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Pre-story Profiles & Promos/Summaries Thread

Okay, the old thread was getting a bit full, so it's been retired. However given how many promos in that thread have not been seen since, I'd say it performed the task it was created for.
This is the new thread for all promos/pre-story profiles. If anybody posts a promo/profile thread without a chapter the thread will be closed. If you want to give feedback, then do so by PM.
Oh and for the record, six pages of profiles and a few lines of story is not acceptable. And yes, if you had a promo in the last two weeks or so and want to repost it here, you may.

Link to old thread

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Mystic Love Promo

OK people please PM me with the thoughts of this story. I want to Warn you that this is a Mary-Sue. And its Rated R!


A women ends up in a world of magic, betrayal and Love. She finds her family and the love of her life but when something happens to her not one but twice, she has to take up the mantle as a ranger and help her family and friends deal with a Returned Imperious, his daughter and his Deadly Sins.


It was a beautiful afternoon, with a calm lake, a cool breeze and flowers blooming everywhere. There was a trellis archway covered in vines and flowers, and on the ground was a red carpet at the end of the carpet a groom was waiting nervously.

In the tent, Lily stood in front of a giant mirror and admired herself. She wore Rhinestones trim this strapless dress with an empire waistline, on this slim A-line gown. It had a chapel length train. Her long black hair was let down freely but was curled tightly, and she wore a tiara. She saw her father in the reflection.

“Hi daddy,” She said softly and he smiled at her, “You look beautiful sweetheart, Daggeron is gonna drop when he sees you.

The girls came in and gaped at her, it was Maddie who spoke, “Oh my god, you look so gorgeous Lily.”

“Thanks Madison.” She said looking at herself one last time before taking a deep breath. Her mother had been in about 10 minutes earlier and now she was very nervous.

“Ok I’m ready.” Madison handed the roses and she smiled in thanks.

They headed out of the tent, her bridesmaid going first. When they got to entryway, Lily took a deep breath. Her dad was waiting for her, and offered his arm. She took his arm as "Here comes the bride,” they went walking down the aisle.

She saw the looks at the people she knew, her family, friends and love ones. Looking up at where a husband to be was waiting a smile on his face.

You look beautiful my beloved flower. She heard a voice in her mind and she smiled. You’re not looking so bad yourself my knight. As she reached the front she flashed Chip, who was best man a smile, which he returned.

Lily looked and saw that it was the Snow prince that was conducting the ceremony.

“If you would be seated.” He said and when everyone had settled into their chairs he started.

“Ladies and gentleman, we are gathered together to witness and bless Arwen and Daggeron in their union in marriage. Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

Lianbow Smiled at the bride and groom and said, “"Her mother and I do."

After that it was a blur to Lily till she heard Snow prince say, “if there is any reason why these two should not be married speak now or forever hold your piece.

All of a sudden a voice called out, “I object to this wedding!” Lily and Daggeron both turned to see Imperious along with the remaining sins and some super Hideacs.

They watched as he smirked and turns into Calindor. “You look beautiful little one.”

Lily was pissed off to say the least, “WHO INVITED YOU!?”

Calindor looked at her and said, “I invited myself, i had to see you try and married Solarius knight.”

“TRY!? I will marry him!” she said. Calidor smirked again and said, “Not if i kill him first!”

Nick appeared in front of them “We won't let you!!”

“You won't have the chance to stop me!! He yelled before blasting them to the ground. Everyone except Daggeron was on the floor and was in pain.

“Guys are you ok?” he asked before glaring at Calindor.

“How dare you crash our wedding!” he yelled, “I dare because i can! Your going to die today Daggeron.” Calindor replied as he charges towards him, as he did a sword appeared in his hand.”

“NO!!!!” Lily screamed Calindor tried to stab him but she got up and standing in front of Daggeron.

“NO!!!!” Lily the sword ran her though instead. He pulled

“LILY!!!!!!!!!!” Daggeron caught her as she fell towards the ground, blood dripping down her dress. He lowered her to the ground as Calidor called for his troops to retreat.

“Daggeron... i'm sorry that this happened.” She smiled slightly. “I love you.” She whispered before her eyes closed forever.


Dana: tried to stop the bleeding but Lily was bleeding to fast and had lost a lot of blood. She felt for a pulse but couldn’t get one.

“I'm sorry Dageron, she’s gone.” She said tears falling down her face freely.

“No...She-she can't be. LILY!” Daggeron said crying. Lily's body started to fade as Daggeron cried his heart out and soon a few sparkles fell to the ground....and Daggeron screamed at the top of his lungs


Every ranger there ran to him to console him, but he was inconsolable. The love of his life was gone. He swore revenge on Imperious, one way or another

End Excerpt
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Can I ask?......

How many fics actually made it to a full fic from the last thread?
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Originally Posted by FlashmanX View Post
Can I ask?......

How many fics actually made it to a full fic from the last thread?
Very few, and the majority of time with good reason.
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This fic WILL be going on, just not too sure if it will be this week or next week. But i promise you, this will be up.
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I create Indy Comics!
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SPD: Bloodfued

I'm quoting myself, since no one is here in my room to quote for me...
The summary has been removed because I have set the idea aside for the time being. Sorry for those who may have been anticpiating the fic, but other matters (such as finishing the one I got up now finished).
There. It takes a real crazy person to do that. Quoting a quote that no one knew that I quoted on because I didn't quote it here for viewing before. You can quote me on that!

Last edited by BLANKS; June 27th, 2007 at 08:37 PM. Reason: dropped the idea for the time being. So.... nah! Ignore, ignore, ignore!!!!!
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I'm a Saba fangirl :P
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What about promoting a story that's already written? Some stories may not get a chance without showing a peek at what's inside.

Here's are "clips" from my fic, Peacemaker. Imagine them as a movie trailer.


Go back in time a billion years. Look around at the stars surrounding the area. Stare in awe at the glistening veil of the Milky Way. Gawk at the vastness that seems close enough to touch, yet lifetimes distant. Now, turn towards the constellation Sagittarius and fly. Fly past the bulbous center of the Milky Way galaxy. Streak beyond other solar systems, galaxies and nebulae. Keep going until the glow of a brilliant red star comes into view. In perfect orbit around the star is a gloriously ringed planet as large as Jupiter. It has grassy plains, exquisite mountain ranges, a sea as clear as glass and two small moons.

Welcome to planet Saberius.


A sliver of light peeked through a small rip in silvery cloth. It gradually made its way across a furry, pointed white ear and spilled across two closed eyes. The eyes fluttered open and squinted, blazing like brilliant rubies under the bright light. In their depths lay centuries of knowledge and secrets.

Nikodai smiled as he awoke to the glorious purple sunrise. He reached over to draw aside the simple cloth covering the cave opening and took in a deep breath of the sweet morning air. The ice crystals that formed the rings of the planet were catching the light, creating a perpetual rainbow overhead.


"Nikodai!" A younger adolescent dressed in a simple loincloth poked his head around the faded brown cloth covering the opening to the cave. "Good morning!"

"Good morning, Magaki." Nikodai replied with a smile. He put down his half-eaten Pakuka fruit and licked his fingers clean with a rough tongue. "How are you?"

"I fare well. The battles are getting worse. More nuclear weapons are being used." Magaki narrowed his red eyes and came all the way inside. His budding musculature stood out in sharp relief under his well-trimmed fur.

"I know, I know." Nikodai sighed. "I wish I could put a stop to it all."


A mushroom cloud bloomed in the distance as another nuclear weapon detonated. The explosion was out of hearing range, but the shockwave roared across the land and knocked the two travelers off their feet.

"We better get moving. The next one could be anywhere. I think they're aiming for anyone wandering about...they'll mistaken us for Plains-Dwellers. Those savages!" Magaki spat the last part of the sentence out like a curse or a bad tasting food.

"Then let's go." Nikodai stated tersely, tapping his cane on the ground as he stood back up. He helped Magaki up while he peered off into the distance and bit his lower lip. Not too far away was a range of silver mountains. One of which rose to nearly a mile high, the highest mountain on the planet. "If we hurry, we can reach the mountains by sunset."

"OK!" Magaki started to sprint across the grass. "C'mon Nikodai! Get those old bones moving," he laughed.

Nikodai let out a hearty belly laugh. "Just you wait, boy!" With that, he lifted his staff up and began to run. Surprisingly, he was much faster than he looked. As if his using the staff was only a prop to disguise his true abilities. "Just you wait!"

"Hey!" Magaki cried in surprise when Nikodai strode past him.

"You think that only youngsters like yourself can run? Ha!" Nikodai laughed, his robe billowing out behind him like a majestic set of silver wings as his speedy feet kicked a trail of dust up in Magaki's face. "Eat my dust, brat!"


Magaki's eyes twinkled. He walked up to Nikodai and clapped a hand on his shoulder, "Name it first, Nikodai. If it is like a son, give it a name."

The wizard smiled proudly. "All right. I will call it Saba..." His smile grew, "In the Old Tongue, it means Peacemaker."


"The famous Noog sauce eh? It seems you make the best on this planet."

Nara grinned and brought the bowl to Nikodai. He slowly ate what she offered, closing his eyes in delight at the taste. "Mm, delicious. I wonder if Magaki would mind if I kept you." He teased.

"Oh, Nikodai! You're such a flirt!" Her giggle sounded like a flock of chattering birds.

A tall, well-built warrior clad in black body armor with gold shoulder-guards ducked into the cool, dim cave. "Nikodai," he began with a voice deepened by maturity, "are you trying to steal my wife again?"

"Magaki! Drat, you caught me again." Nikodai laughed from where he was just finishing up his breakfast. The old running joke had been going on ever since the day the happy couple joined in marriage. He watched Nara and Magaki touch noses and sighed, happy for them.


Laying both hands on the table, Nikodai lifted his head and bore his teeth angrily at the white flames before him. He could see the planet's future, the impending doom of the entire Saberian world.

There was no way to stop it.

Fueled by anger and sorrow, Nikodai began chanting in ancient tongues, glancing occasionally down at the book. He held his staff high with both hands as spheres of white light gathered in its center. White lightning struck both ends and flashed over to surround the shimmering Saber. The white bolts twisted and crackled until they caught on the sphere in the Saber's mouth. When the lightning met the sphere, it seemed to explode in a blinding burst of pure magic.

Nikodai lowered his hands, but the staff remained suspended above his head, held in place by the lightning surging from its ends. He extended both arms towards the white fire, whispering something arcane. The flames curled away from the wall and wrapped around the wizard's body so fiercely that he appeared to be standing in the middle of a fire tornado. His arms rose suddenly and he stood poised. The fire whirling around him gushed through his back, surged across his heart and spiraled into the Saber with a deafening whoosh.

Suddenly, the Saba Saber's hilt turned white! Its eyes blazed a brilliant red! Flashes of gold shimmered around the edges!

The last thing Nikodai, Magaki or Nara saw before the light was too bright was the Saber rising up off the table in a vortex of magic fire and lightning. The last sound they remembered was a cry of surprise.

It was not Nikodai's cry.


"Saba, you do understand that this planet is destroying itself, right?" Nikodai said as he watched Saba use the tip of his blade to touch down on a nearby table.

"I do understand." Saba replied in his unique, slightly echoing voice. He turned towards Nikodai and regarded him with smoldering eyes. "What do you plan to do?"

"I'm going to send you off this planet with the White TigerZord. You are the peace symbol of this world, Saba. I want to leave some bit of this race behind to warn others of the fate that took our lives."


The cave shook and trembled. Nikodai rolled out of bed just as a pile of boulders fell upon it. "Saba, it is time!"

"Father!" Saba flew down to Nikodai. "I'm frightened."

"Don't be." Nikodai replied calmly, grasping Saba's hilt gently. At that moment the ground turned topsy-turvy. Lava broke through the back of the cavern and began spilling into the room. Everything in its wake melted. Nikodai tightened his grip Saba and dashed outside where Nara and Magaki were clutching each other. "Nara, Magaki! Run NOW!!!"

"Nikodai!" Nara cried out in fear, her cheeks stained with tears. She was so hysterical that Magaki had to pick her up and carry her away from the danger bearing down upon them.

Nikodai stopped a safe distance from the lava and looked around in dispair. Images of the dying world flickered across his piercing ruby eyes.

All the plant life was gone. The air was hot as an oven and getting hotter by the second. Lightning shredded the skies. Thunder raged. Lava came spewing out of the ocean. Massive natural gas tornadoes lined the horizon. Fissures were opening up in the ground. Mountains started to crumble.

"Saba! You have to call the White TigerZord!" Nikodai cried, shielding his head as a flaming rock sailed past him. "Now, Saba!"

"I..." The Saber's quivering voice replied over the clamor. "...I don't know if I know how!"

"Saba! Do it, please!" Magaki pleaded desperately, clutching a sobbing Nara protectively to his chest. Even as the ground below the couple trembled, they remained standing. As if their love was protecting them.

"You can do it." Nikodai whispered encouragingly. "I know you can."

Another lava bomb exploded less than fifty feet from the group of Saberians. Cracks shredded the ground like lightning flashing across the sky.

"Saba, please!" Nara screamed between sobs. "Hurry!"

Saba floated out of Nikodai's hand and turned towards the Adaro mountains. Without knowing exactly how he knew what to say, he shouted, "ACTIVATE THE TIGERZORD!!!"


"Magaki...you're such a good lad..."

Nara squeezed Magaki's arm and shook her head slowly. She could see what Magaki was refusing to believe. The realization formed a lump in her throat that threatened to choke her voice off. "Nikodai...go in peace, my friend. We'll meet again."

Magaki glanced over at Nara, "Will we?"

"Yes, you will...my...friends..." Nikodai replied softly, smiling brightly with a twinkle in his red eyes.


Continents started sinking into the boiling sea full of lava, spewing acid steam as they vanished. An eerie fog filled the area, and massive chunks of ice bombarded the bleeding earth. The ice crystals making up the rings were actually falling out of orbit and crashing down to the planet!

Saba watched this in awe and fear. A steady stream of tears poured from his eyes and pooled at the base of his hilt. The planet's pain was unbearable!


Lowering his eyes to Nara's beautiful face, Magaki held her close to his body, touched her cheek and smiled. His fear of dying was disappearing. Somehow he knew they would always be together. "Nara, I love you."

The air around them started to superheat and glow a brilliant white. The very ground they stood upon began to sink into the acid sea. Lava, acid water and ice chunks were racing towards them. The strong winds rippled their matted white fur.

Trembling, Nara shifted her gaze to meet Magaki's smoldering eyes and felt her fear of death suddenly dissolve in his strong gaze. She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered back, "I love you too, Magaki..."


Saba's life before he came to the White Ranger. He is more than a simple Saber...he is the legacy of a world.
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Originally Posted by Blanks View Post
Okay, this is a small fic summary for another SPD fic that I am working on, alongside of Vertigo. However, unlike Vertigo, which I update as soon as I write the chapters, this fic wont be posted until I finished typing all six of the chapters, and I am done with two so far.

SPD: Bloodfued

In the criminal underworld of Newtech City, underground fight clubs rule the streets. Fighting is not only a sport; it’s a way of life. When the son of a powerful Senator dies amidst the brutal combat, SPD finally acknowledges the threat this underground fighting sport represents and must intervene. Since they cannot simply go in and make unjustified arrests, and their B-Squad Power Ranger’s proving to be to recognizable to infiltrate this battle ring,

Cruger brings in Jack Landors with his dual identity of “Jacob Manners” to bring the killer to justice, but when it is revealed that there is more going on that what there appears to be, Jack is pulled into a game of lies, seduction, and death. When the law of the streets is ‘do or die’, Jack realizes that sometimes you cannot run from the call of battle, but rather… embrace it.

The main character is obviously Jack. Think of the movies Fight Club, Bloodsport and The Fast and the Furious for the kind of atmosphere that I am aiming for. Until now, the only person who knew about this fic's existence was Eternal. And for once, I am not pairing Jack with Z.
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The latest trailer to my screencap fanfic, MMPR vs. DT

In Association with:









Guys, all over the radio there's reports of a hole in the sky!

Looks like it's time to save the future....

You mean like a rainbow colored portal?

That's gotta be our signal....




Human. There is work to be done.

Wait, don't I get a say in this?


Deka-Crimson Screencaps Presents:

Team, we need to head back!

So you're just gonna pull out?!


Thats what she said!


Dr. O, why did we just see the original Power Rangers on the news?

Yeah, what gives?

I can't tell you, Kira.

Because I'm not sure if I believe its really them...

Talk about your "WTF" moments.

Has anyone heard from Trent?

This new power............

It feels good


Get caught up!
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Something From the Archives

"Power Rangers Spirit Warriors"

This season of my Power Rangers Saga (as all 6 seasons collectively are to be called) will deal with vengence and personal honor. That being said, this will most likely be my darkest season, as dark as I'll go with Power Rangers. The current concept is about villains from a long time ago are resurrected into this era by currently unknown means. Their first and only objective is brutally sweet revenge against their enemies, who ofcourse are dead now. The next best thing are their decendants. No Earth take-over, no world-wide destruction; these baddies wanna erase the bloodline of their enemies. These new kids, who don't know or like each other, must utilize the reformed powers of their ancesters to become the Spirit Warrior Power Rangers. And they best learn to trust each other quickly if they intend to survive each and every vengeful attack. That's the tale for now.

_________ - Red Wraith Spirit Ranger
_________ - Blue Banshee Spirit Ranger
Hector - Purple Spectre Spirit Ranger
_________ - White Wraith Spirit Ranger
_________ - Black Banshee Spirit Ranger
Manuel - Grey Ghost Spirit Ranger

This season will deal with the warriorlistic... the combative properties of a Power Ranger. These guys aren't fighting against alien invasions, or some other evil that threatens the public at large. These rangers are fighting for personal defense. Their weapons will reflect this action-heavy theme. I may end up giving them all swords for the heck of it. More likely, I'm gonna try to include the most violent and blunt weapons to arm these guys with. Axes, hammers, maces, broad swords... Just clumsy, simplistic, barbaric itmes; none of that graceful stuff.


Team Play:
Another theme in this series will be the total lack of team play. Only by the end of the series will these guys begin to look like a real Power Ranger team, so I know most of the season will be these guys learning to work together to survive and even fight back at their hunters. I'm thinking of introducing them seperately early in the season, gaining their powers and pretty much acting as solo super-beings. They'll meet up at different points of their adventures before figuring, "Hey, let's team up." They're constantly on the run, so I think it's time for a mobile base people!! I'm thinking semi-truck with a souped up base-of-operations trailer (used before in the last few years of real PR).

Like the Cyber Force season before this, the rangers have a class system. It works differently in that the classes are based partly on color schemes and four main Spirit Warrior power types: Wraith, Banshee, Spectre, and Ghost. The color scheme splits the rangers in equal parts Wraith and Banshee; with the Spectre and Ghost Rangers' color being a mix of the two earlier types (Red+Blue=Purple, White+Black=Grey). How the classes actually work are yet to be determined.

"Power Rangers Revolution Rock"

This team of rangers, my 6th and final team, use powers derived from the spirit of Rock Music. Their abreviated titles will be 'Rockin' (Red Rockin' Ranger and so forth) and I don't care how corny that sounds to most of you. The setting is 40-50 years in the future, and Earth is taken over by some bad guys. The idea of an enslaved and controlled earth makes this series special, and lends well to the theme of Rock in general. These kids are going to use an outlawed sound to free the people, not unlike Rock's true origin. Where these guys get the powers and who the villains are is TBA.

John - Red Ranger/Mic - Broad Sword
Princese - Pink Ranger/Lead Guitar - Sword and Shield
Micheal - Black Ranger/Bass - Battle Axe
Kim - Yellow Ranger/Rhythm Guitar - Tongfas
_________ - Blue Ranger/Drums - Battle Sticks
_________ - White Ranger/Violin - Bow and Arrow

If you didn't guess already, each ranger has a distinct instrument/weapon combo as well as stock knife-blasters. The instruments are chosen based on commonality with rock bands; two guitars, bass, drums, and a lead singer. The rangers are pretty much a band as you can tell. The White Ranger and his/her Violin was a personal add by me. The idea was inspired by the fact that dispite their historical differences, rock and symphony are made for each other. There are too many examples of this for me to list here.
I imagine everyone's special attack to be a solo played on their own instrument. You can pretty much guess that instead of "Putting Them Together!", the team could simply play their instuments together for a team finisher. This may be pushing it; but I imagine them 'playing' either the exact, or a variation of, their own theme music. Again, that's pushing it.

The only downside to this theme is that I have virtually no idea what kind of zords music-based powers can give you. I got some worthy suggestions but until I can see it in my head, I got no Zords for the Rockin' Rangers. I'm seriously contemplating not having zords at all. One thing's for sure; if I give them zords they'll most surely call them by playing their instruments. Long live the Dragon Dagger!!!

Some of you (me included) may be thinking what genre of rock the rangers be playing exactly. Right now I can imagine them playing something to the sound of Ron Wasserman's style. I thought of making them specialize in something harder like Deth-Metal (Dethklok) or Punk (Linkin Park); but those sounds would be too hardcore to put in Power Rangers' context. Although I stamp my style in there, I MUST respect source material. When I think Power Rangers I don't hear anything harder than JLU's Theme. Not to say the sound will be soft, I just can't make the music 'hard' in nature; which in turn would make the show darker than I want it to be.
On that note, the music 'will' be more involving than your basic BGM track. I'd reference Ron's best stuff to get an idea of what I'm hearing. I suggest his Mystic Force and SPD themes. I'm deciding whether or not the theme should be performed by the rangers. And if not, should the rangers still cover it on the show?
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Ultraman Destiny the Theatrical Event is coming June 23rd

Prequel orgin ep can be found here

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Operation Overdrive Special Forces

Five years after Operation Overdrive defeated the forces of evil....A mysterious affliction strikes a girl after receiving a strange pendant....Her brother is pulled into the ranks of Operation Overdrive Special Forces to hunt for answers....He partners with a girl who lost her family....Together, their lifelines will cross as the truth comes to light....Together, they must face their demons....Three Rangers....One future....

Josh loved his motorcycle. He loved feeling the wind pressing against him as he sped down the road. He sped up a little, in a hurry to return to headquarters to examine the latest scans from his Tracker. But he suddenly became aware of two cars that were following him, and not exactly in a sneaky way. He figured that there was a good reason for it, so he didn't bother to pull his Tracker yet. Instead he simply increased his speed slightly. And, almost on cue, windows on both cars rolled down and lasers zoomed out from them.

"Lasers? These obviously aren't your usual stalkers," Josh mused as he weaved back and forth, dodging the explosions narrowly. As he came up on a turn, he reached into his pocket and pulled his Tracker. "Obviously I'm going to need the right equipment."

As soon as the cycle reached the turn, Josh took the turn sharp. He flipped open the Tracker and hit the circular button at the top of the keypad. As he leaned into the turn, he reached the phone down to the road and dragged the wheel against it.

"Overdrive accelerate!"
Operation Overdrive Special Forces....Coming soon....
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An ancient evil once thought to have been sealed away
Has been released from his thousand-year imprisonment
Seeking vengeance on those who imprisoned him
Now five ordinary teenagers must fight to stop this evil
By becoming Earth’s newest team of protectors
They must become…

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My Time Force fan fic that will be coming soon. Just a promo-pic

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Here's a story idea Ranger Of Oz and I have spent the last few hours kicking around: An MMRTU (Massive-Multi-Ranger-Team-Up) featuring one Ranger from almost every team ever. Both he and I will be writing this story together


Operation Overdrive is busily tracking what could be the next Corona Aurora jewel as they begin picking up a strong signal, which turns out to be eminating from the long-forgotten Orb of Darkness. Meanwhile in the M-5 Galaxy, Master Vile awakens and travels to Earth to retreive it, planning to amass enough power to dominate or destroy Earth's solar system. Sensing the danger from the dimension he has been trapped in by Rita for so very long, and aware that things as they currently stand look very bleak, Zordon summons an emmisary from the distant future and gives him Ranger powers by drawing on and combining residual morphin energy from the Morphin Grid. Then, Zordon sends the man on a mission through time to recruit various Rangers to combat the threat. The emissary ends up gathering all the listed Rangers and allies and brings them to Zordon's dimension while keeping his identity secret for the time being. Meanwhile, Master Vile uses the Orb of Darkness to revive deceased villains.

Red - Jason (MMPR)
Blue - Bridge (SPD)
Black - Will (OO)
Yellow - Katie (TF)
Green - Joel (LR)
White - Delphine (MMAR)
Silver - Merrick (PRWF)
Pink - Cassie (PRT/IS)
Gold - Trey (Zeo)

Magna Defender (Mike)
Daggeron/Solaris Knight

Thats all so far. No ideas on the past villains yet...Any thoughts/comments/suggestions?
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So uh, does Zordon came back from the dead? And will each Ranger each get focus? Because about these Multi-Ranger Team Ups, you can easily forget a few Rangers.
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Originally Posted by izout View Post
So uh, does Zordon came back from the dead? And will each Ranger each get focus? Because about these Multi-Ranger Team Ups, you can easily forget a few Rangers.
The general idea behind Zordon being featured here is that while his tube was destroyed in C2D, he himself was not. He sends out his emisarry (inspired by AkaRed, not necessarily an adaption of him, but the idea is there) because he is too weak to gather the Rangers himself. As far as Ranger focus goes, RoO and I will undoubtedly try our best, but I am waiting for him to return from overseas before we go further with this project.
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Here's a new story I'm working on, now that I'm done with Beetle Tech.

The Follower
In the not too distant future, an ex-Power Ranger discovers an evil demonic corporation formulating a plan to take over the Earth. After being unsuccessful in tracking down his former teammates, he tracks down three teenagers who once worked for him at him at an old, now abandoned, movie theater.

He trains the three teenagers to fight, and with the help of one of them and some of his father's money, develops new technology which he bestows upon the teens, hoping they can stop this corporation and save the Earth.

Tyler Harper, 18 years old - Red Ranger
Alie Taylor, 18 years old - Yellow Ranger
Cayleb Carlisle, 19 years old - Blue Ranger


Joshua Harper, 15 years old - Tyler's brother
Emily Parker, 15 years old - Joshua's classmate
Jacob Carlisle, 37 years old - Cayleb's uncle

  • Obviously, the battle against the corporation.
  • Cayleb's crush on Alie when Tyler is dating her.
  • The mentor has a major story to deal with.

PREVIEW (from episode three)

Tyler enters the room, Alie by his side. The two hold hands as Cayleb quietly sneaks out the back door. Josh and Emily are sitting in the back corner of the room, sharing the newest issue of Shonen Jump.

"Hey guys!" shouts Josh, shortly followed by a slap from Emily. "Quiet down Josh, we're in a library."

Tyler sits down next to Josh and closes the magazine. "You took my iPod headphones again, didn't you?"

Emily pulls the headphones out of her back pocket and hands them to Tyler. "I was doing an experiment ... with your morpher."

Tyler rips the headphones from Emily's hands. "You have my morpher? Where is it?"

"My garage, next to the green lamp on my desk." replies Emily in a guilty tone.

Tyler and Alie glance at each other, then instantly run out the door of the library, towards Emily's house.
  1. The Follower Part 1
  2. The Follower Part 2
  3. The Experiment
  4. The Lost in Time
  5. The Time Trip
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Dude, MMPR vs DINOTHUNDER looks kickass. I made a dino thunder wallpaper hoping to come up with a story.

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george would be proud

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