 minutes. I was like, "where is the continuity in all of this?" and then boom. Though I must admit, the scenes with Batman are pretty cool. Lots of cool references.

This seemed more like a build-up season. It took the time to really flesh out characters. It has a very distinct theme of "finding one's self"- Dick struggling with his duo identities, Kory wanting to find who she is in a literal sense, Rachel learning about who she is and Gar coming to terms with his powers. I do wish we had more Hawk and Dove. There are some holes in the origin story and the relationship between Dawn and Dick. And what's with the "WE NEED TO FIND JASON TODD!" and then never finding Jason Todd. Or that weird Rachel vision thing that alerted them in the past? I need answers...

Nonetheless, it was a quick and good watch. Looking forward to Doom Patrol and season 2. Fun characters with a lot of potential.
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