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Joined: May 2014
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Group Buy in for GP RideWatch Set PB02

I'm looking for people who would be willing to do a group buy in of, GP RideWatch Set PB02. This is the RideWatch set that contains 8 metallic secondary rider GP ride watches (Garren, Gatac, Ixa, Meteor, Beast, Baron and Mach) , Mighty Brothers Gamer R, and Zolda. Ride Watches.

All ride watches will be roughly $15 CAD (not counting shipping to the middle man and from me to the other buyers) and if all ride watches are claimed by the pre-order date (May 1st) I will pay for the initial shipping from the middle man to me, myself. I myself will only claim the Zolda Ridewatch.

(I may keep the stands if people don't care about them)

Message me if interested in a watch, this is first come first serve, though I will keep secondary buyers in mind if the original buyer needs to back out.

Mighty Brothers Gamer R:
Zolda: Ryuga_knight

Will be buying from here; https://tokullectibles.com/collectio...watch-set-pb02
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