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Fan Fiction Author
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I think that's pretty fair and accurate. I think ass is a step too far and I'd be breaking the suspension of belief if someone in my show said it. I'm surprised I haven't said damn yet though; sucks and Hell I seem to use at least once an episode.

Btw readers, work on my next episode, tentatively called 'The Ugly Duckling' will start after mid terms. After that will be a five part season finale.
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Lets get Mystechal
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Looking forward to it!
Hope your exams go well.
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Yep, for this it wouldn't work, but for some others, I'd say limit cursing to ass, beyond that kills the magic of a PR fanfic (unless it's meant to be very adult) still, you've done a great job without resorting to overuse of such a set of words, which is awesome, one doesn't need to be ultra edgy to do something cool

And indeed, good luck with those mid terms
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Fan Fiction Author
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Sorry for the extended absence. Just letting you know I haven't forgotten about the story and in fact it's about half done and expected to be done by either the end of this upcoming week or the beginning of the following week. Mid terms have been destroying my life. Not only that, but I've been job hunting, apartment hunting and dealing with a recent break up (Which will actually be used for my next episode... it's due to be a good one). I'm still not done with mid terms and won't be until the end of this week. Fuck being a full time working student....

Anyway, can someone explain to me why the Hell our background became a Twilight advertisement?
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Lets get Mystechal
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April fools day.

Glad to see you back!

Sorry to hear that you've had a rough patch.
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Fan Fiction Author
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Episode 68 -The Ugly Duckling

(Todays episode begins unlike any other, with Rita Repulsa and her band of minions on the other side of a moon in what appears to be a quest of some sort. They march together along a cold, dark swamp, led by Goldar and an old map in his hand.)

Baboo: Are we there yet? This place gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Rita: Almost; the Black Swan egg should be around here somewhere. Legend has it that the monster holds a mysterious power the likes of which we’ve never seen before..

Squatt: That’s an oddly complete summary of our journey.

Finster: Why can’t we just use one of my monsters back in my shop? I swear I had a good one lined up for today.

Rita: It’s not that turtle with boxing gloves is it? Cause I saw it already and I didn’t like it.

Finster: Absolutely not. The Power Rangers are not boxing this week; why the devil would I send down the Box-Turtle?

Squatt: But my TV guide said…

Finster: Quiet you blithering imbecile!

Rita: SHHH!!

(Suddenly Rita stops with a gasp, something catches her eye.)

Rita: That’s it right there!!

(She points at a pearly white dot in the distance with certainty.)

Rita: That’s the egg right there and it’s completely unprotected. Baboo, go get it before the mother comes back.

Squatt: Check to see if he has any brothers too; I could go for an omelet.

(Baboo eagerly obeys and rushes over to pick up the egg. He turns around and scurries toward the others but trips over his own feet and loses grip of the egg. It hits the floor and roll out of sight while the others collectively hold their breaths.)

Rita: The egg!!

Goldar: You fool!

Squatt: Dinner!!!

(But Baboo sits right back up and gestures to them that he’s okay. He gets back up and briefly looks around his immediate surroundings for the egg before finding it behind a bush about ten feet away from him. He grabs it and continues to run away with the rest of the group. As they disappear into the darkness, the scene fades into the brightly lit hallways of Angel Grove high on an eventless school day. The bell rings shortly before the students crowd the hallway to head to their next classes. In that group, Kimberly and Trini are seen leaving their classroom together, chatting and heading for their lockers.)

Kimberly: My dad told me I could spend whatever I wanted on a prom dress; the sky’s the limit! I’m super stoked!

Trini: That sounds awesome! Can my dress be in that budget?

Kimberly: Of course it can girl; who needs alimony?

Trini: Not me!

Kimberly: Haha!

Trini: Hopefully your date resurfaces in time to enjoy it with. Any clue on where he might be?

(Kim’s face suddenly becomes more serious.)

Kimberly: (sighs) I don’t know... Tommy’s yet to show his face around here. I haven’t seen or heard from him since he left for his tournament. I’m about to start putting his face on milk cartons.

Trini: Do you think something might’ve happened to him?

Kimberly: No idea; but if he isn’t dead in a ditch, I’ll be more than happy to put him there. I’m very annoyed with him right now.

Trini: I’m sure he has his reasons Kim; I wouldn’t jump down his throat just yet. I doubt he’d skip class just to avoid you. And besides, who else would you go to the prom with anyway?

(Kim stops in her tracks and stares straight ahead.)

Kimberly: Ugh…

Trini: What?

(Kim doesn’t respond but marches toward her locker door and rips out a small note sticking out from the bottom.)

Trini: What’s that?

Kimberly: A stupid note from another guy trying to ask me to the prom.

Trini: Another guy? How many guys have asked you out?

(Kimberly again says nothing, but she opens up her locker door, where immediately an avalanche of small pieces of papers pours out onto the floor comically. Trini stares in utter shock as Kim casually puts her books inside and shuts the door.)

Kimberly: All of them from different people too.

Trini: That must… stink.

Kimberly: Tell me about it.

(Trini opens up her locker to put her own books away and Kim notices how comparatively empty it is; nothing but books, a small poster of the world map and some unicorn stickers staring right back at her.)

Kimberly: Ugh, you’re so lucky.

Trini: I am?

Kimberly: Yeah, I wish I were more like you Trini; just focusing on my work and not seeing any stupid guys that just wanna bring you down. No prom dates either; just friends. You definitely are ‘the smart one.’

Trini: Thanks?

(Trini raises an eyebrow at her strangely worded sentence. But Kim continues anyway.)

Kimberly: Now all these guys want me because they don’t see me with Tommy. I’m not some doorknob that everyone gets a turn with.

Trini: Clever.

Kimberly: Though honestly, the less I see Tommy… the more I’m becoming tempted.

Trini: What are you saying?

Kimberly: (shrugs) I don’t know, but it may be one of these guys lucky day.

(They give the pile a final look before heading for their next class. Kim begins to open the note in her hand, not noticing Mr. Kaplan casually strolling behind them before sticking a small note under Kim’s locker.)

Kimberly: I can’t wait for Tommy forever you know… I could always just go with…

(Trini leans in to read the name on the note.)

Trini & Kim: Zack?!?!?

(Kim laughs dismissively before crumpling up the note.)

Kimberly: He’s such a joker. Whatever. I still have a week to think about it. Anyways, what are you up to tonight?

Trini: Oh… probably nothing; I was supposed to hang out at Robbie’s place tonight and watch some movies, but he cancelled this morning.

Kimberly: Yeah, what’s been up with Robbie lately? I haven’t seen him since Monday.

Trini: I don’t know, but I hope he isn’t cutting class. I hope I didn’t waste the whole semester studying with him for no reason.

(The two are about to turn a corner when from a classroom behind them, someone calls their names.)

Jason: Hey Trini… Kim, hold up!

(The two turn around to spot Jason Zack and Billy coming up behind them. They each shared strange, knowing looks on their faces.)

Jason: So uh Kim… how’s Tommy? Have you spoken to him yet?

Kimberly: No Jason, I haven’t. And honestly, I’m starting to not care anymore.

Billy: You’re not? Cause we just spoke with Zordon and… he said something terrible happened to him?

(Trini chimes in, not quite convinced.)

Trini: Something terrible?

Zack: Yeah, Rita must’ve caught up with him. But he doesn’t know what they’ve done with him. He can’t locate Tommy anywhere either and wanted me to ask if you knew anything.

(Kim suddenly forgets everything she just said about him as her face goes completely pale with worry.)

Kimberly: K-knew anything? No, I have no idea. Oh my God, what have they done to him?

Jason: I don’t know. But any of us might be next. Just be careful and watch your backs.

Kimberly: “Watch my back?” Is that all you could say? Tommy could be hurt somewhere, or worse! And all you’re going to tell me is “watch my ba..”

(She begins to step backwards but runs into somebody behind her who grabs her.)


Tommy: Relax Kim; I’m okay.

Kimberly: Tommy?

Jason: He put us up to it!

(The boys start cracking up at their prank while a fuming Kim starts smacking Tommy repeatedly on his shoulder and back.)

Kimberly: You stupid, miserable, evil little man. How dare you do something so mean to me after not showing your face for a whole week, you stupid, no good son of a…

Jason: Hey! We’re in school.

(Kim stops hitting him, but her teeth are clenched tightly.)

Trini: Where’ve you been this whole time? You had us worried you know.

Tommy: Yeah, I’m sorry. The car I was riding in broke down on the way back in Arizona. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere for a few days. Which believe me, is more painful than any karate tournament.

Trini: Was it really that bad?

Tommy: (shrugs) Well, it was nice being somewhere Rita would never attack. They really seem to hate aliens over there.

Zack: Ba-zing!

Kimberly: Oh I see. And in this Arizona place you stuck at, did they not have phones?

(Tommy senses Kim’s derisive tone and suddenly realizes he shouldn’t be playing around. He just guiltily bows his head and nods; stepping forward and trying to put his hand on her shoulder.)

Tommy: They do; I admit I sort of dropped the ball.

(She smacks his hand away.)

Kimberly: SORT OF?

Tommy: Kim…

Kimberly: No. Don’t Kim me; I’ve got nothing to say to you right now.

Tommy: But Kim, I’m…

(Kim furiously storms off, not wanting anything to do with him. However, she’s forced back when his communicator sounds; confounding everyone in the group.)

Tommy: Huh?

Jason: Something’s… up.

Tommy: Why would they try to reach me out of all of us?

Jason: I don’t know, but we’re about to find out. Come on guys…

(The six rangers head off into someplace more private to teleport away. While at the command center, Alpha is seen frantically running around the control console pushing buttons indiscriminately. The rangers shortly join him.)

Billy: Alpha is everything alright; are we under attack?

Zordon: Everything in Angel Grove is fine at the moment.

Jason: Huh?

Zack: So you just called us here to say hi?

Zordon: Not quite. The news I’m about to share with you is extremely important to the future of the Power Rangers, therefore the entire world.

Tommy: But Zordon, why’d you contact me of all people? You know my powers are almost completely wasted.

Zordon: Allow me to explain… As we speak, Alpha is in the middle of locating coordinates to a distant planet outside of our solar system.

Jason: A distant planet?

Zack: What for?

Zordon: It has come to my attention that on a planet called Ret-conia, their once resided a team of rangers much like yourselves who battled a great evil much like Rita Repulsa.

Billy: Another ranger team? You mean we’re not the only rangers?

Zordon: (shakes head) Far from it…

(Fade into a flashback of a gorgeous looking planet that stood long ago; a land that was covered with beautiful blue oceans and luscious green fields. The land was protected by a group of young warriors much like the power rangers of Earth.)

Zordon: However during this great struggle between good and evil, this team of rangers eventually became over powered and eventually, they each began to lose their powers; one by one. All seemed lost until they devised a plan; merge what was left of their power coins together into a magical staff and create one single power that was strong enough to power one ranger completely and hopefully salvage what was left of the planet in one final battle. The plan was as gusty as it was wise. However they never had a chance to use it. Once the evil sorcerer found out about this, he launched a preemptive strike that killed all good on the planet as well as the defenseless team.

Billy: That’s awful... so evil won?

Zordon: Unfortunately so.

Jason: I don’t mean to stray off-topic, but was I the only one who pictured Japanese people in that flashback?

Zack: No, I always do too for some reason; weird.

Alpha: The only thing they did not destroy was the staff. And to this day, it still harnesses the power of the ranger team in the past and their connection to the morphing grid.

Tommy: So what does this have to do with me?

Zordon: If we can locate that staff and unleash its powers on your dragon coin, it may be enough to regenerate your green ranger powers; for good.

(Tommy’s jaw nearly hits the floor.)

Tommy: What? You’re kidding?

Billy: That’s incredible!

Zack: You mean Tommy will be a full-fledged ranger again?

Jason: Let’s go find that staff then!

Zordon: Hold on, it is not that simple. Alpha and I can find the rough coordinates of its last known location, but there is no guarantee that it is still there. Also Tommy must go alone. The chances are too high that Rita will attack Earth should I send you all.

Jason: Hmm. That’s true.

Zordon: The journey is also very dangerous as Ret-conia is now mostly inhabited by monsters left behind from the final battle. There is no easy way around it; Tommy may not return safely. I cannot force you to put your life on the line Tommy; the choice is entirely yours. Do you still want to go through with this?

(Tommy doesn’t even hesitate.)

Tommy: Of course I do; everything I’ve done since becoming a ranger has been a challenge; I wouldn’t expect this to be any different. Nothing means more to me than being a ranger.

Kimberly: …

Zordon: Very well then. Alpha do you have the coordinates?

Alpha: Just got a lock on them; establishing a connection to the other world as we speak.

Zordon: Very good. And good luck Tommy, though I trust you will be fine.

Tommy: Thanks. I’ll try not to let you guys down.

Jason: I know you won’t man; you’ve gone through worse, a little trip isn’t gonna hurt you.

Trini: Just don’t try to kill us again once you’re at full power.

Tommy: (laughs) I could never try to hurt any of you guys; you all mean so much to me.

Kimberly: (sadly) Do we…?

(He turns around to face a noticeably torn Kimberly.)

Tommy: Absolutely, and if I have hurt you, I in no way meant to.

(He places his hand on her shoulder, though she still doesn’t seem completely comfortable with it.)

Tommy: Kim, before I go I think I owe you an apology. I... feel like a selfish tool. The guys spoke to me in class and I honestly had no idea how much I’ve been hurting you the past few days.

Kimberly: (pulls away) Huh? You mean you guys told him?!

Tommy: It’s okay, they were only protecting you. They kicked my butt pretty badly as a matter of fact.

Kimberly: Oh…

Tommy: Truth is when I lost my powers, I tried really hard at first to remain positive about it, but the more time passed by, the more I started to feel distant from you guys; I began to feel like I didn’t belong with you guys anymore and… it really started to eat at me.

Kimberly: What?

Tommy: I mean I know you guys said we’d always remain friends, but I knew it would never be the same. I guess I just started to withdraw a little preemptively.

Kimberly: You think? You’re our friend stupid, we care about you… I care about you.

Tommy: I know. I just became insecure for no reason; probably because I blame myself for losing my powers. I became way too embarrassed to show my face around you guys again so I sort of vanished. But Kim… if you could ever find it in your heart to forgive me, I…

(He takes her hand.)

Tommy: I’d love for you to do me the honor of accompanying me to the prom next week.

(Despite Tommy’s genuinely heartfelt apology, Kimberly still seems very mixed up inside. She’s both angry at him for disappearing and saddened by how he could ever imagine her not caring about him. Her lips quiver as she tries to speak, but her emotions are so strong, yet jumbled up that all she could do is walk into his arms for a tight embrace.)

Kimberly: Don’t you ever do something so stupid like that again okay?

Tommy: I promise.

Kimberly: I mean it. And don’t you ever think I’ll stop caring about over something so stupid.

Tommy: I won’t.

(Kim’s face turns a bright red as a stream of tears pour out of her face. She tries to hide it by wiping her face on Tommy’s shirt, but her voice noticeably cracks as she continues.)

Kimberly: I love you. I really do…

Tommy: I… I love you too. I really, really do.

(They say nothing afterwards and just continue to share a warm embrace at the center of the room. Their surrounding friends and even Alpha can’t help but be affected by the emotion in the room.)

Alpha: (wipes imaginary tear) Aye ya yai… how touching.

(The others smile and nod with Alpha; all except for Trini, whose eyes looked like they were miles away.)

Alpha: Eureka; I found it! I’ve got the coordinate and I’m ready when you are Tommy.

(He slowly lets Kim go and nods at Alpha.)

Tommy: I’m ready.

Zordon: Very well then Tommy; good luck with your journey and may the power protect you.

(Everyone takes a couple steps back as Tommy says a short silent prayer to himself. He looks at Kim one last time before he disappears in a blinding green flash. Zack steps closer to Kim and consolingly puts his arm around her shoulder.)

Zack: Kim…

Kimberly: Yeah Zack…?

Zack: So, did you read my note?

(Meanwhile back on the moon, Rita and her minions place the egg on a makeshift nest after having returned to the castle safely. Rita has been sitting in the corner, eyeing it like a child eyeing presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.)

Rita: The egg’s close to hatching; I can’t wait. This monster’s got the ability and the wickedness to wipe out all of Earth while maintaining the grace and beauty of a swan.

Goldar: You don’t think perhaps your high opinion of this monster is related to your obsession with swans?

Rita: No, the monster is just that good Goldar. Legend has it that several thousands of years ago, a horde of these attacked a distant planet and wiped out not only its group of power rangers, but everyone that inhabited the planet; it did so with a single attack too. By firing an egg at its victim, which consumes their entire face, it transforms them into exact clones of itself.

(Suddenly, the egg starts to rock violently as if whatever’s inside is trying to get out. Rita quickly reverts into a 6 year old child and giddily claps as the egg starts to crack.)

Rita: (gasp) It’s hatching, it’s hatching! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

(It cracks at the very top and works its way downward. Once there, the baby bird inside kicks a hole out the very bottom.)

Rita; Aww, look at its cutesy little feet!!

(It starts to peck its way out but seems to have some trouble, when Rita becomes impatient and rushes over to help it out.)

Rita: Don’t worry sweetheart, momma’s coming to get you out.

(Though, just as she approaches it, a hideously disfigured baby bird pops its head out from the top; catching her by surprise like a sick Jack-in-the-Box.)


(Whether it was her high expectations of a beautiful swan, or that whatever just came out was missing an eye, had its beak slanted to the right and seemed to have several featherless splotches all over its body, Rita’s immediately revolted and almost impulsively throws herself behind Goldar’s back.)

Rita: Oh my God, what is that thing?!

Goldar: I don’t know; it looks like a failed abortion.

Rita: Stupid Baboo must’ve picked up the wrong egg! Get it away from me, get it away from me!!!

(The newborn creature calls to its mother with a high pitched, infantile voice.)

Baby Bird: QUACK!!! ….ma, ma… ma-ma!! MAMA!!

Goldar: I think it’s a duck. And I think it thinks it’s your mother.

Baby Bird: MAMA!

(She grimaces at the mere thought.)

Rita: Kill it Goldar, put it out of its misery. I guess we’ll just have to use one of Finster’s stupid monsters.

Goldar: We don’t have to. This monster’s still perfectly fine.

Rita: What do you mean, it’s hideous.

Goldar: Yeah, but looks don’t really matter. It’s what’s on the inside that matters most. And inside of this thing, are eggs. Just like any of those swans you talked about, it can still lay eggs and hopefully mutate people into one of its clones. All is not lost my empress, give him a shot.

(Rita contemplates Goldar’s idea with herself momentarily as the monster rolls onto the floor and gives his mother a loving smile. Rita finally accepts; a sadistic smile coming onto her face as well. Meanwhile a little later in the day back on Earth. In a quiet suburban neighborhood where Trini lives in, she sits alone on her bed in her pajamas; writing intently in a small notebook. The news airs on television set somewhere in the room, but offer little more than background noise as she writes.)

News reporter: The same thing happened in 1990 when the entire Central Intelligence Agency went on strike. President Bush became the butt of many jokes in the U.N. for not having any intelligence.

Trini: …

News reporter: In other news from the Gulf War, the seven American troops who were shot down in a fire fight over the weekend will be laid to rest tomorrow…

(Suddenly, the slight attention she was paying to the television was broken when she hears a knock at the bedroom door.)

Trini: Come in…

(The door slowly creaks open before Kimberly pops her head inside with a smile.)

Kimberly: Surprise!

Trini: Oh hi!

(Trini reacts with a pleasant surprise; but quickly shuts her notebook and puts it on top of a counter. Kim notices that, but decides to ignore it and enters her room.)

Trini: What are you doing here?

Kimberly: Oh nothing; I just know you aren’t doing anything tonight so I’d thought I’d keep my best friend company.

Trini: (smiles) Oh, wow… that’s really sweet of you Kimberly, thank you. Though actually, I was on my way to…

Kimberly: (interrupts) Plus, I really need to talk to someone about Tommy. This situation is killing me!

(Trini’s smile quickly disappears as Kim jumps on her bed.)

Trini: Oh… alright.

Kimberly: I mean don’t get me wrong; I love Tommy to death and I missed him like crazy when he was gone, but I just don’t know how I should feel about this or I should just forgive him so easily. I mean yes, he made a sweet and genuine apology and he clearly was going through a rough time, but I just can’t get out of my mind how he made me feel.

Trini: Hmm.

Kimberly: I mean, what do you think I should do?

(Trini takes a second to think of a good answer, but then just looks at her and shrugs nonchalantly.)

Trini: I don’t know… do you want to be with him?

Kimberly: More than anything in the world.

Trini: Then be with him. It’s really that simple.

Kimberly: But…

Trini: Look, if he truly makes you happy, then don’t waste either of your times with petty power moves. Not everyone is lucky enough to have found someone who makes them as happy as Tommy makes you; why risk losing that just to teach him a lesson?

(Trini gets up from her bed and starts heading, leaving her friend somewhat dumbfounded.)

Kimberly: Woah… Trini, is everything alright?

Trini: I’m fine it’s just…

Kimberly: I didn’t know you felt so strongly about Tommy and I…

Trini: No, it’s not that… I’ve just got a lot on my mind. And I’m actually going to head out soon.

Kimberly: Great, where? I’ll come with.

Trini: I’m going to Robbie’s place. I’m gonna go check up on him and maybe talk for a bit; I’d rather go alone too if that’s alright.

(Kim suspiciously raises an eyebrow. She responds with investigative casualness.)

Kimberly: Oh… okay. Want some company at least on the way over? You seem like you have a lot on your mind and I’d love to be the one to help you for once.

Trini: (hesitant) Yeah… sure. That sounds good. Just let me go freshen up first; be right back.

Kimberly: Excellent.

(Trini heads out of her room and leaving Kim alone whose eyes quickly start to wander.)

Kimberly: Ugh, the news…? How boring. What’s on MTV?

(She reaches for the remote on top of a counter, only to realize it’s just the television remote. She snickers judgingly.)

Kimberly: She doesn’t even have cable? Come on girl it’s 1994, step it up!

(Next to the remote though was the tiny notebook Trini quickly shut as she came in. She suddenly became compelled to see why she was being so secretive and what exactly was bothering her. She did pause momentarily though; partly out guilt about invading her best friends privacy. It didn’t last long however as she eventually shrugs and opens it up.)

Kimberly: Ooh… this is her diary. Juicy stuff!! Let’s see…. Hmm.

(Her eyes open wide with wonder as she passes through entries about her family, friends, being a power ranger and her struggles to try and balance it all. She turns to the last page though and her eyes open wide at an incomplete entry titled ‘Don’t understand it either.’ She begins to read aloud.)

Maybe it’s his face; prideful with a sage defiance of the world.
Or his cynical narcissism; product of a broken home.
A life of no one caring would make anyone emotionally cold.
But none of that seems to matter when we’re alone.
He’s not charming like the men in the books I read.
He’s very real; maybe that’s why I’m intrigued.
I don’t under…

Trini: KIMBERLY!!!!

(A furious Trini reenters her room as she catches a mortified Kim, who scrambles in vain to hide the fact that she was reading her diary. A little later in the day though; after some serious apologizing, the two girls reconcile and head down to the industrial district by the piers as Kim accompanies Trini to her destination.)

Kimberly: So… I’ve never been to Robbie’s neighborhood before; this is where he lives?

Trini: Yeah, he lives in the twentieth floor of a project building, just on the other side of the tracks.

Kimberly: It looks like a dump.

(Trini doesn’t respond. She seems almost bothered that Kimberly insists on coming along. She continues anyway.)

Kimberly: I’m really sorry again for reading through your diary; real stupid move on my behalf.

Trini: You don’t have to keep apologizing Kim. Just never do it again; please.

Kimberly: l won’t. So anyway… how long have you felt this way? While it’s out in the open now, I’d love to know. I honestly should have seen this coming too; you two seem inseparable sometimes.

Trini: (sighs) I honestly don’t know, I still don’t feel very comfortable talking about it. But lately it’s become incredibly hard to ignore.

Kimberly: Yeah, I mean Robbie? I mean he isn’t exactly your type you know.

Trini: I know he isn’t; and that’s why it’s so difficult. But he’s so… I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but I know I shouldn’t like him. I should be with a guy like me; wholesome, sweet, who does well in school and has a bright future ahead of him.

Kimberly: Someone has a high opinion of themselves.

Trini: No, I just feel like it would make more sense to be with somebody I have more in common with.

Kimberly: Like Billy?

Trini: Yes! Unfortunately, Billy doesn’t make me feel the way Robbie has. I don’t turn bright red around him either.

Kimberly: Hmm. I still don’t get it; I mean Robbie’s like… I mean he’s my friend and all, but I find him totally gross. I mean like he’s crude, offensive, never irons or even changes his clothes… and I’m sure if I were to touch him, he’d be sticky.

(Kim quickly backtracks as her friend raises an eyebrow at her.)

Kimberly: But good luck to the both of you!!

Trini: Hmm. The thing is… I’m not even sure he feels the same way.

Kimberly: How so? He seems to like being around you. And he’s super protective of you.

Trini: Yeah, but every time we’re just studying for some test or something. We’ve never actually hung out casually just the two of us. And I know he likes me and I find it super sweet when he defends me and all, but he hasn’t given me much of an indication that he likes me in that way.

Kimberly: Well considering I’ve never had a conversation with him without some variation of the word ‘whore’ coming out of his mouth, I think the odds are in your favor.

Trini: Maybe not. Who knows, maybe he hasn’t given me an indication because he just doesn’t find me attractive.

Kimberly: That’s insane; you’re gorgeous.

Trini: Am I? How many guys have asked to the prom?

Kimberly: Uhm… I’ve lost count. Why?

Trini: No one’s asked me out. Like at all. And this isn’t some new occurrence; ever since you and I have been friends you’ve always gotten all the attention. When we go out, in school, even that science fair you won last year?

Kimberly: I didn’t even enter it…

Trini: Kim, I love you; don’t get me wrong, you’re like my little sister, but sometimes I feel so…

Kimberly: (shakes head) Honey, you’re beautiful, don’t even finish that sentence. Have you looked in a mirror? Plus, you’re this amazing person who cares about causes and her friends and is super smart... you have a killer personality.

Trini: Honestly, sometimes I feel like I have to have one because of you. You just seem to have it so much easier than me… it makes me feel like I have to overcompensate.

Kimberly: Overcompensate?! You’re insane! If anyone needs to overcompensate it’s me. Do you know why I’m so mad at all those guys asking me out? Not cause of Tommy, but because they don’t give a crap about anything but my pretty face.

Trini: Huh?

Kimberly: Half of those losers don’t know my name or even the first thing about me. I just get handed stuff on my looks, but in reality nobody takes me seriously. I hate it.

Trini: You do?

Kimberly: Yeah. And look, I can say a lot of things about Robbie, but the one thing I can’t take away from him is that he isn’t like those guys; he has integrity and he obviously gives a crap about you beyond your face. I have no doubt your feelings will be returned.

(The two girls stop talking for a bit as they continue walking down the pier. Slowly a small but reassured smile appears on Trini’s face.)

Trini: I think so too!

Kimberly: This is so cute, I hear wedding bells already! So what are you gonna say to him?

Trini: I have no idea… first I’m gonna smash his face in for skipping school the past week. Maybe afterwards I’ll tell him I’m crazy for him.

Kimberly: Worked on Whitney Houston.

Trini: I know!

(The two girls smile at each other as they keep walking down the path. Though their expressions quickly turn grim as they sense something’s amiss around them.)

Trini: You feel that?

Kimberly: The ground’s… shaking.

(It was a subtle rumble, but noticeable enough for the girls to lose their balance. Suddenly, the water right by them starts to ripple; causing them to quickly figure out that this is no natural disaster.)

Kimberly: Hang tight; I think Rita’s up to something.

Trini: Ugh, this is the worst possible time for this…

(Out of nowhere, the girls are hit with a huge splash of water as something they couldn’t identify quickly flies out from the ocean. They aren’t even given the chance to wipe the water from their eyes when they are met with a set of uneven flying wings to the face from huge bird that flies past them and sends them to the floor. The bird stops lands facing them just several yards away.)

Trini: Eww… that is one ugly bird.

Ugly Duckling: But I got killer personality! Ah-aha… QUACK!

Trini: Oh screw you, it’s morphin time!


"Saber-toothed Tiger!"

(The girls spring into action and stand right across from the feathered foe in uniform. The Ugly Duckling wastes no time getting to work though; extending a wing at them and letting out a barrage of razor sharp feathers at them from the tip that quickly takes Kim down. Trini gets hit, but manages to roll out of the way before any serious damage occur and leaps into the air; pulling out her Power Daggers. She readies for an attack, but before she could so much as cock her arms back, the bird meets her in the air and flies right through her beak first. She drops to the floor back first; dropping her weapons in the process. He turns to her and starts menacingly walking toward her before grabbing her picking her up by the neck; Trini starts to flail.)

Ugly Duckling: Poor girl; brown ranger won’t like lame duck like you.

(She becomes angry and tries to kick her way free, but the evil birds grip only tightens. His one working eye wanders over the pier before a smile appears on his face. He looks ready to throw her over the pier into the water, but luckily Kim interferes in time with a flying kick that sends him tumbling backwards and causes him to let the yellow ranger go.)

Kimberly: You okay?

Trini: (clutching her neck) Yeah… I’m fine. Thanks Kim.

(Kim helps her friend up at the same time that the monster gets back on its feet. She faces the monster that’s back on his feet.)

Kimberly: (to the monster) Why don’t you just crawl back to the filthy pond you mutated from?

Ugly Duckling: Why crawl when I can fly?

(Suddenly, the bird starts flapping his wings; the tinier, mutated one flapping a lot harder than the other in order to compensate. But eventually his feet lift from the ground as he rises a good twenty feet above the girls’ heads. They aren’t sure how to react, but quickly dive out of his way when he dives Kamikaze style with them as his target. As he misses he gets back in the air to try again. Kim gets up and pulls out her Power Bow.)

Kimberly: Leave this one to me.

(She loads an arrow and fires at the Ugly Duckling, but he swiftly avoids it and dives down to snatch her up using his beak.)

Kimberly: AHHH!!! Put me down you stupid bird!! Trini help!!

Trini: Kimberly! Hold on!

(After a second of hesitation, Trini pulls out her Blade Blaster and fires at the bird. He sees it coming a mile away and throws Kim in the way of the oncoming shot; blasting her best friend accidentally and causing her to plunge to the unforgiving floor.)

Trini: (frantically) Oh no! Kim, hang on…

(She runs to check up on Kim who seems to be writhing in pain when the bird receives his next order directly from the moon.)

Rita: Stop dallying around; drop en egg on those girls and turn them into the hideous mess that you are.

Ugly Duckling: Okay mama. I love you.

Rita: Err, right.

(Trini tends to her friend while the bird shifts gears and begins to circle around them. And just as Trini notices and looks up, she’s met with a giant egg the monster laid that hits her directly in the face. But instead of the egg cracking all over her; it remains whole and consumes her whole head. She immediately panics and tries to rip the egg off her head, but it won’t budge. The monster comes back to the ground, laughing boastfully.)

Trini: (unintelligible) HHHMMMMM!!! HMMMM!!!!!

(Kimberly starts to get back up and quickly becomes worried but unsure of what to do to help.)

Kimberly: Trini… oh no Trini, are you alright?

(She gets up and runs towards her to try and help her out, but is met by a desperate kick by Trini who is unaware of her surroundings.)

Ugly Duckling: I know she was smart one, but I did not know she was such an egg head! BAHAHA!!!!

(Kim reaches for her communicator in search for help.)

Kimberly: Alpha, Zordon come in.

Zordon: Yes Kimberly?

Kimberly: Trini and I are under attack and Trini’s in trouble. We need help right away.

Zordon: I will alert the others right away.

Kimberly: Please hurry!

(Left with no choice until help arrives; she continues to fight the monster alone. Meanwhile, at the Juice Bar, Zack and Jason are in their karate uniforms, sparring in the gym area while Billy sits in the corner and watches fascinatingly. The fun stops however when their communicators go off. The guys hurry into the empty hallway and make sure the coast is clear before they answer the call.)

Jason: Come in Zordon.

Zordon: Rangers, Trini and Kimberly have been ambushed by one of Rita’s monsters down by the industrial district and are in dire need of your help.

Jason: We’re on it.

(Jason disconnects with Zordon and gives his crew a firm nod before they spring into action.)

Jason: It’s morphin time!




(While Jason, Zack and Billy make their way to the piers to help the girls, Kim struggles to hang on, being wailed on relentlessly by the giant duck and his single good wing while being pinned to the floor. Kimberly manages to push him off her and tries to back flip away, but without missing a step he flies back toward her; countering with several pecks to the chests. She tumbles backwards in a cloud of her own smoke. She tries to bounce right back up though, but faintly falls to a knee.)

Kimberly: (panting) I can’t… go on. I’m too weak.

(The duckling suddenly sees his opportunity to strike again. He flaps his crooked wings again and rises to about ten feet in the air. Kim sees that he’s about to do to her what he did to Trini, but she’s too hurt to move. He hovers over her and fires another egg. Kim braces herself for the worst, but before it hits her, it’s diced in half just in time by an axe.)

Kimberly: (relieved) Zack! Oh thank goodness…

(The cavalry arrives behind the black ranger as they help Kim back to her feet.)

Billy: Kim, are you okay?

Kimberly: I am now… a few more seconds and I would’ve been a goner.

(The others turn to check up on Trini, who’s now in a more lethargic state than before; face down on both knees and struggling to breathe.)
Jason: Trini doesn’t look as lucky.

Kimberly: She isn’t and she’s fading fast. We need to get her back to the command center.

Jason: Good idea.


(In a flash, a horde of putties appear besides the monster and quickly charge at the rangers. And even though their main concern is their friends’ safety, they must fight.)

Jason: Putties!

Billy: They’re gonna try to harm Trini. We have to get her out of here.

Jason: Kim, take Trini back to the command center, we’ll take care of these clay brains.

Kimberly: Right.

(Kim runs over to a hunched over yellow ranger and teleports her out of there, leaving the guys to take on the foot soldiers as the Ugly Duckling begins to take flight yet again.

Zack is quickly surrounded and pushed forward then backwards. One in front of him attempts to kick him in the chest, but the black ranger swiftly dodges it by leaning backwards and in one fluid motion, kicks both his feet in the air and lands a spin kick. He lands one knee facing backwards and hits a punch to the midsection of the putty that stood behind him. Two facing him on opposite directions get the same idea and leap toward him with boots meant to hit him on each side of the face. He sees this coming though, and throws himself back first on the ground, causing their feet to collide awkwardly. Zack kicks the air in front of him to lunge himself back up and takes them out at once with a split double kick. Meanwhile, he doesn’t notice it yet, but the bird is circling the area right above him; watching and waiting for the right time to attack like a Vulture.

Billy finds himself struggling just a bit more than Zack. He tries to backflip his way out of a gang up in front of him but runs into some more not too far behind him. He tries so cart wheel away but is grabbed from behind and spun back on his feet in place. Desperately, he lands two elbows to the face behind him then drops to one knee and lands two elbows to the groins of those same putty patrollers. He gets up and runs toward a couple of them but stops just in front of them before flying over their heads and landing behind them. He turns around whilst pulling out his blade blaster and turns them all into dust before they have the chance to turn around.)

Ugly Duckling: QUACK!!

(Jason finds himself tearing through the putty patrollers like a wet paper bag. He lands a boot to the midsection of one then takes them down with a bicycle kick to the face that causes the enemy to flip backwards. He turns around and spots two more coming his way; the first one attempt a wild swinging punch that he’s able to duck away from and the other throws a jab that he catches. He then grabs the two by the head and smashes their skulls together before they fall limp to the floor.)

Jason: Two heads are better than one!

(But before long, he’s grabbed from behind by one more that catches him by surprise and is able to hold him down. The putty patroller looks up and signals to the Ugly Duckling whom at this point is nearly salivating.)

Ugly Duckling: Perfect!

Jason: W-what’s going on?!

(Jason can only look on in a panic as the giant duck positions itself above him.)

Ugly Duckling: Bombs away!!

Jason: Oh no!!

(Jason struggles for dear life as the Ugly Duckling drops one more egg aimed for his head and the other rangers are too far off to do anything in time. Desperately, he positions both feet flat on the ground and with all he strength lifts the putty patroller off his feet and behind Jason’s back. This creates a shield that causes the egg to consume the back of the putty patrollers head rather than his. The putty panics, lets Jason go and frantically starts running around, trying to get the egg off of his head. Slowly, the enemy’s body begins to mutate; turning a brownish hue. Muscles begin to grow and small, prickly hairs start to grow on its body. But before it can progress any further, Jason lands a brutal kick to the midsection, followed by a spinning heel kick to the head that takes it out.)

Jason: (Scratches head) On Earth just happened…?

(The other rangers run over to make sure nothing similar happened to him.)

Billy: Jason, you okay?

Jason: Yeah, the egg missed me entirely. And from what just happened to that putty patroller, I should thank my lucky stars that it did.

Zack: That thing got Trini though…

Jason: Yeah…

Ugly Duckling: You stupid rangers lucky, but Angel Grove and yellow friend not so lucky! Hahaha!!

(The monsters changes course and flies away in the opposite direction. Suddenly, the guys became incredibly worried about their friend; not to mention his threat against the rest of the town.)

Jason: (Urgently) We need to get to the command center right now.

Billy: I agree.

Zack: Am I the only one to notice that he called Trini the ‘yellow friend?’

Billy: Pretty sure he was referring to the color of her costume.

Zack: Oh.

(Meanwhile back on the moon, Rita appears pleased that the monster at least got one of the rangers.)

Rita: Poor Trini; once the mutation begins, she’ll become a mirrors worst nightmare and no one will ask her to the prom. Not even her future baby daddy, Robbie.

Baboo: Goldar would still want her.

Squatt: Yeah, he loves Asian beasts.

Goldar: If Scorpina hears you say that, she’s going to rip each of your throats out!

Rita: Hahaha!! Either way, it’s one less ranger to worry about. And with the green ranger already out of the picture, I’ll have a greater advantage than ever. Now it’s time to send my monster downtown and attack the jugular!

(While she begins the next phase in her plan, back at the command center Alpha has the yellow ranger laying down on a black recliner as he runs some tests on the egg attached to her head while Kimberly stands helmetless in the background; biting her lip worryingly. Eventually, the others appear and rip their helmets off also.)

Billy: Alpha, how’s Trini doing?

Alpha: Not so good. Her vitals seem to be slowly fading, but I can’t quite figure out why.

Kimberly: I can’t just watch my best friend fade away like this. Alpha you’ve got to do something.

Alpha: Oh… I’m working as hard as I can Kimberly.

Jason: You might not wanna hear what happened when you left.

Kimberly: What happened?

Jason: Well, the monster tried to drop an egg on my head, but I managed to move out of the way in time and it hit a putty patroller. Within seconds that putty started to change.

Alpha: Change? What do you mean ‘change?’

Jason: It started turning all brown and big. It started growing hair… or feathers or something. I took it out before I could really tell; I was too afraid to find out what it was becoming.

Billy: Perhaps something similar is happening to Trini?

(Zordon chimes in unexpectedly.)

Zordon: That is correct Billy.

Kimberly: Huh? What do you know about this Zordon?

Zordon: Not much, but what Jason described seems awfully familiar. I do not recognize this monster in particular, but a similar monster drops an egg on its target much like this one and slowly, its life force is drained and the ‘good’ energy is extracted. Once the energy and the vitals are gone, it begins to mutate into a resemblance of itself. It only happened so quickly to the putty patroller possibly because it lacked both good energy or did vitals.

Jason: And pretty soon it’s gonna happen to Trini…

Zordon: Correct.

Kimberly: But she can’t... she can’t become one of those things; I won’t allow it. Zordon, there’s gotta be something you can do.

Zordon: Unfortunately, I do not know how to reverse these effects as I am not familiar with this monster; however Alpha is working hard to find a cure. Though even then it is unknown if it will work, or how long it will even take to be completed.

(Jason shakes his head.)

Jason: That’s not a good enough answer Zordon; this is one of our friends we’re talking about.

Zordon: I understand completely. However that is all I can tell you at this time.

(The deflated ranger team each turn to face one another; exchanging the same hopeless expression. Of all seven of them, they each knew she was probably the least deserving of such a cruel and ironic fate. Her best friend Kim isn’t ready to throw in the towel though, she walks to her side and on one knee, brushes the area where her face would be and vows vengeance.)
Kimberly: I swear Trini; we’ll get you out of this stupid thing. And I swear I’ll bash that bird if it’s the last thing I ever do.

(She suddenly realizes something’s amiss and her head pops up and turns to the others.)

Kimberly: Wait a second, why on Earth isn’t Robbie here? He needs to be here; of all the times for that idiot to no show…

Zordon: I cannot seem to get a hold of him. His communicator has been disconnected for some time.

Kimberly: Great.

(Her anger quickly turns into laughs of frustration when the command center alarms when the start going off.)

Alpha: Aye ya, ya, ya, yai! More trouble!!

Kimberly: Even better!

Zack: What now?

Zordon: It appears the Ugly Duckling is attacking downtown Angel Grove. Behold the viewing globe.

(Kim gets up and joins Jason, Zack and Billy by the giant orb. They view an image of a flying Ugly Duckling terrorizing the city; dropping eggs on innocent civilians, who are all running for their lives.)

Jason: What’s that quack doing?

Zordon: Just as I feared; he is trying to mutate the people of Angel Grove and turn them all into his minions. It is critical that he is stopped immediately. Mutating one can lead to a deadly domino effect.

Jason: We gotta go; with or without Trini.

Kimberly: Let me stay here Jason. I’ll help Alpha find a cure for Trini and both of us will join you faster.

(He takes a deep breath before nodding.)

Jason: That’s fine. Alright guys it’s just us. Back to action!!

(As the guys make their way back to the city, the Ugly Duckling causes a mass panic in while indiscriminately firing eggs everywhere he goes.)

Ugly Duckling: Egg salad, egg salad, egg salad, egg salad!!!!

(The rangers are seen rushing into the scene on top of a nearby skyscraper.)

Zack: Man, not only is this guy ugly, but his puns need work too. He’s just saying ‘egg salad’ over and over.

Ugly Duckling: Egg salad, egg salad, egg salad!!!!!

Jason: Hey bird brain, back off!

Ugly Duckling: Power Rangers! You want Egg salad!?

(He swiftly turns and fires an egg right at them. The rangers need to scatter to get out of the way.)

Jason: I’d rather have roast duck!

(Simultaneously, the rangers all pull out their blade blasters and fire a single shot at the bird that hits him dead on. In a puff of smoke he falls from the sky and hits the ground with a loud thud. The rangers then turn to one another, wondering if they had just killed the monster.)

Zack: He couldn’t have survived that fall. Could he?

Jason: I don’t know.

(The rangers lean their ears over the side of the building to listen more closely. For a second they aboslutely hear nothing, but eventually hear a dull groan, followed by somebody weakly shouting ‘egg salad.’ That was their cue to leap down from the tall building and continue fighting in the small alley where the monster fell in. Jason grabs a hold of him and tosses him to Zack. The Ugly Duckling tries to push Zack away and get some offense in, but some quick kicks to the midsection knock him backwards into Billy, who’s holding open a dumpster that he just falls into before Billy slams the lid shut and holds it down.)

Zack: Time to take out the trash!

Jason: Yeah, I guess that takes care of that. That wasn’t so difficult actually.

Billy: One thing is bothering me though. This monster’s supposed to be male, right?

Jason: Yeah.

Billy: Why is he laying eggs then?

Zack: Hmm. That’s actually a good question.

Jason: I don’t know; why are we making Facebook references in 1994? Why does Robbie know what texting is? Why are we breaking the fourth wall right now? Dude, just enjoy the story and stop trying to poke holes in it.

Billy: I understand, but that kind of stuff just bothers me. If you ask me it just sounds like bad writing.

Jason: …well then if you don’t like it, go on the internet and complain about it.

Billy: I will.

Jason: …nerd.

Billy: What’d you call me?

Jason: Nothing.


Zack: Look out!!

(Zack points at the oncoming danger right above them and without looking, Jason and Billy dive in opposite directions to avoid the oncoming egg that explodes on top of the dumpster. As they finally look above them, they’re puzzled to see the Ugly Duckling soaring down.)

Jason: What the…?

Billy: Wait, didn’t we just… if he’s up there than who’s in…

(The top of the dumpster suddenly rips open revealing yet another Ugly Duckling. The one coming down from the sky lands in front of them and then speaks up.)

Ugly Duckling: You meet my friend; handsome, right?

(The duck in the dumpsters unexpectedly growls at them, startling them into rushing forward to avoid an attack. But as soon as they turn their backs, the first duckling does the same.)

Zack: Talk about stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Jason: Wait a second, if this goon looks exactly like this good over here, then that must mean he’s already begun mutating citizens of Angel Grove!

Ugly Duckling: Correct! And he’s just the beginning…

(At that moment, the town falls deathly quiet for a moment, until something is heard from far away. The rangers had no clue what to expect, but knew by the sound of it, it was more than just one coming their way.)

Jason: Oh no, look up at the sky!

(To their dismay, they look up to find not just one, but an army of identically repugnant looking ducks. And they all had the same voice, same disfigurations; many of them even uttering some variation of the phrase ‘egg salad.’ Slowly they each made their way to the area surrounding the boys; some landing on the ground, some on top of the dumpster, many on the fire escapes above them. No matter where they looked though, they were surrounded.)

Ugly Duckling: All of us an army of one. Today we get Angel Grove, tomorrow, whole world! QUACK!!!

(All the ducks around the rangers starts quacking disconnectedly.)

Billy: What are we gonna do? We’re totally outnumbered.

Jason: I don’t know… I really don’t.

(Jason reaches for his communicator.)

Jason: Zordon, come in. Zordon we need help; we’re completely outnumbered here.

Zordon: Yes Jason, I am aware. You must try and hang in there; bide time so Alpha and I can find a cure for this spell and are able to also reach Robbie. Defend yourselves, but avoid lethal force to all of those under a spell if possible.

Jason: I honestly can’t even tell which one’s under a spell and which ones the original. But I’ll try.

(Meanwhile back at the command center, as Zordon disconnects with Jason and attempts to reach Robbie again, Kimberly looks worryingly between her three friends facing insurmountable odds and her best friend facing a horrible mutation; completely torn.)

Alpha: Kimberly, the others need your help out there.

Kimberly: I know they do… but I can’t… I can’t just leave Trini here to die.

Alpha: But if you remain here, all of Angel Grove, including your friends will die.

Kimberly: …

(The graveness of this situation finally hit her. She’s in a no win situation, but knows where her presense was needed the most.)
Kimberly: I’ll go help them then... But Alpha keep me updated on Trini.

Alpha: Will do.

Zordon: I know this is difficult Kimberly, but you are making the right decision.

(She slowly gets up and starts walking toward the dashboard on the other end where her helmet is located. Unbeknownst to her however, Trini is right behind her, slowly waking up.)

Kimberly: I know... But it doesn’t feel like the right move. I mean, just today she told me about how she felt ugly next to me. Can you believe that? Meanwhile, I’d kill to be more like her. She’s so beautiful; inside and out. It’d be just awful if this is how she goes down.

(She unfastens the helmets buckle and begins to stare aimlessly at the ground. Still oblivious to what’s going on; Trini’s now silently rising to her feet.)

Kimberly: Honestly, I’d rather that bird had gotten me.


(Kim gasps and drops her helmet before turning around and see a sight that would make her heart drop. Her friend was now just five feet away from her, quivering violently. Unsure of what to do, or if that’s even her friend underneath the egg, she hesitantly leans back against the dashboard.)

Alpha: Trini…?

Kimberly: Trini, are you there? Sweetie if you can hear me this is me, Kim. Listen, you’re under a spell, you’ve got to snap out of it.

(The person across from her does not respond. The quivering worsens and the hue becomes more noticeable as she starts to drag herself closer to Kim. Her heart pounds through her shirt, yet still feels like it weights a hundred pounds. She glances down at her gun and is tortured with the possibility that she may need to use it. Trini drags herself uncomfortably close without any action from Kimberly.)

Kimberly: ……….

(Out of nowhere though, the option to harm her though is ripped away from her as a strange set of hands reach into her holster and in without hesitation, fires her blade blaster right at Trini’s head; causing her to stumble backwards and collapse lifelessly on top of the recliner. )

Kimberly: (Shrieks) NOOOOO!!

(The egg popped instantly leaving Trini drenched in the strange goo inside of it. Her quivering stopped as did the strange hue, but she wasn’t moving, at all. Completely mortified, Kim slowly turns her head to confront the person responsible.)

Robbie: You imbeciles cast me into the background for a whole year. And the one time I need to be left alone, you idiots forget how to crack an egg.

Zordon: Robbie, where have you been? This is unac…

Robbie: Back off old man, I’m not in the mood.

(He tosses Kim’s gun at her as he walks toward Trini.)

Kimberly: Robbie! What on Earth?! Why would you hurt her?

(He kneels besides Trini and wipes the slime off her helmet before popping it right now and tossing it aside.)

Robbie: I didn’t.

(He carefully lifts her head up to allow oxygen in easier. She’s still completely limp in his arms, but is at least breathing.)

Kimberly: I don’t get it. How did you know that something so simple would work? I mean… this was like, pretty serious. I mean, Trini was a second away from becoming some nasty looking, half blind and ugly duckling.

(She slowly starts to open her eyes; still in a daze.)

Robbie: I didn’t. But she still looks like a beautiful swan to me.

(At that moment, Trini’s eyes start to flutter open. And much to Robbie’s dismay, her skin turns a bright red and a small grin comes across her face.)

Robbie: Crap, she heard that.

Trini: Yeah… I did. Where have you been?

Robbie: It’s… I’ll explain later. Are you okay?

Trini: I’m… wonderful.

(While normally unsure of how to act in these situations, he can’t help but awkwardly smile back at the person he’s developed a unique bond with. While time continues to pass and the sounds of Jason, Billy and Zack getting pummeled through the viewing globe are still audible, the two don’t realize that they’ve been staring at one another for a while.)

Kimberly: I really hate to break this, really but… I think the others need our help.

Trini: Oh my, they do?

Robbie: Yeah, apparently surviving great odds only happens in Sparta.

(She giggles)

Trini: Robbie, the Spartans died.

Robbie: Oh… then I guess we should help them.

Trini: I agree.

(She smiles and nods while her friend stands in the background rolling her eyes; wondering how she could’ve possibly missed the signs. Robbie lets her go, allowing her to rise back to her feet on her own strength. Suddenly, Alpha comes across some potentially useful information.)

Alpha: Oh my!

Kimberly: What is it Alpha?

Alpha: I’ve found out how to reverse the spell!

Robbie: An egg beater?

Alpha: No, apparently the spell is reversed if the original duckling is destroyed. Once that happens, everyone affected will return to normal.

Robbie: Sounds simple enough…

(As simple as those instructions sound, the rangers turn their heads toward the viewing globe and find out how daunting that task really is.)

Kimberly: …once we figure out which one he is.

Trini: Guess it’s time for a good old fashion duck hunt!

Zordon: Good luck; and may the power protect you.

Robbie: It’s morphin time!


(As the others make their way downtown, Jason, Zack and Billy are already there taking on the entire horde of Ugly Ducklings head on in an attempt to both bide time and protect themselves; though as hard as they fight and as resilient as they may be, the numbers are just far too great for them to handle.)

Zack: Too many of them. I can barely breathe much less fig…

(He can’t even finish his sentence about how swarmed he is before getting swarmed by more ducks behind him. He gets shoved forward where he’s greeted by a stiff kick in the face.)

Jason: We gotta hang on! Just keep fighting.

(He’s able to knock one off the dumpster as he has to shout over the incessant quacking, but has to lunge to the right in order to avoid a bird flying at him from behind.)

Billy: This is becoming hopeless.

Jason: It’s never hopeless. This is for Angel Grove. We’ll fight until they rip the costume from our backs!


(From out of nowhere one of the ducks who’s in mid-air claws at him from behind; literally trying to rip the costume from his back. He wildly flails his arm to try and shoo him away, but has his arms grabbed by the ducks foot. Slowly Jason starts to find his feet coming off the floor. Before the duck can do anything though, he’s brought down by a flurry of laser beams aimed at his back.)

Zack: Look, the others are here!

(From the top of the office building opposite of the skyscraper, Trini, Kim and Robbie dive down from a building in finesse; wielding their blade blasters and warding off any other birds as they tend to their friends.)

Kimberly: Sorry we’re late you guys.

Jason: It’s okay; better late than never. (Turns to Trini) I’m glad to see you’re okay.

Trini: Thanks!

Kimberly: Alpha told us how to reverse the spell too. Find the head duck and destroy him.

(The Ugly Duckling interrupts.)

Ugly Duckling: Haha! Good luck; finding me will be like needle in haystack!

Jason: That’s him!

Zack: Grab him!!

Ugly Duckling: Crap!

(Capitalizing on the ducks fatal error, Trini, Zack, Kim, Billy and Robbie quickly grab him and pin him down.)

Jason: Alright, let’s head to the canyons; where we can finish this in a place where he can’t harm anybody else.

(And before any of the birds minions could react, the rangers and the Ugly Duckling were gone; leaving them either worried or scratching their heads. Even Rita who looked on from the moon, knew things were not going to end her way.)

Rita: Uh oh… I feel a headache coming on.

(The ranger and the monster reappeared along the top of a rocky cliff where all seven of them tumbled to the very bottom in a cloud of dust. Both sides tried to get up first, but it was the rangers who maintained the advantage and started knocking him around like the monkey in the middle. He finally came to Jason who was pulled his sword out, and floored him with a devastating hack.)

Ugly Duckling: UUUUUGGGGGH.

Jason: Alright, enough of this; let’s bring our weapons together.

All in unison: RIGHT!

Zack: Power axe!

Kimberly: Power bow!

Trini: Power daggers!

Robbie: Power pocket knife!

Billy: Power lance!

Jason: Power sword!

(One by one, the weapons meet in mid-air to create something massive. Each of the weapon points the same direction and capped off by Jason jumping a good distance in the air to connect his weapon and bring the power blaster down.)

All in unison: POWER RANGERS!

Ugly Duckling: W-what’s this?

Zack: What you see here is your thirty minute life flashing before your eyes.

Trini: I always liked toast with my eggs anyway.

Ugly Duckling: M-mama…


(They all extend their arms outward as a massive beam fires from each weapon. Within seconds the Ugly Duckling fell into a ball of fire; disappearing for good in a cloud of its own dust. And all over Angel Grove, anybody who was affected by the monster was slowly starting to come out of it and return to a normal state. Streets were filled with men and women, dazed and confused as well as those who had their heads consumed by an egg suddenly breathing a sigh of relief when the egg atrophies and falls right off. The craving for egg salad seems to consume them all for some reason as they all get up and resume their normal activities; dodging those who came out of the spell while in mid-flight. Back in the rocky canyons, the rangers seem jubilant to have rid themselves of a monster that had the real potential of destroying the planet.)

Trini: We did it!

Billy: We may not be the first team of rangers, but we certainly beat out those hacks before us.

Kimberly: No kidding.

Jason: Glad nobody was hurt either; especially you Trini. Glad to see Alpha was able to save you.

(She nods happily.)

Trini: Thanks, but it wasn’t Alpha who saved me.

(She turns her head to face Robbie, only to be confused to see that Robbie is no longer with them.)

Trini: Huh?

Kimberly: Where’d he go?

(Meanwhile at Rita’s palace, the dejected empress is livid yet again at another failed plan.)

Rita: I knew that piece of crap was no good! Nothing good ever comes from something so ugly.

Squatt: Good thing I’m so handsome then.

Rita: Handsome?! You look like a warthog made love to a blueberry. And you’re just as useless as that monster was too!

Baboo: …harsh.

(Squatt fights back the tears.)

Squatt: I hope you’re happy; you’ve just undone years of therapy.

Goldar: I told you all along that that monster wouldn’t work!

Finster: (punches air) I just hope the rangers pick up boxing next week, eh?

Rita: Shut up! Just shut up, all of you!!!!

(Rita furiously storms out, leaving all her goons to wallow in the stench of failure. Meanwhile, back down by the industrial district an on the twentieth floor of a fifty story project, Robbie solemnly enters his bedroom. A messy room that can be best described as organized mayhem; filled with Nirvana posters and pictures of his niece, yet covered in discarded clothes and empty trash. He swats away the Super Nintendo controller from his bed before dolefully slumping onto it. As he picks up a note next to his bed and examines it, it becomes very hard to tell that he just helped defeat a monster and save the world from extinction. Before too long, a tall, skinny, strung out looking woman barges into his room.)

Woman: A friend’s here to see you?

Robbie: Huh; a friend?

Woman: (Harshly) What did I tell you about brining your little friends over without telling me first?

Robbie: Calm down ma… I didn’t ask for any friends to come over. Who is it?

Robbie’s mom: Some girl. I’ll allow it cause of what happened. But don’t do it again.

(Robbie ignores her demanding tone so she can eventually leave the room. Before long, his friend sticks her head in meekly.)

Trini: Surprise.

Robbie: I figured it was you.

Trini: Oh… I’m sorry. Should I go?

Robbie: No, not at all. Come inside.

(He moves over, creating space for her on his twin-sized bed. She slowly steps inside and looks around his bedroom having never been inside of it. Robbie makes sure to cover the note as she sits down beside him.)

Trini: I’m sorry for getting you yelled at by the way.

Robbie: Don’t be. She just swears all my friends are cops. Figured she’d at least be wise enough to hide all the ‘evidence’ she leaves on top of the coffee table.

Trini: Yeah I… noticed that. But anyway Robbie, I really wanted to thank you for saving me today. I can’t show my gratitude enough.

(He silently chuckles.)

Robbie: Don’t mention it. It’s my job. I’m just sorry I couldn’t have come sooner. My communicator was shut off a couple days ago after I got some bad news. I guess I just forgot to turn it back on. But hey, since you’re here… do you wanna rent a movie or something?

Trini: What news?

(He groans silently, confounding Trini who was surprised by his resistance.)

Robbie: I sort of don’t wanna talk about it now. But I do like spending time with you, I’d like to just do that and forget all about it.

(She was further taken aback, but was lifted with him telling her he likes spending time with her. It made her feel comfortable pushing a little more.)

Trini: I really like spending time with you too, but I also really care about you as a person. You don’t need to tell me, but it would really bother me if I didn’t know what was bothering you.

(A long silence ensued, before Robbie finally relented with an exasperated sigh. He flipped over the card in his hand and gave it to her to read.)

Trini: This is… from the army.

Robbie: My dad was killed over the weekend.

Trini: (gasp) Oh my! Was he a part of that fire fight I heard about on the news?

(He nods)

Trini: Oh my god Robbie, I’m so sorry.

Robbie: Don’t be. I hate his guts.

Trini: What? But I don’t understand…

(He fumbled for a bit; almost like he didn’t believe his own words but offered reasons to back up his bold statement.)

Robbie: I… I don’t know; I mean, this guy being heralded as a hero cheated on my mom and would bring his ‘friends’ over when my mom was out at work and he was stuck babysitting me. He was a shiftless dropout who didn’t work and didn’t care to work. Then he walked out on me and my mom when he and I got in a fight. Now I’m sad that he’s dead; I’m wasting emotions on this fool.

Trini: He wasn’t perfect Robbie that much I know, but he was still your father. Of course you’re upset that he died.

Robbie: I know… but I just wanted to hate him. And I wanted him to know that I hate him. I’ve been waiting for the day where I’d run into him on the streets so I can tell him that. Now… I don’t know what to feel.

(Robbie’s voice suddenly starts to crack and becomes too strained to continue. So he just slumps his head and says nothing for a bit while trying desperately to maintain his composure in front of her. But she comfortingly begins to rub his back and leans her head on his shoulder.)

Robbie: I really hate that I feel this way…

Trini: I understand. You’re angry for what he did, and you wanted to tell him that, but you also held out hope for reconciliation. You might be more upset that it’s not gonna happen now.

(He doesn’t say anything, but he nods.)

Trini: I can only imagine what you must be feeling right now. Please, tell me if there’s anything I can do for you…

(He cuts her off.)

Robbie: No, it’s fine. I’ll be fine, I just need my alone time right now. Maybe, I should be alone right now.

Trini: I completely understand. Call me though if you need someone to talk to; any time.

(Trini rubs his back a little more and kisses him softly on the cheek before she gets up and heads toward the door. As she gets up, Robbie starts thinking to himself; mostly about what she just said about missing the opportunity to talk to his father. And how he hates the feeling of hopelessness and wants to make sure he never makes that same mistake again. Suddenly as Trini closes the door, he stops her.)

Robbie: Wait; there is something I should probably tell you then.

Trini: Huh?

(He gets up and gets close to her as she reenters his bedroom. He suddenly becomes very tense and begins fumbling with his words.)

Robbie: I-I… just wanted to.. th- I guess I just wanted to say. Or rather I wanted to show my appreciation for… everything you do for me.

Trini: Yeah?

Robbie: I’m not so good at articulating any positive feelings, but your presence… has made my life so much better.

(Trini can’t help but start smiling brightly as her heart flutters. She reaches out and holds his hands; rubbing them gently with her thumb as he continues.)

Robbie: You genuinely care about me and accept me for who I am, not many people do. I-I guess I just wanted to say… I just wanted to…

(He doesn’t say anything else, but longingly stares into her gentle eyes. His head starts to lean in as he finally just plants an affectionate kiss on her lips. Shocked, Trini doesn’t know how to react, but doesn't resist. After a bit, he finally pulls away with a relieved smile on his face.)

Robbie: I think that should say it better than I ever could.

(But Trini’s face remains frozen.)

Robbie: Just for future reference though, when someone kisses you, it’s often impolite not to kiss them back.

(Her face grows bright red from the emotion, but not in the good way. Robbie suddenly worries when a single tear rolls down her cheek.)

Robbie: Oh god, please don’t cry. Please, I’m sorry… oh god, you aren’t gonna yell rape now are you? Cause I swear, I’ll kill you; I'm not going back to prison.

(But she shakes her head as the emotion overcomes her.)

Trini: No, no not at all. I’ve actually wanted you to do that to me for a long, long time. But, not like this, not in this setting.

Robbie: Wanna kiss at the park then?

Trini: You know what I mean. I don’t know if you really wanted to kiss me or if it’s the emotion of your father dying that made you vulnerable.

Robbie: I want to take you to the prom.

Trini: Deal!

(The two suddenly burst into laughter and share one last warm embrace before the episode ends.)

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Falcon Punch!
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JUST AWESOME! loved the part where the rangers break the 4th wall and Jason calls Billy a nerd, and it's VERY nice to see how you've done Trini/Robbie, it's actually helping me somewhat with a similar dilemma I have hehe, and the ending was just perfect!
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Thank you! It took me a while to get it jut the way I wanted it, but this is probably my favorite episode. I was undecided on what I was gonna do with Robbie and Trini, but I'm glad I chose to go this route.
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Lets get Mystechal
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This was really well crafted. I'm glad you went with Trini and Robbie getting together, the two characters compliment each other really well.

Trini was the only character to go without a romantic interest throughout her time on the show. Jason admittedly never got one until Zeo, Zack had Angela, Tommy and Kim obviously and Billy had a new girl every time he had a focus episode.

Not to mention he got over his childhood fear of fish... by falling in love with a fish alien on Aquatar!

Anyway, I'm getting way off track. Your dialogue is as strong as ever, showing a great mixture of tension and comedy whenever possible. The dark humour expressed by the Ugly Duckling was simply brilliant.

The fourth wall jokes are always appreciated as well. I laughed the acknowledgement of my Facebook comment. (I believe that was a minor thing I brought up when I first started reading your fic!) You always have fun with your writing and it shows through it's strength.

Keep it up, I really look forward to the finale, even if it takes the whole summer I know it will be worth the wait. Robbie is a character I really care about, his layered emotions really show.
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Fan Fiction Author
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Thanks a lot, I always appreciate your feedback! I'm glad I brought them together too, as in the short time since I've finished writing this episode, I've already come up with a million ideas for what I can have them do; their personality types put together makes a creative goldmine!

I'm glad people like my fourth wall busters; I always fear I'm overdoing them. And don't worry too much about the finale, My schedule is MUCH more bearable than it was before so episodes should be coming out soon.
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You have failed this city
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Great episode!!! I thought/hoped from your first episode that Trini and Robbie would end up together. Keep up the great work. I can't wait for the next one!
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Btw, the preview for episode 69 (the first of a five part mini-series) will be posted later today.
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Blah... nevermind this episodes preview. New episode coming soon though.

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You have failed this city
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Two words: Looks Awesome!
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For those of you who saw my preview and then nothing else, I should just update to say I've postponed that specific plot. With all the other rangers stories needing conclusions, it was really hard to then add a monster that's gonna grab so much attention away from them. I've already written the first episode of a more plot focused finale and will post it a little later today!
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Episode 69 - The Last Dance Part 1; Dark Red


(Trini lets out a loud yawn before scratching her tired eyes on an early Saturday morning. She tries to lift her head up, but is too tired; not to mention the unusually soft pillow she’s laying on and the knowledge that it’s a weekend removes all motivation of even trying. Still, something seems off to her as she winces curiously. The bed, while comfortable, was too comfortable to be hers; Trini’s bed was firm, and sturdy. She felt a light beaming on her head too. She often felt it on the side of her face but this morning she felt the heat coming off the top of her head. Trini turns around and without really wanting to, forcibly pries her eyes open. And as soon as her eyes adjust to the light, she gasps.)

Robbie: Zzzzzzzzzz……

(She instantly becomes mortified at the sight of Robbie sound asleep beside her in his room. Trini jerks herself up quickly in one jarring motion; taking Robbie’s sheet with her to cover herself. The sudden motion was enough to wake Robbie up. Staring at him in sickening disbelief, like a girl who had too much to drink the night before and woke up lying next to a strange frat guy; she felt cheap and used. Slowly it dawns on her though that he isn’t some strange frat guy. He was her best friend, and she really wanted this moment to happen. In fact, last night was probably the best night the repressed, reserved honor roll student had in a while. A smile slowly comes over her face as Robbie’s eyes open wide and meets hers; he smiles back at her.)

Robbie: So I wasn’t dreaming… nice!

(Trini smiles as Robbie scratches his eyes.)

Robbie: How’d you sleep?

Trini: Wonderfully; yourself?

Robbie: Not too bad.

Trini: Last night was amazing Robbie; although I’ve got to say, I’m a little surprised.

Robbie: By my amazing cuddling?

Trini: No.

(She pulls down her sheets.)

Trini: That my clothes are still on.

(He cracks a sly smirk before responding)

Robbie: That’s how I knew I wasn’t dreaming.

Trini: I’m glad you were such a gentleman though; I had an amazing time anyway. For so long I’ve just been so focused on business. Day in and day out, I was all about school, martial arts and being a power ranger; like some zombie. Then you come along and just… allowed me to listen to my heart for a change. I feel so liberated.

(Robbie sits up and wraps his arm around her shoulder; she rests her head on his.)

Robbie: I get what you mean; though it’s kind of unreal to see you lying next to me in bed. (Chuckles) I mean, you have no clue how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.

(She turns a bashful bright red and slaps his shoulder.)

Trini: Really; with me? I’ve actually been crushing on you for the longest time too. I’ve just been too chicken to do anything about it. I kept justifying it by saying we weren’t meant for each other anyway. It wasn’t until you and I became close friends that I realized I was lying to myself.

(He shakes his head in disbelief)

Robbie: Really? That’s insane.

Trini: How’s that insane?

Robbie: All this time, I figured I never had a chance with you; always figured you and Billy would be the ones to get together.

Trini: Billy? No way.

Robbie: Hey, he writes a convincing fan fiction.

Trini: I mean I love Billy, don’t get me wrong, but dating him is like dating my little brother. Besides, I’ve had to unhook his underwear from way too many flagpoles to still find him sexy.

(He chuckles; little does she know that Robbie’s responsible for some of that.)

Robbie: So the goody two-shoes fell for the bad boy? Ugh, you’re such a cliché.

Trini: Stop it! You’re a really sweet and caring guy under that gruff façade of yours. You’re nothing like the jerk I originally thought you were. And I’ve actually grown to love your sense of humor.

(Then she suddenly pauses.)

Trini: It kinda almost makes me reluctant to take the risk of getting too serious with you.

Robbie: (raises eyebrow) Huh?

Trini: I mean don’t get me wrong, my heart is screaming ‘go for it,’ but… my brain is telling me to be careful with you.

Robbie: Do you think I’m gonna hurt you or something?

Trini: Not necessarily. But I mean you’ve seen how Kimberly and Tommy have been acting lately. I just... don’t ever want to risk going down that path with you. I like you too much to think the horrible things she’s told me about him lately.

Robbie: But Tommy and Kimberly are idiots; that won’t happen to us.

Trini: We say that, but we can’t exactly tell the future now, can we?

(Robbie grows apprehensive and his face turns more serious.)

Robbie: Hmm. So you’re saying you don’t wanna do this then?

Trini: No, not at all. But I do think we should take this very slowly and maybe keep this on the down low for a bit. That way in case we don’t like where things are going, we could easily go back to being friends.

(His arm slowly retreats from her shoulder, but Trini isn’t done yet and puts it back.)

Trini: But I really hope it never comes to that. I hope you understand though…

Robbie: Hmm.

Trini: …

Robbie: …fair enough.

(She exhales in relief and kisses him on the cheek.)

Trini: Good! What time is it by the way?

(Robbie looks over her shoulder to see the clock sitting on his dresser across from the bed.)

Robbie: A quarter past eight.

Trini: (gasps) Oh my goodness, I was supposed to be back by 7… last night! My mom’s gotta be freaking out right now. She doesn’t trust the kids in this area… no offense.

Robbie: That’s funny cause I see her everyday collecting soda cans out of our garbage’s around this time.

Trini: That’s not true; my mom’s a doctor you idiot!

Robbie: Hey, I was gonna say no offense! Oh… whatever, I’ll take you home.

Trini: (smiles) You better.

(The two start to roll out of Robbie’s bed and quickly try to fix themselves up. But quickly their focus shifts when their communicators go off. Meanwhile in a much more stifling environment on the moon, Rita’s henchmen wander about not saying a word to one another following their latest defeat. Goldar keeps to himself in the darkest corner with his arms while Baboo and Squatt make awkward glances at him from a distance. Finster eventually strolls in casually, breaking the silence with the loud clanging of metal cans inside of several plastic bags. He stops; raising an eyebrow when he notices every ones glum expression.)

Finster: Uhm, is everything alright?

(No one responds. Squatt and Baboo look at him with sad puppy eyes, but appear afraid to say anything. Goldar grunts, but nothing else. Finster continues.)

Finster: Well don’t mind me then, I’ll be in my shop working on some new monsters with the clay I got at the evil store.

Baboo: (gasp) You went to Wal-Mart without me??

(Goldar snickers.)

Goldar: Don’t bother.

Finster: I… beg your pardon?

Goldar: (forcefully) You heard me Mutt.

Finster: N-now, I understand we lost yesterday, but no worries, we’ll get them next time; especially when Rita sees what I have planned.

Goldar: Your monsters can’t walk and chew gum at the same time! And besides, haven’t you heard?

Finster: Heard what?

(Goldar finally picks himself up from off the wall.)

Goldar: The Alliance of Evil wants to have ‘a word’ with Rita.

Finster: Oh my!!

(In a sudden shock, Finster drops his bags on the floor, letting his cans roll all over the ground. The Alliance of Evil is the intergalactic organization whose stated mission is to dominate every single planet in every single galaxy, of which Rita is a member of. Goldar is well aware of the fact that nothing good ever comes from a ‘conference’ with them. To him, it might as well be called a public execution. And with Rita’s most recent failure on top of her repeated failures to take over planet Earth, it might be just that. Elsewhere…)

Rita: (Weeping) Please, please show mercy my lord! Please, I’m so sorry I’ve fail you….


(Lighting strikes as a mysterious red figure in the sky emphatically cuts her off. She’s at the top of a dark windy mountain just beyond the edge of a different dimension. She can’t see a thing around her other than the figure in front of her she calls her boss. He snarls at her. )

“I leave you a measly planet more than ten thousand years ago, and you have failed miserably in your mission to take over it; defeated time and time again by mere children. You have made me very angry!”

Rita: I know, I know, I accept full responsibility. But please just one more chance. One more monster, I promise I’ll get them this time.

(He scoffs at the very idea.)

“…another chance? I think you’ve had more than enough. Your incompetence has left me no other choice but to terminate your reign as empress and banish you for all eternity; your father would be very disappointed in you!”

Rita: (shrieks) NO!!! Please don’t do this to me! My daddy’s gonna kill me, please. All I ask is for one more chance. If I fail I’ll even turn myself in. Please!!

(Her boss doesn’t say a word, but seems to take pleasure in her shameless groveling. He scratches his chin with his cold, metal claws before continuing.)

“Although your words mean nothing to me, your spineless sniveling cries for mercy amuse me. You’re nothing like your father... But alright, consider this your last chance. See to it that you don’t disappoint me.”

(Rita sighs heavily with relief as her boss vanishes before her. He leaves her alone on top of the windy cliff with no idea on how to get back and nothing but darkness ahead of her. It’s still miles better than the alternative. As soon as she picks herself back up, she starts to scramble in her head for her next and possibly final plan. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Alpha continues sending out numerous urgent calls to the rangers before each of them begin appearing separately. Robbie and Trini arrive together, but quickly distance themselves from each other before anyone notices.)

Zordon: I am glad you could all make it on such short notice. What I have brought you all here today for is very important.

Kimberly: What’s the big emergency?

Zordon: There is no emergency right now. However, I have both bad news and good news.

Robbie: Is this the joke that ends with you saving a bunch of money on your car insurance?

Zack: I love those commercials!

Zordon: (grimly) Unfortunately this is no joke.

Billy: Well then what’s the bad news?

Zordon: It has come to my attention that an evil force of extraordinary power has entered the solar system; the likes of which we are currently unprepared to deal with.

Jason: Extraordinary power?

Billy: Unprepared to deal with?

Zordon: Correct. For that, I fear the worst though I cannot say for sure what it might be. Therefore I’m leaving for my home planet to investigate, as well as warn all other planets in the solar system should there be a potential strike.

(Everyone gasps.)

Trini: You’re leaving us?

Kimberly: But, what’s gonna happen here?

Jason: Relax you guys; Zordon knows what he’s doing. And I’m sure he
wouldn’t just leave us unprepared.

Zordon: Thank you Jason. And yes I have made such preparations; I will leave you in charge until I come back. Work closely with Alpha to deal with any attacks.

(Everyone turns to him with slight uneasiness, but Jason nods, appearing up for the task.)

Jason: You can count on me.

Kimberly: But wait a second Zordon, isn’t this just another one of Rita’s monsters? I mean, we’ve beaten her before right; what reason should we have to worry?

Zordon: I wish it were that simple Kimberly. However, this power is vastly superior to Rita, or anything Rita could ever create.

Kimberly: (dumbstruck) Wow…

Zordon: However it doesn’t seem likely that this power will come toward Earth so there should be no reason to worry. And there is good news; you will not be alone.

Kimberly: Huh?

Zordon: Everyone, turn around.

(The rangers and Alpha start slowly turning away from Zordon and turn toward the dark end of the Command Center. Puzzled initially when they see nothing, but smiles come across each of their faces when something move toward them from out of the shadows.)

Tommy: I’m back!

(Tommy emerges from the darkness behind him; waving a large wooden staff in hand. Kimberly rushes over and leaps into his arms.)

Kimberly: Tommy, you made it back; thank God!

Zordon: That’s right. Back in your disposal will be a fully powered green ranger.

Zack: Awesome!

Billy: Just what the doctor ordered!

Tommy: Thanks guys, and yes Kim, I’m back in one piece. I’m glad to see you guys held up just fine too.

Jason: We’re all glad to see you bro. Ret-Conia must’ve been brutal, I’m surprised to see you back so soon. I would’ve completely crumbled over there by myself.

(Tommy smiles and nods)

Tommy: And that’s why I sell more toys than you…

Jason: What?

Tommy: Nothing.

Trini: (To Zordon) Does this mean Tommy’s completely ours again?

(Alpha chimes in)

Alpha: Not just yet Trini. The staff needs to be analyzed very carefully before we can use it on Tommy. Remember, it is several thousands of years old and it was meant for non-humans. I have to make sure it’s safe. However, I doubt there will be any issues and Tommy should be good in a day or two.

Tommy: Then I’ll remain here for a day or two. I’ll help you analyze things and at the very least, keep you company.

Zordon: Hopefully my sources are wrong and I’ll return just in time for the power reinfusion; I would hate to miss it. However on that note, I must leave you. Keep Angel Grove safe and Alpha out of trouble.

Tommy: Don’t worry Zordon; Alpha’s not going anywhere, right Alpha?!

(He sneaks up behind Alpha and locks him in a playful head lock.)

Jason: And don’t worry about Angel Grove, we’ve got this under control. I have faith in myself and in my friends; even Robbie.

Robbie: Sounds less flattering when you say it like that…

Trini: Goodbye Zordon. Have a safe trip!

Kimberly: (teasingly) Yeah and be back soon okay? I don’t want the power to get to Jason’s head.

Zordon: Goodbye rangers; may the power protect you.

(In a sudden blinding flash, Zordon’s glass tube is vacated. Eerily silence fills the command center as despite everyone’s complete trust in one another and faith in Jason as leader, there was an unmistakable air of uncertainty. A similar air was shared back on the moon upon Rita’s return. She feverishly looks through her spell book, for something, anything that might work. Or at the very least, something that isn’t total crap. Goldar approaches her from behind.)

Goldar: Is everything okay my empress?

(She fires back.)

Rita: No, everything is not okay! I nearly lost my job today cause I can’t for the life of me beat a bunch of little punks. Do you have any clue what they do to emperors after they strip them of power?

Goldar: No.

Rita: Well let’s just say it’ll be another then thousand years before you see me again. I was given one last chance, but really, with these worthless spells, I might as well help them pick out another dumpster to lock me in.

Squatt: Well I’ve been placing ideas in the suggestion box for months, but I don’t think you’ve listened to a single one.

Rita: That’s because we don’t have a suggestion box. You sure you haven’t just been putting them in the trash?

Squatt: Oh… maybe.

Goldar: I guess right now isn’t the best time to tell you the news…

Rita: What news?

Goldar: It’s the green ranger; he’s come back from a trip to some other planet. And he’s brought back a staff that can apparently regenerate his powers.

(She gasps, knowing exactly what has happened. She furiously slams her book shut.)

Rita: What; you mean the Ret-conian staff?!

(Rita shoots up from her desk and storms over to her giant telescope, where she gets a glimpse of what’s going on inside the command center and confirms what Goldar is saying. She’s suddenly overcome with a sense of hopelessness.)

Rita: I can’t believe it. My biggest win is about to be undone… And I didn’t even think the staff existed anymore. (Sigh) I might as well just resign and leave with a shred of dignity; maybe steal some office supplies on my way out.

Goldar: But it’s not all bad; Zordon’s gone on some trip, and it’ll take some time for them to be able to even use the staff. If we act fast, we can stop them, my empress.

(A bead of sweat trickles down Rita’s forehead as she scrambles to come up with a plan.)

Rita: But how?

Goldar: That’s the problem. Creating the evil green ranger and then subsequently destroying him was about the only thing we’ve done right to this point. Everything else after that has pushed the bar in terms of stupidity.

(Just then Rita’s grow wide as she snaps her fingers.)

Rita: Then we’ll do it again; except this time, with someone else! We can even use their power coin to gain access to the command center that way so take that staff away from Tommy and ay waste to the command center before Zordon has the chance to swoop in and save the day.

Goldar: That’s… actually a great idea.

Finster: Quite right, yet another flash of brilliance from the queen of evil! And I can work on something that can distract the others.

Rita: Fantastic! Aha!

Baboo: Uhm… I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but there’s just one thing. None of the other rangers are as strong physically as the green ranger. Wouldn’t he just wipe the floor with all of them?

(Rita says nothing, but takes note of Baboo’s point and takes one last look through her telescope to see what’s going on inside the command center. Everyone has left, but Jason, Tommy and Alpha.)

Jason: No seriously Tommy, what were you saying just now; something about toys?

Tommy: (dismissively) Nothing, just drop it.

(A sly grin comes across her face.)

Rita: Not all of them…

(Meanwhile, back on Earth, the others have separated, with Zack, Billy and Robbie sharing a table at the Juice Bar. The former two are feverishly studying for an upcoming final while Robbie just sits back with a distant gaze on his face while sipping on a shake. Zack grows frustrated with himself and slams an open palm on the table.)

Zack: Ugh… I hate math. Just wait until I die so I can get my hands on that punk Galileo!

Billy: Having difficulties?

Zack: (sighs) ‘Difficulties’ would be an understatement. Ready to blow my brains out would be more accurate. Whatever man, this whole math thing is bogus.

Billy: It’s not bogus and it certainly isn’t worth contemplating suicide. Mathematics is essential to developing logistical skills in life; some careers require such knowledge too. Besides, Ms. Appleby’s exams aren’t THAT difficult.

Zack: Oh really?

(Zack picks up a study sheet given to him by his teacher and begins to read one of the questions.)

Zack: ‘Johnny has 5 apples and gives away 3. Calculate the mass of the Earth.’

Billy: Well…

Zack: Tell me which career I’m gonna need this for, so I can avoid it all together.

Billy: You’ll be fine; Robbie doesn’t seem so worried about it. Do you mind explaining to Zack how easy that question is?

Robbie: Dude, go throw yourself in a locker. I don’t get any of this stuff either, but I’m just not sweating it. Life’s too good right now to worry.

Zack: Life’s too good? So you don’t have six finals in five days while moonlighting as a vigilante superhero? While still trying to seem desirable enough to find a date to the prom in less than one week?

(Robbie doesn’t respond; but takes another sip of his drink before cracking a confident smirk.)

Billy: Well, to Robbie’s credit I haven’t got a date yet, but I’m not necessarily worried about it either.

Robbie: See, Billy’s got the right idea! Who needs chicks right?

Billy: Actually, I have somebody in mind to ask out.

Robbie: You do? Nice; maybe I can teach you some magic tricks and you can make her panties disappear.

Billy: I don’t think magic would work on her.

Robbie: Well who is she? Who’s the lucky lady?

Billy: Well… it’s…

Robbie: Hold on Billy, let me make sure I take a huge sip of my drink before you answer.

(He does so, and then motions for Billy to continue.)

Billy: (Cheerfully) Trini!

(Robbie spits out his drink; getting it all over himself and the table.)

Robbie: Trini?

Zack: Trini; It’s about time! You guys looked destined to hook up ages ago.

Billy: You think so? I mean, her and I have been close friends since middle school though, and promise me you won’t say anything, but I’ve had a huge crush on her for the longest time.

Robbie: You sure you wanna ask Trini out? I mean do you think she’ll take you as seriously as you take her? I mean she didn’t exactly respond well to that fan fiction you wrote.


Robbie: Never mind that, I just... don’t want to see your friendship get awkward or anything. Why not ask some other girl out? What about Bertha?
She’s…. hot.

Billy: (Sighs) Look I understand the consequences and I appreciate your concerns, but my mind is made up. With the way I feel about her right now, the reward far outweighs the risk.

(Robbie falls back into his seat and meekly takes another sip of his drink.)

Zack: Aww… She’s definitely someone you should go for Billy, she’s totally cool. And not for nothing, Trini’s kind of a cutie.

Robbie: No, she’s not.

Billy: Thanks for the support guys, She’s gonna come in a little later, I think I’m gonna ask her out then.

Zack: No problem man. Hey I’ll even wingman for you.

(Zack slaps Billy five and pats him on the back. Meanwhile in a secluded forest and a little less joyful, Jason trains in full martial arts gear; nun chucks and all. After wrapping up an intense work out, Jason checks his watch and see’s that it’s time to go join the others and get some studying done himself. He runs over to a nearby tree to grab his gym bag, but when he reaches out to grab it, a cold bony hand grabs his. He looks up and gasps…)

Jason: RITA!!


(Terrified, he tries to yank his hand away but to no avail. She has a tight grip on him and all he could do is stare back as the empress of evil gives a smiles menacingly.)

Rita: Didn’t Friday the 13th teach you anything? Never travel through the woods alone.

(Jason tries to squirm free, but Rita effortlessly tosses him a good fifteen feet; discarding him like yesterday’s garbage. He quickly gets back on one knee but has trouble inhaling with all the dust kicked up in the air and starts coughing. Eventually he reaches behind him.)

Jason: It’s morphin ti…!!

Rita: (interrupts) Don’t waste your time! If I wanted to, I could crush you like the roach you are.

Jason: Then what do you want from me?

(She points at him.)

Rita: You.

Jason: Me?

Rita: You; the leader of the power rangers. I’ve come to request your services. Join me, and we can conquer Earth together.

(Jason scoffs at the idea.)

Jason: What? Do you think I’m crazy? I’d never join you!

Rita: Oh, would you rather continue playing second fiddle to Tommy?

Jason: What?

Rita: I’ve been watching what’s going on, that annoying green ranger is hogging the spotlight. Everyone loves Tommy; he even has his own cool theme song. No one appreciates you Jason, and you lead the stinking team! But I appreciate you Jason. I know you’re the backbone of the group, heck you’ve even defeated Tommy before in battle. Without you, I would have crushed those rangers before they could figure out the phrase “It’s morphin time.” So join me, I will treat you right.

(Jason doesn’t respond right away; he lets what Rita said about Tommy ‘hogging the spotlight’ sink in. Still, his mind is made up.)

Jason: Never!

Rita: (sighs) I figured you’d resist. So I brought along friends to help you… see things my way.

(Within seconds Jason is swarmed by a pack of putties. Seeing himself
cornered, he tries to contact the others.)

Jason: Guys come in! Guys, do you read me.

(But his communicator is jammed; Rita’s presence blocked any signals from getting out. Her subsequently wicked laugh would indicate that she knew that and that Jason would have to get out of this alone. Before he could say anything he’s jumped from both sides by oncoming Putty Patrollers. Being forced to think fast, he ducks; sticking out his left hand to block one from reaching near him while using his right to upper cut the other; he follows by taking the putty on his left and lifting over his head, crashing him against a tree. He’s kicked in the gut however from one right in front of him before being punched in the back from one behind him. They repeat this combo again until he falls to his knees.)

Rita: Yes, yes take him down!

(From there, the putty in front of him tries to wind up and punt his head right off, but perhaps out of desperation, Jason reaches out and manages to grab his foot.)

Rita: Uh oh…

(Jason rises to his feet; still holding onto the putties foot. Looks behind in and nearly knocks the head off the putty behind him with a kick before spinning the putty in front of him backwards and nearly knocking his head off with another kick. Before anymore putties can approach him, Rita groans impatiently and aims her wand at him.)

Rita: Alright, I see where this is going. I’m just gonna have to take matters into my own hands.

(From out of her wand comes a ray of light that wraps itself around Jason and causes him to helplessly fall to the ground with his arms to his side.)

Jason: No! Let me go!

Rita: You won’t come with me Jason so I shall just have to take you. Say goodbye to this planet before we go, because today marks the beginning of the end of Earth as you know it. AHAHAHAHA!!!

Jason: NOOOO!! You’ll never get awa--

(His words are cut off as they disappear in a flash; leaving only Jason’s gym bag behind. A little later at the command center while Tommy and Alpha work diligently on the staff, the alarms go off.)

Alpha: Ay ya, ya, ya, yai!

Tommy: What is it Alpha?

(Alpha walks over to his control panel to figure out what’s wrong.)

Tommy: Is it that ‘extraordinary power’ Zordon was talking about?

Alpha: I… don’t think so. (Continues pushing buttons) In fact…

(Alpha scratches his head.)

Alpha: I’m not sure what’s wrong. Could it be a false alarm?

Tommy: Hmm. That’s strange. How often does that happen?

Alpha: Never. Except… hmm... I can’t seem to find Jason anywhere.

Tommy: Jason’s missing?

Alpha: N-no. No wait, I found him. (Relieved sigh) He’s on his way to the Juice Bar.

Tommy: Oh good. You should warn him though in case anything does come up.

Alpha: Good idea.

(Alpha pushes a few buttons before being able to reach Jason who’s slowly marching through the deserted Juice Bar parking lot with a pair of sunglasses; the surefire sign that he’s evil now.)

Jason: What do you want?

Alpha: Jason, the alarms have gone off in the command center. But I can’t seem to find anything.

(Jason tisks disappointedly while shaking his head.)

Jason: Alpha, Alpha, Alpha… Zordon’s gone five minutes and you’re already screwing things up.

Alpha: Just keep your eyes peeled and keep the other rangers close to you. I’ll notify you if I see anything.

(He smirks)

Jason: Don’t worry Alpha; I’ll keep the others very, very close to me.

Alpha: Oh tha…

(He disconnects with Alpha. Slowly he turns his head up toward the Juice Bar and briefly pulls down his shades to reveal his eyes glowing bright red. He pulls them back up and continues toward the Juice Bar. Already inside, Kimberly and Trini enter and join the others.)

Trini: Hi guys!

(Billy’s caught off guard with Trini’s entrance and becomes instantly nervous.)

Billy: Oh, hey Trini… hey Kim.

Kimberly: Hey Billy.

Zack: (smirks) Hey Trini.

(She lightly rubs Billy’s shoulder who gets even more flustered before taking the seat between him and Robbie. The latter quickly starts seething before an unwitting Trini turns to him flashes an adoring smile.)

Trini: Hey Robbie! How are you?

Robbie: Fantastic!

(Just then he hooks his foot around the leg of her chair and pulls her closer to him and away from Billy. He yanked her so hard she nearly fell off the other end; though, no one noticed but Trini, who thought he was playing around.)

Trini: (giggles) Whoa… I can tell!

Kimberly: So what are you guys up to?

Zack: Just this and that… mostly talking about Billy and how great he looks today.

Robbie: We were?

Zack: Yeah, right? We were saying how great his new suspenders look. Don’t they look nice Trini?

Trini: Yeah, I suppose.

Zack: You suppose? Nah, my man is stylin’. And not only that, but he’s smart too; definitely a catch for any lucky lady.

Robbie: You should ask him out to the prom then.

(Trini bursts out laughing at Robbie’s retort, while Zack fires him an angry glare; seeing that his well-intentioned efforts aren’t going anywhere, Billy steps up and takes over.)

Billy: Hey Trini… uhm, whenever you have the opportunity, could I just possibly have a moment of your time in a more secluded setting? I have something of great importance to speak with you about.

Trini: Sure Billy, is everything okay?

(He begins sweating profusely.)

Billy: W-well, potentially… But I feel like… things will work out just fine.

(He flashes a nervous smile, much to Robbie’s secret disdain.)

Trini: Well we can just talk right now. Come on, you wanna step into the hallway real fast?

Billy: Uhm… sure!

Trini: Let’s go.

(Trini gets up out of her chair and starts heading toward the exit while waiting behind for Billy, who takes a while to summon the courage. Once they both reach the hallway however, they nearly get bowled over by someone coming in and have to dart out of the way at the last second.)

Billy: Whoa!

Trini: Whoa!

(Jason nonchalantly walks through them and enters looking as if he owns the place. He doesn’t apologize, or even says hi to his friends at the table. He heads directly toward one of the bench press machines and chooses one occupied by Bulk with Skull spotting. And without so much as even waiting for Bulk to finish his set, he slams his gym back right next to their ears.)

Jason: MY turn.

(The two are startled as Skull lets out an effeminate squeal. He lets go of the weigh, letting it crash on Bulks chest which knocks the wind out of him. Bulk becomes furious. He pushes the weight off of him and gets up to face Jason eye to eye.)

Bulk: You got something to say to me?

Jason: You have a hearing problem? I said this is my machine. Pack your crap and get out of here.

(The other rangers grow concerned and slowly start inching away from their tables to make sure nothing goes down. Bulk on the other hand has been waiting for the opportunity for a while and begins cracking his knuckles. He points his finger in Jason’s face before beginning.)

Bulk: Well, well, well Skull, looks like the karate kid wants to be a karate man. Well, let me tell you something, I don’t care if you bought the freaking thing, I was here first. And last I checked I run this joint. I’m the big dog around here, not you, got it?!

Skull: Plus, there are like, five other empty machines right next to this one…

(But Jason doesn’t appear in the least bit concerned. He instead grabs Bulk forcefully by the collar and amazingly picks him up off the ground.)

Jason: Well, let me tell you something “big dog” if you ever point your stupid finger at me like that again… I’ll personally neuter you. And then, I’ll spade your little female dog over here.

(He turns to Skull as he whimpers like a scared dog would.)

Jason: Got it?!

(Jason’s glasses slide a bit down his nose, allowing Bulk to stare Jason right in the eye. Once he sees them flash bright red he becomes instantly frozen with fear. Bulk fumbles with his words and eventually decides to just back off once Jason lets him go. He motions for skull to grab his stuff, and then grabs him by the jacket as they hightail out of there. Jason watches them leave and grins before setting up and bench pressing himself.)

Kimberly: Weird.

Zack: Jason man, what was that about? Man, Bulk didn’t even do anything to you.

Jason: Not today. But since I met them, they’ve been nothing but trouble to me. It’s about time I start taking out the trash; and they’re only the beginning.

Zack: Taking out the trash? Dude, you’re acting like a bully; no better than they are.

(Jason seems to take exception to this and lets the barbell crash behind him as he shoots up furiously to face his best friend. However, Zack appears to in no way want any confrontation.)

Zack: Relax bro; I’m not looking for a fight.

Jason: Bully? Is that any way to talk to your leader?

Kimberly: Leader?

Robbie: You aren’t letting this Zordon thing get to your head, right? Cause that doesn’t mean you can make a fool out of yourself in public.

Jason: But what it does mean is that you don’t get to question my methods. Zordon picked me for a reason. He recognizes my value, but it doesn’t seem like any of you do.

Billy: Huh? That isn’t true.

Jason: It isn’t? Cause I’ve led the team from the beginning, saving Angel Grove, AND each of your butts time after time again. But if I didn’t know better, I’d think Tommy were the leader of this team; he at least seems to think so himself. I’ve busted my hump for you guys countless times, while Tommy kisses on Kimberly at the Juice Bar. He gets the girl, the fame and all your admiration, while I get a minimum wage job at a burger joint.

Kimberly: Okay, like, what on earth are you talking about?

Robbie: I think he has us confused with five year olds.

Trini: Jason, this looks like something we need to all sit down together and rationally talk abo...

(He cuts her off.)

Jason: Enough talk; time for action. I’m sick of getting pushed into the background and I’m sick of all of you.

(Jason tears through the crowd of other rangers before angrily storming out; leaving his friends utterly stupefied.)

Robbie: If it’s any consolation, I don’t like Tommy either.

(Zack isn’t finished though and decides to chase after him. The others shortly follow. Meanwhile, back on the moon, Rita delights in how effective her spell on Jason is and looks to capitalize.)

Rita: Ahaha! It’s going better than I even planned. It seems the goody, goody red ranger had all this animosity building inside of him the whole time. He just needed me to help him flip the switch and allow him to really say what’s on his mind.

Goldar: Yes, it does appear to be working quite well my queen. Still, I’d be cautious; the Power Rangers have gotten out of similar circumstances before with the green ranger; I’d plan my next move carefully if I were you.

Rita: Well, you’re not me. So don’t you worry, I’m way ahead of you.

(She steps away from her balcony and towards Finster’s workshop, where he’s already at work on something big.)

Rita: Finster, I need one of your monsters and make it fast.

(Goldar arrogantly scoffs.)

Goldar: Finster? The Alliance of Evil is threatening to banish you and Finster’s your ace in the hole? The only thing his monsters are good at are blowing up. You might as well put in your two weeks’ notice right now.

Finster: Ignore that buffoon my empress. And I have not just one monster for you, but four.

Rita: Four? You’re sending down more than one monster at a time? Why didn’t I ever think of that?

Finster: I’ve looked at my past history and am bringing back the four monsters that have given the rangers the most trouble: King Sphinx, the Lizzonator, Shellshock and Catty Cat.

Rita: Excellent. We’re gonna catch them by surprise too. Goldar can go down there with Scorpina and act as a diversion. Then, when the timing’s right… BAM!

Goldar: But what will you do with the green ranger? Surely, he’ll come back if the staff is used and you know how much of a thorn in the side he can be.

(Rita cackles with excitement.)

Rita: Oh don’t worry; I’m already ahead of you…. Hahaha!

(Back on earth, Zack and the others chase after Jason. They wander into the park when they spot him marching away from them about twenty yards away.)

Zack: Look, there he is. Jason! Jason, hold up!!

Jason: …

(They go into a dead sprint after him but Jason acts as if he doesn’t even hear them. They don’t go much farther however, as Kimberly spots something out of the corner of her eye and lunges to the ground.)

Kimberly: DUCK!!!

(Everyone drops as a fire beam zooms right by where their heads. They feel the heat zoom past them before it erupts into a deafening ball of flame several feet behind them. They look up to see the two familiar faces responsible for it.)

Zack: Goldar!

Trini: Scorpina!

Goldar: Not so fast ‘Powerless Rangers!’ Gyahaha…

Scorpina: How clever you are, my darling.

Goldar: Am I? Cause I just thought it up on the way over here.

Zack: What do you want? We don’t have time for you two clowns.

Scorpina: Oh but on the contrary, there’s never been a more perfect time!

(Scorpina throws her sharp edge boomerang at the group, who has to scatter yet again. This time it narrowly misses Zack who has to fall backwards to avoid having his skull split in two. Her weapon goes full circle and finds its way back into her hands, almost like it has a mind of its own. The rangers take one last look toward Jason, who is almost out of sight before realizing that they’re on their own.)

Zack: It’s morphin time!





"Saber-toothed Tiger!"

(Despite missing their leader they leap into action. While further up the hill, Jason finally stops and turns around. He has a smug look in his face and takes pride in knowing that his friends are going to suffer badly without him.)

Jason: Let’s see how much I’m appreciated when I’m not around to bail you out.

(While Jason reaches for his communicator and teleports away, the others charge preemptively at Rita’s top minions. The boys go after Goldar; managing to remain toe to toe with him briefly before Goldar manages to shake Robbie off with an elbow to the abdomen. He dodges Zack’s two swings at him before catching his fist on the third attempt. Zack writhes in pain as Goldar crushes his fist and takes him down to a knee. Then he picks him up and dangles him in mid-air before landing a blow to the stomach with his free hand.

The girls aren’t fairing much better with Scorpina either; they’re barely able to lay a finger on her. With Kimberly already floored, Trini tries her best to defend against her double edged boomerang using the blade part of her blade blaster, but after a brief stalemate, Scorpina pushes her away, giving her the opening to slice her across the chest and take her down in a cloud of smoke. She tries to get back up, but finds herself pinned down with Scorpina stomping on her neck. The yellow ranger panics; gasping and wheezing while Scorpina relentlessly adds more pressure. Billy hears Scorpina’s wicked laugh and upon seeing Trini getting the life choked out of her, tries to save her.)

Billy: Trini! Oh no, hold on!

(He gets up from the ground and tries to rush over to her, only to get yanked back by Goldar who has him by the belt.)

Goldar: Where do you think you’re going?

Billy: H-hey! Stop it, l-let me go!

Goldar: AHAHAHA! I don’t think so!

(Goldar pulls him back and locks him in a headlock. Then, simply to amuse himself, begins to give Billy a noogie. Finally Robbie knocks Scorpina off with a blast from his laser before rushing over to her aid.)

Robbie: Trini, you alright?

(She takes his hand and clutches onto his biceps as she takes several deep breaths.)

Robbie: It’s okay, I’m here for you.

(Robbie tries to comfort her and puts his free arm around her shoulder to pull her closer to him. However, she’s suddenly alarmed when she sees what’s going on the other end.)

Trini: (gasping) Billy… needs our… help.

Robbie: Really? It’s just a noogie.

(She takes his hand off her shoulder and uses his to bring herself back up to rush to Billy’s aid.)

Robbie: He’s wearing a helmet!!

(Despite their valiant efforts, the rangers seem overpowered by Rita’s top two henchmen. All is not lost though, as in the command center, Alpha nears a big breath through while comparing DNA samples.)

Alpha: Hmm… if I didn’t know better, I’d say…

Tommy: …

Alpha: (gasp) Oh my!

Tommy: What is it?

Alpha: It’s a match!

Tommy: Really?

Alpha: It’s a match, it’s a match, it’s a match!!!

(Alpha dances around the command center with childish glee; Tommy looks equally excited.)

Tommy: That’s amazing Alpha!!

Alpha: I know! The DNA on the staff is old and degraded, but… similar enough to predict safe power regeneration. Which means… the green ranger will fight again!

(An elated Tommy rushes over and gives Alpha a big hug and spins him around in circles.)

Tommy: You did a wonderful job!

Alpha: I did?

Tommy: You did days of work in just a couple of hours. Zordon would be proud of you.

Alpha: Yipieeee!!

Tommy: All I’ve been through; all the put falls and setbacks. The arguments with my friends, I’m ready to put that behind me and start fresh.

Alpha: Whoa, I’m getting diiiiizzzyyyy!

Tommy: Oh I’m sorry.

(Tommy finally sets him down in front of him facing the rest of the command center. Alpha’s initially a little wobbly legged and can’t see straight. But he soon as his vision clears he gasps.)

Tommy: What’s wrong Alpha, this is a happy moment.

“He’s right; cheer up Alpha!”

(Tommy gasps and without even turning around, his face turns pale white. He recognizes that voice anywhere.)


(Tommy slowly turns around and sees quite possibly the most unlikely, yet horrifying sight; Rita inside the command center standing right across from them accompanied by Squatt and Baboo. Tommy and Alpha remain frozen while the empress of evil waves around her wand with one hand, while secretly clutching Jason’s Tyrannosaurus power coin in the other.)

Squatt: Nice place you’ve got here.

Baboo: Yeah, very high tech; you guy’s sure are smart with your money.

Squatt: Didn’t know Zordon was a Hebrew name.

Alpha: (distressed) Aye ya, ya, ya, ya! Rita Repulsa; my worst fears have come true.

Rita: Is that anyway to welcome a guest? Aren’t you gonna offer me a glass of water?

(Tommy bravely steps forward and reaches for his back.)

Tommy: It’s morphin ti…

Rita: (scoffs) Oh please; we all know you’re shooting blanks Tommy. Don’t even bother.

Tommy: ….

Alpha: I demand you tell me how you got in here without a power coin!

Rita: You’re in no position to be giving me demands you tin can.

Alpha: …

Tommy: Quick Alpha, call the others, I’ll keep them occupied.

Rita: I’m afraid your friends already have their hands full at the moment. But don’t worry; I won’t be here too long. I’m just here for one thing; Squatt, the staff please?


(As Squatt reaches over for the staff, Alpha instinctively lunges for it like a mother protecting her child. He is struck down instantly though, as Rita points her wand at him with a shocking bolt of electricity. He convulses violently and tumbles awkwardly to the ground. A defenseless Tommy watches in horror as a blood curling scream for his life becomes warped shortly before it’s silenced when his voice chip fries. Tommy throws his hands up and pleads for Rita to stop, but it was too late. Alpha had already stopped moving. Tommy can’t believe it and doesn’t care that he doesn’t have any powers. With tears rolling down his cheeks, he shot up and threw his hardest punch at Rita’s face.)

Tommy: You’ll pay for this you…

(She catches his punch mere inches from her face. And without much effort, she’s able to crush his hand. He trembles in agony in front of her until she hears the bone snap. Then just like she did with Jason, tosses him away from her; letting him crash into the control panels in front of her which causes a loud explosion.)

Rita: Hmm. That reminds me. We need to trash this place so Zordon could never come back.

(She approaches Tommy’s presumably unconscious body lying on the floor and kneels over next to him.)

Rita: Guess that means goodbye, Tommy. But just so you know, none of this is my fault.

Squatt: It’s not?

Baboo: Sure looks like your fault.

Rita: No! It’s your friend Jason who gave me access to the command center. He seems to not like you very much and would like to see you suffer. And, between you and me, I think he thinks he’s better than you. But we all know how silly that is... I’m actually going to miss you though; like a hideous boil I’ve grown accustomed to, just before I pop you. Oh well.

(She gets up, and barks her next order.)

Rita: Burn this place down!! Ahahaha!!!

(Squatt and Baboo turn around to opposite directions and start smashing the control panels. They wreak havoc to the keyboards; ripping them off and tearing the wiring underneath. They leave no stone unturned as the command center begins catching fire quickly. Before they go, they both spot the viewing globe and at the count of three manage to knock it right off its stand; shattering it on the hard marble floor. It was soon becoming very hard to see through the black smoke, but Rita noticed all the power go out and considered it safe for her and her cronies to leave. While Tommy was left for dead, the others are hanging in there in the park against Goldar and Scorpina. They’ve fought back to a stalemate until knocking the two off balance and into one another.)

Zack: Alright guys, let’s take them down with our blade blasters.

Everyone: Right!

(They pull out their blade blasters and in unison, point at the two monsters and fire in their vicinity, knocking them into different directions. They celebrate a little prematurely though, as a strange overwhelming sensation seems to slowly take over them at once.)

Billy: I feel… funny.

Kimberly: Me too. What’s going on?

(The feeling of fatigue takes over them, feeling like a massive weight holding them down. A few of them even drop to their knees. For a split second, the rangers even demorphed involuntarily. It happened so quickly that the only ones to notice it are Goldar and Scorpina. And they knew exactly what had happened.)

Goldar: Hehehe, it looks like the job is done at the command center.

Zack: What job?! What did you do? If any of you laid one finger on Tommy or Alpha, I swear we’ll…

Goldar: SILENCE!

Scorpina: Don’t you worry your precious little heads. We’ll make sure you see your little friends, real soon.

(The entire teamed gasped at Scorpina’s discerning comment. But they didn’t have much time to respond or question further as Rita reappears inside of her castle on the moon and was looking to finish the job.)

Rita: Magic wand, make my monsters GRRRROOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!

(She leans back and hurls her wand toward the earth, where it lands somewhere close by causing a large rip in the floor underneath. Steam rises from the crevasse, engulfing both monsters. Before the rangers knew it, Goldar and Scorpina were now giants and matters just got worse. Desperately, Zack tries to reach Jason; though it doesn’t seem his communicator is working.)

Zack: Jason, come in. We need help Jason; pick up!

Billy: The communicators’ must be down.

(Trini tries her out to no avail.)

Trini: Yeah, mine isn’t working either.

Kimberly: What are we gonna do? We can’t form the Megazord without Jason.
(Robbie steps forward, clutching his fist in the air.)

Robbie: But we’ve still got my Zord! You know what that means.

Zack: We’re screwed.

Robbie: I call upon the power of the Stegosaurus!

(From a faraway jungle, the StegaZord heeds the brown rangers call and awakens. It lets out a mighty roar as it marches into battle.)

Zack: Mastodon Dinozord power!

(Through a thick cloud of the smoke coming out of its trunk, the Mastodon makes its way through the icy tundra.)

Billy: Triceratops Dinozord power!

(Billy’s Zord rolls through the desert, leaving a trail of dust behind it.)

Trini: Saber-toothed Tiger Dinozord power!

(Sensing the urgency, the Saber-toothed tiger leaps from a high cliff and tears through the rain forest.)

Kimberly: Pterodactyl Dinozord power!

(The soaring bird blasts through an exploding volcano and shortly joins the others as they enter Angel Grove. The rangers waste no time jumping into their respective cockpits.)

Zack: Zack here; we can do this guys.

Billy: Billy here; all systems go.

Trini: Ready for action!

Kimberly: Alright guys, let’s keep it together.

(Goldar points his sword at them, unleashing another fire beam. The beam hit so hard it rocked the earth underneath them, knocking them all off balance.)

Zack: AHHH!!!

Kimberly: AAARRRG!!

Robbie: (Groans) Enough wasting time; StegaZord combat mode engage!

(The Zord stops dead; kicking up dust in front of it. Suddenly a crank is heard from within as the four legged dinosaur rises to its hind legs. Its front paws stick out before flipping inside of itself and revealing a pair of fists. Its long, plated tail stiffens out as it gets in fighting stance.)

Robbie: StegaZord combat mode ready!

Zack: Alright, it’s five on two. Just give up, Goldylocks! You and your girlfriend!

(But the two don’t seem overly concerned about the numbers. Instead Goldar turns his head upward and seems to motion to the sky.)

Billy: What’s he doing?

Robbie: I don’t know.

Goldar: Now Rita!!!

(Back on the moon, Rita holds out her hand where her wand magically reappears. And just as fast and she gets it back, she chucks it back down toward earth.)


(The wand heads right back toward Angel Grove; causing yet another quake and a rip from the earth’s core. This time, when the steam pores out, other monsters that have been hiding since the battle started now grow along with Rita’s henchmen.)

King Sphinx: Gyahahaha!!

Shellshock: Does our appearance not ‘shock’ you?!

Catty Cat: We’re the next part of Rita’s puuurrrfect plan!

Lizzonator: I told you I’ll be back.

Zack: It’s a trap!!

Kimberly: Oh no, what are we gonna do?!?

Scorpina: Saying your prayers would be a good start. Hahaha!

Goldar: Gyahahaha!!

(Rita’s monsters surround the outmatched ranger’s Zords. They’re overwhelmed with a sense of defeat before anyone’s even thrown a punch. Meanwhile, somewhere downtown, a now morphed Jason walks to the very edge of a building and looks down on an unsuspecting public. He reaches his hand down for his blade blaster.)

Jason: Time to see who the big dog around here really is.

(He takes the blade blaster and points it at the civilians; still unaware of anything.)

Jason: And once the Ret-conian staff is in my hands, there’ll be no doubt who the best ranger is.

“Still won’t sell as many toys as me.”

Jason: Huh?

(He turns around to see the the green ranger staring him down, fully morphed. Go Green Ranger plays in the background.)

Jason: Tommy!!

(To be continued.)

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Oh snap! This is getting better and better; can't wait for the next episode.
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Thanks for the great feedback! Work on the new episodes already underway.
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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

Okay, okay.... I know I've had millions of delays and I already posted part one of episode 3 a few days back, but I'm pulling it cause I'm nearing the final scene of the whole episode and would prefer posting it all at once. HOWEVER, I am finished with Robbie's storyline. I think you'll really appreciate it and I enjoyed writing it and kind of giving him a back story to base my character off of. I hope to have the episode done today, but by no later than Wednesday. Enjoy!

Robbie Clemente's Episode Guide

1. Day of the Dumpster: Hanging out by himself in a table by the corner, he is unfamilar with the rest of the group and is annoyed by them. He gets caught up in the Earth quake though and is sent to the command center. He is initially sceptical, but notes that a giant head did just magically transport them all to the middle of the desert. He is given the power of the Stegosaurus. The StegaZord does not appear in battle though as he is kept busy fighting off putties.

2. High Five:
He mocks Trini for such a ridiculous fear when just last week she piloted a massive robot. Doesn't do much else.

3. Teamwork: Is essentially forced to help the girls petition against a big industrial company when everyone else found an excuse to not join. Complains the whole time.

4. A Pressing Engagement: StegaZord debuts along with rangers power crystals.

5. Different Drum: Is unaware that Kimberly’s friend is deaf and tries to hit on her, becoming angry when she ignores his advances.

6. Food Fight: Robbie runs a Caribbean food stand, filled with spicy foods. It's that very stand that the Pudgy Pig ignored that lead to its demise.

7. Big Sister:
After the little girl Maria is mean to him, he berates her and makes fun of her unibrow.

8. Eye Guy: In detention/ not seen

9. For Whom the Bell Trolls:
Joins other rangers in battle.

10. Happy Birthday(Robbie): He replaces Zack in this plot. It’s his birthday and while he doesn’t expect much (Never has gotten a true birthday) he at least expected the others to acknowledge it. When they refused to even speak to him, became upset and left school to ponder his place in the group. That’s when he is attacked by the Knasty Knight. Is left speechless by the end when he realizes they had planned a surprise party.

11. No Clowning Around: Joins others in the carnival, despite an irrational fear of clowns. Stays to himself, but shouts at Trini when she loses her cousin Silvia gets kidnapped by one of them, assuming the clown has already had its way with her and left her face down in a ditch. The others wonder what on Earth happened in his childhood.

12. Power Ranger Punks: Laughs at the ‘punks’ and ultimately helps Zordon and Alpha reverse the spell.

13. Peace, Love and WoeAppeared only briefly and encouraged Billy to 'put an end to the gay rumors.'

14: Foul Play in the Sky: Fights and struggles along with the other rangers.

15. Dark Knight: Didn't appear.

16: Switching Places: Instead of Billy switching brains with Kim, Robbie switches brians with her. And while Robbie’s body is now dressed up very clean and pretty boyish (Kim stating ‘It used to be like a jungle’) Kim’s body spends all day in the shower.

17-21: Green With Evil: Didn't trust the new kid from the start and his feeling was reinforced when the team found out it was Tommy who was in fact the green ranger. Tommy knew prior to becoming evil that Robbie didn't like him so he targeted him after trapping Jason in the dark dimension. This culminated in a battle between the Dragonzord and the Stegazord. A battle in which he was forced to retreat from after momentarily having the upperhand.

22: Trouble with Shellshock: Draws to himself while the others play basketball. Leaves before trouble starts and doesn’t fight.

23. Itsy Bitsy Spider: Mocks Zack’s fear of Spiders.

24. The Spit Flower:
Agrees that putties wrecking Kim’s float was ‘unnecessary.’

25. Gung Ho: Asks Trini why she couldn’t just say ‘Work together’ instead of ‘Gung Ho’ (‘We get it, you’re Asian.’) Fights with the others.

26. Lifes a Masquerade:
Dresses like a dead Saddam Hussein to a poor response from the others.

27. Wheel of Misfortune: Is not seen/ in detention for refusing to participate; calling play ‘gay’

28. Island of Illusion (both parts): Began to fade upon ‘losing’ the others when in actuality, he just couldn’t see them. He became upset that the others left him behind yet again, but is brought back upon memories of his birthday.

30. The Rockstar: Instead of Jason visiting his cousin Jeremy, Robbie visits a distant niece Laura whom he never sees but she looks up to him, though Robbie doesn’t understand why. He and his friends morph to protect her from Scorpina and Rita’s latest monster.

31. Calamity Kimberly: Makes fun of Kimberly and calls her melodramatic.

32. A Star is Born: Robbie is trapped with the others, leaving Tommy to save them.

33. The Green Candle: Helps the others

35. Birds of a Feather: Not seen/ sent to detention

36. Clean up Club:
Absolutely refuses to help Trini; she suckers him into it anyway, but complains the entire time.

37. A Bad Reflection on You:
Dark Robbie is actually very nice and pleads with the others to not ruin the water fountain. When sent to detention, Robbie walks the others through the experience, not amused by Bulk and Skulls antics.

38. Doomsday: Fights with the others; StegaZord takes massive damage in the fight.

41. Rita’s seed of Evil: Not seen.

42. A Pig Surprise: Instead of Bulk and Skull buying the pig, Robbie does, stating it reminds him of his father. When asked if his dad owned a farm, Robbie looks confused.

43. Something Fishy: States that if Billy’s afraid of fish, he’ll never get laid. Billy doesn’t get what he means by that.

44. Lions and Blizzards:
Fights with the others.

45. Crystal of Nightmares: Notes the homo-eroticism of the boys jumping on the bed, throwing pillows at one another. Other than that, he becomes afraid to fight when he has a bad dream that he would one day be relied upon to save the others and thus, the world, and that he would fail miserably.

46. To Flea or Not to Flea: Feels badly for Ernie with the rest.
47. Reign of the Jellyfish: Wonders why Rita doesn’t just bury her own capsule.

48. Plaque of the Mantis: Teases Trini initially, but tries to help her later on when he finds out she left to fight the Mantis alone.

49. Return of an Old Friend: His parents do not show up to the reunion; however when Trini talks to him, he is totally fine as his niece coming over to visit. Becomes enraged and fights with the others when she is trapped in the dark dimension along with everyone’s parents; gives up his power coin to save her.

51. Grumble Bee: Doesn’t appear/ in detention for an inappropriate doodle he drew on his exam about Mr. Kaplan.

52. Two Heads Are Better Than One: Mocks Jason and Tommy, calling them dumb jocks.

53. Fowl Play: Fights with the others after already getting in trouble.

54. Trick or Treat: (On the Rapping Pumpkin) ‘This monster is why Kurt Cobain shot himself.’

55. Second Chance: Doesn’t fight with the others and goes home after taking note of the bad child actor.

56. On Fins and Needles: Fights with the others.

57. Enter… the Lizzonator: Not seen.

58. Football Season: Wonders why Billy is on the football team.

59. Mighty Morphin Mutants: Joins the others.

60. An Oysters Stew: Gives Zack bad advice on how to ‘bag’ Angela; telling himall women want you to take her out to an expensive dinner and buy her jewelry, stating ‘If your credit cards still have a balance in them, you’re doing it wrong.’ Kimberly and Trini disagree.
WTF?!!?!? I'm sorry but... what!?
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Ugh...I hate when people do that with their gary stus...
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