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Off Topic (Non PR) Hot Deals Thread

This thread is for any item is for all non PR deals. From movies, to tech, to everything in between.
1. Only post items that you can still place an order for. It's cool if an item was on sale for 50% off two hours ago, but if that price isn't the same or it is out of stock, it really doesn't help out. With that said, if someone is inquiring about an item being cheaper recently discussing old deals and their frequency is perfectly fair.
2. Don't post items from third party sellers. The purpose of this thread is not to pimp sales for people on eBay or Amazon Marketplace (if a major retailer is running a sale through their eBay account, that is different).
3. Feel free to discuss best pricing, coupons, and sale prices. Discussion on scamming and retail fraud is not permitted.
4. Please post links! Links make the item more accessible. If not link is available, please include a picture when applicable.
5. RB rules still apply; nothing that is inappropriate for the message board (lewd content, etc.)
Q & A
Q. What is the purpose of this thread?
A. This thread is designed to help members find best pricing, current deals, and discuss said deals on non Power Ranger Merchandise.

Q. What is considered a deal?
A. Anything that is widely available and lower than MSRP.

Q. Are there any additional ways to save at retailers in addition to sale price?
Yes, absolutely! Many of the retailers offer excellent ways to get low prices.

RedCard-(Credit or Debit, Debit is free/no interest and comes straight from checking account) This card saves you 5% off of your entire purchase at Target and provides free shipping on Target.com
Cartwheel-A mobile coupon app filled with close to 1,000 coupons that change out regularly. Power Rangers items have been seen on here before. *NOTE: In select markets you now earn reward points with the app for every dollar you spend. One of the rewards you can pick from is a $15 or less toy or a $20 or less movie/tv show.
Price Match-Target price matches many retailers (see below for details)
Coupons-Seperate from Carthwheel, Target regularly does coupons in their weekly ad or via text that give discounts on entire departments (All Toys) or product lines (while there hasn't been one before, it is possible that with the movie coming out, we see one for the movie)

Walmart Credit Card-Save 3% on online purchases, and save 10% (up to a $25 discount) on your first purchase
Savings Catcher app-Scan your receipt and if a lower advertised price is found, you get the difference on a gift card
Price Match-Walmart price matches many retailers (see below)

Toys 'R' Us
Toys 'R' Us Rewards-Earn $5 in rewards for every $125 spent, get exclusive offers/coupons
Toys 'R' Us Credit Card-Earn 2x reward points, and receive 10% off of your purchase on Thursdays

Amazon Prime-Free shipping (requires an annual fee of $99)
Amazon Store Card-$40 Gift Card for sign up, 5% back on purchases

*NOTE: All credit cards are subject to their respective fees and interest rates, see the retailers website for details.

Q. I found a lower price somewhere else, can I get that same price at another retailer?
The answer is, it depends. Most retailers today offer some form of price match policy.

Target-See here for details Things to note with Target, you can match and use Red Card, you cannot match and use Cartwheel/Target Coupons.

Walmart-See here Walmart and Target have very similar policies, Walmart's is a little tighter. Target will often rain check their own sale prices, Walmart will not.

Best Buy See Here Best Buy is similar to the retailers listed above.

Toys 'R' Us-See here Toys 'R' Us will price match places such as Amazon, so getting Legacy items for the same prices as Amazon is possible.

Amazon-Does not price match officially, however many of their prices are already matching elsewhere.

Q. Do any of these places ship internationally?
Target-Target ships many general merchandise products that are not from electronics/entertainment internationally via the intl.target.com url. Shipping is expensive to some countries.

Walmart-Walmart does not ship internationally, however there are proxy services that will do it for you (as always with this kind of thing, be careful and be sure to read reviews for the service before ordering).

Toys 'R' Us-Toys 'R' Us no longer ships internationally

Amazon-Products shipped and sold by Amazon can almost always be shipped internationally.

Best Buy-Best Buy does not ship internationally.

How do I know if an item has been cheaper before?
camelcamelcamel.com is an excellent source for tracking Amazon pricing, but for other retailers, there is no solid method. The search function on RB may yield some results.

I don't get the newspaper, where can I find weekly ads?
Almost every retailer has their weekly ad online.
Best Buy
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No link, targets Cartwheel app has 20% all movies (any format).
Most movies on target.com have been discounted to match the instore discount.
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Flash sale at shoutfactory.com through the weekend. Half off all Rangers and sentai boxsets.
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Old July 4th, 2017, 05:47 PM   #4
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$75 gift card automatically when you trade in a working laptop at Best Buy
Can be any working laptop, one per person.
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