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Bullet Club!!
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Joined: Jul 2004
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MMPR/Sentai SH Figuarts and Ginga Brace

Hey guys! So, I feel the time has come to part ways with my MMPR/Sentai figuarts. Almost all are in great condition, except for Shinken Red, which the box is not good. 3 of them have been signed by David Yost, Walter Jones and Karan Ashley. The Red Ranger is the american release, and I do have the American box. If you have any questions, please feel free to msg me. All prices are shipped

DEKARED - $60.00
Blue Ranger - $150.00
SDCC Black - $125.00
Pink Ranger - 160.00
Red Ranger - $70.00
Yellow Ranger - $150.00
Black Ranger - $100.00
Hurricane Red - $45.00
Shiken Red - $20.00
Super Shinken Red - $45
Hyper Shinken Red - $60
Akaranger - $30
Red Hawk and Black Condor - $40/ea
Gokai Red - $70.00
Gingabrace - $200.00
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