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Dark storm
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Digivolving Digimon parts/figures

Just got a bunch of digivolving figures in with a few more on the way I'm looking to complete. Below is the list of parts for figures I am looking for.
Update 3/1-18: Just added some new parts on my wanted list as well as parts for sale/trade. That list is at the very bottom of this post. Please ask if you would like more photos or details on anything. Mainly looking to trade, but will accept offers.

Season 1
Agumon-Wargreymon original-Agumon's left side face, right side tail piece
Patamon-Angemon- Angemonís staff
Black Agumon-Blackwargreymon- Agumonís left side face, one leg guard
Gabumon-Metalgarurumon- tail blade in the horn
Garurumon-Weregarurumon- Garurumon's front legs
Magnaangemon-Seraphimon- Main body, preferrably has MagnaAngemon's entire purple face guard, any of the wings other than the top two, and Seraphimon's right arm
Omnimon sword, cannon, and shoulder shield
Garurumon body for omnimon, not broken. Missing parts is fine.

Season 2
Flamedramon- Left arm (with tight ball joint socket)
Raidramon- back right shoulder pad
Shurimon- Shuriken for hand
Halsemon- Left wing
Digmon- Arm covers, both wings, and a left wing (got two different versions, but these parts are the same)
Gatomon/Aquilamon-Silphymon- Gatomonís tail
Imperialdramon- blaster, and white dragon head piece (not the horn, it covers the red part of the head)

Season 3
Impmon-Beelzemon- Beelzemonís left leg cover (the one with the holster)and small blaster
Growlmon-Wargrowlmon- Middle claws, metal tail strip, gray hair piece
Terriermon to Megagargomon- Terriermon ear tips
Kyubimon-Taomon- Taomon's crotch flap

Season 4
Hybrid Digivolving Lobomon- x2 sword handles and laser beams
Hybrid Digivolving Lowemon- Left shoulder, shield, base, instructions
Hybrid Digivolving Kendogarurumon- base, instructions, spirit body, upper right leg guard and translucent blade
Hybrid Digivolving Jagerloweemon/Kaiserleomon complete or close.
Spirit Digivolving Beetlemon and BurningGreymon wings

Figures-complete/near complete as possible
Guardromon to Andromon
Renamon to Sakuyamon

Parts for trade/sale
All parts. None are complete except for Garudamon, tho this one has loose legs. If interested in certain ones, please ask, and I can get you more details as well as photos if requested.

Sorry, bad lighting on this. That's a garurumon body on the side there. No arms, legs, or chest. Greymon missing horn and metal gm arm. Everyone else missing arms, legs, and wings.

Missing various parts. Tabs on Flamedramon hands are broken.

No Guilmon, Growlmon, or Justimon heads, or armor for Wargrowlmon.

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> Dark storm
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Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 2,626
Dark storm
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Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 2,626

Updated wanted list and added parts for trade. Please check out and let me know if you have questions on anything. There may even be parts I didn't add I may still be interested in. Also may update with more parts to trade later on.
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