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Thanks Internutt, I appreciate the great feedback! This story was kinda tricky because of the more serious tone and message so I was hoping the readers liked it. I'm also liking your fan fic so far also; lots of great fics on this site. Great place to draw inspiration.

BTW to everyone: The next 'episode' will likely be posted after the holidays. With finals coming up and the holidays themselves, it's gonna be tough to get any work done. I will try and write a rough outline soon and give a short preview of it in the next few days.
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It's good to read stories that mix fun into the serious aspects of the story. It is what power rangers is all about. I let my story get far too serious early on, but that was the angle I was taking so it does still work. I'm at the half way point of my story, its working towards a Dairanger suit change.

What sort of ideas do you have for this story? I loved the shut up Tommy moment so I'm wondering how you plan the loss of his powers mixed in with a possible Zedd appearance, or how you would work in the Brown ranger into that, or if you just give him Tor? Sorry if you've addressed these at the start of the thread, I'm on my phone at the moment.
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I haven't addressed any of those yet so fair questions.

Without going into too much detail, I plan on continuing the 'Tommy loses his powers' story arch up until he actually loses his powers. Which partially answers your second question. It's not in stone yet, but after I finish my 20 season 1 episodes and after a short break, I'll move onto season 2. (To factor in stuff like the peace conference.)This means Robbie will continue as a character. I probably won't tack episodes on in the end like I'm doing with season 1 but write episodes in chronological but non consecutive order. I have no clue as to what his zord will be yet or whats even going to happen or how many seasons I'm going to write about; probably until I write Robbie off. I'm still really focused on season 1 though so nothing after this is set in stone.
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On the Next Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

It's election time at Angel Grove high and things are about to get heated as our heroes compete against one another. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa has a plan to use that to her advantage as she releases her next monster and forces the candidates to fight together despite the fact that they're too concerned fighting each other. Can they pull it together in time to veto Rita's evil plan? Find out next time on The Great Debate.

To be posted in early January.

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So I did a little tweaking, and I made the fan fiction a lot easier to navigate through. If you go back to the first post, I've added links to every episode written so far, as well as the Robbie episode guide, as well as the character bios I wrote before I started the fan fic. I did this to make everything more accessible to new readers and allow all readers to jump to any chapter without sifting through posts. I've also updated the character bios themselves as I found them to be a little out of date and irrelevant to what the story has transformed into.

I hope you guys like the changes. And for those of you waiting, I'll begin writing episode 65 by the end of this week. I'm still realistically aiming for an early January release, but the last episode took me four days to complete so who knows?
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Wow this is some good shit, man!
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Thanks a lot man!
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Prism Flash
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with the holiday craziness I'm so far behind I need to read the last 2 eps
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Flashman! What's up?! Here I thought I'd just lost a reader. I hope you at least enjoyed the ones you've read so far. And I expect the new ep to be up sometime next week.
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Fan Fiction Author
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Episode 65 - The Great Debate

(We begin today’s episode in the halls of Angel Grove high, where the lockers are almost completely covered with brightly colored posters. Same goes for every tree in Angel Grove and every stuffed trash bin surrounding them. However, the eye popping posters were in full effect at the Juice Bar, where we join Billy, Zack and Tommy, decked out in Uncle Sam hats, enthusiastically handing them out in support of their friend Kimberly for an upcoming election.)

Tommy: (To random person) Here you go man; vote for Kimberly!

Billy: Kimberly for class president!

Zack: Hey guys, do this school a favor and vote for Kim; the only candidate in this race. She’s got looks, she’s got charisma, she’s got great ideas for this school; and best of all? She’s got ‘Hart.’

(A small crowd of her passerby’s surround them anxiously reaching for her new flier.)

Random man: Tell Kim I love her!!!

Random woman: She’s the candidate I’d like to have a beer with!!!

Random man 2: She sooo hot!

Tommy: Man, looks like everyone’s on board the K Train. You’re an awesome campaign manager Zack.

Zack: Well, she’s an awesome candidate. I’m only preaching the truth my brotha!

Tommy: (laughs) Well at this rate, it’ll be a landslide!

(Kim excitedly rushes into the Juice Bar, grinning ear to ear.)

Kimberly: Great news everyone!

Billy: What's up Kimberly?

Kimberly: (joyful) I’m ahead in the polls!

Tommy: That’s great!

Kimberly: Yeah I know! I’m so excited; I’ve been waiting for this moment since I started high school. …and with only a week left to go too. And even better, tomorrows the day where the candidates get to go up on stage and tell the whole school what we’ll do as class president. I’ll finally get my voice out there and make a difference for the better.

Tommy: Well, no matter what happens to you from here on out Kim, I just wanna tell you how proud I am of you. The drive you’ve shown and the dedication you have for improving our school has left me in complete awe.

Kimberly: (flushed) Tommy stop it; you’re making me blush!

Tommy: (smiles) …

Kimberly: Oh, by the way, where are the others?

Zack: Oh, well Jason’s out spending time with his uncle and Trini and Robbie… they’re right over there.

(Zack points by the bar stools where Trini and Robbie are seated together, seemingly working on something. Kim grabs some posters from Tommy and skips over towards them.)

Kimberly: Hey guys!

Trini: Oh hey Kim!

Robbie: Hey.

Kimberly: I just thought I’d let you guys know, that I’m running for class president, and I’d really love your support.

(She hands them over to Trini who gladly takes a glance at it.)

Trini: Awesome.

Robbie: (sarcastically) You are? See, cause I’ve been living in a fox hole the past month so thanks for keeping me up to date. And thanks for the incessant wall posts on my facebook page; you can stop now.

Kimberly: (laughs) I just wanted to make sure all my friends got the message. What are you guys doing by the way?

Trini: Oh, Robbie’s helping me with my art project. I’ve got to draw a collage of my idea of the perfect world and he’s helping me put them on paper. I’m thinking something that describes world peace; maybe have several people of different origins holding hands?

Kimberly: Oh… Trini, I though I was gonna help you with that.

Trini: Yeah… but you’ve been so busy the past few weeks and Robbie volunteered to help me. Besides, Robbie’s really good!

Robbie: I showed her a political cartoon I drew about Mr. Kaplan and she loved it.

Kimberly: …

Robbie: …well, it wasn’t so much political as it was just Kaplan nailing a donkey. But I digress…

Kimberly: Have you two noticed that you’ve been spending a lot of time together? People are starting to talk.

Robbie: Who’s talking?

Kimberly: (hesitantly) …people.

Trini: Kim, it’s just a project.

Kimberly: Will you at least show up for my speech tomorrow?

Trini: Absolutely Kim; I’m always here to support you.

Kimberly: What about you Robbie?

Robbie: (shakes head) I don’t trust politicians, sorry Kim.

Kim: Huh?

Robbie: They hide behind this squeaky clean persona and will say anything to get people to elect them. And once they do, the masks drop and they forget the very people who elected them. The only people they care about are themselves. I’m sorry Kim, but I’ll pass.

Kimberly: Robbie, this is just a school election, I’m not running for senate. Please just give me a shot. You and I have been friends long enough to warrant that at least right? I mean well for this school…

Trini: Just go Robbie. Hear her out and base your decision to vote afterwards. It couldn’t hurt right?

Robbie: (sigh) Fine. I’ll go.

Kimberly: (smiles) Great! You won’t regret it.

Trini: Who are you running against anyway?

(And just on cue, Bulk and Skull march in tossing around campaign posters, confetti and twirling around noise makers. Bulk waves at the people inside in a pseudo regal manner before reaching towards his chest to adjust the fake tie that’s printed on his t-shirt.)

Skull: Ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls, students of Angel Grove high… I bring you a real candidate. The candidate of change! The candidate that’s gonna clean up politics and set the record straight; please welcome the next class president, Farkus Bulkmeier!

Kimberly: Farkus… Bulkmeier.

(The duo spots Kim and cockily head toward the stools where Bulk puts his arm around an uncomfortable Kim’s shoulder.)

Bulk: Well, well, well… if it isn’t my opponent herself. What are you doing around here honey buns? We all know the Juice Bar is a Bulk state. So don’t even waste your time coming here.

Skull: Vote for Bulkie.

(Skull hands Robbie and Trini a campaign poster, containing a photo of Bulk in drags with obvious spelling errors. The two couldn’t help but laugh.)

Bulk: (angrily) What’s so funny?! For your information Kinko’s was about to close and we were in a rush so we had a few typos.

Robbie: But this was written in crayon…

Bulk: Look, that’s not the point you little…

(Skull tries to restrain his candidate just as he’s about to make a fist.)

Skull: Bulkie… no.

Bulk: Oh… (Clears throat) I mean… don’t let these posters get in the way of your vote… handsome.

Robbie: I’m intrigued. But how will you act as president?

Bulk: Great question! As president, I will act with the bravery of Lincoln, with the leadership of Washington, the charm of Kennedy… and the vengefulness of Andrew Johnson!

Trini: Andrew Johnson?

Skull: Yeah. You thought the trail of tears was historic; just wait till your grandkids read about the trail of dweebs!

(Kim cracks a reassuring smirk as both Robbie and Trini shake their heads disapprovingly. Meanwhile on the moon, Rita looks on through her giant telescope.)

Rita: So, the pink ranger wants to be president, huh? How precious.

Baboo: We must try to destroy it somehow? Maybe one of us should run against them and win?

Goldar: Don’t be a fool; nobody will throw their vote away on a third party candidate.

Rita: Ah, but we must do something. Kimberly’s gonna need our ‘endorsement’ if you know what I mean… HAHAHAHA!!!

Squatt: (to Baboo) What’s she talking about?

Baboo: Beats me…

(Meanwhile, next day back on Earth, we join the rangers and every student in Angel Grove high in a packed school auditorium covered top to bottom in red, white and blue streamers and signs for each candidate. Bulk is just finishing an impassioned speech.)

Bulk: But make no mistake… the second I get elected into office, I will make it my priority to ban all marriages between two dweebs.Thank you all and God bless our school!

(Bulk wipes off the sweat from his brow as he walks off stage to a modest applause. Skull is the only exception; who’s up from his seat to clap loudly. Behind him however we could see Jason, Zack, Trini, Tommy and Billy clapping half-heatedly. Zack leans over to whisper in Jason’s ear.)

Zack: You see? This is why Kimberly needs to be elected; if we vote this clown in the whole school’s going downhill.

(Jason just stares off inattentively.)

Tommy: Dude the future of this school is hanging into balance. Are you even listening?

Trini: Shhh! Kim’s up!

(Kim enters the stage to a much louder ovation. Her ranger friends also get up and clap supportingly.)

Kimberly: Thank you! Thank you everyone; wow!

(The auditorium quieted down as everyone took their seat; though still had an electric buzz in the air.)

Kimberly: I’d never thought I’d make it here today. I guess, if I were president… no, I KNOW if I were president, I’d immediately get to work on issues that matter the most.

Tommy: Here it goes…

Trini: I can’t wait!

Kimberly: First, I’d install make up dispensers inside the girls’ bathroom and make sure that no cheek bone will be left behind. And then I’m gonna take the fight to the field and get the school cheerleading squad brand new uniforms which will be used to motivate our team to yet another championship!

(She gets applause from the crowd, although a couple people are seen in the crowd scratching their heads.)

Kimberly: But that’s not all! And my next campaign promise had all students of Angel Grove high in mind. If I’m elected president the school library will receive a much needed upgrade.

Trini: Finally!!

Kimberly: That’s right; I will push for more magazine selections!

Trini: Oh…

(She gets an applause, however this time it seemed a little more out of courtesy than anything. Even the rangers are divided in visible approval; except for Jason, who still doesn’t seem to care.)

Kimberly: And finally I will work towards balancing the school budget. I will do this by adding more vending machines in the cafeteria as well as holding more bake sales to supplement school funds for new textbooks and sports equipment. Not to mention cutting ancillary groups that aren’t widely attended, such as the student scientist and Latin heritage club; as these clubs are the greatest offenders and huge wastes of school funds…

Billy: …

Tommy: (claps) Atta girl!

Kimberly: But I can’t do this alone, I will need the support of every one of my fellow classmates on this one. We face a tough battle up ahead, but with your help, I will help create a better school for each and every one of you…

Robbie: (loudly) Not me!

(The entire auditorium joins Kimberly in a collective gasp before turning around to see a late arriving Robbie standing in the middle of the aisle. The other rangers looked stunned.)

Kimberly: E-excuse me?

Robbie: You aren’t going to make the school better for me. The only person you’re benefiting by running for class president is yourself. I like you as a person, but as a politician it seems you’re either selfish or dangerously ignorant about what the school needs. And if I were the deciding vote and I voted for you, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

(The audience begins to mutter amongst themselves, as a horrified Kim doesn’t know how to respond.)

Robbie: These ‘promises’ are nothing but jokes. It’s like you saw Napoleon Dynamite and thought to yourself ‘Boy that Summer girl sure is smart!’ How about the bullying issue we have in this school? Will make up fix that problem?

Kimberly: Well no, but… Robbie if you don’t like something I’m saying, you can always…

(Kimberly can’t as much as get her thought out as Robbie brazenly marches toward the stage.)

Robbie: How about the fact that I need to work part time just to afford my school lunch? You might be just fine, but I’m not, and on most days, I simply don’t eat. And your attempt to appeal to the poor is more magazines in the library? I mean never mind the fact that I can’t afford to eat the schools frozen pizza’s and canned peaches, at least I know Luke Perry isn’t gay.

(Suddenly, those in the audience who were scratching their heads earlier are now starting to get up and rally behind Robbie; many of whom ripping off their buttons that read ‘Kim for President,’ as a quickly disgraced Kimberly just closes her eyes and buries her head into her hand.)

Kimberly: (softly) Robbie… what are you doing? You’re humiliating me…

Robbie: And I’d like to see you try and cut afterschool programs in favor of sports equipment. It’s bad enough Otis the first baseman is cramming everyone smaller than him into lockers, but you’re wanna give him a new bat to do it with? I think not.

(More and more people begin to get up and stand behind Robbie. Suddenly feeling as empowered and caught in the moment as Robbie is; they get swept up in passionate chants of ‘I think not!’ An utterly humiliated and dejected Kimberly has no choice but to quietly walk off stage.)

Robbie: None of these candidates represent what this school needs; you’ve got an out of touch airhead who thinks the department of treasury is a jewelry store and a guy who’s a goose walk shy of a potential tyrant. The student scientist doesn’t relate to either of these candidates, neither does the average C student who would be an A student but has to work part time after school to make ends meet. You guys need someone who will fight for YOUR interests!

Tommy: What is that idiot doing?!

Trini: I-I don’t know…

Zack: He’s ruining everything!

Robbie: You guys need… someone like me. Hmm… I guess that means I’m gonna have to run for class president now. Sweet... Vote for me everyone, goodnight!

(Tommy excuses himself from the group and leaves the auditorium that’s already erupted at the news of Robbie’s candidacy. Meanwhile, at the command center, Alpha looks on from the viewing globe and becomes concerned with what he sees.)

Alpha: Ay ya, ya, ya, yai! Zordon, did you see what just happened? Robbie just decided to run against Kimberly for class president. If I know one thing about politics, it’s that things are about to get dirty, real fast.

Zordon: I am aware of how humans typically handle public elections and the lengths they’ll go to for approval. Please keep an eye on them Alpha; my fear is that infighting will arise and Rita may try to take advantage of that.

(Meanwhile, on the moon...)

Rita: Ah, two rangers running against each other… I must take advantage of that.

Goldar: Those two will be at each others throats. If we focus on taking out the others, theirs no way they’d be able to save them. Exactly how we’ll get them is the question. What can we do that will require them to work together in a short amount of time before their friends expire….?

Finster: We can get candles.

Rita: Huh?

Goldar: (irritated) This is no time to decorate Finster, can’t you see Rita and I are thinking?

Finster: (shakes head) No, you don’t understand. Not scented candles, but power siphoning candles like we used on the green ranger. It all but destroyed his powers and I say we try to find more of that magic wax and create more. We hold the rangers hostage and make the pink and brown ranger go after them. They will be more concerned with one another while we’ll have wiped out five of seven rangers in one blow.

Rita: (amazed) Finster… I must say I’m impressed. Where did such a sadistic plan come from?

Goldar: You fool, their probably isn’t any more wax left anyway.

Rita: And that’s why you’re gonna go find some.

Goldar: Eh…?

Finster: Splendid idea! In the meanwhile, I’ll get to work on my latest monster to sidetrack the other two.

Rita: Excellent work Finster! If this plan works out, I may even give you that planet Goldar’s been whining about for god know how long!

Goldar: (fuming) What?!

(The next day, Kim is back at the Juice Bar. Except this time, she’s all alone and sulking to herself; surrounded by discarded banners and fliers with her face on it, many of which now carelessly scattered on the floor. Kim’s campaign seems to have lost its spark and she’s taking it pretty hard. Before long though, Tommy enters the Juice Bar and breathes a sigh of relief as he heads right towards her.)

Tommy: Kim there you are; I’ve been looking all over for you!

(Kim barely looks up)

Kimberly: (monotone) Hey.

Tommy: Kim, you nearly gave me a heart attack. I mean, you weren’t answering your phone calls… you missed school today. I mean, what’s that all about?

Kimberly: Oh nothing… so you know that whole campaign thing I’ve been talking about the past few months? Yeah, I’m gonna give it up.

Tommy: Give it up?! That’s insane! Why?

(Kim bends down and picks up a piece of paper from the floor; without saying anything the lays it in front of him.)

Tommy: What’s this?

Kimberly: The new election polls as of today. I found this laying around.

(Tommy picked up the sheet of paper to see a graph that read: Kimberly Hart: 40%, Roberto Clemente: 40%, Farkus Bulkmeier: 19.6%, Pat Buchanan: 0.4%)

Kimberly: Just yesterday I had a thirty point lead over my closest opponent. In one day it vanished. One day. One humiliating experience I don’t think I’ll ever live down.

(Her voice begins to crack as she hangs her head in shame; mostly to hide the tears fighting their way out.)

Kimberly: (sniffs) I just wanted this so bad you know? Be class president like my dad. But at this point, theirs no doubt Robbie’s gonna take the lead so I might as well give up. I just… I just can’t believe he… did this to me. He has the nerve to call me his friend as he does it too…

(Tommy huffs angrily as he moves closer to Kim and rests his hand on her shoulder.)

Tommy: Kim, I’m gonna let you in on a secret. Robbie’s no good; he’s incredibly selfish and always wants the attention on himself; and when it isn’t he doesn’t mind hurting those that bother to care about him in order to get his way. I tried to turn the other cheek with him, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. He had no right to do what he did; it was your moment and if he didn’t like it, if he disagreed he could’ve said so on his own time. Instead he took that as an opportunity to promote himself at your expense. He was wrong.

Kimberly: (sniffs) You really think so?

Tommy: I know so. You can’t tap out now, you’re better than that. Did the north just tap out during the Civil War when they lost the seven days battle? Did Martin Luther King tap out during the civil rights movement after getting spit on and pelted with rocks? Kim, did Jesus tap out?

Kimberly: (lifts her head) No, Jesus didn’t tap.

Tommy: He didn’t, neither of them did; because that’s the stuff of real leaders. Kim, if you give up now, you’re only proving him right by showing him you can’t lead. But this is your chance now to stand up in the face of perseverance and come out on top. Like only the best presidents have done.

Kimberly: You’re absolutely right Tommy, thank you! I don’t know what I’d do without you…

Tommy: (smiles) Well Kim, as your running partner, I say it’s time to turn up our campaign to another level. He wants to fight dirty, we’ll fight dirty. He forgets how much dirt we’ve got on him from simply knowing him; he doesn’t stand a chance. I’ll call Zack right now and the K train will be back on track!

(Kim’s face brightens up with a newfound desire. And as the song ‘Maniac’ by Michael Sembello fades into the backdrop, a fire lit up underneath her as she was determined to crush Robbie on her way to class presidency.)

Quickly, we fade into a montage involving a sharply dressed Kimberly back on her feet and handing out fliers in Angel Grove high. She’s shaking hands with everyone and anyone that passes by her.

Meanwhile, Zack and Tommy hang attack ads by the school cafeteria accusing Robbie of being ineligible for office due to his grades and demanding ‘to see a report card.’ All the while Kim stands at the end of the long cafeteria line by the register, buying everyone lunch; rich and poor alike. She also makes a guest appearance during a drug alternative class, explaining the dangers of marijuana and what it can do to you if you become hooked when suddenly she pulls down the projector screen revealing a photo of Robbie.

Kim see’s a sudden resurgence in both confidence and popularity as her masses return to her side; she frantically hands out fliers until she could no longer keep up with the demand and tosses the whole pile into the air.

(The music eventually fades and we return yet again to the Juice Bar; where this time, it’s Robbie who finds himself seated all alone. He’s nursing a half empty milkshake while sighing regretfully to himself. While hanging his head and lost in deep thought, he doesn’t even realize that Trini has come in, joined by Billy.)

Robbie: …

Trini: Robbie! Robbie, there you are…

Robbie: Huh? Oh… if you’re going to lecture me save your breath, I’m not in the mood.

(The two seat themselves beside him; he doesn’t even bother to look up.)

Trini: Reality kicked in huh?

Robbie: You can say that again; just realized what an idiot move I made. My distrust of politicians got the better of me and well… fast forward a couple days and I’ve single handedly alienated myself from the rest of the group. Now Kim’s kicking the crap out of me in the polls. I’ve yet to come up with a catchy slogan and she’s jumped out ahead by pounding me with attack ads.

Billy: They have been pretty rough lately. Coincidentally, Kimberly’s old friend Hannah’s been going around accusing you of making inappropriate comments towards her.

Robbie: Which is absurd; I barely know the girl.

Trini: …

Robbie: Honest.

Trini: Okay...

Robbie: Worst of all though, I think I really ticked Kim off. She hasn’t spoken to me since the speech. None of them have. Kinda makes me feel like a huge tool…

Trini: You would think she’d totally understand you completely upstaging her during her big moment. Honestly, you’re lucky all she’s giving you is the silent treatment. If it were me, I’d hand you a few of your own teeth to go with it

(Robbie continues to sulk to himself. Realizing it, she lightens up on him.)

Trini: But I know you. And I know you’re a really kind person behind your occasional lapses in judgment. I know you weren’t trying to hurt Kimberly’s feelings.

Robbie: I wasn’t. But the things I said up there I really believe; I mean maybe I should’ve told her privately, but I felt my intelligence being insulted. Like her plan to hold bake sales to afford a team bus for the baseball team? I can’t even join the sports teams cause I can’t afford the equipment! And you want me to buy a cupcake to help those who can?

Trini: You tend to just say whatever’s on your mind and call it like it is. I usually like that about you. But do you see why you were wrong in this situation?

Robbie: Yeah; I just wanted to put an end to that sort of mindset… But it’s become obvious I’m not up for the task; I have too many exposable flaws, and I obviously don’t have Kim’s budget. I barely have enough for my own fliers. I think I’m gonna just cut my losses and bow out…

Billy: Give up…? You can’t just give up.

Robbie: Huh? Wait, aren’t you campaigning for Kim?

Trini: He was. But that’s why we’re here; we don’t want you to quit now Robbie. In fact, we want you to win.

(Robbie’s eyes open wide with surprise.)

Robbie: What?! You guys are supporting ME?! After all I’ve done?! Trini, isn’t Kim your best friend?

Trini: She is, and I hope she’ll eventually forgive me for this, but I want to campaign for you. You may not be the perfect candidate with the squeaky clean record, but I feel like I know you well enough by now to know that your heart is in the right place.

Robbie: (stunned) Wow…

Billy: Your frustrations are genuine and they resonated with all of us not exactly benefiting from an imperfect system. Kimberly’s my friend, so I campaigned for her. But it wasn’t until I heard her speak that I realized our views on what’s best for this school deviate greatly.

Trini: Let me be your running mate and Billy your campaign manager; you have the ideas and the charisma, but you need a team behind you to smooth out the rough edges and make you a viable candidate.

Billy: I’ve already got donations from the chess and AV club; you’ve got their undying support.

Robbie: That’s awesome! I’ve even got an idea for a poster! Billy, remember when you switched my brain with Kimberly’s? Well, I was messing around with my camera and took some photos of her…

Trini: (interrupts) See this is what I mean when I say smooth out the rough edges…

Robbie: Oh… right, I got it. But you know what?

(He suddenly cracks a more confident grin as the song ‘Eye of the Tiger by Journey fades into the backdrop.)

Robbie: Angel Grove high has no idea what’s about to hit it.

We fade into a second montage where a reenergized Robbie storms through the halls of Angel Grove high, rallying his troops with an invigorating battle cry as Trini and Billy walk just steps behind him handing out fliers and hanging up a poster that strangely resembles what Trini described earlier as her ‘perfect world;’ only with the text ‘Robbie 94’

We also see Trini taking him to a local men’s outlet to pick out a brand new look. Robbie tries on several different outfits and models them in front of her; mostly to disapproving shakes.

Meanwhile, Billy reaches out to the AV club with a video Robbie made promoting his support of extra curricular groups. Trini hands off fliers made by Robbie to her Asian heritage club that state he’s the real deal with ‘No BS, No MSG.’ The head of the club looks at the flier momentarily before raising an eyebrow at Trini, who just smiles innocently and shrugs. Robbie in the meantime personally meets with kids of different cliques. He head bangs with the rockers, writes dark poetry with the Goths and gives suspicious looking handshakes to some shaggy looking boys before walking off nonchalantly.

Cut back to the men’s warehouse, where Robbie is still trying on suits; none of which his running mate likes on him. Despite his attire, Robbie’s back on track with his message and his supporters, which have taken to calling themselves ‘The huddled masses’ listen intently as he gives speech after speech like one in the Juice Bar where he calls his opponent a ‘Latte drinking, sushi eating, Volvo riding, Angel Grove Times reading elitist’ and that the claim that her policies will improve the school is like ‘putting lipstick on a pig.’

The music slowly begins to fade out as Robbie steps out of the dressing room one last time at the men’s warehouse, sporting a sharp white collared shirt with a dark brown blazer and slacks. He throws up his shoulders hopelessly, but Trini doesn’t immediately shoot it down. Instead, she gets up, walks towards him and feels up the blazer while eyeing him in it. The music stops as she locks eyes with him before cracking a knowing grin.

Robbie: (unease) …what?

Trini: (smiles) This… just got real.

(Meanwhile back on the moon, Goldar has returned from his long search.)

Goldar: I have returned my empress; I got the magic wax just like you asked oh great one.

Rita: (indifferently) Oh…? Oh good. Just hand them over to Finster so he can turn them into candles.

Goldar: Yes my queen, your wish is my command… as only you know best! Oh evil one…

Baboo: Hey Goldar, you’ve got some brown stuff on your lips, may wanna get that.

Goldar: (barks) QUIET!

Rita: Finster, how’s the monster coming along?

Finster: Just putting some final touches to it, but the Republicrat is ready to go; half donkey, half elephant, this monster will have twice the stubborn self righteousness with a vicious mean streak with no regard for human life.

Rita: Perfect! Now quickly make the candles, it’s almost time to attack.

(Rita scurries over to her oversized telescope and tries to locate the rangers.)

Rita: They’re all about to bump into each other at the park. Perhaps it’s time I send down the putties to soften them up.

(She flashes a boastful smile.)

Rita: (boastfully) Those two nitwits will be too busy fighting over a stupid election while the others will go down like John F. Kennedy; this can’t fail!

Squatt: (scratches head) They’re gonna sleep with Marilyn Monroe?

(We return to Angel Grove Park, where a sharply dressed Robbie is joined by Trini and Billy are seen heading one direction while a likewise well dressed Kim leads Tommy, Zack and Jason head towards the same road from the opposite direction. Both sides eventually meet, leading to an awkward stand-off.)

Robbie: Kim.
Kim: Robbie.
Tommy: Trini.
Trini: Tommy.
Billy: Zack.
Zack: …Billy.

Jason: (waves) Hi guys!!!

(The three just silently nod at him; barely moving their eyes before locking right back into a staring match with the others.)

Jason: What’s going on? Don’t tell me you guys are actually taking this stupid election stuff seriously.

Robbie: Stupid? Have you heard the things that harlot has said about me?

Kimberly: Me? You told the football team I’d sleep with them if they voted for you.

Robbie: Oh excuse me. I suppose that’s my fault for assuming that promise will be kept anyway.

Tommy: (disgusted) You’re a real piece of work…

Robbie: (derisively) You mad bro?

Kimberly: Great to see your friends true colors in times like these. Eh Trini?

Trini: This doesn’t have to be personal, Kim. I simply agree with Robbie more. I wish you luck on today’s debate regardless.

Kimberly: Yeah well just so you know you’re off my speed dial.

Trini: Why you little….

(Before Trini could finish her sentence, a fed up Jason finally steps forward.)


(The fighting suddenly stops and you could now hear a pin drop.)

Jason: You guys are honestly running on everyone's last nerve. This arguing is driving us apart. I don’t care who’s running against whom, we’re a team, and lately we haven’t been acting like one. If Rita were to attack us right now, she’d pick us apart easily cause we’d be too busy jumping down each others throats. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not having that. So I want you guys to apologize to each other, right now!

Robbie: …
Tommy: …
Trini: …
Kimberly: Whatever.

Robbie: Yeah dumb jock; what does he know about politics? Come on Trini, we’re gonna be late for the big debate which may go uncontested since I doubt they allow animals inside the school.

(Robbie and Trini head down the road toward Angel Grove high. Kim drags Tommy down a different path to avoid being around those two. Jason just sighs and shakes his head before being joined by Billy and Zack.)

Zack: You know; I am kinda sick of the fighting now that you mention it.

Billy: Me too; I kinda just want this to be over with so things could go back to normal again.

Jason: When is this whole election thing over?

Zack: Tomorrow. Today’s the big debate though.

Billy: And the two are deadlocked at the moment, so if you sensed any tension just now, that’s why. What are you off to do?

Jason: I was just gonna shoot some hoops, you guys wanna join?

Billy: (shrugs) Why not? They don’t need us from here on out. Plus I doubt they even notice we’re not with them.

Jason: (laughs) Man, I can’t wait till tomorrow.

(The three start to head toward the basketball courts for a nice relaxing game when from out of nowhere…)

Jason: Putties!

(Putties leap from the sky, quickly surrounding the rangers forcing them into a defensive stance.)

Billy: So much for unwinding.

Zack: Let’s fillibust their faces in!

(The rangers split up to try and hold back this ambush on their own like Jason, who’s still holding the basketball, decides to use it as a weapon and tosses a hard pass at one of them. The putty is barely able to react quickly enough to catch it in time but isn’t quick enough to see the spinning kick to the face that followed sending the ball flying in the air. Though while waiting for it to land, Jason multitasks and wastes no time disposing the other henchmen around him. Landing a quick knee to the gut to one followed by an elbow to the back taking it down. He follows by lunging towards another with a big boot to the chest and uses that as leverage to catapult himself in the air, turn around, catch the ball and kick the last putty patroller in the face.

Jason tosses the ball to Zack who quickly starts running around dribbling the ball; completely ignoring his opponents at first. However, they eventually get sick of just waiting around and two of them decide to throw themselves at him, only to be met with broken ankles as Zack pump fakes in right but heads left than spins around to drop the other one, all while still dribbling. A third plants himself in front of him; almost as if he’s playing defense.)

Zack: You want the ball? Come get it!

(He bounces the ball between its legs and lands a bicycle kick as it frantically reaches down to get the ball that dribbles away where it’s picked up by Billy.)

Billy: What do I do with this?

(As he retrieves it, he quickly finds himself double teamed and doesn’t know what to do.)

Billy: Uh oh…

(He ducks the first couple blows before getting pushed back. In peril, Billy uses the basketball as sort of a shield, but it surprisingly deals damage as it deflects what would have been a dead on punch from one of the putty patrollers and bounced right back to hit the putty patroller just behind it. Confused, it looks back to see what it’s done, then looks back to an equally confused Billy before getting pelted right in the face with the ball and going down for the count.)

Billy: Phew…

Jason: Was that the last of them?

Billy: I-I think so…

Zack: Man, looks like Rita’s got something planned for us. Today is the worst possible day for that. Not with the elections coming up.

(Before the rangers could get a chance to regroup or even catch their breath, a sudden, blinding light flashes in front of them and they are greeted with a chilling yet unfamiliar voice.)

“On the contrary, it’s never too late for a new candidate! Gyahahaha!!”

Jason: What’s that?!

Zack: Aw man… it’s an elephant!

Billy: It’s a donkey!


(In front of the rangers approached this colossal figure; with scaly grey skin, a big belly and bulging arms that looked even larger due to its noticeably dainty legs. The most noticeable thing about it however is that it instead of just one head, it had two. An elephant head on the right, a donkey on the left.)

Billy: Oh I see what they did there.

Republicrat: A new candidates entered the field except I only answer to one constituent… Rita Repulsa. And she has requested that you come with me. So come peacefully and I promise I won’t hurt you… much.

Zack: Man, I knew politicians were all evil, but this is ridiculous.

Jason: No way; we don’t do business with Rita! Come on guys, it’s morphin time!!!




(The now morphed rangers stood across from Rita’s evil new monster in a stand off awaiting the others first move.)

Republicrat: (elephant head talking) Y’all must come with me. Sometimes in politics, y’gotta compromise for the good of the people. I assure you it is in their best interest that you oblige.

Zack: Don’t preach to us about politics buddy; Billy and I are excellent campaign managers and we’ll blow you out of the water. Isn’t that right Billy?

Billy: Affirmative.

Republicrat: Is that so? Well, meet MY team!

(He extends both arms out to his sides, where a fresh group of putty patrollers appear.)

Republicrat: (Donkey head talking) Get them!!

(The putties charge after the rangers who follow suit. However this time, the rangers find themselves surrounded and struggle to fight them off as they seem to be getting pushed around.)

Zack: Theirs too many of them!

Jason: We’ve got to keep fighting!

(Jason tries throwing a punch at an enemy in front of him, but his blow gets caught by several others, who respond by yanking Jason around and pinning him down. Billy doesn’t have much luck either, nor does Zack whose attempted spinning heel kick left him caught in mid air. Meanwhile the two headed beast boasts fulsomely.)

Republicrat: Bahaha!!! Now I’ve got you; Rita will be so proud of me. Capturing the power rangers will definitely look good on my resume come election time.

Jason: Let us go!!

Billy: We’ve got to contact the others…

Zack: Where are you taking us?

Republicrat: Let’s just say… your terms are about to come to an end… mwahahaha!!

(And with a flick of the wrist, they all vanish into nothingness. A dire situation arises as Jason, Zack and Billy, nearly half the ranger team and the Earths defense against evil, are taken into Rita’s custody. Meanwhile, back on the moon...)

Rita: (Gloats) Yes! We did it!! We’ve got those stupid power rangers and their powers will soon be ours!

Finster: Well done my empress. The monster will begin siphoning their energy into the candles, where we can start draining them.

Rita: Yes, they’re already locked in my dark dimension; they’re all yours. And after you’ve lit the candles, stand guard and make sure they don’t try anything funny like try and escape. I want the monster to continue attacking Angel Grove therefore further distracting the others.

Finster: (bows) As you wish.

Goldar: (outraged) Wait, you want this guy to stand guard and stop the power rangers? Finster? He couldn’t stop school children. Let me at them instead my evil one, I promise I won’t let you down.

Finster: Actually, I wouldn’t mind a bit of company.

Goldar: (growls) Who asked you mutt!!

Finster: Err… pardon?

Rita: Very well then, just make sure you two don’t screw it up!

Goldar: Oh don’t worry, I won’t.

(Meanwhile, in the middle of a cold, hard cell that’s in the middle of a dark cloudy room, the now unmorphed rangers appear on the floor. Jason’s the first to start to rise to his knees, completely dazed and unaware of his surroundings; his main concern is the safety of the others.)

Jason: (shakes head) Guys… you alright…?

Billy: (holds head) Affirmative… a splitting headache, but otherwise I’m fine.

Zack: Yeah, what he said. Where are we by the way…? I can’t see a thing through this smoke.

Jason: Wherever we are, we gotta try to get out of here. Try reaching Zordon.

(Billy was already in the middle of reaching for his communicator. However something seemed off as he frantically dialed for Zordon.)

Billy: My communicators down… I’m getting worried.

Jason: Wherever we are, all I know is that we’re…

(Although weak legged, Jason summons all his strength to try and get back on his feet. His head finally rises above the smoke and that’s when the familiarity set in; he’d been there before. He turns his head slightly to look out to see another familiar set up; a table with seven candles (one for each of them), the green one, though unlit, appears to be mostly gone, while the red, blue and black ones are lit up.)

Jason: We’re in trouble…

(Meanwhile, back in Angel Grove high, the others are behind the curtain of the auditorium in preparation for the big debate and are each getting last minute motivation from their campaign partners.)

Skull: Let’s go Bulkie you can do this. Down, but not out baby, down but not out. I just want you to stick to the message. What’s the message?

Bulk: End dweeb suffrage?

Skull: Might as well let box turtles vote. Good luck pal!

(Just further to their right, Tommy is giving Kimberly some last minute advice as she applies some last minute make up.)

Tommy: Okay Kim, all that campaigning, all the hard work, all the perseverance through betrayal and negativity, it all culminates here. A good performance and you are a shoe in. I want you to make Robbie pay for what he’s done to you. How are you feeling?

Kimberly: A little nervous, but pretty good. Motivated by payback; I still haven’t forgotten what he’s done to me.

Tommy: Good. But remember, channel that energy; attack him, but gracefully. You’re the good guy remember that.

Kimberly: Yeah… I will.

Tommy: Good. (Reaches into his bag) Now here’s a photo of him scribbling off the sapiens part of homo-sapiens in a history textbook.

Kimberly: (smiles) You’re the best.

(In the opposite end of the room to the far left, we see Trini nervously pacing around with her eyes darting frantically around the back room until she sees Robbie coming toward her.)

Trini: Robbie! There you are; where on Earth have you been?!

Robbie: Sorry, it’s just… when I’m nervous I… I…

Trini: (impatiently) …YES?

Robbie: When I’m nervous, I… sort of go to the bathroom a lot.

Trini: Oh… how sexy. But Robbie, I need you to focus. This is huge, you MUST beat Kimberly today or you’ll stand no chance of beating her. I really want you to do well.

Robbie: Don’t worry; I think I’ll be okay. I’ve even thought up a joke to open the debate up. What does Walmart have in common with President Clinton?

Trini: What?

Robbie: Girls pants half off.

Trini: (expressionless) …

Robbie: No?

Trini: …

Robbie: (sifts through notes) Well, I’ve got more… what about the Jewish football player wanting to get the quarterback…?

Trini: (interrupts) Robbie you don’t need any jokes to open up; you joke too much. I want them to see your serious side.

(She gets closer to him and begins adjusting his collar and fixing his hair.)

Robbie: My serious side?

Trini: You’re a great candidate but they need to see it. That passion you showed at the Juice Bar after Kim started pummeling you; show them that; show them that you care about them. Show them… what I see in you.

Robbie: Oh…

(Robbie appears to be slightly taken aback by her high praise of him. Then just kind of drifts off into deep thought while Trini remains fixated on his hair.)

Trini: There, all better. Whatcha thinking about?

Robbie: (Shakes head) Oh… uhm.. want me to be honest?

Trini: Of course.

Robbie: I was just thinking… that you and I make an excellent team.

Trini: (smiles) I think so too; Billy too.

Robbie: …who?

(Just then, loud applause is heard. A female teacher’s assistant walks up to the two holding a clipboard.)

Teacher’s assistant: Mr. Clemente, you’re up.

Trini: Oh my, good luck Robbie. Knock them dead!

(Robbie simply nods before turning around and starting toward the stage. He stops after just a few steps though and halfway turns his head back towards her as if to say something; he doesn’t though and just keeps walking. Trini walks to just behind the curtains to get a better view when she’s joined by Tommy.)

Tommy: Hey.

Trini: (startled) Oh! Oh hey Tommy. May the best man win by the way.

Tommy: Thanks… she will.

Trini: …?

Tommy: …

(Onstage, Robbie, Kimberly and Bulk take their place behind their respective podiums. They wave to the crowd and to the debates judges, Principal Kaplan, Ms. Appleby and for some reason Ernie, the owner of the Juice Bar.)

Kaplan: Hello everybody and welcome today’s debate. We are one day away from our big election on Tuesday and our candidates are looking for one last chance to make their case. And those candidates are, Kimberly Ann Hart, Roberto Clemente and Farkus Bulkmeier.

Ms. Appleby: The first question if for you Kimberly and it regards your stance on cutting afterschool programs. Some of your opponents have criticized the idea, what do you have to say to them?

Kimberly: Good question Ms. Appleby but before I begin, what’s happening Angel Grove high?!

(She receives a loud applause, not to mention rolled eyes from both her opponents at the cheap attempt for a cheer.)

Kimberly: My idea to cut some after school programs that aren’t heavily attended is part of my idea to help balance the school budget and use that extra money in areas we need such as improving our school library, getting new sports equipment or getting new textbooks that don’t have pictures of wee wees on them.

(Kim turns to Robbie who’s chuckling to himself.)

Kimberly: It’s unfortunate that these cuts would be made, but it’s for the greater good. Thank you.

(She gets a big applause for her well thought out answer, Ms. Appleby even nods approvingly.)

Ms. Appleby: Very good Kim, Robbie what’s your response?

Robbie: While cuts need to be made, afterschool programs aren’t the way to go. These programs help kids both academically and keep them away from trouble. Also a child could develop a budding interest in technology that can evolve into so much more. But it won’t happen if AV classes are cut just cause the cool kids would rather play football. That’s sends the wrong message that their interests don’t matter and that they should be like their stupid brother who mom doesn’t know has the clap.

Ms. Appleby: …!!!

Robbie: Oh sorry I forgot… ‘thank you everyone.’

(Robbie gets a much bigger applause as many of his loyal supporters get up from their seats. This not only gets an approving nod from Ms. Appleby, but from Trini as well and worried looks from both Kimberly and Tommy.)

Trini: Good answer Robbie.

(Meanwhile at the command center, the alarms go off.)

Alpha: Ay ya yai! Just what we feared has happened!

(An image appears on the viewing globe of the Republicrat kidnapping Jason, Zack and Billy.)

Zordon: It appears Rita’s using this division amongst the team to her advantage; she’s holding the other rangers captive while the others are too busy acting like little children. Unfortunately, I cannot get a read on their current whereabouts.

Alpha: I’m gonna get a lock on their coordinates from where they were last and try and trace them from there.

(Alpha frantically pushes several buttons to try and find the lost rangers.)

Zordon: Hold on Alpha, I am getting a read from the viewing globe…

(Alpha turns around to a weak reception; barely showing images of Jason, Zack and Billy getting up in a dark cloudy room in the middle of nowhere. It cuts quickly to the table before the back of Goldar steps in front of it. The connection cuts soon thereafter.)

Alpha: Oh no, that looks like Rita’s dark dimension. And those look like…

Zordon: I am afraid so Alpha. Rita’s kidnapped Jason, Zack and Billy and is attempting to drain away their powers. She knows she has a great head start because of the election and once those candles burn out, the rangers will loser their powers permanently. Contact Tommy immediately, this is an emergency.

Alpha: I’m on it… I just hope we aren’t too late.

(Alpha pushes more buttons in an attempt to reach the others. Meanwhile, back at the debate, Bulk is finishing a point.)

Bulk: …to realize my dream where every single student in Angel Grove high… was just like me. Thank you!

(He receives a lukewarm applause and a bemused panel. The only one giving a noticeably loud ovation is Skull yet again, from behind the curtain.)

Kaplan: Okaaay… interesting ideas for the senior trip. Ms. Hart, your response?

Kimberly: (disbelief) My response? I honestly don’t think I have one.

Bulk: Does… that mean I win?

Kimberly: No… I’m speechless. It boggles my mind that this man is even still in this race. Who might I ask is taking him seriously as a candidate? I mean, who is planning on voting for him that’s not on a dare? He’s clearly insane and not even taking this seriously. Notice he manages to squeeze ‘dweeb cleansing’ into pretty much all of his answers.

Bulk: It’s my slogan?

Kimberly: I mean he clearly doesn’t care about any of you. Most of you guys in the audience I’ve actually witnessed him throwing into a locker, or a dumpster, or a toilet or hitting on to the point of borderline sexual harassment. Voting for him would be like voting for Rush Limbaugh. At least vote for a candidate that doesn’t make it obvious that they don’t give a crap about you.

Robbie: (scoffs) …guess that leaves you out.

Kimberly: Excuse me?

(The audience gasps collectively at what looked like the proverbial gloves coming off.)

Robbie: You don’t give a crap about any of them but your silly little girlfriends. You’ve preached about how much you’ve ‘grown’ in the past year, but you’re still just like Bulk, only difference is he at least has enough integrity to admit it. I mean take Jerry right there in the front row.

(He points at a boy sitting in front of the stage.)

Robbie: Why should he vote for you? Sure you’re pretty and all but do any of your ideas really help him? What have you done for Jerry? I’m sure you’re very nice to him when campaigning, or when he’s passing you notes in lab… or even when he’s ringing you up at American Eagle, but do you even know the first thing about him and his needs?

Kimberly: You’re such a hypocrite. You pretend to be this people’s champion, but since the day I’ve met you, you’ve spent everyday of your life complaining about how stupid everybody is but you, or how cheesy we all are when we fight for a cause. You care less about other people than I do…

Jerry: And my name isn’t Jerry.

Robbie: Shut up Jerry.

Kimberly: You’re a selfish, cynical human being; and you only ever help us fight a monst…

Tommy: (gasp) …!!!

Trini: (gasp) …!!!

Kimberly: I-I mean fight a cause when it benefits you. You’re no candidate, you’re just a crude, obnoxious little boy who just sits at home all day and smokes p…

Robbie: HEY! Don’t you dare make those accusations! And for your information, I only tried it once and I did not inhale!

Kimberly: (arms crossed) Whatever.

(As the two tail off into mindless bickering, everyone begins to look confused; from the audience members, to the judges who can’t seem to get a word in to stop this from getting out of hand. To Trini and Tommy who have come to a harsh realization.)

Tommy: (remorsefully) I think we’ve gone too far…

Trini: (shakes head) I definitely agree.

Tommy: I just wanted Kim to win, I didn’t mean for them to rip each other new ones in public.

Trini: We’ve got to stop this.

(And right on cue, Tommy’s communicator goes off.)

Robbie: Don’t even let me get started on hypocrisy Kim. You support the schools plan to cut sex ed on the grounds of some ethical high road of yours. Meanwhile, you’re not even a virgin!

(A stunned silence overtakes the auditorium as Kim’s jaw hits the floor.)

Kimberly: I can’t believe you just went there…

(Tommy turns to Trini and shrugs)

Tommy: Well she isn’t…

Robbie: (reaches into pocket) As a matter of fact, I’ve brought along a photo I’ve ‘found’ a while back that’ll show you just exactly the kind of person his ‘candidate’ is…

(Just as Robbie is about to pull out the photo he himself took when they switched bodies a year ago, he hears a noise from the side of the stage.)

Tommy: Psst!!
Trini: Psst!!
Robbie: Huh?
Kimberly: Huh?

(Tommy is gesturing to his communicator, signaling trouble. The two stop cold and stare blankly into the audience, realizing they have to leave.)

Robbie: Uhm…

Kimberly: Oh no…

Mr. Kaplan: Is… everything alright?

Robbie: (feigns smile) Yeah… haha… I just uhh… need to pee. Gotta go.

Kimberly: Yeah, me too.

(The two pace quickly off stage much to the bemusement of everybody there. More pressing issues were at hand though at the four run off to a secluded area. That didn’t stop them from arguing the whole way there.)

Kimberly: I can’t believe you just told people that! Of all the lowest things you’ve ever done.

Robbie: Oh can it, harlot.

Trini: You guys, stop arguing! This has gone long enough and Zordon needs our help now.

Tommy: Come in Zordon.

Zordon: Rangers, come to the command center immediately, I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Tommy: Okay…

Trini: That didn’t sound too good. I hope the others are okay…

(The four teleport out of there and into the command center, where they are already in the middle of being briefed on the mission and watching what Zordon and Alpha saw on the viewing globe.)

Trini: Oh no… what are we gonna do? If those candles burn out…

Tommy: I don’t even wanna think about what’s gonna happen. I won’t let what’s happened to me happen to them. We’re going in there and stopping them.

Kimberly: Tommy… you’re powers are weak as it is, are you sure you want to risk it?

Tommy: I have to. Jason risked his life going in there to try and save my butt… it’s time I repay the favor.

Robbie: But how are we going to get in there? We don’t even know where ‘there’ is…

Alpha: The coordinates are still the same from the last time Jason traveled into the dark dimension. If we could just get Billy’s inter-dimensional teleporter, one of you could travel there and help the others escape.

Tommy: I volunteer to be that guy.

Trini: And Billy’s mom likes me, she’ll let me into his garage to get that teleporter.

Zordon: Than it’s settled. You two must go to Angel Grove Park where Tommy must teleport to the dark dimension. Now time is of valuable essence, you must get going.

Tommy: Got it.
Trini: Got it.

(Trini and Tommy teleport out; leaving just Robbie, Kim and Zordon alone…)

Zordon: (sternly) As for you two, I am very disappointed in how you’ve both been behaving the past few days. The role of a power ranger is supposed exemplify not only strength and courage, but solidarity and respect for one another. Traits the both of you have been severely lacking in.

Robbie: …

Kimberly: …

Zordon: Rita’s caught onto this show of disunity and decided to take advantage of this by sending down a monster to attack your friends, who you are sworn to protect and she was able to take them with the full knowledge that you two wouldn’t notice and wouldn’t be able to stop her because you can’t work together. You have made a mockery of this responsibility and your friends are the ones who must now pay for it, not only with their powers, but quite possibly with their lives.

Robbie: Jesus, I get it, we suck…

Zordon: She has sent down The Republicrat, a two headed beast, bent on world domination, to act as a diversion. It is attacking in midtown by the piers. You must stop this monster from further damage. And you must do it working together.

(The two suck their teeth at the very thought.)

Kimberly: Come on Zordon… isn’t there anything else we could do?

Robbie: Can’t I go help Trini or something? This chick is more trouble than she’s worth.

Zordon: Enough. I have grown sick of seeing you two argue. Either you work together like teammates are supposed to, or one of you will be heading to Switzerland.

Robbie: I like Switzerland…

Kimberly: I’ll try… but not for you; but because we owe it to the others. They’re counting on us.

Robbie: You can stop the act Kim, no ones watching.

Zordon: Go now, and may the power protect you.

(The two sigh once more and give each other one last cold stare, before getting in position.)

Robbie: It’s morphin time!
Kimberly: (outdoing Robbie) IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!



(Meanwhile, back in the Dark Dimension, a sword wielding Goldar openly mocks the disillusioned rangers.)

Goldar: Gyahaha!!!

Jason: (angrily) What’s so funny?!

Goldar: Oh nothing; I was just wondering to myself which one of you is gonna be the prison meat should we never let you out.

Jason: Just you wait Goldar, when our friends get here, you and that stupid little dog are gonna pay for this… and I’m pretty sure we’d make Billy our girlfriend.

Zack: Yeah, definitely Billy.

Billy: Affirmative.

Finster: My how exciting it is to actually be out here on the fields getting my hands dirty. I was beginning to feel claustrophobic in that tiny workshop of mine.

Goldar: Nobody asked you mutt. I don’t know why Rita sent you down here, but just be quiet and stay out of my way and everything will be just peachy.

Finster: Now, now… Rita would want us working together.

Goldar: Urg. What did I just say?!

Zack: (to the others) I hope the others are on their way. I don’t think that candles gonna last another hour. And I don’t think I could last another second listening to these two bozos.

Billy: They have to be on their way; they’re our friends. I know they were butting heads before we got kidnapped but I have enough trust in them to put petty differences aside for the greater good. Am I right Jason?

Jason: …

Billy: Jason?

(Jason’s mind is a mile away. His eyes fixated on the still burning candles on the table in front of them; the red, black and blue candles already beginning to melt away as the power drawn from their power coins set up underneath it leaks with it.)

Jason: (gravely) I hope so… if not, this could be the end of the power rangers as we know it.

(Elsewhere by the piers, The Republicrat re-emerges on the boardwalk, terrorizing anybody that crosses his path.)

Republicrat: VOTE FOR ME!! Gyahaha!!!

(Crowds of for some reason mostly Japanese people flock in horror at his mere grotesque presence. As he walks he knocks over a nearby trash bin, spilling its contents.)

Republicrat: (Elephant side) Where ya’ll goin? Why I’m just the relatable country boy you’d all like to have a beer with.

(He then kneels over and picks up the very trash he knocked over.)

Republicrat: (Donkey side) And the freedom fighting, progressive that loves our planet!

(He gets up and spots a man with a baby carriage smoking a cigar.)

Republicrat: (elephant side) You there, let me light that cigar for you boy!

(His trunk extends, releasing a stream of flames, frightening the man as he runs for cover; leaving the carriage behind.)

Republicrat: Lookie here, a baby! Nothing a candidate loves more than to kiss babies. Come here little boy!

(The monster makes his way toward the unattended baby carriage to the dismay of the father, hiding behind a tree. He closes in to pick it up, but just as he is about to he gets hit with two laser beams, causing him to fall over. From a distance, a now morphed Robbie and Kimberly are seen with blade blasters in hand.)

Kimberly: Stay away from that baby you creep!

Robbie: I don’t know what’s worse, what that monster would’ve done or that father just abandoning his child?

Kimberly: Seriously; and I thought your dad was in Iraq.

Republicrat: (angrily) YOU TWO!! Well if it isn’t the socialist and the elitist; surprised you two could take time out of blindsiding one another to blindside me!

(Kim wastes no time talking and just runs after the monster; Robbie follows suit.)

Kimberly: We need to get him away from that baby!

Robbie: Hold up!

(The Republicrat uses it’s trunk yet again to detract them with fire but to no avail as they continue to run toward him unscathed. However about midway there, Robbie catches up with Kim and sticks his foot out in her path, causing her to fall flat on her face.)

Kimberly: AHHH! Robbie!

Robbie: (shouts) That rip on my father was uncalled for, jezebel!

(Robbie reaches the monster, ducks a clothesline and greets him with a super kick to the face then in one fluid motion pulls out his blade blaster, kneels over and fires three shots at him, taking him down. He runs right over to the carriage, picks the baby up and rushes over to the father who runs off safely.)

Robbie: Alright, now to deal with this two headed freak.

(However, he barely gets the chance to turn around before he meets a powerful buck to the chest; only hearing the donkeys battle cry before soaring twenty feet into a tree.)

Republicrat: (Donkey side) EEE-YAAAWW!!!

Robbie: (writhing) Man… that hurt!!

Republicrat: (donkey side) As a born eco warrior, I love nothing more than taking out the trash! (Elephant) YEEE HAAWW!!!

(The monster slowly walks toward him punching his open palm while Robbie struggles just to get to one knee. When the monster reaches him, they lock arms while he’s still mostly on the floor and appears easily overpowered. Luckily though, Kim was back on her feet and soared to the rescue, firing multiple arrows from her power bow.)

Republicrat: Whoa, back up!!

Robbie: AHHH!!!

(The shots appear to miss its target, merely backing the monster off of Robbie while he was floored from the blasts the arrows left behind.)

Kimberly: Robbie you alright; I said heads up!

Robbie: (Panting) …no… you didn’t….

Kimberly: Oh… oops.

(Kim runs up to him, but doesn’t help him up; instead just stands there looking down on him.)

Kimberly: What kind of president are you? Relaxing at a time like thi…..

(She could barely finish her sentence before the Republicrat could get to her, constricting his long trunk around her neck and suspending her in midair.)

Republicrat: (elephant side) I guess you’re out a luck missy, you just happened to get on my sore side and I just happened to be pro-death penalty! Hahaha!!! Lynch em till the cows come home!!

Kimberly: (Choking) R-Robbie… Heeeeellllllp.

(Robbie barely gets back to both knees to see a struggling Kim desperately flailing her legs while slowly running out of air.)

Kimberly: R-obb-ie… puh-leeeese….

Robbie: (indifferently) Did I leave the stove on this morning?

(Meanwhile in Angel Grove Park, Kimberly and Tommy try to locate the exact coordinates to the portal that will allow them to enter the dark dimension. Tommy holds the two portal conduits while Trini’s several steps ahead of him holding a map.)

Trini: We’re almost….

(She stops)

Trini: Here. Okay Tommy, set it up here and hurry; we don’t have much time.

Tommy: Okay. The first thing I do when I head in there is reach for the candles. The longer I delay it, the more their powers are gonna waste… by the way, how am I going to get in there if each of us will have to hold one of the conduits up.

Trini: Hmm. I didn’t really think of that. Try running inside the second we’re able to open the portal.

(The two place them in position as Trini turns on the switch. Soon, sparks start flying and from in between a dark hole opens up, witch enough force going inside of it that their hair starts flying towards it.)

Trini: Okay… this hole won’t stay open forever, so get in.

Tommy: You know what Robbie would’ve said just now?

Trini: ‘That’s what she said?’

Tommy: Yeah. You know, he’s not that bad actually…

Trini: He really isn’t.

Tommy: Trini, if I don’t make it out for whatever reason. Tell Robbie… and Kim… that I’m sorry. I can’t help but feel that I sort of egged this whole thing on much more than it needed to be.

Trini: Tell them yourself, when you come back with the others.

(Tommy just nods at her.)

Trini: (shocked) Oh no!!

(From the sky, putties appeared and quickly surrounded the two of them.)

Tommy: (Dismayed) Oh great… not now.

Trini: Tommy just go inside right now, Rita’s trying to stop us. I’ll handle them.

Tommy: No, I can’t let you get hurt.

Trini: JUST GO!!

(Reluctantly, Tommy sighs before running inside the portal that shuts the second he enters it leaving a beleaguered Trini all alone to face a pack of putties.)

( She bravely tosses her half of the conduit on the floor and gets in fighting stance, but is almost immediately grabbed from behind by one of them and pinned to the floor. Meanwhile, inside the dark dimension, a portal begins to open up, to the intrigue of Jason, Zack and Billy.)

Billy: Someone’s here!

(From the portal enters a disoriented Tommy. First thing he spots when he enters though is the table containing all the candles and heads right toward it blindly unaware of the fact that he isn’t alone.)

Tommy: Hang on guys; I’m getting you out of here!

Jason: Tommy, look out behind you!!!

Tommy: Huh?

(Before Tommy could react, he’s clocked over the back of the head by the handle of Goldar’s sword; blacking out on impact. Several minutes pass before Tommy reawakens, splitting headache and all and all he could see was smoke.)

Tommy: (groans) ….

(He struggles to get to his knees before he spots a pair of sneaker in front of him and shoots up expecting somebody to attack him. Instead…)

Tommy: Jason…?

Jason: Are you alright?

Tommy: Zack, Billy… what happened?

Trini: You were knocked out and they threw you in here.

Tommy: Trini?! But you were… weren’t you…?

Trini: (crosses arms) …

(Now fuming, Tommy gets up and throws himself against the gate.)

Tommy: Goldar! I demand you let us out now!

Finster: (startled) Oh my!

Goldar: (laughs) You aren’t in a position to be making orders green ranger; if I should even call you that anymore…

Tommy: We’ll just see about that. It’s morphin time!

(But nothing happens. He frantically checks his back for his morpher but can’t seem to find anything. Goldar just gives a hardy laugh.)

Goldar: Are you looking for this?

(He steps aside, revealing the table with all the candles on it. And right beneath the already mostly melted green candle lays his power coin; having the remaining of is already wasted energy sucked out of it. Tommy can’t do much else but look on in horror.)

Tommy: Give that back! Please…

Goldar: Gyahaha! Sorry, but that doesn’t work on me. You’ve rolled the dice one too many times, and now we’re about to finish the job we started. Pretty soon, the green ranger will be no more as well as the rest of you. I’ll be sure to send a thank you note to your remaining friends, that is, if they don’t kill each other first. Gyahahahaha!!!

Tommy: …

(To be continued…)

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Brilliantly written!

The character interaction and story flow are seriously spot on.

I loved the use of candles as well, showing that the villains learn from past mistakes as well as victories. It makes them a more credible threat.

Even though it works for the story, I should point out that they didn't have Facebook or much of an internet in 94.
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Man, that's got to be highest praise I've ever received. Thanks a lot man, it means a lot to me. And yeah I'm totally aware of Facebooks lack of existence in 94 (I even made a Napoleon Dynamite reference) Sometimes I tend to treat the actual timeline leniently if I feel it's worth it.
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PRMM my favorite, so I'll probably love your work
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Your skills at writing are unmatched. Robbie is interesting. His zord is a little dorkie though being another stand alone zord and not combining with the rest. Perhaps it could plug most of itself onto the back of the Megazord and the Sword is the tail or something. Idk lol. The only thing is it feels cluttered with 7 rangers. I don't mind Robbie at all though. I'm so tempted to go recolor a brown Morphing picture and leave the person in the center black or something, just cause everytime I see everyone elses picture, i nearly miss reading Robbie Morph lol.
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eishiba wrote: View Post

Your skills at writing are unmatched. Robbie is interesting. His zord is a little dorkie though being another stand alone zord and not combining with the rest. Perhaps it could plug most of itself onto the back of the Megazord and the Sword is the tail or something. Idk lol. The only thing is it feels cluttered with 7 rangers. I don't mind Robbie at all though. I'm so tempted to go recolor a brown Morphing picture and leave the person in the center black or something, just cause everytime I see everyone elses picture, i nearly miss reading Robbie Morph lol.
Thank you for the very kind words. Feedback like this is what keeps me going!

Yeah, I do agree the StegaZord is kinda lame, it's supposed to compliment his 'other guy' persona of not being that important. I don't think I've ever had the zord combine with the Megazord though I've never officially said it couldn't. I was considering doing so in my upcoming episode so we'll see.

You also aren't the first person to want to see some type of photo with Robbie in it. I almost did so in the last episode. Sort of. I would've had a shot of a poster being hung up and you can see a pair of dark hands putting it up. I guess I've never wanted it to be blatantly obvious that he isn't there so I just always pretend he's out of frame in the photos. Although if you'd like to try it out and the readers accept it, I'll definitely use it!
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Why didnt they show zordon in his human form?
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darkvincentes wrote: View Post

Why didnt they show zordon in his human form?
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I'm almost done with part two, expect it up by the end of this week.

I would have been done earlier as I have been writing almost obsessively for the past 4 days, but my old perfectionist self keeps creeping up, leading to numerous revisions and dialogue tweaks. It's MUCH shorter than every other episode due to it being more action focused so I want it done right. And pretty much everything from here on out will effect the finale and by then I'll decide whether or not I want to write a season 2 continuation.

But I'm rambling now so back to the point... Episode 66 will be up very soon!

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Episode 66 - The Great Debate: Part 2

(We return to where we left off with our heroes trapped in the dark dimension as Tommy stares down the lit green candle from behind the medal bars; his face quickly turning pale as memories from the past suddenly rush back to him. It is the same candle that sapped his powers just months prior and left him a husk of his former self. Now Rita has brought it back to finish the job. He isn’t alone either, as his friends Jason, Zack, Trini and Billy face a similar fate. Desperate, all Tommy could do is plead.)

Tommy: Goldar let us out of here; this isn’t funny.

Goldar: (scoffs) It isn’t? Then why am I so amused?

Tommy: (sighs) …

Jason: (boldly) Light all the candles you want Goldar, it won’t change a thing. We’re the good guys and you’re evil scum. And even if you rip the helmets off our heads, we’ll still sto…

Goldar: (interrupts) Can it red ranger, I have no time for one of your feel good speeches!

Jason: …

Goldar: Face it, you’re trapped! MacGyver couldn’t get out of this one. Now all that’s left are those two worthless suit fillers you call friends and once we get them victory and world domination will be assured!

(A dejected Jason turns around to face his equally glum friends while Goldar laughs evilly.)

Zack: (sigh) Man… what are we gonna do? After all we’ve done as a team; we can’t just go down like this.

Billy: Doesn’t seem like theirs much we can do. I can’t seem to reach Zordon or the others and even if we could teleport out of here, it doesn’t change the fact that those candles are sucking away our powers. I hate to say it, but I think Goldar’s right.

(Trini steps in.)

Trini: You guys please just try and stay positive right now. I mean, I know it’s bad, but Kimberly and Robbie are still out there and I believe in them. Please just have faith that our friends will pull through.

(The room remains quiet as they guys awkwardly stare off into the cloudy floor in front of them. Her undying optimism is met with aversive silence.)

Trini: Oh screw you guys.

(While she remains optimistic, back down by the piers the remaining two rangers continue to pettily bicker. Kimberly is where she left off, strangled by the elephant’s trunk. Her legs flail in a panic while Robbie sits across from them on a knee, talking to himself.)

Kimberly: R-rr-r-robbie!! Puh-leeeease haalp!!

Robbie: (oblivious) How often do you get to see the symbol of the Republican Party literally choking the life out of a middle class youth? It’d make an awesome comic strip in the Times if she weren’t actually about to die.

Kimberly: I can't hold... on... muuch....

(Her cries for help as well as her kicking become more and more lethargic as the monsters grip tightens; looking to finish her off.)

Robbie: Or if she were black.

Kimberly: …

(It isn’t until Kimberly goes completely limp that Robbie finally does something. He gets up and takes out his blade blaster; but sucks his teeth while doing it.)

Robbie: You’re no fun.

(He fires at the Republicrat, who finally drops her as he tumbles backwards. Kim hits the floor hard, remaining completely still. Robbie walks over to help her up)

Robbie: With all of Tommy’s bragging I’d think you’d be used to choking by now.

(However she doesn’t respond to him, even negatively, causing some worry in the back of Robbie’s mind.)

Robbie: Kim you alright? I was just messing with you. Come on, get up.

(He nudges her to no response, setting off a sudden panic. He kneels over to lift her to her knees when she suddenly springs to life and punches him right in the groin.)


Kimberly: (Coughs) You piece of crap!!! I could have died; does that not mean anything to you?!?!

(He tumbles over like a tree and rolls around in agony as the monster they’re supposed to be fighting just looks on from a distance with an amused smile.)

Republicrat: (elephant side) Haha! I ain’t even breakin’ a sweat. Them two are beating each other up more than I am. I say we just kick back and let them kill each other than just take all the credit.

Republicrat: (donkey side) Sounds like something a slave master would say.

Republicrat: (elephant side) Oh, go hug your Prius you stupid Clinton lover.

(Meanwhile at the command center, the alarm sets off sending Alpha into a panic.)

Alpha: Oh no, Zordon we’ve got a problem! It appears Trini and Tommy have been captured and are now locked in the dark dimension with the others. We’re doomed, doomed! Ay ya, ya, ya, yai!

Zordon: (gravely) That is an unfortunate outcome. It appears Rita has learned from her defeats which makes her that much more dangerous. Earths destruction will be imminent if we don’t act fast. How are Roberto and Kimberly faring?

(Alpha turns to an image on the viewing globe of Kimberly punching Robbie in the balls.)

Alpha: Not so well.

Zordon: Remove them from battle at once and teleport them back to the command center. I fear that despite this pettiness, they're our only hope.

Alpha: Right away Zordon… oh, I sure hope the others can hang in there.

(A worried Alpha rushes to his control panel where he begins working on teleporting them. Back down by the piers the two continue to struggle to just keep even with the monster. Kimberly pulls out her bow but her arrows deflect off the elephants hitting her right back. Meanwhile Robbie jumps in pulling out his power pocket knife. He lunges through the air with a chop, but is met with a swift mule kick to the mid-section; sending him flying in the opposite direction.)

Republicrat: (mockingly) You two kids are better at beating each other up than at beating me up. Feels like I’m running unopposed! Just do yourselves a favor and give up now. I’ll even let you join my campaign; I’ve got a plan that will really ‘clean’ this town up!

(Robbie just stares ruefully while clutching his abdomen while Kim tries to get back up through a cloud of her own smoke.)

Kimberly: Never!

(She rushes towards the monster throwing a wild punch that misses. The Republicrat replies with its own punch but Kim manages duck as well. He turns around suddenly to land the same mule kick that took out Robbie, though she backflips out of harm. She drops her guard for a second though and is clobbered from behind with its long trunk causing her to drop like a stone. The monster looks as if he’s about to start pummeling her while she’s down but Robbie returns and grabs him just in time. He turns the monster around and a blow to the chest, but the two headed beast quickly pushes him away with a shoulder butt. Robbie relentlessly tries to remain on the offense, attempting a bicycle kick but met with a clothesline with his feet still in mid-air.)

Robbie: Arrg… this guy’s too strong. I need to call the others.

Kimberly: Oh please; we’re better off calling the cops if Angel Grove is to depend on you. Hell the boy scouts could probably fare better; their pocket knives aren’t as crappy either.

Robbie: (Annoyed) Here’s a term you never use: GET OFF MY BACK!

Kimberly: Oh I get it, cause I’m a slut. Real original stuff and I LOVED hearing all about how much of a skank I am during your campaign. All the while I must’ve caught you like eight times watching dirty movies.

Robbie: Whatever. What I do in my own home is my business.

Kimberly: Oh, and do you happen to live in the school library?

Robbie: Oh, well to be fair, they should have a better block on that kinda stuff.

Republicrat: Are we still fighting?

Kimberly: You’re a complete joke Robbie. Nobody ever takes you seriously; not as a candidate and not as a ranger. Just do us all a favor on both ends and just go away.

(Kim hit the nerve that she knew would hurt Robbie the most. Suddenly he becomes speechless as he’s both too angry and too offended to think of anything else to say. He just seethes and clenches his fists.)
Robbie: You little…

Kimberly: …

Robbie: (shakes head) Whatever. I don’t care anymore about this stupid election crap. You wanna win that badly, you got it. I’ll be allowing the worst thing to happen to a school since Columbine, but by all means I’ll drop out for Queen Kimberly.

Republicrat: (suddenly) Why don’t you both ‘drop out!’

(All Kim could do was quickly gasp as out of nowhere the Republicrat landed a double mule kick on the two of them sending them flying backwards heading toward a tree. Fortunately, before impact, they are teleported away from the scene and back to the command center. All the while on the moon, Rita looks on boastfully as her big win is now within reach.)

Rita: AHA! They’ve retreated! Everything is falling into place; I can’t believe I may actually win this one!

Baboo: (cheerfully) And all thanks to a little teamwork.

Squatt: Or a lack thereof.

Rita: But my work here isn’t done; Zordon’s probably going to send them to save their stupid friends. But I doubt they’ll be able to leave Angel Grove completely unguarded; time to let my monster grow and wreak some havoc. Speaking of stupid friends, it’s time to check up on mine.

(She reaches for her telescope once again and points it away from Earth and into the dark dimension. But to her displeasure, she spots Goldar and Finster having some sort of spat.)

Rita: Goldar, Finster! What’s going on?!

Finster: (clears throat) Oh, nothing my empress. Goldar is just being a little unreasonable as usual.

Goldar: He says the best rap album of the 80’s is Biz Markie’s ‘Going Off’ but it doesn’t hold a candle to ‘Straight Outta Compton.’

Finster: Misogynistic drivel! You’ve never even heard of Biz Markie so how could you possibly know what you’re talking about.

Goldar: That’s exactly it: I’ve never heard of them. Therefore they stink.

Finster: (irate) It’s not a ‘them’ you bloody numbskull, it’s a he! And he happens to be a delightfully clean and creative artist!

Goldar: You like that garbage? My little sister’s got a Will Smith poster you can borrow…

Rita: (interrupts) QUIET!!!

Goldar: …!!

Finster: …!!!

Rita: This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to finally ridding myself of those stupid power rangers and I will not fail because you two clowns are arguing about some god awful music. Now Finster, step aside and watch the rangers for a second while I talk to Goldar.

Finster: (bows unwillingly) Yes, my queen.

(He timidly walks away as she tells Goldar what to do next. Meanwhile the rangers just sit quietly; too demoralized to even speak to one another, just looking out as the candles melt away; their fading powers already beginning to show on the waning expressions on each of their faces.)

Zack: How long have we been in here? How long have they been arguing? (Panting) I’m getting tired…

Jason: Me too, but we just gotta hang in there. Trini’s right, being negative won’t do us any good at this point. We’ve gotta hold out hope that Rob and Kim will pull through.

Zack: (sharply) Those candles don’t care if we’re positive or not. I say we try to bust out and… and…

(Zack starts to trail off and loses his train of thought. Billy steps in with an urgent look on his face.

Billy: You guys, I don’t think Tommy’s doing so well.

(They turn around to see Tommy lying on Trini’s lap sweating profusely. His candles the closest to expiring and it’s showing with every labored breath. His eyes are open and he appears conscious, but they’re just like his candle, with the flame almost gone.)

Jason: Tommy! Tommy! Are you alright bro?!

Tommy: …

Jason: Answer me Tommy!

Trini: (shakes head) He hasn’t said anything in a while and his eyes are just wandering off. His candles also about to burn soon...

(She looks up with the rest to watch his candle continue to burn like the hourglass that’s almost done. They can only look on helplessly as Billy slides down to the wall to call on Finster’s attention.)

Billy: (whispers) Psst! Hey Finster! Finster!

Finster: Me?

Billy: Finster, come over here, we need your help.

(He nervously looks around to make sure Goldar’s distracted before engaging with the enemy.)

Finster: What on Earth could you possibly want with me? As you are aware, I cannot let you out; I’m under direct order from her highness Rita.

Billy: That’s not what we want.

Finster: No?

Trini: No. Listen our friend’s looks ill and he just needs some help. Some water if you have any would be great.

(Though not as inherently evil as Goldar or Rita, Finster is still hesitant to help a ranger.)

Finster: I-I’m not sure… I don’t think I’m supposed to. (Pauses) However I don’t think a glass of water would be the end of the world… perhaps I could…

(His words are cut abruptly short as Goldar grabs him from behind.)

Goldar: (fuming) What do you think you’re doing Finster?!

Finster: (startled) Oh dear!

Goldar: I knew I couldn’t trust you; I turn my back for one second and you’re already messing everything up!

Finster: N-no! You don’t understand! I wasn’t going to release them or anything. I was merely going to bring the green ranger a glass of water. They claim he looks ill.

Goldar: Forget the green ranger! Forget all of them! I wouldn’t so much as urinate on them if they were stranded in a dessert. If he loses his life than that would just be an added perk!

Trini: (cries) You’re horrible!

Goldar: Now why don’t you just get out of my face before I tell Rita what you’ve done.

Finster: But I-I was only… (Sighs) alright…

(Finster ashamedly bows his head before he walks off. Goldar then turns his attention to the power rangers.)

Jason: You’re really something else Goldar. Even Finster who’s an enemy showed some heart.

Zack: Yeah, you’re disgusting.

Goldar: Save your breath. You aren’t going to guilt trip me into letting you go; I’m not Finster.

Jason: No ones asking to be…

Goldar: SILENCE!

Jason: (clenches teeth) …

Goldar: I’ll be guarding the door now so let’s just see what kinda stunt you try to pull now. I won’t move from this spot until you’re all mere husks of your former selves. And don’t worry about me getting bored, seeing all of you slowly drift away is more than enough entertainment for me!

(A devious Goldar laughs to himself while the others just look to one another; sharing the same disheartened expression. Meanwhile back at the command center, the remaining heroes, Robbie and Kim stumble unexpectedly onto the command center floor. Once they realize where they are they push each other off before getting up and removing their helmets.)

Kimberly: Zordon?

Robbie: What gives? We had him where we wanted him.

Zordon: I’ve brought you here because our situation has gone from bad to worse. Behold the viewing globe.

(They turn around and pettily jock for position. The image they see is dark, dreary and mostly scrambled.)

Kimberly: What’s going on now?

Robbie: Looks like Kimberly’s last colonoscopy.

Kimberly: Shut up! It’s obviously not; you can clearly see the other guys in there.

Robbie: You’re right. I don’t see the wrestling team anywhere.

(The image starts to clear and shows everyone crowding around someone, but they can’t make out who. Once the camera shifts over Billy’s shoulder however, the insults come to a stop as Kim’s heart drops.)

Kimberly: Oh my God… Tommy!

Robbie: W-wait, why’s he in there? Isn’t he saving them?

(The image shows Trini in the group as well.)

Robbie: What’s the deal?!

Zordon: Both of them were captured in their attempts to rescue the others. Now they fall victim to the magical wax that will slowly drain their powers.

Alpha: Tommy’s the worst off. His powers were mostly gone from last time. I can’t imagine the green ranger powers will survive this even if you saved them right away.

Kimberly: (shakes head) His powers are not what I’m worried about.

Zordon: I am relieved to see that the two of you now realize the seriousness of this situation. However, this could have been avoided entirely if the two of you never started fighting with each other to begin with.

Robbie: No man, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t mean to get them hurt over this. I didn’t want her hurt over this. Trini’s been too good to me for this.

Kimberly: I know you didn’t mean to Robbie… (turns to him) it’s my fault. I’m the one that started the mudslinging while campaigning. I just couldn’t handle you running against me like an adult. This whole thing wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me.

Robbie: (shakes head) But I showed you up; I’m the one that started this. I always have to be the center of attention and now our friends are in trouble because of it. (turns to Zordon) Zordon, we’re busting them out. I don’t care about the consequences.

Kimberly: Same. I’m going in there even if it means I lose my powers as well. Their lives are more important to me than some pink costume.

(Robbie nods in agreement.)

Zordon: I am humbled by your dedication to your friends. However I must warn you that the dark dimension is heavily guarded by both Goldar and Finster. Not to mention no rangers on Earth would mean obvious security risks for Angel Grove.

(And right on cue, the alarm goes off.)

Robbie: (groans) Come on!

Kimberly: (worried) What now?

Alpha: It appears that the Republicrat’s grown and it’s attacking downtown Angel Grove as we speak! Ay ya yai!

(The two turn back to the viewing globe to see just what Alpha described. Left with quite the conundrum and very little time to make a decision, the two must decide who to save.)

Kimberly: (shakes head) We can’t just drop everything and stop this monster; the others might not make it by the time we’re done.

Robbie: Yeah, but Angel Grove won’t be here by the time we’re done saving the others.

(The two pause for a second before Robbie finally nods and takes a deep breath. Knowing what must be done.)

Robbie: Go save the others Kim.

Kimberly: What?

Robbie: It’s gonna kill me not being there, but I’m the only one available with a standalone Zord, I have to be the one to put an early stop to his campaign.

Kimberly: I’m sorry.

Robbie: No sweat. It’s just what needs to be done.

Kimberly: No, I’m sorry for everything. All the terrible things I’ve said about you on my campaign; and especially knocking you as a ranger earlier. I’m obviously very wrong; you’re a great ranger as well as a great person.

Robbie: (stunned) Wow… well I don’t know what to say. I mean, I guess I should say that I hope you know I didn’t mean anything I said about you. I mean my disagreements with what you wanted to do for the school was the truth, but I respect you as a person nonetheless. And I sort of… like you to much to have attempted that silly stunt.

(Kim flashes a wide eyed smile as Robbie continues to stumble through an apology.)

Kimberly: You do?

Robbie: Sure. I mean, you’re boyfriends a smug bast…

(Kim doesn’t let Robbie finish as she jumps him with a giant bear hug. Robbie awkwardly hugs her back seconds later.)

Zordon: I am very pleased to see you working this out together and realizing the value of friendship over personal gain. Your decision to split up was also the right one in this dilemma.

Kimberly: But wait, don’t we need two people to open up the portal? How is that going to work?

(Alpha steps forward)

Alpha: I’ll help you Kimberly.

Robbie: That’s absurd! You’d be committing suicide if something went wrong.

Kimberly: He’s right. Robbie can help me open the portal up, but we don’t want you getting hurt as well.

Alpha: (shakes head) There’s no telling how long it will take to open that portal and I’m not sure Angel Grove can wait that long. Besides, they’re my friends too and after hearing you two speak, I would gladly risk any harm to see my friends home safe. So don’t you worry about little old Alpha.

(Kim and Robbie hesitate momentarily, though they know they don’t have a choice.)

Robbie: (sighs) Then it’s settled. Kim, Alpha go now but contact me the minute something goes wrong.

Kimberly: Right. Let’s go Alpha.

(The two teleport out of there as Robbie throws his arms up, turning his attention back to Zordon.

Robbie: Looks like the rest is up to me.

Zordon: Good luck brown ranger and may the power protect you.


(Back in Angel Grove, we spot the otherwise beautiful skyline of the downtown metropolis in a state of immediate danger. A giant Republicrat is now roaming through thick clouds of black smoke wreaking havoc on anything he can get his hands on. Down by the streets, debris tumbles down narrowly avoiding a few innocent civilians. From afar, the brown ranger is seen rushing in, evacuating the area.)

Republicrat: Gyahaha!! Feels like I’m running unopposed!

Robbie: Not anymore!

Republicrat: What! You again!?

Robbie: You’ve made that joke already. And nobody likes a guy who repeats his jokes. That being said, it’s about time you faced a wrath worse than Columbine… I call upon the power of the Stegosaurus!

(As Robbie calls forth his Zord, a faraway tropical forest begins to violently tremble. The birds scatter away for cover as the ground below starts to rise. Suddenly and with a deafening roar the prehistoric beast bursts through and starts climbing out to march into battle. Robbie spots it from a distance as it roars into Angel Grove and flies into the Zord’s cockpit.)

Robbie: Alright buddy it looks like we’re at it alone today; don’t let me down. Initiate StegaZord combat mode now!

(The Zord stops dead in its tracks, leaving a trail of dust behind it as a crank like sound can be heard from within. The Zord begins to rise all the way to its hind legs. Its front paws sticks out before flip inside of itself, revealing clenched fists from the other side. Finally its long, plated tail stiffens and starts to rise up connecting plate side out against its back with the tip resting on top of its head. The Zord lets out one final roar as it gets in fighting stance.)

Robbie: StegaZord, combat ready!

(The StegaZord wastes no time marching towards it target, landing the first blow. The Zord tries to capitalize with a kick to the mid-section but is blocked and swiftly chopped across the Zords chest.)

Robbie: AHHHH!!!!

Republicrat: Aha! This is gonna be yet another landslide win!

Robbie: Stupid political puns…

Republicrat: You and your Zord will never beat me!

Robbie: Yes we can!
(The monster leaps up in the air and in one fluid motion, turns around to connect with a mule kick right to the Zord’s chest. It flies down Angel Grove until it crashes into a building that explodes on impact.)

Robbie: AHHHHHHH!!!!

Republicrat: Give up yet?

Robbie: Never!

(Sifting through a cloud of its own smoke, the Zord fought to get back on its feet.)

Republicrat: Where’s your little pink friend when you need her? Did the party of change finally concede to the party of spare change?

Robbie: Keep Kim out of this, she’s my… Oh I get it, cause I’m poor.

(The Zord lifts itself back up, cocking its arms back at a 90 degree angle as if it were holding two guns. Its hands recede into its arms and in its place appear two sharp plates like the ones on its back. A dumbfounded monster just scratches its head until it is stunned when the plates are fired directly at him.)

Republicrat: ARRG!!

Robbie: (boastfully) Yeah! Alright, don’t let this guy breathe. StegaZord lock on to my every move.

(The Zord nods in agreement before heading back toward the monster its pilot mimes. It doesn’t give the monster the chance to even get up and it lands a devastating kick to the gut that sends him rolling. He recovers and tries to get to his knees but a relentless Zord lands yet another punch. Then mockingly the StegaZord grabs onto the monsters face with its left hand while rotating its right arm as if to wind it up for another punch. It takes the swing, but this one’s caught before it lands. And during the struggle for leverage, the Republicrat manages to wrap its trunk around the zords hand.)

Robbie: Oh no!!

Republicrat: Oh yes!

(The monster gets back on its feet while tightening its grip on the Zord; even jerk it around as it starts twirling it around like a rag doll. It lets it go, letting it crash into a nearby bridge. Elsewhere, an unmorphed Kimberly and Alpha walk carefully through the park searching for the spot where Trini and Tommy left the teleporters.)

Alpha: (cheerfully) There they are! We’ve found them!

Kimberly: That’s strange; why would Rita just leave this here? It’s our only way to reach the others and she wouldn’t take it?
Alpha: Who cares? Let’s just set them up and save our friends.

Kimberly: Okay Alpha but calm down; we don’t want to attract too much attention. And the second we’re done, you’re out of here, got it?

Alpha: You have my word!

(The two take a moment to try and set up the teleporters in the exact same spot that Tommy and Trini opened the portal last.)

Alpha: Okay, should be good. Now, we only have a few seconds before this portal shuts, so you need to work quickly Kimberly.

(Kim nods just as Alpha sets off the teleporters switch. The spirals in the center of each begin spinning, but other than that, nothing. After some time passes, the two become worried.)

Kimberly: What’s going on? You sure this is the same spot?

Alpha: Positive. Although…

Kimberly: What?!

Alpha: Well the portals strength tends to weaken when overused. And since the other tried it already, it might have been closed.

Kimberly: (shakes head) Don’t tell me that Alpha; the others need me! Please, we gotta do something.

(Unexpectedly, sparks shoot out of the teleporters startling the two of them. The signal may be weak, but a portal seems to open anyway.)

Alpha: (relieved) Phew; false alarm.

Kimberly: Oh thank God!

Alpha: Alright, but this one might be our last chance to get in so it needs to count. Jump in and first and foremost subdue Goldar who’ll probably be waiting for you. Then grab the key and let the others out. After that, put out the candles and retrieve their power coins. I know it sounds like a lot in a short amount of time, but you’re our only hope.

Kimberly: Don’t worry about me Alpha; I’m not coming back without them.

Alpha: Good luck!

Kimberly: Thanks. And thanks for your help too.

Alpha: No problem. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be huh?

Kimberly: Oh no…

(Kim’s face turns pale white as she looks up to a swarm of putties that quickly surround the two.)

Alpha: Putties!!

Kimberly: It’s a trap!

Alpha: Go inside Kimberly; you don’t have much time.

Kimberly: (adamantly) And leave you here?

Alpha: Don’t worry about me, just save your friends!

Kimberly: You’re my friend too Alpha and I won’t let you get hurt. Hang on…

Alpha: NO!!

(Kimberly nearly drops her teleporter as she reaches over to grab Alpha, but he stubbornly shoves her right into the portal as it closes. Putties then shift their attention to him with evil looks. He drops his teleporter and tries to make a run for it, but doesn’t make it far as he’s quickly grabbed by one of them. Meanwhile back in the dark dimension Tommy’s candle is nearly out. His breathing is more labored and his own recollection of where he’s even at is dim. The others don’t look so well either, each with expressions fading like their optimism.)

Trini: It’s… almost over. Isn’t it?

Billy: It is for Tommy at least. But we’re not that far off.

(There’s a deflated feeling in the air similar to when your favorite team is losing big with seconds left in the game. Or when the teacher’s handing back an exam you didn’t study for; the rangers don’t see any positive outcome and had given up on hoping for one. All that’s left is the wait.)

Zack: Should we wake Tommy up?

Trini: I don’t know; he seems so peaceful.

(Jason puts his hands on his hips and starts shaking his head in a sense of crushed disbelief.)

Jason: It’s can’t end like this. It just can’t.

Goldar: Oh but it has. And I’m not just talking about your powers. I haven’t even decided what to do with all of you once your powers run out.

Jason: (defiantly) You’ll never get away with this Goldar!

Goldar: But I already have! And as long as I’m guarding this door, there is nothing you can do to stop me! Gyahahaha!!!

Jason: …
Zack: …
Trini: …
Billy: …

Goldar: Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to step away for about 90 seconds.

(Goldar suddenly walks away leaving the cell door now completely unguarded. A glimmer of hope flashes in Zack’s desperate eyes.)

Zack: You guys, no ones here, now’s our chance to escape. (Points) Look, the keys are on the table; we have to get it somehow.

(Conveniently enough, Goldar left the keys resting on top of the table ten feet away.)

Billy: But how?

Zack: (sighs) I don’t know…

Jason: That doesn’t exactly help us out.

Zack: Wait, Jason take your belt off.

Jason: Hardly appropriate…

Zack: (sucks teeth) No, just take off your belt; all of you. If I can tie them together I can create a fish hook long enough to grab those keys. But we have to hurry.

(The four of them didn’t even stop to think about whether or not the plan would work and just reacted at the mere chance of escaping as they all ripped their belts off. Zack scrambled to hook them together quickly but before long, Finster approached them cautiously.)

Finster: I wouldn’t do that.

Zack: (startled) Huh?! Oh, yeah, try and stop me little man.

Finster: Very well. But those keys are merely a decoy; made to throw you off. I have the real keys in my possession. Grabbing those will only waste valuable time and at worst anger Goldar.

(The four collectively suck their teeth.)

Jason: You gotta be kidding me.

Zack: (frustrated) Decoy?! Come on!!

Trini: Can you help us then Finster? Please, anything.

Finster: Well, that is… sort of why I’ve returned. However Rita will have my head if I let you out, but if Goldar thinks he can push ME around… well… he’s got another thing coming.

(He inches closer to the cage and reveals a glass of water he was hiding behind his back.)

Finster: Here quickly; it’s for your green friend like you asked. It’s the best I could do.

(Initially shocked and then quickly suspicious, the rangers reach for the water that Finster slides through the bars, realizing they had nothing to lose if it was poisoned anyway. Billy takes the water then give it to Trini who forces it down Tommy’s barely conscious throat.)

Jason: …thanks. I guess.

(Finster just nods, not really knowing what to say. He’s spent his days creating monster after monster in order to kill them, then suddenly tries to help one when it meant spiting Goldar.)

Goldar: FINSTER!!!

Finster: (startled) Oh bloody Hell!

(A fuming Goldar grabs him by the shoulder and yanks Finster toward him.)

Finster: (exasperated) Oh come on; that was hardly 90 seconds!

Goldar: You dare defy an order?! What’s worse you do it to help those pathetic power rangers?

Finster: Orders? Last I checked you are not my boss! Now I’ve had it up to here with the likes of you and now I’m ordering you to leave me alone at once!

(A fed up Finster shoves Goldar off of much to Goldar’s surprise. He barely moves though, and only becomes angry. And with a single hand, the much smaller Finster is shoved to the ground and rolls a good ten feet before stopping and without realizing it, dropping his set of keys.)

Goldar: Looks like you went back to your little workshop and created a backbone.

(Finster gulps nervously as Goldar digs his foot deep into his chest, preventing him from getting up. He then pulls out his sword to merely intimate him some more and reassert his dominance.)

Goldar: Even if you weren’t such a sniveling coward, I still couldn’t take you seriously. So why don’t you just be a good doggie and stay out of my way before I fix you, if you know what I mean.

Finster: Gol-Goldar now… I was only… I was only playing around. I would never…

Goldar: SILENCE!

(The other rangers look on in horror as they hope Goldar is only bluffing. However, their attention is quickly diverted as from the corner of their eyes; a light flickers from out of nowhere.)

Jason: Guys, look, over there!

Zack: Huh?

Billy: It looks like…

(With Goldars back turned and Finster begging for his life, they fail to realize that the light flickering behind them is a portal door opening up that Kimberly falls through very ungracefully. Almost by kneejerk reaction Zack almost shouted her name in exuberance but Jason thankfully covers his mouth in time. Kimberly spots the Goldar and quickly ducks under the smoke. She crawls carefully over to her friends slowly where they point her to where Finster dropped the keys. She picks it up and nervously fumbles with it while trying to find the right one. After a couple nerve-racking seconds, she’s finally picks the right one and opens the door. Jason and Zack burst right out; wasting no time putting out the candles and retrieving the power coins.)

Kimberly: (whispers) Sorry I’m late.

Zack: It’s okay. Just glad the K train came through.

(Kim turns to the cell and becomes stricken with worry as she spots her motionless boyfriend.)

Kimberly: Oh no, Tommy is he okay?

Tommy: ….

Trini: I think so; he’s just unconscious. We’ve got to take him to the command center though. Where’s Robbie?

Kimberly: The monsters grown and Robbie had to stay behind and fight it.

Jason: By himself? Wait, then how did you activate the portal door alone?

Kimberly: I got help by…

(Suddenly she remembered.)

Kimberly: Oh no… Alpha! You guys I left poor Alpha alone with a swarm of putties. We have to go check up on him and see if he’s alright.

Jason: Not just yet, we need to make fighting off the monster our priority; it’s what Alpha would want. But first we need to get out of here now!

Kimberly: (worried) I guess you’re right.

Kimberly: Here Trini, I’ll help you with Tommy.

(Kim rushes over to help guide Tommy onto his feet. And while his legs still feel like Jell-O and his lights aren’t exactly on, he manages to wobble over with the rest through the portal just before it closes.)

Goldar: And while you’re on the floor, why don’t you tell me what you think of your boy Biz Markie?

Finster: (pleads) Yes, yes! Whatever you say! He sucks, all my favorite artists suck! Whatever you want just put your bloody sword away and let me back up; I beg of you! I’ll squeal like a piggy, just leave me alone!

(With a disappointed head shake, Goldar finally backs off.)

Goldar: That was kind of pathetic to be honest. Any respect I had for you just sort of flew out the window.

Finster: You fool!!!

Goldar: What was that!? You want some more mutt?!

Finster: No, you imbecile, the rangers; they’ve escaped!

(Shocked, he jerks his head around hoping Finster was joking. But when he sees an open cage door with an empty cage all he loudly gulps; realizing he was in for it.)

Goldar: What?! How could they have gotten out?

Finster: (pats self down) Oh no… my keys must have fallen out when you shoved me. Rita is going to be furious!

Goldar: You dropped the keys; how could you?

Finster: Me? You’re the stupid barmy who shoved me on the floor; I was just giving the green ranger some water. If Rita’s to beat the pulp out of anyone it’s you!

Goldar: (immaturely) You shoved me first; I’m gonna tell Rita you started it!

Finster: (immaturely) No, YOU started it!

(Meanwhile back in the heat of battle, the StegaZord continues to get treated like the Republicrat’s red headed step son. Alarms blare inside the cockpit warning the brown ranger that his shield levels are running low. He ignores these warnings and fights on despite the fact that the Zord can now barely stand; hoping to stall the monster just a little longer.)

Republicrat: Aren’t you just a stubborn little rat; filthy infestation that just won’t go away, no matter how hard I try.

Robbie: My mom says the same thing.

Republicrat: But I’ve got to hand it to you for your resilience. I’ll be sure to mention it at your funeral.

Robbie: Dream on!

(The Zord and the monster march toward one another and like two bulls, they lock horns; the StegaZord managing a blow to the mid-section and a solid punch to the Elephant’s jaw. But when Robbie tries to capitalize the monster quickly recovers and its long trunk around the Zord’s head, rendering it completely defenseless.)

Republicrat: Now I’ve got you!

(The StegaZord flails its arms desperately, reaching the end of its road. The monster manages to lift the Zord off its feet as its constriction tightens.)

Robbie: Man, it can’t end like this. But I can’t get out of this hold; I can’t even see.

(As sparks and fumes fly out of the Zord’s seams, repeated alarms from the inside warn Robbie to evacuate.)

Robbie: I HEARD YOU!

(He frantically pushes all buttons in front of him, hoping that something will help him out, but outside the Zord continues to fail about; now becoming more and more lethargic and the monsters fatal vice grip continues, it eventually goes completely limp.)

Robbie: …

Republicrat: (triumphantly) The votes are in… and once again, it’s me by a landsli…!!!!

(Before he could finish his statement he’s hit from behind by a hail of fire; immediately dropping the StegaZord and falling over forward.)

Republicrat: GYAAAAAAA!!!

Robbie: What… was that?

(He looks up and with a sigh relief sees the Pterodactyl flying into battle, followed by the other four Dinozords.)

Robbie: Oh thank God!

Kimberly: You know what’s funnier than seeing the mascot to the Republican Party choke the life out a middle class youth; seeing the mascot to the Republican Party choke the life out of an inner city youth.

Robbie: Hey what do you expect with this Zord? A swift wind could knock this piece of trash out. I’m glad you’re here though. And I’m especially glad to see you’re not alone.

Republicrat: I thought I got rid of all you!

Trini: Well we vetoed those plans.

Zack: And it’s time for a third party candidate to enter the field.

Billy: Your campaigns coming to an end.

Kimberly: And that’s change you can believe in.

Jason: Alright gang; time to power up your crystals!

(He pulls out the power crystal in his hand and emphatically slams it down the dashboard to become Zord’s control stick; the others following suit.)

Zack: Two, one, power up!!
Trini: Two, one, power up!!
Billy: Two, one, power up!!
Kimberly: Two, one, power up!!

Jason: (Yanks down control stick) Let’s show em some Megazord power!!!

(The five mighty Zord’s run together as they begin to merge. First the Saber tooth tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. Next, the Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers enter the Megazord cockpit in their usual spots as the Zord rolls into battle in tank mode.)

Jason: Switching to Megazord battle mode!
Zack: Right!
Trini: Right!
Billy: Right!
Kimberly: Right!

(The Mastodon arms flip inward forming the Zord’s fists.)

Megazord: Megazord sequence has been initiated

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece as it gets in fighting stance.)

Megazord: Megazord activated.

Jason: Alright gang, let’s bash this dudes head in; both of them!

(The Zord marches into battle and quickly lands a fist to the Elephants face who grimaces in pain followed by a left to the donkey. The Zord doesn’t let up and continues its onslaught. The Republicrat tries to recover with wild punches of its own, but the Megazord was too quick as it dodged every single shot before landing a final punch that sent it flying backwards.)

Jason: You’re not so tough now, huh?

Kimberly: Jason, don’t underestimate it; it has a habit of surprise attacks in both long and short range.

Jason: Don’t worry Kim; we’ve got this under con…

Republicrat: (donkey) SURPRISE!

(Out of nowhere the enemy connects with a hard mule kick that sent the Zord flipping backwards and into a burning building that completely explodes on impact.)

Jason: AHHH!!
Zack: AHHH!!
Trini: AHHH!!
Billy: AHHH!!
Kimberly: AHHH!!

Jason: Quick, we gotta get back on our feet!

(The rangers all yank their controls upwards, which forces an already staggered Megazord to its feet. The monster doesn’t let it stay that way for long though as the elephant fires a laser from its trunk that sends the Zord down again in a sea of its own flames.)

Zack: This guy’s no joke!

(The Republicrat slowly paces over to the downed Zord. It begins violently waving its trunk around, as if to warm them of what’s coming next. Before long it traps the Zord’s head around its trunk and with all its strength, picks it up over the ground.)

Kimberly: Oh no, not this again…

Billy: Controls are jammed!

Trini: What are we gonna do?!

Republicrat: Absolutely nothing! Gyahaha-HAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

(Once again, his sentence and his vice grip are cut short as a recovered StegaZord nails it in the face with a tail whip. The frustrated monster goes down once more as the StegaZord quickly helps the Megazord back up.)

Jason: Thanks Rob; forgot you were still there.

Robbie: (discouraged) Again, sounds like my mother.

Jason: Alright, no more messing around; StegaMegaZord, engage!

(The StegaZord disassembles from both the shoulder up with spinal plates and the knee cap down as it begins transformation. The Megazord leaps into the air and disassembles from the kneecap down and lands into the StegaZord’s feet. The former’s shoulders and back plates land over the Megazord as the head folds in, creating a shield. Finally the StegaZord’s tail disconnects, stiffening up and acting as a plated sword as the StegaMegaZord completed transformation. Robbie joins the others in the cockpit.)

Robbie: Nice stereo!

Kimberly: I know!

Republicrat: (exasperated) Neat trick; let me show you one!

(The Republicrat waves its trunk around before attempting to reach for the Zord’s head. Except this time, the rangers saw it coming; swinging the plated sword at the same time and chopping its trunk right off its face.)

Republicrat: NOOOO MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!! How’ll I get the female vote now?!

Jason: Let’s finish him off!

(All 6 rangers lift their right hand in the air in unison before miming a chopping motion straight downward. The Zord follows suit; lifting the StegaBlade over its shoulder with both hands before emphatically swinging it downward, hitting dead on. The monster loses consciousness immediately and explodes into dust upon hitting the floor. And as the rangers celebrate yet another victory, the same cannot be said on the moon.)


(A fuming mad Rita Repulsa has her minions lined up and bowed down in front of her as she takes turns smashing each of them over the backs of their heads with her wand.)

Rita: I was THIS close. You hear me? THIS close! I could’ve tasted victory, but you numbskulls messed it all up with petty infighting. I swear to ALL that is unholy that if any of you ever ruin another one of my plans because of ego, I’ll castrate all of you and hang the remains on my mantle; AM I CLEAR?!

Goldar: (cowering) Yes empress…
Finster: (cowering) Yes empress…
Squatt: (cowering) Yes empress…
Baboo: (cowering) B-b-but what did I do…?

(Meanwhile the six rangers hurry back to the command center. They spot a now awake Tommy slouched over on a small gurney-like recliner with his hands over his face. Surprised to see him up so soon, they each rip their helmets off and tend to him.)

Kimberly: Oh my God, Tommy are you alright?

(He slowly turns his head)

Tommy: Yeah. I guess so.

Kimberly: I was so worried you wouldn’t make it.

Trini: We all were; we thought for sure you were a goner.

Tommy: (sighs) I am.

Jason: What are you talking about?

“His powers.”

(The rangers all turn their heads toward the darkest parts of the command center to see Alpha approaching.)

Kimberly: Alpha! Oh thank God. I felt so terrible leaving you there.

Alpha: (nods) Like I said; I could handle it. But I ran an analysis on Tommy’s powers and well, there’s really not much left.

Zordon: While the other six of you draw power from the morphing grid, the green ranger powers are a creation of Rita’s. Therefore they are not recoverable once lost. The green candle was unable to fulfill its purpose entirely thanks to a heroic effort on the part of Robbie and Kimberly, who put their differences aside when it was needed most.

Robbie: I somehow don’t feel so ‘heroic’ about this at all.

Zordon: I understand, but it could’ve been worse. Unfortunately though, the green ranger has enough energy for perhaps one more battle. I am sorry but there is nothing we can do at this time.

Tommy: It’s all over. I can’t believe it… and what’s worse is that I have nobody to blame for all this but myself.

Kimberly: Tommy, don’t say that. You weren’t the one bickering over some stupid class election.

Tommy: But I was the one who egged it on. I made things from bad to worse and I let my personal feelings get the better of me. If I’d just kept my mouth shut or continued campaigning like an adult and not turned it into some mudslinging contest, none of this would’ve happened. I’m sorry to all of you who now all have to pay cause of my mistakes.

(The room falls deathly quiet while an emotional Kim turns away to hide her face.)

Tommy: And Kim?

Kimberly: (sniffs)…

Tommy: I’m sorry for putting you in that position; I feel terrible. I just believed in you so much, that I wanted to do anything to see your dreams come true.

(Kim doesn’t say a word as Tommy gets up and starts walking toward her. He hesitantly tries to put his hand on her shoulder, but as he thinks about it, Kim turns around and hugs him tightly. After reciprocating, he lets her go and turns to Robbie.)

Tommy: Rob man, I’m sorry too.

Robbie: For what? Upstaging me in my own two-parter?

Tommy: No. I-I guess I just held some feeling about you for no reason. I won’t go into it, but it triggered the whole thing. You’ve never done a thing to me to warrant those feelings either. And you proved me wrong today when you stepped up big to save all of our butts. I guess I just wanted to say I’m sorry; really.

(Robbie doesn’t say anything either but for a different reason than Kimberly; he simply doesn’t know what to say or how to react. Instead, he cracks half a smile and stoically nods. Meanwhile Jason sympathetically places his hand on his shoulder.)

Jason: Don’t worry man. Some way, somehow we’re gonna get your powers back.

Tommy: Thanks man. But don’t worry; I’m still a apart of the gang.

Zack: Of course you are man.

Tommy: And hey, we have an election tomorrow afternoon. Kim and I have some last minute campaigning to do!

(Kim cracks an emotional smile as Tommy tries to get past this.)

Kimberly: Yeah, but this time we’re gonna keep it clean. Silly contests come and go, but friends are forever, right Robbie?

Robbie: Screw that, I’m gonna tell everyone you’re a flag burning, elitist whore.

(Suddenly everyone turns and sucks their teeth at him sickeningly. He smiles and throws his arms in the air.)

Robbie: Guys, I’m kidding! May the best candidate win!

(The group joins together in a hearty laugh as we fade away. Though in the background, Robbie can be seen nudging Trini and winking as she gives him the ok sign. We return back to the hallways of Angel Grove high after elections have closed and votes are being counted. The rangers anxiously join together to find out the winner.)

Trini: Oh man I’m so excited! Oh who did you vote for Jason?

Jason: (laughs) I’m not telling!

Kimberly: They’re going to announce the winner any minute now… I’m so nervous!

Tommy: Hey, we did the best we could as far as campaigning goes.

Billy: Anybody seen Robbie? He said he’s meet us here.

Zack: Oh he’s out… ‘Passing a bill’ as we speak.

Trini: I… don’t follow you.

Zack: He’s… making one last push before results are in?

Kimberly: Eh…

Zack: (sighs) …you know when he’s nervous?

(The rest of Zack’s dialogue is inaudible as Robbie is seen turning the corner.)

Kimberly: Ew! Robbie!

Robbie: (confused) What?!

Trini: Kaplan should meet with us soon to tell us who won. But I just want to say to the both of you how proud I am. You both ran really solid campaigns and I can see both of you doing a great job as president.

Kimberly: Yeah, and Robbie and I made a deal; whoever wins invites the other to their cabinet.

Robbie: Yeah.

Jason: That’s really nice of you guys.

Billy: Did you guys ever think of asking Zordon to join your cabinet?

Robbie: Zordon?

Billy: Sure, it makes perfect sense; although, he’d probably just be a ‘figure head!’

Trini: (laughs) Oh Billy!

Zack: (laughs) Good one.

Robbie: I don’t get it.

Tommy: Oh, guys; Mr. Kaplan is coming!

(The rangers all hush up and huddle together in anticipation as he approaches them holding a piece of paper.)

Mr. Kaplan: Ah there you two are! Glad you two are together, how are the both of you?

Kimberly: Nervous.

Robbie: Gassy.

Mr. Kaplan: Now, I already spoke to Bulkmeier so he knows who won. But first I want to congratulate the two of you on a job well done on both of your passionate campaigns. Although unusually competitive, the two of you made me proud of the job you guys did and I see both of you…

Robbie: (Interrupts) Just get on with it; we just heard this already!

Kimberly: Yeah, tell us who won!

Kaplan: (dumbstruck) Oh… Okay… well the people have spoken and they spoke loudly. The winner with 43% of the vote is…

(The two lean in with a nervous anticipation as Kaplan intentionally takes his time revealing the winner in order to build suspense.)

Kaplan: Is…………….

Robbie: ………………!!!!

Kimberly: ……………!!!

Bulk: MEEEEE!!!!!


(Bulk and Skull leap in the air excitedly as the two look at them with bewilderment.)

Robbie: What?

Kimberly: Huh; what are they going on about?



Kaplan: Well, he’s the president. He won.

Trini: (astonished) Bulk?!

Tommy: Bu-but, that’s impossible!!

Kaplan: I thought so too; but apparently not. The tide seemed to shift after the debate when you two started ripping each other’s faces off before walking out mid-way through. I’m not exactly thrilled about it either but the people spoke. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go have a cigarette; or twenty.

Zack: But you don’t smoke.

Kaplan: (sighs) I know.

(He walks away, leaving the rangers in a stunned silence. All they could do was watch Bulk and Skull celebrate their surprise win.)

Tommy: This… might just be the worst week of my life.

Jason: Don’t look at me; I voted for Pat Buchanan.

Billy: I can’t believe it… Bulk?!

Bulk: Oh, you better believe it, buck-o! Not only did I beat one dweeb on my way to the presidency, I beat two! Count them two!

Skull: Yeah, two!

Bulk: I’m like David, who with nothing but a slingshot and a dream defeated Goliath.

Jason: Pretty sure David was the small one.

(Bulk stops jumping and makes a serious face. He grabs Skull by the collar as he marches toward the group.)

Bulk: (point’s finger) Listen up muscles, you better learn to talk to people of my stature; do you know who I am?

Skull: Yeah, do you know who he is?

(He begins to get visibly annoyed at Skull for repeating what he’s saying. But he continues…)

Bulk: I’m the Angel Grove class president and I’ve already made promises to take care of the likes of people like you. So if I were you, I’d play nice. Cause I can make life very difficult for you and your dweeb friends.

Jason: Not even sworn in yet and you’re already corrupt. See, this is why I don’t care about politics.

Bulk: (fuming) Why you…. I’m gonna….

(Bulk makes a fist and clenches his teeth. Didn’t move though and just crossed his arms. Bulk cocks his fist back and threw a wild punch at him that Jason easily ducks from; causing a huge dent in the locker behind him.)

Bulk: (clutches hand) OWWWW!!! MY HAND!

Skull: (amazed) Man Bulkie, what a punch! You nearly ripped the door out of your own locker.

Bulk: Shut up, numbskull! Get me some ice.

Zack: Guys look out!

(Zack shoves his friends out of the way as the door actually does rip open and falls to the floor causing all the contents to spill; mostly small sheets of paper.)

Trini: What is all this stuff?

Bulk: Uh oh…

Billy: Here, let me help you clean this up.

Bulk: NO! Just leave it; I got it.

(A stray sheet of paper wanders off and lands in front of the foot of a returning Mr. Kaplan. He reaches over, picks it up and quickly raises an eyebrow.)

Mr. Kaplan: Why, this is a sheet of paper with Kimberly’s name on it.

(He reaches forward and grabs another handful.)

Mr. Kaplan: Another that says Kimberly… and this one has Robbie’s. Al Gore? Why, if I didn’t know better, I would think that this election was stolen! Bulkmeier, Skullovich; what do you have to say for yourselves?!

Bulk: (horrified) I uh… uh, I don’t know how they got there?

(A furious Kaplan marches over to the two boys and grabs them by the ears.)

Mr. Kaplan: You two boys are coming with me! In all my years, I’d never thought I’d see something like this. (He drags them away) Election fraud is a serious offense boys and you two will be seeing some serious detention for this!

(As he drags them off-screen, the rangers share a laugh at their expense.)

Tommy: Looks like the school dodged a bullet here huh?

Kimberly: Yep; more like hail to the thief!

Robbie: Guess we’ll never find out who won, huh?

Jason: Nope!

(The rangers join together one last time for a laugh as the episode ends.)

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Wonderfully written episode man!

You really do capture everyone's personalities through your writing.
I especially liked Finster's role in this story.

Keep it up.
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