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Measuring up.
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Measuring up.
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Joined: Jun 2002
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Rescue Force - The Australian Toku (Pic Heavy): NEVER MADE NEVER WILL BE

Did a search for this but had no hits. Anyway...

Searching around and found this site by the guys who are doing RPM's stunts. Apparently, they've got their own new Aussie Toku in the works. It looks like they're still at the pitching stage, so I dont think it's been picked up or funded or anything yet. However, they've managed to put together an impressive portfolio of what the show would be. Seems to be a real mash of Kamen Rider and Sentai, with a dash of Metal Hero thrown in.

We have started this project with a passion that "We want to create the first original super hero for Australia." and we are now looking for sponsors to provide the Rescue Force, our specially designed characters, as a TV series.
On these FTA TV channels in Australia, about 150 children's programs are showing in a week but there is no live action shows featuring super heroes such as the Power Rangers. This means that Australia still have a potential market for the character business because not only in U.S. but also in many countries in Europe and Asia, they have produced their own super hero's TV programs, adopting ideas from Japan.
Japan is the country in which originated many super heroes has been enjoyed these super hero TV programs for 40 years and the size of the market of the character business, which is said approximately \ 3 trillion or \ 4 trillion including related business, is still growing bigger.
We will improve the Rescue Force project as a pioneer of a new character business in Australia with confidence that this new style business will surely bring us a big profit steadily.
Also, as these super heroes' performance are based on "Kabuki", a Japanese traditional entertainment, so we think that the Rescue Force project will work well in cultural exchange between Australia and Japan as well. Even in the Power Rangers, which is provided by Disney Inc., most of these stuntmen are from Japan, means it's hardly imitated by other countries' people.
Again, we want sponsors to develop this wonderful Rescue Force project together! Let's establish a new boom in Australia!
Please contact us! We will welcome both companies and personal investors who likes our project.

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