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Titanium321 wrote: View Post

Anime culture doesn't see a problem because Anime constantly reinforces that behavior as funny, acceptable, and even an attribute of the protagonist most of the time. No one ever gets truly criticized or faces consequences for womanizing, making lewd comments, trying to sneak a peek, or steal underpants or whatever else it is they let old men/goofy sidekicks get away with in anime. It's a reality check conflict at its root.
This is a good point. Even in modern anime, a character flaring his nostrils and reaching for a girl's tits unprompted never prompts much more than a wack to the head or getting dragged away by the ear. Like it's a nuisance instead of genuinely humiliating.

And when you're a guy whose career is based around voicing pubescent anime guys... it isn't hard to imagine that kind of attitude soaking into your brain.
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