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Bought a house sale! DX Den-O/Kabuto/Faiz gear with box, DX Spark lens, figuarts, etc

Just bought a house and now I'm finally getting my butt in gear and selling some stuff I should have sold long ago! Most of these I'm selling due to getting better versions of the items (CSM for the DX belts, Ultra Replica for the Spark Lens, etc). Since some of these items don't even have good reference prices after looking around, I'm just gonna hear some offers first. Just don't offer me 5 bucks or anything and we can talk. I want these out before I move and I'd love for them to go to a good home. WIll also have more going up (I have a Ryuki figuarts with the Dragon, just need to find the box when I move, plus other DX belts that I've upgraded with CSM as well. So there will be more to come!)

Also, I know this is mainly a Ranger/Sentai focused board, but the last time I sold stuff HJU was still the place to be, so I truly don't know if there's a more specific market place for what I'm trying to sell. If there is, please let me know!

I'll list all the things I have, plus put a imgur link to all pics below.


1. DX Faix Gear with TRU Exclusive Smart Brain box - This one has been pretty special, got it a loooong time ago on ebay about a year after the show aired. All items are in great working condition, only some minor paint wear on the camera.
Note that this does NOT come with the leg brace attachment for the flashlight, and the battery compartment is missing for the stopwatch. If you want any other detailed pictures or have any questions just post!

2. DX Gattack Driver. Item in perfect working condition, box has minor wear that is shown in pic.

3. DX Hyper Zecter - Perfect working condition, but no box. Wish I had it, but when I bought it it didn't have one either.

4. DX Den-O. Item in great condition, minor scuff on the chrome paint of the middle ring. Minor box wear.

5. DX Ultraman Tiga Spark Lens - Perfect condition. Not sure if this is rare, couldn't really find reliable pricing on it anywhere I looked that wasn't Yahoo Japan Auctions and even there it was a wide range.

6. Fourze figuarts - Unfortunately, this one has a broken shoulder attachment. I will take detailed pictures if anyone is interested, I'd let him go for pretty much any offer.

7. Fourze gear set 1 - Got this as part of an HLJ sale years ago and never even opened it. If you have interest, make me an offer and I'll be pretty likely to take it.

8. BFC collection Guyvers - Ended up liking the Figmas more, so I'm getting rid of my BFCs. Guyver 1 is missing two hand pieces, and Gyuot is missing one hand and has a loose unit remover (it stays together for now, but some of the pieces will fall out I'd imagine). I know these are pretty expensive, but I'd be willing to give a discount if bought as a set.
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