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MarineDynamite wrote: View Post

Thanks! I'm actually planning on making proper pictures of the Rangers all suited up (kinda like the ones I made for RPM ReGeared, except that in the Märchengers' case they'd have their helmets still on), and maybe I could turn it into an actual story once I'm done with RPM ReGeared. That's why I didn't say anything about the sixth Ranger; I want them to be a surprise.

And by the way, I'm still trying to figure out what Märchenger's hypothetical PR name would be... I'm thinking Power Rangers Fable something... Fable Fury? I don't know.
Power Rangers Fairy Fury sounds like a good one, IMO.
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Lets get Mystechal
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A bit more of my thought process for:




A group of Directors oversee Ziema's activities across the country. From charity events to politics, they relish the spotlight of their public face.

At the moment this board will have a few people pop up from time to time, but are hands off when it comes to Jega, preferring Laume and their underlings to handle the grunt work.

Rizer Pamises
Like Augustas he is a 'failed experiment', yet has pledged himself to Ziema just the same. His reasons will be a huge plot point later in the series. He is a Rizen with full control of his power, able to transform into his armoured state using a transformation device embedded into his body.

Rizer Tylus
Pamises' second in command. Unlike him Tylus' motivation is entirely in earning his salary from Ziema and will support any and all company decisions as a result of this.

RIZEN - Victims of the shadow project now simply monsters who obey the will of Ziema. Our MotW. To make these monsters interesting as they all can transform back into human form, Jega will need to track and investigate suspects to uncover the conspiracies surrounding them.

Maras - plagued ones. Early prototype RIZEN. Mindless footsoldiers who were once normal people. Hundreds of people have gone missing in recent months and Jega will soon learn the truth of what became of these victims.

She is a major investor for Ziema's Rizen program. As the last of her kind and representative of the Skath, she is not only living proof of alien life, but that there is also a way to cheat death as well. Her motives for funding Ziema are unknown, yet find's Augustas' battle to be highly amusing. Laume is Miss Boyle's human identity prior to Scottish Sentai.


A few ideas but largely I want Jega to work alone. However, to help uncover the conspiracy he will get some help along the way.

As stated previously, Scottish Sentai will need Jega's help if they plan on getting out of the enemy fortress alive...


Loss & Guilt
Augustas will lose everything becoming Jega. Taking on an odd job at an office for Ziema, an accident at the workplace sees the entire building collapse on himself and his colleagues.

Declared dead, Augustas' body is transferred to Ziema's hidden research facility to become augmented into a Rizen. For 6 months he is a mindless drone for Ziema, working covertly to take down Ziema's competition or potential threats.

I want to show his struggle as a hero. His being alive is his secret, not that he is Jega. No one can ever know he is still alive else they fall victim to Ziema.

He wants to run from his past as a mindless assassin and feels severe guilt at what Ziema have used him to accomplish. At first he takes great personal joy at petty revenge before truly becoming heroic as he gets to grip with his new reality.

Jega's battle will be both internal and external. The story told almost entirely from his perspective alone. Its gonna be dark, but with my usual humour sprinkled in.

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My Concept on a HASBRO reboot of Power Rangers

Hello. I've recently been thinking about how I would handle a Hasbro Power Rangers reboot. I highly doubt they'll just let it sit and collect dust, and if they do it right they could have a big success. (That's not to say I didn't like Lionsgate's Power Rangers movie. I love it to death.)

(The logo is made by me. The suit and megazord are not.)

I would make it much more inspired by the show design wise, as I gather the designs were a big turn off last movie. They would have a much more high-tech feel than the 2017 movie.
Story wise, we would only briefly go over the origin of the rangers. I think hardcore and casual fans want Tommy, so might as well give it to them and not do something that has already been done and done well.
The first act of the movie would establish the teenagers' friendship and Rita being freed. They somehow find the Command Center (maybe they rode out to the country side together) and we cut away when Zordon starts to speak. We pick up a few months later where the rangers have already had a major encounter with Rita's forces. The main conflict would be Tommy as the evil green ranger. The rangers would struggle with the thought of having to destroy one of their classmates, while Tommy would have an internal struggle of trying to break free. The movie ends with Tommy freed and the six rangers coming together to defeat Rita once and for all. At the end tease Lord Zedd.

That is just my fantasy/idea of how I would make a movie that would appeal to a bigger crowd than the 2017 movie did. Like I said, if Hasbro is smart with budgeting, marketing, and storytelling, they could have a big success.
What do you all think of my idea?
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