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Lets get Mystechal
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Lets get Mystechal
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Zack got Angela and Billy got a full harem!
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Internutt wrote: View Post

Zack got Angela and Billy got a full harem!
Haha. I guess you're right.
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Work on part 2 is already underway! I also have a complete episode list for the last season. See if you could piece together what the stories will be about.
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Season 3 - Episode 21: A Different Shade of Pink Part 2

(We pick up inside the command center. Katherine, who moments ago, claims to have inadvertently created the distraction that allowed Lord Zedd to re-capture Ninjor, is caught in the middle of a circle of rangers. Justifiably, they do not trust her enough to be granted total freedom inside their base of operations. Although they may need to trust in order to have any shot of getting him back.)

Tommy: (To Zordon) …so she said she can lead us back to him. She’s even willing to accept punishment afterwards.

Zordon: Is this true, Katherine?

Katherine: Yes. Yes it is sir.

(Alpha breaks through the circle around Katherine and begins scanning her with a mechanical wand.)

Alpha: I am still detecting Rita and Zedd’s evil influence on her, even at controlled levels.

Zordon: That is not surprising. The so called “evil gene” that Rita and Zedd implant when they put those under their control never truly leaves.

Tommy: Then I still have it too.

Zordon: That is correct, Tommy.

Tommy: And I know how it feels to come out of Rita’s influence.

(He turns to Katherine.)

Tommy: I know what you must be going through right now. I can imagine this must be tearing you up.

Katherine: …

Aisha No offense Tommy, but why do you seem so quick so defend her?

(Kimberly stands idly while this is goes on. Quiet, though thankful that somebody asked what’s burning in her mind.)

Billy: Ninjor could very well be deceased because of her interference. And that’s a best case scenario. Worst case, he tells Zedd where the Zeo crystals are and he becomes unstoppable.

Aisha: Not only that, but she could have told us about all of this when she stopped working with them. We could have helped her and have been proactive about Zedd, but she chose not to. That alone should raise suspicions.

Adam: Maybe she’s not currently working against us. But she’s been hanging around us a lot. And how do we know her ties are completely severed? She could simply choose to go back later and use this new information against us.

(Every bone in Katherine’s body looks ready to burst in her own defense. But she thinks it better to let the conversation play out.)

Tommy: I get what all of you guys are saying. And it’s not that I’m defending her. I just know what she’s been through. And I know the guilt and she shame we feel and I get why she’d want to repent. If you guys could eventually believe in me to be your leader, we can believe in her to at least get Ninjor back.

Robbie: He’s right.

(Robbie steps forward.)

Robbie: Not about the leader part. I had no say in that.

Tommy: …

Robbie: But we don’t really have many options. If we want to save Ninjor. If we want to save the world from a galactic invasion, we need to take this chance.

Zordon: Robbie is correct. We must trust Katherine. I see no alternatives.

Billy: Alright. I’m in.

Rocky: Okay. So… what do we do? How do we get there?

(Finally, Katherine meekly speaks up.)

Katherine: I… I can teleport us to the moon.

(Unassuaged, the teens look at her with looks of bewilderment.)

Katherine: I’m still… technically with the United Alliance. I can still go to the moon and disguise myself as Aisha’s cat.

Rocky: That’s… not helping your case.

Aisha: And what was that about my cat?!

Katherine: Uh…

Tommy: Come on guys. We don’t have much time to lose. Katherine, take us to the moon.

Katherine: Right.

(Tommy guides Katherine out of the command center, with the other rangers following behind. Katherine’s head is slumped to the floor, but she leans back slightly to whisper something to Tommy…)

Katherine: Thank you…

(Her gratitude, while hushed, was audible. And while Tommy didn’t reply, it sticks a dagger into Kimberly’s chest, who now not only worries about Katherine’s motives on this mission, but her boyfriend’s motives after she leaves for Florida.)

Kimberly: …

(Meanwhile on the moon, Ninjor remains trapped in what vaguely resembles Finster’s workshop. Only it seems to have been repurposed into a modern day torture chamber. Other than Ninjor, the room has been cleared. There are no tables, clay models and the monster-matic has been moved out of sight. The only companion for Zedd’s prisoner is the constant darkness and silence, designed to rob Ninjor of all sensory stimulation. The room is also painfully hot, but purposefully cool enough so as to not instantly dehydrate him. And just within sight, but just out of reach, a plain, black hardboiled egg still in its shell. Ninjor is forced to watch as his only form of sustenance lingers just out of his reach.)

Ninjor: (Humming) ….

(Humming to keep his own sanity, Ninjor receives his only form of visual and audible respite when Zedd enters the room. The cool breeze from the door swinging open is a welcome.)

Lord Zedd: God, it is hot in here. Dontcha think?

Ninjor: …

Lord Zedd: I see you haven’t touched your supper either.

(Ninjor responds in a hushed, weakened voice.)

Ninjor: What do you want?

(Zedd darts his face close to Ninjor until he is pressed against him.)

Lord Zedd: Don’t be coy with me. You know exactly what I want.

Ninjor: (Panting) You’re wasting… your time.

Lord Zedd: (Pulls away) And you’re wasting away. I’ll think nothing of letting you wither away. But we could end this if you simply tell me where the Zeo crystals are.

Ninjor: Okay… I give up.

Lord Zedd: That’s what I want to hear.

Ninjor: I’ll tell you… come close…

(Zedd leans back in.)

Ninjor: Closer.

(He leans in closer.)

Ninjor: …closer.

(His face returns to where it was previously. Ninjor launches a huge wad of spit that somehow travels through his helmet and splatters across Zedd’s visor.)

Lord Zedd: …

(Zedd barely reacts. He simply leans back up and wipes his visor.)

Lord Zedd: Goldar. I think our guest would like a drink.

“Yes master.”

(Goldar enters the room with a large pitcher of water in one hand. He has an already damp rag in the other. Lord Zedd calmly walks away as water can be heard being poured off screen. Back on earth and just outside the command center, the already morphed ranger teens and Katherine are lined up and ready for teleportation. The wind almost ominously picks up as Katherine explains a game plan, forced to talk over it.)

Katherine: Stealth is key once we’re in there. If we can rescue Ninjor without detection than that would avoid any possible incident or attempts at retaliation.

Robbie: And if we can deal a blow to Vile’s growing army while we’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt.

Katherine: Ninjor is our top priority.

Robbie: …

Katherine: When we arrive on the moon, you won’t be able to breathe as civilians. Your suits should contain oxygen supplies though.

Billy: That’s true. But how would you know that?

Katherine: If it’s my job to destroy you, best if I know everything about you.

Aisha: Glad you’re on our side. I hope.

(Aisha turns to Kimberly, who already looks lost in space.)

Billy: What about you? You don’t have a costume.

Katherine: I’ll be okay. I’m officially a part of the United Alliance of Evil. Which means I was made to survive wherever they are based in.

Billy: Then I guess all we need to know is how do we teleport?

Katherine: You’ll have to hover near me. I’ll take you to the moon.

(Katherine extends her arms out to enable the ranger teens to grabs hold of her and circle around her. Initially she looks up to Tommy, expecting him to lead the circle though he stands by as Rocky and Adam step in. They hold onto her directly from her left and right sides as Robbie, Aisha and Billy follow. Tommy, not completely oblivious, turns to his girlfriend and offers her his hand.)

Tommy: There’s only one lady I wish to travel with. After you?

Kimberly: …

(While the pink ranger helmet is on, Kimberly almost certainly smiles at Tommy’s gesture. She accepts his hand and embraces him closely.)

Tommy: If this is the end, I want to be by your side the whole way.

Kimberly: This isn’t the end. And you’d better get used to being by my side. Cause this is how I want it to be for a long, long time.

Tommy: …

Robbie: Alright, we’re ready.

Katherine: Okay everybody, hang on. This may take a few seconds.

(Katherine focuses all of her energy into teleporting the ranger teens to the moon. At first, nothing happens. But then a small rumble under their feet begins. Her energy grows as the vibrations travel up their spines and becomes stronger. A light starts to appear as they begin to fade out. From inside, Zordon can be heard chiming in to send them off.)

“Good luck rangers, and may the power protect you.”

Alpha: I’ll keep you alerted if any monsters attack Angel Grove.

(The light grows brighter as the team becomes transparent. Then right on cue…)

Billy: A monster!!!

(From the skies a figure appears.)

Tommy: It’s Kraken!

(Kraken leaps in from out of nowhere and splits up the circle of bodies. He lands right in between them right as they’re about to teleport. Instinctively, Tommy and Billy reach out to grab him, anticipating an attack. Before anything else happens however, everybody disappears. All that remains is the strong whisper of the wind. Back in town however, it’s a different story…)



(Inside a police station in Angel Grove, Bulk and Skull are seen burst in a panic. They make a bee line to the front desk, where Lt. Stone is manning the station. Hearing screams and not knowing who’s approaching, he gets up and instinctively reaches for his weapon. This only intensifies Bulk and Skull’s panic.)



(Finally, he gets a good look and rolls his eyes.)

Lt. Stone: Oh, it’s you two.



Lt. Stone: Alright enough.

(The duo stop instantly.)

Lt. Stone: What do you two clowns want now? You’re in here now more than when you actually worked here. And if this is about getting your jobs back then you can forget it.

Bulk: No! W-w-we have a situation in process. (Points at Stone) I need your help. We need your help.

Lt. Stone: I can already see where this is going, and no, I am not pulling your finger Bulk. You fool me once, shame on you--

Skull: No! He means there’s a monster outside terrorizing the city.

Lt. Stone: (Raises eyebrow) What?

Bulk: There’s a monster! He’s about yay high.

(Bulk gestures toward his abdomen.)

Skull: He was staggering and incoherent…

Bulk; He almost looked human!

Skull: And he was calling for his mommy.

Lt. Stone: Uhuh.

Bulk: You don’t believe us?

Skull: You gotta trust us. Come on. We’ll take you there!

Lt. Stone: I don’t think so.

Bulk: …

Skull: …

Lt. Stone: Not only does your “monster” sound like a lost boy which you left abandoned, but the Angel Grove Police Department does not handle monster directly. That’s power ranger work.

Bulk: B-but…

Lt. Stone: Now if by “monster” you meant a gang of Puerto Ricans, then you’re got your man. But otherwise…

(He points out the door in lieu of finishing his sentence. Deflated, Bulk and Skull leave. Meanwhile on the moon, about a mile away from Zedd and Rita castle, a wide portal opens up some ten feet from the floor. It spits out Katherine and the rangers onto the surface.)

Tommy: Oof.

Kimberly: Ugh.

Billy: Is everyone okay?

Aisha: Yeah. I’m fine… woozy…

(The effects of the lack of gravity on the moon kicks in as the teens learn they need far less effort to get back up. Instead they exude more effort to prevent floating away.)

Adam: Woah!

Kimberly: This is weird.

Billy: The gravitational pull from the sun is significantly weaker here. We may need a moment to adjust to the new environment.

Tommy: We don’t really have a moment.

Robbie: You guys, where’s Kraken? He was right here with us?

Rocky: I don’t know.

Katherine: That was scary. Why does he keep following us?

Aisha: I think you know what he wants. He made that clear when he attacked you in the park.

Adam: I just hope he doesn’t get in our way.

Rocky: Look over there!

(Startling them for a moment, Rocky points up to the sky at Rita and Zedd’s palace which pierces the sky.)

Kimberly: Whoa. It’s huge.

Adam: I can’t believe we’re actually going in there. Never thought I’d see the day.

Tommy: I’ve been there, Robbie too. Just follow us. Front entrance is just ahead.

Katherine: Absolutely not.

(Katherine leaps ahead of everyone and sticks her hands out to everyone’s bemusement.)

Tommy: What’s the problem?

Katherine: It’s suicide. That’s the problem. We’re at their base, remember? All they’d have to do is look out the window and they can launch their entire arsenal at us.

Billy: (Shrugs) I guess she has a point.

Aisha: How about the back end?

Katherine: Worse. That’s where Master Vile is breeding his army or Tenga’s. We need to sneak in from the basement door on the side, where Squatt and Baboo sleep.

Aisha: Let’s hope that’s all they’re doing when we walk in there.

Tommy: Okay Kat. You lead the way.

Katherine: Right.

(Katherine dutifully marches ahead of everyone else and leads them up a medium sized hill slightly to the left of the castle in a completely desolated area. The others follow behind.)

Rocky: Is there a place to eat around here? I’m starving.

(Tommy and Kimberly lead the way after her, but the latter’s attention starts to pull away.)

Kimberly: …

(She looks down the hill to see Robbie trailing in the very back by himself. She’s noticed how little he’s interacted with anyone since joining him in the command center. And that his usual pointed energy and snide remarks have been kept to a minimum. Kim turns to Tommy and places her hand on his shoulder.)

Kimberly: Excuse me a minute. Don’t wait up for me.

(Perplexed, Tommy looks back. He then knows exactly what’s going on and understand this may be the last chance for this to happen. He turns back to her and nods. She then steps back and stops, letting everyone pass her until Robbie approaches. Oblivious, Robbie doesn’t realize that Kimberly is looking right at him until he sees a pair of pink feet in front of him. He looks up to see his departing friend.)

Robbie: Huh?

Kimberly: …

Robbie: How’s it going?

(Without responding, Kimberly gives Robbie a tight, warm embrace. Robbie hesitates briefly, then reciprocates in kind. The two hold their hug for what feels like, and what deserves to be, an eternity.)

Kimberly: I’m sorry.

Robbie: For what?

Kimberly: For everything. For leaving. For not talking to you just now. For not talking to you before I decided to leave. I’ve just had… so much on my mind that I nearly forgot that I was upset about us not talking.

Robbie: Oh. (Feigns laughter) Well, it’s okay. You don’t need to apologize.

Kimberly: You skipped my last day of class and I’ve known you for more than a day.

Robbie: You weren’t why I skipped. I had things to do.

Kimberly: Like what?

Robbie: (Shrugs) Sitting alone in my room.

(Kim laughs, then pulls away from her hug.)

Kimberly: What’s gonna happen? Who’s gonna be your friend now on this team?

Robbie: (Shakes head) I have no idea. I kinda don’t…

Kimberly: What?

Robbie: Nothing. I don’t really share much of a connection with anyone.

Kimberly: What about Aisha?

Robbie: Nah. That girl’s like an elephant.

Kimberly: Cause she remembers everything you said about her?

Robbie: No, she’s shaped like an elephant.

Kimberly: I can’t imagine why she doesn’t like you.

Robbie: Probably cause I’m Hispanic.

Kimberly: Shame. Well what about Hannah? Doesn’t she like to talk?

Robbie: Are you kidding? She can talk underwater. Never about anything serious though. Or substantive.

Kimberly: I’m sorry…

Robbie: It’s fine. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be okay. Life goes on.

Kimberly: How can’t I? You’re my friend. More so… you’re like the cynical, leftist, burnout older brother I never wanted.

Robbie: And you’re like the vapid, attention seeking, drama queen I never wanted.

Kimberly: You mean the vapid, attention seeking, drama queen sister you never wanted.

Robbie: What were we doing?

(They share another laugh. She places her hand on his shoulder.)

Kimberly: I just hope you don’t go off the deep end again because you don’t have anyone there for you.

Robbie: I can assure that will almost certainly happen. But it’s not your responsibility. I’ll be okay.

Kimberly: Okay… I’m always a phone call away if you need to talk. Or if you’re mid-meltdown.

Robbie: Got it.

(Robbie turns away, seeking to switch subjects.)

Robbie: Any thoughts on your replacement.

Kimberly: I don’t know.

(They then both look up to see Katherine leading the bunch.)

Kimberly: I feel like if I go with her. She’s just gonna replace me.

Robbie: No one will replace you.

Kimberly: Thanks. I know our friendship is safe. It’s not this relationship I’m worried about.

(He pauses, understanding exactly what she means.)

Robbie: Kat doesn’t hold a candle to you Kim. I hated for you for about as long as I liked you and even I know that. If that doofus can’t see that then he doesn’t deserve you.

(Under her helmet, she smiles.)

Kimberly: You certainly know the right things to say. When you feel like it that is.

Robbie: Thanks. Also I didn’t know what to say to you about you leaving. So expect a post card in the mail calling you a cheap slut.

Kimberly: Understandable. From you at least.

Robbie: Come on, let’s get going.

(Robbie gestures toward the others who are pulling away up the hill and leads her forward. He puts his arm around her shoulder as they walk away.)

Kimberly: Thanks for making me feel better, Robbie.

Robbie: Thank you for making me feel better.

Kimberly: …

(The two continue up the hill, trailing the others who continue well in front and near the top. The imposing sight of Lord Zedd’s castle is seen to them and is both awe inspiring and haunting.)

Billy: Wow. Look at the size of that thing.

(Adrenaline rushes through their veins as it dawns that in order to rescue Ninjor, they will need to climb the massive structure. It pulls their focus for so long that they almost don’t see that they’ve been ambushed…)

Aisha: Look out!

(A mysterious figure appears. And he’s armed with a sabre.)

Tommy: It’s Kraken!

Billy: Kat, back away.

Katherine: …

(He leaps from the skies and lands once again in the center of the group. He wastes no time in attack. He swings at Rocky’s abdomen with his sword and misses narrowly. Then blocks a punch from Billy, grabs his fist and stomps his chest.)

Billy: Ahh!

(Billy’s arm nearly rips off as the impact sends him flying backwards. Well behind, Robbie and Kimberly bolt up the hill.)

Kimberly: They’re in trouble!

Robbie: Hang on everybody!

(Adam and Aisha try to detain Kraken by holding each arm. He manages to muscle away Aisha with a wild swing. He suctions the back of Billy’s head with one of his tentacles.)

Billy: I can’t move!

Kraken: Affirmative.

Billy: K-Kraken. I beg you to stand down. We are not adversaries. We both want the same thing.

Kraken: Liar.

(He presses against the blue ranger’s visor.)

Kraken: You’re here to save a friend. I have already lost mine.

(Kraken then slams his rock hard forehead against Billy. Sending him in a backflip like tumble on the moon’s atmosphere.)

Tommy: Don’t move or I shoot.

Kraken: …

(Tommy then approaches from the front. Saba pointed at his head. Kraken freezes, and locks eyes with the white ranger menacingly.)

Tommy: I get why you’re here. I get that you want payback.

Kraken: Payback is for children. (Raises sword) I want Zedd’s head at the end of this sword.

Katherine: (Murmurs) My goodness…

Tommy: And we can get you that. In fact we’d welcome that. But first, I’m gonna need you to take it easy.

(From the corner of his eyes, Kraken spots the pink and brown ranger behind him getting into position with their blade blasters drawn.)

Tommy: We have a plan. And we can work together, Kraken. This doesn’t need to turn sour.

Kraken: I’m through taking it easy.

(Unwilling to hear any more, he reaches for his waist and throws a flash grenade to the ground.)

Robbie: AHHHHHHHH!!!

Kimberly: AHHHHHHHH!!!

Tommy: AHHHHHHHH!!!!

“Zedd dies, or I die."

(He bolts toward the castle, leaving the blinded rangers behind. Once their vision resets all they can make out his back as he pulls away.)

Rocky: He’s getting away!

Tommy: Leave him. He’s not our priority.

Katherine: He’s a maniac. Who is that?

Robbie: Our new pink ranger if he’s interested.

Katherine: Why didn’t you attack him?

Billy: It’s a long story. Zedd kind of screwed him over. We didn’t help. We… sort of owe it to him to keep him alive.

(Katherine appears stunned.)

Katherine: Y-you make deals with monsters?

Robbie: His name is Kraken.

Katherine: I…

Kimberly: He’s not going to harm us. There’s nothing to be so concerned about.

Katherine: But he plans on assassinating Lord Zedd.

Kimberly: And…?

Katherine: Uh… it would disrupt our whole mission if there’s a coup going on.

Kimberly: …

Billy: (Shrugs) I guess she’s not wrong.

Tommy: That just means we better move fast. Head out.

(Without another word on the subject, the rangers dutifully continue on their path toward Zedd’s castle. Kim however has more to say, and turns to Robbie to whisper it.)

Kimberly: Watch that girl’s back.

Robbie: There’s really nothing there to watch.

Kimberly: No. I mean something’s up with her.

Robbie: Oh. Got you.

(Back in Angel Grove a panicked yet dejected Bulk and Skull take to the streets to warn its residences of an incoming attack.)

Bulk: Danger! Danger!

Skull: We’re all gonna die!

Bulk: Run for your lives!

Skull: Hide your kids!

Bulk: Hide your wife!

Skull: Hide your husband!

(To their dismay though, nobody really seems to care. They all go about shopping and otherwise minding their own business. As if Bulk and Skull didn’t exist.)

Skull: I don’t get it Bulky. Why is no one listening?

“We’re all in danger! We’re all gonna die!”

Bulk: Huh?

(They turn around to find a disheveled lunatic screaming from the corner.)

“The day of reckoning is upon us. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior!”

Bulk: Looks like we need the uniforms to be taken serious.

Skull: But we don’t have the uniforms anymore. And the police department won’t act. What do we do?

(After pausing for a brief moment, a bulb flashes over Skull’s head. He slaps Bulk’s shoulder with an idea…)

Skull: Hey! What about lunch?

Bulk: No time! Junior Police or not, we have a city to keep safe. Come on!

(He yanks Skull off screen as they continue their quest. Meanwhile, back on the moon…)

Katherine: Okay… just this way. Be very, very quiet.

(Katherine leads the rangers along a side door to of the towering castle. Just to their right they find the massive Tenga farm seen being cultivated by Master Vile. Most of whom are asleep.)

Kimberly: Oh my goodness.

Katherine: Shh!

Billy: (Whispers) This population of Tenga Warriors rivals a small country for sure.

Aisha: (Whispers) And it’s only the beginning…

Robbie: We may need to revisit our plan to make a dent in Zedd’s preparations.

(Katherine presses herself against the door, sticking her ear against the door.)

Katherine: I hear voices. Somebody’s in there.

Rocky: What do we do? Do we wait?

Katherine: No. Squatt and Baboo sleep nearly a mile below the main chambers. We can subdue them but we need to be quiet.

Tommy: Okay…

(Tommy quietly pulls out Saba, and gestures to the others to pull out their blade blasters.)

Tommy: Open the door…

Katherine: …

Tommy: Now!

(Katherine knocks down the door raid style. The rangers flood inside Squatt and Baboo’s bedroom, who are in footie pajamas and holding stuffed bears.)


Tommy: Get on the ground!

Squatt: What’s happening?!

Kimberly: Get on the ground!

Baboo: Quick, turn off the computer!

Adam: Don’t move!

Squatt: Please, please!! I’m too young to die!!

Baboo: Wait, it’s the power rangers!

Squatt: The power rangers? But how?

(Katherine jumps in and places her index to her lips.)

Katherine: Shh.

Squatt: Katherine?!

Katherine: We’re not here to hurt either of you. We’re looking to take back Ninjor. Say nothing and you’ll be fine.

Baboo: As long as you don’t go through my search history, knock yourselves out.

Billy: We should restrain them so they don’t cause any trouble.

Adam: Right.

Aisha: There are handcuffs right over there.

(Kimberly walks over and grabs them.)

Kimberly: I don’t even wanna know what you two do with these.

(Before long the duo are bound by the wrists behind their backs.)

Katherine: Alright let’s move up. It’s a long flight of stairs. But maybe we can get out of here undetected.

(She then opens the door to the staircase…)

Katherine: (Gasps) …!

Goldar: Eh…? What is going on here?

Tommy: Goldar!

Goldar: What is this?! Rangers?!

(Goldar bursts through, unsheathing his sword.)

Goldar: You dare infiltrate our base?

Katherine: They’re with me.

Kimberly: What?!

Tommy: What?!

Goldar: What?!

Katherine: I have captured them. They are under my control. I plan on presenting them to my Lord as an apology for my recent… indiscretion.

Goldar: Huh?!

(Thinking on his feet, Tommy stands up straight, with his arms to his side as if he is zombified. The others follow suit. Not fully sold, Goldar pops his head in and looks around.)

Goldar: Eh… Why is this place such a mess? Why are these two handcuffed?

Katherine: …we found them this way?

Goldar: Hmm.

Katherine: …

Goldar: I told you two to quit your horseplay. Now I’m gonna leave you this way to teach you a lesson.

Squatt & Baboo: Yes Goldar…

(Katherine lets out a massive sigh of relief as Goldar turns away.)

Goldar: Come on. I’ll inform our evilness.

(He leads Katherine and the rangers up the flight of stairs. Robbie leans toward Kimberly as they march.)

Robbie: (Whispers) Seems like you had nothing to worry about.

Kimberly: (Whispers) I guess…

(Meanwhile back on earth, a newly determined Bulk and Skull take to the streets and work on how to keep their town safe.)

Skull: Okay so what are we gonna do? We don’t have a uniform, we don’t have a plan and we don’t have a clue where to start. Are you sure you don’t wanna just head to the Youth Center and wait it out like we usually do? I think Ernie’s baking a cake we can fall into. Eh? For old time sake.

Bulk: No Skull. We’re Angel Grove Junior Police.

Skull: No we’re not, Bulk.

Bulk: Yes. We are. We don’t need a uniform and a badge to tell us otherwise.

Skull: Yes we do, Bulky. That’s kinda how that works.

Bulk: You know what I mean dimwit. We went into the force to help our city and make it a better place. And our work doesn’t end just because we’re not in it.

Skull: Then where do we go? What do we do?

Bulk: (Sighs) I don’t know.

Skull: Hey! Maybe Sammy might have some pull in the precinct.

Bulk: Yeah! That’s not a bad idea.

Skull: Where is she?

Bulk: I don’t know. Didn’t she run off with us when we first saw the monster?



(The familiar roar coming behind them triggers a familiar fear. The second scream however…)

Bulk: Sammy!

(Bulk and Skull find an adolescent sized Thrax, holding a prettified Sammy by the back of the neck. With a tear rolling down her cheek, she cries for help, careful not to make any sudden moves.)

Sammy: Help you guys.

Bulk: Stay put. We’ll get help.

Sammy: No. Please don’t go. I’m not safe.

Skull: …

Bulk: …

Thrax: Bring me to my mother. Or I bring the girl to her maker.

Bulk: …

Skull: …


Lord Zedd: This is wonderful.

(Back on the moon, Lord Zedd bellows out in sheer bliss as Katherine stands before him with a seemingly statuesque ranger team behind her.)

Katherine: Do you forgive me my Lord?

Lord Zedd: Forgive you? I darn near want to marry you.

(He stops. Then looks around.)

Lord Zedd: Forget I said that. But yes, I forgive you.

(He turns to address his minions. Including Squatt and Baboo, who remain handcuffed.)

Lord Zedd: You nimrods ought to take note. She disappoints me once and repays me with what you disappointments have failed to do for years.

Squatt: We passed around an apology card once, didn’t we?

Baboo: That was an anniversary card, Squatt.

Squatt: Oh. Well I guess my comments still fit.

Lord Zedd: Silence. This is a cause for celebration. Goldar, get my wife and son. They’re about to witness history in the making.

Goldar: Yes master.

(Goldar wanders off.)

Lord Zedd: The rest of you, go find me the finest bottle of oyster juice and some glasses. This victory will be extra sweet.

Squatt: Yes master.

Baboo: Right away.

Squatt: Think you give me a hand?

(With everybody gone, Zedd turns back to Katherine.)

Lord Zedd: Now as for you. Keep an eye on your prize catch while I go slip into something more festive.

(He walks off.)

Kimberly: Ew. Let’s find Ninjor before we find out what he puts on.

Billy: Good idea.

Robbie: I’ll be in the back.

(The team spreads out and in a hurried yet controlled panic, they tear apart Zedd’s castle in search of Ninjor. Tommy looks in Goldar’s bedroom, Aisha and Billy in the bathrooms. Rocky sorts through the kitchen selves, though likely looking for something to eat. Finally, Kimberly enters Finster’s workshop./ She gasps at what she finds…)

Kimberly: Oh my god. Ninjor!

(She tears her helmet off at the atrocity she’s witnnesing and runs to his barely conscious side.)

Ninjor: Ugh…

Kimberly: You guys I found him!

(Within seconds, most of the ranger team joins her. They too remove their helmets in shock.)

Tommy: He’s in bad shape.

Aisha: Ninjor, can you talk?

(Hedoesn’t speak, but instead gestures weakly toward the egg that’s just out of his reach. just out of his reach. Rocky walks forward, grabs the egg and pops it into his own mouth.)

Rocky: (Munching) Oh man. Thanks Ninjor.

Kimberly: I need something to break these ropes. Can somebody bring me a knife?

Tommy: Quick let’s find something sharp.

(The rangers spread out again to try and free their friend as quickly as possible. Kimberly remains by his side though to try and console him.)

Kimberly: I’m so sorry they did this to you, Ninjor. We’re getting you out of here.

(Ninjor turns to her. He summons the last of his energy to speak.)

Ninjor: (Weakly) You… must go.

Kimberly: What? But why? We’re gonna set you free.

Ninjor: (Weakly) You are in danger.

Kimberly: No we’re not. Zedd thinks we’re on his side.

Ninjor: (Weakly) This… is a trap.

Kimberly: What?

“This. Is a trap.”

(A steel gate closes at the entrance of Finster’s workshop. Kim turns around and finds Lord Zedd right behind her. Tommy, Billy, Rocky, Adam and Aisha are being held down by a horde of Tenga warriors.)

Lord Zedd: Pink ranger, the bride that got away. What a fitting end to your ranger career. Only after this, you won’t be heading to Florida. Because I will be ending you to your doom. Gyahahaha.

Kimberly: …

To be continued.

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I hope you all liked part 2!

The finale is already underway. I've got a couple small surprises in store sure to make long time readers very happy. Three years in the making.

Afterwards I should work on putting all of season 3 into an e-book as I did with seasons 1 and 2.

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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

I hope you all liked part 2!

The finale is already underway. I've got a couple small surprises in store sure to make long time readers very happy. Three years in the making.

Afterwards I should work on putting all of season 3 into an e-book as I did with seasons 1 and 2.
Creaming my jeans in anticipation hahaha
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

Creaming my jeans in anticipation hahaha
That's the goal. haha.
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Mini update

I've been going through the first season and have made small tweaks to most of the episodes. I removed some lines/altered others and fixed the more glaring spelling and grammar issues (Not all). I plan on re-releasing the 1st season as a pdf and make it a little cleaner.

I've also fixed the "Season 3 corresponding episodes" page. I will be putting season 3 into its own e-book and that page was completely out of date. I also haven't actually watched season 3 in a long time until recently and so I wanted to tweak a few inconsistencies between the real season and my story, and wanted to explain Robbie's role in some if the episodes.

There is also a donation page at the top of the main page. Only if you wish to donate anything at all. There is no pressure whatsoever!

On another note, the season finale is nearing completion! I hope to have it done and ready by the end of June/beginning of July!

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In your universe does Tommy still get cloned in "Return Of The Green Ranger" or are most of the post Power Transfer Season 2 episodes discounted?
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Yes! That all still happens. They just aren't relevant to the narrative. I just sort of pretend like Robbie was more or less in seclusion from the new team until the start of season 3. But I can add those episodes and be more specific if you'd like.
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Great news!

Following the conclusion of "A Different Shade of Pink," I'll begin working on a brand new 13 chapter project that I think long time readers will enjoy, and new coming readers will appreciate. I'll give more details after the next chapter is posted.

These chapter's should be significantly shorter than a normal chapter of mine. I may be able to crank them out on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. So those worried about the last season being delayed, fear not!
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Season 3 - Episode 22: A different Shade of Pink Part 3

“So pink ranger, it comes to this.”

(We pick up inside of Zedd’s castle. The rangers rescue mission thwarted by what appears to be a well laid trap. Tommy, Billy, Rocky, Adam and Aisha are held captive, with laser-wielding Tenga Warriors, leaving Kim, locked inside of Finster’s workshop turned torture chamber. Face to face with the devil himself.)

Lord Zedd: What a way to go in your final mission. Only it won’t be to Florida where you’ll go after this. Cause I’ll be sending you to your doom.

Kimberly: …

(Knowingly outmatched in every way, Kimberly stands petrified as Zedd gets into fighting stance.)

Tommy: Let her go!

Lord Zedd: Silence. Men with guns to their backs don’t make orders.

(Katherine rushes in. She sticks her hand through the metal bars preventing the pink rangers escape.)

Katherine: Kimberly!

(Kim turns her head half way back.)

Kimberly: If I survive, just wait till I get my hands on you.

Katherine: What?

Lord Zedd: Hahaha. You think she’s sophisticated enough to think all of this up?

Kimberly: Huh?

Lord Zedd: She’s a little girl! Why I nearly birthed her. And I know her better than she knows herself. I knew she’d feel sorry for messing up and I knew when she took the fall for my capturing Ninjor she would try to get him back for you. Why do you think I kept her teleporting abilities in tact?

Katherine: (Shakes head) You’re a monster!

Lord Zedd: No, I am the monster.

Katherine: …

Lord Zedd: Thank you for all your help my dear. You’ve served me well as the pet you were. But now that you’ve outgrown your usefulness, I shall put you down, as I will the pink ranger!


Bulk: Stay calm, Sammy! We’ll help you…

(Thrax, Rita and Zedd’s son, left abandoned by Rita is terrorizing Angel Grove. Sammy is held hostage. And with the rangers on the moon, it leaves disgraced former police officers, Bulk and Skull, as the only line in defense to saving her.)

Skull: …how? We don’t have weapons. We can’t call for back up. We’re just two school yard bullies.

Sammy: (Terrified) Please… help you guys…

Bulk: We may not have anything from the force, (Points to head) but we’ve still got this.

Skull: Bulky, how are buzz cuts going to save her?

Bulk: No you dimwit, all of our police academy knowhow still stays with us. We trained in de-escalation. We just have to recall that.

Thrax: Hey! Bring me my mommy or the girl gets it.

Sammy: Ahh!!

(Bulk takes a deep breath, then sticks his hand out calmly.)

Bulk: Okay, no need to do anything rash. We can help you here. But I need you to help us help you.

Thrax: I’m listening.

Bulk: Okay. Now why don’t you tell us where your mommy is?

Thrax: I don’t know.

Bulk: Do you have any way of contacting her that we can use?

(Thrax shakes his head.)

Bulk: Do you… know her name?

Thrax: No!

Skull: (whispers) What does our know how say about this?

Bulk: We’re screwed.

Sammy: (Panicking) Oh man, oh man. I’m gonna die…

(Meanwhile, back on the moon…)

Lord Zedd: Shame. You would have made a darling queen. And together we could’ve ruled the entire solar system.

Kimberly: Sorry I missed my chance.

Lord Zedd: You will be, when I get through with you.

(Knowing she has no other choice but to fight, Kim pulls out her Power Bow.)

Kimberly: We’ll see about that.

(She fires two shots which Zedd easily swats them away with his staff. With no hesitation, she leaps toward him with side kick. Zedd catches her foot and tosses her aside effortlessly. She slams into a table, knocking down the empty shelves.)

Kimberly: Ugh!

(Zedd picks up his staff and stabs it toward her, unleashing a powerful beam that narrowly misses her head as she ducks. The wall crumbles behind her. Kim’s breathing picks up as she realizes she is fighting for her life.)

Lord Zedd: Your cute little kicks might work against one of Finster’s monsters. But not against the Lord of Darkness.

(Kim picks her blade blaster and fires off three shots at Zedd’s feet. He jukes back giving Kim an opening to attack.)


(She leaps in front of him and lands two kicks to his side. Zedd takes a wild swing at her but she backflips out of it. Once she’s on her feet though. He stomps her chest and brings her down.)

Lord Zedd: Are all these “Hi-yaa’s” really necessary? Honestly, you and Tommy we’re meant for each other.

(Kim looks up helplessly as Zedd mocks her. A distressed Katherine looks away and runs off screen.)

Rito: Whoa, what?! The one that talks funny is getting away!

Lord Zedd: What? Who was supposed to watch her? Somebody grab her before she messes up my plan.

(The Tengas look away, giving Tommy a brief window…)

Tommy: Sui-yaa!

(A roundhouse kick, takes down his foe and his weapon. Suddenly chaos breaks loose in Zedd’s castle as the distraction allows the teens to fight back. All of Zedd’s minions and several Tengas are face to face with the rangers. Adam lays lightning fast kicks to Tengas circling him Aisha and Billy deal with Rito.)

Rito: Come here. You’re in my house now!

(He swings at Billy’ head who drops to the floor and leg sweeps him. Rito leaps and turns around. He’s met with a boot the face.)

Rito: Oww!

Aisha: So was the Mayor’s house. Till we kicked out outta there.

(Rito tumbles over Billy who is still knelt to the floor.)

Rito: (Grimacing) Time out…

(Tommy on the other side duals with Squatt and Baboo.)

Baboo: Take this!

Squatt: And that!

Baboo: And that!

(Still handcuffed though, the two can do little more than weak shin kicks that barely reach. Tommy is able to stomp down both of them with ease.)

Baboo: Ahhh!!

Squatt: We need help!

(Now free, Tommy runs to the gate to Kim’s aid. He tries in vain to push it open.)

Tommy: Kim!

Kimberly: Tommy!

Tommy: Hang tight.

(Katherine returns. now with a janitor-like set of keys.)

Katherine: I’ll get you out!

Lord Zedd: Ahahaha. Good luck. She’ll nothing more than a pretty pink pulp by the time you find the right key.

(Kat struggles with keys. Sweat beads starts forming and make it harder for Katherine to grip the small keys as her hands become clammy. Zedd confidently walks over to a fallen pink ranger and pins her down with his steel foot across her neck.)

Kimberly: (Gagging) ….!!!

Lord Zedd: Enough cat and mouse.

(He points the sharp end of his staff at her face. He hovers it threateningly between her eyes.)

Lord Zedd: It’s time to finish you off once and for all.

(In a swift motion he lifts it over his head. However just as he is about to drop the hammer his staff is swatted away.)

Lord Zedd: Huh?!

(He looks ahead and sees his staff on the ground. He looks up to see who’s responsible…)

Lord Zedd: What?! Who are you?

Kraken: The last thing you’ll ever see.

(Without another word, Kraken punches Zedd in the face, pushing him off of Kimberly. Zedd reaches for his staff but gets caught by one of his tentacles. He is then flung across the room where he crashes into Finster’s monster-o-matic.)

Lord Zedd: Ugh.

(Without a moment of hesitation, Kraken storms over and stomps Zedd hard in the stomach several times.)

Kraken: You dare forget me?

(He continues to kick him, harder and harder with every blow.)

Kraken: Am I just another monster to you? You kill my friends? Destroy my planet? You can bet I haven’t forgotten you.

(He then stomps down on Zedd’s neck with his boot. Just enough weight to make him suffer as he chokes the life out of his sworn enemy. Kimberly manages to muster enough energy to get back to her feet.)

Kimberly: …Kraken! Do you need help?


Kimberly: …

Kraken: Get what you came here and go. Zedd is mine.

Kimberly: …right.

(Kim turns around and tries to break Ninjor free with her bare hands. After a few seconds, it hits her that she has a blade blaster for a reason. She pulls it out and points it at his wrists.)

Kimberly: Don’t move Ninjor.

Ninjor: …

(She quickly blasts all four ropes off. He spills free off the table and needs to be caught before he hits the floor.)

Kimberly: Hang on Ninjor, I’ve got you.

Ninjor: (Struggles) Thank you…

Kimberly: You’ve done so much for us. It’s the least we could do for you.

Ninjor: Dulcea… (coughs) would be proud of you all…

Kimberly: Save your strength.

(Right on cue, Katherine finds the right key and opens the door. Rocky and Adam rush inside to help keep Ninjor up and guide him out the door.)

Kraken: (To Zedd) I will enjoy this moment.

Lord Zedd: (Gasps) …!!

Kraken: You may not remember me. But I will make sure in your dying breath that you will remember the names, Blink, Flamer and It.

(Out of desperation, Zedd zaps Kraken with a beam from his finger, gossing him across the room.)

Lord Zedd: (Panting) Keep… waiting…

Kimberly: Kraken!

Kraken: Ugh. Get out! You must not let him gain the ultimate power.

Kimberly: …

(Zedd returns to his feet. He summons the staff into his hands. The rangers grow concerned.)

Tommy: No way. We can help.

Kraken: No you cannot. Now go!

Rocky: Not before we help you take care of--

Kraken: GO!!!!!!

(Despite their duties to never leave an ally behind, the rangers know Kraken is right. Without another word they leave, carrying Ninjor down the castle stairs and out of the exit. Kraken remains behind, struggling to get back to his feet.)

Kraken: (Grimaces) …

Lord Zedd: So, let me get this straight: I sent your friends to their dooms? Sounds more like someone isn’t taking personal responsibility for their own failures.

Kraken: You no good son of a--

Lord Zedd: Silence.

Kraken: …

Lord Zedd: But I’m sorry, I don’t remember any of it. To you, the day Zedd graced your life was the most important day of your life.

Kraken: …

Lord Zedd: But for me? It was Tuesday.

Kraken: You’ll pay for what you’ve done!

(With one last ounce of strength, Kraken awakens. He attempts to slice Zedd’s head off. In doing so, Zedd capitalizes on an opening. He buries the sharp end of his staff into his abdomen.)

Lord Zedd: I think not.

(Instantly, Kraken falls limp. He sabre falls to the floor. From the outside of the castle most of the ranger team and Kat can hear a chillingly sadistic laugh from a mile above. Their stomachs drop in what in no way sounds encouraging.)

Katherine: …

Tommy: No.

Kimberly: Kraken…

Katherine: We’ve got to get back up there.

Billy: We can’t. Unfortunately it would only risk what we came to do.

Tommy: We’re gonna make him pay for this. But first we need to get Ninjor to safety.

(Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard.)

Billy: Huh?

Adam: What now?

Tommy: Brace yourselves.

(It comes from the back of the castle. From a distance, a shadowy figure is seen running their way.)

Kimberly: Here comes trouble.

Aisha: Wait, no.

Rocky: Is that?

Tommy: Robbie!

(Gone unaccounted for, the brown ranger scurries through the side of the castle, fighting through a smattering of Tenga warriors. Master Vile is far behind, making chase.)

Robbie: We gotta go!

Kimberly: What did you do?

Robbie Buy us some time. Come on!

(Smoke emanates from where the Tenga farm was being nurtured.)

Master Vile: You’re ruining everything!! You will pay for this!!

Robbie: Let’s go!

(Without second thought, Kat grabs hold of the group as they teleport back to earth. Back in the castle, Zedd addresses his crew.)

Lord Zedd: What happened back there?

Rito: (Shrugs) I don’t know!

Squatt: I’ve been here the whole time.

Baboo: It sounded like an explosion.

Lord Zedd: You don’t say, Sherlock?! I wanna know where it came from!

Baboo: …

(Goldar returns, with Rita being pulled behind him.)

Rita: Let go of me you stupid flying monkey!

Lord Zedd: Goldar! What do you think you are doing?

Goldar: My lord, I just learned of what treasonous act Rita has committed.

Lord Zedd: What?

Goldar: She just abandoned your son, the heir of evil, on earth. She tried to get rid of him.

Lord Zedd: You did what?!

Rita: I-I can explain. I just wanted to give him a tour of the fire department. Then the phone rang and I--

Lord Zedd: I’ve heard enough!

Goldar: Yes! Are we finally gonna send her back to the deepest depth of space where she belongs?

Lord Zedd: No. If my son is on earth, then we are travelling to earth right. Grab your coats, everyone.

(As the mayhem moves back to earth, the hostage situation already looks to be at a boiling point.)

Bulk: Okay, okay. Just calm down. We’re on your side here.

(Back in Angel Grove, Bulk is seen talking solo with Thrax.)

Bulk: We wanna see this get resolved peacefully. I have my partner working on getting your mommy as we speak.

(Inside of a phone booth, Skull is seen in a sweat.)

Skull: Hello Lt. Stone… it’s me, Skullovich. No, no! Please don’t hang up, don’t hang up!! I have some information you might need to hear…

Bulk: Okay… now you haven’t done anything we can’t fix. That’s good on you. Let’s keep it that way.

Sammy: Bulk… what are you doing?

Bulk: I’m trying to de-escalate here so that everyone leaves safely.

Sammy: Well you should like a total dork. This better work.

Bulk: I’m gonna need the hostage to be calm at this time and to refrain from re-escalating.

Sammy: If I die because you tried to do something you saw on C.H.I.P.S., I’m so gonna haunt you in your sleep.

Bulk: (Sweating) I’m gonna ask again kindly… that the hostage please be calm and shut her pie hole!!

Thrax: GRRRRR!!! This is making me angry.

(Thrax tightens his grip around Sammy’s neck, who clenched back up.)

Sammy: (Gasps) …!

Thrax: You have one hour to get me my mommy or the girl gets it.

Bulk: (Under his breath) C’mon Skull…

(Meanwhile, back at the command center…)

Alpha: I can’t get a lock on them, Zordon!

(Alpha frantically runs around trying to locate the team’s whereabouts.)

Zordon: If they were teleported by Katherine then she would not have picked up by our tracking systems. We will just need to trust in Katherine that her intentions and pure.

Alpha: You want me to trust in Zedd’s spy?! Aye ya yai.

Zordon: She has proven to have pure intentions thus far, Alpha. Have faith.

(He keeps pushing buttons until the eight teens suddenly re-appear, spit back onto the hard marble floor. Ninjor spills on top of them.)

Alpha: Rangers! You made it!

Zordon: And you have Ninjor. Alpha, clear a bench for him so that we can provide him with some medical attention.

Alpha: Right away.

(On Alpha’s input, a black recliner bench appears beneath Ninjor. He now appears too weak to be conscious. Kim gets up and rips her helmet off.)

Kimberly: We barely made it out of there Zordon. I barely made it out of there.

Zordon: I am aware, Kimberly. And I am thankful that you have returned safely.

(Billy rips his helmet off, along with all the others.)

Billy: If it weren’t for Kraken... who know what would have happened?

Katherine: We left him back there with Lord Zedd. Is there any way we can get a lock on him and bring him back?

Zordon: I am sorry, Katherine. It is too late to save him.

Katherine: …

Kimberly: You mean…?

Zordon: Yes, Kimberly.

(Instantly, the team’s hearts drop, as what they knew would happen if they left, happened. They each share blank stares of despair. A cloud of doubt begins to form over the team before Alpha continues…)

Alpha: You made the right decision leaving when you did.

Zordon: Alpha is correct. Despite his plot for revenge, Kraken knew what was ultimately most important. And so he knowingly sacrificed himself, so that we could save Ninjor, and thus keep Lord Zedd from gaining access to the Zeo crystals. That is the best form of revenge.

Tommy: Zordon’s right. Now let’s make his actions count.

(Still distraught, Katherine takes the loss especially hard.)

Katherine: I should have trusted him. I called him a monster… and he saved our lives.

Kimberly: No Katherine. I should have trusted you.

Katherine: What?

(Kimberly slowly approaches Katherine. She takes her hand and looks her in her eyes.)

Kimberly: I called you… all sorts of things.

Katherine: …

Kimberly: And you without question saved my life. Thank you, Katherine. And I’m so, so sorry for being skeptical.

(Kimberly leans in for a tight, meaningful embrace that puts a halt to the roller coaster of emotion that’s been the past several minutes.)

Katherine: You had every right to be skeptical Kim. I’m really truly sorry for everything I’ve done.

Kimberly: Don’t be.

(The rest of the team look on, smiles on each of their faces. Each of them had come around to Katherine at some earlier point and now glad that in her departing moments, Kimberly crosses that finish line as well. Katherine, moved by the sentiment, eyes something that was left in her hand.)

Katherine: What? What is this?

(Kimberly pulls away as Katherine eyes the pink crane ninja coin.)

Kimberly: Welcome to the team.

Katherine: What?

Robbie: What?

Tommy: What?

Kimberly: There’s no one else that’s right for the role.

Zordon: Once again Kimberly, I commend you for your wisdom beyond your years, as well as for the selflessness of your actions. Without question, Katherine is the best possible candidate for the job. I am glad you were able to put aside any past personal differences for the greater good of the team.

Alpha: I think the next thing we need to know is if Katherine accepts.

Katherine: Yes, of course! Kimberly… I-I don’t know what to say.

Kimberly: Say nothing. Just act like I know you would: with dignity and integrity.

Katherine: …

(Kimberly turns slowly to face her boyfriend.)

Kimberly: Shall we begin?

Tommy: …

Zordon: Tommy, summon the Sword of Convenient Time Filler once more.

Tommy: …okay.

(Figuring things are relatively quiet now, Kimberly figures this is the perfect opportunity to transfer the pink powers over to her successor and “get it over with” so to speak. Her nearly blaze request figuratively smacks her teammates in the face, who now realize the gravity for what is going on.)

Adam: …

Rocky: …

Aisha: …

(For the new rangers, they are losing a stabilizing presence, and the person who, by and large, manage to keep the peace during the teams’ most trying period. For Aisha in particular, she is losing a new best friend just as their relationship began to truly take off.)

Billy: …

(Sighing and putting his hands on his waist, Billy realizes he is losing someone what has been like a sister to him these past three years.)

Robbie: …

(Despite having already said his goodbyes, the weight of her now actively leaving presses down on his chest. His only true friend since Trini left the team. Quite possibly the only strong tie he has remaining to the old team and to happier times, Robbie begins to question his place on the team moving forward.)

Tommy: …

(And as Tommy steps forward to accept the Sword of Convenient Time Filler, which appears magically in his hand, he does so with the heaviest of hearts. He will be saying goodbye to his love, and his biggest supporter.)

Kimberly: I’m ready.

(Kimberly clips on her helmet one final time. Tommy then turns around and raises the sword high once more. This time, the lights dim in the command center as power is siphoned from Kimberly then passed through the sword and into Katherine. Their friends look on in awe as the former pink ranger begin to power down. She slowly morphs out of her suits involuntarily and begins to feel weak and stagger. Her friends run over to aid her, Tommy in the forefront.)

Tommy: Kim, are you okay?

(She holds her head to try and make the spinning stop.)

Kimberly: Ugh. No…

Zordon: That is your body adjusting and returning to your normal state. It should pass in a few minutes.

(Tommy hangs on meaningfully tight to his girlfriend. It may be the last time in a very long time that he will have such an opportunity. From the corner of their eyes, someone appears and puts their hand on Kimberly’s shoulder.)

Katherine: I won’t let you down.

(She looks up to find herself eerily looking at the pink mighty morphin’ power ranger. Only it’s no longer her.)

Kimberly: I know. That’s why I picked you.

Tommy: Hopefully we have enough time to show you the ropes before you put those new powers to use.

(Just then however, the alarm sounds.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai!

Tommy: (Sighs) Spoke too soon.

Zordon: Behold the viewing globe.

(The team, sans Kimberly and Tomy, rush to the viewing globe. Katherine removes her helmet.)

Katherine: Oh my.

Robbie: Sammy’s in trouble!

Rocky: We gotta get down there.

Aisha: Wait, what is he holding her hostage for?

Zordon: That is where this gets interesting. He is looking for his mother. And he appears to share some genetic make-up with Lord Zedd.

Kimberly: Gross. Let me see.

(Kimberly summons the energy to get up and walk toward the viewing globe, ahead of the pack.)

Adam: Rita had a baby?

Kimberly: And that’s the demon she spawned?

(She turns around to face Zordon.)

Kimberly: So if we can lure Rita out. Sammy should be free?

Zordon: Yes and no, Kimberly. For while he was birthed from Rita, he shares no biological relations to her.

Kimberly: Then who’s the mother?

Zordon: You are.

(Meanwhile back in Angel Grove, the hostage situation has caught the attention of onlookers as police step in. Lt. Stone has taken over the duties of negotiating with Thrax as Bulk and Skull have taken a back seat.)

Lt. Stone: You don’t make the demands around here. We’ve got you surrounded. You have thirty seconds to release the hosta--


Sammy: (cries) ….!

Lt. Stone: Okay big guy, just keep your hands where I can see them and nobody gets hurt.

(Stone looks up and around him, as if waiting for back up to be in position. Bulk and Skull manage to squeeze back in.)

Bulk: Mind telling us what exactly you are doing?

Skull: Yeah. You’re totally blowing this.

Lt. Stone: I’m negotiating a hostage situation. Like a professional police officer does.

Thrax: Give the fat one the mic back. I like him better.

(Thrax begins to get increasingly agitated, however Stone appears for less interested in de-escalating and ignores his request.)
Lt. Stone: Besides, we just need to stall him.

Bulk: Stall him? We’ve already stalled for an hour.

Skull: You have a lead on this guy’s mom?

Lt. Stone: No, and I’m not interested in working out a deal with a friggen monster. We have snipers in position. Once we have a shot we’ll give them the green light.

Bulk: Are you crazy? That’s extremely dangerous. What if it just makes him angry?

Skull: Yeah. And besides, the guy just wants his mommy. Haven’t we all wanted our mommy’s before?

Lt. Stone: We all aren’t dangerous savages. And it’s the chief’s orders. And that’s his daughter.

(From behind the barricade, Chief Kwan, Sammy’s father, cries out for her well being…)

“Hang in there sweetheart. We’ll get you outta this safely.”

Sammy: …

Bulk: But it’s my friend. I can negotiate him letting her go safely.

(On top of a nearby roof where a sniper gets set, Zedd, Rita, Vile and the gang appear behind him.)

Sniper: Alright I’m in position. I have the solution.

Lord Zedd: As do we.

Sniper: Wha-?! I need back up, I need back-

(Before he can finish his call, Zedd points his staff at him, emitting a powerful beam to silence him.)

Lt. Stone: You know for a couple of guys I let go for being reckless you sure are being conservative here.

Bulk: You had a chance to contain this situation and now it’s our turn.

Lt. Stone: …

(Stone turns back to the chief, who stares back at him blankly.)

Lt. Stone: Alright. You can lead. But if this goes south, we’re taking the shot. We’re not risking the hostages’ life. Got it?

Bulk: (Nods) Got it.

(Stone throws his arms into Bulk’s chest, handing over his walkie talkie. Bulk stumples to put it back on.)

Bulk: Uh okay… it’s me again… the fat one.

(Back at the command center, Zordon breaks the news of Thrax’s origins to the team…)

Kimberly: What?!

Adam: Say that again?!

Katherine: Kim? Did I… miss something? Was there something before you and Tommy?

Zordon: No Katherine. About a year ago, before you were involved, before Zedd and Rita had even wedded, Lord Zedd had sought Kimberly to be his bride. He twice kidnapped Kimberly, with the second attempt leading to him implanting his evil seed inside of her before she could escape.

(Kim shakes her head in absolute disgust.)

Kimberly: And I thought I’d received enough therapy to work through that experience.

Zordon: And while we were able to extract the seed and place it in Rita, he continues to share Kimberly’s genetic make-up. Thrax is that seed. I am sorry Kimberly.

Kimberly: …

Zordon: No part of me enjoys delivering this news.

Aisha: So technically, that’s your son?

Alpha: I’m afraid so.

Kimberly: …

Rocky: They grow up so fas--

Kimberly: Shut up Rocky. SHUT. UP.

Rocky: …

(The news sends Kimberly into a full-fledged panic.)

Kimberly: Oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god… no… why me…? What do I do?

Aisha: It’s okay Kim. Don’t sweat it.

Kimberly: Don’t sweat it?

Robbie: Yeah. You can do like my dad and split. For extra points you can drop dead.

Kimberly: Now’s not the time for jokes, Robbie.

Aisha: This really puts a hamper on your plans to move away huh? I mean now you have to look for a new school, he’ll have to make new friends!

Kimberly: Stop it!

(Out of nowhere, Ninjor lifts his head…)

Ninjor: I hear at this age, kids can be pure evil.

Kimberly: You guys!

(In the midst of her outrage, Kim does something she didn’t expect… bust out laughing. Her friends all join her, including Ninjor, Alpha and Zordon. The relief defused an otherwise tense and difficult moment and distracts from a horrendous situation.)

Kimberly: I love you guys.

Aisha: We love you too girl.

(Tommy places his hands comfortingly on her shoulder.)

Tommy: Don’t worry Kim. Just put this out of your mind. We’ll defeat him just like any other monster we defeat.

Kimberly: Okay… do you still love me?

Tommy: More than ever.

(She smiles warmly at him.)

Kimberly: Do you still wanna have kids with me someday?

(He pauses.)

Tommy: I mean… is that how he’s gonna look like?

Kimberly: Tommy!

Robbie: Well, we gotta get down there. I don’t think Bulk and Skull can hold him off for much longer.

Billy: He’s right. Let’s go.

Tommy: Alright guys, are you gonna be okay?

Kimberly: Yeah, I’ll keep Ninjor company. Good luck you guys.

Tommy: Alright. Back to action!

(Meanwhile back downtown…)

Thrax: What’s the hold up?

Bulk: Uh-uh… we’re still on it. I have guys on the other end getting in contact with your family.

“Look no further.”

(Between Bulk and Skull and Thrax, Zedd appears with Rita and Master Vile.)

Master Vile: My grandson!

Thrax: …

Lord Zedd: Son. I’ve returned for you. Me and your mother.

(He hits her.)

Rita: Uh, yeah! And my! You’ve gotten so big and handsome since I last saw you… in that fire station I left you. Why you look just like your father.

Thrax: Mom?

Rita: …yeah.

Lord Zedd: Forgive her negligence. She didn’t mean to lose you. She’d lose her breast cones if they weren’t attached to her.

(He gives her a cold look.)

Thrax: You’re not my mother.

Rita: Eh? What is he talking about? I delivered you! If it’s not you, then there’s another ugly baby roaming around.


(He tightens his grip on Sammy, NOW using both hands. The crowd gasps.)

Bulk: Alright, alright! Everyone calm down! We can work this out so everybody--

Rita: Oh save it.

Bulk: …

Skull: …

Lord Zedd: What do you mean, boy? This is your mother. As unfortunate as that may be, it is the hand you’ve been dealt. Now come home so we can eat the slop your mother calls supper.

Thrax: I refuse to go home with that phony.

Lord Zedd: I did not ask you to come with me son, I am commanding you to.

Thrax: And I’m commanding you to eat my shorts.

Lord Zedd: WHAT?!

Rito: Burn!

Lord Zedd: I refuse to be spoken to that way by my own flesh and blood. I put you on this earth and I can take you away.

Thrax: Do your worst old man.

Bulk: …should I still be here for this?

(Just in time the rangers arrive. They land between Thrax and the villains.)

“Oh my goodness!”

“It’s them!”

Bulk and Skull: The power rangers!

Lord Zedd: Rangers! Haven’t you ruined enough of my plans today?

Tommy: We’re just getting started.

(Robbie points to Thrax in a commanding tone.)

Robbie: Let her go Thrax. No one needs to get hurt.

Thrax: Silence!

Robbie: (Gasps) …!

Lord Zedd: Just like the old man, eh?

Thrax: I came here in search of my mother and I’m not letting go of this girl until I’ve found her.

Tommy: Well then you give us no choice.

(The rangers line up across Thrax, their blade blaster out and aimed.)

Tommy: You have until the count of three to release the hostage or we shoot.

Bulk: Uh… that’s not gonna work.

Tommy: One…

Thrax: …

Tommy: Two…

Sammy: …

Lord Zedd: They’re about to attack my little man. What do we do?

Rita: We make our baby groooooooooow!!

Lord Zedd: What?!

(Without consulting her husband, she leaps ahead of everyone else and hurls her wand near Thrax. It lands facing up, and with a sudden quake, the Earth starts to tear open right where the wand lands. The crowd disperses in a panic in the large cloud of smoke that fills the sky. Thrax is now giant.)

Tommy: Clear out!

Rocky: Everyone clear out.

Katherine: What do we do?

Robbie: The next step in your training.

Tommy: We need NinjaMegazord power now!

“Red Ape Ninjazord. Power up.”

(The mighty red mechanical ape emerges; thumping his chest and marching into action.)

“Black Frog Ninjazord. Power up.”

(Bursting out the water, the giant black frog is summoned.)

“Pink Crane Ninjazord. Power up.”

(The graceful pink crane soars through the clouds.)

“Blue Wolf Ninjazord. Power up.”

(From behind the mountains, the lone blue wolf arises. He howls into the sky, then rushes into battle.)

“Yellow Bear Ninjazord. Power up.”

(With an enormous roar and slow methodical steps, the bear trudges into action.)

“Cockroach Ninjazord. Power up.”

(The shifty looking roach burrows out of the ground.)

“White Falcon Ninjazord. Power up.”

(The majestic white falcon arrives. Its shriek echoes in the sky as it warns its enemy of its presence.)

Tommy: Let’s do it.

(The rangers leap into the air and jump aboard their respective Zords. They come together to initiate battle sequence. The frog and the bear fold into the legs and part of the torso. The wolf and ape become the arms. The roach latches onto the end of the wolf to create a hand blade. Finally, Katherine’s new crane Zord folds into itself to reveal a humanoid face. She is stunned by the inside of the cockpit.)

Katherine: My goodness, this is all so amazing! (Gasps) And look at the stereo on this thing!

Tommy: Alright gang, let’s topple this toddler.


(The NinjaMegazord strikes a pose in await the fight of their lives… and wait… and wait…)

Rocky: Why isn’t he attacking?

Tommy: …I don’t know.

Adam: Is he loading up an attack?

Tommy: What did I just say?

Robbie: Hey, you. Get ready to fight.

(But Thrax appears more confused than vicious.)

Thrax: What? What’s happening? Why is everyone so little?

Aisha: You’re big now. Rita makes her monsters grow. (Shakes her head) It never works though.

Thrax: “Monsters?”

Aisha: Yes. Have you looked in a mirror? You’re a monster.

Thrax: I just wanted to be with my family.

Robbie: Well you can join your ancestors when we send you straight to hell.

Thrax: Arg. I’ll destroy you.

(Angered, Thrax charges the Megazord.)

Robbie: Here he comes.

Tommy: Brace yourselves. NinjaFalconzord, to the air!

(He leaps into the air to leapfrog Thrax. He recovers though...)

Thrax: You shall not escape!

(He sends a beam from his fist that rocks the rangers to their core.)


(Now from a rooftop with the rest of their minions, Rita and Zedd are seen bickering.)

Lord Zedd: What did you do?! I in no way gave you permission to do what you did!!

Rita: (Curtsies) My apologies your majesty. Do I have your permission to go to the bathroom now?

Master Vile: (Points) Look! He’s winning!

Lord Zedd: Huh? Oh. Well now that’s my boy!

Rita: It’s like we’re watching him at soccer practice. How exciting!

Lord Zedd: Go Thrax, go!

Rita: Go Thrax, go!

(Meanwhile back at the command center, while kneeling down besides Ninjor, Kimberly’s gaze is stolen by what she sees from the viewing globe.)

Kimberly: (Gasps) I hope they’re okay. It’s me that he wants.

Zordon: You must have faith in them Kimberly. You nominated Katherine for a reason. For your safety, I must recommend that you stand back. You no longer have the protection of your powers. It is far too dangerous.

Kimberly: …

(Back in Angel Grove…)

Thrax: (Gasps) I wanted this to be easy… The sweaty boy said he could bring me my mommy. And the rat faced one said no one needed to be hurt.

Robbie: Is it bad that I know exactly who he’s talking about?

Thrax: But if you want to be hurt. I’ll make you hurt.

(He leaps onto the Ninjazord. The two tumble to the ground and roll down midtown with cars veering out of the way.)

Billy: Look out for pedestrians!

(Thrax settles on top of the Ninja Megazord. With the rangers helplessly on the floor. Without hesitation he grabs the Zords head and slams it repeatedly on the ground. The thunderous impacts jar the rangers from the seats.)


Katherine: I can’t reach the controls!

Billy: Our shields are taking a hit!

Adam: We can’t take much more!

(Suddenly he stops and turns his attention to the bear chest piece. He pulls at it trying to dismantle the Ninjazord, piece by piece.)

Tommy: What’s he doing?

Thrax: Making you pay!

Lord Zedd: Ahaha!

(Rita and Zedd celebrate their sons’ early success from the rooftop.)

Lord Zedd: He’s a chip off the old block.

Rita: More like a brick to the face.

(Back to the action, Thrax manages to be successful as the bear starts to come off. Sparks start flying as the alarms blare in the cockpit. Panic ensues.)

Aisha: He’s gonna destroy our Zord!

Katherine: What do we do?

Billy: I don’t know but we need to do it fast.

(Out of desperation, Katherine slams a random button. It fires a beam from the crane eyes atop the Ninja Megazord. It blows Thrax away and buys them some precious time.)

Aisha: Phew. Way to go Kat!

Tommy: Quick let’s get up!

(Meanwhile back in the command center...)

Aisha: You see Kimberly? She’s alright.

Kimberly: Yeah…

(A weekend, yet awaking Ninjor turns his head.)

Ninjor: You worry too much…

(Back on their feet, the rangers try to strategies before Thrax recovers.)

Rocky: What do we do? He’s way more powerful than anything we’ve ever faced…

Tommy: We can’t out muscle him.

Billy: Tommy’s right.

(It’s too late however as Thrax returns to his feet. He wipes off the point of the blast as if it were a mere spill on his shirt.)

Thrax: You will pay for that.

(He extends his arm, revealing a Z staff.)

Rocky: Things are about to get bad…

Katherine: Wait!

Thrax: Huh?

Tommy: Huh?

Katherine: We don’t have to do this?

Aisha: What are you doing?

Thrax: We’re not enemies, Thrax. Don’t be misled. We want you to be with your mother. But we need you to end the violence now.

(Back at the command center.)

Alpha: What is she doing?

Kimberly: You’re right Alpha. She is smart.

Alpha: Huh?

(Kimberly returns to her feet. She walks toward the exit.)

Kimberly: That’s my cue.

Alpha: Wait, Kimberly!

(Back downtown…)

Katherine: We understand how scared you might be. You’ve been forced to grow up the past… day, without a family to call your own. I don’t remember my family at all. I’m not even sure I have a family.

Thrax: You’re not?

Katherine: (Shakes head) No. I only know Zedd and Rita as my family. And they abandoned me. Like they abandoned you.

Robbie: This is genius.

Billy: She’s appealing to his humanity. Kraken would be proud.

Lord Zedd: She’s lying!! Don’t listen to her!!

Rita: Yeah! We’re your family.


(He turns to face Zedd and Rita and shouts with booming authority.)

Thrax: You left me to die. You are not my true family.

Lord Zedd: I had nothing to do with that. That was this walking Lifetime move over here.

Thrax: I’ve heard enough.

(He raises his fist to the tower.)

Squatt: Ahhh!!!

Baboo: No!!!

Rita: Wait!!!

Lord Zedd: They have your mommy!! They have them! They’ve captured her and they’re trying to trick you.

Thrax: N-no.

Katherine: That’s not true!

Lord Zedd: Just think about it. Which one of us do you look like?

Rita: Just think. Which one of us attacked you?

Thrax: That’s… true.

Katherine: No it isn’t.


(In one swoop motion, Thrax takes his Z staff and slices off the right arm of the Ninja Megazord. Already loosened, the Bear chest piece falls off as well and collapses to the floor.)

Bulk: Get out, get out!

Skull: Clear the zone. Everyone indoors now! It’s not safe here!

(Despite no longer having any ties to the police department, Bulk and Skull work to clear the area to keep everybody safe. The roar and the quake of the arm hitting the floor rattles them however…)

Bulk: We’re not safe here.

Skull: No. We’re not.

Robbie: HOLY CRAP!

Tommy: We’re down an arm!

Rocky: How are we standing?

Billy: We won’t be for much longer…

“Shields down to 9%”

Thrax: You dare lie to me. You hold my mother captive. I make you pay.

(Almost on command, his horns begin to distend from his skull ominously. He bows in a bull-like position and readies to finish the rangers off.)

Billy: Controls are jammed!

Aisha: We’re totally helpless!

Katherine: What do we do?

Tommy: (Exhales) We say our prayers…

(He charges the vulnerable Megazord. With only seconds left before utter destruction, he lets out a final cry.)

Thrax: NOW. YOU. DIE.


(Thrax responds almost instantaneously, as if somebody flipped a switch and turned him off. Thrax turns to the source of the call, atop a nearby building.)

Tommy: Kimberly?!

Katherine: My gosh!

Billy: What is she doing?!

Tommy: Kim, get down! You don’t have your powers! You’ll be killed.

Kimberly: Thrax… calm down. Please.

(Though never meeting before, he is met with an eerie calm. He puts down the staff, which falls to the ground. He responds, in a quiet, docile voice)

Thrax: …mom?

Kimberly: Yes. Thrax… mom is here…

Lord Zedd: What is she doing?

Rita: She’s ruining everything!!

Master Vile: You may have won the battle rangers, but the real war has just begun.

(The trio and their minions vanish before Zedd’s son turns on them again. Thrax leans his head in as close as he can do the building as possible. Kim strokes his skull as peace returns to Angel Grove.)

Tommy: At ease you guys.

Aisha: Way to go Kimberly!

Katherine: Even without her powers, she still manages to save us all. That’s a true ranger. I could only wish to be half as amazing as she…

(On the ground, Bulk and Skull are seen cowering on the ground. A pair of feet step in front of them.)

Lt. Stone: Come on boys, get up.

(He extends his hands out to bring them both back up.)

Lt. Stone: Good work today. Come on. The chief is safe with Sammy. Let’s go meet with them. I think he has something to say to you two.

Bulk: …

Skull: …

(Back on top of the building Kim thinks up on a solution for Thrax.)

Kimberly: We’re gonna get you out of here. We’ll bring you somewhere safe.

Thrax: Okay…

(Moments later, the team of eight, reunite one last time at the command center…)

Zordon: I say this time after time, but I cannot accurately express how proud I am of each of you.

(Worn out after a long days work, they’re glad to look back up at their leader with relieved smiles.)

Zordon: You have dealt Rita and Zedd a serious blow today. One which they may never recover from.

Tommt: They failed in obtaining the Zeo crystals...

Billy: And in doing so Kraken's death is not in vain.

Zordon: Correct. And with the odds stacked against you today, neither of you wavered. You each possessed the courage, cunning and compassion that I saw when I made you all rangers. Congratulations on your victory today.

Katherine: This was truly an amazing experience. Is every day like that?

Billy: Not every day. No.

Robbie: (Shrugs) It’s mostly book reports and karate classes. With the occasional stock footage to kill.

Adam: I’ll say like five words before Tommy saves the day.

Tommy: And every now and then Robbie will do something stupid to completely ruin his life.

Robbie: Yeah. It’s really formulaic when you take it all in.

Rocky: But you did good rookie. Great first day!

Katherine: (Giggles) Thanks!

Kimberly: Hey. Where’s Ninjor, Zordon?

Zordon: Ninjor has recovered as much as he could. We were able to limit the extent of the damage done and clear him for return to Eltar where he belongs.

Alpha: Ninjor may never truly be at full strength again. But that is okay. We made sure he got some help.

Zordon: Ninjor has agreed to take Thrax under his wing and take him back to Eltar. He will serve as a new bodyguard to his temple.

Robbie: He’s not Dulcea but… uh… nope. He isn’t.

Kimberly: Well I’m glad everything worked out in the end. I guess I won’t have to worry about you guys on my long flight to Florida, huh?

Zordon: For the purposes of Kimberly’s safety. I have erased Thrax of all his memories, in the event that he attempts to reconnect with her. This may open him up for re-corruption down the line, but it is a risk I had to take.

Adam: I have a feeling everything will be alright!

(Kim steps forward one final time…)

Kimberly: Well I guess this is it. I’ve left you guys in good hands. Don’t mess things up while I’m gone.

Katherine: We won’t Kimberly, thank you.

Kimberly: …

Zordon: Kimberly. I have enjoyed the pleasure of watching you grow from a young and shallow girl to a wise, well-rounded young woman with exceptional leadership skills. I am proud to have been a small part in that process. And I for one will miss you dearly.

Kimberly: Thank you Zordon. And you’ve played much more than just a small role. Ever since you came into my life, you’ve been like a father to me. And all of you… we have made a wonderful, if not messy family.

Robbie: We put the fun in dysfunctional.

Kimberly: I’m gonna miss you all so much.

(She shares one final hug with the team. Her team. After an extended period of time, she lets go. Wiping a tear from her eye…Tommy walks over.)

Tommy: Well we should get going Kim. I’ll help you get ready.

Kimberly: Okay… Wait…

(She turns back to the team and extends her hand out.)

Kimberly: One last time?

(Without hesitation, all seven rangers put their hands in on top of Kimberlys’. They hold as Kimberly takes the lead.)

“Power rangers!”

(It seems like the perfect end to a long, grueling year. However it is not the end for today. Back on the moon, for one final time, Zedd wanders about and surveys the mess around him.)

Lord Zedd: …

(His team demoralized, but no more than he is. Unable to summon even an ounce of rage as usual, he addresses his troops.)

Lord Zedd: We lost Ninjor. We lost the Zeo crystals. We lost about a hundred super Tenga warriors and I lost my first son. Suffice it to say, today was not a good day.

Goldar: …

Rito: …

Squatt: …

Baboo: …

Lord Zedd: We each lost something important to us and no one to blame. No. That is incorrect. This is the power rangers fault. They did this! They destroyed our home, our resources and they destroyed our family.

Rita: …

Lord Zedd: All in the name of Ninjor. All in the name of saving face for a battle they know they cannot win.

Master Vile: …

Lord Zedd: And while they have won this battle, the war has only begun. They have only bought themselves time from the inevitable. And when it is time to commence our attack, we shall finally have our vengeance!

The End.

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I loved the finale
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

I loved the finale
Thanks! I hope you liked the pay off to an idea you came up with.
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Season 3 Epilogue

“In other news, a local teen literally can’t even. We’ll have more on that after the break.”

(As the news airs in the background, we pick up at Ernie’s Gym and Juice Bar. Two months have passed since Kimberly left for Florida and after some initial growing pains by her replacement, things seems to be settling back to the status quo. Tommy and Adam are seen sparring, while Rocky and Katherine are by the barstools next to a television set, idly chatting.)

Rocky: The puzzle said 2-4 years, but I finished it in 3 months.

Katherine: Great. …good job, Rocky.

(From out of the corner, Billy is seen walking in with a smile on his face. Tommy and Adam spot him and stop what they’re doing to walk over.)

Tommy: Billy!

Adam: (Wipes self) What’s up? Any word on Aisha?

Billy: Her plane just landed in Istanbul. She’s safe and sound.

Katherine: Oh that’s fantastic news. I’m so happy for her and her new life.

Tommy: Me too. I hope she writes.

Rocky:You guys want hear some more good news? So there's this really tough puzzle of Winnie the Pooh I got...

(But before he could go much further, Tommy’s communicator rings. As usual, the rangers abruptly change gears and with urgency, they each get up and rush to the hallway.)

Tommy: We read you.

Robbie: Tommy. Meet me at the command center. Right now.

(The teens appear confused by the call.)

Tommy: Is… everything okay?

Robbie: I’ll explain when you’re here. It’s imperative.

(He disconnects. Further confounding his colleagues.)

Rocky: What was that about?

Adam: I can’t believe Robbie is calling a team meeting.

Billy: I can’t believe Robbie knows the proper usage for “imperative.”

Tommy: C’mon. This better be good.

(The teen’s teleport to the command center. Robbie is already there.)

Katherine: Robbie…

Tommy: Can you tell us exactly why we’re here?

Adam: Yeah, who gave you authority to call us to the command center?

(Having no time for a snappy retort, Robbie just comes out with it…)

Robbie: I found the Zeo crystals!

Billy: What?!

Tommy: How?!

(Finally grabbing their attention, Robbie reaches into his back pocket and pulls out several sheets of paper.)

Robbie: I mean I don’t have them in my hand. But I know where they are. With these. Shipping receipts. Hannah’s shipping receipts.

Billy: What?

Adam: Hannah bought the Zeo crystals?

Rocky: I’m confused.

Robbie: Shocking.

Tommy: Rocky’s right. Can you clue us into what you’re talking about and quit dragging this out?

Robbie: Hannah found the Zeo crystals during a driving class she and I took once. She must’ve thought they were huge diamonds and sold them online. She tried handing me a huge check and I started asking questions.

Billy: Wait, why is Hannah handing you a check?

Rocky: Yeah, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Robbie: I don’t think you’re listening: We know where the ultimate power is. We can defeat Lord Zedd’s army. We can save the earth in the final battle.

Tommy: That’s all I need to hear. Good catch, Rob. What do we need to do?

(Robbie starts passing around the papers while handing out instructions.)

Robbie: There’s six of them, all around the world. Luckily there’s six of us. We’re gonna need to split up and act fast. If Zedd knows what we’re up to he could launch his attack prematurely.

(Just then, the alarms sound.)

Robbie: (Sighs) …

Billy: What is going on?

Zordon: I’m afraid you spoke too soon. Behold the viewing globe.

(They slowly make their way toward the viewing globe, though not really wanting to see what’s going on. The looks on their faces turn to complete horror and utter defeat.)

Katherine: Oh... my god.

Tommy: They’re everywhere…

Katherine: It's worse than I could have imagined...

(Their hearts collectively sink as they look on helplessly. The skies darken with enemies incoming. Suddenly the weight of what they're up against presses down on the team and paralyzes them. This is an army that threatens not just them, but everything and everyone they love and stand for...)

Bulk: …

Skull: …

(At the park, patrolling in full uniform, Bulk and Skull look up at the sky, paralyzed with awe.)

Sammy: …quick, hand me the ball. Time to go.

(Further down along the volleyball court. Sammy has the wherewithal to run, although no idea where to run too.)

Lindsay: And I was like if you’re anorexic, you’re doing it wrong.

Hillary: Hahaha. That is so funny!

Hannah: You guys… what’s that sound?!

(Even the uptown posh neighborhood isn’t safe.)

Adam: What do we do?

Zordon: I am afraid there is nothing we can do, Adam.

Adam: …

(The image switches back to the Youth Center, where Ernie’s beloved establishment crumbles easily as everyone scrambles for the exit.)

Ernie: Everybody remain calm!

Katherine: My god. Ernie…

Robbie: And that’s not all.

Billy: (Points) They’re in New York…

Adam: And DC…

Rocky: And in London.

Katherine: They’re everywhere, Zordon. B-but we’re just six people, Zordon. What can we do to stop them?

Zordon: At this point, there is nothing we can do as is that will make a dent.

Tommy: So we do nothing? No, I'm buying it.

Robbie: Are you blind?! All of our preparations, all of our work... it's a drop in the bucket against that. Face it, we're dead.

Adam: We wasted time... and we're all going to pay for it now.

Zordon: Not exactly. Alpha. Resort to Plan B.

Alpha: Yes Zordon.

(Eerily calm, Alpha walks over to the control panel and begins pushing buttons.)

Tommy: What? What is that?

Billy: There's a "Plan B?"

Robbie: What’s “Plan B?”


“On behalf of the Global Outreach Program, and on behalf of my colleagues that travelled across the world to take part in this journey. I thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity of a lifetime and a chance to affect global change.”

(Elsewhere, in a classy, upscale venue, a familiar face addresses a room full of diplomats, public officials and global media.)

Zack: In this past year alone, we have negotiated a cease fire between Israel and Palestine in an ongoing quest to find peace in the Middle East. We have also worked tirelessly with our allies to one day, meet the once thought to be unattainable goal of making sure that no child on this planet of ours, regardless of race, creed, religion or nationality, go to bed hungry. And we have, most importantly put forth to the UN, an environmental plan that will not only protect this great planet of ours, but make sure that child has a planet to live on!

(The room breaks out in enthusiastic applause of the accomplishments of the Global Outreach Program. Oozing with charisma, the room hangs onto every word, encapsulated by the passion in which Zack speaks. Within that crowd, two other familiar friends are seen rooting him on…)

Trini: (Clapping) He really is an amazing speaker.

Jason: (Clapping) Yeah. With the work he put into this speech? He better sound like the black JFK.

(Trini laughs as Zack continues.)

Zack: I could have never imagined, that I personally would play even a small role in any of this. I’m just a regular teen, from modest means. My mother, a nanny, my father, an assistant principle. His fathers, father, an indentured servant from Georgia. He could have never dreamed, that a Taylor would ever see such an opportunity. But that’s how it works: with every generation, we move just a little bit closer, we make a little more progress. But this progress doesn’t just come automatically. It is not something to be taken for granted. It comes with hard work and persistence that comes from exceptional people, all over the world – coming together to stand united.

(The applause is now even stronger. Many in the room including Jason and Trini stand up for an extended standing ovation. Eventually, Zack gestures the room to quiet down, so that he may continue…)

Jason: (Whispers) You know he’s been talking to Angela again?

Trini: Yeah? That doesn’t surprise me.

Jason: What does surprise me is that he doesn’t have a taxi parked outside to take him to the airport.

Trini: (Laughs) He might. You never know with the Zack man.

Jason: Right you never know.

(Jason then pauses before continuing.)

Jason: Something tells me he isn’t the only one that has someone waiting for them in Angel Grove.

(It takes a second, but a huge beam comes over her face that turns her bright red.)

Trini: Yeah… I guess not.

Jason: What’s gonna happen with that when you get back?

(Anxiously, Trini twittles her fingers.)

Trini: I don’t know. I’ll have to put him in the dog house for taking so long to respond to my calls and letters. But… I’m open to picking up where we left off after that.

(Her eyes then wander to the skies as she continues to twittle her fingers. Amid Zack’s speech a thunderous roar is heard outside. Zack powers through it, but it catches the attention of his colleges.)

Trini: You hear that?

Jason: It’s not supposed to rain…

Zack: But keep in mind, in our final address, that there are those out there, with less than pure intentions. They feast on these divisions. Tyranny thrives under dis-unity. There is great evil on… and off this earth… that wish nothing more than to deal harm to us, to break us, so that they may one day rule us.

Jason: That one’s courtesy of the guys back home.

Trini: I hope this helps them…

Zack: This is not a call to arms. But a call to action. My fellow humans, if we are to one day reach the nirvana of a perfect world, then we must set aside minor differences, work with our allies and stand as one. Against the evils of this world.

(Zack gets another applause, however this time the roaring cannot be ignored as it grows louder and louder. It becomes apparent to them that this is not just a simple storm. The water in Jason’s glass begins to shake, forcing his previously hidden right hand to reach out and grabs it.)

Trini: What is going on?

(Then what no one expects happens, Jason’s old communicator, which he has on his right hand as a memento, rings.)

Jason: …

Trini: (Gasps) …

Zack: I love America. But I also love the UK. I love Africa, I love China. I love Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This is not an eastern world, a western world we are THE WORLD. And if we stick together like the family we are we can conquer any…

(A loud crash is heard. The roof collapses just above where Zack stands…)

Trini: (Gasps) Oh no!

Jason: ZACK!

To Be Continued.

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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

Thanks! I hope you liked the pay off to an idea you came up with.
I certainly did and the epilogue is spine-tingly-dingly
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I certainly did and the epilogue is spine-tingly-dingly
Haha. Thanks!
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Great news!

I have begun working on a prequel to the series. This will be called, The Robbie Re-Write: Origins.
This will include 12 real life season one episodes, re-written to include the brown ranger. The episode listing can be seen on the front page. The purpose for this is to better flesh out not only Robbie's background, but everyone elses background, especially Trini’s. It will focus on her life primarily (though not exclusively) and her grapples with feelings toward someone that she knows a girl like her shouldn’t have. It will also better explain Robbie's role on the team prior to the actual beginning to my story.

These chapter's are based largely around the existing scripts so there should be less time between chapters. I may be able to crank them out on a bi-weekly basis. So those worried about the last season being delayed, fear not! It will still begin in 2018.
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A couple notes:

* "Day of the Dumpster" is complete and will be released Friday morning! I plan a bi-weekly schedule from then on out. Two more chapters are already nearly complete.

* Since Photobucket held us all ransom recently, most of my 50+ chapters have been nuked in terms of their photos. I am aware of the issue and once my prequel is complete, fixing each chapter one at a time becomes my top priority.

* Once that is complete, I will not only release season 3 on an e-book, but I will release seasons 1 and 2, as well since I've recently gone back and made small tweaks. I will also release the prequel as well.

I hope so see you all Friday!
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Prequel - Episode 1: Day of the Dumpster

(We begin with pitch blackness. Only two voices are heard…)

“Another peaceful morning in Angel Grove.”

“Indeed it is Alpha. But don’t let that lull you into complacency. Scan the solar system for any spikes in energy. It only takes one lapse in vigilance for peace to spiral out of control.”

“Yes Zordon. Right away.”



(We begin again, aptly so, in the early morning. It’s a small town in California called Angel Grove. Only over a few hundred thousand people call this their home. This is the story of six of those people.)

Girl: Man. What a beautiful sunrise.

(A young, attractive brunette gets up out of her bed, clad in pink and packed to the rim with stuffed animals. She turns off the alarm and walks over to her window and gazes out into the world.)

Girl: Thank god it’s Friday too.

(Elsewhere, further downtown, a young African American male sits on his bed, still appearing zombified and in a daze, slips on his massive, MC Hammer inspired pants. He walks over to the mirror and quickly combs his flat top into shape, then picks up a framed photo of Janet Jackson and give it a kiss to start his day.)

Boy: Wish me luck, beautiful.

(Somewhere between the two homes is that of another male. A white, athletic looking teen with dark brown hair. He’s living in a much smaller home, suggesting his family is of modest means. He throws on a red sleeveless shirt, exposing his larger than average built, then heads out of his bedroom and into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. His father is at the table.)

Dad: Good morning, sunshine.

Son: Hey dad.

Dad: How’s class going?

Son: Alright.

Dad: Good, good. Hey listen. I hate to ask, but… I might need an advance on your half of the rent this month.

Son: Again? I gave you an advance last month.

Dad: I know. It’s just… with your mother being laid off. And business being slow at the auto shop… I mean I know your classes don’t bring in too much. But…

Son: It’s okay dad. Sorry. I got it. I’ll pay you after class.

(Trying to hide his true emotions, the son buries his face into the refrigerator door he just opened.)

Dad: Thanks son. I really appreciate it.

Son: It’s the least I can do.

Dad: You’re a gem, you know that? You’re gonna save this family. Especially once you graduate with honors and get into a good school. No pressure though.

Son: Yeah.

(He shuts the fridge door after pulling out the carton of milk.)

Son: No pressure.

(A little later on a crowded city bus, a young, Hispanic male dressed in urban attire manages to grab a seat near the back next to an elderly woman, and a disheveled looking middle aged man. The man keeps eyeing the woman as he leg keeps seeping over to his side. But undeterred by the crowd, or the company, the Hispanic teen pulls out a large grey Game Boy from his back pack and buries his face into it, shutting everything else out.)

Hispanic male: …

(Upfront, two young teens around the same age: a white male wearing thick glasses and large blue overalls, accompanied by a slender Asian girl in a yellow sweater and a knee length grey skirt, squeeze in and manage to .)

Male in overalls: I’m honestly a little nervous about this AP calculus exam on Monday. What if I don’t pass it and get booted off Advanced Placement?

Asian girl: Billy, you’re nearly two years in with a perfect GPA. You’ve invented more things than Isaac Newton, whose material you’re covering.

Billy: (Shrugs) I could still use a refresher.

(She rolls her eyes, though smiling the whole time.)

Asian girl: Whatever helps.

Billy: So Trini, do you think you’d be able to come over and help me study? I’ve already programed a reminder on your trapper keeper.

(She lets out an exasperated sigh.)

Trini: I have no idea. I’m so swamped this weekend. I have lessons. I already have to give lessons. I’m volunteering.

(Billy’s face scrunches up disappointedly.)

Billy: You always seem to be busy.

Trini: I’m… sorry. I’ll… try and make time for you. But no promises.

Billy: Great!

Trini: Just do me a favor. No more reminders, please. I don’t even know how you manage to program it. There’s nothing electronic in my trapper keeper.

Billy: Well you can do a lot with a calculator.

Trini: I’ll be sure to keep it away from my nightstand.

(Billy smiles and shrugs coyly.)

Billy: I can also bring a movie if you’d like? You need to give yourself a break. Enjoy life a little bit.

Trini: I do enjoy life. I enjoy helping my cousin and spending time with family. I also enjoy making the world a better place.

Billy: That is an admirable trait of yours.

(The bus stops, jerking everyone forward. The bus begins clearing out as everyone makes their way toward the exits.)

Trini: Honestly, anything that I can do to help others, even a little, will catch my attention.

(Just then, toward the back an incident breaks out when the middle aged man turns around to berate the older woman.)

Man: Move your stupid leg, you old hag!!!

(He then starts kicking the elderly woman in the legs repeatedly. It catches everyone’s attention, including Trini and Billy. Yet within the second, the Hispanic teen leaps from his seat and shoves the man a good five feet away.)

Hispanic teen: Get out. Now!

(His booming command instantly deflates any of the man’s aggression.)

Man: Hey!

Hispanic teen: Out!

Man: I’m leaving, I’m leaving!

(He pushes him toward the back exit, where coincidentally, an officer just happens to be standing there. The officer grabs the man as the bus doors close. The teen returns to his seat casually.)

Lady: Thank you, young man.

(He nods.)

Hispanic teen: Don’t mention it.

(The teen then sits back down in his seat, then continues to bury his face into his Game Boy as if nothing happened. The passengers look on briefly before returning to themselves. Trini though continues to hold her gaze, as if in a trance.)

Billy: I suppose I understand your need to help others.

Trini: …

Billy: Trini?

Trini: Oh… yeah.

Billy: By the way did you hear about the lunar landing that’s gonna be televised? We should check that out.

(After that, the day goes on without much incident. It’s a rather calm, typical day at high school. Angel Grove High School to be exact. Toward the end of the day, we join a class of mostly eager students working on an assignment.)

“I’m telling you, she’s into me.”

(Several students however, having finished the assignment early, take this time to chat with their friends. Like the African American teen, who turns to his best friend, the athletic male.)

“No she’s not Zack. You’re wasting your time.”

Zack: I’m telling you Jason.

Jason: She’s your dental hygienist. She’s paid to be nice to you.

Zack: You’re not in that office. You don’t see the sparks between us.

Jason: Are the sparks coming out of your teeth as she’s drilling them?

Zack: Very funny. But watch: I’ll eat a whole box of Oreos before I see her next time just so she’ll spend more time with me. Then I’ll make my move.

Jason: Listen to this guy. Am I the only one hearing this? Kim?

(He turns to the girl in front of him, the attractive brunette. She’s dressed in fashionable clothes and lifts her head from digging into her name brand purse. She turns her head and rolls her eyes playfully.)

Kimberly: Oh my god, Zack! Get a grip.

“May I have your attention please?”

(The teacher up front, a heavyset, middle aged woman, takes the floor. “Ms. Appleby” is written in large letters behind her on the black board.)

Jason: Shh. Shhh!

Ms. Appleby: I can only assume by the chatter that everyone has completed their assignment. So, what do you guys think? Did you find this review on synonyms helpful? I know some of you were struggling with your papers…

(She gives a pointed look toward two boys sitting in the back of the class. One heavyset, the other one skinny. Both dressed in punk clothing. Trini raises her hand.)

Ms. Appleby: Yes Trini?

Trini: Well I found it extremely helpful. Not only was it a valuable refresher from something we haven’t touched in years, but it really helped me expand my vocabulary.

Ms. Appleby: Well I’m glad you liked it, Trini.

(She smiles brightly at Ms. Appleby, while the two boys in the back can be heard snickering to themselves.)

Large punk: Pfft. What a teacher’s pet.

Skinny punk: Ahahaha. Teachers pet.

Large punk: The only words she’ll probably need to learn are Sesame chicken and pork fried rice.

Skinny punk: Ahahahahaha.

(Trini turns around to try and confront the duo.)

Trini: What was that, you two?

Bulk: I said you’ve got some brown on your nose, Trini. You might wanna wipe that off.

Trini: …

Skull: Ahahahahahahahaha.

(Embarrassed by being called out, Trini sinks back into her seat and doesn’t respond.)

Ms. Appleby: Bulk, Skull, I don’t wanna hear another word out of either of you. There is no need for remarks.

Bulk: There is no need for this. This is a waste of everybody’s time. Can we just go home now? I’m exhausted.

Hispanic teen: Being unfunny can take a lot out of you.

(Sitting far and away from everybody else, the Hispanic teen speaks up again.)

Bulk: What was that? You have something to say to me, Robbie? Say that to my face!

Ms. Appleby: Boys, that’s enough.

Bulk: …

Robbie: …

Ms. Appleby: (Exhales) Now then. Now that we know what synonym means, why don’t we go over our review sheet one by one? Sound good.

(The classroom is silent.)

Ms. Appleby: Good! Can anyone tell me what the synonym for attic is?

(Bulk raises hand.)

Ms. Appleby: Yes Bulk?

Bulk: What’s an attic?

Robbie: It’s what your father is.

Ms. Appleby: Roberto, that is inappropriate.

Robbie: (Shrugs) I mean technically he’s in recovery I guess.

(The bell rings.)

Ms. Appleby: Enough out of you. You’re in enough trouble as it is.

(Switching gears, she addresses the rest of the class.)

Ms. Appleby: The rest of you have a wonderful weekend. Those who don’t already have detention.

(The classroom rushes outside to begin their weekend, this includes Jason, Zack and Kimberly. Trini gets up too, but she turns around to eye Robbie. Possibly to thank him for speaking up for her. He doesn’t move from his seat though and appears to only be settling in. Bulk and Skull remain behind too. She gets pulled away by the others before she can wait much longer.)

Zack: So what’s going on with your weekends?

Jason: I have a bunch of martial arts classes I need to teach this weekend. Then? I don’t know. Probably sleep and catch up on some homework.

Kimberly: I’ve got to hit the mall to pick out an outfit for my cousins birthday party next weekend.

Zack: Oh! Speaking of parties, my parents are out of town tomorrow night? I’m inviting a few friends over if you guys want to come.

Kimberly: Sounds good!

Jason: Yeah, count me in.

Zack: You Trini?

(Trini returns to her exasperated state of mind and lets out another sigh.)

Trini: I don’t know. I’d love to. But tomorrow I have violin lessons all afternoon. Then I’m helping my parents paint the living room. My cousin Samantha also needs help with an assignment. On Sunday I’m volunteering for a clean-up with my temple along a highway we adopted. So I pretty much have to cram my tai chi and homework assignments to today if I want to get anything else done.

Zack: Geez. Alright Trini. I get it. Make sure you take breaks for meals.

Trini: Oh and I also promised I’d help Billy practice for his AP test on Monday.

Jason: Hey where is Billy by the way?

Kimberly: I haven’t seen him anywhere since 3rd period.

(They then step outside onto the main campus.)

Trini: (Gasps) Billy!

(They find him hanging from a flag pole, his underwear stretched out to his head as he fails about. They rush over to try and help him down, next to an old veteran saluting the flag.)

Kimberly: Oh god.

Zack: That looks painful.

Jason: Hang on Billy.

Billy: Careful please. Ow. Slowly, slowly. Ow!!

(They get him down finally, then prop him up.)

Billy: Thank you guys.

Trini: What happened?

Jason: Are you alright? Who did this to you?

Billy: I’m okay, minus some chaffing in unfortunate areas. And… I’d rather not go into it if that’s okay.

Jason: Billy, if someone is picking on you, you need to let us know. Or at least tell Mr. Kaplan.

Billy: I’m afraid opening my mouth is what got me in trouble in the first place. And I wouldn’t say I’m being bullied. Hopefully this is just an isolated incident. But I’ll let you know if it continues.

Jason: (Sighs) …okay.

Trini: It just makes me sick to see someone taking advantage of someone smaller and weaker.

Billy: That’s what I need to hear from you.

(Jason consolingly puts his arm around him.)

Jason: Hey don’t sweat it. After your first karate class, no one will be messing with you.

Billy: Thanks Jason. I really appreciate the offer.

Jason: Don’t mention it.

Billy: I just need to go home and get changed. They’ll also be televising the first lunar landing in several years. So I’d love to catch a glimpse of that before heading out…

Jason: Sure…

(Meanwhile, happing elsewhere, not on this earth, the two astronauts Billy referenced wander the surface of the moon. They spot what appears to be space garbage several yards away.)

Astronaut 1: Look what is that?

Astronaut 2: It looks like a giant space dumpster.

Astronaut 1: Let's open her up.

Astronaut 2: Yeah. Screw the regulations.

(They team up to open it. A powerful energy forces the lid off as they lift it, shoving them to the ground.)

Astronaut 1: Oh god.

Astronaut 2: What’s happening?!

(Suddenly, several alien beings pop out of the dumpster like a clown car, scaring the two astronauts who’ve made a huge mistake.)

Astronaut 1: Extraterrestrial life forms!

Astronaut 2: They don’t look friendly.

Finster: Let's get out of here! (Laughing) All right! We're out! Rita, wake up, wake up.

(A tall, witch like woman, dressed in brown and black leaps from the dumpster and stretches her arms out.)

Rita: Ah, after 10,000 years I’m free!

Baboo: Yeww, morning breath.

Squatt: That was like a punch to the face.

Baboo: Here. Let me get you a mint.

Finster: Free after so long!

Baboo: Here, your Evilness, let me help you. Walk with me, talk with me.

(Baboo, a tall, humanoid monkey walks over to Rita and guides her out of the dumpster.)

Rita: Oh! You made me step in a puddle, you nitwit! Get out of my way, monkey face!

(Confused, the astronauts begins screaming for their lives and head back toward their ship.)

Astronaut 1: Houston, we have a problem!!

(Goldar, a golden armored griffin warrior, calls out to them.)

Goldar: Don't leave. The fun has just begun.

Rita: You'll miss my coming-out party. That's when I destroy the nearest planet!

(She turns her head toward what just so happens to be planet earth. Meanwhile back home, most of the teens head to Ernie’s Gym and Juice Bar, a popular teen hangout in the small town. The TV airs by the barstools in the background the kids are spread out.)

“In other news, Mayor Carrington signed a budget this morning that make significant cuts to all emergency services, including a 20% cut in police force. With crime at an all-time low, the Mayor answered critics by asking ‘What could possibly go wrong?’”

Jason: One. And two. One. And two.

(Jason is in the middle of teaching one of his classes to a bunch of younger kids while Zack is ‘putting the moves’ on the pierced, black haired teen waitress taking his order.)

Waitress: How do you want your coffee?

Zack: Black. I’m a man. I don’t need none of that girl stuf--

Waitress: (Interrupts) Can you please stop annoying me?

Zack: Cream and three sugars, please.

(She rolls her eyes and turns away.)

Zack: Thanks Jennie!

(In the exercise area, Trini is practicing her Tai chi as promised. Kimberly is practicing moves on a balance beam. It culminates in a backwards flips to the mat below. She sticks the landing and poses for no one in particular. Trini briefly stops what she’s doing and walks over.)

Trini: That was awesome, Kimberly.

Kimberly: Thanks, Trini.

Billy: Hey fellas!

(Billy walks in and cheerfully wearing a full karate uniform and waves at Zack as well as Jason, who had just taken a short break from his class.)

Zack: Yo Billy, what’s up?

Billy: Well, I think I’m mentally and physically prepared for my first karate class.

Trini: Oh, no, look who's here.

(Bulk and Skull walk back in, looking as if they were looking specifically for the girls.)

Bulk: Hi, girls.

Trini: What do you want Bulk?

Bulk: Skull and I got to talking. And we’re really sorry about the way we spoke to you earlier.

Trini: You’re sorry?

Kimberly: I somehow find that hard to believe.

Bulk: Let us make it up to you. How about a double date?

Skull: Yeah. What about it?

Trini: Sorry, guys.

(Ready to give up right away, Skull wanders off. Until he’s pulled back by a more insistent Bulk.)

Bulk: What's the matter? We're not good enough for you?

Trini: Leave us alone, Bulk.

Bulk: Oh, yeah? Make me.

Skull: Yeah! Make me!

“Hey, you heard what she said.”

(Robbie appears from out of nowhere, standing behind the girls.)

Skull: Him. Make him.

Bulk: Oh, what do you know? Back for more, eh? Don’t you have community service around this time?

Robbie: No. But if you want me to clean up some trash, I can.

Bulk: …

(Trini turns back to address Robbie.)

Trini: We can handle these two.

Robbie: …

Bulk: Come on, let’s teach this guy the only lesson he’ll ever learn.

(Bulk cracks his knuckle, then her and run forward to attack him. Kimberly sticks a foot out to trip Skull, who crashes into the mat while Trini jumps in front of Robbie and flips Bulk who lands on top of Skull)

Skull: (Wheezing) …..!!!

Bulk: Ugh.

(The whole Youth Center busts into laughter as the girls walk over to stand above the fallen duo.)

Trini: You guys should definitely join Jason's karate class.

Bulk: We sure… showed him…

Skull: My spleen…

(Meanwhile on the moon. Within a matter of moments after the dumpster was open, the evil witch, Rita, has already created her home base – a towering castle, sticking out from the moons otherwise desolate surface.)

Rita: Aha! Step one is complete! We now have a place of operations, to begin our evil plot.

Baboo: I for one love it, my empress! So nice and roomy.

Squatt: Yeah. But who’s “Bandora?”

Baboo: That’s the landlord I think.

Squatt: Oh! That makes sense.

(Rita ignores her bumbling minions and walks into Finster’s workshop, already filled to the top with small clay models of what appear to be monsters.)

Rita: Finster! Start making Putty Patrollers.

Finster: Yes, my empress. I’ll make a whole army of them. Just the thing we need to begin our invasion.

Goldar: Lead them down and make the Earth yours, Empress.

(Meanwhile, back at the Juice Bar following Billy’s first class he hangs his head looking defeated as Jason, Zack, Trini and Kimberly try to support him.)

Jason: Billy, I'm telling you, for your first lesson you did really well.

Billy: You think so?

Trini: Yeah, we were watching you.

Billy: I don't think you were watching the same Billy.

Trini: What do you mean?

Billy: I was completely uncoordinated. I was definitely holding everybody back. I mean, you placed me in a class with children and I couldn’t keep up.

Jason: (Shrugs) It was the only class with space Billy. I’m sorry.

Billy: It’s hopeless.

Jason: Hey, hey don’t say that Billy. You’ll get it. I mean, even I was a beginner once.

Billy: Yeah?

Jason: Yeah. It's all a state of mind. You don't need to be strong for this. It's all up here.

(He points to Billy’s head, who appears slightly better. Behind them, a large man appears with a tray of drinks.)

Ernie: Hey, guys.

All: Hey, Ernie.

Ernie: I got your drinks right here. Who ordered the spinach juice?

(They take their drinks and begin merrily sipping. Trini takes her banana shake, but as she takes it to her lips, she eyes Robbie sitting alone in the corner, writing to himself. She plays with the straw briefly before speaking up.)

Trini: Hey. Do you think we should invite him over with us?

Kimberly: Him? No way.

(They turn around to take a look.)

Trini: Why not? I mean he did help us out earlier.

Kimberly: Ronnie’s nothing but trouble. Plus he’s given me like the coldest vibes since forever. I have no idea why. I don’t even know him.

Trini: His name’s Robbie, Kimberly. And I wonder why?

Kimberly: …

Billy: I-I’ve got to side with Kimberly on this one, Trini. Robbie has had a history of defiant behavior and the occasional explosiveness.

Trini: That reminds me, why was he in detention today?

(Kim leans her head up, cueing a flashback. Earlier in the day during a reading class, a class which Kimberly, Robbie and Billy seem to share…)

Ms. Appleby: Okay so who wants to share their written assignments first?

(No one responds.)

Ms. Appleby: No one? Okay… how about you Robbie?

Robbie: (Sighs) Okay…

(He opens his notebook.)

Robbie: ‘Catcher in the Rye’ was a good book. I found it very informative and compelling. And as a Dodgers fan, I found myself reading this book for hours on end.

Ms. Appleby: Hmm…

Robbie: Holden was a very relatable character. And when he tried out to be a catcher in the end of the book, I found myself really rooting for him.

Ms. Appleby: Couldn’t spring for the cliff notes?

Robbie: What?

Ms. Appleby: Did you actually complete this assignment?

Robbie: Yeah?

Ms. Appleby: Are you sure?

Robbie: Of course I did. I wrote it all down here.


(Seated behind him, Billy raises his hand.)

Billy: Robbie’s notebook is totally blank.

Robbie: You snitch!!!!

(Stunned by Billy telling on him, Robbie eyes him, hard. It makes Billy visibly uncomfortable.)

Billy: …

Ms. Appleby: I thought just as much Billy. Thank you. For falsifying an assignment, I’m giving you a week’s detention.

(Robbie’s death stare continues, as Billy tries to awkwardly evade his glare.)

Ms. Appleby: Now, who else would like to present? Hannah?

(Back to the present…)

Trini: Wait, that’s why Billy was up a flag pole earlier?

(Billy shrugs.)

Kimberly: Like I said, Ronnie is trouble. That settles it.

Trini: …

(They then return to sipping on their drinks without saying a word. Trini, while she should be disgusted that someone put their hands on her timid best friend, has more mixed feelings that are harder for her to define. She shoots up from her desk with her shake in hand.)

Trini: Well we’re gonna thank him anyway.

Kimberly: We?

(Before Kim can say another word Trini pulls her with her. They approach Robbie who looks as if he wasn’t expecting anyone to talk to him.)

Trini: Hello?

Robbie: …

Trini: Hi.

Robbie: Hey?

(He pulls the earphone off his head, and places his hand over the letter he’s writing.)

Trini: My friend and I just want to thank you for standing up for us earlier. And I’d like to thank you for standing up for me in class.

Robbie: Oh.

Trini: …

Robbie: Don’t mention it.

Trini: Here, we got you a shake.

(She hands her shake over to Robbie who appears confused. She then nudges Kim.)

Kimberly: Uh… I’m Kimberly by the way.

Robbie: I know who you are.

Kimberly: How?

Robbie: We have class together. We’ve had class together since the 6th grade, princess.

Kimberly: Oh…

(Robbie turns to Trini.)

Robbie: You must be Didi.

Trini: I uh…

Robbie: (Smiles) I’m kidding Trini. See? I bother to learn people’s names.

Trini: Oh… (Laughs) That’s good.

Robbie: Thanks for the shake.

Trini: No problem Robbie.

Kimberly: Uh here… let me get that straw for you.

(Trying to make up for not knowing his name she reaches down and fumbles with the straw to try and unwrap it. A short, unexpected rumble causes her to spill the drink over him.)

Robbie: Oh, COME ON!!!

Kimberly: Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!

Robbie: You’re sorry?! It’s all over me know.

(He gets up, which instantly causes Jason and Zack to get up as well.)

Kimberly: I mean it’s not like anything’s designer…

Jason: Alright, take it easy buddy. It was an earthquake.

Robbie: Relax beefcake, I don’t hit girls. Which should come as a relief for you two.

Jason: …

Zack: …

Ernie: Hey is there a problem here?

(Ernie sees the commotion and immediately jumps to conclusions. He points to Robbie.)

Ernie: Buddy if you’re gonna start problems here, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.

Robbie: What?!

Trini: What? He didn’t do anything. It was all an acci--

(The shaking then starts again. This time much more aggressively and for an extended period of time. The Youth Center rocks to its core, sending everyone inside into a panic. Meanwhile…)

“Danger, danger. It's the big one. We'll all be destroyed.”

(Elsewhere… inside a strange, futuristic looking room filled with flashing lights, a space-like backdrop and seems to be occupied by a talking robot, it too gets tossed around by the quake.)

“Calm down Alpha. It's Rita. She's attacking the planet.”

(The robot, turns up to a giant, transparent floating head inside of a tube.)

Alpha: Ay ya yai.

“Indeed. It seems in preparation for this day, we have failed to prepare our defense.”

Alpha: What do we do, Zordon? What do we do?!

Zordon: Bring us six overbearing and overemotional humans.

Alpha: No! Not that! Not teenagers!

Zordon: That is correct, Alpha.

Alpha: I was afraid of that.

Zordon: Scan the earth for elevated hormone levels resembling attractive teens in conflict. They are our only hope.

Alpha: Aye ya yai, that doesn’t make any sense.

(Meanwhile back at the Juice Bar…)

Trini: Oh, my gosh what's happening?

Kimberly: This is too weird.

(With only the six teens remaining behind, the foundation of the Youth Center begins to crumble.)

Jason: Hold on!

(Suddenly, they de-ionized into six colored rays of light and get pulled away to safety.)


(They travel through the sky, and find themselves being pulled through the desert. Still as rays of light. They have no control over their movement and can make no sense of what is going on. That is, until they all land, gracelessly, in the center of large futuristic room, with a hard thud.)

Robbie: Ah!

Billy: That hurt…

Jason: Is everyone okay?

Zack: Yeah… I’m fine.

(They each get up, trying to figure out what is going on.)

Trini: What just happened?

Jason: Where are we?

Kimberly: (They get up) This isn't exactly the mall, is it?

Trini: I’m scared.

Billy: Woah. This place is magnificent.

Zack: Is this some kind of alien spaceship? How'd we end up here?

Trini: I just want to know where here is.

Billy: Maybe the answer's in these controls.

(Billy walks over to the controls and starts messing around.)

“Don't touch that.”


(Alpha’s drawn out, scaring the life out of everybody. Jason instinctively leaps in front of the pack. His fists up as he prepares to defend himself.)

Alpha: Who-whoa!

Jason: (Forcefully) Who are you?!

Alpha: I’m Alpha 5.

Zack: Aw man. You’re not gonna probe us, are you?

Robbie: You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Alpha: (Scratches head) I’m confused…

Billy: I don’t believe it.

(Figuring out what Alpha is, Billy calmly walks forward to get a closer look.)

Billy: A fully sentient, multifunctional automation. Never seen anything like it.

Alpha: Whoa.

“Welcome, humans.”

(Zordon appears ominously from his tube.)

Kimberly: Uh-oh.

Robbie: Something tells us we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Zack: So who are you?

Kimberly: Like, what are you?

Trini: And how do we get out of here?

Zordon: I am Zordon, an inter-dimensional being in a time warp.

Kimberly: Will, like, somebody come back to Earth and get me? I am totally confused.

Zordon: It's quite simple. This planet is under attack. I’ve brought you here to save it.

Kimberly: Is that what you tell all your captors?

Zordon: You are not being held captive. You may leave at any time.

Robbie: Then that’s my cue.

(Robbie flashes the peace sign, then starts walking out.)

Zordon: However before you go, look behind you at the viewing globe. Your doubts will be answered in the images you see.

(They each turn to the viewing globe. Old images from many years ago appear.)

Zordon: This is Rita Repulsa, an intergalactic sorceress who wants to control the universe. I defeated her and placed her in a dumpster some 10,000 years ago. However, she has escaped. With her henchmen and Putty Patrollers she's plans to conquer earth.

Robbie: A witch? Really? And a flying monkey? I’m not the only one getting a “Wizard of Oz” vibe here?

Kimberly: Take it easy, Dorothy.

Robbie: …

Zack: I don’t know if I buy any of this.

Zordon: Why not?

Zack: I mean… this all sounds like stuff of fantasy, you know? You want us to some sort of superheroes? Us? Why not police officers or military folk? And I don’t know about you, but that ancient earth you just showed us looks a lot like modern Japan.

Zordon: Hmm. I see your concerns.

Trini: Zack does have a point. Why us exactly?

(Alpha chimes in…)

Alpha: Because you are teenagers with attitude.

Kimberly: Well some of us at least…

(She makes a pointed gesture toward Robbie, who takes exception.)

Robbie: What is your deal, Barbie?

Kimberly: My deal is with your attitude. I mean, I don’t even know why you’re here. All he does is sleep in class and draws wieners on textbooks.

Robbie: What’s the matter? Five minutes ago you didn’t know who I was.

Kimberly: It was my textbook you drew on!

Jason: Guys, please. Calm down.

Robbie: …

Kimberly: …

Zordon: You have each been selected because, whether you believe it or not, you each share qualities of selflessness, courage, intelligence, integrity and a willingness to stand up to others. Rita will try and corrupt you to gain your power. I chose you six because

(They pause for a moment to let it sink in before responding…)

Kimberly: This guy obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Robbie: Yeah, you? Intelligent? Selfless?

Zack: Look who’s talking, Robbie.

Robbie: You wanna talk about courage? Try asking a girl out, Taylor.

Zack: For your information, I did. She wasn’t interested.

Jason: …

Billy: Leave Zack alone.

Robbie: Oh don’t get me started on you, Cranston. Integrity? Yeah let’s just throw each other under the bus for no reason.

Kimberly: Nobody told you to not do your homework.

Robbie: What business is it of his? I got detention for a week because he wanted to kiss up to Appleby. I could lose my job cause of my absences.

Kimberly: I highly doubt you actually have a job.

Robbie: That’s not the point.

Jason: You guys, stop!

(On his command, all the fighting suddenly end. It was as if Jason had flipped a switch.)

Jason: You guys are like broken records. Have you listened to a thing Zordon has said?

(The room falls silent as everyone looks to one another before Zordon speaks up again.)

Zordon: May I assume that you’re interested in this opportunity?

(They each look up at him. And after giving this offer deep consideration…)

Robbie: Nah, I’ll pass.

Zack: Yeah. I’ll take a rain check on the offer.

Billy: (Shrugs) I have a very important test on Monday.

(They each start leaving. Trini remains behind as does Jason. She turns to Jason briefly then leaves without saying anything. Before Jason leaves he turns up one last time to face Zordon.)

Zordon: I trust you will make the right decision Jason. Whatever path you choose.

Jason: …

Zordon: Go now. And may the power protect you.

(He then walks out. Meanwhile on the moon…)

Rita: Zordon, I'm surprised-- teenagers?

(She looks on from a magic telescope as the teens exit the command center.)

Rita: So you think you can stop me, do you? Finster, hurry up with those Putty Patrollers!

Finster: Yes, your evilness. I'm molding the last ones.

Goldar: Those kids will be space dust.

Finster: And the beauty is if they don't, we can always make more. (Carries tray over) Now into the monster-o-matic they go. Ten seconds should do it.

(He puts them into what resembles a cross between a factory line and an oven. He pulls the lever which pulls his clay models in to bake. Meanwhile, just outside the command center, the teens find themselves in at a lost as to how to get back.)

Kimberly: Nice. We’re in the middle of nowhere.

Trini: How do we get home?

Billy: I-I think we should go straight ahead. I see the skyline in the distance. We should just head in that direction.

(Robbie scurries behind everyone else, putting a spray can into his backpack.)

Kimberly: What were you doing back there?

Robbie: If you think what I did to your textbook was obscene, just head back up and take a look.

Kimberly: No thank you.

(Jason then appears, trailing behind.)

Jason: Guys, we shouldn't have left. I mean, he chose us to save the world. I say we do it.

Trini: Do you really think we can? I… sort of don’t even know if he’s telling the truth.

Kimberly: Yeah, for all we know it should have been some trick, looking for some kids to conduct experiments.

Zack: Like probes.

Robbie: Will you get off that already?

Trini: I mean we were talking to a giant floating head. I kinda feel it was worth a listen.

(Suddenly, an explosion goes off that nearly misses them on the right.)


Trini: What was that?

(From the site of the explosion, a horde of putty patrollers appear. They are all silver looking clay beings with black, tiger-like stripes along their midsections. They speak in unintelligible garbles and quickly surround the teens.)

Trini: Oh my gosh.

Robbie: It’s a trap! Zordon tricked us!

Jason: I don’t think so…

Billy: That’s one of the monster Zordon just showed us.

Kimberly: It’s Rita!

Trini: What do we do?

Zack: These two are mine. Hi-hi-ya.

Zack confidently struts over to two putties in front of him. For some reason he pulls off a few dance moves showing off impressive foot work as he approaches them. But it throws the enemies off long enough for Zack to dive in and land two blows to the abdomen.

That’s when mayhem breaks loose and the rest of the teen’s spring into action. Jason lands a devastating side kick to one on his right. Trini blocks blows from the left, then the right before ramming her palms into the ribcage of the enemy before her. Robbie, though not a martial artist, manages to duck and weave between two putty patrollers taking swings at him and is able to push them back with wild haymakers of his own. To their surprise they are holding their own with Rita’s foot soldiers. Then there’s Billy…)

Billy: Ugh… Ahhh!!

(Not being a fighter in any sense, he instead tries to duck any oncoming attacks. That’s when a putty patroller appears before him.)

Billy: Wait!

Putty: …?

(Trying to buy time, he takes off his glasses and puts them in his pocket. That doesn’t stop an enemy however from grabbing him from behind.)

Billy: Whoa!

(Also struggling is Kimberly, who finds herself being pulled from both ends by the arms.)

Kimberly: Ugh! Let me go!

(She manages to get out some defensive kicks to try and break free but is unsuccessful. Billy now finds himself being bounced between two putty patrollers and gets tossed aside like a rag roll. Kimberly promptly joins him. Zack who’s gotten a bit too ahead of himself with his stylish moves, gets caught with both feet in the air and tossed in the pile as well.)

Zack: Ahhh!

(Trini tries to repeat her techniques to different enemies but this time gets her arm caught. She’s thrown hard in the pile as well.)

Trini: Whoa!

(Robbie begins to visibly wear out while ducking and weaving. His attacks grow weaker as beads of sweat trickle down his forehead.)

Robbie: Man, I really need to quit smoking.

(Now free, extra putties jump in and grab him by the arms. They toss him aside just as easily.)

Robbie: Ahh!!

(Jason puts up the biggest fight, using all limbs to fight off enemies. But he gets completely overwhelmed by the numbers and gets joins the rest.)

Jason: Ugh. Man…

Zack: You guys, they’re’ way too powerful.

Billy: And way too many of them.

Kimberly: We’re in the middle of nowhere.

Trini: What do we do?

(Jason looks back up the hill they came down. In desperation he cries to the rest of them…)

Jason: Quick, everyone back inside!

(He leaps up and manages to tackle one of the putties, creating an open lane. The teens follow behind and make a bee line for the command center, where at least they can get out of immediate danger. Back on the moon, Rita appears distressed by their retreat.)

Rita: No! They’re running back to Zordon! (Gasps) They’re gonna get the power!

Goldar: Send me down there my empress. I’ll make mincemeat out of them.

Rita: Aha!

(The teens rush back inside, and are greeted by Alpha and Zordon, who don’t appear too surprised to see them again)

Zordon: Welcome back, rangers.

Kimberly: They’re outside.

Zordon: You are safe in here. Rita cannot gain access to the command center without a power coin.

Billy: She must have spotted us leaving.

Jason: And we couldn’t make a dent on her putties.

Zordon: I apologize for the trouble my trip may have caused you. It was not my intention to lead you into harm’s way.

Jason: Zordon, if they’re going to attack Angel Grove. How’s anyone going to stop them?

Zordon: My offer remains should you still be interested.

Zack: In what exactly?

Zordon: In becoming Power Rangers.

Jason: Power Rangers?

Zordon: Yes. Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers drawn from the ancient creatures you call dinosaurs.

Robbie: Dinosaurs?

Zordon: Behold! The key to your power.

(Each of their waists flash. Small silver stones with golden coins in the middle appear over their belt buckles.)

Billy: Whoa! What are these?

Zordon: Your Power Morphers. When in danger, raise them to the sky calling your dinosaur's name. You will morph into a fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers.

Jason: Morph?

Billy: Metamorphosis.

Trini: That means to change.

Robbie: We get it Trini. We’re not stupid.

Zack: Speak for yourself.

Robbie: …

Zack: Uh... I mean…

Zordon: As Power Rangers you will have access to a universe of power and will command fighting force machines called "Zords.”

Jason: I don't get it.

“Jason, bold and powerful you shall command the Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur.”

“Zachary, you are clever and brave. You shall command the Mastodon Dinosaur.”

“Kimberly, graceful and smart the Pterodactyl Dinosaur shall be yours.”

“Billy, patient and wise you shall command the powerful Triceratops Dinosaur.”

“Trini, fearless and agile the Sabre-toothed Tiger Dinosaur will be under your command.”

“Robbie, protector of those in need, the Stegosaurus shall be yours.”

(Just then, the alarm rings.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. What now?

Zordon: You have returned just in the nick of time. Rita has sent down Goldar, her right hand man. He is attacking Downtown Angel Grove as we speak.

Billy: How do we stand a chance against that guy?

Zordon: You most certainly stand a chance with your new powers, and most importantly, with each other.

(They turn to one another with silent stares, while further examining their power morphers.)

Zordon: Go now. We do not have much time.

Jason: (Shrugs) I guess we can give it a shot?

Zordon: It’s morphing time.





“Sabre-toothed Tiger!”


(Instantly, they get teleported and sent in the opposite direction from where they came.)

Kimberly: Where are we going?

Jason: We're going to save the world.

(On top of a building they appear. In awesome new armor matching the color of clothing they were previously wearing. Their helmets each personalized with the dinosaur they represent. Jason steps to the front and strikes a pose.)

Jason: Let's do it!

“Power Rangers!”

(On cue, Goldar leaps from the sky and lands some twenty yards in front of them, he swings both his arms outwards summoning more putty patrollers. They dash toward them, but the new rangers charge back. This time, they fare much better – Jason, the red ranger is able to swat them away like flies, Zack, the black ranger stomps a few to the ground. Kimberly, the pink rangers’ acrobatics are enhanced as she flips over a putty trying to catapult her and responds with a take down. Trini, the yellow ranger flies through the air and bowls over a couple. She swiftly bounces back up, hits a leg sweep to a third enemy, then leaps again into the air to safety. Even Billy is faring better. The new blue ranger finds some newfound fighting ability and some newfound courage as he kicks away an enemy before him, then turns around and buries his elbow into one behind him. Robbie, the brown ranger also finds some enhancements, but also finds some familiar fallbacks…)

Robbie: (Huffs) Man… I really need to quit smoking.

(From the moon however, Rita has seen enough to grow concerned.)

Rita: (Groans) Those stupid Putties are getting beaten by a bunch of pimple-faced nitwits! They're pathetic!

Squatt: How about making Goldar big?

Baboo: Yeah. That always works!

Rita: As usual I have to do everything myself. Finster, I'll deal with your later!

Finster: Oh, dear…

(She leans by the ledge of her balcony with her wand cocked back.)

Rita: Magic wand, make my Goldar, grooooooooooow!

(She chucks her wand through space on a projector toward earth. It lands dead on and with a rip in the ground, a magic steam engulfs Rita’s right hand man and before long he grows to the size of a giant, towering over a panicked Angel Grove.)


(Even the rangers are taken aback as he eyes them as targets almost immediately.)

Kimberly: My gosh!

Robbie: Whoa.

Jason: Look at him, he's huge!

Zack: What do we do? We still have putties here.

Robbie: I’ll handle them. You can handle him.

Kimberly: That’s convenient.

Jason: (Mutters to self) Alright… here goes nothing.

Goldar: I hope you enjoyed your powers, cause it won’t last long.

Jason: Back off, fang face!

Zack: The good guys are here.

Billy: Get off our planet.

Trini: We're the Power Rangers!

Kimberly: And we're not backing down.

Goldar: ( growls ) …

Jason: Alright guys, WE NEED DINOSAUR POWER, NOW!!

(With a huge blast and a and even bigger crater opening up than before, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames, roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. We then cut to a far away, icy tundra, where the Mastodon proudly rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. Then we cut to a desert during a wild sandstorm, created by the Triceratops racing right through it, creating dust behind it and wherever it goes. Next, we cut to a the top of a hill where the ferocious Saber-toothed Tiger jumps down to a vine filled rainforest, ripping through anything in sight, with a roar that could frighten ever the scariest predator. Finally, nearby with another loud boom, a volcano erupts and through all the smoke and ash, the pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by his team…)

Jason: Log on.

Zack: Zack here, this is kicking!

Billy: This is Billy-- let's go.

Trini: Trini here, ready to rock!

Kimberly: Hey, nice stereo.

Jason: Megazord, power on!

(The five mighty Zords are seen running together, getting ready to become one. First the Saber tooth tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other.)

Trini: Wow. I can actually drive this thing!

Billy: Affirmative, me too.

Kimberly: It's like second nature to me.

(They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. Next, the Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers now all appear in a larger cockpit Trini on the far left. Billy is to the left of Jason, who is in the middle next to Zack. Kimberly is on the far right. On the ground, Robbie continues to fight off the putties. He looks up to the sky and is in awe.)

Robbie: Wow. Impressive. I think I made the wrong choice staying down here.

Jason: All right, let's get them.


(Without wasting time, Goldar unsheathes his sword and points it at the Megazord. A powerful beam is unleashed which rocks them to the core.)


Robbie: Never mind.

Goldar: You and your weapons are no match for me.

Jason: Let's see what this baby can do!

Zack: Yeah!

(Zack hits a giant red button in front of his and the Megazord returns the favor, firing a blast right back at Goldar that takes him down.)

Goldar: AHHHHH!!!

Trini: All right!

Zack: Let's send this guy back where he came from.

Jason: All right, guys, power it up. Activating Megazord Battle Mode.

“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

“Megazord activated.”

(Goldar continues to pounce, leaping through the air with his sword and slicing it downward on the Megazord like an axe. Sparks shower the scene before they could land a blow. Goldar tries again but they manage to side step it, tripping him forward.)

(He recovers and tries another blow, but it gets punches away before the Megazord responds with a punch to the face that knocks him back, but doesn’t knock him out.)

Goldar: Ahaha!

Billy: That blow didn't even phase him.

Kimberly: He's coming at us!

(Before they can respond he lands to more shots at the Megazord, but is blocked on the third and pushed away. Unrelenting, he leaps to the air for a drop kick.)

Jason: Hang on!

Trini: Look out!

(The blow hits dead on, knocking the Megazord back several steps.)

Billy: We’re taking significant damage!

Goldar: You fools are finished!

(Suddenly, Zordon’s voice comes through the intercom.)

“Jason, call on the Power Sword to finish him off.”

Jason: Right. I need the Power Sword!

(Piercing through the sky and landing point first into the ground, the power sword appears. The Megazord pulls it from the earth and prepares for its final attack. Surprisingly, Goldar appears to want none of the power sword and departs.)

Goldar: Ah, this isn't over. I'll be back.

(The rangers celebrate a well-earned first victory. However on the moon…)

Rita: I can't believe they beat us! This is all your fault. Goldar, you failed.

Goldar: I had a painful hangnail that prompted my retreat. It won't happen again, Empress.

Rita: Shut up!

(Back at the command center the rangers, still in shock, celebrate as the news streams through the viewing globe…)

“At the end of an eventful day, where an astronaut error turned into an intergalactic invasion. We appear to have been rescued by a team a vigilantes. Eye witnesses describe six multi-colored superheroes some mothers feel are too violent for their children. We’ll hear from them after the break..”

Jason: That was awesome.

Kimberly: Yeah. I can’t believe this is happening.

Zack: This is like a dream man. I’m still waiting to wake up.

Zordon: Congratulations on a job well done. In time you will unlock the true power bestowed to you. And as you gain strength as unit, you will continue to grow stronger as individuals.

Alpha: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves Zordon. Now that you’ve got a sampling, do you all wish to continue as power rangers?

Jason: Yeah!

Kimberly: Duh!

Trini: Absolutely.

(Robbie nods quietly from the corner.)

Robbie: I’m in.

Zordon: Now that you have become Power Rangers you must follow three basic rules or lost the protection of the power: first never use your power for personal gain; never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you. And finally, keep your identity secret. No one may know you are a Power Ranger.

Zack: Oh, wait a second.

Zordon: Yes Zachary?

Zack: (Shrugs) This sounds like a lot. I mean I'm not sure we're all up to this.

Kimberly: Yeah, Robbie wasn’t exactly carrying his weight back there.

Robbie: What? I didn’t do anything.

Kimberly: Exactly.

Jason: (Shrugs) Yeah. I mean. Not for nothing, but do you think you’re gonna be a team player?

Robbie: Why is everyone singling me out?

Zack: I don’t know you maybe cause you hung Billy by his boxers.

Robbie: …

Jason: And you were pretty combative back at the Youth Center. You even flipped me off.

Robbie: I was merely saying that you’re #1, Jason. With both hands.

(Trini steps forward.)

Trini: Give Robbie a chance, you guys. I’m sure deep down, he wants to do good like the rest of us.

Robbie: …

(Robbie doesn’t respond, but give an appreciative, yet puzzled stare as she settles back.)

Jason: Relax. We’re just busting his chops. At least I am. We were all chosen here for a reason. And if an intergalactic floating wizard thinks you belong on this team, who are we to question him?

Robbie: Thanks. And like I said, I’m in.

Zordon: You have each just had an extraordinary experience together. You need each other now and the world needs you.

Zack: Yeah, all right. Let’s work as a team.

(Zack extends his arm out. In the middle of the command center. Jason places his on top.)

Jason: I'm in.

(Trini joins.)

Trini: You can count on me.

(Then Billy.)

Billy: Affirmative.

(Then Kimberly.)

Kimberly: Count me in.

(They then all eye Robbie, who eyes them back. He eyes Kim untrustingly. Still, he puts his feelings aside and joins the rest of the team.)

Robbie: Ditto.

Jason: Let's do it.

“Power Rangers!”

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