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Old March 8th, 2019, 03:01 PM #1
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Ninja of the Future
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Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 34,736

Beast Morphers: Episode 02 - "Evox's Revenge"

Evox's Revenge
Airs: Saturday, March 9th @ 08:00 AM on Nick

And here I thought "______'s Revenge" titles were saved for much later in a show's run.

---Standard Episode Discussion Rules---

1) Do NOT ask for downloads. Hasbro does not want us posting episode encodes here, so you're not allowed to talk about them at all. You will be warned at first, but repeated asking will result in an infraction. Episodes go live legally on Nick's app in the US, and can be watched there.

2) The thread will remain closed until the episode finishes airing. We do this to prevent play-by-play discussion. You'd be amazed to see how large a thread can get when everyone and their mother decides to post about each individual line dialogue or action of an individual. They threads can be tricky to navigate and we don't need them to be even trickier with tons of extra pages at the beginning. Rest assured that within a couple of minutes of the credits rolling the thread will be opened for all.

Note: If two new episodes air back-to-back there will be one thread opened at the conclusion of the second episode.

3) Do NOT start another thread. There is one thread for each episode. It will be created by a moderator and stickied to the top of the page prior to the episode airing so that it can be quickly opened for discussion. In the off chance that we are late or you're just too antsy to talk about the episode, please do not start another thread. It will be closed immediately and you will most likely receive an infraction.

4) Expect Spoilers It's going to happen folks, it's an episode discussion.
Spoilers are to be expected for Beast Morphers episodes, summaries, descriptions, cast list, and more. What we get about Power Rangers Beast Morphers is fair game.
However if you wish to talk about what happens in Go-Busters episodes not yet adapted by Beast Morphers, then you need to go use the Super Sentai of the Past thread to do so. No bringing up episodes that have only aired overseas, either. Use the international discussion thread for that, and stick to this episode.

If there are any further questions by all means ask away.
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