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K, then.
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K, then.
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I meant make it so the figure separates and not the accessory. You still have to split the tires and remove the middle with what we have. It doesn't matter in the long run, but say, Dimension Taxi and Lucky Jackpot--if they were two tires that ever got made in the SHF line, they'd be impossible to display being used like on the show.
I get you now, I suppose they just figured they weren't going to be making all of them so didn't bother making them work uniformly across all the forms? Like how the parts to swap the tyres for Types Wild and Technic aren't remotely compatible with Type Speed, and he didn't really use them anyway in the show. It helped keep them show-accurate too, I guess.

They made SO many Drive figures that they could have found a way to pack all the tyres in if they really wanted to.

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And you couldn't be more right on that medal comment. It's going to be a pain lol. Hopefully for more of Wizard's forms in SS, they give us new hands that already have the rings on them to avoid that very issue.
I'm hoping there's some way to close the top over on the driver to stop them falling out? Like Taichi said about Eternal, I've had the same exact issue with W and Skull. It's a great gimmick and I'm glad it's included but yeah.... I'd like to not worry about losing vital parts if I sneeze by my figures!
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