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Cameron Samurai
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Expect a new Megaforce novelization from me to drop in it's entirety today, it's based off the "Super Megaforce" episode but has some additions and alterations to it.
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Cameron Samurai
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I wrote a short Bob's Burgers fanfic if anyone's interested in that show, here's the synopsis:

"Linda attempts to put vanilla cream egg sandwiches together is made difficult by the absence of cutlery..but she soon finds that Louise is making use of them in a creative attempt to ward off a sickness...(spoilers for "Friends With Burger-Fits" and "House of 10,000 Bounces")"
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Cameron Samurai
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The second story in my PR Turbo Revisited series has begun, "Rangers of the Lost Ark"

Lord Zedd discovers a map which leads his forces to the Island of Muranthius, where the fabled "Dark Ark" is said to be hidden. The Rangers, still dealing with the fallout of Rocky's accident, must cope with the winds of change as a new Ranger joins their ranks. Will protecting the world come down to how well the Rangers babysit?
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Power Ranger
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Hey guys, I'm new here so I figured I'd show my first power rangers/super sentai fanfic. I feel the two are interchangeable and I figured I would use sentai first since well Sentai does come first before PR, and generally sentai gets away with stuff PR wouldn't be able to do. It's also my first time dedicating myself to a story, so if the rate of chapters is fairly slow, I apologize but things like my life and whatnot come often to eat away at my time. Now that thats out of the way, here is my fic, Olympus Sentai Joutengers(Jouten being Japanese for God) based on the greek myths of old. I'm already 13 chapters in already, I just made an account recently so I'm just hoping to get this more out there. Will be posted in the main forum shortly.
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I have a Ever After High vs DC Superhero Girls ficlet, it's based on kamen rider decade
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180 pounds of pure ego
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Peacekeepers season 3 promo time!

(Link to the first two seasons)


Xolin watched helplessly as the SPD forces eviscerated the crippled Confederate fleet. They were sitting ducks, being slaughtered without even being able to return fire.

“Today, the Confederation of Systems’ government issued its last official action, hereby surrendering to the United Alliance. In practice however, it means little as several former member worlds have vowed to fight to the bitter end. The Alliance has reportedly responded with blockades of the offending planets…”


“Your world is ending”.


Triforia burned. Its once-majestic capital lay as a battered husk, the centerpoint of repeated bombings. Even now though, defending fightercraft took invading bombers to task, resulting in a frantic dogfight over the skies of the city.


“You think that because you are have stumbled through suffering and war, that you are the hero of this story”.


Sid sat shackled to the wall of his cell. To his surprise, the machine general Quickspur had been thrown into the cell next to his. When pressed for an explanation, Quickspur replied, “You’ve been out of it for a while, ain’tcha? The war’s been spreadin’, Sid”.


Xolin peeked around the corner, taking sight of Trok, sitting cross-legged as he watched the stars on the balcony of the pyramid-shaped. He’d thought he’d sneaked past her, as he had every night, just to watch, and wonder where the others were.

She didn’t have the heart to dissuade him of that illusion.

She worried for him.


“You think that because you have struggled, that you are destined to succeed, because fate favors you”.


By all rights, her cell was very comfortable, one could almost forget she was a prisoner. But the guards at the door of her quarters, as well as the neck brace inhibiting her grid powers always sobered Sel.

“Please try to understand” Isdilian pleaded, “This is what we were always built for”.

She would have none of it.


“Nikki died on that station” Nikki explained to Sid, despondent. Her hologram flickered just briefly as if to bring the point home, “I was just grafted with her memories. I don’t know who I am anymore”.


“You believe that you are the protagonist of this story”.


“You think too much” Delta told Isdilian. The two stood in the fighter bay, as Isdilian prepared for his next mission.


“And so you come to storm the castle and slay the dragon like the heroes you pretend to be”.


Nikki burst from her cloak, the black ranger’s form shimmering into view as she slammed an SPD jail guard into a wall, and then wheeled around and sent another one to the ground with a high kick that wrapped around his neck and sent him to the ground. A third guard fired from down the hall; she barely avoided the laser shots.


“I am here to dispel you of that notion”.


“So you’re just going to play god with entire universes?!” Xolin asked him testily, “Decide who lives and who dies? When did we become Iota?!”

Sid rounded on her, his voice rising in anger as they argued in the war room, “Would you rather we lay down and die? We can’t save everyone!”

“...You’ve changed” she told him, “And I won’t be a part of this”.


Sel shuddered even as her body was strapped down to the pod she was in as the Morphin’ Grid was slowly drained through her body into the station’s primary battery. She fought it every step of the way, but she would not hold on forever.

More pain coursed through her—it was becoming more frequent. It had started as recurring headaches, but had becoming something more the more they’d used her to power their weapon.


“Heroes are a fairytale, propaganda”.


One Megaship, of Peacekeeper team eight, fired on the Megaship of Peacekeeper team fourteen.


Isdilian tossed Xolin aside as the green ranger turned to stand down the silver ranger.

“Give. Her. Back” Trok seethed.

Isdilian’s response was simple, “No”.

Trok roared, and charged.


“You know nothing of what I have seen, of what *we* have suffered through. You cannot know”.


Epsilon split into many decoys, surrounding Trok as he gripped his hammer tightly, wondering which one to hit.


The massive Serpenterra-class zord opened fire on the fleeing Megaship fleet as they pulled up, trying to escape the thick atmosphere of the orange gas giant. Its beam cannon punched a hole straight through the ship carrying Peacekeeper team five, and the smaller vessel exploded in a flash of light and debris.


The united fleet brought itself down on the enemy space station like an angry hammer. In the midst of it all, Peacekeeper team twelve flew in formation on their skycycles toward the station’s fighter bay.


“So bring your fleets, your armies”.


Xolin’s skycycle flung itself through the desert canyon, evading her pursuer by zipping through a windswept rocky arch.


B’rnix the varox and Nikki stood back to back against the enemy forces.


“Bring your champions and allies”.


Lasandra aimed her staff and unleashed an electrical storm on her army of robotic foes as she pushed further into the station.


The Machine fleet burst onto the scene, dropping from hyperrush within the atmosphere over the desert planet, immediately priming their weapons against the opposing SPD carrier.


The Guardian Megazord slammed its fist into Delta’s helmet, before issuing an uppercut from its other arm. Delta caught it, and replied by cutting into its chest.


“Bring your banners and convictions and beliefs”.


The All-Flags Navy had assembled. Remnants of the Confederate fleet, as well as Machine forces, Eltarian contingents, pirate clan warships, and even a number of SPD ships that had deserted stood together—a last desperate alliance against the night.


As the battle raged, the Defender Megaship transformed into its megazord mode, landing on the side of the space station as it shoved its sword into the side of the hull for leverage in the zero-g environment.


Nikki stood before Iota’s recording within her mindscape, at last ready to carry out his final will.


“But do so knowing you lead them to their doom”.


Isdilian prepared his final blow against Sitras, crumpled on the ground. At the last second however, Anthren moved between them, taking the blow for himself.


The Defender Megaship barely avoided the Serpenterra class zord’s assault, moving in as it strafed the hull at point-blank range.


The triforian citadel’s outer defenses crumbled as the SPD walkers continued their relentless advance. Many of the king’s guard began to fall back, but the blue ranger remained firm.


“Because when the dust settles”.


Sel mustered all the power she had left, and in a single mighty stroke of rage flung it at Epsilon.


Sid and Xolin fled for their lives as the Peacekeeper base began to collapse behind them, being fired upon by the enemy craft that could be seen through the windows. They were barely keeping ahead of the attack.


Near the central generator, Xolin and Beta exchanged blows, fighting on a bridge that overlooked the nearly endless abyss of the generator chamber below.


“When everything is said and done?”


Sel, unmorphed, made nearly-casual stroll through the base. But what made this stroll different were the white glowing eyes of rage and hate, the electrical aura covering her, and the fact that the entire hallway was exploding behind her, seemingly of her own whim.


“CHARGE!” Sid bellowed, as the assembled force of rangers charged.


The five rangers, red, blue, green, yellow, and black, posed as the explosion went off behind them, weapons in hand.


The red, armored figure stood over the red ranger’s injured body. The former was calming himself down, “...when everything is said and done, your corpse shall be but a regrettable footnote in our history, and my daughter will at last have a home again”.

Power Rangers Peacekeepers

Season 3

Coming Fall 2016


The SPD soldiers surrounded the winded Xolin. She was running out of steam, she knew it. But she still had one last card up her sleeve. One last toy to buy Trok and the king time.

Bringing her non-morpher wrist to bare, she mentally summoned a new device and pressed its activator. Immediately gray armor and wings shimmered into existence, folding in over her suit before much of the armor recolored itself to blue, complimenting her own color.

“Battlizer, Online!”

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So, I'm thinking of doing a Ressha Sentai Toqger and Star Darlings crossover. with the ideas of Wishes and Imagination, it seems like a cheesy idea that could just work


Wish Orbs have start to disappear from Starland; not just any wish orbs, but impossible wish orbs - wishes that are on too much of a grand scale that not even Starlings can grant, the wish orbs that shines the brightest with the biggest hopes and dreams.

It is Prime Minister self appointed Nigrum, trying to restablish the shadow line, and not only bring darkness to earth, but to that of Starland and the other worlds in the universe. What does the Shadowline want with the Impossible wish orbs, the brightest things on starland?

Because Imagination and Wishes all stem from the same place, Lady Stella contacts The Galaxy Line in hope that they could get help in this dire situation.

The one day, five children from earth, no older than Sage’s little brothers, comes to Starling academy to help them. It’s the Toqgers

and so it’s the five children that once stopped the shadowline in the past, here on starland. As they try to figure things out and what to do about Prime Minister self appointed Nigrum and what he plans to do with the light, their interactions with the starlings are hilarious and cute.

Sage goes into big sister mode with the kids, some of the other starlings join in.
Kagura goes “SUPER GIRL” and beats Astra in a game of star ball, leaving the starling gawking.
Mio gets jealous (not knowing why) when the starlings talk about how cute Tokatti is.
Scarlet gets irritated when the other starlings starts talking to “Ticket” as if he was a real being, and pulls the puppet off of The Conductor’s hand, only for Ticket starts talking on her hand…she freaks out.
and so, The Toqgers and Star Darlings find Prime Minister self appointed Nigrum, and fight to take back the impossible wishes and begone with the shadowline forever. but of course, that doesn’t go well…as a new shadow monster is created from the light of the Impossible wish orbs...a monster only called "Ba'al"

As the Toqgers and the Star Darlings are stricken down, and everything seemed lost. The impossible happens right there.

An ally shows up; someone no one, not child or starling, had expected to come and save them…

The Emperor of Darkness, Z

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Ice Blue Ranger
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Dean Winchester is going to Hell, having sold his soul to save his brother's life. But before he's dragged to Hell, the demon Meg wants to throw him a going away party by killing everyone him and Sam have ever saved.

Unfortunately for Meg, her first stop includes someone who's been waiting for the day when something evil walked back through his door.


This October

Note: It's already written and completed, just waiting for October to post it.
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Ice Blue Ranger
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Several years ago, Dean and Sam Winchester's brother Adam was trapped in the Cage with Michael & Lucifer, and soon forgotten by his brothers. But there was one person who remembered his name, and when these two friends manage to escape Hell together, they'll team up with a young Hunter named Ben Braeden to take on the world of demons, ghosts, and ghouls, all while giving the Winchester brothers a run for their money.

Coming Soon
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Jim McKigney
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Power Rangers: Wily Wars (Sentai series name: Video Game Squadron Rockman)

Primarily based off of the Rockman Series by Capcom, Gokaiger by Toei, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes also by Toei

The year is 20XX (Twenty Double X) with the advancements of science, humans have created indurstrial robotics. Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily are the headstrong leaders of this revolution, however, Dr Light is the one who got all the first prizes in the field while Wily only recived runner up.

Enraged, Dr Wily vowed revenge against his college and stole the blueprints for Project Ranger. Dr Light, having already memorized the blueprints, created 5 human like androids with attitude and a strong sense of justice.

Joe Light - Red Dr. Light Ranger

Rock Light - Blue Dr. Light Ranger

Silvia Light - Yellow Dr. Light Ranger

Roll Light - Pink Dr. Light Ranger

Jet Light - Green Dr. Light Ranger

Not only can these heroes can take the form of any Ranger, Rider, and Heroes but they can also copy weapons and moves from Robot Masters, Mavericks, and Net Navis. They can also copy weapons from enemies that are defeated with the Mega Knuckle. (No relation to the Mega Arm charge shot from Mega Man GB 5 which will be adapted in the series.)

But just as they are about to help the good doctor on advancements and housework, Wily returned with a army that the world have ever known, the Robot Masters!

Using their powers to fight the devious forces of Dr. Wily, The Power Rangers will defend the earth from Dr. Wily and fight for everlasting peace.


PS regarding the images of the Dr Light ranger forms, I had to use the Wikia images of gokaiger battle dice-o to give you the idea of their main form

And also at some point in the series, the Dr. Light rangers will be watching a Super Megaforce episode where they fight The Curse of the Lion Men. (Two Shames for the price of one.)

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Power Rangers Mythic Revolution

Summary: Twelve years ago the Shining Star empire invaded Earth. They managed to crush every civilization on Earth within a handful of years. Three young children united by fate met the day of the First Wave and witnessed the end of the world first hand. Now in present day they come in contact with an alien known as the Seer who informs them of Earth's ancient legacy. The Power Rangers. She tells them that she has foreseen these three people becoming the saviors of humanity. She bestows upon them the powers of myth and legend created by a mysterious being known as the Alchemist. The Alchemist lives alone in a hidden dimension and holds the keys to Earth's Revolution.

Character Bios:

Core Team
Red – Dragon – One-Handed Sword
Preston Scott was told by the Seer that he was destined to be the leader of the Mythic Beast Power Rangers. However, he is still stuck in his young child mindset thanks to witnessing the first wave of the Shining Star invasion when he was in the first grade while walking to school alone. Despite being scared easily he must lead his lifelong friends into the Revolution for Humanity facing horrors that he saw once before twelve years prior.
Blue – Kraken – Trident Spear
Kristen Dean is a natural born leader with a tendency to come off as a bossy know-it-all. The events of the invasion have left her without much care for the others so she will often scoff at Preston’s fear. Deep down however, she is just wrestling with the idea of having lost all the people she knew as a kindergartner and living without a guardian since then.
Yellow – Gryphon – Hand Claws
Josh Lawson is the eldest of the core trio and tries to maintain a cheerful demeanor despite remembering watching his entire school be vaporized as he was ditching class in fourth grade with some middle schoolers. He has watched the other two ever since meeting them in the weeks after the invasion’s first wave. Behind all of his caring however is his guilt for not being with his classmates when the invasion took place. Not being there when they were vaporized.

Secondary Rangers
Black – Hydra – Two-Handed Sword
Jane is the natural born and fearless leader of the Alchemists’ Guardians. Having lived all her life in the timeless dimension built by the Alchemist she has no knowledge of the outside world, same as her other two companions. Her main flaw is that she consistently refuses any comfort or help unless in battle and only if she tells the others what to do.
White – Yeti – Clawed Gloves
Cole is constantly apologizing for even the smallest of mistakes that he makes. Instead of trying to work with his teammates he gets too worried over things that are highly unlikely to occur. Luckily since he has only been around three other humans his whole existence he doesn’t have social anxiety…yet.
Orange – Nine-tailed Fox – Two Bo-Staves
Susan is the child-like and carefree member of the Guardian Trio. Despite this seemingly aloof personality she constantly attempts to comfort her odd friends. If anyone ever crosses the three of them she will immediately go into her inner uncaring self. She will remain like that until the Alchemist gets a hold of her and shakes her out of her stasis.

Extra Rangers
Gold – Phoenix
Silver – Dire Wolf

Forgive me if I messed up anything in posting this here. Feel free to correct me. I plan to make this a fanfiction and eventually find someone to draw the team for me.
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Mecha Ranger
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Power Rangers: Rising

A Gokaiger Adaptation.

How I would've liked the anniversary season to play out.

War has begun. The Power Rangers have entered an all out battle with the Conquest Empire, leaving Gosei, defender of the Ranger Keys, without protection. In order to keep Gosei safe, the Sentinel Knight recruits 5 teenagers with attitude to take on new powers and defend Titan City from the invading force. They are the Power Rangers Rising.

Main Cast:

Aiden-Red Rising Ranger
Micheal-Blue Rising Ranger
Becky-Yellow Rising Ranger
Elijah-Green Rising Ranger
Sophie-Pink Rising Ranger

Supporting Cast:
Sentinel Knight
Gordon-Friend of the Ranger's.
Olivia-Friend of the Ranger's.

Legacy Morpher
Key Saber
Key Blaster
Ranger Keys

Legacy Sailer
Legacy Jet
Legacy Racer
Legacy Sub
Legacy Hauler
Key Megazord
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Aka "JuzoFuwa"
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I need an opinion!

You may remember me from things such as Seven Blades, and Dream Walkers (though you may well not).

What I want to do is kick off my own Power Rangers 'era'. I've looked back at the stories I've started and, ultimately, let down, along with those I have seen through. Basically, life is back in order, and I'm back into writing.

The problem? I have three ideas, not all of which I can write.

What everything shares is this; I want RPM to be the last time we have seen Power Rangers before this story begins. Not because, necessarily, I dislike the Neo-Saban series, but because I consider the whole 'Venjix' event to be powerful story/continuity-wise. So, in all cases, the previous team (and the one that will get a team-up, if I do one) will be the RPM Rangers.

So, with that in mind, here are my options...

One: Pick up where we left off...a Power Rangers Trilogy

A team of heroes are given powers, to battle against the Plutionians, a race of aliens hell bent on turning Earth into their new home. Featuring a team-up with the RPM Rangers, this would then continue into a Goseiger adaptation, and then into the anniversary season, the Gokaiger adaptation.

If I take this route, I'll be linking the three together, like the Zordon era, carrying Rangers and plotlines across. Might be worth noting that I won't be including any pre-Ranger teams in the Gokaiger part.

Two: There's something different about these Pirates...

I've seen so many fics that are "here is my anniversary season", and with good reason- Gokaiger did it so well, and Super Megaforce... didn't. But this is my radical idea for a Gokaiger adaptation without the anniversary.

Five heroes, given the Pirate Ranger Powers, seek the Eight Great Treasure pieces, all whilst battling against "The Empire"- a terrible galactic force, and having to deal with the fact that Earth's authority figures see them as Pirates, not as heroes. (Well, at least at first...)

Three: Return of the Rex

Or, do I reboot with a familiar and obvious theme? I've got characters and stories for a "revival" series of sorts in Kyoryuger adaptation (Fossil Bite). A group of young adults given the latest powers of the dinosaur... perhaps a good start for my universe?

Or, I guess, there's option 4... scrap these and get ahead again. Maybe skip to Zyuohger, its an anniversary, and it gives me a full 8 years since RPM...

Any opinions? Is there anything you'd like to see? (I, personally, would like to consolidate my many pages of 'plans' into just one... but maybe that's just selfish)
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Cameron Samurai
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Just thought I'd let you guys know I've converted the first of my PR Turbo Revisited books into a PDF file for you to download and keep. You can access it via the link to my blog

The Rangers are off to the race track to experience the “A.G 5000”. Meanwhile, on the moon, Lord Zedd, Rita, and the gang hit the jackpot and decide to spend it (un)wisely by putting a price tag on the heads of their greatest enemies.
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My series Idea "Return of the Rangers"

Before i actually get into writing this, i wanted to know if anyone would be interested in hearing this series. The series is a continuation of the original series but later in time

This series takes would take place in between the Samurai and Megaforce.
My series would be cannon to the power rangers series.

a quick overview is:
Gosei, who has a vision that soon he must follow in the footsteps of his mentor Zordon in finding a team to help save the word, but problems arrive. After reuniting for the first time in years, the original power rangers team must come together and help Gosei so the world can be saved again!

Hopefully i have some people interested in this. Ive had this idea in my head for some time and im trying to get it out to other Power Ranger fans. This series will tie up a lot of loose ends that we never go the answer to when the show was on. I have 5 Episode ideas already. Hope to hear you all are interested.

Thanks for reading!
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Power Rangers: Dino Fury

This is so faar the first series i've made, i have yet a synopsis but i DO have the characters. The story so far i've created is an AU of MMPR, im still filling out the plotholes but i think the majority of the major ones are gone.

The AU takes place in 2017, years after the AU's victory over Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, the latter of whom has retreated to the deepest parts of space. To raise her newest apprentice, and child of the darkness. A son Rita had conceived with Zedd just before their defeat. This son had grown up to be known as Thrax, and has come back to seek vengeance upon his father's murderers. Thrax traveled for a long time, and only arrived at Earth to begin his world invasion. With a weapon he had referred to as the "Anti-Grid field.", capable of disabling the powers of all rangers. He used this to put rangers out of comission and capture them for a gigantic search. Maro, former king and skilled warrior of the Manorans, had come to assist the rangers in this dire time of need. She and Zordon had used their powers to create seven magical (?????, sorry have to fill that part in.), each one had been scattered and sent to it's owner. Maro would seek out those who had been gifted, such as the seven with mighty potential..
Here are all of the characters...
  • Anthony Kingston - Blue Pterodactyl Ranger
  • Julia Kingston- Red Velociraptor Ranger
  • Bart Connors - Black Ankylosaurus Ranger
  • Mina Hudson - Green Triceratops Ranger
  • Richard Stein - White Elasmosaurus Ranger
  • Layla Keeper - Purple Brachiosaurus Ranger

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Can't wait to see man.
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Jim McKigney
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An idea at the spur of the moment that is inspired by the various cartoons, toku, video games, and comedies that I am sure to work on.

"Power Arcaders" will be a fan series involving heroes and villains (of the costumed variety) getting into various situations that people can relate to. Think of something like a Seinfeld of sorts but with various reviews, contents and the like.

Dread Ranger Silva (Bio Hunter Silva's counterpart in this generalized adaptation) is a being that spawned when Research & Development tried to improve on the Project Rangers, Project Riders, and Project Heroes' head part. When attached to the prototype battlizer in development that R&D found that the head is pure evil incarnate.

And so, that project is scrapped and the head is disabled. And Dread Ranger Silva's head remained behind glass.

One major screw up by the Janitor later, Dread Ranger Silva is activated (by his head being screwed in to a body) rips off the prototype Battlizer, and after getting a pet in the wrong place at the wrong time (because some evil masterminds need a pet) he launches out into the skies (his evil career taking off) and that's how the Dread Ranger Silva begins his evil career.

Enter (essentially) our ragtag group of heroes. One of our main heroes is Anthony "Slick" Offett, who is essentially the hybrid ranger we dubbed "MegaSilverRacer" (As in Megaranger Silver helmet with core Carranger suit in matching Mega Silver Pallet.) His coworkers and friends varies but although the various suits are alike, they are not the rangers, riders and metal heroes you already are accustomed to. Dispite being in the suits (as the whole world is inhabited by Tokusatsu suited beings) the world is generally like our own... but a world of hats with way more action adventure fantasy tokusatsu stuff. (the hats being morphed and Rangers, Riders, Metal Heroes,Monsters of the week, Zords, Megazords, and the like. There may be unmorphed Rangers, Riders and Metal Heroes but that's for the towns and the like.)

Professor Zubit is the elder brains behind our heroes, who headed the research on the battlizers along with the attempted improvement on the head unit. He essentially is the big good to our big bad Silva.

The first story involves keeping vital information away from the Dread Ranger and his troops about the prototype battlizers. Long story short, (and possible spoiler since I can't keep a series going to save my life) The disc's contents that a mook stole had been switched out for a tracing program. ("The the advancements of technological advancements and pseudo mayhem process are we able to give you this message." Cue the voice becoming a childish taunting voice "We know where you are! We know where you are! Neener-Neener-Neener!") Dread Ranger Silva proceeds to kidnap Doctor Zubit because he (Zubit) have moved the information in his head and thus gives a reason to capture. A rescue operation ensures and Dread Ranger Silva nets his first defeat when he attempted to get away with the information sucked out from Zubit's head. (The information is intercepted and sucked back into Zubit's head after the disk is obtained and is put back in the machine.)

There. First episode spoilers revealed. Various other stories and battles will soon ensure if I can write the whole thing for many days. Thus, the seemingly never ending battle between good and evil begins.
On a side note, if it's possible and allowed, I can make a fanmade video series involving many tokusatsu suits with various trickery involving multiple footage of the various suits, spliced together with Green Screen for the various fantastic locations, some of our heroes visiting real locations, Heroes and Villains going shopping, Heroes and Villains gaming together, Reviews of various things and more. but it will typically be like a Tokusatsu styled variety show. And I shall mainly buy from one source for Official styled suits for the video series, Aniki Cosplay. But that won't be until I get into tip-top shape fitness wise and buy the various suits like the Bio Hunter Silva suit, some mooks, and the various Ranger/Rider/Hero Suits.

So, aside from all that, I shall work on the fan fiction now and plan on working on the show for a long time to come.
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Okay, so...these are the stories I've written at least one chapter for -or- an origins story for. Going in chronological order of when they take place. There are more seasons on the website, but I haven't finished writing stuff for them Remember that the Nodrozverse is an AU.

Guardian Power Rangers (2001) - I retconned Time Force in order to turn it into SPD Delta Prime. So Guardian Power Rangers was put into it's time slot. I don't intend to write for it any more, but the Guardian Rangers do show up in Alpha for a team-up.

Power Rangers Wild Force 2002 - I am not a fan of Wild Force, so I fixed it XD by redoing it and playing musical rangers (I switched up some colors and animals. And I made the Rangers Pai Zhuq students.

In 2002 Turtle Cove California, Chamberlain Prepatory School gets new students. Having met over the summer at Pai Zhuq school, five teenagers decide to attend the Prep, which borders a wild game reserve. While trying to find a place to train together in the game reserve, these five teenager discover Animaria; the realm of Wild Zords, and an ancient battle between the people of the Animarium and the Org.

3000 years ago, in an ancient Realm called Animaria, an evil arose to contaminate the Animaria and the Earth - vile creatures known as Org. Led by the fearsome Master Org, these creatures lived only for destruction. Mighty warriors defended Animaria against the Org. To protect Animaria as the war waged on, the Guardian of the Animarium (the Queen at the time) and the Master Warrior imprisoned the Org deep within the earth of the Terrestrial Realm.

In the time that has passed, pollution has weakened the Earth, allowing the Org to slowly break free of their prisons. The Wild Zords began Calling champions who would defend the Earth and Animaria as Wild Force Power Rangers, strangers beyond Anamaria. Aided by the guidance of Princess Shayla, the young Guardian of the Animarium, and her twin Dulcea, now the Master Warrior, they must battle to protect their home and the home of the Wild Zords.

In 2001, a planet known as Promethias finally lost a long waging war with the Thrombian Regime. A young warrior named Ryden and his intellegent spaceship, the Promethenon flee to Earth to find the missing Heir of the Promethian King. The Thrombian Regime, a society of space dwelling monsters who conquer planets for fun, is hot on his trail. He crashlands on Earth in the city of Las Luces, California.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Selena Vega, Marcy Sharpe, Simon Creed and Quenton Albreicht. These four teenagers attend Las Luces East High School, a specialized school for students to study the peforming arts. They, also, all live near the undeveloped edges of Las Luces. As they prepare to head to school one day, they see a spaceship fall from the sky and crash land in the forests at the edge of the city. They run to ivestigate and discover Ryden and his mission. They then learn that Quen and his Grandfather are also from Promethias and protect the Heir, whose identity they refuse to reveal.

With the Thrombians having followed Ryden, they took up orbit around Earth and sent one of their Lieutenants to seek out Ryden and the Heir. Ryden reluctantly allows the four other teenagers to join him in his battle against the alien by introducing them to the newly developed Morphing Technology. Morphers called Lighters turned them into Power Rangers.

After defeating the Thrombian Lietentant, the four teens refused to give back the technology and instead pledge to help a still very reluctant Ryden in his mission to protect the Heir.

Kyser Albreicht acts as advisor to the team, while Ryden begins training them in the way of Promethian soldiers. In return, they enroll him in East High so that he can learn about and appreciate the home that is now the Kysers' and the Heir's. Ryden does learn to apprecate Earth and its people, and with no family of his own left, the defeat of the Thrombians, the freeing of Promethias, he continues to live on Earth and protect the Heir along with his new friends.

Power Rangers Alpha (2005) - is Complete but should I post it? I can because in Nodrozverse, all roads lead to Alpha, which is why I call it Alpha. It's a direct sequel to MMPR, except Nodrozverse's MMPR is also slightly AU. Anyway, the synopses is as follows:

In 2005 the son and daughter of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, Zita and Roki Repulsa, return to the Palce on the Moon to attempt to conquer Earth where their parents failed. They start by trying to hack into Nodroz Corporation by using ace hacker Billie Davis, a resident of Angel Grove. Little did they know her skills were even more advanced than they realized.

Meanwhile, in what remains of the Command center of the Power Rangers, it is discovered that peices of the broken Power Coins have gone missing. These two signicant events come to a head in Angel Grove park when Zita Repulsa unleashes Putties as vegeance for her plans being thwarted.

Along with Billie, five other young people find themselves in the Park when the Putties attack. Tai Stapleton, Rex Hart, Nathan Doyle, Wood Johnson and Autumn Baker find the broken halves of the Power Coins and are teleported to the Command Center where they are informed of their destiny to not only become Power Rangers but to find the other halves of thier teams.

When a monster attacks soon after, the new Rangers head to the rescue and Autumn finds that her brother, Winter, is her partner and he joins the team.

As Zita and Roki prepare for war on the Power Rangers, more members are added to their ranks even as a powerful tool used by Zita makes his prescence known. But the Skeleton Rangers proves to not be the true threat when Widow, the daughter of Goldarr and Scorpina, marries Roki and presents him with powerful Orbs. She hated that her brother, Tarantules, had been turned good in the Z-Wave and later became a superhero. She stole his powers and those of his teammates to punish him. He turns the tables on her when he becomes the Gold Stegosaurus Ranger.

With help from the mysterious sorceress Rei, the Skeleton Ranger shakes his curse and becomes a member of the team as well as the Silver Ceratosaurus Ranger.

Eventually, twin children of Scorpina and Goldarr, Lammy and Grifforzer, are sucked into a time vortex and spit out later on grown-up and powerful. This is catalyst for the appearance of the third Repusa sister, Moriko. Lammy chooses sides, freeing the male Green Ranger from being controlled by Widow and Roki, helping Taran unleash his magical potential, freeing the goddess Solaria and becoming the Electrum Velociraptor Ranger.

Not to be thwarted, Zita, Widow and Roki reforge the Sword of Darkness and seek to use Billie's genius for their own benefit. They underestimate both Billie and the power of the Sword of Darkness. Evil Mina begins using the Sword of Darkness to convert more of her teammates to evil even as she subverts Widow, Roki and Zita's plans and makes her own.

Eventually, Mina becomes so powerful that she is able to create her own Morphing Technology and block her former teammates ability to morph. Afraid and desparate, Widow, Roki and Zita send two powerful monsters to Earth which prompts the use of outdated Morphing Technology for some past Rangers living in Angel Grove. While the Zeo Rangers and Astro Rangers battle the monsters the now morphless good Power Rangers must find a way to defeat Mina's Dark Rangers.

The Phantom Ranger reveals himself to Rex and presents him with the Power Ruby and several offshoots. Rex and the rest of the good Rangers become Phantom Rangers and battle Mina and her Dark Rangers. Ultimately, it is Mina herself who destroys the Sword of Darkness and restores herself and the others. Able to Morph once more, the full team relieve the elder teams and defeat the monsters.

Realizing that their opponents are stronger than they feared, Widow and Roki leave the Moon to find a new source of power that will enable them to defeat the Power Rangers.

Left with only Moriko and Griff as companions, Zita continues to try and conquer the Power Rangers. But her Aunt Riti Revile and cousin Rio invade the place and attempt to find a powerful object. When they succeed, everything goes wrong. The Morphing Grid has been cut off from the Power Rangers. They must go on an epic quest through time and find their Morphin' Legacy and find the pieces of Zordon's Staff. When the Staff is complete, Zita, Rei, and Moriko must combine their powers to defeat their super powered aunt.

Power Rangers Season Beta (2006) - Beta is part two of Alpha. There are a few cast changes in the Alpha line up and yet more characters are added. (It's mildly ridiculous, I know, but it has to be done or everything after this makes less sense. I'm in the process of writing it.

In 2006 Roki Repulsa and his bride, Widow, return to the Palace on the Moon with new dark powers. Many things happened the previous year. The Power Rangers and the Repulsa sisters joined forces to defeat Riti and Rio Revile and repower the connections to the Morphing Grid. But they always knew Roki and Widow would return. They began making preparations as fast as they could. However, as diligent as they were, they were still ill-prepared for the show of force the self-proclaimed King and Queen of Evil unleashed upon them.

New Morphers, new Rangers, new weapons, and new allies await in this exciting second season of Power Rangers Alpha.

Ninja Academy Power Rangers (2008) - This is a sequel to Ninja Storm (one of the few cannon seasons in the Nodrozverse). It, like Alpha, started off as an RP, but more than one character from it moves on, so I've been working on getting something written for ages and finally produced a chapter.

In 2008 young people start going missing around Blue Bay Harbor, Stone Canyon and Mariner Bay. Tracking the phenomenon are Sensei Kanoi and Cam Watanabe of the Wind Ninja Academy. Another prophecy may be about to come to fore. New Rangers are needed when the Shadow Ninja Academy makes itself known when it's five Shadow Generals begin to make their move and the appearance of a Shadow Ranger take a hand in the next phase as Master Kangemoto tries to take over the three major Ninja Academies in the West Coast.

The Wind Acdemy utilizes two of its top students, Alex Roberts and Aly Whittaker, and a surprising lead from Taylor Hicks to combat attacks from the Shadow Academy. Meanwhile, The Thunder Academy's top students Sam Callen, Drake Addley, and Marley Bronte must do the same in Stone Canyon. In Mariner Bay, the Fire Academy has recruited Kelsey and Chelsea Cartwright and Reece Grayson. As things come to a head with the Generals, Master Kagemoto, and the Shadow Ranger, the Ninja Academy Rangers are aided by the Green Samurai Ranger and the new Pink Samurai Ranger.

In a surpising turn of events, the identity of the Shadow Ranger is revealed as Grayson Collier, the grandson of Master Kagemoto. His love for a girl and friendship with the others eventually makes him sacrifice his powers and nearly himself to seal his Grandfather in the Abyss of Evil to protect the world from being ruled by Shadow Ninjas.

Power Ranger Samurai Clash 2010 - My first actual fanfiction is an adaptation of Shinkenger and stars Tai from Alpha. It is complete.

In 2009 the 17th Lord Shiba dies leaving the Earth undefended against the Sanzu River. All hope is not lost, however. In 2010 Tai Stapleton is contemplating his future. He was a college graduate with a five year plan. He was building the Watanabe Bushido Studio and planning to propose to his long-term girlfriend, Lokelani Lyong. He thought his days as a Power Ranger were long behind him. Little did he know that destiny had other plans for him.

A stranger arrive on his doorstep and informs him that he is the heir of the Shiba Clan. Tai Stapleton must accept his role as the 18th Lord Shiba or the Sanzu River would overrun the Earth. Beings called Gedoushu lead by Lord Doukoku wanted to flood the Human World and claim it as their own. If Tai did not accept his duty, they would succeed. Reluctantly. Tai accepts his new role and turns to old friends and new allies to defeat this new threat.

Dr. Billie Davis-Doyle helps him create Morphers from the relics the Shiba Clan used to combat the Gedoushu incursions. He choses Lani Lyong, his former partner, as the Pink Samurai Ranger. His next choice is Kane Watanabe of the Wind Ninja Academy and former Samurai Ranger and he becomes the Green Samurai Ranger. From Japan, retainers of the 17th Lord travel to reclaim their birthrights. Daiki Singuji becomes the Blue Samurai Ranger and Kiari Sakakibara becomes the Yellow Samurai Ranger.

As soon as he was able, Lord Doukoku begins sending Ayakashi to the human world. The Samurai Rangers battle against him. There are ups and down but Dr. Billie proves to invaluable. Not only does she create new Zords and weapons but she also produces a new Ranger. Rena Hart, whose known Tai nearly all her life, went from Bushio Studio grunt to the Gold Samurai Ranger.

Unfortunately, Doukoku isn't Tai's only problem. A Gedou who calls himself Juzou Fuwa has declared Tai as his ultimate opponent while the girl he raised as a neice, Saeko, claims the same of Daiki. Juzou is later revealed to be a Shiba. A disgraced warrior that drank the Waters of the Sanzu River to get revenge on the clan that killed his wife and child. It is later discovered that it was a former Vassal of Heaven, Ai Shraishi, that led his enemies to his families. She later drinks the Waters herself and becomes Dayuu.

When things start getting tough, Rex Hart joins the team as the Silver Samurai Ranger, the next completely original Ranger, designed by Dr. Billie. He watches Tai's back as he finally duels with Juzou. After his victory, and Daiki's victory her Saeko, she reluctantly becomes his student. It soon revealed that she is Tai's long thought dead sister, Lena. A trip to Japan leads her to join them as the White Samurai Ranger.

Akumaro, a grinning Gedoushu, begins devising a devilish plan to release Doukoku from the Sanzu River before his power overtakes them. The Rangers have been relently searching for a way to seal the River and Doukoku within it once and for all. It isn't until a mysterious Phantom Ranger sends them to the ancient past that learn how.

Akumaro's plans work. When he, Shitari and Dayuu sacrifice themselves for Doukoku, the barriers between the dimensions come down. The Waters begin to flood the Earth. Ayakashi and Nanashi begin swarming. Doukoku considers himself victorious. He did not realize that Tai allowed him to break free. Together the Samurai Rangers use the Seal to send Doukoku back to the Sanzu River and prevent the barrier between dimensions from tearing open again. Unintentionally, they destroyed the Sanzu River when Doukoku's power exploded after being sealed in.

Masked Rider: Fire and Water 2011 - This is a direct PRSC sequel. It's a short story and stars Daiki and Saeko. I don't intend to write anything else for it as it was intended as a "special". It's somewhat of a crossover with Saban's Masked Rider

Former Samurai Rangers, Saeko Stapleton and Daiki Singuji attend a national Kendo tournament in Leawood. Though they haven't been Rangers for over a year, they're still at the tops of their games as the Vassal of Fire and Vassal of Water. They meet a pair children that will change their lives and put them back in action. It's Showtime!

Dynamic Power Rangers 2012 - My second attempt at adapting a Sentai (Goseiger) is taking awhile. It stars Taylor Hicks from NAPR as Dynamic Red but is mostly its own entity with mostly new characters. I probably will be posting this here.

In 2012 Taylor Hicks has a not-quite dream job flying planes for the independent R&D campany called Astral Dynamics. When he's asked to escort cargo and passenger to the mysterious sky base something crashes into his plane and he nearly loses it. The only thing that saved him was special training in Wind Ninja Techniques and the base appearing in the sky just in time for him to land the plane safely much to the surprise of the base's inhabitants. Sky Base is a floating island in the sky put there thousands of years ago by an race of ancient aliens. Astral Dynamics has discovered this base and it's most prized secret; Morphing Technology.

Not long after his arrival on the base, an alien organization called the War Stars attacks Earth. Though he is flatly told to stay out of things by the commander of Sky Base, Dr. Lark Walker and her head of security, Gregory Houston, the former Red Ninja Ranger can't sit idly by. The sudden attack also leads to the Dynamic Morphers bonding with the wrong people. Base medic, Tempest Strong and Dr. Walker herself were not supposed to become Power Rangers. Gregory Houston was supposed to be Red and only fellow security officer, Sinclair Monning was bonded correctly. Taylor Hicks accidentally bonded with the Red Astral Morpher.

Though the formation of the team was unplanned, they have vowed to protect the Earth against the threat of the War Stars. Under the guidance of veteran, Taylor, they are learning to tap into the elemental Powers associated with these new powers.

Power Rangers Dino Charge - 2015 - Nodrozverse's Dino Charge only has a name in common with Saban's. Mostly it's Kyoryuger adaption. Taylor Hicks returns, this time as a mentor figure with his finacee, Rena. The Rangers are all new and limitedly connected to older characters. I'll probably be posting this as well

Five years ago, the universe shook. Three years ago the Pacific Coast boiled. All things are connected. In 2015 in the town of Clearwater, a northern California town, a music teacher in Franklin C. Price High School learns about a lab accident that scattered unauthorized new Morph Tech along the coastline. She's tasked with helping round up missing Zords. She just happens to be a Thunder Ninja Master and former Gold Samurai Ranger, Rena Hart. She and her fiance, Taylor Hicks,settled into Clearwater. They bought and renovated an abandoned airfeild in order to create a Wind Temple for Wind Ninja Masters, like Taylor. However, their mission is diverted.

Scott Sterling, a student at FCP High encounters a mechanical Tyrannosaurus-Rex and finds that his life will never be the same again, and his music teacher is mixed up in it. When mysterious aliens begin to attack Clearwater, Scott morphs into a Red Power Ranger and discovers that some of his friends have been drafted into the mission to stop them.

Now Scott, his friends, Rena and Taylor must defend the Earth from the invading force and continue to find the missing Zords and whatever else might have been created without anyone's knowledge.

Power Rangers Project Omega 2030 - A direct sequel to SPD, it stars Sydney and two others. The future has been hacked and the Omega Ranger is the center of a fugitive retrieval team. It was only supposed to be one "movie" but I am attempting to turn it into a trilogy.

In 2030 the Omega Ranger's technology has been cracked. Dr. Billie Davis-Doyle has been able to successfuly replicate and expand on the technology from the future. S.P.D. Commander Doggy Cruger and former S.P.D. Commander Rex Hart create Project Omega, a fugitive retrieval unit made up of the most powerful technology S.P.D. had to date. Project Omega is also autonimous since Dr. Billie, Rex, and the brains behind the Zords and arsenal, Danny and Holly Kennedy; do not work for S.P.D.

Project Omega recruited S.P.D. B-Squad Pink, Sydney Drew; Special Contingent Astro Ranger Silver, Zeke Rahl and rookie Maxmilian Hart. They woke up on Omega Base. It was once a marine research facility that was retrofitted. Beta Z is installed as the central computer of Omega Base and she has small droids to see to day to day tasks and taking care of the Rangers. Omega Base is only reachable by teleport.

Zeke Rahl was made the Omega Ranger; Syd Drew was made the Sigma Ranger and Max Hart was made the Zeta Ranger. Their first case was the escape of former S.P.D. A-Squad Pink, Tamiko Morito and three former agents of the Troobian empire. It was revealed to them that Tamiko Morita was actually Tamiko Repulsa. She was helped by her brother, Zuko Repulsa. They were the children of Widow and Roki Repulsa, two of the galaxy's most dangerous villains.

Tamiko, Zuko and the escaped convicts planned to level the city of Angel Grove before leaving Earth once and for all. The Rangers arrive to see Kryobots and Dark Putties attacking the city. They fight their way to were the other three convicts were with the help of teenaged Samurai called the Shiba Clan.

Omega, Sigma, and Zeta ach defeat Bork, Shorty and Devastation only to be attacked by the Repulsas in a Giant Robot. Calling upon their Zords and creating the Omegamax Mgazord, they defeat the Giant Robot. The Repulsas then lead them in a footchase. Cornered they attempt to use magic against them. Syd retaliates, shocking herself and everyone else.

The alien fugitives are to be returned to S.P.D. Containment but the Repulsa siblings are taken to Briarwood. There they meet the Magical Triumverant and Syd learns about her own magical origins as the third Repulsa sibling, Umeko. Tamiko is banished from Earth but Zuko repents. Most of his magic is stripped away where he wll start over as an apprentice in the Mystic Realm.

The Project Omega Rangers return to base and continue their work.

Power Rangers Mystic Knights 2031 - A pseudo Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog crossover. It stars Tai and Lani's daughter and a few other legacies and new faces as they go on a quest through the mystic realm to protect Tir Na Nog and defeat and evil sorceress.

Long ago there was a peaceful kingdom called Kells. Then one day, Maeve of Temra, sought to conquer Kells, the land of her birth for her own purposes. She teamed up with the Dark fairy known as Midar for help. But the people of Kells had help as well from the King of Fairies, Fin Varra, and Tir Na Nog. Princess Dierdre, a young warrior named Rohan, a foreign prince named Ivar, and a young theif named Angus become the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog and defeat her. But an even more fearful enemy was lurking in the shadows of Temra. Nemain, teacher of Maeve, now teams up with Mider to conquer Kells and Tir Na Nog.

Having no choice, King Fin Varra, the Druid Cathbad and Gatekeeper must band together to seal away Tir Na Nog and Temra, now known as the Isle of the Lost, where even those within the Mystic Realm cannot find them. But for generations the Gatekeepers and Druids have tried to find away to reopen Tir Na Nog.

A thousand years later, in 2031 Ireland, Cathbad's descendents and the first male Gatekeeper are finally able to open the Seal. Except there was something no one expected. Cathbad's descendent, Professor Keiran Morgan, has been possessed by the mind of the Dark Fairy Midar and tricks them into opening the Isle of the Lost as well. Schylar Stapleton, Enzi Teague, and Mena Morgan are swept into the Mystic Realm and Tir Na Nog along with Neall Bly, the Gatekeeper. He was able to reclose the Seal to the Terrestrial Realm, but the inhabitants of the Isle of the Lost are now loose in the Mystic Realm and they want out while Midar still has his sights set on the throne of Tir Na Nog.

King Fin Varra makes these four humans Power Rangers and tasks them with not only the protection of Tir Na Nog, but magic as we know it. Join us for Power Rangers Mystic Knights.

So, let me know what ya'll wanna see and I'll start posting and hopefully with some encouragement and feedback, I'll be able to come the writer's block that is crippling me right now.

Also, let me know if ya'll wanna see some seasons in development.
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kyuuranger adaption fanfic ; power rangers galaxy legion

so the story starts off with a new evil the warphole army conquering planes to expand on their empire . after wrecking an important planet idk the name yet the
constellations set find protectors of the galaxy ......

galaxylegionred- bruce takashi he's very lucky often too lucky. first asian red . he is very confident usually relies on his luck 21 years old . he was walking home from work when the constellation sphere landed in front of him .

galaxy legion orange todd novak the laid back one . he's jewish and wears a kippah . 20 years olds

galaxy legion silver marcus thompson he's usually silent always hanging with his robot friend balance . hes african american ,20 years old

galaxylegion yellow - spike Skullovitch he's the jokester of the group .after samurai spike set to find himself and decided to become a cook infact the best cook in the whole galaxy 20something years old

galaxylegion green - lauren shiba - strong and indepent and also now when to have fun after samurai she tried to have fun in life instead of training all of the time 20 something years
....................... to be continued
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george would be proud

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