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Joined: Jan 2006
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CSM Faiz Gear + Faiz Axel and DX Neo Amazon Driver (MUST SELL FAST)

Due to some financial problems, i have to sell my CSM Faiz Gear, my Amazons Driver and my Neo Amazons Driver. All prices are in USD, I ship from Canada to Canada and USA only .
* All prices are open to resonable negotiation. All prices included shipping *

CSM Faiz Driver + Faiz Gear + Faiz Axel 400$USD
- The boxes have some wear but they still are in good condition
- The gear itself and the Faiz Axel are in perfect condition and fully functionnal
- The Faiz Phone is near Mint condition and fully functionnal: The Mission Memory has a paint chip but nothing that can't be fix. There is also a kind of vaccum effect in the phone screen, it was already like that when i received it but it can probably be fixed.
- The instructions and the CSM Guide are included

DX Neo Amazons Driver 200$ USD

- The Box has wear but it's still in good condition
- The Belt and all the accessories are in Mint Condition and fully functionnal
- The instructions are missing

upload photo

PM if interested

Last edited by Boukenred; July 2nd, 2019 at 04:26 PM. Reason: Removing DX Amazons Driver du to being Sold to an outside party. Title change to reflect the change
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