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Power Rangers Generations: Jungle Force Rising

This is my first attempt to create a Power Rangers adaptation of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. But because I had to replace my HP's Hard Drive, I didn't save any of my previous fanfics. So I'm just writing out something to save time. This is one of those stories where things have already happened, and it allows the main plot to progress faster. I hope you enjoy it. Here's the first chapter.


CHAPTER 1: Rangers Defeated.
The battle raged on through the city, as the Power Rangers fought desperately to hold back Vrak's forces, but to no avail. And with the newest additions of revived villains --- Master Org, Rito Revolto, Furio, Deker (Now a full Nighlok), and Darkonda --- Vrak stood little to no chance of losing this battle. The Ninja Megazord, Shogun Megazord, and the Falconzord had been completely obliterated during the Rangers' final Megazord battle with Vrak's new forces, and the Zord wreckage was all over the streets. Alexandra (Pink) and Trisha (Yellow) battled against Rito, while Damian (Blue) and Nathan (White) did everything that they could to fight off Deker and Furio. Of course, Master Org and Darkonda had their hands full, since they were in a heated duel with Rick (Black) and Simon (Green).

Even Chase (Red) had a difficult time keeping Vrak at bay, even with the added power of Simon's Dragon Shield armor. "You Rangers need to seriously consider giving up, and admitting when you've been beaten!" Vrak taunted as he delivered blow after blow against Chase, his blade now starting to create damage to the Shield. "NO! We'll never give up!" Chase shouted out defiantly, even as Vrak lifted him off of the ground and began to ram him through one of the walls of the damaged Shogun Megazord cockpit. From there, Vrak just smirked. "Fine, then. You want to protect this planet so badly? Then maybe you'll go so far as to die for it." is all that he said, before flinging Chase across the cockpit, causing the Red Ranger to land hard against one of the control seats, which broke in half upon the impact. Standing to his feet, Chase groaned. His visor shattered, he watched as the Dragon Shield disintegrated, large golden debris leftover falling to the floor.

Still, he wasn't deterred, and he backed up quickly to space himself a little bit from Vrak. "I've had enough, Vrak. Its Morphin Time!" Chase called out, crossing his arms over his chest, and calling out "Gold Ranger Power!", summoning his second set of powers. Now clad in his secondary uniform, the now Gold Ranger dashed towards Vrak, Power Staff in hand, and he began to perform a series of Gold Rush attacks, striking him hard, and often. Grabbing Vrak, Chase flung him through a set of doors, and into what was left of the Megazord's engine room, hurrying behind his foe. Once inside the room, Chase wasted no time transforming into his Battlized form, the Red Triforian Ranger, the twin Triforian Battle Sabers in hand. In a way, Chase was sure of himself. To him, the battle was now close to being won, and there was no way that Vrak could stand up to his next move.

Standing ready to deliver the finisher, Chase gripped the handles of his swords, and began to channel the last bit of his energies directly into the blades. But before he could enact the final move, Vrak quickly shot back up and fired an energy blast right at the Ranger, knocking the sabers out of his hands. "You don't get it, do you? The battle is OVER. I win, you lose." the Warstar alien sneered, before charging at Chase and kicking him hard in the chest. The attack wasn't too strong, but it was enough to knock him backwards, and give Vrak the chance that he needed to grab the Triforian swords. Using his own dark powers, Vrak managed to recharge the twin blades, and struck Chase hard with a warped version of the Ranger's own Twin Battle Strike attack.

Outside of the cockpit, the other Rangers weren't faring too well, either. Furio had really done a number on Nathan, as his chest shield was now practically destroyed, the White Tiger chest coin split in half. Using the full powers of the Nexus Blade, Master Org sliced Rick's Blade Blaster in half, the pieces of the weapon falling to the ground, in a pile of assorted wires and parts. Trisha found herself almost defenseless against Rito, who repeatedly fired eye beams at her, in the hopes of hitting her with one of them. Leaping into the air and quickly transforming her own Blade Blaster into its sword mode, she attempted to strike Rito in the shoulder. Unfortunately for the Yellow Ranger, he caught the blade, and then snapped it in half, like it was a cheap toy. Deker and Darkonda were able to push back Alexandra and Simon, while delivering some powerful hits in the process.

Soon, Chase joined his teammates, as he was flung through the Megazord wreckage, and landed hard on his back. His Triforian Armor was badly damaged, and it took everything in his power to be able to stand to his feet. The villains all gathered before the Rangers, who were now all but defeated. Vrak could taste victory. At long last, he would be able to rid the planet of at least one team of its many defenders. "Guys, we only have one chance left to defeat them---Let's summon the Power Blaster and Power Cannon! I'm certain that the combined blasts will take care of Vrak and his cronies." Chase called out. Quickly, the main five Rangers combined their weapons together, while Simon and Nathan charged up the Power Cannon. This was it, all or nothing. If this blast didn't work, nothing would.

"FIRE!" is all the Rangers cried out, firing off two seperate beams of energy at the group of evil warriors. Still, Vrak was prepared for this and he absorbed the two blasts, deflecting them right back at the Rangers, creating a massive explosion. Not even giving the dust a chance to clear, the five villains joined the blades of their swords, firing a blinding beam right at the team, and blasting them yet again! Fire erupted all around the Rangers, and smoke now filled the air. Once the smoke had cleared, it was clear enough to tell the damage done to the team. Their Ranger uniforms now charred in spots, pieces of what remained of their weapons littered the ground. Their helmets were mostly destroyed, and they couldn't stand. A small cracking sound could be heard, followed by a popping sound that pierced the air. Looking down, Chase could see that his Power Coin had been overloaded and bursted into smaller pieces. Before he could do anything about it, the fragments then turned to dust, blowing away in the wind.

Looking around him, he noticed the same thing had happened to the other Rangers' Coins. Everyones' Legacy Morphers soon fell apart as well, and their Ranger costumes vanished in a cloud of colored smoke. It was now a dark day in the history of these Rangers, for they had been defeated, and their powers were stripped away and promptly destroyed. Seeing the damage for himself, Vrak decided that it was best to leave. After all, he had just landed a major win for himself and even if the Rangers could somehow pull this one out of the fire, he didn't want his victory to be spoiled by it. Vrak and his group soon vanished, leaving the Rangers in the wreckage of what was left of their entire arsenal. Rolling over onto his back, Chase groaned loudly. "NO! Everything is gone! We've lost it all!" he yelled out, as the intensity and the gravity of the situation had hit him. Pulling himself up off of the ground, Simon looked around with an expression of fear. "What're we going to do now? The Zords are totaled, our Power Coins are gone. And Vrak is going to take over the world." he sighed, kicking a piece of metal out of his footpath.

Alexandra looked around the area, before something came to mind. "You guys, we can't just give up. Vrak might have beaten us, but he left us alive. And the Shark Cycles are just up the street where we left them. So we can still get back to the Command Chamber and maybe even consult with Zordon or Gosei.". Those words echoed through Chase a little bit. Slowly standing to his feet, he just nodded. "Right. Even if we don't have our powers anymore, I think we can beat Vrak. We just have to come up with something. But for now Rangers, let's retreat." he said, leading them to the location of the Cycles. END CHAPTER ONE.

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The Rangers quickly drove off on the Shark Cycles, still in a state of shock over what had just transpired. In less than twenty-four hours, they had lost it all. The Zords, weapons, powers. All of it, was now gone. The Temple of Ninja Powers was destroyed, with Ninjor in a critical state. Vrak had truly thought it all out this time around. Once they had arrived at the location of the Command Chamber, Chase let the other Rangers go in ahead of him, while he surveyed the area, just to make sure they weren't followed. Soon he would follow behind his team, the steel doors closing behind them. As they entered into the chambers, Alpha 7 greeted them.

"Ay-yi-yi! Rangers! What happened to you?!" the robot asked, a tone of worry in his voice. “Alpha, we lost. Vrak ambushed us, and destroyed everything. Even the Power Coins are gone." was all that Chase spoke, as he walked over to one of the consoles, typing in some coordinates. “And from the looks of it, with us out of his way, Vrak might be able to take control of this sector of the planet. We really have no way of stopping him.”. Just as Chase had finished his statement, Gosei and Zordon both appeared, one to his left, the other to his right. After recapping the events to the two of them, the Rangers gathered around, and listened intently to what their leaders would have to say. “Rangers, I can sense that you want to continue fighting to protect the planet, and that you want to make everyone in the Power Ranger family proud of you. But, due to the loss of your original powers, and the fact that Vrak has become even more powerful, it is only safe to assume that we will need to replace your powers with brand new ones. To that end, Zordon and I will be sending you on a quest. You will have to locate five former Guardian Power Rangers, in order to gain your new powers. And, you will have to go individually. If you’re able to locate the Guardians, then there is a chance you will be able to reconnect with the Morphin Grid.” Gosei explained.

Rick stepped forward and tilted his head to the side. “But, what do you mean by “Guardian Power Rangers”, Gosei? Are you saying that there are Rangers that existed before Mighty Morphin?”. Trisha groaned and just leaned against the wall. “If that is the case, then they could be dead by now! Great, no new powers for us, then.”. Finally, Chase brought his fist down hard on the console. “Enough of this, both of you! I think that Gosei means that these Rangers are still alive, but no longer serve as active Power Rangers. They still have their own powers, but are Guardians of a much greater power. Would I be right, Zordon?” Chase asked, as he turned to face him.

“Precisely, Chase. However, since there are only five Guardians, this means that only five of you will continue on the legacy as Power Rangers and receive new powers. Chase, because you are the leader of this time, the Guardian that you will be assigned to locate, is Taylor Earheardt, the Yellow Ranger of the Power Rangers Wild Force. Simon, you will seek out Leo, the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger. Rick, your job is to find Master Phant, one of the Spirit Rangers. Trisha, I’m assigning you to make contact with Alyssa Enrile, the Wild Force White Ranger. Finally, Alexandra, you will be placed with the responsibilty to find Tori Hanson, the Blue Ninja Storm Ranger. Upon locating the Guardian assigned to each of you, simply utter the phrase, “Honnō Kakusei”. When they hear these words, they will give you your new Morphers, and Ranger roles. The chances that Vrak will follow you are definitely high, but I do have faith in all of you. And in the event that Vrak’s generals decide to attack the city in your absence, then Troy and the other Super Megaforce Rangers will step up in your place. Now, you must go, and allow the Power to protect you.” Zordon spoke, while Alpha readied the teleportation devices.

“The furthest that we can send you, is to the immediate cities where each former Ranger is. We do not know their exact whereabouts, but we can get you close enough. Once you find them, it is imperative that you get your new Morphers and return to the Command Chamber so that we may be able to energize them for you. Nathan, Damian, you too shall have a task in this matter." Gosei interjected. He proceeded to explain to the two former Rangers that they would have to travel back to the wreckage site of the Ninja and Shogun Megazords, to retrieve the Power Cells that were inside of them. "But Gosei, if the Zords were destroyed, wouldn't the Power Cells be destroyed as well?" Nathan asked, somewhat confused. About that time, Tensou rolled in.

"Goodness no! If the Power Cells were destroyed, there would have been an explosion powerful enough to wipe out the city. Thankfully, that didn't happen. And if the Cells are still intact, then we can use them for a much larger project." the smaller robot commented, trying to remain balanced on his wheels as he spoke. Damian then stepped forward. "Alright, Gosei. We'll go and retrieve the Power Cells. Since there's wreckage for two Megazords, that means we can each search one, and hopefully find them before Vrak has a clue as to what's going on.....or worst, before he has a chance to send out one of his new generals.".

Once the deliberation was done, Alpha finished setting the coordinates for teleportation for Chase, Alexandra, Trisha, Simon and Rick. Pressing a series of buttons, each Ranger was lifted out of the Command Chamber, in a flash of light, and scattered across the globe. Meanwhile, in his 'new' base of operations, aka Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's Palace on the Moon, Vrak took a seat in Zedd's old throne and just breathed in deeply. His generals, Rito, Master Org, Furio, Deker, and Darkonda all gathered around him. Raising their swords to the air, they all shouted victoriously. "AT LONG LAST! The Power Rangers are done for!" Darkonda cheerfully exclaimed. "Yeah! And to think, this is the SECOND time I've wrecked their Zords! HAHAHAH!" Rito cackled, walking around the throneroom. "Enough celebrating! The Rangers might be down, but as we all know from our past experiences with them, they're not out! Thankfully, I've been working on a contingency plan." Vrak replied, getting up from his seat. "Sometime before my second defeat at the hands of the Mega Rangers, I was able to download data on every single Zord that has ever entered into combat. Both on Earth and other planets as well. As a result, I copied the designs and created the perfect amalgamation Zord warrior. I present to you...." Vrak spoke, stepping aside. With that, the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard. The palace shook, and soon a behemoth of a monstrous warrior stepped into the throneroom. Parts of its left foot were a patchwork of the Triceratops Dinozord, Griffin Thunderzord, Haz Rescue 4, Omegazord 5, while the leg seemed to have elements of the Red Dragon Thunderzord, Tor, Auric, and some Supertrain parts. The right foot was forged out of parts of the Yellow Shogunzord, Red Ape Ninjazord, Zeo Zord II, and the right leg was constructed from the Dune Star and Desert Thunder Turbozords on the right side, the left having Thunder Loader and Star Racer. The hips showed trace parts of Pyramidas, Titanus' chestplate serving as a belt, and waist armor created from the Mega V4 Zord, along with the Lion Galactazord.

Moving up the colossal warrior's body, its waist was a combination of the Centaurus Megazord, left side of the chest having various Thunderzords, Super Zeo Zords, and Jungle Pride Zords. On the right side, Samurai Zords, Ninja Storm, and RPM. The center of the chest was a mixture of multiple Megazords. Some visible, others not. The same applied for the arms. But what really stood out about this particular warrior, was its head. Every inch of his head had some sort of part of a past Megazord's face. Stepping forth, it bowed before Vrak. "ZORDRIPPER! He is the ultimate fighting machine, and will wipe out any and all Megazords that attempt to fight him!" Vrak exclaimed, now on cloud nine.

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It's certainly an interesting premise. And I like the idea of the Rangers seeking out Past Rangers in order to gain their new powers.
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Jus1995 wrote: View Post

It's certainly an interesting premise. And I like the idea of the Rangers seeking out Past Rangers in order to gain their new powers.
Thanks! I'm glad that you like it. I should have Chapter 3 up in a little bit.
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CHAPTER THREE: Chase and Trisha's Journey, Part 1.
Back on Earth, the Rangers were on their way to the cities where they would locate the Guardian Power Rangers. A red streak of light flew across the nighttime sky, before reaching the city of Turtle Cove. The time was only 5:30 P.M., but where it was the month of December, darkness had been settling in at a much earlier time. The streak flew over a plaza, before gently touching down behind a gas station. Chase took a silent, but deep breath and peered around the corner of the building, to make sure that nobody was around.

Once that was done, he held up his communicator, speaking quietly. "Alpha....you forgot to teleport me a bag for the journey..." he grumbled, since the weather was too cold for him to be in just his jeans, t-shirt and light jacket. Unfortunately though, the signal couldn't get through and he just sighed. "Alright then. Looks like I'm going to be doing this alone." he said, tugging his phone out of his pocket and checking the available balance, before rolling his eyes. ".....and on only a hundred bucks, it would seem. I've went from being the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, to the broke Mighty Low Budget Ranger..." he muttered quietly. Walking out from behind the building, he proceeded to walk down a hill to his left, keeping to the sidewalks.

"Now, according to what I was told, I'll encounter Taylor somewhere in the city. My best guess, is that she's probably going to be wherever an air force base is. Good thing that I read up about her...." he said, using his phone to look for a motel.

Meanwhile, on in another section of Turtle Cove, a pink streak of light touched down in an alleyway. Trisha was a little overwhelmed, since the teleporting was the only part of being a Ranger that she couldn't stand. Sure, it was a safe thing, but to her, there was always a fear of being dropped mid-teleport. Smoothing out her jogging pants and longsleeved shirt, she looked around the area. "Alright, it looks like I'm on the eastern part of the city. So, there should be a place to sleep just right up the road, if I had to guess." she said, proceeding to walk out of the alley and towards the main sidewalks.

Just as she touched the concrete with her boot, a grey creature jumped out in front of her. It spoke in some unintelligible language, but went to attack her, by throwing a punch. Dodging out of the way, Trisha jumped back. "Great! Not even a few minutes in town and already I have to deal with a monster?" she rolled her eyes. "Well, better get to work. Ninja Ranger Power!" she called out, crossing her fingers. A small surge of pink energy surged through her, but it was just enough. Within moments, she had transformed into the Pink Ninja Ranger. "Awesome! I didn't think my powers would work, but they still do! Though I'm willing to bet that it won't be for long" she quickly spoke, lunging at the creature. A swift kick to the chest sent the thing flying back into a brick wall.

Before she had a moment to plan her next attack, a white figure appeared from one of the rooftops, making its way down. The figure revealed herself to be a Power Ranger---a White Ranger no less. "Alright Putrid! It's time to send you back to where you came from!" she spoke, thrusting a white baton with a tiger's head on the end of it at the monster, flipping it over her shoulder. The creature soon vanished. Turning to face Trisha, she spoke. "Are you okay? And what brings you to Turtle Cove?" the White Ranger asked.

"It's complicated. But my mentors Zordon and Gosei have sent me out here on a quest. I'm looking for Alyssa, a Guardian Ranger." Trish explained, as the last of her old Ranger powers failed, and her Ninja suit faded away, in a cloud of pink dust. "My friends and I were once the second generation of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but we were ambushed. A foe called Vrak, allied himself with someone called Master Org, and---" was all she could get out before the White Ranger demorphed in front of her, revealing herself as Alyssa. "Wait, did you say Master Org?" she questioned.

"He died, close to 15 years ago. How in the world did he manage to come back?" she asked. Trisha shook her head. "Look, I've got no clue. But are you Alyssa? Because I was told to find you." she continued with her explanation. "Yes, I'm Alyssa Enrille, the White Tiger Ranger. How do I fit into this entire situation?" she asked, crossing her arms over her shoulder, still wearing her Wild Force jacket. Taking a deep breath, Trisha stepped forward. "Honnō Kakusei." she spoke, in a soft but audible voice. "Honnō Kakusei, is what I was told to say when I found you." she repeated. Alyssa's eyes went wide. "Alright then, follow me. I want to know everything that you have to tell me about this Vrak." she said, guiding Trisha out of the small neighborhood.

Sometime the next morning, on the Moon, Vrak observed Teal City. "Hmph. The place seems to be a little too quiet in my absence. ZordRipper! Go down there and cause some havoc!" Vrak commanded. The behemoth of a monster spoke not a word, but transformed into a pile of Zord parts which randomly teleported away. "Now, let's see how the city fairs without the Power Rangers to protect it." Vrak grinned wickedly. Moments passed, before ZordRipper touched down in the middle of Teal Square, projecting beams of laser fire at a few small buildings, creating explosions. "HAHA! Finally, I can do some damage!" he cackled, pulling out a sword that bore a resemblence to the Shogun Megazord saber. Slashing sideways, he flung fire at the streets, causing as much destruction as he could.

Inside of the Command Chamber, the alarms wailed loudly, and Gosei wasted no time in contacting Troy. "Rangers, you're needed in Teal City! I will teleport you there immediately." he said, prepping the teens wherever they were located at. Once teleported to the square, Troy and the others rushed to the scene, only to be met by a squadron of Loogies. "Looks like we've got our work cut out for us, guys! Let's do this!" Troy called out, the Rangers going right into the battle. Their scuffle with the Loogies lasted for a short while, before they got to the main event: Fighting ZordRipper. "Alright Rangers, let's do this! Its Morphin Time!" Troy called out, the team presenting their Power Cards and Gosei Morphers.

Calling out "Go Go Megaforce!" the team quickly morphed, and charged in, morphing directly into Ultra Mode. Back in Turtle Cove, Chase had woken up from a well-needed rest at the motel and was already back on the streets, searching for Taylor. Going to a local coffee shop, he ordered himself a drink and moved to sit at a table, still trying to wake up. "God, how hard could it be to find this Taylor Earheardt?" he sighed, almost planting his face into his coffee cup. A hand rested on his shoulder, and he could hear a voice. "Who wants to know where I am?" a female voice inquired.

Looking over his shoulder, he gasped. "Wait, are you her? If so, then I need to speak to you. It's really urgent. But....we need to walk." he said as he quickly started to get up. Gently shoving him back down into his seat, she simply shot him a glare. "First thing is first. Why do we need to talk, and who are you? Answer these questions and we'll go." she replied. "Okay. Just....give me a minute." Chase said, quickly pulling out his phone. Going right to work, thumbs typing a mile a minute, he held up the phone's screen to her. The screen read the following: 'My name is Chase Maverick and I am on a quest to find the Guardian Ranger Taylor Earheardt. I was sent by Zordon of Eltar, and his student Gosei. I cannot diverge any further information to you here, as this is not a matter to be spoken of in public. Honnō Kakusei.' the message ended. "Alright, I'm Taylor, and you need to follow me" she said in a hushed voice, quickly guiding Chase outside of the coffee house.

Once they were a good distance away, Taylor turned to face Chase. "Okay, we should be safe enough here now. And from a call that I got from one of my fellow Wild Force Rangers, a friend of yours is on the way with her to the Animarium, which is where I'll be taking you as well. So get ready to fly." Taylor commented, pulling out her Growl Phone. "Wait, what do you mean, fly?" Chase asked. "Wild Access!" Taylor called out, morphing into the Yellow Eagle Ranger. Stretching her arms out, a set of wings deployed, and she grabbed on to Chase, soaring up into the air. The wind in his face, the former Ranger screamed, since the flight was somewhat terrifying and unplanned.
Eventually, the two of them reached the Animarium, where Alyssa, Trisha and Princess Shayla awaited them, as well as Cole, Merrick, Danny, and Max. Taylor sat down Chase and demorphed back to her civilian form. "Welcome friends. I am the Princess Shayla, and these are the Power Rangers Wild Force. For close to 15 years, the city of Turtle Cove has been at peace, until the resurgence of the evil Orgs. We defeated their leader, Master Org, but according to your friend Trisha, he has been revived. Is this true?" Shayla questioned.

Nodding softly, Chase moved and sat down. "Yeah, it is. We don't know how, but he brought back several fallen villains. Darkonda, Master Org, Rito Revolto, Deker, and Furio. They ambushed my team when we went to battle them. They destroyed everything we had...our weapons, Zords, all of it. And we were all sent to different locations to find Guardian Rangers, so that we could obtain new powers."

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Seeing that there was no other option, and the fact that the two Rangers had uttered the keywords, Shayla took Taylor and Alyssa behind a large lion shrine, where they seemed to vanish for all but a minute. Coming back out, Taylor and Alyssa each handed Chase and Trisha a large black cube with some sort of markings on it.

"Since the two of you traveled all this way out here, then it's time to give you these. They will be your Jungle Force Morphers. Utilizing them, you will learn to command the spirits of the animals, and fight for freedom once more, as the Power Rangers Jungle Force." Taylor explained, looking to the two. Alyssa then stepped forward. "In order to activate your new powers, you'll simply rotate the cube to the proper symbol, which will allow you to morph. Trisha, you will be known as the White Tiger Jungle Force Ranger from now on, the Champion of the Snowy Drifts." Alyssa said proudly. Trisha's eyes lit up as she looked over her new Morpher, which shined brightly in the sunlight.

"Chase, I'll be expecting great things from you, if you plan on being the Red Eagle Jungle Force Ranger. Or is that too much for you, Champion of the Soaring Skies?" Taylor smirked, letting the two get acquainted with their new transformation devices. Finally, Chase stood up. "Nah, it shouldn't be too much. But now we'll have to return to Teal City to get these energized, if we plan on using them." he replied, and looked over to the other Rangers. "Actually, Rangers. Since Trisha here had come out before you did, Chase, I took the time while she rested, to charge your Morphers, since I had a feeling you'd be right behind her. But, even as we speak, there's an Org attack going on in Turtle Cove." Shayla warned, as the Sacred Water began to bubble. Quickly, she prepared the Rangers to head down to the ground, before Chase stopped her. "Since you guys helped us out, we'll return the favor" he said, eager to get back into action.

Nodding. Cole let Chase take the lead out of the Animarium, and within a matter of moments, everyone converged onto the scene, where Metal Org was attacking. The city was a bit of a wreck, but so far, no civilians had been injured. "Org! Your rampage comes to a halt now!" Trisha called out to him, all eight Rangers lining up. "BAH! I'm just getting started, and you Rangers aren't gonna ruin my fun!" the metallic monster clanged, firing a blast at the Rangers, who quickly jumped out of its path. Immediately, the Wild Force Rangers went to it, pulling out their Growl Phones. "Alright everybody, let's do it!" Chase called, while he and Trisha got their Jungle Morphers ready.

"WILD ACCESS!" called out the Wild Force Rangers, immediately morphing.
"Blazing Lion!" Cole yelled out
"Noble Tiger!" was Alyssa's battlecry
"Surging Shark!" Max hollered
"Iron Bison!" Danny yelled
"Soaring Eagle!" Taylor followed
"Howling Wolf!" Merrick called out.
"Guardians of the Earth.....United we roar! Power Rangers Wild Force!" Cole finished with the roll call. Chase and Trisha stepped up next. "Looks like it's our turn. Its Morphin Time!" Chase commented, opening up his Morpher. Trisha followed suit, opening hers as well. Pressing the number 1 on his Morpher the device called out 'Eagle!' while Trisha's called out 'Tiger!' when 5 was pressed. "Honnō Kakusei!" both Rangers called out, closing their morphers and twisting them so the picture of an eagle was presented. Slowly raising the Morphers so that they were now in front of them, a large cube surrounding each of the two---a Red one for Chase and a White one for Trisha. Finally they both finished their morphing call with "Instincts, Awaken!", raising the Morphers completely to the sky.
A blinding flash of light overtook the other team, and soon, Chase and Trisha stood fully morphed, and ready for battle. Chase's costume was magnificent looking, as it bore an image of an eagle across the red fabric, while Trisha's had a tiger against the white costume.
"Champion of the soaring skies: EAGLE RANGER!" Chase called out, striking a dynamic pose.
"Champion of the snowy drifts: TIGER RANGER!" shouted Trisha.

"Animal Defenders, Never Surrender! Power Rangers, Jungle Force!" Chase spoke, thus creating the team's very own motto. Finally, the full team of all eight Rangers charged into battle, while Metal Org summoned a platoon of Putrids. (END OF PART 2)
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The Putrids arrived in a grouping of 24, leaving each Ranger to do battle with at least three of them. Rushing right into the battlefield, Chase spread out his arms, allowing a set of red wings to spring out from his Ranger uniform. Soaring up into the air, he flapped those new wings, causing a powerful wind to knock back a few of the Putrids. This new power was simply amazing. He had never felt anything like it before, and he quickly dove back down, kicking a Putrid right in the chest. "Alright! Now, let's see what else I can do!" he said, retracting his wings.

"EAGLE RISER!" Chase called out, pulling a sword from out of nowhere. Grabbing it by the middle of the blade, he pulled it apart into multiple segments to create a whip like weapon. Taylor swooped in to assist him, using her Golden Eagle Sword. The two eagle Rangers moved in perfect harmony as they fought. Trisha and Alyssa also went right to work, both White Rangers using the claws built into their gloves to really cause some hurt.

Back in Teal City, Troy had switched to Super Mega Mode, with Orion arriving on the scene, in Super Mega Gold Mode. The other Rangers remained in their normal Megaforce mode, but managed to form the Megaforce Blaster. Having the Super Mega Cannon in hand, with a set of Gold Ranger Keys inserted, the Rangers fired both weapons at Zordripper, causing him to overload from the combined efforts. The monster groaned as he fell to the ground, consumed in a fiery explosion. Watching the battle from his palace, Vrak just groaned. It's a good thing I planned ahead for this. Levira, go down there and make my monster grow." he ordered.

"At once my Master." a voice commented, before a teleporting sound was heard. Once she had arrived on Earth, her appearance was different. She no longer had the bulky appearance that she once possessed. Instead, she now had a much more beautiful look to her. Stunning, yet deadly. Walking over to the fallen monster, she took her time to look to the Rangers. "Good job. But now it's time you face the wrath of my master!" she commented, before pulling out a small silver coin, which turned gold in an instant.

Kissing the coin, she spoke. "This is infused with energy from Master Vrak. I expect you to put it to good use." she said, slipping the coin into a slot located on ZordRipper's right leg. The robot warrior quickly stood up, re-energized. It took no time for his size to increase, and his form to change into a black, dark version of what would be if the Gosei Great and Legendary Megazords ever combined. He now possessed what appeared to be the Skyship as his torso, the Phoenix Zord as his right arm, with the Sawshark Header as his right hand. On the left side was the Shark Zord, with the Beetle Header as his left hand. His chest appeared to be a combination of that which was the Ultimate Legendary Megazord, and Orion's Q-Rex. The legs were an odd fusion of all the other Zords, and his face was simply that of an angry Gosei Great.

"Come on Rangers! Come and get me!" he cackled. (To be continued)
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