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Call the 5-4-1
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Call the 5-4-1
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Chapter Six

Lord Zedd watched as the skies above his makeshift command post filled with the might of his navy. Zordon is as foolish as he is predictable. A grin split his face as he stood up from the stone seat that was his throne. Marching out of the command center, he signaled for his master warrior, Rubitron, to join him.

“My master, Serpentara is nearly fully charged.”

“And the Zeo crystal?”

“We are focusing several frequency generators surrounding the crystal to mask its energy signature. Even if the Power Rangers do get through our defenses, they’ll never find it.”

“Excellent work, my friend. Put my prisoner in my chambers. Bind her there and post your best soldier to watch over her until my arrival.”

“As you command, my master.” With a bow, Rubitron split from the Dark Lord and followed the corridor to the hangar holding the ancient serpentine vessel.


The full Power Rangers team, minus the Green Ranger, was assembled on the command bridge of the Sovereignty. Danok, the Blue Ranger, and Alpha 5 sat at the weapons control panels while Umon , the Black Ranger, and Mi, the Pink Ranger, worked at the system panels, attempting to recharge the shield generators while keeping the scanners nominal. The Yellow Ranger, Fenix, stood alongside Zordon at the center console panel, where the planet’s surface and the camp of the Nemesian Empire were displayed across a monitor screen.

“Ion cannons are overheating. Laser batteries are at 25% capacity and falling,” Alpha instructed. Danok pulled up a holo of the weapons cache. The Eltarian vessel was not a warship- but she had been outfitted with several classes of weapons for defense. With the primary and secondary systems overworked, he selected the proton bombs as a last resort.

“Alpha, keep running the lasers and get us into position to drop some hell fire on these bastards.” Danok ordered. The ship bore down on the forward wave of quadrafighters as it began to descend through Regada’s atmosphere. Streaks of azure fire disintegrated the cluster of ships at the Sovereignty’s bow as her hull began to heat up against the atmospheric resistance.

Zordon, failing to find Rita’s emergency alarm anywhere across the ship’s scanner channels, suddenly had an epiphany. “Alpha, ping the Green Ranger’s morpher. Assign as many channels as you can to pick up on its signature.”

The automaton acknowledged the command. A 5th generation Alpha unit, the robot was capable of multitasking complex algorithms and processing commands with little to no lag in his processor core.

“That may work,” Umon acknowledged. He left Mi, who had managed to bypass the ship’s energy gates to push the shields to hold a bit longer, and watched as a faint contact from the morpher crackled across the receiver.

Zordon turned to the Black Ranger. “Can you get a lock on it?”

“I’ll try,” he returned, keying in commands. The slight warble of the device’s response played once again over the screen’s display. “Alpha, pinpoint the location.” Instantly, the geosynchronous scanning systems displayed the Green Ranger’s location by means of a bright red blip moving across the map of the camp.

“They’re moving her,” Umon stated. Zordon glanced up at the forward display to see the snow-capped mountain range bordering the Nemesian camp coming into view.

“Danok, find someplace to set down. We have to hurry,” Zordon instructed.

Umon watched as the screen on the center panel began distorting. He focused in auxiliary channels and read the bizarre energy signature on the monitor. “Zordon, I’m picking up some really strange energy signatures here- its overpowering the sensors and disrupting our frequency lock on Rita’s position.”

“Could it be Serpentara?” Mi asked.

Danok responded. “If they’re powering up Serpentara, we’re gonna be in for a fight. I’ve seen what that dragon can do. Even at full power, wed’ be no match.”

“Alpha, power up the Zords. We’ll bring the fight to them.” Zordon said, his helmet materializing around his chiseled face.


Having moved Lord Zedd’s prisoner and set his best warrior as guard, Rubitron focused his attention to the evacuation of the outpost. There had been some grumbling in the camp that they were retreating, but that was far from the reality. The Rangers were well- known for being relentless in their pursuits and the fact that they were holding the Green Ranger was not wasted on Zedd’s general.

Passing through the crowded inner lock that separated the command center from the outlying camp, Rubitron entered the derelict, hollowed out spindle that had once been a Regadan space freighter’s bridge.

“General, the Eltarian vessel has landed and there are now five distinct energy signatures. Scans indicate they are assault vehicles, four terrestrial and one aircraft, bearing at marker nine-five. They will make our camp in less than a minute,” A uniformed human lieutenant informed him. Grabbing a pair of viewers, Rubitron gazed out at the northern border of the outpost and saw dust clouds concealing the shape of the Rangers’ vehicles.


In control of his crimson Titan Zord, the Red Ranger kept a tight hold on the control yokes, the bipedal machine lurching forward with each galloping step. In his coms, he overheard the determined outbursts from the other Rangers.

Soaring above the attack formation, Princess Mi leveled out her rose armored Zord, having taken the shape of an air-borne, predatory animal known as a Pantheryx. Found primarily in the jungles of Eltar, the Pantheryx was one of the mightiest creatures on the planet when the Zords’, according to their unique design, chose their primary forms.

“Mi, we’ve got a squadron of quadrafighters closing in on us- show ‘em what you’ve got!” Danok shouted, watching the display within his azure Kerab beetle Zord. The Kerab was indigenous to Eltar and were known as the keepers of the forest. Felling dead trees with their nearly three meter tall form, Kerabs would eat the dry timber, which in turn eliminated the chances of wildfires in the mountainous regions.

“I’m on it!” the Pink Ranger returned, banking hard and bringing the Zord to bear down upon the advancing fighters.

From the cockpit of the Lonticore, Fenix, the Yellow Ranger, watched as the command outpost came into sight just over a barren ridge that marked the edge of a once small sea that was now known as the Gaden Wastes. An apex predator of the open plains on Eltar’s southernmost continent, the Lonticore was a massive beast of sinews and claws.

“Zordon, there’s a massive hangar port just beyond those tents- I’m picking up the same energy signatures that disrupted our scans earlier. It might be Serpentara,” Fenix declared.

Riding alongside the Lonticore Zord was the Thoat Zord of the Black Ranger, Umon. The Thoat was a great hexapedal steed that had originated on the Eltarian moon of Garobus but had been brought to Eltar thousands of years prior. “We cannot let it take off. We must engage it- show no fear and may the Power protect us!”

As they passed through the camp’s perimeter, the Zords held their formation and headed for the open hangar port.


“Milord, there are several unidentified vehicles approaching from the north. Shall we hold the launch cycle?” One of Serpentara’s human pilots asked as Lord Zedd stepped onto the bridge.

“Allow me to identify them for you- they are the Zords, the mechanized transports of Eltarian Rangers, so named for the Red Ranger, Zordon. He is as foolish as he is proud. Charge the disruptor cannon and prepare for attack formation,” the dark lord returned.

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