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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

I've made a few minor changes to the remaining arch this season. Mainly, I've cut the Changing of the Zords three parter completely. I've replaced it with one episode that ought to bridge the gap and cover most of what would have happened in that three parter anyway.

That three parter felt a little dry to me on paper, and with this season going on three years already, I'd like to wrap it up sooner than later. The Shogunzords will exist, but will not be used for any of my remaining chapters and will likely not be mentioned.
Seeing as you were planning for Season 3 to end with "A Different Shade Of Pink" it's not like there was much use of the Shogunzords before then anyway

Looking forward to seeing how the remainder of the season plays out

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16: Switching Places: Instead of Billy switching brains with Kim, Robbie switches brains with her. And while Robbie’s body is now dressed up very clean and pretty boyish (Kim stating ‘It used to be like a jungle’) Kim’s body spends all day in the shower.
BAHAHAHA how did I miss this?

59. Mighty Morphin Mutants: Beats up mutant Tommy to the delight of the others. Incidentally, Robbie did not think he was beating up mutant Tommy.
I will still cheer

60. An Oysters Stew: Gives Zack bad advice on how to ‘bag’ Angela; telling him all women want you to take her out to an expensive dinner and buy her jewelry, stating ‘If your credit cards still have a balance in them, you’re doing it wrong.’ Kimberly and Trini disagree with him, until he volunteers’ to buy them drinks.
Where did Robbie get his fake ID? hahaha

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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

BAHAHAHA how did I miss this?

I will still cheer

Where did Robbie get his fake ID? hahaha

Haha. You're about six years late. But glad you got a kick out of them. It was sort of forced out of me by early readers that wanted more context into why Robbie was suddenly there. Granted it was lazy of me to not do it earlier.
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I hope that Brown Ranger Kev doesn't mind, but I've had a story boiling up inside me that I had to start writing down. This is the prologue to my take on "Changing of the Zords". If BRK likes it, he's welcome to incorporate it into his series. Otherwise, we can consider it an "alternate timeline" (like the Power Rangers movie was)...
Please let me know what you all think




KIM: Wow, that's a lot of people...

BILLY: Affirmative. It does make one wonder if we actually did any good...

TOMMY: Didn't we go through this guilt trip with Jason last season? We all know that the death toll would have been MUCH higher if we hadn't intervened...

ROCKY: Who's Jason?

ROBBIE: Quiet, all of you! Let's leave the past in the past, we have more important things to worry about... Remember, we're only watching this because it's the new mayor's first television appearance. With the hatred he spread during the election campaign, we need to know what propaganda he is going to try to spread so we know what we have to rally against...


MAYOR: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great sorrow that we remember the senseless loss of life of countless of Angel Grove's citizens. The pain suffered by the friends and family members who remain is unimaginable. Add to that the hundreds who have been made homeless and left without a place to make a living and provide for their families, you have my assurance that the new administration will not rest until every citizen is back on their feet, all buildings and infrastructure are restored, and those who are responsible are held accountable for the misery they have caused!

ADAM: Wow, that actually doesn't sound so bad...

AISHA: Typical male pig...

BILLY: That's called a “boar”...

AISHA: Well I sure am bored by him. Wasn't he carrying on about fixing the budget? This sounds like it'll blow it out. Breaking promises the moment he's elected...


MAYOR: For this reason, it is my pleasure to announce that new laws have been passed by our local parliament. The culprits responsible are the Power Rangers!


MAYOR: While they are not to blame for our town being constantly attacked by aliens, they ARE to blame for consistently escalating the danger by engaging in battle. They whip out their weapons without thinking of who might be caught in the crossfire, and their gigantic fighting robots have caused so much destruction to our buildings that we may never be able to pay back the debt that the previous administration incurred to replace them over and over again...

KIM: He can't be serious... Do you think anyone will actually buy this baloney?


RANDOM CITIZEN IN AUDIENCE: Power Rangers! I KNEW it was dem! Even when it was da Muslims I knew it was dem!

MAYOR: As such, in accordance with the new laws passed in Parliament today, in any alien attack, the vigilante group known as the Power Rangers is FORBIDDEN to attempt to intervene IN ANY WAY. Any violation of this law is punishable by a prison term, the length of which will depend on the severity of their input.


ADAM: Oh this is bad, this is very, very bad. I can't get in trouble with the law, I get locked in the basement for getting a B on a test, if I was to be arrested...

AISHA: Don't... finish... that... sentence... this show is racist enough with its African American Black Ranger and Asian Yellow Ranger...

ROCKY: But you're not Asian and Adam's not black...


BILLY: Will you all relax? Has everyone forgotten that we have SECRET IDENTITIES?! What are they going to do? Go all Cinderella on us and see if our helmets fit our heads?

ROBBIE: That was more sass than we usually get from you, Billy... And I loved it... Anyway, have any of you SEEN the quality of the police in this town?


SKULL: Bulky, you can't be serious about us trying to figure out the secret identities of the Power Rangers again? We haven't done that since last season...

BULK: But can't you imagine the promotions and accolations we'd receive from Lt Stone if we're the ones to put those criminals in front of a judge...

TOMMY: Just how many times have we saved their lives?

KIM: I lost count. Well, what if we do what we can as civilians – help people evacuate during an attack for example – and only engage in battle as a last resort...

ROBBIE: That's a good idea Kim. Why don't we go to the beach and see what vessels are available should we need to get people out of town quickly?

TOMMY: Hey, I'm the leader here...

The team waits for a command...

TOMMY: Let's go to the beach...


HANNAH: Did I hear someone say “the beach”? Because I just bought a new bikini I've been dying to put to good use...


HANNAH: What's that?

ROBBIE: Oh, that's just my alarm telling me I have to get home to take my Ritalin. Meet you there?


Zedd: YES!!! The plan to make the rangers as hated by the public as we do is going perfectly, my dear.

Rita: Zeddypoo, I knew I didn't marry you for your looks. This is brilliant, soon the rangers will be faced with watching their town be destroyed, or being destroyed themselves by the people they were sworn to protect!

Zedd: And since the most brainless oaf is in charge, we can use him as a puppet to fulfil our own plans!


VILE: What a cute little plot you two have come up with. I think I read it in a picture book I was going to read to my newborn grandson before bed...

RITA: Don't you have some dinosaur bones to dig up, you old fossil?

VILE: Mind your attitude, Rita, you're not too big for a spanking!

ZEDD: That's what I said...

VILE: Ew... But to answer your question, no, not dinosaur bones, but what I have uncovered has the power to destroy a whole planet. I just wanted to let you know that I would be conducting some experiments... Which may cause some... discomfort...


ZORDON: Power Rangers, over the past two years you have all bravely and valiantly put your lives at risk to protect the Earth from the repeated assaults of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. It was never my intention, though, that you should put your own reputations and futures at risk. With the new laws taken into effect today, I wanted to assure you all that should you not want to take the risk of tarnishing your records and putting your freedom on the line, you are more than welcome to retire. You have no reason to feel obligated to continue putting yourselves at risk, and I assure you our feelings won't be hurt.

ROBBIE: Relax Zordon, we aren't going anywhere.

ADAM: Speak for yourself!

ROBBIE: Oh, right, the quitter wants to quit again...

ZORDON: That is enough Robbie. Adam is correct, the decision belongs to each of you. Please each make up your own minds and see me privately. You should keep your individual decision private as well, so that you aren't intimidated by your peers. The sooner you can let us know, the better, so that we can make other arrangements to protect the Earth if necessary.


ALPHA: Ay yi yi, did somebody forget to switch their phone to silent?

ROBBIE: It's the '90s, Alpha, only the richest people have cel-phones.

ZORDON: It's MY old communicator! I haven't used it since I was a Power Ranger over 10 000 years ago. Rangers, observe the Viewing Globe...


ZORDON: It's the Sentinel Knight! Hello old friend...

SENTINEL KNIGHT: Zordon, thank the Morphing Grid that somebody answered! I have sensed a great disturbance in the timeline... Oh, you're not alone...

KIM: Like, would somebody please bring me back down to Earth?

ZORDON: Sentinal Knight, these are my proteges, the Power Rangers and protectors of Earth. Anything you have to say to me you can say to all of them. Rangers, the Sentinel Knight is a close friend of mine. We were Power Rangers together over ten millenia ago.

SENTINEL KNIGHT: Save the reunion for later, buddy. Something has happened to drastically skew the timeline. I sense that the balance of power may tip at any moment...


ZEDD: What do you have for us, Dad? A monster that blows ITSELF up?

VILE: I really hope your male pattern baldness isn't hereditary... Oh wait, that's not a bald spot, it's your missing skull!

RITA: Would you two just give it a rest? The baby is giving me indigestion and heartburn and I'm in no mood for your squabbling...

VILE: I'm sorry daughter-dear. I have actually made an amazing discovery. When I started experimenting with the Orb of Doom...

ZEDD: You just made that up!

VILE: No, in fact it has the power to destroy a whole planet and alter the course of time... But if you're not interested...

ZEDD: (Runs to Master Vile with open arms) PAPA!

VILE: That's better. Anyway, I was conducting an experiment, and the orb started to glow and shine a light like a torch. I followed it, and discovered, of all things, a set of dormant zords. It was like they just appeared out of nowhere! I figured that if you could get your hands on one of the rangers' Ninja zords, you could duplicate its technology and have your own fleet of fighting robots to take over the Earth, just before Vile Jr is born...

RITA: It wouldn't work, you'd need a power source. And I feel queasy, I'm going to have a lie down...

ZEDD: Maybe you should get Finster to look over you.

VILE: In fact, I already have that taken care of...



ZORDON: Over 10 000 years ago, I was the leader of a group of intergalactic Power Rangers. The team consisted of myself, Dulcea, Ninjor, Ivan Ooze, Dimitria of Inquiris, and the Sentinal Knight. The Knight was the most powerful of all. He is a fifth-dimensional being, capable of not only seeing every possible outcome of every possible event, but also capable of manipulating time itself. However, he was also the most careful with his power. Even if the balance of power was to shift, he believed that if it happened naturally, there must have been a reason for it. The only thing he would fight for was free will, and would only intervene if the event and outcome were the result of somebody's free will being suppressed.

KIM: So if he's actually trying to warn us...

TOMMY: This could be the greatest threat that the Power Rangers have ever faced...

To be continued...
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Nice story. I also appreciate the enthusiasm for my story. You can make this into it's own thread however.

I don't want people to confuse it with my story. I also think it may get more views as its own thing rather than a comment buried within my 30+ pages.
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The next chapter should be up either over the weekend or sometime next week.

I do have a burning question for my audience, because I can go one of two ways with one particular arc and I'm torn on what to take.

Without giving away the outcomes for either option, what do you guys think of the Hannah and Robbie paring? Yay or nay? I'm going for an uptown girl/downtown boy dynamic. One which where Robbie assumes Trini's role in her relationship with him. Although I was all for it at first, I'm beginning to have doubts that the pairing will work, and feel it may interfere with Robbie's arc in the fourth and final season should they become an item.

So I'm asking my audience: yay or nay? It won't effect the upcoming chapter either way, but it may sway me to alter things in the long run.
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I like the Robby/Hannah pairing, so I'm gonna go with yay.
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I say put them through a temporary ringer and see if you feel them getting back together would be effective dramatically at the end of it. Sometimes you really ought to let a story dictate the characters rather than the other way about, I've seen so many shows fall apart because they put what the characters feel first.
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I see them as the Bo and Hope of That 90's Show, on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again hahaha
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It's a Yay for me. Post-Trini Robbie finally deserves some type of happiness, so his evolution won't seem in vain. I do think some drama should be good for it, but in the end, I think they should end up together.
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Season 3 - Episode 18 - For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls

(We begin today at the Juice Bar on a quiet weekday afternoon. Despite the fallout of a disastrous Mayoral election, things have gotten a lot better amongst the rangers as interpersonal relations have improved drastically. By the fitness area, Tommy is seen with Adam as he spars with Rocky. After trading blows in a competitive back and forth, Tommy gets better Rocky and leg sweeps him to the floor.)

Rocky: Aw, come on!

(Frustrated with his performance, though not angry, Rocky slams the mat.)

Tommy: Haha. That’s a good one.

(Tommy offers his hand to pick Rocky back up, which is accepted.)

Tommy: Fighting is like a dance,man. You just gotta go with the flow. You’re good, but I can see you thinking up what to do next. You’re too in your head.

Adam: That’s gotta be the first time he’s heard that one.

Rocky: I know. I just… I’m working extra hard on my martial arts. I’m the red ranger after all. And I’m just trying to get to your level.

Tommy: You gotta stop living by other standards and go the route that’s best for you.

Rocky: Yeah, yeah. Kim and Aisha say the same thing to me all the time when it comes to girls.

Tommy: As they should. I don’t know if you know this, but you’re a good looking guy. If you stop overthinking every single thing you might actually find a nice girl.

Rocky: I don’t know. You think?

(Almost on cue, an attractive, fair skinned brunette approaches Rocky.)

Girl: Uh… excuse me?

Rocky: Uh… hi…

Girl: Hi. (Giggles) I’m Shana.

Rocky: I’m Rocky!

Shana: Would you… like to have dinner later?

Rocky: Uh, yeah? I eat dinner every day.

Shana: Uh… I meant…

Rocky: (Turns to Tommy) What was that? What a weirdo.

Shana: …

Adam: You were saying about him overthinking?

(Just then and in mid-conversation, Kim and Aisha enter the Youth Center holding several shopping bags.)

Kimberly: No-way!

Aisha: Yeah!

Kimberly: No. Way.

Aisha: I’m serious.

Kimberly: Shut up.

Aisha: I’m dead serious.

Kimberly: That is amazing.

(Without thinking, the girls travel to the bar area where Robbie is seated and watching the news.)

“We’ll hear more from the Mayor-elect after the break. But first, is Fido a good boy? A new study reveals yes, yes he is.”

(They plop their bags in front of Robbie atop a stack of papers he has in front of him.)

Robbie: Hey! What are you doing?

Kimberly: Oops. Sorry.

Aisha: What are you doing?

Robbie: Studying?

Kimberly: No, really. What are you doing?

Robbie: What’s so crazy about me studying? I’m a straight B student if you take out math, science, history and English.

Kimberly: That just leaves gym…

Robbie: Well what do you think I’m studying?

Kimberly: Oh…

(Before much else is said, Billy walks in looking somewhat distant.)

Aisha: Hey Billy.

Billy: Hi… guys…

(He takes a seat next to Robbie and continues to stare out into the open.)

Kimberly: Any news on your search for Ninjor?

Billy: No. Well… Alpha and I sent a drone to Eltar, but he wasn’t in his cave. Worse, it was in complete disarray. As if it hasn’t been in use and got ransacked.

(He slowly turns to them.)

Billy: Was someone looking for something? And if so, where’s Ninjor?

Aisha: I don’t know.

Kimberly: What could they be looking for?

Billy: I don’t know. But if he gave us our ninja powers. I’m afraid of what else they might find. Or what they might have found.

(The suddenly worried teens exchange blank stares.)

Aisha: What’s next then?

Billy: (Shrugs) I don’t know. The drone overheated on the planet’s atmosphere before we could really dig deeper. Alpha and I are gonna need to try something else.

Kimberly: Well hey, let’s try and stay positive you guys. I’m sure Ninjor is perfectly fine and just… looking for a power upgrade for us.

Billy: I hope so.

Aisha: (Nods) I’m sure that’s it. Don’t worry. Any of you guys up for a drink? I’m buying.

Kimberly: Sure! I’ll have something.

Aisha: Great. Billy, want me to help me carry them?

Billy: (Sullenly) Sure.

(Billy and Aisha leave to go flag down Ernie on the other side of the bar, leaving Kim and Robbie alone.)

Kimberly: So.

Robbie: So.

Kimberly: How’s it going?

Robbie: Okay.

Kimberly: Good…

(Thinking of a more pointed way to bring up what she wants to talk about, she just comes out with it...)

Kimberly: How’s things with your new... the new… uh…

Robbie: Brief distraction from the crippling emptiness eating me inside?

Kimberly: I was looking for “sweetheart,” but whatever pet name works I guess.

(Robbie shrugs.)

Robbie: There’s nothing to say. We haven’t spoken since about a week ago when I took her to the carnival.

Kimberly: She does get bored pretty easily. Don’t take it personal.

Robbie: No it’s not that. Things have been weird since… I guess there was this moment when I was dropping her off where… I think she wanted me to make a move, but I didn’t. There was too much… regulation put up between us. It made me hesitate.

Kimberly: Kinda why I was hoping you’d avoid her. Hannah has a way of making things needlessly complicated with her partners.

Robbie: (Sarcastically) You speak from experience?

(She playfully shrugs.)

Robbie: To be fair she did pass me a note last Thursday during history. Something about how none of the scouts she invited to the competition called her with a sad face.

Kimberly: What did you say?

Robbie: I didn’t know what to say. Should I have been supportive? Should I have kept it cool and casual? I didn’t know. So I spit my gum into the paper.

Kimberly: That might actually be your best response.

(Before Robbie can say more, a sweat soaked Tommy makes his way from the fitness area.)

Tommy: Hey Kim.

Kimberly: Oh, hey Tommy.

Tommy: Are you heading home anytime soon? I have practice near your home. I figured we could talk.

Kimberly: Oh… sure! Let me just grab my shake and we can go!

Tommy: Great!

(Kim gleefully runs over to Billy and Aisha who are carrying the drink they ordered and heads off with Tommy. Fast forward about twenty minutes later, and the two are on a walk through the uptown suburb Kim recently moved into.)

Tommy: …things with the guys are great though, I haven’t heard much complaining out of Adam. And Robbie finally agreed to lay off them with the jokes for a bit.

Kimberly: That’s great. Yeah, Aisha and I have never been better. She’s really been opening up to me too.

Tommy: That’s awesome.

Kimberly: Yeah… I just wish things were as good at home.

(Speaking of home, she stops in front of a big, white two story house.)

Kimberly: Well, here I am.

Tommy: Yeah…

Kimberly: …

(Waiting for his opportunity to bring it up, Tommy just spits it out…)

Tommy: What… um… what about us though?

Kimberly: What do you mean?

Tommy: How are we?

Kimberly: (Exhales) Tommy…

Tommy: I know. You want your space. I just feel…

Kimberly: Tommy, I just had my heart ripped out of me. I’m just trying to make things normal between us again.

Tommy: (Sighs) Yeah…

(There’s an extended and uncomfortable pause that ensues. Then Tommy speaks again.)

Tommy: I’m really, really sorry, you know? For kissing Katherine.

Kimberly: Yeah. I’ve heard.

Tommy: …

Kimberly: I mean I get that she practically threw herself onto you, but…

Tommy: …yeah. I don’t know.

Kimberly: You don’t know?

Tommy: I didn’t ask for the kiss. But I didn’t stop it either.

Kimberly: Oh?

Tommy: A part of me, knowing I was getting married to you… even though I knew I would never do any better... I got a little scared.

Kimberly: Huh…

Tommy: I loved you with all my heart. I still do. I just started thinking about this being it, you know? About what I’ll miss.

Kimberly: I see. And you’re telling me this because…?

Tommy: Because after it happened… I realized I had screwed up royally. I messed up something wonderful I had in front of me because I feared I’d never be able to go elsewhere. I hated myself for weeks. I still do. I finally just realized how much I just wanted to be with you again. And how I really just want to be your husband.

Kimberly: Tommy… This isn’t a good idea.

(Genuinely confused, Tommy’s eats perk up.)

Tommy: What isn’t?

Kimberly: The whole we--

(Before Kimberly can get it out, the front door swings open revealing Kimberly’s mother.)

Ms. Capulet: Ah. “I… now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now… kill your mother.”

Kimberly: Oh. Hi mom. Sorry. Tommy… was just leaving.

Ms. Capulet: Oh, I was just kidding. There’s no rush. In fact, I have some wonderful news to share.

Kimberly: (To Tommy) Brace yourself…

Ms. Capulet: I have been in contact with Tommy’s father. He and I have managed to pull some strings. So… we’ve booked the Mary Magdalene for your wedding.

Kimberly: What?! Wedding?

Tommy: Wow. Isn’t that like some super fancy manor?

Ms. Capulet: The best in the city. Donald Trump had even planned a wedding there. Until Mayor Revoltez had his bride deported.

Tommy: Wow. Donald Trump!

Ms. Capulet: (Turns to Kimberly) Yep. And I recall you telling me it’s your dream venue. So I said, what the heck. If I can’t beat em, join em!

Kimberly: …

Ms. Capulet: I’ve even taken the liberty of sending out invitations. All your friends and family will be here for the ceremony. At the end of the week. (Turns to Tommy.) That is, unless you have some martial arts thing you need to attend instead.

Tommy: No, of course not. I’ll be there!

Ms. Capulet: Great!

(Kimberly’s heart sinks to her stomach at what is obviously a case of reverse psychology by her grinning mother. Also grinning, from far, far away…)


(Goldar is seen from the moon looking on from Rita’s telescope. He looks around to share the news however, but finds no one. Vile is in the back, busy admiring a vase in his hand, while his newly hired henchmen are each busy with specific tasks, and aren’t the type to be bothered with frivolousness. Rita on the other hand is, but she is busy hovering over the nearest toilet - a look of defeat on her face.)

Rita: Ugh. Why won’t it just come out already?

Finster: (Rubbing back) You’ve thrown up quite a lot today.

Rita: I mean this stupid baby.

Finster: Oh.

(She turns around and sits on the cold, hard floor as Zedd walks in.)

Lord Zedd: I suppose this isn’t the best time to ask what’s for supper.

Rita: Ugh…

Finster: The Queen has had unusual morning sickness into the third trimester.

Lord Zedd: I see. How are you holding up?

Finster: Oh, fine. But I can’t help but feel as if there’s more for me in life.

Lord Zedd: Not you, you worthless mutt. My wife.

Finster: …

Rita: How do I feel? Fantastic. Just… peachy. I’m fat, sore, hungry… yet I can’t seem to keep anything down. I also haven’t seen my feet in a month.

Lord Zedd: How could you miss those things?

Rita: …

(Just then, Katherine walks in holding a cup of tea.)

Katherine: Here you go my empress. I hope this helps. This is my grandmother’s special herbal tea.

Rita: Thank you dear.

(She takes the cup from Katherine and takes a sip.)

Rita: The worst part about this is that I’m practically cooped up in here all day. Every day.

Goldar: Well then I’ve got news for you.

(Goldar walks in with Master Vile trailing behind.)

Rita: Huh?

Goldar: The pink and white rangers wedding has been set for the end of the week!

Master Vile: Fantastic news. You simply must go my dear. Why you’re more responsible for those two getting together than anyone.

(Rita waves it off.)

Rita: Oh I can’t. I can barely get up without winding up back here. A trip to earth sounds like too much.

Master Vile: A trip like this might be good for you. Go out and get some air.

Rita: It’s not happening dad. Why don’t you go?

Master Vile: Bah, they don’t know me like they know you two. What would I say? It’d be awkward. Besides, I’m watching the Tenga eggs.

(Vile then turns to Kat.)

Master Vile: Why don’t you go, human?

Katherine: I… beg your pardon?

Lord Zedd: Yes! You’re the perfect plant. They already know you, and you would fit in best with the crowd.

Katherine: I-I don’t think…

Rita: Yes! And when they’re up there saying there I do’s. You can walk up there, confess to an affair with Tommy, and then give him a kiss on the lips. Ahaha. That’ll be amazing!

Katherine: This isn’t a soap opera…

Lord Zedd: It’s settled. Do we have a dress she can wear?

Rita: (Shakes head) I’ve stretched all mine out.

Lord Zedd: What about you Finster? Does your wife have anything we can use? She’ll never bear your fruit.

Finster: My wife can’t conceive. Thanks for that.

(And just like that, as Kimberly finds herself placed in an uncomfortable position, so is Katherine – who finds herself more and more alienated with the rulers of evil the more Vile gets involved. The next day on earth, Kimberly finds herself in class surrounded by classmates who just learned of the news.)

Ms. Appleby: Does anyone have any questions regarding meiosis and mitosis?

(No one raises their hands.)

Ms. Appleby: C’mon. There are no stupid questions.

Rocky: (Raises hand) Do you think twins ever get themselves mixed up and forget who they are?

Ms. Appleby: Okay wow.

Lindsay: (Whispering) Oh my goodness, a wedding!

Hillary: (Whispering) How exciting.

Lindsay: (Whispering) I’m super jeals.

Kimberly: …thanks girls.

Hillary: (Whispering) So… how far along are you?

Kimberly: (Whispering) What?

Hillary: (Whispering) You are pregnant, right?

Kimberly: (Whispering) No! What? Where did that come from?!

Lindsay: (Shrugs) My parents got married after my mom got pregnant with my brother.

Kimberly: Isn’t his name “Whoops?”

(Lindsay shrugs.)

Kimberly: (Whispering) Well I’m not pregnant. Look, it’s a long story.

(Hannah finally leans in…)

Hannah: (Whispering) Alright, alright. Give the bride some room. Let her breathe.

Kimberly: Thank you.

Hannah: (Whispering) All I need to know is where do you want a bachelorette party? A night club or a spa?

Kimberly: What?

Hannah: (Whispering) Well I am your bride of honor, right? I’m like, your oldest friend.

Kimberly: (Whispering) Right. I was thinking actually of asking Aisha.

Hannah: (Whispering) Aisha? Where’s she gonna take you? An all you can eat buffet?

Kimberly: Hannah…

Hannah: (Interrupts) Well that’s not fair.

“At least you were invited.”

(Suddenly, an eavesdropping Bulk leans over.)

Bulk: (Whispering) Skull and I have known Mr. and Mrs. Dweeb since he moved to Angel Grove.

Skull: (Whispering) Yeah. But I that doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Kimberly: (Whispering) Guys, I’m so sorry. My mom invited everyone. Not me. My dad isn’t even going.

Hannah: Wait, he’s not?

(Kimberly shakes her head.)

Hannah: (Whispering) Well that’s a shame…

Bulk: (Whispering) Us not going is a shame. It’s not fair. If we were still cops, I swear I’d make you pay for this.

Lindsay: (Whispering) Wait, you’re not a cop anymore?

Bulk: (Whispering) No. They fired us. No idea why.

Kimberly: (Whispering) Probably because you use your authority threaten people who don’t invite you to their weddings.

Bulk: (Snickers) Some authority I have. I clean dishes for Ernie now.

Skull: And I’m a substitute DJ.

Kimberly: Well at least Ernie’s a great boss. You must have fun working there.

Bulk: You’re not the boss of me.

Ms. Appleby: Quiet in the back!

(Back on the moon, Zedd puts the final preparation in place for his plan to hijack the wedding.)

Lord Zedd: …now all that remains is a monster.

Finster: I’m already on it.

(Zedd walks into Finster’s workshop.)

Finster: I give you, Bridezilla.

(Atop his table in the middle of the room stands a small clay dragon wearing a wedding dress.)

Lord Zedd: How apropos.

Finster: And deadly. She has the power to crush the soul of any man she comes in contact with.

Lord Zedd: I think I’ve seen one of those before…

(Just outside…)

Rita: I asked for herbal tea. This is black!

(She furiously tosses her cup off screen.)

Baboo: Oww! It burns!!!

Finster: She is also a delusional beast. And believes she has been given the unchecked authority of planning her own wedding. She will think the first man she sees is her groom to be, and will promptly destroy him into submission.

Lord Zedd: Yeah, sure it’ll do. Just pop it in the oven when the time comes and send her down.

(Zedd walks out after waving off the rest of Finster’s explanation. That’s when he’s met by Katherine, who is modelling a dark pink dress picked out for her for the wedding.)

Goldar: Katherine… you look hot.

Katherine: …You think so?

Lord Zedd: Yes. With any luck, Tommy will leave his bride at the altar voluntarily.

Katherine: I don’t know about that…

Lord Zedd: Do you know the plan?

(She nods.)

Lord Zedd: Great. Then rest up. You have a big day tomorrow.

(She nods again, then quietly marches to the back – a heavy heart secretly weighing her down. A Zedd watches her walk away, he turns around and his met with his scornful looking wife.)

Lord Zedd: What?

Rita: You think she’s pretty.

Lord Zedd: I didn’t say anything.

Rita: Do you think she’s pretty?

Lord Zedd: She’s… okay.

Rita: So you think she’s pretty then… thanks.

Lord Zedd: I didn’t say that. I didn--

Rita: (Interrupts) Then why wouldn’t you just say no?

Lord Zedd: I don’t feel comfortable putting someone down just to make you feel better! I don’t find her attractive. She’s at best a six.

Rita: Oh so you rate women!!

Lord Zedd: Dear god.

(We fade into the next day – wedding day, at the Mary Magdalene. It’s an elegant outdoor venue in the heart of Angel Grove. Dozens of familiar friends from the teens past and present have assembled for the joyous occasion. Robbie, Adam, Billy and Aisha are seen standing before the altar.)

Billy: We’re gonna run a secondary scan next week to try and match Ninjor’s energy levels somewhere.

Adam: Well I hope you find him.

Aisha: Guys, can we stop being so depressing. I mean, look at where we are!

(They turn around to take in the atmosphere.)

Adam: Really not a bad looking place for a reception at the last minute.

Aisha: I’ll say. I’m impressed at how many people were willing to show up too.

Billy: Look, there’s Uncle Steve. So is Kim’s “little sister,” Maria.

(Billy points to the crowd as the little girl takes a seat with her mother.)

Robbie: Her uni-brow is here too. I ‘m glad it could come.

Billy: Kelly made it too. So did Melissa from her dance class.

Robbie: I remember her. She gave me the cold shoulder once when I tried to talk to her.

Billy: She’s deaf, Robbie.

Robbie: And rude.

(Within the crowd, Katherine is seen uncomfortably navigating through venue. The teens don’t notice her, as someone else catches their attention.)

Angela: Hi guys.

(Angela, Zack’s old love interest approaches the teens.)

Billy: Angela! How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you in ages. (Turns to the Stone Canyoners.) This is Zack’s ex.

Aisha: Oh, you’re Angela.

Adam: …hey.

Aisha: Zack’s… told me so much about you.

Angela: Has he?

Aisha: Mhm.

Angela: Has anyone seen him by the way? I wanted to say hi to him but don’t see him anywhere.

Adam: Zack’s moved to Switzerland.

Angela: Switzerland? Why Switzerland? Is it cause we split up?

Aisha: (Snickers) You wish.

Angela: …

Billy: It’s a long story. But anyway, what about you? Where’ve you been the past year?

Robbie: Acting school, I hope?

Angela: Oh, well I’ve…

(Before Angela can respond, and before anyone appears ready for it, “Here Comes the Bride” begins to play.)

Aisha: Oh…

Billy: That’s strange. There’s still like, thirty minutes to go.

Adam: Kim is still in makeup. She’s not ready.

Aisha: Places everyone. Get in your places! (Turns to crowd) Everyone take a seat!

(Aisha tries to get everyone involved in the reception in their places as quickly as possible. But there’s just one thing…)

Aisha: Wait. Where’s Tommy? Has anyone seen Tommy?


“Suii-yaaa! Sui-yaa!!”

(At the park, Tommy is busy practicing martial arts. It isn’t until his wrist gets within eye shot by chance that he realizes what time it is.)

Tommy: Aw man. I’m supposed to be getting married now.

(He then continues to finish his set, then casually walks over to his bag.)

Tommy: Kim’s gonna be furious.

(He packs his things the picks his back up.)

Tommy: Let’s see if I can sneak in a haircut first.

(Tommy starts walking away slowly. When suddenly from the sky, he’s drilled with a drop kick.)

Tommy: Ahh!!

(The attack sends him flying backwards. Before he can come to, he realizes he’s surrounded by a pack of Tenga Warriors.)

Tommy: Oh no. Not today. I don’t have time for you bird brains.

(But they don’t seem to mind the inconvenience as they swarm around him.)

Tommy: (Sighs) Alright have it your way. Ninja ranger power, now!

(He morphs into his white Ninja suit and flips into action. He tries to quickly dispose of them while standing in place in a merry go round of lighting fast kicks. It doesn’t much good though as no one reacts. One of the warriors then catch his foot.)

Tommy: Wha--

(The enemy flips Tommy to the hard ground.)

Tommy: Woaaaaah!

(That gives the pack the opening to stomp at him while down. That’s when things get worse…)

“There you are!”

Tommy: Ahh! …Huh?

(Finster’s monster stomps into view – an overgrown, vicious green lizard, dressed in a vintage wedding dress.)

Bridezilla: What are you doing here?

Tommy: Wha--

Bridezilla: ANSWER ME.

Tommy: …Whoa. This is weird.

Bridezilla: I thought I told you to be at the chapel by 6. What time is it?

Tommy: Kim? Is that you?

(Meanwhile back at the Magdalene, Aisha lines up groomsmen alongside bridesmaids and starts pushing them out one by one. By dumb luck, Robbie finds himself next to Hannah – the first time he’s seen her in days.)

Robbie: …

Hannah: …

Robbie: Hi.

Hannah: Hi.

Robbie: You look nice.

Hannah: Thank you.

(Hannah’s short response leaves an awkward vacuum of conversation. They look on blankly while the flower girl and ring boy walk down the aisle.)

Robbie: Uh… How’s everything?

Hannah: Good. You?

Robbie: Not so good.

Hannah: Oh? Whys that?

(Hannah raises an eyebrow, but Robbie still isn’t sure of his place, or the nature of what they shared. He hesitates.)

Robbie: Well… (Shrugs) I just heard the barber in my neighborhood got busted for selling drugs. I’ve been going to him for years. Had no clue he was a barber.

(Hannah sighs and rolls her eyes.)

Robbie: What?

Hannah; (Coldly) Nothing.

Robbie: (Exhales) Look Hannah, can we speak afterwards?

Hannah: I’m not interested in your stupid barber.

Robbie: No, I think we’ve--

(Just then, an older man approaches Hannah. She kisses him on the cheek.)

Man: Knock em dead, sweetheart.

Hannah: Thank you! You look cute.

Robbie: Who’s that? Your dad?

Hannah: My boyfriend.

Robbie: …oh.

(Elsewhere on the line…)

Billy: That man looks so familiar… where do I know him?

Aisha: Is it Tommy? Cause if not, I’m gonna ask him if he’d like to be in a minute.

Billy: Wait. That’s Kim’s dad!

(Aisha then stops and takes a closer look at the man that’s walking away.)

Aisha: That’s my therapist!

(Out of nowhere, a panicked looking Hillary and Lindsay rush in.)

Lindsay: You guys, we have a major emergency!

Aisha: What’s wrong?

Hillary: Our bride has cold feet. She won’t come out.

Aisha: (Groans) I don’t have time for this. Why don’t you talk to her?

Lindsay: She won’t listen to us. Maybe you can reach her? I mean you are her maid of honor.

(Aisha thinks about it briefly before dutifully rushing back with Lindsay. The rest of the ranger teens and Hillary follow behind. All except Robbie, who is on his way to the altar alongside Hannah. Unbeknownst to him too, he passes by Katherine, who along with everyone else, is standing up awaiting the bride. Trying to get past her nervous energy, she turns to Kelly, the person next to her.)

Kelly: Hi.

Katherine: Hello.

Kelly: I’m Kelly.

Katherine. Katherine. Nice to meet you. You’re friends with the bride or groom?

Kelly: Bride. She helped me join the Angel Grove Junior High Cheerleading team.

Katherine: That’s wonderful.

Kelly: She’s so amazing. She’s taught me so much about aerobics and gymnastics… and about having confidence in myself. I hope she has a perfect day today. She deserves it.

Katherine: Yes…

(Not feeling any better, she turns the other way to face Melissa.)

Katherine: Hello, I’m Katherine.

Melissa: …

(She extends her hand but gets ignored.)

Katherine: Hello?

(She rolls her eyes at the seemingly rude gesture. Next to her though, she find an open gym bag belonging to one of the rangers. It’s unzipped, with a familiar looking watch sticking out. It’s lit up and can be heard ringing through the reception music. Assuming what exactly that means with regards to her mission, she ponders her next move…)

Katherine: …

(Back inside, the teens make it just outside the bridal dressing room, where Rocky is found standing outside.)

Aisha: Rocky. What’s wrong?

Rocky: I don’t know. She won’t come out.

Aisha: Have you tried going in to talk to her?

Rocky: No.

Aisha: Why not?

Rocky: It’s bad luck.

Aisha: Ugh. Let me go in there. Hold this.

(Aisha tosses her clipboard at Adam and walks inside. Hillary is seen checking out Rocky.)

Hillary: Adam, have I told you how well you clean up?

Rocky: (Blushes) Ha… Thanks. It’s just a new deodorant though.

Hillary: Oh.

Rocky: Uh… I’m Rocky though.

(Adam swoops in.)

Adam: Uh… I’m Adam by the way. How do you think I look?

Hillary: Uh…

(Inside the bridal dressing room, Aisha finds the bride in her big, white wedding dress seated in front of her dresser. She stares blankly at the mirror.)

Kimberly: I’m too young to be getting married.

Aisha: Girl, I could have told you that.

(Kim turns to face Aisha.)

Kimberly: But you’ve done so much work in preparation.

Aisha: Just because I’m good at what I do doesn’t mean I like what I’m doing.

Kimberly: (Sighs) I can’t go through with this. But everyone is here.

Aisha: (Mutters) Not everyone…

Kimberly: What?

Aisha: Nothing. But uh… you picked a pretty bad time to decide this.

Kimberly: I know. I… things have just been happening so fast. I haven’t had time to really breathe or to react. Tommy really wants to get married too.

Aisha: What do you want to do?

Kimberly: I don’t know. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Aisha: That’s not what I asked. What do you want to do?

(Kimberly takes a deep breath and looks herself in the mirror again...)

Kimberly: Run as fast as I can.

Aisha: Then that settles it. We can call this off.

Kimberly: But my whole family is out there. Everyone I’ve ever met is out there.

Aisha: When are you gonna stop living for other people and start living for yourself?

Kimberly: …

Aisha: You’ve done a lot for others. You’ve done a lot for us. I think you deserve to be selfish this once. I’m sure people would understand. And if they don’t, that’s their problem.

(Kimberly stares back at her and smiles, suddenly it feels as if a massive burden has been lifted from her chest. A few moments later, they step out together to find the others waiting. They also find Katherine slowly walking in to Kimberly’s surprise.)

Kimberly: Katherine? You’re… here? At my wedding.

Katherine: Hi… uhm… so sorry. You look lovely by the way. (Picks up communicator) Somebody’s uhm… watch… is ringing?

(The teens then look to one another, now forced to switch mindsets for the day as duty calls. They excuse themselves and head to a hidden place.)

Kimberly: We read you Zordon.

Zordon: Rangers, Tommy is under attack in Angel Grove Park. Rita and Zedd have also sent down a monster that seems to think she’s marrying Tommy.

Rocky: (Groans) Perfect timing.

Adam: What do we do? We’re in the middle of a wedding.

Aisha: A wedding that’s supposed to be involving Tommy.

Kimberly: They’re gonna need to wait. Everyone can wait. There’s no wedding… without Tommy.

Zordon: I apologize for the inconvenient timing, Kimberly. I am only the messenger.

Kimberly: It’s okay Zordon.

Zordon: Good luck rangers. And may the power protect you.

Kimberly: It’s morphin time!

“Black ranger power.

“Pink ranger power.”

“Blue ranger power.”

“Yellow ranger power.”

“Red ranger power.”

(The rangers have morphed and are ready for action. Meanwhile back at the park…)

“You’re making things hard for me.”

(Bridezilla walks over to a downed Tommy and picks him up by the throat.)

Bridezilla: I don’t like it when people make things hard for me.

Tommy: (Gasping) I-I’m sorry Kim. I just lost track of time.

Bridezilla: Lost track of my wedding?!

Tommy: (Gasping) I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it’d turn you into this.

Bridezilla: Turn me into what?

Tommy: (Wheezing) A… monster.

Bridezilla: How dare you?

(At once, she throws him with minimal effort. Tommy slams against a tree, spine first. Hitting the ground afterwards with a sickening thud.)

Tommy: AHHHHH!!!

Bridezilla: You’ve embarrassed me for the last time.

Tommy: I can’t… I can’t feel my legs.

(Weakened, Tommy powers down. Bridezilla makes her way over to him slowly until she’s standing right above his motionless body…)

Bridezilla: Now I’ll make sure you never treat me this way again.

Tommy: …

“Hold it, lizard breath!”

Bridezilla: Huh?

(Just in time, the rangers arrive.)

Aisha: Get away from him, now!

Bridezilla: What’s it to you, skank?

Kimberly: (Gasps) Oh gosh, he’s not moving. Tommy are you okay?

Bridezilla: Don’t worry about him. He knows what he did.

Billy: We need to get to him. He needs medical attention.

Bridezilla: Get away from him! After him Tengas!

(She summons the Tenga warriors to attack as the rangers spread out. Aisha, surrounded by three Tenga Warriors, throws a quick kick to the gut ahead of her, then two haymakers to the left and right. It does little to clear the path though, as the Tengas barely react.)

Aisha: Huh?

(Billy leaps in to try and help. He throws a side kick that knocks over one of her enemies but gets grabbed by two extra ones and picked up from behind by the waist.)

Billy: What are you—What are you doing?!

Aisha: Billy!

(An Olympian hurl sends the blue ranger flailing through the air. He hits bottom first atop a hill and rolls down. A trio of recycling bins eventually break his fall.)

Billy: Ugh!

(Rocky and Adam try to tag team a group of four Tengas while back to back. They try and take out the enemies ahead of them: Rocky with a flurry of chops and Adam with an array of kicks. Both Tengas then drop to the floor to attempt leg sweeps, but both rangers leap to the air. That’s when the other two enemies drill each of them with roundhouse kicks that drop them – as if they’ve they were set up for a trap.)

Kimberly: Back off me, pigeon head.

(Elsewhere, Kim is less concerned with the battle going on and more so with the fact that Tommy hasn’t moved an inch since she arrived. She tries to make a bee line for him but at every turn gets grabbed and pulled by a new Tenga warrior, which slows her down significantly.)

Kimberly: There’s too much. We’re outnumbered.

Aisha: We need help!

Tommy: …

(Help is available, but unaware back at the wedding reception. Robbie is seen left behind with everyone else at the altar. Everyone who is not the bride and groom are waiting for them to show up to no avail. It starts to create some murmuring within the crowd as “Here Comes the Bride” continues to play and even speeds up as if building to nothing. Less concerned with the bride and grooms absence however, a mentally preoccupied Robbie leans over to Hannah – who is busy waving at her “boyfriend.”)

Robbie: How could you do this?

Hannah: I’m sorry. Is there a problem?

Robbie: Let’s see. How about you not talking to me about where we stood. Or you showing up to your supposed “besties” wedding with her father around your arm.

Hannah: Well I couldn’t come alone, obviously. That would be an embarrassment.

Robbie: I think we passed embarrassing when you decided to where a white dress to the wedding.

Hannah: Whatever. I look fabulous. And besides, I wouldn’t have resorted to taking him if someone hadn’t asked me to be their date.

Robbie: Well someone wouldn’t want me as her date.

Hannah: (Rolls eyes) Anyway... I’ve decided to move on. Mark has things that you couldn’t imagine ever having.

Robbie: You mean like his wife?!

Hannah: Yes. He’s married. You know what else? He has kids. He’s great with kids.

Robbie: Oh, I bet he is.

(Meanwhile back in the park, the rangers find themselves thrown into a defeated pile. Nowhere closer to Tommy, who still hasn’t moved.)

Aisha: (Gasping) These Tengas. They’re too strong.

Billy: These are definitely the super Tengas Vile made a few weeks ago. They won’t go down easily.

Rocky: What do we do? Tommy needs us.

Kimberly: We go metallic.


Kimberly: Metallic armor, power up!

(Rangers leap into the air and morph into metallic suits. And like a jolt of lightning, the rangers get their second winds. Suddenly the same Tengas that wouldn’t go down moments before, drop like flies. Aisha’s haymakers mash through them like a hammer through clay. Adam’s chops and Rocky’s kicks hit their mark and rip through their enemies like paper mache. And Billy exacts his revenge, tossing the same Tengas that threw him down a hill like rag dolls. That leaves Kim wide open to rescue her fiancé – if not for the giant lizard standing beside him.)

Kimberly: Give it up, it’s over. You better gecko-in.

Bridezilla: I’m not going anywhere, pink ranger.

Kimberly: Well you’re not gonna stop me. Oh, and by the way, the dress? Hideous.

Bridezilla: Says the girl coated with glitter. You look like a stripper.

Kimberly: …

Bridezilla: Don’t be mad I took your husband. Like I told him before I tore his pre-nup: what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.

Kimberly: Well then I guess this is yours too!

(Kim pulls out her power bow and in one swift motion fires a shot at her, then charges at the monster, climbs up her chest and drills her in the face with an enzuguri.)

Bridezilla: Ahh! My makeup!

(Bridezilla tumbles forward then face plants on the ground about two feet away. That leaves Kim with an open path to Tommy.)

Tommy: Kim…

Kimberly: Tommy!

Tommy: Kim… you’re back to normal?

Kimberly: What?

(The others rush in, having finished off the Tengas. Bridezilla gets back to her feet.)

Bridezilla: No, you will not ruin this… this is my night.

Kimberly: Sorry I don’t think your wedding night’s gonna go as planned.

Aisha: Not with the case of reptile dysfunction you’re about to come down with.

Bridezilla: I’ll show you reptile dysfunction!!

(Bridezilla unleashes a powerful ball of flame from her mouth. The rangers barely roll out of harm’s way.)

Billy: You guys okay?

Rocky: Yeah.

Kimberly: (Pulls out blade blaster) Let’s give her a taste of her own medicine.


(In unison, the rangers pull out their blade blaster and unleash a devastating shot that engulfs the monster in flames. She falls backwards limply, badly wounded.)

Bridezilla: Ugh…

Rocky: She survived!

Kimberly: Barely.

Bridezilla: Not tonight… no… I planned everything… the flowers… the food… the music…

Kimberly: The only music I hear is the fat lady singing. Prepare to receive power cannon.

(The Rangers line up behind Kim. They throw their hands in the air.)

Kimberly: Brace.

(A massive cannon appears over their left shoulders. Small energy orbs of their individual powers form in their hand.)

“Pink charge”

“Yellow charge.”

“Blue charge”

“Black charge.”

“Red charge.”

(Back on her feet but staggering, Bridezilla lets out a huge groan and starts marching toward them as if she doesn’t see the cannon pointed at her.)


(Several giant beams of energy bursts from the cannon, which hits the monster dead on in an explosion. A cloud of fire and black smoke fill the air and illuminate the sky before it’s clear Bridezilla has been reduced to nothingness.)

Aisha: Yeah!

Adam: Alright!

Kimberly: Metallic armor, power down.

(The rangers turn down their metallic powers so as to conserve them. Kim then wastes no time rushing over to Tommy.)

Kimberly: Tommy… Tommy are you okay?

(There’s no response at first, and no movement at all.)

Kimberly: Oh my god, Tommy. Please be okay.

Tommy: Uh… Kim?

Kimberly: Tommy…

(Kimberly rips her helmet off to be face to face with her boyfriend.)

Tommy: Kim. I can’t feel my legs.

(The others join, and also remove their helmets.)

Adam: What’s wrong?

Aisha: He can’t feel his legs.

Rocky: Has he tried touching them?

Tommy: Kim… I’m so sorry.

Kimberly: (Sniffs) For what?

Tommy: For missing the wedding.

Kimberly: It’s okay Tommy.

Tommy: No it’s not. I’m an idiot. You deserve so much better. I---

Kimberly: Tommy…

Tommy: …

Kimberly: The only thing that matters to me is that you’re okay.

(She sits down next to him, then reached underneath him and pulls him on top of her lap. Tommy’s limp, but he looks up to her and smiles.)

Tommy: I am. As long as you’re with me.

Kimberly: (Sniffs) Of course. I’ll never leave.

(She reaches around him and gives him a tight, warm embrace. Without even noticing, Tommy moves his arms and hugs.)

Kimberly: Tommy…You’re moving!

Tommy: Yeah… I guess I am.

Aisha: That’s great! You’re okay!

Billy: You should still let Alpha give you a checkup.

Tommy: (Deep breath) Maybe later. First, I have a wedding to get to.

(That’s when it all comes back to her – her conversation with Aisha. The days of anxiety leading up to today. Although she loves Tommy and never sees herself with anyone else… she is not ready to take this next step.)

Kimberly: Tommy… about that…

Tommy: …

(Meanwhile, back at the Magdalene…)

Hannah: I don’t believe this. I don’t believe you.

Robbie: I knew this would happen. I should’ve never bothered with you.

(Completely unaware of what’s taken place, Robbie is in the middle of a heated argument with Hannah and isn’t concerned at all with who’s hearing.)

Hannah: You’ve proven everyone right. It’s all my fault. I should’ve known better.

Robbie: Oh shut it. You’re such a child.

Hannah: Oh, I’m a child? That’s rich. That’s about the only thing about you that is.

Robbie: And that means?

Hannah: That means you used me for my money. I bought you gifts to get you to even spend time with me. I paid for our dates. It was all me.

Robbie: Lies. I went out of my way to take you to restaurants I can’t afford to show you how much money I can put on my mother’s cards. How much more do you want me to spend?!

Hannah: None. I want nothing from you. Not anymore. You got what you wanted, so just go.

Robbie: I don’t want… I mean…

“Excuse me.”

(Concerned by the ruckus, Kimberly’s father walks up to the altar.)

Mark: Is there a problem here?

Robbie: Yeah there’s a problem. You’re the problem.

Mark: Pardon?

Hannah: Robbie, please. Don’t get him involved.

Robbie: Where do you get off, a married man, dating a 17 year old client to your daughter’s wedding? Do you have no shame?!

“Yes Mark, I was wondering the same thing.”

(Kim’s mother approaches.)

Mark: Uh, well, to be fair, I didn’t know this was my daughter’s wedding as I wasn’t invited. Thank you for that. Secondly, I’m only here as part of Hannah’s treatment.

Hannah: You liar! That’s not what you said last n--

Mark: Shh-shh!

Ms. Capulet: Does your wife know about this treatment of yours?

Mark: She knows I’m at work, yes.

Hannah: Unbelievable. You know you men are all the same. You all cheat, and you all want to choke me in bed.

Ms. Capulet: What is wrong with you?

Mark: We don’t exactly know what’s wrong with her, but I can tell you which meds haven’t worked.

Ms. Capulet: Not her, you.

Robbie: Yeah. Why don’t you back off, dirt bag?

(Maybe it’s the surge of emotion in the moment, or maybe he feels the damage is already done so there’s nothing to lose, but Robbie, like Kimberly, decides to just come out with it…)

Robbie: Hannah, you might be manipulative, emotionless, petulant child. But there is nothing wrong with you that this bozo needs to be in your life for.

Hannah: Huh?

Robbie: He does way more harm than good. If this pathetic, walking midlife crisis was my first love, I’d be an anorexic pill popper too.

Hannah: You think I’m anorexic? That’s so nice of you.

Robbie: Look. I had a lot of fun with you the past few weeks. You’re a lot better than I ever gave you credit. Part of me thought… maybe we had something.

Hannah: …

Robbie: But I didn’t sign up for this. I’m sorry. Sorry about the gymnastic scouts. I should have said something earlier.

Hannah: Robbie, wait…

(Embarrassed by the scene he’s caused as well as the fact that he poured out emotions in front of everyone’s he’s ever met, he storms out. Which in his mind saves him a shred of dignity. Hannah lifts her dress and runs after him, but briefly turns around.)

Hannah: We’re discussing this at our next session!

(Hannah finally storms away, leaving everyone left in the Magdalene completely bemused, almost forgetting why they came to the venue in the first place. Suddenly Skull runs down the aisle out of nowhere, wearing a headset.)

Skull: Everyone ignore the music. False alarm! The wedding starts in ten.

(Back on the moon, Zedd is furious over his plan failing.)

Lord Zedd: How could this have happened?! We laid out a perfect plan!

Master Vile: (Snickers) Hardly.

Lord Zedd: What do you mean “hardly?”

Master Vile: Oh, nothing.

Lord Zedd: No, it sounds like you have an opinion? What, could you have done this better?

Master Vile: Oh, I don’t know. I certainly would’ve recruited a better human plant.

Katherine: …

Lord Zedd: What? You’re the one who volunteered her for this mission.

Master Vile: And with reason. I was watching her the whole time. She alerted the rangers the minute Bridezilla arrived. All just to avoid going through with her end of the plan and hurting her poor ranger friends.

Katherine: I …

Lord Zedd: Katherine. Is this true?!

Katherine: Well I… not comple--

Lord Zedd: Answer the question.

Katherine: …Yes. It is, sir.

Lord Zedd: How could you?

(And like a child who’s been caught, Katherine bows her head shamefully. But that won’t do for Zedd…)

Lord Zedd: Look at me when I talk to you.

(Shocked by his tone, Kat’s eyes shoot back up fearfully.)

Lord Zedd: Rita and I have taken you into our homes. We’ve put our necks on the line for you. And this is how you repay us?

Katherine: …

Lord Zedd: Huh!?

Katherine: (Mutters) …I didn’t ask to be kidnapped.

Lord Zedd: Excuse me?

Katherine: …

Lord Zedd: You have worn out your welcome here. You are nothing more than a liability.

(Zedd picks up his Z staff menacingly and waves his near her face. Yet despite knowing that now is the time for discretion, Katherine can’t help herself…)

Katherine: You’re right.

Lord Zedd: What?

Katherine: I don’t belong here. I’m not one of you. You took me from my home. And the acts you’ve made me commit? I would have never done had you never placed me in a spell.

Master Vile: A spell which has clearly run its course.

Katherine: The rangers have been nothing but good to me. You’re only nice to me when I’m of some value to you. Well no more.

(To everyone’s surprise, Katherine takes charge of the conversation as she turns away and stats making marching toward the exit.)

Katherine: You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I’m leaving. Good day.

Master Vile: You don’t get to leave. Nobody resigns from the United Alliance and lives to tell about it. After her, Zedd!

(Zedd picks up his staff and points it at the now terrified Katherine. Looking for the nearest distraction, she grabs a nearby vase and slams it to the floor, creating a giant cloud of dust. Enabling her escape.)

Master Vile: No!!! Ninjor is in there!!!

Goldar: The girl is getting away!

Master Vile: Forget her! Ninjor’s escaping!!

Lord Zedd: Uh… get back here! Both of you!

(Back on earth, the teens decide to conclude their long day back at the Juice Bar. Aisha, Rocky, Billy and Adam are at a table, when Kimberly walks in.)

Aisha: How did the talk with your mom go?

Kimberly: (Exhales) Fine. I guess. It’s never easy swallowing the bitter pills. Especially after I put up such a fight. But I told her Tommy and I aren’t there yet. And we agreed to slow things down.

Billy: How’d she react?

Kimberly: After she was done throwing it in my face? Okay I suppose.

Adam: Do you see yourself ever getting married to Tommy?

Kimberly: I… yes? I don’t know. I think Robbie was right when after we got engaged he protested that I got caught up with emotions.

Aisha: I mean I hate to say Robbie is ever right about anything. But you guys are seventeen.

Kimberly: Yeah. I do love him though. And after today I realized how much I can’t really see myself without him. After I nearly lost him today that is.

(Just then, with the aid of a wooden cane, Tommy enters the Juice Bar and heads toward the other teens.)

Tommy: Hey guy. Hi Kim.

Kimberly: Tommy. How are you? What did Zordon say?

Tommy: He said I’m alright. Jammed my tail bone pretty bad. But I just need to rest it off for a few days.

Kimberly: (Exhales) That’s good.

Tommy: Yeah. Did you speak to your mom about the wedding? She must’ve been furious.

Kimberly: Not as much as you’d think.

Tommy: Huh?

Kimberly: She understood that we aren’t there yet.

(Tommy pauses briefly.)

Tommy: Right.

Kimberly: Is… that okay?

Tommy: Yeah. It is.

Kimberly: But…?

Tommy: I just… I had it, you know? I had you. Then I made that stupid mistake. I just don’t want to feel like I’m gonna lose you now. I’ll never forgive myself if that’s the case.

Kimberly: Tommy. I thought I lost you today. And it reminded me just how much you mean to me. You mean the world to me. You’re more than just some stupid, rushed engagement, you’re my best friend. And I was devastated when you hurt me, but you know what? It’s okay.

Tommy: It is?

Kimberly: No.

Tommy: …

Kimberly: But it is in that… it just taught me that we don’t need to rush through the steps to prove how much we love each other. I’m not going anywhere Tommy. And I’m okay just being right here with you.

(Not knowing what else to say, Tommy leans in for another tight embrace. Just then, an older white man walks into Juice Bar. He looks around until he finds who he’s looking for and walks right up to Kimberly.)

Man: Excuse me. Are you Kimberly Hart?

(Not recognizing the man, Kimberly lets go of the hug to reply.)

Kimberly: Yes. Yes I am. And you are?

Man: My name is Gunthar Schmidt. I’m a scout for Team USA on the Pan-Global Games.

Kimberly: Oh…

(Suddenly, Kim’s heart drops to her stomach.)

Gunthar: Ms. Tanah contacted me to watch her performance last week. However I was more blown away by yours.

Tommy: Isn’t she amazing?

Gunthar: Yes. I’ve scouted 10,000 young women. None of them with the grace and poise under pressure like you.

Aisha: Oh my god!

Adam: That’s awesome!

Rocky: Yeah. Such an even number!

Gunthar: That is why I would like to extend to you an offer to try out for team America.

Kimberly: Oh my god, oh my god! (Turns to Tommy) What do you think?

Tommy: Yeah! Go for it!

Kimberly: Okay, I’ll do it!

Gunthar: Wonderful!

Aisha: Woo! Go Kim!

Tommy: I’m so proud of you! Congratulations!

Kimberly: Thank you! Thank you!

(She giddily turns back to Gunthar.)

Kimberly: And thank you! I won’t let you down.

Gunthar: I know you won’t. I’ll see you at the end of the month.

Tommy: Is the tryout at the end of the month?

(Gunthar laughs a knowing laugh.)

Gunthar: Oh, no. The tryouts will be for about a year before the games. Kimberly will need to train along with a group of other girls for about six months before a final team is determined.

Kimberly: Oh wow. That sounds intense.

(With the immediate thrill fading, it sinks in that this is a major time investment. She worries quietly what this might mean in terms of her ability to juggle this with school, with her ranger duties, and with her boyfriend.)

Gunthar: We start at the end of the month at our main facility. In Florida.

Kimberly: Oh…

Tommy: Oh…

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I hope you guys are enjoying the latest chapter! The next one is already underway and I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of February/beginning of March!
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Craig Evans
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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

The next chapter should be up either over the weekend or sometime next week.

I do have a burning question for my audience, because I can go one of two ways with one particular arc and I'm torn on what to take.

Without giving away the outcomes for either option, what do you guys think of the Hannah and Robbie paring? Yay or nay?
Sorry I'm late with this but I am afraid nay. I'd rather Trini and Robbie reunite at some point in the future. Trini played a big part in Robbie's development whilst Hannah was originally from Robbie's somewhat darker past. It feels like Robbie is going in reverse by getting back with Hannah.
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Craig Evans wrote: View Post

Sorry I'm late with this but I am afraid nay. I'd rather Trini and Robbie reunite at some point in the future. Trini played a big part in Robbie's development whilst Hannah was originally from Robbie's somewhat darker past. It feels like Robbie is going in reverse by getting back with Hannah.
Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I've come to a resolution that I think will make everyone happy in the end. Stay tuned!
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Yet another great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
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BamaPRFan07 wrote: View Post

Yet another great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
Thanks, Bama!
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Poor Robbie, his Zord is a roach? I even think he deserves better than that. Although I haven't read the latest chapters so maybe in-story wise it makes sense? It makes me happy to see this series still running.
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DragonBuckler7 wrote: View Post

Poor Robbie, his Zord is a roach? I even think he deserves better than that. Although I haven't read the latest chapters so maybe in-story wise it makes sense? It makes me happy to see this series still running.
It's actually a compliment that Robbie's zord is a cockroach. It symbolises the fact that he's a survivor
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Yep. Robbie's a survivor. He's also a filthy, unwanted gremlin.

The next chapter should be up sometime next week!

BTW, I've outlined my fourth and final season on the front page. No names yet, as it's not yet set in stone, but the last season will be broken up into three acts spanning all of senior year, into graduation. Don't expect any chapters to go up until about late 2017/early 2018 as I am gonna take a long, well earned break after virtually no real break in 6 years.
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