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I hate fujoshi
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Originally Posted by blurredlights View Post
I actually repressed Ida Dida from my memories. Thank you for bringing her back. Hahahaha. In-story, Ida Dida was given to Ida as a gift. Production-wise, I feel like they just needed a villainous counterpart to the Zaido Kids, because they also brought back their defeated villains--with miniature counterparts. T_T
Ooh,I see.Makes sense.That was dumb of them)

No worries about the PMs; I apologize that I didn't respond sooner. I've gotten used to never getting any, that I never actually check my inbox anymore.
No problem) I answered the one you've sent me,btw.

(as for being more watchable with me in charge... I don't know, man. Had it happened, I still would have to answer to higher bosses. And they still would've wanted a soap opera. but thank you for saying that. )
(Please don't call me "man",I am a girl who often is compared to a man in derogatory meaning by her mother,so it rubs me the wrong way) I think it's possible to actually make soap opera watchable if it's in a fantasy setting.I mean,there are tons of pretty poopular fanfics that are just that.
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You'd like the original Space Sheriffs-- they did have giant robots! Gavan's spaceship turns into a robot dragon, and the others turn into humanoids (and guns)!
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