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Zeo Cereal
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Joined: May 2009
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AkaPrimoWhiteDragon wrote: View Post

Parody is allowed to jump through quite a few hoops.

A week before Pacific Rim opened in theaters, there was a 90-minute film called Atlantic Rim uploaded on YouTube.
There's a lot of precedent for simmilar-looking and/or named media. The Asylum fits cozily into that camp.

The parody argument doesn't actually apply like most people think. A common example is Weird Al, but the majority of his songs aren't a commentary on the original work, which removes them from the realm of "parody" and into the realm of "derivative".

This film is too dumb to make commentary. It's stuck in a mentality of shame, where PR has to be serious. That's not commentary, it's just their reinterpretation of a multi-million dollar brand.

Adi Shankar's Power/Rangers has strong elements of satire and makes commentary on the brand. The Hip-Hop Kido scene is genuinely brilliant parody. It's commentary on the state of Power Rangers, the nostalgic lens, the aging of the actors, the gossip surrounding celebrity drug use, By using distinctly analogue video, it creates this tonal dissonance between it and the present, which intentionally went too far with the dark-and-gritty to create a juxtaposition. That 10 second Hip-Hop Kido scene makes more commentary about Power Rangers than all these other projects, put together.

That film got so many casual people to think about and discuss the tone of Power Rangers. The only lesson these films could possibly learn is "go extreme".
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