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Ultraman Daxium

A/N Not only the third series I posted online, it's also the one that's still ongoing as of this posting. I started it when I finished Fusion years ago, technically it was after I finished DekaOps since I wanted to take a break from writing multiple series for a bit.

Ultraman Daxium – Episode 1

OP – Mercy Drive – Burn in my Light

In a darkened room an older man in his sixties sat alone. The only light in the room was the faint glow of the computer screen on his desk. He waited patiently just staring at it. Before long the screen started to warp and twist. He didn’t panic , this is what he was waiting for. Eyes glancing at the door briefly he said, “Is everything ready?”

“Almost,” an ethereal voice spoke to him. “The time table may have to be altered.”

“There’s no need to do that,” he insisted.

“Dimensional breaches have been becoming more and more frequent,” the voice informed him. “There is some concern a larger entity may be next.”

“That’s why I created that special task force,” he argued. “Hell if it wasn’t for those first few things showing up I never would have been able to get it off the ground.”

“The entities coming through in the future would be much larger than the ones you currently face.”

“How much larger can they be?”, he demanded.

“Our latest report indicate they can be as large as the building in the places you call cities.” He couldn’t say anything to that, he was too busy trying to imagine it and that boggled his mind. “We have chosen a candidate, have you chosen one as well?”

“Yes,” he answered still thinking about the size, “yes I have.”

“We wish there was another way.”

“It’s a war, sacrifices must be made. I understand that completely. We will be ready.”

“Hopefully both our sides will be.” The screen started returning to normal. Soon it was like nothing happened. He sat there for a long time looking at it.

Turning on a desk light he picked up the phone and dialed a particular number. Waiting for a few moments he finally heard, “Yeah Dad?”

“I’ve heard from our friends,” he said. “The breaches are happening faster than they anticipated.”

“It would explain why we’ve been so busy lately. Are we going to have to do this faster now?”

“Apparently,” was his only answer.

“Well I’m ready for it.” Quiet for a moment he said, “What am I going to tell the others?”

“We’ll worry about it when we get there. Although we could avoid all of this if you would just take that command position like I told you to. I have enough pull that I can still get it for you.”

“Dad we went through already. I’m having a hard enough time being seen as one of the guys as it is. Forcing my way to a top rank isn’t going to help matters any.”

“Have it your way,” he said giving up, for now. “Just be ready Joseph.”

“I will Dad, see you soon.”

Hanging up the phone he muttered, “He picks the worst times to show his independence.”

“It’s July 28, 2025 and today is the official anniversary of the United Nations Defense Force,” A cheerful news reporter said on the television screen. “Five years ago today the major nations of the world pulled their resources to battle strange, otherworldly creatures they couldn’t fight on their own. The man who was one of the main people responsible for getting this joint venture together, Harold Richardson, had this to say about the anniversary.”

The imaged changed to man in his sixties standing behind a podium. He was flanked on either side by men and women in black uniforms with red shoulders and stripes down their arms and legs, with red piping around the pockets. “Today is a very special occasion. Today marks the day the world realized it needed to pull together to get things done. The UNDF,” he gestured to the people beside him, “is proof of that. My only hope that after the threat has been neutralized the world will continue to realize that…”

“Turn that shit off,” a man with his long brown hair tied back in a ponytail demanded. Hands covered in grease he worked on the old car engine in front of him. One of the other people in the garage did want he wanted, but only turned down the sound.

“What’s the matter little bro?”, a man with a mustache and short brown hair smirked. “Don’t want to be reminded about how you washed out of the program?” He knew what his older brother was trying to do and wasn’t going to play along, at least not today any way.

“Ken didn’t wash out Jeff,” one of the other ended up saying. ”He was medically disqualified.”

“It only means the loser didn’t have the stomach for it.” Jeff walked over and leaned on the side just looking for a reaction. “Ain’t that right? How many times did they make you clean up that flight simulator?”

“At least I tried and not just talked about it,” he said not looking at him. And mentally kicking himself for taking the bait.

Jeff’s nostrils flared a little, “All that did was proved you’re nothing but a grease jockey, just like the rest of us. And that’s all you are ever going to be.”

“That grease jockey as you put it,” their boss said coming into the room, “is one of the main reasons why most of you still have a job. Ken’s the only one who really seems to understand those new engines they’re coming out with.”

“An engine’s an engine,” Jeff waved it off. “They all work the same way.”

“Well they do after I fix your mistakes,” Ken smirked.

“Watch it little bro, one of these days your mouth is going to cut a check your ass can’t cash”

“I’ve heard it all before Jeff,” Ken said getting a rag to wipe off his hands. Jeff walked away when the boss made him. Under his breath Ken asked for the millionth time, “How am I related to that jackass again?”

“Don’t let him bother you man,” one of the others told him, “He’s just jealous of what you can do. And nothing says you can’t try out for them again, medication has come a long way in the past few years.”

“It wasn’t meant to be,” he said walking away from the car. “Besides, who really wants to be up there any way?” A moment later an alert was heard in the background. Everybody rushed to the window while somebody turned the volume back up on the television. Before long two black jet with red highlights flew to the west. A wistful look on his face Ken mumbled, “Yeah who really wants to be up there?”

A couple of hours later those same jets flew to a base that was built into a mountainside. A hanger opened to allow the jets entry. Support crew immediately ran to them before they stopped and the cockpit hatched popped open. “Is it me or are these things getting bigger?”, A pilot with the name “Waters” on his nametag said. “I swear that… whatever it is was bigger than one of the Razor Wings.”

“And just as maneuverable,” said the other with the tag Watanabe. “What do you think Jess?”

Behind his gunman took off her helmet revealing shoulder length red hair, “We’re just lucky there were only three of them. And we downed one of them before they noticed we were there.”

“That’s my girl,” Waters joked, “always the optimist. Ain’t that right rich boy?”, he asked the person behind him.

“Somebody in this group has to be,” he answered, Richardson on his uniform jacket. “I’d try it but you guys would probably expect me to pay you to believe me,” he joked.

“I keep telling you if you have some extra disposable cash I’ll gladly take it off your hands,” Waters joked back.

“I open my wallet and I’ll never get you out of it,” he shot back.

“Are you guys hearing this?”, he asked the others.

“Sounds about right to me,” Watanabe said as he got out of the jet.

“Same here,” Jess said climbing out the other side.

“It’s nice to know I’m so highly thought of around here,” Waters sulked.

“That would imply we think anything of you at all,” Richardson patted his shoulder as he got out.

“Why do I fly with you again rich boy?”

“I drew the short straw.”

“Everybody’s a comedian.”

“Captain on deck!”, somebody announced. Several of the hanger crewmen stopped what they were doing and snapped to attention as a man with gray hair edging his temples of his dark hair walked in. Wearing a similar uniform to the others, Hawk was written on his tag. The four quickly stood at attention as he came nearer.

“Good job,” he told them. “You were able to take care of the creatures before they could get to a populated area. You got extremely lucky this time around and we probably won’t get that lucky again for a while. We’ll get over the cam footage in the morning.”

“Everybody is a ray of sunshine today,” Waters said as the group started to walk away.

“Richardson,” Hawk called out, “can I talk to you for a moment?”

“You’re in trouble,” Waters smirked.

“He’s not you Bill,” Watanabe said.

Once there were alone Hawk motioned for him to follow him. “Your father called me again. He has a something or another, if it’s not one thing it’s another with him.”

“I’m guessing he wants me to come along,” Richardson said, “as a guard or something official.”

“You know your old man,” he laughed. “Just say the word and I’ll tell him you’re on patrol or something.”

Richardson didn’t agree right away like he usually did. In fact he looked like he was torn about something. “Maybe I should go along this one time.”

Arching an eyebrow in surprise Hawk looked at him. “You sure about that Joe? You always said you were uncomfortable doing favors for your father like that.”

“I know,” he admitted,” but he’s always asking me and you’re always making excuses. Maybe if I go along with him just once he’ll lay off for a while.” Grinning a bit he added, “Besides, I’ve been on ‘patrol’ so much he probably thinks I’m being punished for something.”

“Well I guess you know how to handle your old man,” Hawk said. “I’ll rearrange the schedules a bit so you can accompany him. Just to warn you the others are going to give you hell for doing so.”

“I’m ready for it. Thanks Captain.”

“Don’t thank me until after you survive this trip with your father.”

“I’m part of Monster Squad, we’re ready for anything. Although I may need hazard pay for this one.”

Hawk snorted, “Talk to your old man.”

“Hey Ken,” he looked from under the hood he was working on at the person calling him. “We’re going to the diner to grab something to eat. You coming?” He looked at the engine in front of him. It was one of those newer model, a ’26, that their boss gave top priority. Therefore it went to him. Based on what was wrong right now he was estimating five, maybe ten minutes tops.

He told them, “I’m going to be here a while. I’ll try to catch up if it’s not too late.”

“Yeah I can see that happening,” Jeff said. One of their co-workers shoved him from behind. “What? He’s just going to drag everything down. You remember what happened last.” He quickly reminded Jeff what really happened that night. Like always Jeff played it off to make himself look good, like always. Not for the first time he wondered exactly what his sister-in-law saw in him.

“Catch you later Ken.”

“Yeah, see you guys later.”It didn’t even take five minutes to finish the job. It seemed the more complicated these engines were the easier it was for him to fix them. Wiping his hands he looked over to the car his brother was working on earlier. Popping the hood he saw were Jeff left off fast enough. Overhearing what problems the owner was saying he was having he immediately went to work fixing the problem, and at least one thing Jeff did to it. Not that he’d do it intentionally, Jeff could be a little careless at time. Especially when he was trying to show up his little brother. And he probably wasn’t that smart enough to figure out a way he could get away with it to get repeat business.

“You have really got to stop making your brother look good,” his boss said. Ken was a little surprised, he thought he left with the others. “You know damn well he wouldn’t do the same for you.”

“And Dad said you had to look after family no matter what,” he said continuing what he was doing.

“There has to be limits. Even you can’t keep your brother from sinking forever, and he might drag you down with him.”

“I’m thinking more of my niece than me or my brother,” he told him.

Nodding he heard him say, “I guess I can’t fault you there.” Checking his work over he commented, “You look done to me.”

He started to say,” I still have to…”

A little more forcibly he repeated, “You look done to me.” Getting the hint he grabbed a rag and cleaned his hands again. “Come with me, I got something for you.” Taking him to his office he reached into his desk and put a large brown envelope on top of it.

“That’s a little big to be a bonus,” he joked. Then he read what was written on it and things stopped being funny. “They’re not going to give me another shot.”

“You don’t know that for sure, at least not until you try. You don’t even have to be a soldier, I know for a fact the UNDF is looking for qualified mechanics. And I have yet to see an engine you couldn’t figure out and they have some doozeys. Take the application, fill it out send it in. You will get in.”

“Everyone goes through the same training process,” he said from personal experience. “I already failed it once.”

“Ken you deserve better than this. Your skills are being wasted in this dump.”

“You said I was one of the reasons why this dump was still afloat,” he shot back.

“And I really don’t want to lose you, but we’ll be fine if we did. Tony and Rico do pretty good job on these things. Johnny’s always reading up on these things as well. Ken I’ve known you and your family for a long time. I know you are destined for something better than this. Whatever it is you are not going to find it here.”

“So I’ll find it with these guys?”, he said really trying not to snap back.

“I don’t know,” he said honestly, “but I’m pretty sure you’ll find it faster there than if you stayed here.” He forced him to take the application. “As a favor to me, fill it out.”

“All right,” Ken conceded. Looking pleased his boss sent him home. Grabbing his jacket off the wall he stuck the envelope under his arm. Once he was a few yards out of sight he looked at the envelope in his hands. Stomach doing flip flops at just the memory he tossed it into the first trash can he came across. “And sometimes a guy doesn’t have a destiny at all.”

“Mr. Richardson! Mr. Richardson! Any comments on the escalating creature problem?”

“Do you think this so-called ‘Monster Squad’ has been an effective deterrent so far.”

“What do you say to those who say the money going to the Squad and it’s weapons could be better spent elsewhere.”

Harold Richardson made his way through the crowd with Joseph taking point. So far nobody noticed the name on his tag. No doubt if they did a whole new barrage of questions would come at them in rapid fire procession and they would never get out of here. Joseph was able to part the sea of reporters just long enough to get his father into the waiting limo. Once the door was closed the elder Richardson was finally able to speak his mind. “What a bunch of vultures, always looking for a bone to pick clean.”

“They’re just doing their jobs,” Joseph spoke up.

“Perhaps, but it did take some gumption to ask about the effectiveness of the Alpha team when there was a member of the unit present.” He turned to the dark haired woman sitting beside him, “What do you think Patricia?”

“I do believe they used to say it takes a set,” she responded. “Dr. Williams said things are ready on our end.”

“I still don’t know how this is supposed to work,” Joseph spoke up. “What am I supposed to do when it happens?”

Going through the files on her lap Patricia said, “The way Dr. Williams explained it was once their selected individual breaches the dimensional walls it will bond with you as soon as possible.”

“Yeah but what happens after that?”, he asked. “How do I work with this person? What’s going to happen to me?”

“You’re a Richardson,” Harold told him. “You’ll be able to overcome anything that thing tries to do to you. We just need to get there in time. Williams said he wasn’t sure if the alien was going to last long in our world.”

“And the sooner the better,” she added. “Williams said it’s possible the creatures may detect the breach before it forms completely. Seeing how they have been doing it longer they could be able to stop it before it’s completed.”

“Let me call in the others,” Joseph said directly to his father. “I have seen these things personally. If they are going to try and stop it we’re going to need the help.”

“They will just complicate things and get in the way,” Harold said hutting the idea down. “I’ve known Gabriel Hawk a long time, he’ll find some way to involve himself and screw this up.”

“Captain Hawk is a good man,” Joseph said defending him.

Patricia joined in, “And he wouldn’t be in charge of the Alpha Team.”

“I’m not questioning his qualifications,” he quickly backtracked. “But he wouldn’t understand the complications of the situation. The timing of this is going to be tight. We’re not going to have time to explain the details to somebody out of the loop. Joseph you are going to become something more than human. You are going to become our best line of defense against these things.” Joseph just stared out the window in silence after that, wonder how much of him was still going to be human after this was over.

The stars twinkling overheard Ken sat at the edge of a lake just skipping stones across it’s surface. This was one of the few places he could find some peace. It also had a special place in his heart, this was his and his dad’s special spot. He would take him her when Jeff was being too much of an ass to calm Ken down. Looking out over the water he remembered one of the last things he ever told him before he died, “Ken there comes a time when a man is faced with a decision that seems more than he can handle alone. How he decides shows what kind of man he truly is.” At the time it was his Dad’s way of telling him he was dying of cancer. He found himself having to grow up at the age of fourteen. Jeff… he just stayed Jeff.

“I wish you were still here Dad,” he said to the lake. “I could really use somebody to talk to.” The only response was the wind lightly rustling through the trees. “Ever since you died it feels like everyone’s been looking to me to keep things together, to be everybody’s rock when things get tough. But who do I turn to? Who do I turn to now? My boss just told everybody I’m why they still have a job. Mom still needs help, I’m helping Jeff’s family behind his back. Because let’s face it, it’s Jeff. Did Mom go to him to keep things together? No, she went to me because I’m the responsible one,” anger tinged his voice.

Wiping his eyes he convinced himself that something got in his eyes. “You once told me God doesn’t give you a burden you can’t handle. Sometimes I think he’s got me confused with somebody else. I don’t think I can handle it any more Dad.” Tears started to flow a little more freely, “I need somebody else to be the rock. I know it’s selfish but I’m tired of being the one everybody turns to.” Picking up a flat oval stone he looked at it for a long time. “While I’m at it why don’t I just wish for world peace?” Throwing the stone into the lake in anger he remembered what his boss said a little while ago. “Anybody with a destiny wouldn’t be stuck here with everything tying him down.”

Dusting himself off as he stood he looked back at the trail. He had to get ready for another day of the same old shit tomorrow. About half way to the trees the ground started shaking, lightly at first just enough to be noticeable. Looking at the ground Ken wondered what was going on. There hasn’t been an earthquake in the area ever. Then it started to shake more violently and he fell to the ground, “What the hell?” The water of the lake stated churning. Something that sounded like a muffled scream filled the air. It took Ken a moment to realize it was coming from the lake. In the middle of the bubbling something started to rise. A pair of monstrous eyes broke through and seemed to focus on him. As the shadows grew around him Ken’s head kept going up and up, “Oh shit.”

Claxons going off Hawk ran through the halls until he got to control. As soon as he entered he tried to avoid several people who hurried to get out of his way. A digital map on the wall started changing, getting smaller pinpointing a location. Standing behind a black man working frantically at a keyboard he asked, “What do we got Bridge?”

“This looks like a big one Captain,” he said. “Sensors are picking up a huge life sign reading.”

“How many are we talking about?”

“I can’t tell,” he answered. “They’re so pact together it’s coming off as one single reading.”

Hawk leaned over the man’s shoulder and looked for himself. It was like he said it was, “That can’t be right.”

“I know, I’m trying to narrow the scan field to get a more accurate reading but it’s still coming up as a single life form.” The rest of the Alpha Unit ran in as Bridge got a location on the disturbance, “Sector 7J, park area. It’s still coming off as one entity.”

“Can we get a visual?”, Hawk asked.

“Working on it,” Bridge said, “there’s a lot of interference in the area. It might be why it’s coming off as one signal, I’ll try and compensate.”

“With Joe babysitting his father we’re going to be a man short,” Watanabe informed him.

“No we’re not,” Hawk faced them smiling. “I’m still a pretty good shot. Ryo and Jess, take jet two. Me and Bill have jet one.” Waters gulped a little but nodded in response. “I want every available Razor Wing in the air and every Scan Track on the ground to sector 7J. Bridge says this is going to be big. Any civilians in there needs to be evacuated first but stopping whatever those are has to share top priority if we’re going to get them out. Monster Squad scramble.”

“Rodger,” they said and ran out of the room with Hawk in tow. Grabbing their helmets off a nearby wall rack they made their way to the hanger. The hanger support crew was working on all the black jet inside but they headed toward two in particular. Jess and Ryo boarded one as Hawk and Bill climbed into another. As the Jets powered up both pilots and gunmen ran preflight and weapon checks.

“Razor Wing one to control,” Waters said out loud, “we are ready to launch.”

“Razor Wing two to control,” Ryo spoke next, “we are ready to launch.”

“Acknowledged Razor Wings,” Bridge said from his station, “You are a go for launch.”

“Launching,” both of them said as they shot out of the hanger. They exited out the side of the mountain. Moments later more jets followed them out.

“Remember,” Hawk said over the comm. Line, “we have to keep these things busy while the ground crew evacuates the civilians out of there.”

“Do we have a visual on the targets yet?”, Jess asked.

“I think I got something,” Bridge said. “I’m sending the image now.” A small video screen in front of all of them came to life. All of them saw what they were up against at the same time. “Holy mother of God.”

They saw what looked like a giant lizard walking on two legs stomping through the park. Spike lined it’s back going down to it’s tail. “That thing is big,” Waters commented.

Jess just stared at it, “Are our weapons going to work on it?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Hawk told them. “Hit the afterburners.” Both jets shot forward from the rest of the pack.

The limo arrived in a middle of a commotion as people tried to get the hell out of there. Training made Joseph jump out before it stopped and try and figure out was going on. A monstrous roar gave him an idea where to look. He felt the ground shake before he saw it in the distance. Hand going for the communicator on his uniform jacket he couldn’t take his eyes off the sight. “Richardson to Captain Hawk.”

“Hawk here, we’re a little busy at the moment Joe. We have a disturbance in sector 7J.”

“I know I’m looking right at it.”

“What are you doing in that sector?”

“I’ll explain later if I can. What’s your ETA?”

A moment of silence was followed by, “A little over five minutes. Is your father with you?”

“Yeah he’s still in the limo with Mrs. Stanson and his driver.”

“Get them out of there, their safety is your only concern right now. Is that clear Richardson?”

“Yes sir.” Cutting the link he looked at his father. He knew he was going to have to disobey that order and that just killed him on the inside.

“They must be detecting the resonance of the breach our friends are trying to create,” the older Richardson said. “We have to get to the target area now.”

“Dad it’s too dangerous,” he tried to reason with even though it wouldn’t do any good. “We’ll never get there in time in this chaos much less with that thing out there.”

“The clearing isn’t that far,” he forced his way out of the car. “Mrs. Stanson will back you up in protecting me. Won’t you my dear?” In response she pulled a standard UNDF handgun out of her briefcase. “Now come on the sooner you get bonded the sooner you can take care of that thing.” Richardson hurried off with his assistant right behind him. Joseph looked at the gun in his hand than at the monster before following.

Running as fast as his legs could go Ken went down any path he could find. Whatever that thing was apparently decided he was too small for dinner. Of course he could still get stepped on, a thought that conveniently ran through his mind as he heard those gigantic feet hit the ground. So caught up in getting away he had no idea where he was going. Right now as long as he was going away from that monster he really didn’t care. “Help us!”, he looked over and saw an old woman try to help her husband off the ground. Stopping just long enough to see where the monster was he ran toward them.

“I got him,” Ken told the old woman. Making sure nothing was broken on the old man he helped him back to his feet. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine thank you son.” A younger couple ran up to them.

The young man took the older man from Ken, “I got you Grandpa.”

“Let’s go Ella,” the young woman said to the old woman. She looked at Ken, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he said. They heard the monster come closer and ran off in different direction. Ken looked back and realized it was going in the same direction as that family. “Hey!”, he jumped up and waved his arms trying to get the monster’s attention, “Over here ugly! Right here!” The monster stopped and turned his attention right toward him. Mumbling, “Not a good idea,” he ran for his life again.

“Fire!”, Hawk ordered. He and Jess both unleashed a pair of missiles that exploded on the monster’s back. It turned around to see what was attacking him. The Razor Wings split formation and went around it. “The rest of the jets should be coming up now.” More explosions erupted on it’s back. It screamed one more time and faced the oncoming jets. Waters and Watanabe turned their wings around and gave their gunmen another shot. “Scan Track in attack position fire!” On the ground a group of specialized Hummers pulled up and fired their mounted cannons. The monster roared again and opened it’s mouth. A blue flame shot out and hit the Tracks.

“Holy shit that thing breathes fire!”, Ryo shouted.

“Storm Track retreat,” Hawk ordered. “All Razor Wing squadrons concentrate on the creature. Distract it long enough to let the ground crew get the remaining civilians out of here.”

Seeing the flames from where they raced for the clearing. Joseph looked around as they hit it, “This is nuts, we have to get you out of here Dad.” He kept going. “Look whoever or whatever these guys are I’m sure they will understand.”

“And they don’t know how long on of their will last in our universe,” he said. “And they don’t know if they can get him back in time. This could be our only real shot.” He stopped and looked up. Joseph and Stanson did the same. The sky started to swirl. “It’s starting, Joseph stand under it.” Joseph looked at the vortex as a red orb started to emerge. He took a step forward.

A dark energy beam shot out of the woods surprising all of them. It struck Joseph before he could cry out. Harold and Patricia had to cover their eyes the light was so bright. By the time the beam stopped all that remained of Joseph was a charred skeleton that crumbled to the ground. For the first time in his life Harold Richardson was at a loss of words. In the woods a man’s hand stopped glowing leaving him in shadows, “Gotcha.” Looking at the monster he said out loud, “Finish it Bemular,” and walked deeper into the shadows. Seemingly understanding the creature increased it’s attack.

Richardson eyes went from what was left of his only son to the red orb in the sky. The vortex disappeared behind it as it hung in the air. “Come to me,” he said stumbling forward. “I was his father I should be a suitable match.” The orb jut hung there. “Come on join with me. I need to avenge his death. Damn it, join with me!” The red orb seemed to fluctuate a bit before shooting off. “Get back here! We had a deal! You can’t last long without one of us, get back here!”

Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse Ken was in the middle of a freaking forest fire. The heat was unbearable and the smoke was making it hard to see and breath. Putting the collar of his shirt over his nose he tried to find a path out of there. Through it all he heard some crying. Looking for the source he found a couple of kids huddled together. Running over he tried to get them move. “It’s going to be ok, we’re going to get out of here.” Taking each one by the hand he tried to guide them to safety.

“We got more civilians!” he looked up to see a couple of UNDF officer come toward them.

“Take the kids,” Ken insisted. A cracking sound made them look up. A tree started falling. He officers and he kids went in one direction while Ken dove in the other. He looked up to see hi path to freedom blocked.

The officer called out to him, “Sir if you can hear me we will get to you as soon as we can.”

“Worry about the kids,” he shouted back. “I’ll find another way out.” Leaving before the guy could argue he found another path that he hoped lead out of there. It wasn’t long before the smoke and fire had him going around in circles. Another cracking sound made him freeze in his tracks, a flaming tree was coming down right at him. He didn’t have time to move out of the way. Instinct made him try to cover up and protect himself but he figured his was going to dir right here. A red light swallowed him a split second before the tree crashed down on top of him.

Ken opened his eyes to find himself in a tunnel of some sort. Red, blue and silver lights seemed to swirl around him. “Am I dead?”

“No but I fear I am dying.” He looked around until he found the source of the voice. He saw something that looked like a man stand before him. It took him a second to process that he was glowing and was as tall as that creature. “My name is Daxium, I was sent here to battle creatures similar to the one currently assaulting your world. Unfortunately the one I was supposed to join with originally perished before it could start. My time in your world is not for much longer. If I am to survive and complete my mission I must bond with someone in this dimension.”

“You… you want to bond with me?”, Ken started backing up.

“I witnessed you saving those young ones in my search. I know you have some courage and bravery in your makeup. I could not let you perish in such a manner. I will not use that to force your decision. Your choice to bond with me must be made of your own free will.”

Ken wasn’t sure what to think. First of all he wasn’t sure if this thing was telling the truth about fighting the other thing, or his whole story. He definitely didn’t believe that this thing was going to die unless I bonded with him. But what if he was telling the truth? Whatever the other creature was it didn’t look like the UNDF was hurting it much. Of course running away he didn’t see much of the fight. Some words his dad said about a choice a man had to make came back to him. What was this choice going to say about him? “Let’s do it.”

“Thank you,” This Daxium said. A light seemed to off of him and engulf Ken as it swirled around him. It wasn’t long before he felt he alien presence mix within him.

“I got the monster in my sights,” Jess said.

“I’ll keep her steady,” Ryo announced. Then a huge column of light appeared in front of them. “Holy…,” Ryo had to react fast to avoid it.

“Where did that come from?”, Bill asked. Hawk silently wondered what was happening now.

The column disappeared revealing what was inside, something resembling a human in basic shape. Huge lighted eyes highlighted his face along with the fin on top of his head. It had red and blue markings on his silver body. A diamond shaped jewel that seemed to have a light blue glow to it was embedded in his chest. Looking at the monster it took a defensive stance, “Shiah!”

“Can this day get any weirder?”, Bill asked as he watched the giant run toward the creature.

“Don’t say it if you don’t want an answer,” Jess admonished him.

“All units…,” Hawk was ready to give the order to target the newcomer.

“Don’t fire on that giant!”, Richardson said over the line. “Let him take on the monster.”

Hawk couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Richardson are you out of your mind? Where’s Joe?”

“Joseph dead.” He said plainly. They were too stunned to respond. “Just do as you’re told Captain.”

Daxium charged the monster trying to stop it’s rampage before anything else happened. He punched and kicked Bemular who screamed which each hit. When it tried to attack back Daxium back flipped out of the way and brought both hands to the left side of his body. Light seemed to glow between his hands for a split second before extending his right hand toward the creature. A bolt of energy shot out and struck it. Again Bemular tried his fire breath but he rolled out of the way. Bemular came in unexpectedly and knocked Daxium down. It jumped on top of him and started bouncing up and down on his chest, he grunted with each shot of pain. The monster roared in triumph.

With a punch he was able to get the monster off balanced, enough to free himself. Getting to his feet he grabbed Bemular by the head and started pounding away it it’s back. Bemular broke free and blasted him with fire at point blank range. Daxium fell to his back with a thud that shook the ground. Bemular kept up the fire assault pinning him to the ground. Before long the diamond on his chest started blinking red. Daxium managed to shot another energy bolt, right into Bemular’s mouth. The creature screamed in pain as it held it’s mouth.

Daxium kicked it away in order to scramble to his feet. Punching at Bemular’s head and neck he forced the monster back. Looking like it was going to try the fire attack again he grabbed a tree off a nearby hill out of the ground and shoved it roots first into it’s mouth. It ignited almost instantly causing it Bemular even more pain. Pivoting on a foot he spun and kicked the he kicked it back and stood there. Holding his hands to the diamond, Palms facing down, Daxium spread his arms wide. Energy seemed to draw into him right out of the air. Slowly raising his right arm while lowering his left he brought them together at the wrist. A multicolored stream of energy shot out of the edge of his right hand hitting Bemular. After a few seconds Bemular started to fall back and exploded. Daxium stood there a moment before looking at the sky and flying off, “Shiah!”

Hawk watched him go, “He didn’t say anything about not going after it. Razor Wings one and two follow that thing.” Both jets acknowledged the order and went after the giant. They almost caught up with him before the giant started to glow than disappeared in a flash. “What the hell?!”

Still in the shadows the man watched the entire conflict and the giant’s departure. “I knew I should have shot the orb instead of Richardson.”

Harold Richardson stood there fuming. That should have been his son damn it. “He joined with somebody,” he told Patricia. “I want to know who and I want it now!” He walked off not even sparing a glance at the remains of his son.

A ball of light appeared in another part of the forest that wasn’t damaged by the attack. It condensed into the shape of a man before cracking and breaking away. Ken dropped to his knees not sure that really happened. The shards of light still hanging in the air told him it did. The flowed together and condensed even more into a smaller object that landed right before him. The light faded revealing a cylinder under a foot long with three slots on one end. Picking it up he heard Daxium’s voice in his head, “This is the Spark Magnifier. Use it when I am needed. You will know when.” Staring at it in his hand he got to his feet and stuck it in his pocket. Looking around to make sure nobody else saw what happened he got out of there as fast as he could.
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