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Build Driver and Windscale Jacket

Just not getting into Build as much as I thought My loss is your gain!


Opened and displayed briefly but practically new. Returned to original packaging. eBay has it new for about $70 with free (slow) shipping. Yours today for $65 with free (and much quicker) shipping to Canada/USA. Folks in other countries message me so we can figure something out

Also selling this exquisite purple Windscale jacket just in time for the holidays!


Barely worn, it's not fair for me to just keep storing it so selling this to another W fan. It is size L, which is very similar to a typical North American size M. Official information about the item can be found right here (in Japanese) http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000112783/

Sells new for about$165 USD before shipping, your price today is $145 shipped wherever in Canada/USA. Other countries message me!
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