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Island of Illusions Part 2 should be out sometime next week! It's taking longer than usual since these are completely original chapters, like I normally put out, rather than re-writes with a base I can work from.

How do you guys like the prequel so far? Honest feedback.

And don't worry, as you can already tell from the episode listing in the front page, I'll be back to all original chapters come season 4. What I have planned to write should make for a long emotional rollercoaster with a satisfying conclusion to my long running coming of age. I wanted to write this prequel not only to give me a mental break, but to add some new elements for my characters to build off of in season 4. Keep an eye out for what exactly!
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Craig Evans
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Awesome work as always. Tommy's nightmares in this story are an especially interesting plot element and effectively add to the early Green Ranger arc era from Green With Evil through Green Candle. Tommy's nightmares before his first green power loss remind me of the nightmares he had before his final green power loss in early season 2. However the main difference is that in your Island Of Illusions, Tommy's nightmares were about being turned evil again whilst those of early season 2 were about Tommy losing his powers in battle.

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Thanks Craig! Always nice to hear from you.

Sorry I'm late with the next chapter by the way. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and want to make sure it's just right before release.
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Prequel - Episode 29: Island of Illusions Part 2

“Noo!! I can’t do it… I can’t!!!”

(We pick up where we left off - A panicked Billy face to face with Rita, a militia of putty patrollers clad in black Mastodon armor and what appears to be the evil green ranger.)

Evil Green Ranger: You’re all that’s left, blue ranger. And let’s face it. There’s nothing a weakling like you can do to stop me. Mwahahahaha!

Billy: N-no!


Jason: Billy, no!!

(Unbeknownst to Billy however, the rest of the team, including Tommy, are standing right beside him. Watching him evaporate from the bottom up.)

Billy: Ahhhh…!!!

Evil Green Ranger: Mwahahahahahaha!

(Billy cowers into a ball as he falls out of sight. His screams grow faint and then disappear, dismaying his friends.)

Trini: Nooooo!!

Kimberly: He’s… he’s gone!

Tommy: Billy!!

Jason: He just disappeared into thin air…

Robbie: He couldn’t have…

Zack: Billy!!!!

(Equally troubled, Alpha and Zordon look on at the viewing globe in horror as the StegaMegazord and the Dragonzord simply vanish from their battle with Lokar and Mutitus in downtown Angel Grove.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai! Zordon! What just happened?!

Zordon: I do not know Alpha.

Alpha: This is not good, Zordon. This is not good!

Zordon: Please calm down, Alpha. We must scan the earth for matching power levels and return them to Angel Grove. With Rita currently on the attack, there is no telling what she will do.
(Speaking of Rita, it dawns on the empress of evil while standing atop a skyscraper with her goons that she is all alone. The rangers are nowhere in sight and they are free to plan their next move…)

Goldar: We have Angel Grove completely defenseless!

Baboo: We’re like a fat kid in an empty candy store. We can do whatever we want to it!

Squatt: Oh boy, how exciting!

Goldar: What shall we do my empress? Shall I instruct Mutitus to launch a full on attack on the city?

Rita: …

Goldar: Should I get some putties and commence the enslavement of mankind?

Rita: Hmm…

Goldar: Shall I hijack a news channel and inform the public of their impending doom?

Rita: No. We do nothing.

Goldar: Eh?

Rita: We just stand here.

(On her command, Mutitus and Lokar remain perfectly still, looking on a defenseless Angel Grove without taking any action whatsoever.)

Baboo: That’ll show em!

(Meanwhile, back in the desert island, after some time has passed, the un-morphed teens continue to look around desperately for any clue as to their, or Billy’s whereabouts.)

Zack: Man. Where the heck are we?

Kimberly: I don’t care where we are? How do we get back home?

Jason: Well we can’t teleport. We can’t morph either.

(Robbie stares at the crashing waves of the massive ocean in front of him. He briefly considers a daring escape plan. All the while, Trini sits away from the others on top of a fallen log. She’s studies her broken device to try and figure out what went wrong. But with no resources and the rush of panic and adrenaline, Trini is essentially staring blankly at something that she hopes eventually makes sense.)

Trini: (Sighs) …

(Silently, she wishes Billy were here to bail her out of this mess she feels she created. But on the outside she looks more worried about the sun setting in the sky.)

Trini: It’s getting really cold you guys.

Jason: Yeah. We may need to get some firewood to keep from freezing to death.

Tommy: Good idea.

(Jason starts walking into the forested area not far behind the beach. Everyone instinctively follows their leader, but Jason makes it a point to stop Trini from getting up from her seat.)

Jason: No. Not you.

Trini: Huh?

Jason: We need you to fix that thing.

Trini: Oh. Right. Sorry.

Jason: Let’s go guys.

(Trini slouches back down as the others walk away. She returns to her meaningless pokes and prods of the device. Robbie trails behind, slowly wandering over to her.)

Robbie: (Scratches neck) Uh… hey.

Trini: Hey.

(He’s met with a chilling coldness from a Trini who is so caught up with herself she does not even look up.)

Robbie: Do you… need any help from me? I helped build this thing. Sort of.

Trini: It’s okay.

Robbie: Okay. Are you alright?

Trini: I’m fine.

(Expecting her to say more Robbie pauses to let her speak. Instead it only becomes a rather awkward silence as he feels hung out to dry. Eventually, he speaks up again.)

Robbie: Don’t take it too hard. Billy could have easily made this same mistake.

Trini: But he didn’t.

Robbie: Yeah... I mean... l-look at it this way, if Tommy disappears we’d actually be better off.

Trini: Now’s not the time for jokes, Robbie.

(She still doesn’t look up. And she only appears to get angrier the more he talks. Finally, he turns to the woods and throws his arms up.)

Robbie: Guess I’ll go get firewood.

(He shakes his head and walks off. Accepting the fate their newfound relationship has quickly deteriorated to. As he leaves, he mutters something under his breath, but audible enough for Trini to hear.)

Robbie: I tried. Go screw yourself then.

(Meanwhile, back at the command center, Alpha continues to come up empty…)

Alpha: Zordon, I can’t find them. I’ve scoured every crevasse on earth and they’re not coming up.

Zordon: They could not have simply disappeared Alpha.

Alpha: I don’t know what else to tell you.

Zordon: Begin searching through alternate dimensions. It is a stretch, but if they are still alive, they will turn up eventually.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. That’s a big “if…”

(Despite his doubts, Alpha dutifully continues his search. Meanwhile, back on the desert island, Jason, Zack, Robbie, Kim and Tommy go out in search of firewood to keep from freezing.)

Jason: (Carrying a load) This should be enough…

Zack: (Carrying a load) Yeah. This is what I can carry at least.

Kimberly: Hey look you guys! Furniture!

(Kim excitedly points out into a curiously hollowed out section in the forest, which seems to be set up like a living room – with a sofa, TV and even picture hanging from trees.)

Kimberly: Does somebody live here?

(The other teens slowly join her, and raise a few eyebrows.)

Tommy: What are you talking about Kim? I don’t see anything?

Kimberly: No? Look… What?

(Oddly, she turns back to an image of herself, sitting calmly on the couch. Blankly sifting through a magazine. Her “husband,” in full police uniform, enters the home…)

Skull: Hey babe.

Kimberly: Hey.

(The real Kim looks on, appearing confused and slightly troubled.)

Kimberly: What is this?! What is going on?

Jason: What?

Robbie: Is she losing it?

Tommy: I-I don’t see anything…


Skull: How was work?

Kimberly: Fine.

(Kimberly answers monotonously and doesn’t bother to even look up from her magazine. Skull, who was fishing for reciprocation, power through...)

Skull: I-I uh… got promoted to captain today!

Kimberly: Oh yeah?

Skull: Yeah! I’m real excited. The boys are already calling me captain obvious.

Kimberly: …

Skull: Cause I uh… say things people already know.

Kimberly: Thanks. I got that.

(Kimberly… the real Kimberly, appears to be in a full on panic by what she sees.)

Kimberly: (Heavy breathing) Please make this stop. I don’t wanna see anymore.

Jason: Make what stop?!

Zack: Kim! I think you might be imagining things… (Gasps) like Billy!

Tommy: Oh no, you need to snap out of it Kim!

(The guys crowd around Kim to try and get her attention. But her eyes remain fixed on her hallucination, which continues…)
Skull: So uh… I was thinking… I could start saving money now and uh… we could uh… have a…

Kimberly: …

Skull: A baby?

Kimberly: Me? Oh no. I will never be pregnant.

Skull: …

Kimberly: Not for long at least.

Skull: Okay? I just thought…

Kimberly: Are we done here? I’m bored more than I love you.

Skull: Oh… okay. I’ll go start dinner.

(He sulks into a kitchen that doesn’t exist, muttering something as he leaves.)

Skull: “Congrats on the promotion, honey.”

(Kimberly continues reading her magazine, never once looking up.)

Kimberly: I wasn’t promoted. Idiot.

(Next to her, a phone connected to nothing rings. She answers.)

Kimberly: Hello?

(She pauses momentarily as a grin comes across her face.)

Kimberly: (Seductively) Hey big guy…

(On the other side of the call, Bulk appears.)

Bulk: Hey babe.

(Back in reality, a dismayed Kim starts to vanish.)

Kimberly: Nooooo!!!! Please!!!

Zack: Kimberly!!

Tommy: Kimberly, look at me. Please look away! It’s not real.

(Meanwhile, in the hallucination...)

Kimberly: Uh… I love it when you call me that.

Bulk: So. (Munches gum) What are you eating?

Kimberly: (Seductively) Nothing…

Bulk: Ugh. So sexy.

Kimberly: You?

Bulk: A ham sandwich.

Kimberly: Oh yeah. Eat it for me baby. Eat it for me.

Bulk: I will…

Kimberly: Eat it for me baby…

Bulk: Oh yeah.

Kimberly: Yeah!

(He shoves the sandwich in his mouth as the real Kimberly screams for her life. The rangers try desperately to save her, grabbing her arms to try and keep her from disappearing.)


(Sometime later, the teens find themselves sitting around a campfire. With looks of despondency in their eyes, all for different reasons, they stare off silently into the dark night that surrounds the island.)

Kimberly: …

Tommy: …

Jason: …

Trini: …

(With Kimberly’s episode seemingly behind her, she looks to get the ball rolling conversation-wise.)

Kimberly: So… How’s… everyone doing?

(She’s met with dagger-like stares however and quickly retreats.)

Kimberly: Sorry I asked…

(She drops her head back toward the floor and allows the silence to take over again. Tommy then sits up and speaks out.)

Tommy: We’re gonna get out of here you guys. And we’re gonna find Billy. We’ve survived through worse.

Jason: Have we?

Tommy: …I uh…

(Stunned to hear defeat from his supposed fearless leader, Tommy hunches back down, deflated.)

Kimberly: Wait. I have an idea.

(Kim perks back up.)

Kimberly: What happened to me was all in my mind, right? It was a figment of my worst nightmares.


(Robbie chimes in…)

Robbie: That was your worst nightmare? Geez, we really do live in separate worlds.

Kimberly: …

Robbie: And here I’m worried about the Crips showing up on this island.

Kimberly: …like I was saying, maybe if this is something that happened to Billy, it could happen to any of us.

(Trini butts in, who looks to be on the verge of tears.)

Trini: Do we really need to dwell on our situation, Kim? I’m sorry I brought you her--

Kimberly: Can I finish?! Is that okay?

Trini: …

Tommy: Please let Kim finish you guys.

Kimberly: Thank you. My point is, if I was talked down from disappearing. Maybe we can… prevent it, you know? Like a contraception, so to speak.

Robbie: (Snickers) You would know…

Tommy: That’s actually… not a bad idea. Maybe we can use this time to open up about what our greatest fear is?

Kimberly: Yeah. And we can talk about how we don’t have a reason to fear it.

Robbie: You mean a group therapy session? With you people? I don’t think so. I’d rather disappear.

Kimberly: (Mutters) That makes two of us.

Robbie: You expect me, an emotional shut in, to just open up about my life story after a comment like that? Where should I start, Sigmund? Abuse or mental illness?

Jason: You shouldn’t make light of those things. You never know who might actually be suffering with them.

Robbie: You mean like me?!

Jason: …

(The fighting then quickly subsides and falls into silence again. Everyone goes back to their figurative camps to hide out. Yet Kimberly remains determined...)

Kimberly: My parents are divorced. Or they’re divorcing.

Robbie: …

Tommy: …

Kimberly: And it sucks. I mean, it’s not lost on me how fortunate I’ve been throughout my life. I’m not that blind with privilege. I have it pretty good. But my parents splitting has absolutely crushed me. It made me feel like anyone could leave me at any moment. They were the best couple in the world to me, so who am I to think that any friendship…

(She looks down to avoid looking at anyone in particular...)

Kimberly: Or any relationship for that matter, would survive?

Tommy: …

Kimberly: I barely see my dad anymore. I mean I love him, but… he’s off doing his own thing with another family. That was really tough on me for a while. I felt like I had no one to trust. I sometimes still have to remind myself that I should trust you guys.

(It falls silent again. Tommy is quick to rub her back consolingly as the others begin reflecting on what Kimberly said. They exchange meaningful looks with one another, unaware of these feelings. Robbie eventually speaks up again.)

Robbie: My dad split a couple years back.

(Surprised to hear him speak, everyone remains quiet and gives him the floor.)

Robbie: I guess he was never really with my mom for him to split. I only got to see him once a month as it was. I used to think he was there to visit me. But really, he was just there to drop off child support and beg for a quickie with my mom. But once a month, I felt like I had a real family. Like on TV. Then one day I talked back to him. And I never saw him again.

Trini: …

Zack: What was the argument about?

(Robbie waves him off as if to dismiss his reason.)

Robbie: Eh… it’s… it wasn’t anything serious.

Kimberly: What was it?

Robbie: (Sighs) I don’t know. I guess I have this… friend, overseas, okay? You can call her a pen pal. And one day I told my mom I was gonna visit her. She refused, and we got into a fight. I held my ground, she held hers. My dad just happened to stop by and she told him to speak to me. And I laughed in his face.

Zack: …

Robbie: “I haven’t seen you in months,” I said. “And you think you can just walk in here and ‘lay down the law?’ Who do you think you are? Better yet, who are you? Cause I sure don’t know who you are.”

Jason: …

Robbie: I walked into my room and locked the door on him in protest. He left eventually and never came back. I never said goodbye to him or anything. He was just gone. I bet money he wouldn’t have done this with any of his other kids.

Trini: …

Robbie: (Shrugs) I guess it’s tough to invest yourself in relationships when even your parents split on you.

Kimberly: Yeah… it’s rough.

(The pieces to Robbie’s puzzle finally became a little clearer to everyone else. Suddenly he stops being the jerk who refuses to play along, but a human with a legitimate reason for his mistrust of the world. No one has anything to say that might make him feel reassured in a matter of seconds. But Jason makes it a point to grip his shoulder, as if to silently acknowledge what he is saying.)

Trini: …

(On the other end of the bonfire, Trini appears devastated. Her eyes dart all over the floor, as if putting the pieces together. Too caught up in everything being perfect for herself, she neglected to consider that sometimes people won’t fit her expectations perfectly, or meet her lofty fantasies.)

Robbie: (Gulps) I guess if I start to vanish. You can tell me how I’m really not all alone. How I have all of you to lean on and give me that unconditional support. (Laughs) Lie to me, I guess.

(Robbie was right when he insisted she didn’t truly know him. She had an idea of the person she thought she had a crush on. And the idea everyone else had of him being a hardened simpleton. But he is neither. And her walking out on him suddenly carries a lot more weight than she originally thought.)

Trini: Robbie… I’m…

(But before Trini can get her words out, Jason uses Robbie’s shoulder as leverage to stand up and speak.)

Jason: My mom has cancer.

Kimberly: What?!

Tommy: Jason…

Robbie: Oh wow.

Jason: (Sighs) Yeah. She was diagnosed yesterday. An honestly, I feel like I can’t get a toehold on life anymore. I just… I feel like I want to give up on everything.

Kimberly: Oh my gosh Jason, I’m so sorry.

Robbie: Let us know how we can help you.

Jason: …

(And suddenly everyone rallies around Jason, whose pleas for help get answered by his friends…)

Tommy: You guys… (Sighs) I’ve been having these dreams lately…

Robbie: No one cares.

(Meanwhile back at the command center, Alpha seems to have made a breakthrough.)

Alpha: I’ve… I’ve found them Zordon. I think I’ve found them!

Zordon: Good. Try to pull up an image.

Alpha: Way ahead of you.

(He successfully pulls up an image of the rangers embracing one another around a campfire. The image of their safety is reassuring, but it begs one question…)

Alpha: Yes, it’s them! But… where are they?

Zordon: It appears they are lost in the Island of Illusions, Alpha. It is a pocket dimension meant for intergalactic prisoners.

Alpha: That’s not good…. Is it?

Zordon: No it is not. Even worse, it is in essence a torture chamber. Meant to drive those sentenced to this island into insanity via their own worst nightmares. It is considered so cruel, that the Interstellar Justice Center has discontinued its use.

(Alpha lets it all sink in as he continues to stare at the viewing globe.)

Alpha: Zordon…?

Zordon: Yes Alpha?

Alpha: Are the prisoners still on the island?

(Back on the Island, the teens go back into the woods in one last attempt to find Billy before it becomes too dark.)

Jason: Billy!!

Tommy: Billy!

Kimberly: Where are you Billy?

Jason: (Sighs) He’s got to be here somewhere.

Zack: Don’t worry man. We’re gonna get him. And we’re gonna get out of here. You’ve lead us through worse.

Jason: Thanks bro.

Zack: Don’t mention it.

Tommy: Yeah, soon enough we’ll be back in Angel Grove and you’ll be back home with your mom.

Robbie: And let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help with your family.

Jason: It’s okay. You guys… have done more than enough. Thanks again for agreeing to chip some money together for her.

Zack: Medical care is tough. And expensive. If we can make a dent in it we will.

Jason: Thanks…

Tommy: Hey, if you want I can donate some of my hair to help her through chemo.

Jason: (Grins) No thanks. She’s suffered enough.

Tommy: (Laughs) I see how it is.

(Suddenly, they hear a rustling…)

Kimberly: (Gasps) What was that?!

Jason: Billy?

Zack: Is that you, main brain?

Robbie: Billy??

(Again rustling is heard. This time it’s coupled with footsteps. Many of them.)

Zack: Something tells me it’s not Billy.

Kimberly: I’m scared.

Tommy: Stay close.

Jason: You guys, we stick together.


Kimberly: Righ—AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

(Just then, Kim get a furious pull from behind than yanks her toward a hideously thin, wart faced creature.)

“Aha! Fresh meat!”

Kimberly: Tommy help!!

Tommy: Kimberly!!

Jason: Grab her!

(The teens spring in to rescue Kimberly, but just then several more monsters pour out of the woods to surprise attack the boys. Most of them turn around and face their own enemies while Tommy breaks free to focus on saving Kim.)

Tommy: Get back here.

(He leaps over their heads and blocks the creature’s path. He let’s go of Kimberly to swipe at Tommy but, but he’s met with a lightning fast swipe, followed by a double palmed drill to the guy and spinning heel kick to knock him over easily.)

Kimberly: Oh my gosh.

Tommy: You alright?

Kimberly: I’m fine. Thank you.

(Zack squares off with another gremlin and is able to easily outmaneuver him with his hip hop aikido. Completely unable to keep up, Zack finishes him with a bicycle kick. Robbie lands two wild haymakers to an unkempt looking wolf monster who fails to block himself. Robbie then kicks him behind the knee to know him over and punches him in the gut to maim him. Jason takes on several at one time grabbing two on each side while kicking down an enemy in front of him. Then without breaking a sweat he turns to his right for a roundhouse kick, then turns to his left to do the same, but that enemy sneaks away…)


Jason: Huh?

(Finding his targets more trouble than they’re worth, he rallies the rest of his clan as they hightail it back into the woods.)

Kimberly: That was weird.

Jason: You guys okay?

Robbie: (Huffing) Yeah.

Tommy: I’m fine.

Zack: I somehow doubt they’re alone.

Kimberly: He kept calling me “fresh meat.” Do you think they were gonna eat me?

Robbie: That’s not the fresh meat that I know about…

Kimberly: What do you mean?

Robbie: (Gasps) Trini…

(Suddenly concerned for her safety, Robbie blows past the others and rushes back to the campsite. When he gets close, he exhaustedly falls behind a tree to catch his breath. After a brief respite, he peeks his head over the side to make sure she’s okay.)

Robbie: Trini…

(She’s unharmed, but appears to be sobbing into her palms. Her teleportation device is thrown on the floor in defeat.)

Robbie: Trini? Are… you alright?

(He slowly steps around the tree to head toward the campsite, but becomes dismayed when an unobstructed view reveals Trini disappearing from the bottom up.)

Robbie: (Gasps) …!

(In a panic he rushes over to grab hold of her, but falls through her like he were grabbing a ghost. He quickly gets back up and flails his arms worryingly.)

Trini: (Sobbing) It’s useless. I’m never getting us home…

Robbie: Trini! Trini, please…

Trini: I’m so stupid. I ruined everything. I’m horrible.

Robbie: No you’re not! Please don’t go.

(Robbie pleads, but Trini seems to be lost in a cloud of guilt self-doubt.)

Trini: This is all my fault. I put us all into this mess… I’m the reason Billy’s gone. I made that stupid invention that I don’t even know how to fix.

(She tries to kick the device in anger, but her foot is no longer there.)

Robbie: I-I mean. You’ll figure it out. Don’t beat yourself up. You just wanted to help beat Rita…

Trini: I wanted to beat Billy.

Robbie: …

Trini: It was vain and stupid attempt to be perfect at everything. I wanted everything, and I just messed up everything. Now everyone hates me. You hate me.

Robbie: No I don’t, Trini. You can’t go. Please. I-I can’t do this without you. Please. Don’t go.

Trini: (Sniffs) Huh?

Robbie: Please. I… I need you here. We all need you here. But I need you here.

Trini: Why?

Robbie: (Exhales) Look, I don’t know if you don’t know this. But I wouldn’t be on this team if it weren’t for you. I would’ve quit a long time ago. (Shrugs) That, or wound up in jail.

Trini: (Sighs) Now’s not the time for jokes, Robbie…

Robbie: I’m not joking. Since day one you’ve had my back. I’ll always appreciate that. You’re awesome Trini. Don’t ever forget that.

(As quickly as she once tried to forget why she felt so compelled be around him, his redeeming sincerity reminds her.)

Trini: I don’t know. Thanks. I guess. I’m still not where I’d like to be. I’m not as smart as Billy. Or as good at martial arts and Jason…

Robbie: That’s crap. You’re an awesome fighter and incredibly smart. Alright, you’re not Billy. But who is? Billy’s insane. That guy makes MacGyver look like a chump. Regular people should not be like Billy.

(She smiles at him as the slow progression of the transparency halts. In a moment of panic, Trini’s finally able to put the pieces together and figure out why she could like somebody like him. To him, she’s more than just the quiet girl with annoying causes. She matters.)

Trini: You’re not mad at me for before? I’m not like your dad for walking out on you?

Robbie: Please. You’re way cuter than he ever was.

Trini: (Smiles) …

(Without realizing it, Trini’s fully reappeared before him. Upon figuring it out, she rushes over and locks Robbie in a tight, meaningful embrace.)

Trini: Thank you.

Robbie: No, thank you.

“We… miss something?”

(They get suddenly broken from their bubble by Jason, Tommy, Zack and Kimberly who are all oddly staring back at them. Meanwhile back at the command center, Alpha appears to be frantically working on a new device.)

Alpha: I’ve got the hardware ready based on Trini’s schematics.

Zordon: Good work, Alpha.

Alpha: I just need to synch up the software that Robbie was working on. I’m loading them now.

(Alpha pulls up a screen image on the viewing globe of what Robbie was working on, which only they can see.)

Alpha: Oh my…

(Confused, Alpha turns his head sideways.)

Alpha: Zordon, what’s a “hentai?”

Zordon: Quick Alpha, delete the search history.

(We fast forward to the next morning on the Island. As Alpha and Zordon face a setback, it leaves the rangers stranded for another day. The teens appear to have slept where they once sat surrounding the now extinguished bonfire. The sound of the high tides crashing into the surface wakes them up slowly. A grim realization sets in as they’re slow to get up.)

Zack: We’re… still here.

Jason: Yep.

(Jason gets up and surveys the area.)

Jason: Seems like it.

Kimberly: I was hoping this would be some kind of bad dream.

(Defeated, Zack sits back down onto the log and throws a seashell in his hand.)

Zack: This is turning into a nightmare.

(Robbie peaks his eyes open. He finds himself next to Trini, who’s resting on his shoulder with her arms wrapped around her knees.)

Robbie: Hey… wake up.

(Robbie gently nudges her awake.)

Trini: Oh! Oh hey.

(She perks right up, wiping her mouth.)

Robbie: Thanks for the bath, by the way.

Trini: God, how embarrassing…

(She gets up, looking to make sense of things right now. But she doesn’t get much time…)

“Rise and shine.”

Trini: (Gasps) …!

(She instinctively goes into a fighting stance, as she’s met with the green ranger standing behind her. He’s surrounded by an army of the same monsters from before who inhabit the island, and several more.)

Robbie: Whoa!

Kimberly: Tommy!

Zack: Do you see what I see?

Jason: I see it.

Tommy: Now, prepare to die! Mwahahahahaha.

Jason: Something tells me this isn’t an illusion…

(Meanwhile, back at the command center…)

Alpha: I’ve got it! Zordon, I’ve uploaded the software. I just need to lock into their coordinates.

Zordon: Good. Please hurry Alpha. I sense the rangers are in grave danger.
(Back on the Island, the rangers indeed stand across imminent danger, still unbelieving of what they see.)

Tommy: Look what we have here boys. Fresh meat for our prison.


“Yes… fresh meat…”

“Me like…”

“I’ll take the girl…”

“I am error.”

(They look to one another with worried looks.)

Kimberly: Tommy… Tommy is that you?

Zack: How’d you get your powers back?

Tommy: It’s easy. When you give up on being a goody good and embrace the evil that lies inside you, all things are possible.

Kimberly: Great. A good guy I meet turns out to be a total tool. Story of my life.

Tommy: If you do write a story about your life, make sure you spell my name right, pink ranger.

Kimberly: …

Robbie: I knew we couldn’t trust you.

Jason: You guys, this isn’t him.

Robbie: What?!

Tommy: I am no illusion, jock. I am the green ranger.

Jason: But you aren’t Tommy. The Island’s got to you, man. You were having doubts you could handle the powers, but the real Tommy would have never turned evil. The real Tommy came to my house when he needed help.

Tommy: …

(The green ranger takes a second to consider Jason’s words, but before anything comes of it an overeager Robbie leaps into action.)

Robbie: Well then I say we give him some help!

(Robbie leaps toward Tommy with a superman-like punch, but Tommy sways backward to miss it, then strikes him several times in the abdomen with quick-succession kicks. Immediately after a giant fight breaks out as the rangers and the monsters spread out. Meanwhile, back in the command center…)

Alpha: I’ve got it! Zordon, I’ve locked into their coordinates and am sending them home.

Zordon: Good work Alpha. Proceed with teleportation…

(Alpha excitedly presses the on switch to send the teen’s home, only it immediately backfires and causes a huge explosion that knocks Alpha backwards.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai!!!

Zordon: What is happening?

Alpha: It’s not working, Zordon. Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai!

Zordon: Keep trying. We may not have much time.

(Back on the island the fight continues to rage on. Jason squares off against Tommy, but wants nothing to actually do with a fight.)

Jason: Tommy, you have to listen to reason.

Tommy: …

(Without responding, a possessed Tommy knocks Jason over with a kick to the ribs. The others are also now struggling to control the army as well with higher numbers. Kimberly has barely the room to pull off her much relied upon acrobatics, Zack has goblins and ghouls grabbing each arm to stop his legs from dancing around them. Trini is also overwhelmed, and while trying to block swings coming from each side, she gets shoved over the wooden log and slams to the ground face to face with her own device.)

Trini: (Gasps) Wait…

(She crawls over to grab the device and tries to take herself out of the fight while the others struggle to pick up the slack. Jason in particular is having difficulties controlling Tommy. He’ manages to block anything Tommy gives him, but without dishing any offense of his own, he’s just being backed into a tree.)

Jason: …

(Realizing he can go no further, Jason panics. Tommy presses right up to him and tries to land a punch to the face. Jason puts up both arms to black to punch, then uses all of his leverage to take control.)

Tommy: Ugh. What are you doing?!

(Jason wraps his leg around his left knee and takes him to the floor to retrain him.)

Tommy: No!! Let me go!!

(With their impromptu leader suddenly neutralized, his flock of insanity driven monsters flee for their lives.)


“See ya!”

Robbie: Get out of here!

Zack: Or you’ll be next!

Jason: Everyone, grab him! Don’t let him go!!

(Zack runs in and grabs Tommy from the right hand side to make sure he doesn’t escape. That doesn’t stop him from struggling.)

Tommy: Let go! What are you planning on doing?! A public execution?

Robbie: An excellent idea.

Jason: No. We’re gonna talk some sense into you.

Tommy: What?!

Jason: You gotta snap out of this, Tommy. You’re better than this.

Tommy: No I’m not.

Robbie: You heard him.

Jason: Robbie, stand down.

Robbie: …

(Jason lets go so that he can kneel over enough to face him eye to eye.)

Jason: Listen to me. I get it man. It’s rough. Yesterday you were evil and you tried to kill us. The day before that you were just some kid who just moved to Angel Grove. This is crazy. None of this makes sense, and this is way more than any of us can handle.

Tommy: …

Jason: But none of us are going to give up any time soon, and you know why? Because deep within our hearts we want to make the world a better place. And we won’t pass on this opportunity for anything else in the world.

Tommy: …

Jason: This is the most important thing in any of our lives. This is the biggest thing any of us will ever do.

Trini: …

Jason: You were abducted and turned evil. We get your entry was different. But you wanted to stay here and fight with us when you could have left. So to me, you’re one of us.

(After a brief pause, Tommy begins to struggle again, trying not to let Jason’s words get to him.)

Tommy: Arrg. No!

Jason: Look into my eyes and tell me you’re not, Tommy. You don’t want to dominate the world. You want to save it.

Tommy: Stop!!

(Kim reaches in and unbuckles his helmet. She then kneels beside Jason to plead with Tommy.)

Tommy: Wh-what are you doing?

Kimberly: Tommy, please. Look into my eyes and tell me who you are.

Tommy: I’m evil!

Kimberly: Tommy… no you’re not. You’re the green power ranger. You’re our friend.

Tommy: Arrrgg.

(Looking as if a demon is being exorcised from his body, Tommy screams in apparent agony. Behind them however, as Trini let’s Jason’s words affect her in different ways, she quietly puts the final touches to her teleportation device.)

Trini: You guys…

Jason: …

Kimberly: …

Robbie: …

Trini: (Pulls the trigger) I’ve got it.

(Meanwhile at the command center…)

Alpha: It’s finally ready! Time to teleport.

Zordon: Hold on Alpha. I no longer sense their presence on the island.

Alpha: What?! Aye, ya, yai! Where are they now?!

(Before long the rangers reappear. All of them. They are now morphed and inside the Megazord cockpit as its tank mode roars back into Angel Grove. Standing in the exact same spots as last night, Mutitus, Lokar, Rita and her gang are all slapped out of their stupor.)

Rita: What!?

Baboo: Uh-oh!

Goldar: It’s the rangers!

Finster: How could this be?!

Rita: We had Angel Grove right where we wanted them!

Jason: Activating Megazord Battle Mode.


“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

“Megazord activated.”

Rita: What?! What’s going on?! I had them! Finster, what did you do!?

Finster: I uh… uhh… I think I left the oven on.

(Finster vanishes.)

Goldar: Hey! That was my line!

(Goldar leaves too.)

Squatt: I’m hungry.

(Squatt and Baboo leave.)

Rita: Uhh… I’m getting one of those headaches again.

(The Rita leaves, gripping her temple. Seconds later, the StegaZord arrives.)

Robbie: StegaZord, combat ready!

(But the focus from within the cockpit appears to be on someone else…)

Trini: Billy, you’re back!

Billy: (Thumbs up) Affirmative. Looks like the spell wore off once you guys left the island.

Jason: We’re glad you’re okay buddy.

Billy: I’m more than okay. I feel better than ever. Now let’s teach Rita a lesson.

Hang on.”

(A voice in the distance calls, as the Dragonzord marches in beside Robbie’s Zord.)

Tommy: Make sure you save some for me.

Kimberly: Tommy!

Zack: Are you alright?

Tommy: I am. Thank you guys. Now let’s mutilate Mutitus!


(The Megazord and StegaZord charge into action. The Megazord cocks Mutitus in the face with a powerful blow, but takes Mutitus’ mace to the chest. Robbie jumps in, and tries to pull the mace away by the chain. Mutitus resists, but a strong yank pulls him forward and into a powerful uppercut that lays him out.)

Mutitis: (Writhing) Ugh.

Jason: Give it up, you’re both outnumbered.

Lokar: Never!

Robbie: Blow me, Lokar!

Lokar: With pleasure!

(Lokar inhales, then blows with hurricane like strength, throwing cars, debris and anything not bolted down into the air. The rangers stagger in a struggle to remain on their feet.)

Jason: Uhhhh

Kimberly: Ahhhh!!

Billy: I can’t keep a hold much longer…

Robbie: Me and my… big mouth...

(Luckily being off the winds trajectory, the Dragonzord fires its hand missiles to the sky, disrupting Lokar.)

Lokar: Ugh.

(The winds finally stop, giving the rangers an opportunity to take advantage.)

Jason: Let’s finish them off. Before he tries that again.


Jason: I need the power sword!

(The mighty power sword falls from the sky and lands facing down. The Megazord pulls it from the ground and readies for its final attack on Mutitus. Without wasting another second, it winds up for the final slash, twirling its arm around ominously. Mutitus staggers back up, and is greeted with a devastating cut across the abdomen.)

Mutitus: ARRRRG.

(He’s hurt and stumbles backwards. But yet again is still alive.)

Zack: What the heck man.

Tommy: This guy’s tough.

Kimberly: He’s also massive.

Jason: Well the bigger they are harder they fall. I need Titanus and the power of the Ultrazord!

(From out of nowhere, the massive, robotic Brachiosaurus appears through a thick fog. Suddenly, the Dragonzord torso disconnects from the rest of its body, its chest splits in half and goes in opposite directions to form shoulder pieces and the bottom jaw folds back. It slowly lowers itself onto a still Megazord to form the Mega Dragonzord. It then leaps into the air and slowly descends onto the back of Titanus, creating the Ultrazord.)

Jason: Lock on and fire all weapons!

(Now picking up speed, every single cannon and beam in the combined Zord's arsenal, as well as the Titanus's own guns began firing simultaneously in an attack that overwhelms Mutitus. He explodes into a ball of flame on impact and is reduced to nothing. Before the same fate befalls him, Lokar vanishes into a ball, and then vanishes.)

"This isn't over, rangers!"

Trini: Yay!

Billy: We did it!

Jason: Good work guys. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Zack: We couldn’t have done it without you, bro.

(As the rangers continue to celebrate their biggest victory to date, the mood on the moon is a little less festive…)


(She turns around to address her bumbling troops.)

Rita: And I hate all of you?! How do any of you nitwits have jobs here anyway?!

Baboo: My father is senior VP.

Squatt: I’m an affirmative action hire.

Goldar: Me? You can say I really “killed” in my interview.

Rita: (Sighs) …

(A little later, all seven rangers, thankful to be back in their dimension, rejoin in the command center for a debriefing.)

Zordon: Good work power rangers. And may I say it is great to have you all back.
Jason: (Laughs) It’s great to be back, Zordon.

Kimberly: Yeah. I never thought I’d be dying to be back from the beach.

(They each join in a lighthearted laugh as Zordon continues.)

Zordon: Today proves just how far you have each come, not only as rangers, but as people. You each faced a grave challenge, entering a world you knew nothing about with minimal preparation or knowledge. And each of you pulled together, without mine or Alpha’s guidance, and overcame your greatest challenge yet.

Alpha: Not to mention it seems you’ve all become closer to one another in the process.

Robbie: Yeah. I guess you’re right. We did do that huh?

(Robbie takes steps toward Trini, and places his hand on her back. He shoots her a warm smile. She quickly smiles back at him, but then looks off blankly to the ground.)

Trini: Yeah.

Billy: Well really it was all thanks to Trini for getting us out. She did a wonderful job fixing that teleportation device without any readily available resources.

Jason: Great job Trini.

Kimberly: Good work girl.

Trini: Thanks…

(Confused, Zack pulls Billy aside. And whispers in his ear.)

Zack: Wait, how did you know about the device? You were gone.

Billy: (Shrugs) I may have done most of the repairs while invisible.

(He puts his finger to his mouth, signaling Zack to be silent.)

Zack: Oh…

Tommy: (To Jason) Now I think you should get home and go support mom.

Kimberly: We’ll hold the fort for a bit. You get going.

Jason: Thanks guys.

(Jason flashes an appreciative smile to his friends, then steps forward to teleport away.)

Billy: What are you guys gonna do with the rest of your night?

Tommy: Sleep!

Kimberly: I think we all earned it.

(The teens share another lighthearted laugh before the moment fades away. Later that evening, we wind up back at the Youth Center. Zack and Billy enter, looking to unwind after a long couple of days.)

Zack: Free shakes for today’s real hero.

Billy: I appreciate your intentions, Zack. I wouldn’t call myself that.

Zack: Well I would. Even while invisible you fixed Trini’s device and got us back home to save Angel Grove. And you did it while sparing her feelings.

Billy: (Shrugs) I just call it being a good friend.

Zack: Well I call it heroic.

Billy: …Thanks. I guess so. It’s a shame Jennie isn’t here anymore to serve you those shakes.

Zack: Ah, it’s okay. Better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.

Billy: Hmm. I wouldn’t say… (Shakes head) Okay.

Zack: I’ll just have to wait it out until the next future Ex-Mrs. Taylor walks into my life.

(Right on cue, Angela, a curvy, dark skinned classmate of Zack’s walks by.)

Zack: …and there she goes.

(He pats Billy on the chest and walks away.)

Billy: I-I guess I’ll be paying for those shakes?

(Billy shakes his head and then walks toward the juice bar. Just then Trini enters behind them with a towel around her shoulder. She looks around briefly and finds Robbie sitting alone writing.)

Trini: …

(She walks over and sets herself up on the mat. She considers saying nothing and just getting to work, but something tells her to go over and talk to him. The same voice that’s been telling her to go over and talk to him for weeks. And as usual, she listens to that voice.)

Trini: (Sheepishly) Uh… hey!

Robbie: Hey.

Trini: What’s going on?

Robbie: Working on my part of the assignment.

Trini: What? But didn’t you… But the copied version…

Robbie: Went in the trash as soon as I got home. It was a waste of a dime bag, but it’s is what it is.

Trini: You paid a bag of dimes for that?

Robbie: …sure.

(Robbie awkwardly turns back around and continues to work on his paper. Trini however remains stuck on a thought…)

Trini: So this is the real you, huh?

Robbie: What?

Trini: You pout and make snide remarks and pretend like you don’t care about what we think. But when it really matters, you show that you do.

Robbie: Nonsense. No I don’t.

Trini: …

(He turns back around to look her in the eyes.)

Robbie: I care what you think.

(She gets the soaring feeling in the pit of her stomach that the feelings tearing her up for the last few weeks may be requited. But then she starts to think further about it. And she starts to worry if this is really what she wants right now. Robbie in the meanwhile quickly gathers his things and get up to face her.)

Robbie: Hey, I’m gonna head out. Would you like me to walk me home? Maybe we could grab some coffee along the way?

(Jason’s words got to her as he tried to speak sense into Tommy: “This is the most important thing in any of our lives. This is the biggest thing any of us will ever do.” And it’s true. For all Trini’s piled on responsibilities and her causes, none matter to her more than the work of being a ranger. Nothing gives her that sense of fulfillment than when she saves the world.)

Trini: Um…

(As she works herself out of mastering the several trades she previously complained about, she couldn’t bear the thought of having something else that she couldn’t fully commit her all to. Especially if it could in any way jeopardize what’s most important.)

Trini: I should… probably stay behind. I’ve got a lot to catch up on myself.

Robbie: Huh.

Trini: I need to practice my Kung Fu. Then catch up on my own school work. I also promised Alpha I’d help him run some diagnostics in the command center.

Robbie: (Grins) Okay, okay. Will I ever see you again?

Trini: (Laughs) What? What’s that supposed to mean?

Robbie: (Shakes his head) Nothing. Forget it.

Trini: Um… Okay?

Robbie: (Shrugs) So anyway, I’ve been thinking of looking into martial arts classes.

Trini: That’s good.

Robbie: You uh… think you could teach me?

Trini: Um I don’t know. I may not be the best person for that. You should ask Jason. Or Tommy.

Robbie: Tommy? Okay…?

Trini: I think I should just focus on… what I have going on right now. I just have… a lot going on.

(Trini’s found that she’s notoriously bad at reading Robbie. But she could sense the enthusiasm evaporate from his eyes. It looks like he realized he lost a three dimensional game of chess, after thinking he was playing something else entirely. It didn’t feel good for her to watch, and predictably, Robbie starts to walk himself back.)

Robbie: Say no more. (Shrugs) You can’t blame a girl for dreaming though.

(He passes by her, suddenly having the urge to leave.)

Trini: Robbie…

Robbie: It’s cool. I get it. I should go. (Clears throat) I’ll hand you my half of the assignment on Monday.

Trini: (Feigned smile) Will I ever see you again?

(Robbie chuckles at her attempt at levity, but then continues out the Youth Center.)

Robbie: You tell me.

(He walks out, leaving Trini feeling as miserable as when she started to disappear; something that sounds nice right about now. She tries to rationalize her decision in her head, when from the other side of the room a loud slap is heard followed by Angela storming out.)

Zack: (Rubbing his face) Wow! You heard that, Billy?

Trini: …

Zack: I’m back baby!

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For a moment I thought I was reading a earlier chapter then realized you pulled a DMC3 on us. It is great to see Robbie and Trini again, one of my favorite fan fiction ships.
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Originally Posted by DragonBuckler7 View Post
For a moment I thought I was reading a earlier chapter then realized you pulled a DMC3 on us. It is great to see Robbie and Trini again, one of my favorite fan fiction ships.
Haha. I guess I have.

I'm glad you like them, I really enjoy writing them too. There's this undeniable gelling the two characters have that hasn't existed in any other ship I've written. I won't attempt to emulate that either in Robbie's current ship, since Hannah and Trini are two starkly different characters.
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Prequel - Episode 30: The Rockstar

(We begin roadside, as Jason, Zack, Billy and Kimberly appear to pack for a big trip.)

Kimberly: I’m so excited to be going camping, you guys.

Jason: I know. I haven’t been camping since my dad used to take me when I was little.

Zack: This’ll be a new experience for me. Brothas don’t do “the outdoors.” Not since Lincoln put a stop to that at least.

Kimberly: Oh don’t be such a baby Zack. It’ll be fun. I just wish Tommy could have come along.

Zack: So much for “I’ll always be your friends” after he lost his powers. You’d think he dropped dead or something.

Kimberly: He didn’t. He’s just really bummed. He’s throwing himself into his martial arts to keep busy. I feel sorry for him.

“Hi guys!”

(From the corner of their eyes, Trini arrives holding a tray of pastries.)

Trini: Sorry I'm late. I baked these in my gourmet cooking class to take along on our trip.

Zack: Ooh.

(Instantly, the team rushes over to grab her pasties and begin blindly shoving them into their mouths.)

Zack: Mm.

Jason: What is in these?

Trini: It's an exotic recipe. Very popular in France right now. They call it Torte A La Escargot.

Zack: Escargot?

Kimberly: Tasty.

(As the others blissfully continue to chew, Billy remains frozen with a mouthful of desert.)

Billy: (Gulps) In other words, snail.

(Everyone freezes suddenly, then wait for Trini to turn away as they spit everything out to the floor behind them. She turns back around…)

Trini: All ready to go our trip?

(She’s greeted by wide, synthetic smiles.)

Zack: Yep!

Jason: (Coughs) Come on, guys.

(They all turn to get in the rad bug, but Trini notices something off.)

Trini: Hey wait.

Kimberly: What’s wrong?

Trini: Aren’t we missing someone?

“Hey everyone.”

(Right on cue Robbie walks in.)

Kimberly: Tommy said he didn’t feel up for the trip unfortunately.

Robbie: She means me, genius. No one cares where Tommy is.

Kimberly: …

Robbie: I’m not going. I have company.

(He points down to a small, light skinned girl with freckles and pigtails, holding a lollipop.)

Billy: Cute girl.

Robbie: Thanks. Say thank you.

Girl: Thank you!

Jason: You know the term “cradle robbing” is just an expression right? You’re not supposed to actually rob a cradle.

Robbie: Very funny. Everyone, this is my niece Laura.

“Hi Laura!”

Robbie: Laura, these are people I have to interact with.

Laura: Hi!!

Trini: Aww, she’s so adorable!

(Trini kneels down to get at eye level with Laura.)

Kimberly: Yeah, how is she related to you?

Robbie: I’d give you a nasty look for that Kim, but I see you’ve already got one.

Kimberly: (Rolls eyes) …

Robbie: C’mon Laura, we’ve got fishing to do. Wave goodbye.

Laura: (Waves) Bye-bye!

Trini: Bye Laura!

Billy: Have fun!

Robbie: Ooh, look.

(Robbie sees Trini’s tray of cookies, grabs a fistful of them for himself and starts eating them.)

Robbie: These are good.

Trini: Thank you?

Robbie: Here Laura, have some.

(He hands some over to her as they walk off. Meanwhile on the moon, Rita and her clan take note of the ranger’s big trip…)

Squatt: Oh, goody, they're going away!

Baboo: This is just what her nastiness has been waiting for.

Goldar: So what's the plan, your Evilness?

Squatt: A spa day perhaps?

Rita: No. We find the Mirror of Destruction.

Squatt: (Gasps) The one that can destroy Super Putties?

Rita: Yes, into a million pieces. That mirror's power will destroy anything reflected in it.

Baboo: As opposed to Squatt’s mirror that just needs him to look at it to be destroyed.

Squatt: Harsh.

Rita: We'll start the search today. While the rangers aren’t around to stop me.

Goldar: Yes my empress! Today will mark the beginning of the end of the power rangers!

(Back on earth, Robbie and Laura continue walking hand in hand through the park, on the way to the piers.)

Laura: Uncle Robbie?

Robbie: Yes?

Laura: What do you do here?

Robbie: I don’t know. (Sighs) Sleep mostly. I go to school.

Laura: …

Robbie: I guess when you think about it we’re all slowly dying.

Laura: What?

(Robbie remembers he’s speaking to a four year old and rethinks what he’s saying.)

Robbie: I… just have fun with my friends here.

Laura: Were those your friends we saw?

Robbie: Yes. (Shrugs) Sometimes.

Laura: Why aren’t you in New York with my mommy and daddy?

Robbie: (Sighs) I don’t know Laura. That’s… more of a question for your mom to answer. I just know that although I don’t get to see you that often, it just makes the time I do see you extra special. Like Santa for example. I want to have as much fun as possible with you while you’re here.

Laura: (Gasps) I love Santa!

Robbie: Cool. That’s what you get out of that. Okay.

(They continue down the road where they pass by Bulk and Skull shoveling slices or greasy pizza into their mouths.)

Bulk: (Mumbling) You see Skull, the beauty of the Sloppy Joe’s Pizza is that you can make a huge funnel and thereby jam more pizza down your throat.

(Bulk combines two slices of pizza together like a sandwich and proceeds to let it hover over his face to let the grease fall into his mouth. Skull points to his side.)

Skull: Oh, look. It's Robbie.

Robbie: …And afterwards I can take you the Youth Center for some milkshakes.

Laura: What’s a “Youth Center?”

Robbie: Um. It’s like Subways but worse.

Bulk: Hey, Rob. Who's the pipsqueak?

Laura: (Points) Is this the “stupid fat man” you were talking about?

Skull: Hey, Bulk, you're famous.

Bulk: …

Robbie: Nice shirt, Bulk. Does it come with extra cheese?

Bulk: You know, I don't like your attitude. Come on. I think it's time for me to teach you a little lesson.

(Bulk slams his slices onto the counter and starts to get up aggressively, startling Laura.)

Laura: Uh oh!

Robbie: Hey buddy, I’m with a little girl. You wanna be a tough guy some other time?

Bulk: No. What a better time to show your little niece that the man she looks up to is nothing but a little boy.

(Bulk uses his arms as leverage to get up, but his hand slips over the slices still in his hand. He slips, then slams his face into the picnic table, over the entire pie.)

Skull: Hey! I was eating that!

(Though dazed, Bulk tries to play it off. His face and shirt however are covered in grease and cheese.)

Bulk: Uhh…

Laura: Hahaha. He’s funny, Uncle Robbie.

Robbie: Yeah I know.

Laura: He’s a biiiig cheese ball.

Robbie: Hey watch your language. This is a kid’s show.

(He continues down the road with Laura in hand, ignoring Bulk and Skull. Elsewhere, the rest of the team heads for their camping trip as Billy drives them through downtown Angel Grove.)

Kimberly: (Looking out the window) The same car keeps following us, you guys.

Jason: Those are cabs, Kim. They all look the same.

Kimberly: But the same man is driving every car.

Jason: Well, that’s just racist.

Kimberly: Oh…

(While the others remain lost in conversation, Trini stays to herself in the back passenger side. Flipping through her diary hidden between her legs which are propped up on her seat. She flips through pictures of her and Kimberly, her and her cousins as she finds a blank page to start her next entry.)

“Dear Diary

I’m heading out camping with the guys today. So I’m keeping busy by writing this entry. I don’t normally have a problem keeping busy as you know. I’ll remind you that I’m the president of the school science committee, volunteer on community projects for my temple. I’m on the honor roll in school, a black belt in Kung Fu, while studying another form of Kung Fu. I tutor my cousins, Silvia and Samantha, as well as other students in my school. And when I’m free I collect trash from highways and petition manufacturing plants to be more environmentally responsible. But you already know this. Today though I’m forcing myself to stop and smell the roses. Still, idle hand, you know…

Not all of us are coming though. Robbie isn’t.”

(She pauses.)

“His niece is in town so he’s spending time with her. Still, I’m not sure he would’ve been dying to come. He’s been pretty distant lately. He’s not rude or anything. Not to me at least. Just distant. As if he’s filed me away as just another person in his life. As if he doesn’t care anymore.”

(She sighs.)

“When I told him what I told him, I didn’t intend to never spend time with him again. Quite the opposite, I really love being with him. When we’re alone together, he really opens up like I’ve never seen him. He’s a whole different person. He’s really funny and charming. And he makes me feel… I don’t know how to say it… appreciated. I feel like the most important person in the world. Which is a really nice feeling.

Lately though we haven’t had that chance to spend time together. Almost like he’s avoiding it. I wish he understood that my not wanting to pursue anything with him only means that I feel like I can’t handle it right now. Not that I wouldn’t actually really like that.

I’ve never had a boyfriend before. Actually before that last sentence, I don’t remember the last time I even used that word. It feels strange coming out of my mouth. And scary. I don’t know for sure if that’s what he really wanted or not, but I guess the ship sailed regardless. It’s really sad. For while it lasted it was a much more wonderful feeling than I could have ever imagined. I wish the circumstances were different. Or I wish I weren’t such a chicken. I would love to call Robbie Clemente my very first bo—“

“What are you writing?!”

Trini: (Gasps) …!!!

(Zack leans in and tries to read what Trini is writing. Her heart rips through her chest as she impulsively pulls it away.)

Billy: Is it a fan fiction?!

Trini: (Heavy breathing) …

Billy: Don’t be embarrassed, tons of people write fan fiction. I have a Friends fic where Ross and Monica date in the glove compartment. Check it out! …Trini?

Trini: (Heavy breathing) …

Kimberly: (Points out the window) Look, he’s following us again!

(Meanwhile on the moon, Rita, who continues to look on notices that Angel Grove is not completely ranger free…)

Rita: What's Robbie doing there?

Squatt: Fishing?

Rita: He's there after you said the Rangers were gone. Finding the mirror will have to wait till my Putties take care of him!

(Back on earth, Robbie and Laura have reached the piers and have begun fishing. Their feet dangle off the as the boardwalk enjoy a gentle quiet breeze.)

Laura: Do you have a job Uncle Robbie?

Robbie: I do. It’s not a regular job though.

Laura: Do you wear a tie?

Robbie: (Shrugs) Only when I’m in front of a judge.

Laura: My daddy wears ties to work.

Robbie: That’s good.

(Realizing that his quips aren’t landing to his four year old audience, Robbie tries again to connect on her level.)

Robbie: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Laura: A power ranger!

Robbie: (Grins) A power ranger? That’s so cool!

Laura: Yeah. They get to beat up monsters and save the world. And everybody loves them.

Robbie: Nice. Well that’s really admirable.

Laura: Yeah. I’m gonna be the pink ranger.

Robbie: And now you lost me.

Laura: Why?

(He laughs to himself.)

Robbie: You should be the yellow ranger. She’s way better.

(Robbie stares off meaningfully into the ocean after his statement.)

Laura: Isn’t he a boy?

Robbie: …

(Before he can respond, Robbie spots a horde of putty patrollers falling from the skies behind him.)

Robbie: Putties!

Laura: (Gasps) Monsters!

(Instinctively he shoots up, standing in front of his niece for protection.)

Laura: What are we going to do?

Robbie: Stay behind me! Watch your back.

(Robbie approaches them cautiously as they begin to surround him and him only. The first enemy drops down and attempts a leg sweep. Robbie leaps over the attempt and comes down with a stiff punch in the face. Looking on from the fetal position, Laura looks in awe.)

Laura: Wow…

(He quickly finds two more putties replacing the one that dropped. They swing at him, but Robbie blocks one and shoves him with his boot off the pier and into the ocean. The other makes an overhead swing, but Robbie blocks it, spins him around and swiftly summons all his strength to suplex the enemy over his head, taking him out.)

Laura: So cool…

(Robbie gets up and quickly dodges a flying putty patroller coming for his head, then charges for one last putty and takes him out with a flying forearm. He gets back up, running out of breath, but challenges those that remain.)

Robbie: You want some?! Get out!

(But foot soldiers want none of him and flee, leaving Robbie and Laura safe.)

Laura: (Runs over) Wow! You saved me.

Robbie: (Panting) Yeah. Don’t mention it.

Laura: But my daddy said never to solve problems with violence. “Brains before brawn” he always says.

Robbie: (Panting) Your father’s a wimp.

Laura: Okay! I'd never thought I'd actually see a monster though!

Robbie: Well if you ever want to see me again you’d keep this between us.

Laura: (Gasps) Look!

(She points to something floating in the ocean heading in their direction.)

Robbie: It’s just trash…

Laura: It’s a bottle. Looks like it has a note inside.

(Just to amuse her, he reaches over the pier and picks it up.)

Laura: You think it’s from a prince?

(He pops the bottle open and pulls out what’s inside.)

Laura: It’s a map. You think there’s treasure?

Robbie: I… don’t know?

(Suddenly, the earth begins to rumble.)

Robbie: Whoa! Look out!

Laura: Ahh! What’s happening?!

(Laura, who was previously hopping up and down with excitement, now struggles to keep her footing and almost falls into the ocean if not for Robbie grabbing her by the wrist. He pulls her off the pier and into solid ground. Suspecting more than just an earthquake, Robbie decides to investigate.)

Robbie: Get down! Get down!

Laura: …

Robbie: Wait here! I’ll be right back.

(Robbie runs for cover, map in hand. With the coast clear, he reaches for his communicator.)

Robbie: Zordon, come in.

Zordon: Robbie, my sensors are picking up something unusual in the Morphing Grid. Take Laura to a safe place.

Robbie: You don’t need to tell me twice.

(Meanwhile away from the city and in the open road, the other rangers pull over, hoping the quaking will soon stop.)

Trini: Oh, my gosh.

Billy Everybody hold on.

(Back by the piers, it finally quiets down. An eerily loud silence takes over ad Robbie checks in on his niece.)

Robbie: Laura, are you okay?

Laura: This is cool. I can’t wait to tell my mommy!

Robbie: (Sighs) …

(Reassured that she’s fine, he causally unrolls the map and checks it out. Meanwhile from the moon…)

Rita: That map leads to the Mirror of Destruction. And once I've got my hands on it, brown ranger will suffer the same fate as all the others.

Goldar: It will zap them so hard, they won't know what hit them.

Scorpina: We need that map. Go and get it, Scorpina.

(Scorpina, a vicious, yet deceptively beautiful humanoid scorpion appears next to Goldar. A new top henchwoman of Rita, she readies herself for her next assignment.)

Scorpina: Yes, my empress.

Rita: Finster, make me a monster to go with her.

Finster: (Bows) Already on it my queen. I shall send down the “Rockstar.”

(Moments later, Scorpina heads down to earth to commence her attack. Looking over Robbie from a nearby rocky hill, she’s joined by the Rockstar: A tall, gargoyle-esque monster, made completely of rock with the shoulders of a football player. Laura is quick to notice them and points them out.)

Laura: Who’s that?

Robbie: Uh oh. Scorpina!

Laura: (Mockingly) Ooooh. Is she your girlfriend?

Robbie: No Laura. She’s bad news.

Laura: (Mockingly) Ooooh. Is she your ex-girlfriend?

Robbie: No. You need to go. Go, get out of here. I’ll get you later.

(He gently but firmly pushes her away from the back as he prepares for a battle.)

Robbie: Don't let anything happen to that map.

Laura: (Runs) Okay…

Scorpina: Brown ranger, I have four words for you: Hand over the map.

Robbie: Oh yeah? Well I’ve got seven words for you: I’ve got one word for you: Never!

(Next to Scorpina, The Rockstar tries to count Robbie’s words, but Scorpina has other plans.)

Scorpina: It’s time for your destruction. Now Rockstar, attack!

Rockstar: Uh…? Okay!

(The Rockstar leaps into action as Robbie reaches for his morpher…)

Robbie: It’s morphin time!


(Now morphed, Robbie anticipates the Rockstar who planned to crash on top of him. Robbie ducks out of harm’s way, but can barely make a scratch on the enemy made of stone, and instead he hurts himself after a connecting punch.)

Robbie: (Grimacing) AHHHHHHH!!! What the heck was that?!

Rockstar: Face it, brown ranger. You’re outmatched. Your weakling offense is no match for the likes of me. I’m built like a boulder! Ahahaha.

Robbie: Yeah. Clever.

Rockstar: And you know what else is?! Catch!

(The Rockstar holds out his arms where a large boulder forms. He chucks them at Robbie, who catches it, but struggles to stand.)

Robbie: Ugh. This weighs a ton! I can’t get this off me!

(He collapses under the weight of the now attached boulder, but Rockstar wasn’t done yet as he continues to fire off more and more rocks, until eventually Robbie is buried alive.)

Scorpina: Ahahahaha!

(At the command center, Zordon and Alpha take notice of the brewing trouble.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! That Rockstar is one tough monster. Robbie doesn't stand a chance pinned down like that. He's a sitting duck. What will we do?

Zordon: Alpha, we must contact the other Power Rangers. They are the only ones who can save him.

(Back in the open road the rangers remain pulled over, taking stock after the quake settled down.)

Jason: Is everyone okay?

Billy: Yeah, I think so.

Trini: Oh no. My cookies got crushed.

Kimberly: (Feigning sadness) Aw man! That’s horrible.

Zack: (Feigning sadness) Crap, man! This day can’t get any worse!

Trini: …

(Just then, Jason’s communicator rings.)

Jason: Zordon, I read you.

Zordon: Teleport to the Angel Grove pier immediately. Robbie is in danger.

Trini: …

Zack: So much for our weekend getaway.

Kimberly: We ask Robbie to protect the earth one night and this is what happens.

Jason: We're on our way, Zordon. It’s morphin time!




“Sabretooth Tiger!”


(Within moments, the rangers arrive in the piers to rescue Robbie. To their horror, they find him buried under a mountain of boulders and rush over to dig him out.)

Billy: Oh no.

Trini: Robbie!

Robbie: Ugh…

Jason: Don't worry, Rob. We'll free you.

(The rangers manage to quickly dig him free and pull him out of a rocky tomb. He gasps far sweet air.)

Trini: Robbie…

Jason: Are you all right?

Robbie: (Gasping) I’m good…Thanks. Not what I had in mind when Scorpina offered to get stoned with a Rockstar.

(Suddenly, he stops mid-thought...)

Robbie: Oh no! We got to find Laura! She's got the map that Scorpina's looking for.

Trini: Oh no.

Kimberly: Let's go.

(The ranger team rushes off into the woods to look for Laura. Meanwhile, Laura wanders through the woods, looking for her uncle.)

Laura: Uncle Robbie? Where are you? I’m scared…

(On the other side…)

Robbie: Man. I hope she's okay.

Trini: Laura!

Kimberly: Laura!

Billy: Laura!

Jason: Jeremy! I uh, I mean, Laura…

(Just then, Jason’s communicator rings again.)

Jason: Zordon, we read you.

Zordon: Jason, you must fight Scorpina and her Rockstar monster at the beach club.

Robbie: What about Laura?

Trini: Don't worry, Robbie. I'll find her

Robbie: Okay… thanks.

Zordon: You must go immediately.

Jason: All right! Let's do it!

(Within a moment’s notice, the rangers return to the pier and prepare for battle.)

“Power Rangers!”

Scorpina: Attack!
(Surrounded by the Rockstar and a horde of putty patrollers, Scorpina leads the charge as a fight breaks loose. The rangers try to make quick work of the putties: Robbie flips over one by the arm. While Kimberly, flying through the air, fires off a few arrows from her power bow aimed at Scorpina.)

Scorpina: I think not!

(Scorpina however, swipes each shot away and takes her down mid-air with her boomerang blade. Jason rushes in with his power sword in hand and covers for Kim while engaging in a duel with Rita’s top henchwoman. Zack and Billy however seem to be having a difficult time with the Rockstar. Their weapons are out, but they’re easily being swiped aside.)

Zack: Ah man. We can’t make a dent on this guy.

Billy: His stone exterior appears to make him impervious to physical attacks.

Zack: Yeah and he’s invincible.

(Suddenly a voice calls from the sky…)

“Scorpina, you've got to find that kid with the map. Forget these power pukes.”

Scorpina: (Nods) Yes my queen.


Laura: Hello? Uncle Robbie? Please come out... I’m scared.

(Scared and lost, Robbie’s four year old niece wanders aimlessly through the forest.)

Laura: This isn’t funny. (Sniffs) I’m telling mommy.


(Behind her, a voice appears.)

Laura: Uncle Robbie…?

Scorpina: I’m afraid not.

Laura: …

(In a horrifying turn for the four year old, Laura finds herself face to face with Scorpina and Rockstar.)

Scorpina: Hand over the map little girl.

Laura: …

Scorpina: What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?

Laura: (Voice shivering) My mommy said I shouldn’t talk to strangers…

Scorpina: I bet your mommy also wants you back alive. Now hand it over. I won’t ask you twice.

Laura: But you already did.

Scorpina: (Sighs) Get her!

Laura: Ahhhhhh!!!

(Instinctively she turns around and runs for her life. Meanwhile, back at the piers, the rangers continue to fight off the swarm of putties. Billy however notices something odd…)

Billy: Wait, where’s Scorpina?!

Zack: Where’s the Rockstar?

Robbie: Oh no.

(Meanwhile, as Laura runs for her dear life, Trini continues her search.)

Trini: Laura?! Laura?!

(Close by, Laura trips and falls. She grabs her knee and whimpers in agony, but quickly realizes she tripped over something protruding from the ground.)

Laura: What is that?

Scorpina: She found the mirror!

(Laura brushes off the dirt and dust and picks up the giant flat object.)

Scorpina: Look out!!!

(She opens it, fortunately facing away from her, as a powerful beam is unleashed from the mirror that bursts the Rockstar into flames. Scorpina rolls out of the way just in time, saving her own life. The sound of the explosion attracts Trini’s attention, but concerns her.)

Trini: Huh? That doesn’t sound good.

Laura: Uh oh. I didn’t do it!

Scorpina: Okay, you've had it.

Trini: Freeze, Scorpina.

(Within seconds Trini appears, pointing her blade blaster at Scorpina’s back.)

Laura: (Gasps) The yellow ranger!

(But before this goes much further, Rita takes action from the moon…)

Rita: Now, Scorpina, grooooooooow!

(She chucks her wand over the balcony, reaching earth and landing next to Scorpina. With a rip in the ground, a magic steam engulfs Rita’s henchwoman and before long she grows to the size of a giant. Trini barely manages to grab Laura and moves her to a safer place.)

Scorpina: Now you're mine.

Jason: Look! It’s Scorpina.

Robbie: Uh…

(Just then, Trini re-joins the team.)

Robbie: Trini? What about…

Trini: She’s safe. I found her and moved her.

Robbie: (Exhales) Okay… great.

Jason: Now let’s take care of business.


Jason: We need Dinozord power, now!

(With a huge blast and an even bigger crater opening, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames, roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. From an icy tundra, the Mastodon rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. From the desert, the Triceratops races right into action. From the top of a hill the ferocious Saber-toothed Tiger jumps down to a vine filled rainforest. Finally, a volcano erupts and through all the smoke and ash, the pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by his team…)

Jason: Log on.

Zack: Zack here, let’s do this thing!

Billy: This is Billy. All systems go.

Trini: Trini here, ready to rock!

Kimberly: Let’s rock and roll.

Jason: Megazord, power on!

(The five mighty Zords are seen running together, getting ready to become one. First the Saber tooth tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. Next, the Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso.)

Zack: Let's teach Scorpina to mess with people her own size.

Jason: Activating Megazord Battle Mode.

“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

“Megazord activated.”

(On the ground, Robbie calls for the StegaZord…)

Robbie: I call upon the power of the Stegosaurus!

(In a faraway tropical forest, there is a sudden violent tremble. The birds scatter away for cover as the ground below starts to rise. The prehistoric beast bursts through and starts climbing out to march into battle. Robbie spots it from a distance as it roars into Angel Grove and flies into the Zord’s cockpit.)

Robbie: Combat mode, now!

(The Zord stops dead in its tracks, leaving a trail of dust behind it as a crank like sound can be heard from within. The Zord begins to rise all the way to its hind legs. Its front paws sticks out before flip inside of itself, revealing clenched fists from the other side. Finally its long, plated tail stiffens and starts to rise up connecting plate side out against its back with the tip resting on top of its head.)

Robbie: Alright Scorpina. I’ll teach you to mess with my family.

(Immediately, the StegaZord bullishly charges into action. Robbie takes a swing at Scorpina but misses, and is greeted by her sharp right claw. The Megazord jumps in but eats her boomerang blade down the chest.)

Zack: Ugh!

Jason: Hang tight guys.

(The Megazord pushes Scorpina away to create some room, but she kicks at their abdomen creating a sea of sparks. Robbie jumps back in, firing off several plate mines from the top of the Stegosaurus’s head. The blast pushes Scorpina back and gives the rangers a momentary advantage.)

Laura: Go get em power rangers!!!

(Meanwhile, Laura excitedly mimes punches along with the rangers as they continue their fight. Scorpina is far from finished though, wrapping her venom filled tail on the back of her head around StegaZord, pulling it down with a powerful electing force. The Megazord tries to intervene, but she is too quick – jumping out of danger and landing three more strikes with her boomerang blade that takes the rangers down.)

Laura: Oh no. The rangers are losing… What am I gonna do?!

(She turns around and finds the mirror of destruction laying on the floor.)

Laura: (Gasps) I know!

Meanwhile, the rnagers and their Zords stagger back to their feet.)

Billy: We’re taking significant damage.

Trini: She’s too powerful.

Robbie: Man, I could see who wear’s the pants in Goldar’s home.

Scorpina: It’s my house. Get that straight, rangers.

“Power rangers!”

Jason: Huh?

(A feint voice is heard from far away...)

Kimberly: (Points downward) Look there.

Robbie: It’s my niece!

(Everyone suddenly looks down to find Laura holding the mirror of destruction, which takes up her entire torso.)

Laura: Hide your eyes!

Billy: She’s got the mirror!!

Jason: Look away!!!

(She bravely opens the mirror toward Scorpina which fires off a deadly beam that hits her dead on.)

Scorpina: AHHHHH!!!

(She’s badly injured by the attack and rolls around in agony.)

Jason: She did it!

Robbie: What a little hero!

Kimberly: Again, how is she related to you?

Robbie: …

(Scorpina remains alive. Despite this, the rangers have their opening…)

Jason: Here's our chance! Power Sword!

(The Power Sword appears from the sky. The Megazord catches it and prepares for its final attack.)

Scorpina: You'll pay for this, Power Rangers.

(Scorpina wisely flees before that can happen, leaving the rangers victorious.)

Jason: Don’t count on it.

(On the moon, Rita seems none too pleased…)

Rita: You failed me, Scorpina. You’re supposed to show these guys how it’s done and instead you showed me how they’ve done it!!

Scorpina: Yes. My empress. I apologize my empress. I won’t make the same mistake again.

Squatt: What a relief to hear Rita go after Scorpina for a change.

Baboo: That’s one thing about Rita. She doesn’t discriminate.

Squatt: She’s an equal opportunity destroyer.

Goldar: I would have been eager to help her my empress. But the bus didn’t come on time, so I went back home.

(Back on earth and later in the day, the rangers, who were forced to scrap their plans for a camping trip instead are seen mostly in the Youth Center hallway, being debriefed by Zordon.)

Zordon: Another job well done, Rangers.

Jason: Thanks, Zordon.

Billy: By the way, where is Laura? I hope she's okay.

Kimberly: Uh. Yeah I'm sure she's just fine.

(They turn the corner and enter the lobby to find that she’s attracted quite a large crowd by the juice bar.)

Laura: And then I kicked the monster like this. (Kicks) But then, just when he was about to get me, this magical mirror blew him up into a zillion pieces. Bang!

(Among the crowd, Robbie and Trini enjoy Laura’s somewhat distorted version of the events.)

Trini: To think we were stuck at that boring field trip.

Laura: But then Power Rangers-- they were the coolest. Man, you should have seen them.

Trini: Oh, you've met the Power Rangers?

Laura: Sure did. There was also the scorpion lady and this monster called the “Rockstar.” He was made of rocks.

(The other rangers join in on the fun.)

Billy: Quite the idiosyncratic name.

Laura: Yeah. And he spit out these rocks as big as houses.

Trini: Really?

Laura: Really.

Zack: But tell us about these rangers. Who did you think was the coolest one?

Robbie: Was it the brown one?

Laura: (Giggles) Silly, there was no brown one.

Robbie: …

Laura: The yellow ranger saved me. She’s the coolest. Just like Uncle Robbie said.

Trini: Oh really?

(Both Robbie and Trini instantly blush as Robbie snatches his niece off the barstool.)

Robbie: Let’s go, Laura. Say goodbye. Time to take you to the bus stop.

Laura: Bye everyone!!

Kimberly: Bye. Hope you had a good time!

Laura: I had a wild time!

Robbie: A wild time your mother will never find out about.

Laura: Why?!?

Robbie: You kidding? I’d never see you again. I’d rather you tell her that welt on your knee was cause I hit you.

Laura: Okay!!

Robbie: Don’t tell her that!

(Robbie’s friends laugh at his folly, as the episode comes to a close.)

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That was good ending.

And there was a nice Robbie/Trini moment in there. Good episode! I really liked the rangers faking sadness about Trini's cookies being destroyed.
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Haha. Glad you liked it!
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