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Used Double Driver

I'm looking for a used Double Driver of any quality I can use for spare parts.

I recently received the Ver. 20th Driver I ordered and it works fine except for missing a small plastic tab in one of the Memory slots that activates the features of the Memory when inserted. I guess it must've been an error in manufacturing in this particular belt.

As I said everything else about the set (the other driver slot, the maximum slot attachment, all 6 memories) works perfectly so I'm reluctant to go to the trouble of returning the set or asking for a refund just because of this one tiny piece, and I can't find any drivers on eBay that don't include the whole set.

So basically if anyone has a spare Driver section they don't care about much, I'd be happy to take it off their hands. Doesn't matter how busted up it may be.

Actually nevermind. I just took apart the Maximum slot and saw that it uses the same tab piece as the two regular slots so I just took the piece out of that and put it in the faulty slot and now the belt works perfectly. I'm much less fussed about having a non-functioning Maximum slot than I am about having a half-working belt.

But I don't know how to close a topic.

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