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PR 4ever
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So are they releasing space silver with psychos and Dino white or are they releasing silver with ninja steel rangers ?
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Originally Posted by RangerBango View Post
I’m sure someone’s suggested this (or maybe not) but with all the arguments you guys are having with the legacy figures, what if they decided to ship out random Rangers from all the series in a box of 6 per season waves? Would there be less of a problem on selling girl rangers and less popular boy rangers?
Are you talking about a Legacy 6-pack or are you talking about having one seasonal wave be a variety of rangers from all the seasons instead of the split we have now? I can't see either one doing well tbh. A 6-pack would be too expensive and selling a randomized wave like that could clog up the shelves even further if they're not popular. The idea behind the split was that they could pair a more popular team with a less popular wave in order to get figures moving.

This backfired because all the females, no matter the team, are pegwarming instead.

Originally Posted by Rycor View Post
Anyway, back to the market theory - they can see if the line appeals to kids who are actively watching on TV, and might appeal to people who used to collect figuarts as they never got them for Ninninger.
I'm quite surprised they didn't do this in the first place for that specific reason. Maybe they didn't want to cannibalize sales of the 5" figures. Then again, they have a variety of different types of action figures anyway.

Originally Posted by TealMystechRanger View Post
On that note, if they've fixed the female proportions by then (assuming they will do as much), it'd be awesome to see the 2019/2020 figures using the Kyuranger suits. Granted, that'd take up a lot of spots...
*dreams* I need a Legacy Ryu Violet, Sasori Orange, and ShiShi Red Orion.

Originally Posted by PR 4ever View Post
So are they releasing space silver with psychos and Dino white or are they releasing silver with ninja steel rangers ?
As far as we know, he is still being released with Psychos/Dino White. The larger image that those came from doesn't include any of the Psychos/Dino White, but these seem to be concept designs anyway. We won't know until it's on shelves or Bandai chooses to give us a straight answer.
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